Thursday, January 10, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

The continuing push by the left -- mostly academic groups in the US and in Europe -- to establish an effective boycott targeting both Israel’s higher learning institutions and economic well being is nothing more than racist policy. 

It singles out Jews while totally ignoring the dictatorial, tyrannical, fascist policies of the Arabs. 

Only in a world as cynical and pathetic as ours would it be possible for supposed liberal, democratic countries and institutions to back the boycott of a country as liberal, democratic and representative as Israel. 

Israel’s political make-up is far more democratic than anything you would find in America or Europe. 

The United States is governed by two parties, basically the same can be said for England, France and for that matter Europe as a whole.

Israel, sadly in some ways, is far more democratic than that. 

We have at least five influential parties in the Knesset and putting together a coalition in this democratic political landscape is almost as hard as achieving peace with the COLONIALIST ARABS! 

Israel’s parties are not just truly representative of her political make-up but also of her racial and religious make-up. 

How many Indian or Pakistani parties are there in England? None! In Israel’s last Knesset (parliament) we have three Israeli Arab parties and fifteen Israeli Arab members of the Knesset. 

This is Apartheid? I think not.

Israel also has parties dedicated to its Mizrachi (Middle-Eastern Jews), Ethiopian and Russian immigrants. 

This type of representative democracy is truly missing in America and Europe. 

In fact Europe today can boast the largest increase of hard-line rightwing, white, anti-immigrant, anti-Jewish, fascist parties: something very European if you take the time to remember the Holocaust, Rhodesia and South Africa! 

One of the most bizarre “fads” that has arisen recently is the support of Gay activists for the boycotts of Israel. 

I am all for gay rights and so is Israel. 

It is far easier to be gay in Israel than it is in America. 

Israel boasts gay parades in Tel Aviv and even in Jerusalem. 

As I have written before I would love to see a gay parade in Mecca or in the Vatican! 

Israel’s gay community is open, strong and supported by the majority of her citizens. Gays also serve in all branches of the military, openly. 

It is also a well known fact that gay Palestinians do all they can to make it into Israel to receive asylum, which they are almost always granted. Why? Because if you are “outed” in the Palestinian Territories, then you are dead. 

Plan and simple. Being Homosexual under PA or Hamas authority is not only a receipe for death, it is death of the most barbaric form. 

Homosexuals are either stoned to death, beaten to death or hung in city, village or town centers for all to see, including the victims’ families. 

When our American and Euro “friends” take the time to overlook all of this, choose to single Israel out and consider boycotting her while ignoring the fact that the Arab world is home to the most tyrannical, racist, chauvinistic, homophobic regimes can only be defined as racism and anti-semitism. 

Those backing the Israel boycott are racist and anti-semitic because they choose to ignore Israel’s fierce defense of her democratic, open and free society -- for ALL her citizens. 

The boycott backers and Israel delegitimizers choose to overlook the fact that the alleged “apartheid” being practiced by Israel has nothing to do with any person who is actually a citizen of the country. They also overlook the undeniable fact that the Arab's are actually the ones calling for a Jew free state, and fiercely support Apartheid in their own countries whether it be Alawites lording over Sunni's, Sunni's over Shia's, Shia's over Sunni's, Everyone oppressing the Maronites, Druze, Kurds and Circassians. So, this is not about Israel oppressing anyone, its about the whole world hating a Jew or a Jewish nation that stands up to those trying to wipe it out.  

Any so-called occupation and/or apartheid practices on Israel’s part have, in fact, been directed at an Arab population, fallaciously called Palestinians (since there has never been a “Palestine” except as a coloniallly occupied territory), who have had only one main intent since the birth of Israel: her destruction.

Israel, meanwhile, has offered up a Palestinian State on more than one occasion; each time rejected by the Arabs because of their desire to destroy Israel. 

Israel’s detractors and boycotters are racists, fascists and anti-Semites thinly disguised by a deceitful title called Liberalism. 

All one has to do is look at one of the great pillars of academia fighting on the side of this supposed Liberal mentality. 

Noam Chomsky, the man may be a genius when it comes to linguistics but he was a fervent supporter of the psychotic, genocidal and horrific Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Academic or not if he made the mistake of backing a regime as horrible as the Khmer Rouge he should have been tossed out of academia long ago and it is horrifying that he still shapes the future of America and is allowed to lead the unholy crusade against through the most malicious lies and innuendo. 

Those who stand against Israel are not Liberal, that’s for sure, they are just anti-Semites; so I propose Israel’s supporters start an advertisement campaign in America and Europe pointing out Israel’s democratic institutions, while exposing the racist, fascist policies of those who are trying their evil best `to replace the only Jewish State with just another chauvinistic, repressive, colonialist Arab regime.  

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