Monday, August 27, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

Supposedly we, the human race, are to live by the “Rule of Law.”

This is what civilization is supposed to be all about: rules for conducting a society.

But at what point do we say to ourselves as a nation -- whether it’s here in Israel, or in America or much of Western Europe -- that we have a minority population which does not respect the basic rules we’ve set for our society; refuses, in fact, to even acknowledge that rule of law as valid? 

There has been much said over the beating last week of an Arab teenager in Jerusalem, with the knee-jerk left-leaning Israeli media immediately jumping on the story, crying, “Racism!” 

They make one major mistake, however: this is not an act of racism. It’s an act of intense hatred inculcated by the Arabs’ (adversaries) intention to destroy these teenagers and their nation, Israel. 

The children who carried out this crime against the Arab teenager were ages 13 to 16.

Why is this so important? 

Because all of these teenagers have spent their entire lives being taught to think that if Israel respected the “Rule of Law” (recognizing Palestinian Statehood and handing over 97% of the West Bank, all of Gaza and East Jerusalem) that the international community had set, all would be okay and peace would reign! 

They were all small children when the Arab/Palestinian nation coldly rejected peace at the Camp David accords.

They were but small children when the Arab Nation said loudly, yet again, “NO” to peace, “NO” to recognizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish Nation and “NO” to undeniable Jewish historical rights to Israel. 

They were all children, watching with the hope of small children, as the Arab Nation again put destroying Israel in front of Statehood. 

While they were being taught in school to hope for peace, they were witnessing and/or hearing about the hideous spate of suicide bombings by Yasser Arafat’s minions during his War against Israel.

These children were shaped not by any alleged occupation, but by living with the hatred of bigoted Arab colonialist racism that rejects peace and attempts to erase the facts of history -- the reality of Jewish historical rights to the land of Israel-- with fabricated Arab fantasy fed to a guilt-ridden media unable to recognize it’s own inherent biases.

The fact is, the “Rule of Law” that the Western democracies attempt (most of the time) to live by does not mesh with Arabist/Islamist culture. It is not “racism” to say that; it IS, however, racism or bigotry to deny it! 

It is bigotry created by the elitist media and academia that continues to portray the Arab/Muslim peoples as victims, when they are the worst perpetrators and offenders of slavery, colonization and despotism! 

It is “hangover” guilt from the West’s own days of colonial oppression that drives the liberal press into crying out for oppressed Muslim populations. But it is most significant to realize that the Western media do not cry out for oppressed black African Sudanese who are being oppressed by Arab Muslim militias.

No, it is only when presented with the opportunity to cry out for Muslims who are being “oppressed” by JEWS that those guilty leftist voices are raised. Worse yet, the liberal guilt overlying their basic anti-semitism is compounded by the worst sort of historical ignorance. 

For example, there is an important historical dilemma between the nascent U.S and a group of Muslims which was a  major incentive to create the U.S. Constitution -- the U.S. Rule of Law -- as quickly and as soundly as possible: the Barbary Pirates of the 18th century. 

American citizens were being captured and enslaved in terrifying numbers off the coast of Africa. The newborn country had no national navy. The U.S. needed to establish how to create a working navy, as well as who should be given the power to create it and who should have the power to oversee it. 

Voila! An important aspect of the U.S. Constitution comes into being because of a problem with Islam. And, mind you, that was only 236 years ago!

Throughout the entire history of the West in its relationship to Islam, there has been  
a major pillar of Muslim culture that differs enormously from that of the Western Judeo/Christian culture. It is the concept of truth, or rather, the meaning and usage of a lie.

In any democratic, non-majority-Islamic country of the Western World the act of lying to totally hide one’s true intentions is basically against the “Rule of Law” (not that it’s not done; but that at least it’s against the law!). In Arab/Islamist culture the act of lying to better ones position or to hide one’s true intent is not only excepted it is encouraged! It is an integral part of negotiating and diplomacy. 

Making false promises to “the Infidel” has been a strategic asset of Islam -- at least since what we know today as the modern western democracies took up arms against the Barbary pirates.

Just as the Barbary pirates captured and enslaved Americans and Europeans to attain peace treaties that they then broke, Arafat signed a peace treaty with Israel to get a foot in the door -- with absolutely no intention of adhering to Rule of (western) Law (which he immediately told his followers in Arabic!)

