Monday, March 29, 2010


President Barak Hussein Obama is a very, very smart man.

He is so smart that he and his administration might be on the verge of intentionally rupturing the bond that has kept the United States of America and Israel together as two of the strongest allies this world has ever seen.

The “Hussein” in between Barak and Obama has become larger than ever and it has become clear where his feelings lie … and it isn’t with Israel.

I believe President Obama and quisling Ram Emanuel are doing this by intentionally making it very difficult to be both a strong supporter of America and a strong supporter of Israel. They want Pro-Israel people to question whether they can support Israel without having their loyalty and love of America brought into question.

By carrying out this policy the Obama administration could negate much of Israel’s American support.

Take a good look at how this administration manifests its middle-eastern policy. I cannot remember an administration that has been so anti-Israel and so pro-Arab. It behaves in a way that pushes both supporters of Israel and her enemies to question whether America might simply abandon Israel.

It started with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when she informed her Israeli counterparts that the WRITTEN agreement between President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon -- concerning the major settlements being incorporated into Israel and “no” to the Palestinian Right of Return -- was not going to be valid under the new administration. This was a complete betrayal of trust and the word of the United States of America.

This anti-Israel policy change continued when President Barak HUSSEIN Obama made his official speech to the Muslim world in Cairo. This speech was so full of appeasement that it could only whet the appetites and excite the ambitions of extreme militant Islamists.

Then there was the demand -- the first ever by an American president -- to stop all settlement building before the start of peace negotiations. Not only does this run contrary to all other administrations, it also runs contrary to all previous agreements between America, Israel and the Palestinians.

There has also been the constant condemnation of Israel. The administration has ignored all concessions this supposedly hard-right Israeli government has given to create an atmosphere conducive to negotiations. These were concessions that the most pro-peace, dovish Israeli governments have never agreed to. Simultaneously, the Obama administration has completely ignored Arab and Palestinian hostility, provocative stance, and incitement towards Israel and Jewish religious sites.

Now we are witnessing the direct attempt by the President Barak Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to depose the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This Administration knows they can get away with this right now because of the confusion and fear that American Jews who support Israel must be feeling. Here is the man many were seduced into voting for and yet he has made a 180-degree turn, falling upon Israel like the proverbial wolf on a lamb. I feel this way. I was suckered into voting for Obama, as were many of my relatives and friends. Sadly, many of them still refuse to see what he is doing, and intends to do, to Israel.

More than ever I think the silence of Professor Alan Dershowitz is the best and scariest example of what is happening to American Jews who support Israel. Here is a man who went well out of his way to defend the vote for Obama. Here is a man who has had his life threatened many times because of his defense of Israel. Since this rupture between Israel and America there has been nothing in defense of Israel from the most valiant, honorable, truthful and respectable defender of her rights. That is very, very bad.

This is a warning that should be taken seriously: if President Barak Obama succeeds with his apparent agenda, it might become impossible to be American, Jewish and pro-Israel.

Remember this: the United States of America and Iran once had a relationship that nearly everyone believed was unbreakable.

With this Administration the same could be said about Israel.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Et tu, Brute?

It is now one hundred percent official, the Obama White house is actively trying to bring down the elected government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That an American administration would go so far and so deep in its attempts to control the political landscape of one of its closest allies is scary.

For all Israelis and Israel, Left, Right and Center this is a dagger in the back.

It should also be made clear that the Obama administration has put Israel in great danger, both physically and diplomatically. By pandering to the Arab world, by constantly condemning Israel while ignoring Arab provocations they have given the Green light for hostile behavior towards Israel.

Just today the Saudis decided to open their mouths in condemning Israel for building in East Jerusalem. On daily basis Israel is being attacked and provoked by the Arab world and the American administration stands silent. Although Palestinian attempts to start another uprising have failed until now, it is only because of how well the Israeli police have dealt with the riotous and provocative behavior of the Palestinians.

On top of all of this, they have actively twisted that dagger in our back by making all past agreements between the state of Israel and the United States null and void; i.e. the agreements between Ariel Sharon and President George W. Bush on settlements and the Palestinian Right of Return. By reneging on these agreements, the Obama White House has shown that Israel should not believe in American promises.

What does this mean? Israel pulled out of Gaza, giving everything there up: lives, houses and dreams that had been in our hands longer than anyone else; for NOTHING. For a piece of paper that Hillary Rodham Clinton ripped up in our face.

For all the Anti-Semitic debate about how Israel controls the American government, it has become very clear who controls whom.

