Monday, January 21, 2013


By Simon Fischler
Below is a quote by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
“It’s very easy to capitulate. I could go back to the impossible to defend ’67 lines, and divide Jerusalem, and we’d get Hamas 400 meters from my home.” That would not happen under his leadership, he said.
“It’s easy to do, and they’d applaud,” he went on, presumably referring to the US-led international community. “They’d applaud just like they applauded the parties (in the 2005 Israeli government) that pulled out of Gaza. Those parties got applause, and we got a rain of rockets.”
Bibi's message is right on.
Former Israeli Prime Ministers, those who had to defend Israel from life threatening situations -- David Ben Gurion, Levi Eshkol and Golda Meir -- would all have told Barack Obama to (in pure Brooklynese) “fugetaboutit,” especially after his comments about Israel and its leader not knowing what is best for itself!
This is the same Obama who lost Egypt to Jihadists, Islamists and let the American Ambassador to Libya be lynched by Jihadists.
The last President who gave the world the American Paper Tiger was William Jefferson Clinton; the result was 9/11/2001 (yes, even though this tragedy occurred under Bush the Second, it was the repeated “turn the other cheek” episodes under Bill that led to 9/11)!
Obama has no clue how to run America with nice neighbors like Canada and Mexico, yet he thinks he knows better than Bibi what is best for Israel? WHAT A JOKE!
Here’s the deal: to those of you who think you can vote for anything other than Likud and still be voting Zionist, you are wrong!
Zipi, Bipi, Shelly, Yairi all talk about how we need to placate the character who believes he’s our American overlord. Fugetaboutit! David Ben-Gurion would have Stupid-Slapped Yair Lapid and Golda Meir would have pile-drived Shelly and Smippy into the ground for such outrageous appeasement.
It is Israel first and foremost. Now more than ever we need leaders who will promote this policy.
Those working against Israel are not just in the fake Center or the Left; we also have the Ben-Aris -- you know, the faux followers of Meir Kahane.. They love to play this saber-rattling role, but only when they have lots of police protection.
In the end Ben-Ari not only is NOT the second coming of Kahane, he is not for real! If he and his buddies were genuine, they would be physically facing down the anti-Semitic, Nazi Arabs and Europeans who congregate and lead Reichstag-like rallies against Israel’s Wall of Freedom!
Instead they are sneaking around spray-painting stupid slogans.
If they were for real, they’d be street fighting those in Ramat Aviv who want to give our country over to American Corporations; they’d be showing up at Hanin (Arabs’ Tokyo Rose) Zoubi’s house.
Bibi is being bitten not just by the Zipies and Shellies and Yairies, but also by the Mickies.  But none of the above-mentioned politicians could have – or would have -- done what Bibi has managed.
On more than one occasion the Phony Pharaoh of the Oval Office has called Bibi  (essentially the Israeli nation) in for a tongue-lashing! Each time Bibi has said in return “Thanks, but no thanks. I will not be selling out Israel today!” This drives Hussein Obama crazy!
Today we need leaders like our Prime Minister who are ready to tell this defeatist American President that Israel will not be his sacrificial lamb of material, Arab/oil-bought stardom! 
Today we need pragmatic leaders who will fight for the jewish Nation ‘til the end
That would be voting for Bibi Netanyahu!

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