Monday, September 6, 2010


Is there any point in Israel continuing her Peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority? 

After reading comments made by Mahmoud Abbas today, I think it is perhaps time for Israel to reverse roles and back out of the negotiations.

When the supposed moderate leader of the Palestinian Authority tells Al-Quds al-Araby there is no chance he will ever back down on the Right of Return nor recognize Israel as the Jewish State, there is not much to talk about.

Why negotiate?

There is absolutely no point in recognizing a Palestinian State if the Palestinians fail to recognize Israel as the Jewish State.

The comments President Abbas made are the epitome of hypocrisy: he expects to get a state for his nation out of these talks; but will not acknowledge the legitimacy of the nation and its state with whom he’s negotiating.

Is this not a joke?

It’s time for all the nay-sayers to wake up. They criticize Israel for being an occupier and call her an apartheid state, when the people who truly carry out these despicable policies are the Palestinians and their Arab brethren!

Isn’t it enough to convince the anti-Israeli lobbyists that the Palestinians are duplicit, since they have already admitted they plan to create an Apartheid State?

Yes, that is exactly what the Palestinians intend on doing: Saeb Erekat has made it clear more than once that  the Palestinians expect Israel to force out all Jews of the West Bank.

The Palestinians want their new state JEW FREE!

That is the equivalent of Israel demanding that all of her Israeli Arabs move into the Palestinian State.

On top of this babbling garbage President Abbas has again threatened to walk away from the negotiations if Israel starts construction in the West again after September 26th.

Abbas took his time, wasted eight months of the settlement freeze Israel offered free of charge and now threatens to walk away after coming to the table a month before the freeze ends? 

This is not diplomatic behavior: it is the twisted, warped thinking of a severely spoiled child.

If this is the attitude of the Palestinians, then there is no point in these talks -- no matter how much I want peace for my children and for my country. 

If this is the way the Palestinian leadership feels it can behave with the sovereign, I repeat, SOVEREIGN STATE OF ISRAEL, then there is no point in dealing with them. 

Israel must be acknowledged as the sovereign, Jewish state and there must be NO Right of Return for Palestinians to Israel ... or else let them wallow in their own muck.

Let us instead start focusing on bettering our country and sustaining our democracy. 

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  1. Not recognizing a Palestinian State is playing their game.