It is the biased, deluded Left in Israel and most of Western society that ignored Arafat’s words in Arabic -- words calling for war and the destruction of Israel, as he sat and supposedly negotiated peace! 

It is the bigoted elitist who says Jewish nationalism is racism and Arab nationalism is not. 

This unacknowledged bigotry against Jewish national rights and support of Arab hatred and denial of Israel’s right to exist is what created the hatred in that group of Israeli teenagers who almost killed another teenager -- an Arab teenager. 

Is this behavior acceptable? No! 

Yet what can you ask of Israeli society or its children when last week Mahmoud Abbas got up in front of the world and blatantly lied by denying any Jewish historical right to the Temple Mount? The Temple Mount was Jewish long before it was Christian, Arab or Muslim! 

What can you ask of Israeli society when Arab members of the Knesset, who are supposed to serve the state and who enjoy Israeli democracy to its fullest, call for the destruction of that state? 

How can you stop hatred in Israeli society when Knesset member Hanin Zoabi says that the victims of the Munich Olympic massacre “got what they deserved?“

Until Western democracies realize their own inherent bias and bigotry and halt these tendencies within their nations (and this includes Israel), this hatred will only grow. Just as the Union acted against the culture of the South and fought slavery, today the democracies of the world must fight against rejection of international, Western democratic “Rule of Law!”

The big lie must not become the driving force of civilization.

Friday, August 24, 2012


by Sarah Walton

Kibbutz El-Rom, Israel -- I’m sitting in my son’s kibbutz home near the Israeli border with Syria. 

Shelling took place near here yesterday -- shelling by the Syrian government upon rebel forces.

There are Israel Defense Force (IDF) tanks and mobile artillery units scattered through the area ... just in case.

What am I doing while Syria writhes in the agony of a civil war, just a few kilometers from where I sit?

I’m making a spinach quiche, that’s what!

I’m making a spinach quiche for my daughter-in-law to take on my granddaughter’s summer “camp” overnight trip to Lake Kinneret (The Sea of Galilee to Christians).

In other words, life goes on. No matter what, life goes on here in Israel.

This morning I read to my two older grandchildren, then we walked the littlest one, Avigail, to her pre-school. Next we walked the dogs and settled in to breakfast.

All the while, in the background, there were occasional deep booms. Judging from the deep, resonant sound of the booms, it was IDF tank cannons we were hearing, rather than artillery shells in Syria.

The irony of the situation was not lost on me; not at all.

I have been coming to Israel for 12 years. During those 12 years only a few weeks of my first visit in 2000 was Israel free of war -- either war with a neighboring country or people, or watching a war take place in an adjacent country.

In 2000 my younger son and I drove throughout the area known as the West Bank; we visited the neighboring country of Jordan; I wandered the narrow alleys of the Arab quarter of the old city of Jerusalem; we stayed at the American Colony in East Jerusalem (known as the “Palestinian” part of Jerusalem).

Then, on the eve of the Jewish New Year -- Rosh Hashonah, we moved to the King David Hotel in West Jerusalem, overlooking the old City. As our cab drove by the gate leading into the Arab quarter of the old city, the streets were bustling and appeared perfectly normal. 
By three o’clock in the afternoon, as we sat on the terrace of the King David, smoke began rising from tires that were burning outside the very gate we had just passed.

Yasser Arafat had declared his “second intifada,” what was really “Arafat’s War.” In the next three years hundreds of Israeli civilians were killed in suicide bombings, with barely an outcry from the outside.

Since then the state of Israel has been involved in actions against Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Gaza (Hamas). Recently Israel tensely watched virtually every Arab nation surrounding her or near her implode in what is now known as the “Arab Spring,” but should be called the “Islamist Winter!”

Over these 12 years, I have been up North three days after the fracas with Hezbollah in Lebanon ended. I have seen scorched earth (much of which were Israeli Arab or Druze fields), shelled buildings and newly-erected memorials to lost soldiers. 

I have watched robots sniff for bombs on Tel Aviv streets, narrowly missed being blown up at a bus stop in Rishon Lezion and spent time in my son’s bomb shelter room in Rehovot when a rocket landed in nearby Yavne.