Not only is this administration trying to change Israel diplomatically, it is also changing the idea of negotiations. Never before were there preconditions for negotiations. It has always been the key to negotiations. If both sides, especially Israel, were to make their demands before even sitting down, then -- as we see today -- there would never have been negotiations.

I once thought that Obama and company were naive, now I am almost sure that they are actively working against Israel. Their betrayal of Israel is the easy way to placate the Arab and Muslim world.

How they could be so arrogant and destructive in handling their relationship with Israel can only be explained by this mind set. From Obama’s speech in Cairo to the administrations constant demands of Israel without placing demands on the Palestinians and the Arab world in general reeks of Anti-Israel sentiment.

Sadly the votes of American Jews were bought by phony words of friendship towards Israel.

This is a critical point for the relationship, not just of Israel and America, but Israel and American Jews. It must be considered that this administration could push the relationship that has been rock solid and benefited both countries so much to the point of breaking!

If that happens, what will it be like to avidly support Israel in America? Thoughts of McCarthyism pop into my head.

Let us all hope that I am wrong about this and that the Obama administration is not Anti-Israel; just severely naive and inept in their dealing with Middle-Eastern diplomacy. Let us also all hope that this administration wakes up and realizes that life without Israel might not be nearly as safe as life with Israel.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A True Friend

Friends need to tell friends the truth. This is the new mantra coming out of Washington and the Obama administration concerning their excessively harsh, arm-twisting of Israel.

So this is how the new Washington treats its friend and ally, by condemning her and rewarding those who are doing everything they can to delegitimize her? That is not friendship in my book!

Vice President Joe Biden started this mantra and now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is running with it; that is, friends looking out for each other by “telling the truth.”

My question to both of them: when are you going to do the same to or “for” the Palestinians and the Arabs?

Does this merely have to do with just pressuring Israel, which is clearly how it appears?

Until now the government of Benjamin Netanyahu has made clear its support of the two state solution. It has called for an immediate resumption of peace negotiations. Road blocks and checkpoints in the West Bank have been taken down in record amounts -- more than during any previous government. The Netanyahu government has also infused millions in the West Bank economy, which happens to be thriving now. Last but not least, was Netanyahu bowing to American pressure and when he adopted a ten-month settlement freeze in the West Bank.

On the other side Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have rejected recognizing Israel as the Jewish State. They have rejected returning to the negotiating table. They have organized, financed and supported daily protests against Israel in Jerusalem and the West Bank, attempting to inflame the situation on the ground. Abbas and the PA have also done much to support and finance the international radical elements attempting to delegitimize Israel. In the meantime, from Gaza rockets have begun to rain down again, and this time they’re killing people.

So, how is it that the Obama administration thinks it is acceptable to say they are looking out for their “friend” Israel? All they have done is condemn and castigate her, while the Arabs have done everything to block a resumption of negotiations. Yet not a word of condemnation is tossed their way.

If this American administration wants to look out for its friend Israel, it would do well to stop condemning her and start pressuring the Palestinians.

If Secretary of State Clinton wants to help Israel she should have gotten Mahmoud Abbas to the negotiating table a long time ago.

Why hasn’t Biden or Clinton picked up the phone and reprimanded Mahmoud Abbas for stating again today, while meeting George Mitchell, that the Palestinians can use resistance against Israel? It needs to be made clear to the Palestinians that if they want peace this type of dialogue is unacceptable.

If the Obama Administration wants to help Israel, it needs to demand an end to all provocative attempts at delegitimizing Israel -- both on the ground in the West Bank as well as on the international scene.

Most important for this American administration is the immediate need to wake up, lose its naivete and realize what it is sitting on: Israel is being boxed in by her enemies in all directions.

Bashir Assad has overcome his time in purgatory, thanks to Obama and friends, and is now basking in his glory while thumbing his nose at America. Assad is as warm as always with Saint Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hezbollah has totally rearmed and been given greater capabilities, thanks to Syria and Iran. Hamas is still holding Gilad Shalit and now Qassam rockets have been landing in Southern Israel on a daily basis for the last week. All of this spells out one word. W-A-R.

The Arabs truly sense that this Administration is loathe to come to Israel’s support diplomatically. So, by their own doing the Obama administration has built into the Arab psyche the thought that going to war with Israel won’t be so bad this time.

But this is bad, very bad. When the Arabs start thinking like this, we are not talking about a small war. We are talking about a war of massive scale.

So, congratulations President Barack Obama and Co. on passing your Health Care bill. Now you had better starting fixing all the problems you’ve created for Israel, the Arabs AND yourself, before everything explodes on you.

