Wednesday, January 16, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Being a supporter of Israel is not easy these days. 

Writing in defense of my country often forces me to ask a couple of questions:

1. Why is it that we Israelis are forced to explain and defend our right to self-determination on an hourly basis?” 

2. Why is Israel the only country in the world which inspires outsiders to continually question whether it has the right to even exist? 

No one questions whether France has a right to exist as the “FRENCH” Republic. Same goes for Iran and innumerable other nations.

Do Western peace activists demand that the Islamic Republic -- which is not even close to being a democracy -- disregard its Islamic revolution? 

Not a chance!

When hundreds of thousands of Iranians challenged their government to give them true freedom these so-called peace activists -- alleged advocates of liberalism, freedom and democracy -- did nothing to help them. 

So why is the world so fixated on endlessly making unreasonable demands on the one and only democracy in the Middle-East, Israel?

Israel is a democracy. 

In fact Israel is far more democratic and Liberal than Western Europe. 

Why must Israel spend its life battling for diplomatic and political life? 

Friends tell me that even asking these questions is an exercise in frustration.

They insist that I am fighting a pointless battle. As one pal puts it, “The world hates Jews -- and Israel because she is the Jewish State.” 

He has a point. But there’s a big BUT that must follow such logic.

I fervently believe that we Israelis must CONTINUE fighting for Israel; otherwise we will be doing her a grave disservice. 

If we fail to reach out to the one or two out of ten listeners in the audience willing to hear our side then we have lost the battle.

I, for one, REFUSE TO LOSE!

It has become patently obvious that liberal, freedom-loving activists, who should by nature be Israel’s allies, are simply uninterested in seeing Israel in a positive light. 

The condemnation that Israel receives on a daily basis is -- by any standard -- absurdly unfair, illogical and downright pathetic. 

The fact that these supposed peace-minded, liberal activists dare call Israel an apartheid state is an example of how far these hypocrites will go to blame the Jewish Nation for the aggressive, imperialist attitude of both the Palestinians and the Arab world. 

How is it that these allegedly fair-minded people overlook the fact that Israeli Arabs have far more rights in Israel’s democracy than African Americans have in America? 

How can these people disregard the fact that the Israeli Knesset has thirteen Arab members, and six Druse members? 

Knowing this fact, how dare they call Israel an apartheid state? 

Their standard verbal crutch is Israel’s so-called “occupation” of the West Bank. 

Sorry, but the West Bank was there -- for the Arabs’ asking.

After Israel defeated the Arabs in several wars, she made offer after offer of the West Bank to the Palestinians attempting to reach permanent peace.

Bear in mind that never has a LOSING side in a war received such a generous offer to end a conflict. 

No matter what your political preference, history shows that Israel offered from 93% to 97% of the West Bank (a colonial, European name for the ancient, archeologically historical names of Judea and Samaria) to the losing Arabs.

On top of this East Jerusalem and the Christian and Muslim Quarters of the Old City also were put on a peace platter for the Palestinians. All of the Gaza Strip was to be included too. 

Only a racist or Jew-hater would say that this remarkably generous offer was unfair.

Tragically, the world is filled with those who wish to deny the Jewish Nation, self-determination solely because it is a JEWISH state. 

They wish to replace the only Middle Eastern country that has tirelessly worked for its minorities with one that would immediately tread on the rights of others. 

They wish to deny a majority its rights for a colonialist minority (Arabs).

They wish to deny the Jewish Nation State its right to exist on the land that was the birthplace of this nation. Land that was stolen from the Jews by European and Arab imperialists invaders. 

Why do these people insist on denying my children their rights to freedom? 

It is all rooted in an ancient hatred of Jews.

I cannot accept this status quo. And that explains why I must persuade those who might see the light why Israel is right. 

I believe that if you love freedom. If you love liberal values, than you must fight for Israel’s existence and demand that the world own up to its hatred of Jews. 

If you truly, truly want peace than you must demand that the world hold the Arab World to account for its continuous (from the time of Mohammad) attempts at destroying the Jewish Nation !

But the bottom line is clear; we must continue to fight for the Jewish State at all costs!


  1. Simon: I agree with almost everything you write above. There is one trap, however, that we supporters of Israel sometimes fall into. We fall all over ourselves to show how much Israel embodies "liberal values". We do this by showing how much freedom the Arabs have as citizens of Israel. But I think we need to start transforming this attitude. As much as I respect liberal values for Jewish citizens of Israel. One day, we must wake up to the reality that Mohammedanism is not just a religion, but a dangerous political and totalitarian movement who's openly stated goal is conquest. Nothing will ever appease it in the long run. If Israel is to survive, eventually it must openly face this reality. The Mohammedans can go live somewhere else, but they cannot live in Israel.

  2. I have a perfect answer to all the "why's"... Because our so called leaders are just worthless politicians.. When our leaders do what's best for the Jewish state and for our people and say the hell with the UN/United Nazis, starting with the biggest Nazi, the Muslim in Chief who occupies the White house, then and only then we force the world to respect us!!! They are NOT doing anything , we are not allowing them to do ...