Monday, January 28, 2013


By Sig Demling

Really, you have to wonder if any cabinet member recently selected by Barack Obama has an I.Q. higher than a newt. 

The latest Secretary of Blundering -- also incoming Secretary of State -- John Kerry already has proven one thing; he's majoring in stupidity. 

Instead of dreaming of a white Christmas -- that's too late -- the heir to Hilary Clinton's tarnished throne is dreaming of peace in the Middle East.

Did he say peace? 

Well, you know right off the bat that does not include daily massacres in Syria, nor rioting against the Egyptian government -- at soccer games, no less -- nor rocket stockpiling in Lebanon nor the nuclear nut cases in Iran.

Dear John Kerry tells us that his  "prayer"  is to get Israelis and Arabs to talk peace once again.

That's heartening because it tells us that Kerry at least prays.

But when it comes to an Arab-Israel peace parlay, he hasn't a prayer. And here are some reasons why:

1. Who's going to speak for the -- er -- Palestinians; Mahmoud Abbas or one of the Hamas gangsters?

2. If it's Abbas, what's Hamas going to do but reject any conciliatory move by the Palestinian Authority. That's a given. 

3. If it's Hamas, all the Gaza group cares about is wiping out Israel. What's there to talk about with them; how they plan to kill Jews?

4. And should the most unlikely event of all take place -- a conciliatory truce between the PA and Hamas -- neither will recognize Israel for what it is, The Jewish State. So, we're back at Square One.

Perhaps Kerry's eyes should be checked.

Is he blind to the fact that Abbas disregarded Obama's pleas -- notice that the president prefers pleading with Arabs while admonishing Israel -- not to seek UN status as a non-member state? 

Is the Massachusetts Democratic senator unaware that the only way Abbas ever would return to the negotiating table would be if Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to cede Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat to the Arabs?

By the way, what would be the point of Bibi talking turkey to the Palestinians when everyone -- with the possible exception of Kerry, Obama, Clinton and a few other White House advisors -- knows that the primary threat to Israel comes from Tehran.

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam has spent the last four years appeasing the mullahs this way and that way and the other way while nuclear development continues apace while the Iranians feverishly move toward developing the bomb.

Nor are the Iranians kidding either. Take it from one who knows; someone who has been on the inside of Tehran planning. 

That would be an Iranian diplomat who defected from his madhouse of a nation and is willing to speak out. His name is Mohammad Reza Heydari, the former Iranian consul in Oslo.who resigned and obtained political asylum  three yeas ago. In a candid interview with Israel's Channel 2, Heydari laid it on the line.

"If Iran gets to the point where it has an atomic bomb," said Heydari, "it will certainly use it against Israel."

Not that we needed further proof that Iran shares the same homicidal goal as Hamas, Hezbollah and very likely Egypt; the erasure of Israel in the most expeditious manner possible. 

So what are the dear boys in Washington doing about it; what they do best; talk. 

"Our policy is not containment," says Kerry, "it is prevention."

Hmmm. Sounds very much like the very words of Hilary Clinton three years ago and Barack Obama every other day. 

Talk but no meaningful action. 

Meanwhile, Kerry wants peace talks to resume between Israel and -- you tell me -- who? 

C'mon, you know the answer: Nobody.

Because when all's said and done, deep down in their hearts the Arabs want nothing more than to complete the job that Adolf Hitler desperately want to do; wipe out all the Jews.

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  1. It never ceases to fascinate me, that some Israelis and apparently, most Americans consider the US to be the deciding factor to our security situation here. There are, after all many of us here who deal with the problems as they arise and are more than comfortable in our military's ability to stand strong. What the Euronazis and arabs should worry about, is that if their wet dreams were to be fulfilled, what would be the outcome of a Jewish uprising, revenge and accounting.