That will transform the passage of health care reform into a long ago, almost-forgotten memory!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Evolution in Zionist Sport

Put it on the record: I am saying it now; Mountain Biking is the new Zionist sport.

Zionism as an ethos has many important principles. The most important to me was the principle of getting out into the Land of Israel and exploring it, learning about it through first hand experience.

The first sport that made this possible for early Zionists was hiking. It was a ritual for the Jews of Israel to be out on the terrain learning about the flora and fauna of their country.

This knowledge of the land was so important for the Jews: it gave them the wherewithal to fight better and the ability to create better land for crops and housing.

This part of Zionism was very much about bonding with the land and acquiring the core knowledge for love for one’s country. Hiking is still very much a part of the Israeli experience: schools still take their kids out on day-long hikes to teach not just about terrain and nature but how the fathers and mothers who created the nation did just the same.

Today, though, a new sport has caught fire.

Mountain biking has become so large in Israel in just the last five to six years. For me that is fantastic to see. Thanks to my big brother I have had a love for mountain biking since the age of twelve. It has once again become major part of my life here in Israel, for the last four years.

I have seen so much of our beautiful country, thanks to my bike -- places I would never have seen or experienced if I weren’t riding the trails of Israel. Like the Zionist hikers of old, I am out on the trails pushing my self while taking in the beauty that our country offers.

As my Saluki dog, Yael, and I pound up and down the hills surrounding Rehovot and Nes Ziona, we've come upon wild pigs, vipers, black racer snakes, foxes, Beduouin tents, herds of sheep and goats.

Sometimes, when out of sight of human habitation, it's as though we're cycling back into biblical times, and the surroundings become timeless, unchanged. Plus, after the extensive rains we've been blessed with this winter, we make our way through oceans of blossoms and brilliantly flowering bushes and shrubs.

Today, every Shabbat you will find that the roads of Israel are packed with cars laden with Mountain Bikes off to find new trails and new experiences in nature. This is Zionism at its best.

The riders themselves might not even know that what they are doing is very much acting out the ethos of their country, but that does not matter. That is not nearly as important as returning ourselves to experiencing and learning more about the beauty – off-road.

Thanks to the Mountain Bike this is happening on a major scale.

It might not replace Football as the national pastime, but it might surpass hiking as the new, true Zionist Sport!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu

Dear Prime Minister:

My name is Simon Fischler.

I am an American citizen and I am an Israeli citizen.

I also happen to be a card-carrying member of Kadima, while also being a Democrat when voting in the USA. In fact, I voted for Barak Obama.

I am writing this to you Prime Minister to say stay strong, do not back down in the face of the irresponsible, insulting and unfair behavior of this American administration.

You have done the right thing, Mr. Prime Minister, by standing up to this administration that appears drunk on the power that got them elected (but that has long disappeared).

Never before has an administration been so irresponsible in its behavior with an ally that has been so committed to America’s needs and well-being.

You, Prime Minister Netenyahu, must not back down to President Obama, V.P. Biden and Secretary of State Clinton. it is not a matter of national pride (or arrogance, as some have said); it is a matter of national survival.

This American administration has ignored the near-daily rioting in Jerusalem and the West Bank -- rioting sponsored by the Palestinian Authority. You are right, Prime Minster: if the Americans wish to ignore daily incitement against Israel, they have no right to be angry with us if we choose to build in Jerusalem, East or West.

This administration’s behavior is now borderline anti-Israel. Where is the condemnation against the Hamas- and PA-sponsored rioting sponsored in Jerusalem yesterday? Prime Minister Netenyahu, demand a condemnation from the Americans against the attempts of the PA to incite a religious war -- riots started because a synagogue was rebuilt in the Jewish Quarter of the old city!

Inform President Obama, V.P. Biden and Secretary of State Clinton that the PA is on the verge of losing control of the flames they themselves kindled in Jerusalem. Hamas is now raising its head in the West Bank again. Like Arafat, Abbas and his people have played a game of Russian Roulette and their bullet has just about come up. If Israel were to stop raiding Hamas in the West Bank, the PA, Mahmoud Abbas and Salayman Fayyed would fall faster than Newton’s apple. Tell that to this insulting administration.

I know you are in a most difficult position, staring down the barrels of America’s shot gun, with elements of your coalition government putting pressure on your back instead of covering it!

But take heart in the fact that the people of Israel will not stand for the degrading and insulting attempt of the American administration to topple the elected government of Israel, which their latest moves have made patently obvious.

Remember when talking to Obama and Clinton that Simon Fischler the American, Israeli, Kadima, Democrat is 100% behind you, and there are a lot more like me. Remember when trying to rein in your government’s more unruly elements, there are people like me here who will help cover your back rather stick a knife in it! Just ask us to help.

