Thursday, September 30, 2010


So the settlement freeze has officially ended and the Palestinians are threatening to walk away from the negotiating table any second now.

The Obama administration has joined the rest of the hypocritical world and condemned Israel for restarting the building in Judea and Samaria.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is incensed with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for rejecting a last minute American offer of guarantees for Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish Nation State and a rejection of the Palestinian Right of Return.

My first question is, why are the Americans giving these guarantees and not the Palestinians?

Also, I guess Hillary forgot that Israel already has these guarantees in the letter that was given to former PM Ariel Sharon by former American President George W. Bush. Oh, but that’s right: somehow the Obama administration said some time ago that such a letter of agreement doesn’t really exist!

When PM Netanyahu presented those very same guarantees to Clinton as she assumed her job as Secretary of State, she promptly told Bibi to take a hike.

So much for American guarantees and for that matter, so much for that unwavering American support of Israel.

American Jews are also fuming at Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for daring to say at the UN that some Israeli Arabs might find themselves living in the Palestinian State that will hopefully be created if the Arabs ever decide statehood is better than hating Israel.

These brainwashed American Jews did not say a thing when chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat gleefully boasted that not a single Jew would be allowed to live in this future Palestinian State.

I guess it is acceptable for the Palestinians to carry out a policy of RACIAL discrimination and apartheid in their future state. Let me guess: it’s their culture and we just have to understand that, right?

Once again, no matter how wrong and deceitful the Palestinians behave, Israel is just not right.

To know how bad Israel really is one just needs to read what might be the most ridiculous opinion article ever written about this conflict by Robert Wright in the New York Times.

Mr. Wright immediately castigates Israel for not continuing the freeze, and out right blames Israel for what is seen to be another breakdown in talks. He does not mention the fact that the Palestinians sat on their asses for nine months, rejecting the settlement freeze.

How naive to find blame in Israel by totally overlooking the obvious intentions of the Palestinians; that is, making Israel look bad for the break down in talks.

Mr. Wright also has no idea of what Israeli society really is.

He declares Israel could finally become a secular state if she would give all the Arabs in the West Bank citizenship. Again Mr. Wright is either totally ignorant of Middle-Eastern cultures, mad or just plain dislikes Israel.

First, Israel is already a secular society. Second, the Palestinians are a far more religious based society. Islam takes center stage for them, hence their continual glorification of the Al Aqsa Mosque. Third, Jews are an ethnic group before they are a religious group, hence Israel’s ability to be both the Jewish Nation and a secular state.

So take a second to think about this: Israel gives, Land, the Freeze, etc. and the Palestinians spit back in our face.

Israel gives and the Obama Administration demands more, before demanding anything of the people who should truly be ready to compromise: the Palestinians.

Why should we even consider negotiating in this type of situation? It is a sham and the people lining up against Israel are shameless.

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