Still, my son, his lovely wife and our three grandchildren are thriving and happy. Schools are good and the national health program is excellent. The kibbutz is lovely (we had a fine swim at a nearby pool and later picked ripe figs while the kids played in one of the kibbutz‘ playgrounds), the surroundings majestic and exotic. 

The whole nation is a fascinating mix of the totally modern and the completely ancient.

An occasional thud goes off in the background; a puff of smoke appears in the distance clearly telling us that things are not good in Quneitra, Syria.

Meanwhile, just a few kilometers away, I sit and prepare one of my specialties, spinach quiche.

So life goes on.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Long ago and far away there once was an American weekly radio program called "It Pays To Be Ignorant."

Led by a vaudeville comedienne named Lulu McConnell, it spoofed the virtues of being dumb with an endless spate of hilarious jokes. 

Take that theme to the present embattled Israeli situation and a reverse title is in order for the good and welfare of the Middle East's only democracy.

It Doesn't Pay To Be Ignorant. 

That point is most relevant as Iran brazenly continues improving its nuclear capability while -- with even more chutzpuh -- tells the world that it will use that eventually-to-be-completed warhead to obliterate the "Zionist Entity," alias the Jewish homeland. 

Ignorance may be bliss, according to a universal book of proverbs and maxims but it certainly does not hold true when mullahs in Tehran are candidly boasting of Israel's demise; preferably sooner rather than later.

A similar form of stupidity prevailed throughout Great Britain, France and other European nations as Adolf Hitler came to power, threatening the Czechs, Poles, Dutch, Danes and Belgians and eventually made good on his goal of domination. 

Denial followed denial of Hitler's threats. With the precious exception of England's Winston Churchill few wanted to believe the Nazi threat and even fewer dared confront it.

The best example of contemporary denial can be found in The White House where Barack Obama continues to appease the iranians up, down and sideways while his flunkeys such as Hillary Clinton and Panetta continue urging Benjamin Netanyahu to give anti-Iranians sanctions a chance.

Any political analyst who sees things clearly and sees them whole knows that the Iranians treat the sanctions like a fleck of dandruff on a jacket lapel. At their best the sanctions are a mere annoyance to the Tehran warlords. What matters is accelerating the nuclear program and all evidence shows that it is moving along quite nicely. 

Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, not only has seen through the Iranian ploys but minces no words about that's going on in terms of placating Iran.

"Diplomacy with Iran has failed," Oren succinctly attests and, as the late, great American performer Jimmy Durante would say, "Deny that if you can!"

There's no denying the threat but Democrats such as Barack Obama keep playing for time because the last thing he wants is to have to learn of an Israeli attack on Iran before American elections. 

But one wonders why Bibi should even think twice about American Democrats and their warped Mideast views. 

How warped? All you have to do is look at the record of such Democratic supersters as Massachusetts Senator John Kerry or Nancy Pelosi, Madeline Albright and Mrs. Clinton and note how so wrong they have been. Writing in the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, journalist Yossi Klein tells a story that gives you all the insight you need to know about Kerry.

"Kerry had just come back from Damascus with excellent news," says Klein who had met Kerry in Jerusalem after the senator's visit to Syria. "The excellent news was that Bashar-al-Assad was ready for peace with Israel. When one of the participants mentioned that demonstrations has begun to challenge Assad's legitimacy, Kerry's response was: All the more reason to negotiate while he's still in power.

"In other words Israel had the golden opportunity to give up the strategic Golan Heights to a dictator who might be deposed by a popular revolution which might or might no recognized whatever peace agreement he signed. That kind of wishful thinking has resulted in Western policy toward the Middle East that is strategically incoherent."

Such a strategically incoherent Middle East policy has been part of the woof and warp of Obama thinking since his foolhardly Cairo speech in 2009 when he blurted "Islam has always been part of America's story."

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta continues insisting that Israel should wait before attacking Iran's nuclear facilities. So does Uncle Sam's Joint Chief of Staff but there are merely presidential puppets hoping to con Bibi until after October at the very earliest.

Sorry, Barack, but ignorance no longer is bliss for Israel. The Jewish State has been taken for a fool too many times to allow it to happen at this critical juncture in its history.

