Saturday, January 5, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

What happens when the Vipers and Rattlesnakes get together?

For the answer, check out the latest "peace" burlesque being played out these days by Hamas and Fatah.

Act One is titled -- at least for the moment -- "Show of Unity."

In this case "Unity" is defined by the major terrorist group, Hamas, It has "allowed" its somewhat less-bloody foe (Fatah) the right to hold a rally in Gaza.

Mind you, each of the two Hate-Israel groups have something immediate to gain by this symbolic act of unity:

* FATAH: It has gained a United Nations toehold and will exploit that bizarre development to the hilt. A tenuous form of acceptance by the group (Hamas) that unceremoniously -- and with accompanying massacres -- booted it out of Gaza adds another modicum of confidence to Mahmoud Abbas & Company.

* HAMAS: Hellbent on destroying Israel in any way, it's political chief Khaled Meshal knows that he'll never let Fatah gain control of Gaza. But such an unlikely reconciliation with the Vipers does give the Rattlesnakes the belief that it has a chance to eventually achieve its goal of conquering Judea and Samaria.

Meanwhile there's a confounding chapter unfolding as Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi attempts to couple the Vipers and Rattlesnakes by means of mediation in Cairo. 

This could be a useful political-public relations move for Morsi whose popularity has see-sawed between plus and minus, depending on how he manages to mangle his country's constitution on any given week; Also, how the opposition feels about another anti-Morsi big-time rally in Beautiful Downtown Cairo.

Let's not forget that Morsi remains the Muslim Brotherhood's main man. Furthermore it now has been revealed that he's responsible for more and more deviously sinister anti-Israel comments. It's patently obvious that Morsi and Hamas are joined at the hip.

What has saved Morsi's hide in the past could work again if he successfully arranges even a brief Fatah-Hamas marriage. After all, the Egyptian leader just barely survived his most recent crises thanks to his involvement in the Hamas-Israel truce.

But when it comes to Hamas and Fatah, rest assured that neither of the Arab groups want anything remotely close to the two-state "solution," which reality has shown is no "solution" at all. Only graduates of Naive University -- that includes Barack Obama and members of European Union -- would dare believe that Arab-Israeli peace is possible.

"They (Hamas and Fatah) have already solidly demonstrated that they have no interest in the most flexible peace that Israel could hope to offer," writes Dan Margalit in Israel Hayom. "Meshal and Gaza's leadership have conditioned Palestinian national unity on the annulment of any hint of an agreement offered by Abbas, which he has no intention of honoring in any case.

"When Meshal (recently) made a murderous anti-Jewish speech, Mahmoud Abbas remained silent. The central obstacles to peace in the Middle East are the Palestinians, not Israel.":

I fully agree with Margalit who seeks an Israel whose borders include the large -- too-often mis-named "settlement" blocks.

That's the only way to achieve Israeli security when the Vipers and the Rattlesnakes get together!

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