We have many, many times acceded to the wishes of the United States – from letting Saddam Hussein shoot rockets down upon us during the First Gulf War, to obediently NOT producing airplanes that were better than the Americans', nor selling them to countries the US didn’t want us to sell to.

We have paid a heavy price ourselves, time and again, not only to survive and thrive in a completely hostile environment, but to maintain this previously strong alliance with America – something that has never been made clear to the US citizenry and is apparently being forgotten by the current administration.

However, I have come to respect you, your position and the dilemma you face; I believe that we can once again survive and thrive.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Driving Drunk Americana Style-

Thomas Friedman’s article in the Sunday New York Times explains the true problems that Israel is now facing, not just with the Palestinians, but now with a negative, borderline anti-Israel Obama administration.

So Thomas Friedman thinks we’re driving drunk. Maybe it is high time this arrogant administration and its lovers, i.e. people like Thomas Friedman, take a long hard look in the mirror. Thomas: who insulted whom?

From its ascendance the Obama administration has been borderline disrespectful with its ally Israel. President Obama and Hillary Clinton behave as if they bought Israel and it belongs to them.

This is not the situation, Thomas Friedman. You speak as if Israel could not survive without America. You call us America’s most “dependent” Ally.

Perhaps in reality America is instead Israel’s most “dependent” ally. Who kept the Soviets in check protecting American oil interests in the Middle East? Israel.

My friends in America, if not for Israel you would have had to invade a gulf state way before 2003 to control your flow of oil. It was Israel that kept the Saudis and Jordanians in power -- and did it militarily on a couple of occasions (i.e., Israeli F-4 Phantom runs on Syrian tank formations that were halfway to Amman to topple King Hussein!

You see, Thomas Friedman, you haven’t been in the neighborhood on a consistent basis for a long time. As always you knee jerk and blame Israel for an American problem.

President Obama got into this situation with Israel as he has with other problems he now faces: by believing his own rhetoric; by overestimating his powers of persuasion.

It is America and the Obama administration that is driving very drunk. The best sign of it is their blaming everyone else for their own failures. For instance blaming the whole population of Massachusetts for voting a Republican into Ted Kennedy’s senate seat.

President Obama never should have demanded Israel freeze settlement building. I am against building in the settlements. I believe Judea and Samaria will have to be given up when peace can be attained, but I saw that demand as a direct slap in the face of Israel.

If Obama wanted a settlement freeze he should have gotten it behind the scenes and diplomatically instead of broadsiding Israel. Thomas, friends do not let friends drive drunk, right? Israel should have closed up her notebook at that moment, left a note that said “When you decide to be fair about approaching the Peace Process and actually want to do things the right way, give us a call.”

Instead, Israel acted as she always does with America, as a true ally would and went about finding an avenue to make the American government happy, while keeping the citizens of Israel happy. That is how the ten-month settlement freeze came into being. As I have stated many times before this was an unprecedented favor that no Israeli government has even acceded to before. What was the American response, eh?

That was not only an insult but an immense slap across the face of Israel. Not to mention the fact that the Palestinian response was spitting on Prime Minister Netenyahu’s generous offer as if it were garbage. Much like what Arafat did at Camp David and the Taba negotiations.

It was also extremely naive and you should know well to think the Arabs would play ball just because Obama gave a speech of appeasement in Cairo.

It is not normal for a friend to slap his friend around in order to make that friend’s enemies happy, but that is exactly what the Obama administration has been doing with Israel.

I want to touch again on Thomas Friedman’s accusation that Israel is America’s most “dependent” ally. Friedman forgets that Israel could have been militarily independent long ago if not for America. In the eighties Israel invested what would be billions today on the research and development of the Lavi fighter jet. When it was finished it became an immediate threat to the United States. Why? Because this plane was actually better than anything that the Americans had or were about to develop. So the Americans crushed it, but in doing so promised Israel that she would be taken care militarily from that point on.

Now, you have the nerve to say Israel is Americas most dependent ally. Israel, the same country that loses billions because the Americans do not want us to sell the Chinese the Falcon AWACS plane because it might give them an advantage against Taiwan. Does America take Israel into interest when she sells Egypt state of the art military equipment? No.

Thomas Friedman’s attitude is proof of how arrogant and insulting this administration has been with Israel. You do not own us; you do not control us. It is enough that we are waiting for America -- chancing what could be a nuclear attack from Iran so that America can attempt to appease Iran. As we did in the First Gulf War we are standing by America: not defending against what could be another Holocaust for us; taking a risk far more dangerous for us than it is for America and Americans. The thanks we get are slaps across our face from a hostile administration.