Columnist Sarah Honig zeroed in on the issue as perfectly as anyone over the weekend when she cited the many blunders before and after Oslo; most particularly, leaving Lebanon to Hezbollah and Gaza for Hamas, among other blunders. 

She goes to Sigmund Freud's "Denial of Denial" theory for support.

And how does Freud's "Denial of Denial" fit the current American view of Israel's precarious state fit so snugly today?

Just check out Freud's definition of D of D and you'll understand. It is The rejection of what is too difficult to admit while simultaneously insisting that the unpalatable truth is actually false."

What better X-Ray of the White House and the Middle East!

Friday, August 17, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

Besides attempting to kill Israeli citizens Hamas  has been making every effort to get the EU, UN and others to support its government. 

In contrast Khaled Mashal, the leader of Hamas, insists that Hamas will never recognize Israel. 

This is not just curious, it is sick and ironic: every Israeli government since that of the late Yitzhak Rabin has respected and acknowledged Palestinian rights.

Even Likud, the Israeli political party that CNN, The New York Times and the BBC love to call the ‘far right,” has recognized that the Palestinians must achieve statehood to reconcile this conflict and achieve peace. 

What is sad about Palestinian Nationalism or Palestinian Victimism is its failure to see that it simply will not defeat the Jewish Nation of Israel. 

Israel has fought hard to develop the nation and a thriving country.

Israel sports an economy that withstood Arafat’s war, the 2006 war with Hezbollah and the Cast Lead operation in the Gaza Strip. 

Israel’s unemployment is lower than that of the United States of America. 

The Tel Aviv stock exchange has done nothing but become stronger over the last decade-and-a-half. 

Israel has a world-acclaimed Universal Health system -- something most Americans would love to have -- along with medical centers on a par with America’s best. 

Israeli technology is at the cutting edge and places such as the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot and the Technion in Haifa are renowned for their contributions to the world of science. 

The IDF is as strong as ever. Furthermore, it is taking the lessons of its last conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas and incorporating them in future battle plans.

Although there were 1000-plus Israeli civilian casualties during Arafat’s war, Israeli society proved its resilience and healthy survival instincts. 

This point is most cogent in evaluating Jewish-Arab relations in the Middle East: Israelis will never sign off on their freedom or their nation:

No matter how many leftists may call Israel fascist, Colonialist or an apartheid state. 

No matter how many Carters, Chomskys or Finkelsteins commit to the Palestinian side (verbally, at any rate), Israelis will always fight for their country.

And no matter how much the Palestinians attempt to whine their way to statehood, it will not happen until they assume the responsibility that Israel did in 1948.

Israelis know they have every right to live in their country, which they built. 

Come to Tel Aviv  and Jerusalem and look upon them with your own eyes, then go look at Ramallah, Cairo, Damascus or Beirut!

When you do this you will see where Palestinian/Arab victimism has gotten them!   

Hopefully, the Palestinians and the Arabs will one day face up to this harsh reality, although if history is any indication, there is little likelihood of this.

Recently, after Israel had warned the Egyptian government and Army of an impending terrorist attack by the Global Jihad cells in the Sinai peninsula, it was carried out! 

Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed by Sinai Beduin and Palestinians from Gaza. 

Not a single Israeli soldier or citizen was killed. Obviously Israel took the warnings from its intelligence services seriously, while the Egyptians did not! 

So who did the Muslim Brotherhood  and their new government blame for the attack? 

The Israeli Mossad!

After all, taking responsibility for ignoring the warnings given by Israel would be too much to ask of the new Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood government!

The outside world immediately presented this episode in the Sinai as an opportunity for new (Muslim Brotherhood) President Mohamed Morsi to address the treaty which hypothetically still exists between Israel and Egypt. Instead Morsi began to lop heads off of the Egyptian military/intelligence/security bigwigs, who were supposedly invulnerable!

The irony highlights the complete and utter inability of the Western so-called Middle Eastern security and media experts to grasp reality on the ground, the Arab Street.

The reality is that Egypt’s new Islamist government has every intention of eventually eliminating U.S. hegemony in the Middle East.

Despite the billions of dollars the U.S. has poured into Egypt, what does the Islamist-controlled government (as well as most surrounding Arab nations) see as the biggest conduit of U.S. money and control?

Israel, of course.

