Friday, September 24, 2010


By Simon Fischler
For those of you who love and support Israel here is the name of your true enemy, Ben White. 

As I have noted many times Israel is now facing a truly new idea of war, one she is truly not prepared for. The war of diplomatic legitimacy.

Ben White is today's Ernst Rohm. He is the leader of a new type of Brownshirt, committed to the same principles of the old!
Ben White just succeeded in stopping Benny Morris from speaking at Cambridge university under the guise that Morris is a racist. First, this is a classic example of the prevention of Freedom of Speech -- something that is totally undemocratic. After all the Supreme Court of the United States just ruled that Corporations have the right of free speech (which means they can continue to do what they’ve been doing for years anyway, which is to buy elections with distortions, lies and character smears).

Second, Mr. White has had no problem with multiple anti-Semitic, Jew-haters speaking at Cambridge -- Abd al-Bari Atwan is just one of many. Mr. Atwan said he would rejoice and dance at Trafalgar Square if Iran nuked Israel. So, for Mr. White it is permissible for a man who has called for the annihilation of 7.5 million people (Israeli Arabs included, unless Iran has a smart nuclear bomb that only kills Jews) to speak at Cambridge University, but not a left-leaning Israeli historian.

Third, Benny Morris is neither a racist, nor an Islamophobe: he is a severe critic of Israel’s actions in her wars and a left-leaning professor.

To Mr. White (or should I call him Mr. Brownshirt?) the fact that Benny Morris is pro-peace, as well as pro-two-state-solution means nothing. Because for Mr. White being pro-peace and pro-two state solution is bad. To Mr. White if you are not calling for Israel to be removed as a nation state then you are simply another collaborator.

Ben White also represents all that was and is wrong with Europe.

Europe today is becoming more and more similar to Europe just before the Holocaust. Today, not even a century removed, most European would like to forget that 6 million, possibly more, Jews were killed at their hands in WW2. In fact they are going so far as to say, we as a nation, need to stop whining about this. That’s right we, the Jews, should stop crying about the death of six million of our children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters because the people of Europe are tired of hearing it!

This mentality is connected to the classic Anti-Semitism that Jews have dealt with for thousands of years; but it is also connected to a new form of Anti-Semitism that is brought to you by Muslim Fascists. This new breed of Anti-Semitism is paid for and delivered by the House of Saud and their brethren. For Europeans that bare truth would be a hard sell; instead Ben White represents them. He is the face of Islamic Fascists who have invaded Europe through the side door, with lavish amounts of Arab oil money and the willing departure of their less desirable citizens into various European countries.

Their goal today is not just to wipe the Jews out – we’ve always been the easiest to prey upon -- but to eventually create the Caliphate of Europe.

Ben White will try to dazzle and fool you with big words like Apartheid, but when you take the time to check him out he is nothing more than a hollow propaganda machine.

Israel and her allies must take serious notice of someone like Mr. White and treat him as they would any other enemy, and an enemy of some magnitude. It is truly embarrassing that more has not been done by the Government of Israel and her foreign ministry to stand up against someone like Mr. White. Israel cannot forsake the people who are fighting her battles in the academic and media realms for those who fight on the physical battle field. 

Today Ben White is more dangerous than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bashir Assad, Khaled Meshal and Hassan Nashrallah. He is their face to the world; he is their legitimacy.

The government of Israel needs to concentrate more coordination between her security agencies and those who are fighting for her on this battlefield. 

As the brownshirts of Nazi Germany showed us, power of the dictatorship starts when one can silence the voice of freedom and opposition – just as Mr. White has done to Benny Morris at Cambridge! 

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