Israel and Israelis are more than ready to compromise for Peace, but we will not be slapped around -- not even by the mighty United States, Mr. Friedman. So, when you wake from your hangover, we will be ready and waiting to make peace … the right way.

Punch for Punch, Part 2

Day by day the Obama administration is attacking the Netanyahu government about the East Jerusalem Housing incident during Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel.

Yesterday Presidential advisor David Axelrod went so far as to say that it was a calculated attempt by the Israeli government to destroy a renewal of Peace Negotiations, adding that it was an insult and an affront.

Mr. Axelrod’s remarks can be added to the growing pile of daily insults that both America and the Palestinians are slinging in Israel’s direction.

The PA has been sponsoring -- on an almost daily basis – mini-riots in Jerusalem. Also on a daily basis the Palestinians have been trying to inflame religious tensions on the ground; from encouraging the throwing of rocks down on Jews Praying at the Western Wall, to lying about Israeli attempts to destroy the Al Aksa mosque. The PA is behind all of it.

The American government has not said a word about these daily provocations against Israel. These insults to Israel and her citizens do not seem to bother the Obama administration. It has become clear that the Palestinians can get away with murder and Obama, Biden and Clinton will wink at them and walk on by. If Israel, on the other hand, decides to build houses in Jerusalem and the Palestinians cry Wolf, Israel has not just Insulted the Arabs she has also insulted the American government! This is complete craziness and if Obama thinks most Israelis will approve of this he is wrong.

Why wasn’t the American government insulted by Mahamoud Abas’ complete and total rebuff to the American/Israel 10-month settlement freeze; an unprecedented occurrence from an Israeli government? Why isn’t Joe Biden insulted by the fact that Palestinian Arab and American ISM activists were out rioting during his stay as they try to de-Judaize East Jerusalem?

Why aren’t President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemning the Palestinians for daily incitement against Israel? This daily Palestinian sponsored incitement against Israel on the ground here and in the international community has caused far more damage than any Housing Tenders and is the root cause of problems connected to the peace process right now.

Maybe if the Obama administration’s nose wasn’t so far up the rear end of the Arab world, they’d be able to see how disastrous their Near-East policy has been.

True, all the shlubs in Haaretz are condemning the Netanyahu government and it is probable the Obama administration reads that and thinks Israelis are ready to topple their government. They are wrong in that belief.

I am a member of Kadima, I voted for Tzipi Livini and I still think she is Israel’s best. On the other hand, I do not wish to see my government toppled for the wrong reasons. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done an amazing job of skirting a negative American government, keeping labor in his coalition and shutting up the rightists after announcing the settlement freeze. Israel is very much behind him.

Realizing that the Obama administration’s true wish is the toppling of the Netanyahu Coalition, I find myself behind Bibi. There are others like me here, and this is an important fact that the Obama administration should realize, because I am pro-peace, pro-compromise and liberal.

On top of everything the US has done to demean Israel and the Jewish nation, which includes the Obama Cairo speech, the complete settlement freeze demand and ignoring Palestinian provocations, they now appear intent upon toppling the elected government of Israel!

I doesn't get much more insulting than that.

It is high time to look in the mirror, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton: you may lose an irreplaceable friend and ally if you continue this appeasement of the Arabs and hostility towards Israel and the Jews.

After all, remember how successful appeasement was for Britain against the Nazis.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going Punch for Punch

Whether the Obama administration realizes this or not, it has now officially created a schism between itself and Israel and her supporters.

When I first heard about the 1600 houses granted approval for construction, I too had a knee jerk, reactionary response and immediately thought disapprovingly of my government’s actions.

Then I got to thinking and reading and researching. That changed things drastically.

Who do Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton think they are to castigate Israel?

Do they truly believe Israel is some American lap dog to boss around? Will they soon rub our noses into our own urine or chain us to the dog house?

It was bad enough to endure President Obama’s disastrous speech in Cairo, where he made the offensive and incorrect statement tying Israel’s right to exist to the Holocaust. Not only was Obama appeasing the Arab world at Israel’s expense, he then forgot that Israel has a right to exist as the Jewish State because this has been Israel, in one form or another, for thousands of years. Obama forgot that this was Israel long before Arabs were here, Mohammad was born or there was a religion called Islam.

Let us get our facts straight, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton. Israel has paid an enormous price for the fallacy of American Presidential dreams, i.e. attaining a Middle-East peace accord that the Arabs have historically never wanted.