It is absolutely high time that the U.S. Government realize that the intention of every single Islamist in power throughout the Middle East and North Africa is to wipe out American influence in the area.

And Israel is the symbol of that U.S. power.

The levels of reality that are being denied by so many in the Middle East are absolutely astounding.

But one reality that everyone must face at some point is that ... Israel WILL NOT CEASE to exist.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

The Arabs always start the conflicts with the Jewish Nation Israel, but after they lose them, they are always THE VICTIM!

Europe and America have poured billions of dollars into the Palestinian Authority, basically tax monies straight out of  American and European pockets! The question is where did all that money go? 

It obviously couldn’t have been used for building what would become a Palestinian state,  since there are still refugee camps in Gaza with open sewers! 

Instead it was put into the pockets and Swiss bank accounts of the “peacemaker” Arafat, or used to buy weapons that were eventually turned on Israeli soldiers after Palestinians rejected peace and statehood.

By 2002, Palestinian corruption had reached so egregious a state that the Americans and Europeans finally intervened, insisting that Salam Fayyad (someone they knew could be trusted to place the money where it belonged) become the PA’s finance minister. 

Of course the Palestinians blamed Israel and the occupation for their financial woes. 

More victimhood! 

What about the complete Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip? After the occupation of Gaza was ended did it bring peace with the Arabs of Gaza?

With more than ten thousand rockets being shot into Israel from the Gaza Strip it is fair to say that the alleged “occupation” was not and is not the cause of Palestinian hatred for Jews and Israel! 

Yet it originally had been -- logically -- hoped that the Palestinians soon would  embrace this newfound freedom and convert it to their peaceful advantage.

Is there not a cultural problem when a people is given its freedom, but then they proceed to forsake peace, quiet and prosperity for war and death?  

Instead of building schools and places of business, the first thing the Palestinians did was shell the Negev town of Sederot with Qassam rockets.

Israel turned the other cheek, but the rocketry multiplied.

Eventually Israel tired of broken promises to stop the aerial assaults and hit back forcefully -- simply the natural thing for any self-respecting nation to do.

The PA, Hamas and the average Palestinian blamed Israel for the Arab deaths that occurred during the Israeli response. 


Sunday, August 12, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

During the Israeli war of independence, while Israel was fighting for its life, David Ben Gurion fought a short but nasty Civil War. 

It lasted for only one skirmish, but in that battle Ben Gurion gave the okay to sink a ship filled with badly needed weapons for Israel’s fight for independence and Holocaust survivors. 

The ship was called the Altalena and it belonged to Menachem Begin’s underground militia, the Irgun.

This is an important piece of history from which the Palestinians have never learned.

If Mahmoud Abbas is not willing -- nor able --to corral the mini-armies belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Palestinians never will have a state, nor will they deserve a state! 

Ben Gurion knew this and it is why he sunk the Altalena.

The Palestinians simply cannot legitimately blame Israel forever if there are thousands of armed militants running the Gaza strip! 

A reflection on The Oslo Accords reveals how completely the Palestinians have enrobed themselves in this guise of victim.

Consider what unfolded at Oslo.

Israel had everything to lose and the Palestinians had everything to gain.

In return for the Gaza strip and Judea/Samaria, that is land for building and land for defense, Israel would get a piece of paper saying that there was now a peace partnership between Israel and the Palestinians; and that Israel existed as a state.

There was, however, a paper problem.

Israel already did exist, so who needed it on a piece of paper?

Then, Ehud Barak committed one of the world’s most ingenious victories in a hand of poker!  

Knowing the end result and hoping to expose his enemy he offered Yasser Arafat all of Gaza, 97% of Judea and Samaria, plus East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian quarters of The Old City. 

Ehud Barak knew this was an offer that no sane negotiating leader could refuse.

Sadly the military genus Ehud Barak failed to take into consideration the prevalent anti-Semitism in Western Europe! 

When Arafat said no to Palestinian Statehood only America rallied to Israel’s side! 

Not only were Barak and U.S. President Bill Clinton rebuffed, Arafat then spit in their face by starting a war against Israeli citizens!

What has been revealed in the years since the start of Arafat’s war presents a more sinister picture of the Palestinians true intentions. 

The Palestinians were planning to go to war as soon as the Camp David talks failed. 

They used Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most holy site, as an excuse. 

