Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am taking the time to do what I see is the obvious and predict that a war will break out in 2011 involving Israel, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas!

Iran appears to be making the same mistake that Gamal Abdel Nassar made in 1967, which is believing its own rhetoric.

Nassar believed he could get away with closing the Straights of Tiran, which he knew was a Cassus Belli, and economically strangle Israel. He paid for it with the complete defeat of the Egyptian armies and the loss of the Sinai Peninsula in June 1967.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sees himself as the modern day, Shia, Nassar. And just like Nassar he is making the same mistake of bullying Israel to the brink of another colossal Middle-Eastern war.

Like Nassar before him Ahmadinejad has used proxies to fight his battles up till now. In both cases his underlings, Hezbollah(Hassan Nassrallah) and Hamas(Khaled Meshal), failed miserably militarily.

The Second Lebanon war, although many would love to call it an Israeli failure was in fact a severe military defeat for Hezbollah. The best comparison would be the 1956 sinai war. Both were military victories for Israel, but political victories for the Arabs.

Operation Cast Lead proved to be an even bigger defeat for Hamas(i.e. Iran).

Before the operation, Hamas couldn’t stop boasting about the casualties they would inflict on the IDF if she dared to fight back against the incessant rock fire reigning down in the south of Israel.

At the end of Operation Cast Lead 1,166 Palestinians were killed, of them 709 were Hamas fighters and Iranian operatives. Israel lost a grand total of 13 dead and of those thirteen 10 were soldiers and 8 of those soldiers were killed by friendly fire.

In both these cases one would assume the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would have learned that Israel is very serious about protecting her civilians and will fight for her liberty and democracy at almost any political price(i.e. the Goldstone Report and rising anti-semitism the world over).

But apparently these blips on the screen have not been able to break through the barrier of fanatical, fascist, colonialist and militaristic rhetoric that Mr. Ahmadinejad is preaching and starting to believe! Like Nassar before him he has talked himself into a military corner; which can only lead to war!

More importantly he sees the world today much like it was before World War Two. The world is full of cowards not ready to stand up against Iran and all the might she is building.

Mr. Ahmadinejad saw that no one and no country was ready to come to the aid of the Iranian people when they voted him out of office and took to the streets in protest against his election thievery! He stole the election just like Hitler stole Germany in 1933.

He sees that no one is willing to stop his nuclear weapons plans just as the world was not ready to stop Hitler and his military buildup pre WW2.

Because of all of this Ahmoud Ahmadinejad feels he can both annex the Persian Gulf to Iran and wipe Israel off of the map as promised!

So as the year 2010 nears prepare yourself for an Israeli preemptive strike against Iran and her underlings.

This is a war the world, the UN, EU and the United States have forced Israel into. This is a war they could have prevented. This is a war Israel must fight to prevent another Holocaust from happening and to insure the survival of her Liberty and Democracy!

This could even be the start of WW3, as Belgian defiance to German militarism was the opening shot of WW1. Israel, like Belgium will not lay down with out a fight!!!

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