Israel has given up so much for Peace and received nothing in return but pieces of paper that are barely maintained by Egypt and Jordan.

One must remember that it was Israel that discovered and drilled all the oil wells in the Sinai Peninsula that brings Egypt millions today. It was Israel that created the blueprint for the Egyptian resorts that thrive in the Sinai today. What has Israel gotten in return? Peace so cold it belongs in the arctic; a peace that may survive no longer than the length of Hussani Mubarik’s lifespan.

The same goes for Jordan. No one can ever be sure if the Hashemites will remain in power. If they fall, the probability is the shaky peace accord that exists now will disappear with them.

America, why do you think you can tell Israel she is wrong for approving building in East Jerusalem? It was made very clear by Prime Minister Benjamin Netyenyahu that the 10-month settlement freeze would not pertain to Jerusalem.

Is it Israel’s responsibility that President Barack Obama made a naive and tragic mistake by demanding of Israel a complete halt to settlements? This is something no Israeli government has ever agreed to before. Not even the government of Itzhak Rabin!

Has America forgotten the sacrifices that Itzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netenyahu and Ehud Barak made to negotiate a peace? All of the before mentioned Prime Ministers have offered the Palestinians a state, all have offered land for peace and all received war in return.

Israel has given up so much for peace, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton, but what have the Arabs and Palestinians done for Peace? Virtually nothing.

What are the Arabs willing to cede to Israel for peace?

Are the Palestinians giving up land? No, they most certainly are not. Are they giving up money? No, in fact they will probably be getting a whole lot of money just to sign on the dotted line.

So what are the Palestinians giving up? To attain peace the Palestinian are giving up the hope for the complete and utter destruction of the state of Israel, the displacement of its majority population and its replacement with a foreign Arab government and population. That is a good deal for the Palestinians.

On the other hand for Israel to attain peace she must give up land; she must give up water resources. Most importantly, by giving up land she is giving up defensive positions, i.e. security. All of this must be given to a nation that has spent its life trying to annihilate Israel. Does this sound like a good deal for Israel?

Israel has been a staunch ally of the United States since her creation. Israel played a central role in America’s defeat of the Soviet Union: not Egypt, Syria, Jordan or the Palestinians; but Israel. It was on Middle-Eastern battlefields that American hardware and solidarity defeated Soviet support to the surrounding Arabs; not in Korea and not in Vietnam.

What has Israel gotten in return for this friendship, these sacrifices she has taken on not just for herself but for America, too? The outrageous – but obeyed -- request by the older Bush to Itzhak Shamir to tolerate Skud attacks from Saddam Hussein, without a word or an act in reprisal immediately comes to mind. Would any other nation have shone such solidarity with an ally?

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, this is what Israel has received in return for standing by America through good and bad times (something most of America’s European Allies have not done): suicide attacks that have killed more than 2000 Israeli citizens since the start of the Oslo Peace Accords of 1993; 8000 rockets from Gaza and the constant attempts by so-called peace/human rights activists, anti-Zionists and Jew-haters to delegitimize Israel.

Where is our reparation/compensation for all of the lands – bought and paid for by Jews from wealthy Arabs– that were ceded by the British to Trans- Jordan, at the time of the Mandate?

Where are the billions of dollars in property, goods and possessions that were stolen from Jews ejected from surrounding Arab countries?

Has Israel EVER placed any of these perfectly reasonable demands on the negotiations table? Has Israel, in other words, EVER demanded the “right of return” (a mere code word for the destruction of Israel) that the Palestinians demand?

You, Mr. Biden and Ms. Clinton, are representatives of a country that built itself in large part on the nation-building concept of “Manifest Destiny.” In fact, had Manifest Destiny not prevailed in the development of the United States, most of the Southwestern part of the country, from Texas to California would be part of Mexico today!

Jerusalem, including East Jerusalem, “belonged” to the Jews long before Arabs arrived on the scene. Judea and Samaria were parts of the original ancient kingdom of Israel, millennia before they became today”s West Bank.

So what belongs to whom? And who has the right to what? I think it would behoove both of you to have your staff do comprehensive research before you shoot your mouths off from the hip.

In fact, the only thing you can accuse Mr. Netanyahu of is incredibly bad timing, and that wasn’t really his fault! He was sabotaged by his own Ministry of the Interior.

But then, bad timing is one of those painful factors Israel has had to live with and through, for decades.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who Is Crying Now?

Turkey is crying foul!

The Turks are angry because the U.S. House of Representatives finally did the right thing and passed a non-binding measure calling Turkey’s atrocities to the Armenian people during World War One like it really was: genocide.