It is fact that Sharon’s trip was also planned ahead of time with the Palestinian leadership to guarantee a smooth and pleasant visit for Sharon with no violence. 

As we know today the Palestinians intentionally did the opposite. 

Here is a quote from Imad Falouji who was then the PA Communications Minister: “The Intifada was carefully planned since the return of (Palestinian President) Yasser Arafat from Camp David negotiations rejecting the U.S. conditions." 

A statement from Mamduh Nofal, former military commander of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, supplied more evidence of pre-September 28 military preparations. Nofal recounts that “Arafat told us, ‘Now we are going to fight, so we must be ready.’"

During Arafat’s War more than four thousand Palestinians were killed, mostly in Israeli retaliatory strikes to suicide bombings and attacks against Israeli citizens. 

The Palestinian economy was totally destroyed and Palestinian society is still on the brink of collapse. 

Yet the Palestinians blame Israel for their sorrow, instead of taking responsibility for their actions. 

Friday, August 10, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Stateless and still seeking the destruction of Israel -- what does that get you?


Maybe instead it should be called VICTIMISM? 

That’s simply because of this indisputable fact: when a nation spends all of its time blaming another party for its problems, it becomes the eternal victim whether or not it really is the victim. 

A brief historical review proves that this “victimization” has enveloped the Palestinians from the get-go.

With that in mind, let me point out that nearly every Israel-basher conveniently forgets a pivotal point.

This is fact; the United Nations agreed on 29 November 1947 to two states in the land of Israel. 

One of these states was clearly worded for the Jews and one for the Arabs.

The Jews agreed to accept; the Arabs did not and decided on war, a war specifically to annihilate the Jews of Israel.

We know the history! 

This great war that the Arab leadership promised it’s people would bring about the complete destruction and genocide of Israel and Jewish life in Israel ended up leading to the defeat of the Arabs and Israel’s independence.

What’s more, they were defeated despite having an overwhelming advantage of multiple Arab armies arrayed against a rag-tag, patched-together, nascent Israeli Defense Forces.

Nonetheless, Israel (the real David) managed to secure her Independence with the help of nobody.

The Palestinians lost everything allotted to them from the United Nations. 

Somehow, the way the pro-Palestinians put it, this is all Israel’s fault.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


By Simon Fischler and Mahmoud Abbas
If we lived in a perfect world this is what Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority representatives would say when they go again to the United Nations General Assembly this fall or winter:
Dear Members of the United Nations and the Israeli Nation,
I have come to the United Nations to do finally what all of my predecessors have failed to do: to apologize to the citizens of the State of Israel and the Jewish Nation for the pain and anguish we the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim world have caused you.
We have been dishonest with you from the beginning. We have done all we can to deny you your unquestionable right to the land of Israel.
This dishonesty goes all the way back to Mohammed! Our racist, anti-Semitism stems from Mohammed’s anger at being rejected as a prophet by the Jews of Arabia.
Our attempts to erase Jewish National facts and history continued throughout our history, culminating in one of the greatest acts of desecration the world has ever seen: building the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock intentionally on the Temple Mount, the most holy site of the Jewish Nation.
The deceitful behavior of our people towards the Children of Israel continued during modern times with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al Husseni, working with Hitler during World War Two and staying with him in Berlin throughout the war.
Husseni’s perfidy extended to raising Nazi SS brigades for Hitler and creating his own version of the “Final Solution” for the Jews of the Palestine Mandate.
It is time we, the Palestinians, admit that we sided and aided the Nazis and were very much a cog in the Nazi-perpetrated Holocaust.
We the Palestinians cannot apologize enough for this.
Along with the crimes committed during World War Two, Haj Amin also organized the Hebron and Arab riots of Palestine, causing the deaths of hundreds of Jews.
The Hebron riots also led to the forceful expulsion -- by Arabs -- of the Jews who had been living in Hebron non-stop since the Second Temple period; long before there were Arabs in Israel!
Instead of compromising -- as you did  -- and accepting the UN partition of the Palestine Mandate, we opted for war, promising to annihilate you. We wished for nothing more than to throw you into the sea, exactly as our leaders promised us.
 We misjudged your determination then, as we have many times since.
Because of our mistakes we have never achieved our national goal of statehood.
Because of our mistakes we have created the Palestinian refugee problem.
The mistakes that we, the Palestinian Nation, have made are the root cause of the Middle-East conflict, not building homes in Judea and Samaria!
Worst of all, like children we have never taken responsibility for the actions that have caused so much pain to both of our peoples.
We are a prideful people; because of this we have tried to blame you for what we have wrought.
Not only have our mistakes caused thousands of Israeli deaths, they have also caused thousands of our own people to die.
So, I Mahmoud Abbas wish to apologize to the citizens of Israel. 
I also want to state that Israel has every right to exist and to exist as the Jewish State; not that you need me to say that.
For far too long we the Palestinians and the Arab nation have tried to erase the historical facts that make Israel yours:  from the desecration of the Temple Mount, to burning the Jewish Quarter of the old city to the ground during the Israeli War of Independence. 
I hope that by accepting these responsibilities and by apologizing, we can now move towards achieving peace between our two peoples.
With Utmost Sincerity, I am

