Saturday, September 11, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The United States invited Israel and the Palestinian Authority (but with no authority over Gaza) to hammer out a peace agreement.

Negotiations were to be face-to-face -- with no pre-conditions.

Israel's leader Benjamin Netanyahu immediately agreed to those stipulations.

His Arab counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, at first refused to participate. Then, he changed his mind and said he would join the talks provided that his pre-conditions were met.

Told that he could not pre-condition the discussions, Abbas reluctantly went to Washington where the peace parley would begin.

Developing a sudden case of amnesia, Abbas began setting pre-conditions despite an agreement that there would be no such thing.

He would walk out: 1. Unless Palestinians were granted the right of return; 2. If Israel was acknowledged for what already is a fact; that it is a Jewish State; 3. If Bibi refused to extend the construction moratorium in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Had Barack Obama been an honest referee and the discussions were actually a tennis match, the president would have told Abbas, "no, no and NO! You are out!!"

But Obama is living in a dream world that is so Oz-like that the American people would vote him out of office tomorrow had an election been taking place right now.

As Abbas and Netanyahu prepare for their next meeting, Obama -- supposedly a neutral observer -- has told Bibi in no uncertain terms that Israel must extend the construction moratorium -- or else!

He has asked Abbas to make some conciliatory gesture; and you know what that means.

It means that Abbas must continue to show up at the negotiating table; that's all.

Should we be surprised?

Hardly. Obama has been so pro-Arab; so far left of center since taking office that his style can only be equated with super-chutzpuh at its absolute worst.

Sadly, precious few in America's overly leftist media dare call him on it.

Fortunately, there remain some courageous journalists -- and at least one network, Fox -- unafraid to take on the chief executive no matter how much heat the White House turns on these critics.

Ironically, one of the best anti-Obama columns comes by way of a journalist normally known as a sportswriter.

That would be Phil Mushnick of the New York Post , who not only has ripped the president but New York's holier-than-thou mayor Michael Bloomberg for endorsing the mosque being planned in the shadow of the World Trade Center disaster.

"The question the Mayor, the President and media should strongly consider," says Mushnick, "is why, if the point men in the establishment of this large mosque are as sensitive as they claim, would they want to establish it near Ground Zero?

"Why would they even choose to be perceived as rubbing Islam into the wounds of those most afflicted by Islamic extremism? Imagine if Bloomberg or Obama had a family member murdered by a lunatic. And then ten years later, relatives of the murderers chose to buy the house across the street.

"Wouldn't Bloomberg and Obama find that unsettling? Wouldn't they wonder why, of all places, these folks chose to live across the street?"

Let's not kid ourselves, from the moment the American president made his cowtowing-to-the-Arabs speech in Cairo, it has been evident that he is on the side of Islam. And too many of those Islamists with whom he is pleading happen to be militant or damn close to it.

Obama is upset that a surprising percentage of Americans believe that he's actually a Muslim. The president insists that he's a Christian.

Well, he may proclaim that he's a Christian but his actions since taking office have convinced the electorate that, at heart, he loves Islam.

And that explains why Netanyahu gets pushed around and Abbas gets a free pass from Washington while setting pre-conditions and making demands at the alleged peace parley.

Furthermore, it will explain why -- in the end -- Obama will be the primary reason these one-sided talks fail.

They will fail because the president is a phony!

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