Tuesday, January 1, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Today I claimed what is my land, Israel.
Today I went out alone on my mountain bike and rode the trails of the Israeli Golan.
I experienced Israel, I felt her in my blood as I rode upon her body!
In fact while clocking 45 km/h on the downhill part of the ride, on a rock strewn, technical trail I closed my eyes! How? Because I know my country and her trails by heart now, I have made her mine.
I have done this by listening to the wind in her trees and by studying her, learning from her; not shooting rockets onto her soil and body.
My people and I are as much part of the land of Israel as the land is part of our national heart, so I will not harm her as others do, I will not shoot rockets indiscriminately upon her as others do.
I will explore her and help her blossom. 
This is the difference between the Native Son, the Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish nation who cares for the land of Israel, who has made her blossom in a way no major power could have imagined and the foreign colonialists -- Islamo/Arabia -- who destroyed her fauna, burned her forests and left her a bare skeleton under their hateful occupation! 
No matter how much modern day Rome (the EU) and its Arab/Islamic partners attempt to destroy Israel it will not happen!
In the end history has shown us you can force a Jew out of the land of Israel, but you cannot take the Land of Israel out of a Jew! 
You can take a Jew out of Jerusalem, but you cannot take Jerusalem out of a Jew!
You can rename Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina or Al Quds, but in the end it will always be Jerusalem! 
This is MY ISRAEL and I lay claim too it as ward for the future of my children and their children after!

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