Thursday, September 23, 2010


The International Solidarity Movement is an existential threat to the citizens of Israel. I stress this AGAIN: the ISM is a threat to the citizens of Israel -- not just the government of Israel.

The ISM is sending naive, ignorant or malicious protestors to Israel in attempts to push Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers into conflicts in hotly debated territories.

After provoking our citizens or soldiers they film the fights, arguments, etc. They then rush these homemade films to youtube and other internet sites after deleting their provocative instigations.

The ISM claims to be for Peace; they claim to be fighting for justice, but they serve neither. Their masters are the Arab oil Kingdoms and Emirates. The ISM claims to be supported by donations made from all over the world. In truth much of their support comes from Arab oil money.  

ISM protestors claim to be fighting against Israeli racism, when in fact they are supporting Arab racism. They are supporting Arab segregation. They are trying to de-Jew East Jerusalem. When East Jerusalem becomes part of a Palestinian State, won’t Jews be able to live there as Arabs live as Israeli citizens in Israel?

These so-called peace activists protest against what they call the Apartheid Wall. They do this knowing that hundreds of Israelis died in suicide bombings before this wall was put up. They do this knowing this wall has brought suicide bombing to a halt.  

This is not an “apartheid wall.” It is a wall that Palestinian Arabs in effect forced the state of Israel to build because of their genocidal actions. By protesting this wall and supporting those who forced Israel to build it, they expose their true intentions, their true thoughts. By protesting this wall the ISM is saying it is all right to kill Jews. That Israel should not be able to protect her citizens.  

Now the family of Rachel Corrie, an ISM activist who was killed defending terrorists by an IDF bulldozer is coming to Israel to bring a legal suit against our Defense Ministry.

Rachel Corrie was an activist in the ISM. She dedicated her life to the militant cause of delegitimizing Israel. Rachel Corrie was not innocent; she put herself in harm’s way trying to protect smuggling tunnels that bring in the weapons Hamas uses to kill Israeli citizens. She died protecting the homes of suicide bombers. Not only is that not innocent, it is actively helping terrorists. She did not sacrifice herself protecting freedom or justice. She died protecting the potential killers of Israeli men, women and children.  

Rachel Corrie knew that Israeli soldiers would avoid, at all costs, putting her life in danger. What she did not know was the lack of visibility the driver of the D-9 bulldozer had. The driver never saw her. If he had seen her he would have stopped.

Investigative reporter Joshua Hammer who documented the incident in Mother Jones magazine (this magazine also happens to be very supportive of the Palestinian cause) said himself after watching the video from inside the D-9 that the driver could not see her.

As Rachel Corrie did while living, her parents and fellow ISM activists are now attempting to do in the name of her death: support the covert body of Arab imperialism and at all costs delegitimize the state of Israel.

I wonder: would the families of others (nuns, journalists, missionaries) killed by juntas, dictatorships, crazed megalomaniacs and ultra-repressive theocracies go to those countries to institute a legal suit against their loved ones’ slayers?

I also wonder why and how it is that so many people who think that Israel is a monster manage to get into this country and then – with the unfortunate accidental exception of Rachel Corrie – manage to protest and instigate against Israel, unscathed. I wonder if they would fare so well if they actually protested in areas that truly merit their activism – areas such as Darfur, China, Myanmar, Chechneya. The list of where they could put their self-attributed concern for peace into motion is far longer – and more meaningful – than goading IDF soldiers into responses.

And yet they want to come here. But we the citizens of Israel can no longer sit idly by and let these people continue to lie to the world about what is happening here. Like our soldiers we must be ready to confront these people face to face.

If we as citizens are not ready to protect the name of our nation in the international community, then we may not survive this current, insidious war of delegitimization.

We must be ready to go to Sheik Jarrah to confront these foreign protestors who intentionally portray Israel in a malicious light, who intentionally lie to the world about what is truly happening here. We, Israelis must be ready to go to Bil’in to show the world why the security barrier is correct; face to face to put these people in their place.

We must be ready to show the world that Israeli citizens -- not just her soldiers -- are ready to fight against those who wish us harm by spreading lies and innuendo.  

It is time for us to take to the streets, grassroots style and expose these people for who they truly are, nothing more than liars, peace-hating, anti-Israeli racists. We must meet these people face to face to show them that we love Israel, that Israel is right and that we will not lay down and give up our nation that we have fought so hard to build.  

We must PROTEST the Corries in Haifa on March 10th., the ISM in Sheik Jarrah and the ISM in Bi’lin. We must fight their foreign, corrosive intrusion on our nation.

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