Thursday, January 3, 2013


By Aleph

I am waiting, I have been waiting the whole day.

Unable to move, stuck in one position, watching and waiting.

Sweat has covered my face making it harder for me to see. The heat and the Humidity of Gaza is overwhelming.

I cannot be seen, I moved into my position in the sand dunes outside of Beit Hanoun early in the morning after crossing into Gaza from Israel.

I am here for one reason only, to stop killers in their tracks.

Finally, a pickup moves to the outskirts of the city and the rocket team gets out.

First they set up their homemade launcher. I could easily call in the strike now, but I wait.

It is my duty to wait, I must make sure I see them ready the rocket.

For a second I look west, the sun is setting, creating a blood-red sky.

In a few moments I will be both prosecutor and judge.

Today I will be the angel of death.

It is no easy task, knowing you will take someones life. 

Then I remember they are attempting to kill my children and I must protect my children and the citizens of my country.

They carry the rockets from the pickup and set them down next to the launcher.

They calibrate the launcher.

As they prepare to load the rocket, I call in the strike.

No one can here the Tammuz launch, no one can here it coming, but it is.

They rocketeers prepare to fire.


A thunderous bang and a cloud of dust.

I wait and make sure my job is done.

Night has fallen and it is dark, I approach the cavernous hole at contact point. 

My job is done.

I have protected my nation, my children and my fellow citizens. 

I have no second thoughts, I know this anti-Semitic world has no place for the weak Jew.

I have done my duty and won a small victory for Israel in her battle against terrorism.

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  1. Media here in the U.S. portrays the terrorist as freedom fighter or rebel. how can they forget the PLO murdering Robert Stetham in 1985. Whenever I hear the lies I ask the if they condone the murder of thousands of People murdered On 9/11. Free and fair elections, they never know who Benazir Bhuttho or Rafik hariri in 2005. They never do. Murdering you opponents-free and fair, not really.