Friday, September 3, 2010


FACISM IS ALREADY HERE. This is the title of Yossi Sarid’s opinion article in today’s HAARETZ.

Sarid is right, fascism is growing in Israel, as it is in Europe and America, It’s just not the facism that Yossi Sarid is talking about.

The fascism that is growing in Israel actually can be equated with the Saridism, Levyism and Papeism of left wing journalism in Israel.

It is most apparent in Haaretz which sits at the extreme left. It is spit on Israel at all costs fascism.

For starters, Sarid’s article stands right up there as a vivid testiment to Israeli democracy.

Yossi knows well enough that if he were to write anything close to this latest rip at his home country in 99% of the world’s other nations, he’d be tossed in jail and the keys would be thrown away.

Sarid makes the same mistake as his colleague and fellow Israel-basher, Gideon Levy.

Each betrays a pernicious habit of talking down to readers.

They have no qualms about belittling the average Israeli citizen because he and she support the ideals of our country. In their astigmatic eyes, Israelis immediately become fascists because they support their country.

We are bad because we favor a liberal, Jewish democracy.

It has become more than obvious that the super left -- represented by Sarid, Levy and their cohorts -- are all very unhappy with the majority of Israelis because we do not intend on selling out the ideals of Zionism for a worthless piece of paper.

Although the majority of us support peace and reconcilitation we are wrong -- according to Sarid-Levy -- because we are not willing to give the Palestinians everything they want.

If -- Heaven forbid -- Sarid was running Israel, we most definitely would not be living in a democratic Jewish state.


Because people like Sarid, who are so cut off from history, are willing to make peace at any cost.

Apparently, he never heard of Munich, pre-World War II. That agreement did not poduce peace but it sure appeased Adolf Hitler -- until his next power grab.

And so it is with the current negotiations naively contrived by Barack Obama. More appeasement will produce nothing but more disappointment; more killings similar to the ones perpetrated by the Arabs this past week.

Critics of the Sarid ilk share absolutely no remorse over the four dead Israelis -- one a pregnant woman -- killed in cold blood by Palestinian Terrorists.

Sarid feels no need to mourn the dead Jews because they were “settlers.” In Yossi’s warped mind, a “settler” simply is not a human being.

In point of fact, settlers are Israelis living on land that will either be kept by Israel or given over to a Palestinian State.

And should it become part of Palestine the Jews who choose to remain should have the right to remain in their homes and recieve Palestinian citizenship; same as Arabs living in Israel.

Fat chance. The Palestinians have made it abundantly clear that they will have none of that brand of democracy. Jews, OUT! That’s PLO policy.

And should these displaced Israelis be forced out of their homes Sarid will be perfectly delighted to support Saeb Erekat facism!

Like the newspaper for which he writes, Sarid has lost all credibility. He has joined forces with those who stand against the two-state solution and peace.

Sarid has become a firm backer of those who wish to delegitimize Israel at all costs.

He’ll have no compunctions about destroying the liberal democracy that is Israel; a nation that affords both Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens immense freedoms. There is nothing even remotely like Israeli-style democracy anywhere in the Middle East.

Yossi -- whether you like it or not -- we must be vigilant when it comes to those who oppose our democracy.

We must battle against those -- Jews and Arabs -- who act against the state’s well being.

Yossi, it’s high time that you and your cohorts realize that your brand of hate-Israel politics, is no different than the politics disgustingly displayed by Hitler’s Brownshirts!

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