Thursday, September 9, 2010



Yesterday it was Nabil Shaath who shot an arrow into the heart of Israel-Palestinian peace possibilities.

Shaath, like his boss Mahmoud Abbas, has made it more than clear that the Palestinians have no intention of compromising to make peace.

There it is for the world to see.

I wonder how the Israel-haters will find a way to blame us for this Palestinian scam?

Shaath and Abbas say they refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. They demand a made up, non-existent Right of Return.

These comments made by just about every Palestinian leader shows their sickness is not cured.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu has made a point of not spouting right wing rhetoric.

The Israeli side has been more than conciliatory.

Israel has prepared her public for compromise. The Palestinian leadership has not, nor do they intend to prepare their public for compromise.

PM Netanyahu must make it clear to American President Obama that if this is the Palestinian policy, then there is simply nothing to negotiate about.

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