Wednesday, September 29, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Every day in every way the fraudulent nature of Barack Obama is become apparent to America.

The same may be said for his Quisling Jewish propaganda arm, J Street.

Bedeviled by one of the lowest approval ratings of any U.S. president, a panicking Obama is stooping to the most egregious forms of deception and is being exposed in the process.

The president's most annoying target is Fox, the lone American news network that refuses to swallow and regurgitate as fact Obie's blatant lies.

For months, Obama has sought a truce with Fox, including a supposedly secret high-level meeting with the network's top executives. At that parlay, the president sought an armistice of sorts, hoping to lure Fox into the soft-on-the-chief executive mode displayed by NBC, CBS, ABC and most of all, the chief executive's prime journalistic cheerleader, the New York Times.

Ah, but the Fox lads told Sir Barack to go take a hike and he hasn't stopped seething about the unequivocal rebuff since.

So, what is Obama doing about it now? Flailing verbally at Fox News as "destructive."

The beleaguered president says the cable channel's point of view is "undeniable."

He adds, "It is part of the tradition that has a very clear, undeniable point of view."

In other words, Fox News does not agree with Obama although it has pointed out what every poll indicates; that this is a president who has lost his country; whose Democratic party is running scared as never before.

But let's get back to this White House phony who charges that Fox is not part of what Obama calls "an objective press."

When was the last time The New York Times -- Obama's personal mouthpiece -- was objective?

In its Fall 2010 issue, the Committee For Accuracy In Middle East Reporting In America (CAMERA), nailed The Times for its blatantly subjective, insanely prejudiced reporting about Israel.

Among other things, CAMERA notes that The Times' Jerusalem bureau chief, Ethan Bronner, cited WITHOUT EVIDENCE alleged Israeli bigotry as a cause of negative views of Obama.

"Bronner," CAMERA points out, "offered no evidence for this alleged prejudice, a serious charge which he simply asserts.

"Equally notable and deplorable is the double standard applied by Bronner who avoids any use of the term racism with regard to bigoted invective and attacks levelled by Arabs against the Jewish state."

So, we have Obama rippling Fox News because it criticizes him but when it comes to The Times' lack of coverage of the virulent hatred spewed against Israel, the president suddenly becomes mute as if it never happens.

"Why is it," asks CAMERA'S Andrea Levin, "the New York Times all but ignores anti-Jewish bigotry while volubly, publicly -- and without cause -- denouncing Israelis as bigots?"

The answer is that Obama's mouthpiece-newspaper very intentionally promotes its anti-Israel viewpoints in the most despicable manner possible. And does so over and over and over again with impunity.

Meanwhile, the faudulent empty suit chief executive ignores condemnation of such destructive journalism because The Times is irrevocably in his corner no matter how hapless this president may be.

And if he were any more hapless than he is now, the Obama would just be, well, less!

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