Tuesday, January 15, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Is there any point in Israel continuing her Peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority? 

After reading comments made by U.S. President Barak Obama in private about Israel and her Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I think it is perhaps time for Israel to reverse roles and back out of the negotiations.

While the supposed moderate leader of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas unabashedly runs around the world stating that there is no chance he will ever back down on the Right of Return, nor recognize Israel as the Jewish State; meaning he will never compromise, this American President still finds fault with Israel.  

This time around Obama has bad words for Israel and her Prime Minister Netanyahu because he dared to meet hostile, Palestinian, unilateral moves at the United Nations by building houses in Jerusalem (the Eternal capital of the Jewish Nation) for Jews! 

So I say, why negotiate?

There is absolutely no point in negotiating with the Arabs since they fail to recognize Israel as the Jewish State and the word compromise is not part of their culture. There is also no reason to help an American President who is so intent on hurting Israel diplomatically! 

The comments President Abbas made are the epitome of hypocrisy: he expects to get a state for his nation out of these talks; but will not acknowledge the legitimacy of the nation and its state with whom he’s negotiating.

Is this not a joke?

Not to mention The Palestinians want their new state JEW FREE!

That is the equivalent of Israel demanding that all of her Israeli Arabs move into the Palestinian State.

If this is the way the President of the United States feels he can behave with the sovereign, I repeat, SOVEREIGN STATE OF ISRAEL, then there is a major problem, because this is not how allies behave towards each other. 

Israel must be acknowledged as the sovereign, Jewish state and it is time for Barak Obama to state that just as clearly as he demands a state for the Arab invented Palestinians!  

Obama must make it clear as day, just as clear as respectable and responsible Israeli leaders make it, THERE WILL NEVER BE A RIGHT OF RETURN for Palestinians to Israel. This made up Arab term is not legal, nor is it a national right, but merely was a suggested possibility had the Arabs been peaceful and willing to accept Israel in 1948; clearly not the situation, clearly a DEAD ISSUE ... 

If Obama does not like this then it is time for Israel to let him and his Palestinians friends wallow in their own muck.

Let us instead start focusing on bettering our country and sustaining our democracy. 

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