Sunday, January 20, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The gloss is flying off Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi faster than cheap paint in a hurricane.

When it recently was revealed that Morsi linked Jews with "apes and pigs," you might have expected the American president to come forward shouting in protest. 

Imagine the repercussions had Morsi had employed the "apes and pigs" comparison with African-Americans.

But, really, why should Barack Obama have done anything but turn the other way. After all he studied for twenty years at the Chicago church of his mentor the Reverend Wright. 

When Wright -- some reverend! -- wasn't dumping on Jews, he was dumping on still more Jews. Obama listened to his tripe for twenty years.

The latest example of White House deceit involved American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg who published damning comments from Obama about Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Among the president's more vapid statements were that "Israel doesn't know what its best interests are."

Or, if you wonder why Obama is stabbing Israel in the back with assertions like that rather than "having" its back as he once proclaimed, try this one: "Netanyahu is moving his country down a path toward near-total isolation." That's another Obama-via-Goldberg gem.

Make no mistake, these were not accidental nor isolated leaks. This is part of a coordinated campaign by the White House which exploits such Israel-critics as The New York Times (Thomas Friedman) or, in this most recent case, Bloomberg's Goldberg to spew its poisonous deceit against Bibi and his nation.

What about Obama's comments? Do they have any substance?

Start with the "best interests" presidential blather.

How could the commander-in-chief know anything about Israel's "best interests?"

The so-called "leader of the free world" has not stepped in Israel throughout his administration and you can bet the barn that he won't visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Haifa during his second term. 

As for the genius comment about Israel being "isolated," of course Israel is isolated. On the southeast, there's Egypt whose leader considers Jews synonymous with "apes and pigs" and would go to war with Israel right this minute if his country wasn't almost as polarized as Syria.

Directly below Israel, there's Gaza where Hamas has spent years raining thousands of rockets on Sderot, Beersheva, and assorted Negev towns, among other targets.

And directly above Israel, there's a character named Nasrallah whose passion is stockpiling armaments to wipe out as much of Israel as possible. And right above Lebanon, well, you know all about Iran.

What country wouldn't be "isolated" with bloodthirsty neighbors such as those; not to mention the anti-semitic European Union which never fails to indict Israel for building apartment houses while the EU shakes his head and shakes its head and shakes its head about what to do about Syria?

We know what the latest Obama gambit is all about; using Goldberg as a stooge, the president is interfering in Israeli politics with Election Day just around the calendar. 

Of course the President is wasting his time. Bibi has the electorate's support and will win the election. Once that's done, Obama will figure other ways to make life difficult for citizens who are called "apes and pigs."

Obama has yet to use those words to describe the Jewish citizens of the Middle East's only true democracy but his actions come out to the same thing. 

Perhaps one day, some White House lackey -- try Hillary Clinton -- will give the character in the White House directions to Ben Gurion Airport and a reservation at the King David Hotel.

That done, you can be sure that Obama nevertheless will wind up in Cairo and never set foot in the Jewish State.

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