Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The Palestinian Authority and its negotiators have done an amazing job of re-creating the KHARTOUM SUMMIT resolution for the present day!

This time instead of Khartoum’s THREE NO’S, it’s Abbas’ THREE NO’S.




All of this explains exactly what the Arabs have been saying since the start of this conflict: NO TO ACCEPTING ISRAEL!

Remember, these are the supposed moderates. These are the Palestinian leaders the whole world insists really want to reach a fair compromise with Israel, a compromise that finally resolves the issues between the Jewish Nation and the Arab Nation.

But, if one reads what the Palestinian leaders have to say about their idea of a “solution,” the only conclusion a sane person can come to is that the Palestinians see the solution in a destruction of the Jewish Nation State!

Does that sound reasonable to you?

But wait a minute: a state called Israel already exists today; a Palestinian State does not exist.

The Palestinians are the first nation on the losing side of a war to act as if they were the victors! Dictating preconditions to the nation who you supposedly want to grant your independence is so far beyond unreasonable that it is patently absurd.

The Palestinians’ obstinate stance is equivalent to the Germans saying in 1945, “Yeah, but, you bombed us into extinction, so we deserve to keep Czechoslovakia, to not be punished AND to be paid for almost solving the world’s Jewish problem!”

Never before has there been a group that has stood against peace and peaceful solutions as the Palestinians have. Never before has there been a “nation” that has brought about so much bloodshed in their rejection of peace as the Palestinians. Never before has there been a group less capable of accepting responsibility for their own actions.

Until this fact is made clear to the Arabs and Palestinian leadership, until they are forced to recognize and accept responsibility for their actions, there can never be anything even resembling peace.

For Obama this is the true missing piece to the puzzle: the incredible arrogance of the Palestinians. And, like many presidents before him, Obama refuses to acknowledge the true major factor standing in the way of genuine peace: OIL!

Look at the surrounding Arab nations which have managed peace treaties of some sort: Egypt, little oil except for that in the Sinai, which Israel returned to Egypt; Jordan, also with little oil reserves and a HUGE Palestinian problem (i.e., they don’t want them back in Jordan, or threatening Jordan in any way). The joke, therefore, is that the least oil-rich Arab nations surrounding Israel have managed to come to terms with the Jewish nation, at least superficially.

The Palestinians have no oil, either, so what’s the deal? Significantly, while they have no oil themselves, the Palestinians have the tacit backing of the biggest, most oil-rich Arab nations in the Middle East, as well as the non-Arab nations of Iran (BUT, OIL-RICH) and even Venezuela (significantly, an OPEC nation supporting the Palestinians for its own anti-American, far left purposes)

Thus, it is still oil that greases the wheels of the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

The only peace that can be considered true peace is one recognizing two states for two peoples. Two states for two nations, one Jewish and one Arab.

Israel's leaders keep saying two states for two nations. The Palestinian Leaders keep saying two states but we will not recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State. That is in direct conflict with compromise and international law that was created with the partition of 1947.

But oil has made the Arabs think they can dictate terms to the entire world; given them the arrogance to presume they can buy the slow annihilation and ultimately, the destruction of Israel.

One of the incredible ironies of the dilemma is that the left-leaning elements in the US who’re supporting the Palestinian cause refuse to recognize that they are the dupes of the oil-rich world which, behind all of the posturing, does not care a scintilla about the Palestinians or their well-being.

It is time for the world to take off the blinders; time to say no to the racist and genocidal policy of destroying the only Jewish state in existence, Israel.

It is time for world to tell the Palestinians to get real – to demand REAL PEACE.

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