Tuesday, September 28, 2010


While out riding my bike in the blistering Israeli sun, I had a realization. I guess pushing one’s body has a tendency to make us see things more clearly.

I realized the Palestinians really are an occupied people, just as they and their misguided supporters claim.

In fact the Palestinian occupation has existed since long before the Six Day War.

In the early 20th Century -- about twenty to thirty years after the modern birth of Zionism, the group that today is called “Palestinian” found its occupation.

Yes, the “Palestinian Nation” has been occupied; occupied with condemning and denying Jewish emancipation and self-determination. This, in a land that belonged to “Israelites” long before there was an illiterate upstart Arab warrior named Mohammed.

The “Palestinian Nation” has made it their job to hate Jews and Israel. Their failure to recognize Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish nation/state is a declaration of that hatred and racism.

This “occupation” that consumes the Palestinians so completely has caused them to turn their backs on statehood, normalization with the world and peace with Israel.

What consumes these allegedly “occupied” Palestinians is a political policy so ripe with HATRED AND RACISM TOWARDS JEWS that it could be picked straight from a tree!

This occupation does not just cover the Palestinians; it has moved like a virus to the fanatics of the world. Fanatics have always had it out for the Jews and their aspirations of freedom and self-determination.

It makes no difference what fanatics you’re talking about: the extreme left and even the not so fanatical left; right wing fascists; Neo-Nazis; Islamists; Insane Third World dictators they have all made it their policy to hate Israel and blame the Jews.

Just days ago the Obama administration – which called itself a “friend” of Israel at the United Nations -- has shown its true colors by condemning Israel for not extending the freeze on building sites in Judea and Samaria (which the West Bank REALLY is).

Not a word of condemnation was uttered by President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton or anyone else in the US administration when the Palestinians refused to come to the negotiating table after PM Netanyahu started the Settlement freeze months ago. Why not?

Not a word of condemnation was uttered by the Obama Administration when the Palestinian Authority and its accomplices in the Anti-Israel movement upped the Incitement against Israel on a monthly basis. Why not?

In fact, one of Israel’s largest compromises – the freeze -- was met with complete Palestinian distain and the usual damnation by faint praise from Israel’s “friend,” the US.

Palestinian political and diplomatic disrespect was also slapped across the foreign policy “face” of the Obama administration. Obama leaned hard on Israel to get the freeze in the first place, and at great political risk. Undaunted, the Palestinian promptly spit that gift back in Obama’s face, by refusing to enter into ANY sort of negotiations until a mere one month before the freeze was due to expire.

Yet the great friend of Israel, Obama, condemns Israel.

The fanatics and the Occupied (with destroying Israel) Palestinians have bamboozled the world with the insane notion that Israel, the only existing liberal democracy in the entire Middle East, is oppressing the Palestinians of Gaza.

These are the same oppressed Palestinians who have rejected peace and compromise since the UN legally decided to partition the British-ruled Palestine Mandate into two nations – one to become Israel; the other, Palestine.

These are the same Palestinians who rejected peace in 1967 at the Khartoum summit, after all the Palestinian nation was occupied; occupied, that is, with destroying Israel.

These are the same Palestinians who perpetuated their own occupation by rejecting statehood and peace in 2000; opting yet again for another skirmish with Israel.

These are the same Palestinians who continued their occupation even after Israel UNILATERALLY uprooted her towns in the Gaza strip.

These are the same helpless, occupied Palestinians who value rockets and hopefully killing Jews above peace, stability, food and other goods.




  1. Wow, right on the money.

  2. not to mention the Oslo Accords where the much-loved Yasser Arafat refused to co-operate with the 'land for peace' agreement pretty much right after he signed the peace agreement. While cleverly stating to the west how he's a humble, caring leader for his poor oppressed people, while making speeches to his own people on how they need to annihilate the jews. one of the most "occupied" palestinians around in his days :P