Monday, December 12, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

"I Told You I Love You -- Now Get Out" -- Song by Anita O'Day, circa 1945

Anita O'Day is not around any more but her tune could easily serve as the anthem for Barack Obama's treatment of Israel.

Of course, you won't find His Majesty, the president, barking orders to Benjamin Netanyahu such as "Get to the damn table" for peace talks. That's for his attack hounds to do and he has a whole dog pound full of them.

His Secretary Defense Leon Panetta is one of them. Panetta was author of the "Get to the damn table" bit of revolutionary decorum.

Judging by Panetta's latest utterances, you'd think that the only Middle East history book he ever read was authored by The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, circa 1941. And, in case you've forgotten, that was the year the Jew-hating Arab leader huddled with Adolf Hitler to complete The Final Solution of European Jewry; ergo: their elimination.

No soon had the Defense Secretary completed his Israel-is-the-peace-obstacle peroration, Hilary Clinton picked it up on the short hop, moaning to the world about a fall of democracy in Israel. Obama's pet Secretary of State got her bowels in an uproar because of a newspaper story which told about Orthodox Israeli neighborhoods where women are required to be separate from men in certain situations. 

Dullard that she is, Her Majesty Hilary could have pointed to hundreds of similar situations in her own United States where the very same regulations are upheld by Lubavitcher, Satmar and other ultra-orthodox sects.

But, no, that wouldn't do because -- among many reasons -- the Administration puts Israel in its crosshairs even when logic and fact points to the fatuousness of Clinton and Panetta complaints. Columnist-author Cal Thomas put the lie detector on Hilary and, naturally, it reacted with a LIE, LIE, LIE.

"In case Secretary Clinton hasn't noticed," explained Thomas, "gender segregation has long been practiced in religiously conservative Muslim societies."

Oops! Hilary, you blew it again. Darn that dream, she conveniently forgot about the Arabs.

But she's not the only Obama attack dog who needs muzzling. How about Howard Gutman? He's another one of those Democrat sugar-daddies -- a la George Soros -- who raised more than $500,000 for the president and was rewarded with an ambassadorship to Belgium.

In a speech to a Jewish conference, of all things, Gutman had the chutzpuh to open with an "apology" after which he asserted that global anti-Semitism is linked to Israel's policy toward the Palestinians.

Does this super-rich dolt not understand that Muslim anti-Semitism pre-dates the State of Israel by centuries? The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was plotting Jewish extermination in Berlin years before Israel became a nation. 

"The Mufti," writes historian Omri Ceren, "citing Muslim dogma and history, committed to helping the Nazis fulfill their genocidal ambitions."

Obama's guard dogs seem to follow that Muslim dogma. But let's not forget that Obama does want to be re-elected. Therefore, the master's political interests must be protected because there is the "Jewish vote" about which to worry. Thus, when Panetta and Hilary got stupid again about Israel an apologist was summoned to put out the fire. This time it was Pentagon Press Secretary George Little who was summoned to rationalize Panetta's indecorous attack on Israel. 

"The speech was very clear," Little insisted. "The Secretary said there's an unshakeable commitment to Israel's security and he noted that the U.S. is willing to be a partner in forging a lasting peace in the Middle East."

How nice. How inane! Or, to put it in impure Brooklynese, "Who's he kidding?"

What Panetta -- via Little -- essentially is telling Israel is, "I told you I love you, now get out." Even Anita O'Day would have understood that. Columnist and Middle East analyst-author for several decades, Barry Rubin, certainly does.

"The Obama Administration seems to believe that merely repeating endlessly that they support Israel and its security is a substitute for actually supporting Israel and its security in real life," Rubin points out. "To say that Israel and the Palestinians should talk might seem like 'common sense.' But to repeatedly imply that the lack of talk is Israel's fault is unfriendly to Israel. 

"The Obama Administration never points out publicly that the absence of talks -- and this can be thoroughly documented -- is entirely due to the Palestinian Authority. In addition, the Palestinian Authority is currently in partnership with Hamas, a factor that has some effect on both Israeli perceptions and Palestinian policy."

On Pennsylvania Avenue they all know that. Obama, Clinton, Panetta, Gutman and Little know it. That obtuse they are not; or maybe, after all, they are.

Maybe the White House actually believes that endless appeasement of the Arabs is the way to go since the president has been pursuing this policy ever since he moved to Washington. Hasn't he figured out that the more you appease, the more the Islamists take you for a weak sucker.  Surely Bibi has figured it out now that he's seen what the Israeli ceding of South Lebanon and Gaza has done for his country's security. 

Omri Ceren puts it best when he articulates that Israeli concessions to Arabs always boomerang on Jerusalem. 

"Islamists," writes Ceren, "put theological priority on humiliating and extracting concessions from Jews. Vaunted 'confidence-building measures' are more likely to fuel rather than dampen Muslim anti-Semitism."

Right up until the presidential Election Day, 2012, we'll be hearing about Obama's "unshakeable" commitment to Israel but the facts indicate that it's a song-and-dance act. And the theme song of his dance invariably blares like a dissonant trumpet, "I Told You I Love You -- Now Get Out!"

Too bad there isn't a tune called "Actions Speak Louder Than Words." Obama's words about Jews sound nice but the stench of his actions lingers on.

He wants American Jews to vote for him. That's where "I Told You I Love You" comes into play. But, If he's re-elected, Obama's second chorus will be "Now Get Out!"  The President then will do just what he's done for three years; throw Israel under the bus; only this time the Middle East's only true democracy may never be able to crawl out

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