In WW1 the Turks never faced aggression from the Armenians; they wanted their land and were ready to go to great lengths to erase Armenian culture in order to accomplish their land grab. Much as China is doing today in Tibet, the Turks dislodged, raped and killed anywhere from 1 million to 1.5 million Armenian Christians.

What is sickening is Turkey’s ability to deny this blot on her history even now. She behaves as if this was all just a bad dream for the Armenians or perhaps a legend built to make Turkey look bad. It is not a legend: it was genocide and a horrible crime against humanity.

I can understand the anger of the Turks. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan could look pretty silly railing at Israel for defending herself against 8000 Hamas rockets, if the Turks owned up to killing 1 to 1.5 million Armenians just for being Armenian.

Sadly this skeleton has been kept in the mutual closets of the United States and Israel because of our attempts to maintain and protect our relationship with the Government of Turkey.

Now that Prime Minister Erodogan has diplomatically spit in the face of both America and Israel, the truth is finally being acknowledged.

For me, as an American and Israel citizen, it brings great shame to know both of my nations, that I love so much, have let Turkey get away with murder for so long.

What is most interesting though is the lack of support from European and U.S. activist groups. Where are the activists demanding acknowledgment of what has been done to the Armenians? Why no UN resolutions or UN teams searching for the truth of the genocide of the Armenian people? Why is there no “Armenian Genocide Week” where centers of higher learning across the world sit down and examine the fiendish atrocities carried out by the Turks?

None of this is happening or can happen because all of these supposed academics, students of higher learning, professors and radical liberals are too busy trying to destroy the only nation in this region that truly stands against the vile and sick atrocities the Muslim Turks dealt to innocent Christian Armenians.

Israel has long been the only home in the Middle East to those other peoples and religions who have suffered under the yoke of intolerant Islam.

One must remember that the Armenians demanded that Israel retain the Armenian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem along with the Jewish quarter. Why? Because they know how open and accepting Israel has been with them.

The Druze love Israel for several reasons, one of them being the religious freedom granted them by the state. Of course, there is also the Bahai faith which has long been persecuted in Syria, Lebanon, etc. They finally were forced to move their Center of faith to Israel -- now the Bahai gardens of Haifa.

President Barak Obama has promised to kill any bill that threatens the relationship of the United States of America and the Republic of Turkey. It is sad that an African American President is going to turn his back on recognizing the mass murder of 1 to 1.5 million people because the Turks don’t like it!

Rather, It is more than high time for both Israel and the United States to not only recognize this horrible point in history, but both nations – and others as well -- should demand compensation for those who suffered under the Turkish anvil.

Peace Is In the Air

Ahh, yes, that time has come again, the time of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Is there any hope of reaching a compromise that would be beneficial to both sides of this conflict? Doubtful, as recent news basically describes it.

Here is what Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian side had to say, "The relationship has deteriorated to this stage where the U.S. is trying to save this peace process with the last attempt - by the way, mark my words - this will be the last attempt in order to see if it can be a tool to make decisions between Palestinians and Israelis.”

Saeb is right: the situation on the Palestinian side has become borderline disastrous. Palestinian leadership from the PA to Hamas has destroyed almost all avenues and hopes for the Palestinian people to get the state that would be anywhere close to the one they want.

Saeb and his friends are wrong when it comes to their veiled threats. It is as apparent as always the Palestinian leaders have not learned from past mistakes.

There is very little that Saeb Erekat and the rest of his cronies can threaten Israel with. Does he actually believe that his ISM friends are going to stay around to continue protesting if the PA starts another low intensity war with Israel? Mark my word Saeb, your ISM friends will be on the first plane back to civilization the second it gets too hot in the kitchen.

Do the Palestinians actually think they can push Israel with attempts at international delegitimization, by sparking mini riots?

Eventually someone will get killed and war will break out again.

Arafat started the last war (this has been documented by his own people) thinking he would be able to coerce the Israeli public back to the negotiating table with violence on his terms. As we know this did not happen. No matter how much the world condemned Israel we stood fast and we will stand fast again if the Palestinians continue these attempts to riot Israel back to talks on Palestinian terms.

If the negotiations break down does Mr. Erekat really believe that the EU or the USA will come in and dismantle Israel for them? I think not.

It would be wise for the Palestinians to learn and learn quickly: we have a state, it is called Israel. The Palestinians do not have a state. We do not need Mr. Erekat’s or Mahmmoud Abas’ approval for our country. Our country is here, functioning and thriving in a hostile area. Sure, we want peace and most of us are ready to compromise for peace. If the Palestinians do what they have always done and demand that we destroy our own nation, then forget it.

If there is no agreement, fine; we can continue living in our state. It is the Palestinians who will truly lose again. Sure, the Palestinians can unilaterally declare statehood. Be my guest; Israel will then annex all the land she controls in Judea and Samaria (i.e., The West Bank).

When this happens we will just shut the door on the Palestinians and focus all of our attention on continuing the dream of Zionism.

You see, Mr. Erekat needs to realize something. His people have been given an opportunity many other nations have never gotten and probably never will get. The chance to build their own state. As I have written before there are numerous other nations who also dream of statehood. Tibet, Kurdistan and the Basques are just a few examples of nations who do not have a partner who is actually willing to sit down and recognize their right of self-determination.

If the Palestinians fail to compromise this time the Israeli public will demand an end to pointless negotiations that just waste our time and money. Israel does not need to waste any more time on negotiations that lead nowhere. We have plenty of national projects, from education to infrastructure, to occupy our time and money.

This is not a threat, Saeb Erekat; this is your reality. Make the right decision this time. Stop your pathetic threats before negotiations have already started and realize another mistake could lead to the end of Palestinian hopes and dreams.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

In Response to Salaman Masalha

Enough is enough.

I have just finished reading the article published in today’s Haaretz (3/3/2010), entitled “Israel’s Apartheid Doesn’t Stop at the West Bank” by Salman Masalha.

One must truly wonder if Israeli Arabs and their leaders truly want to be a part of the state of Israel.

This article and the fact that it was printed completely contradict Mr. Masalha diatribe against Israel. The article alone is proof that Mr. Masalha is doing all he can to deceive Israelis who read Haaretz! He knows that Israel’s free press will allow something as low and propagandist as his words to be printed. He also knows that Haaretz, once a great source of unbiased information, has become nothing more than a raging outlet for Israel-bashing. He knows his deceitful rhetoric will make it to the pages of the press and into someone’s home, taking advantage of the opposite of Apartheid, which is the democracy and the freedom of speech that exists in Israel.

In his article he openly admits that Israeli Arabs are free to live and go where they wish. What he then tries to do is deceive the reader with MIS-facts about appropriated land. What he is not telling you is that much of this land was bought by the Yishuv (Pre-State government) before the Israeli War of Independence. This land is not being appropriated. He also forgets to tell his reader about the 100 million shekels the government of Israel has passed for the betterment of the Israeli Arab sector.

Salaman Masalha continues his deceitful rhetoric by not acknowledging the undeniable fact that his people are the freest Arabs in both the Arab and Muslim world. This is not an arguable point.

Nowhere in the Arab/Muslim world would Mr. Masalha get away with writing something as fictitious, critical and condemning of his country. He would find himself six feet below the ground if he wrote this in an Arab-governed country.

He again admits that Israeli Arabs can vote, an admission that totally contradicts his use of the word Apartheid. What makes matters worse is his failure to recognize that Israeli Arabs don’t just have the right to vote, they have this right and can use it, unlike others who have lived in highly-touted democracies. A good example is African Americans of the South during Segregation. The African Americans had the right to vote, but white Southerners made sure they didn’t. Another good example would be any Arab nation where people threaten, abduct and kill their fellow Arabs to ensure they do not vote – and there have been several documented, recently!

Moreover Mr. Masalha neglects to mention Israel’s other minorities. He behaves like many in the Arab world, as if the whole universe circles only around his people. He wouldn’t mention the Druze to his readers, because he knows well enough that they feel one hundred percent Israeli. He knows the Druze love Israel and except it as both a democracy that is there for them as well as being a Jewish State.

I ask Salaman Masalha: Do you really want to be a part of Israel? If you do, then you know you can be a part of Israel. I also ask the Israeli Arabs of my nation, do you truly want to be a part of Israel? If you do, then stop trying to destroy her. Recognize you live in a democratic state, a true democratic state. It’s fine to offer constructive criticism, but I can’t think of a single nation in the world that allows its citizens to promote sedition. Your words, Mr. Masalha, border on sedition.

Israel might not be perfect and we must always work hard to unite both Jews and Arabs, but you must recognize our right to preserve what we have built here. If you cannot, then you do not wish to be part of this nation project. If you do not recognize our right to preserve the one Jewish nation, a democracy that represents all her people, then you have turned your back on reconciliation and peace between the two peoples.

I believe we can come together, but not until people like Salaman Masalha stop spreading lies and misinformation. Israel must always do all she can to provide for all her people, but all her people -- Israeli Arabs included -- must be willing to both accept her and do all they can to preserve her.