Mahmoud Abbas, President, 
Palestinian Authority

Monday, August 6, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

From a purely public relations viewpoint, the odds against Mitt Romney's visit to Israel getting a rave review were stiff at best.

There were two very good reasons:

REASON ONE; America's media -- print and electronic -- is not fair; never is, never was. 

These decades it has moved away from what is euphemistically called "fair play" to agenda-journalism. 

And since about 90 percent of the media are to the left of center or to the left of left of center, personalities such as Romney, Benjamin Netanyahu and institutions such as the Republican Party, Likud and the State of Israel don't stand a chance of receiving anything close to fair treatment.

To his credit, Bibi articulated this point by simply refusing outright a New York Times request to write an op-ed piece. Israel's Prime Minister categorically refused on the grounds that the once-hailed "newspaper of record" -- now broad-sheet of disrepute -- has endlessly given his country unfair, imbalanced treatment. 

REASON TWO: The Democrats deliberately intruded on Romney's expedition with a collection of "dirty-tricks" cleverly disguised as strategic visits.

Thus, one after another, Barack Obama dispatched his pinch-hitters to Israel to disrupt any form of positive publicity that the Republican nominee might obtain.  

The heavy-hitters in the president's batting order started with Hilary Clinton and most recently concluded with Leon Panetta, Uncle Sam's Secretary of Defense who -- fortunately for him -- doesn't have a lie detector attached when he speaks.

Their torrent of talk -- as it had to -- centered on the Iranian threat and the promise that America will support Israel; well, sort of, if you know what I mean.

Sanctions against Iran will be ratcheted up so that the mullahs will cease their nuclear ambitions, they insisted. But to Bibi's credit he no longer falls for such ridiculous rhetoric. Netanyahu replied in kind that -- to paraphrase in my own way -- the sanctions had all the usefulness of last weeks garbage. 

While Clinton exited Stage Left, Panetta -- notoriously not a friend of Israel -- did likewise. By contrast, Romney came to Israel and talked turkey.

Mitt took off his mitts and declared what the Democrats refuse to do: 1. He called Jerusalem the capital of Israel; 2. He noted that Israeli and Palestinian culture might have something to do with the respective state of their economies.   3. He took a much more realistic stance on the Iranian threat than Obama ever did -- or would.

At least one newspaper -- The Wall Street Journal -- which has been even-handed in its treatment of Israel viewed Romney's speeches in Israel with an endorsement.

"Romney showed that he understood that Tehran is a dedicated and fanatical enemy of Israel and the U.S." asserted WSJ, "not a misunderstood nation seeking a better bargain from the West. Too bad Obama didn't demonstrate the same realism about the mullahs four years ago."

Needless to say, White House propagandists -- thinly disguised as newspaper columnists and editorial writers just had to find a reason to rip Romney. Not surprisingly, The Times led the way with this headline over its recent lead editorial: MR. ROMNEY STUMPS IN ISRAEL -- A LOT OF BELLICOSE RHETORIC TO PLEASE RIGHT-WING ISRAELIS AND THE DONORS TRAVELING WITH HIM.

Naturally, the Arabs were up in arms over Mitt's putdown of the Palestinian culture and -- no surprise either -- many in the media called it a gaffe by Romney. 

Gaffe my foot. Here's why, as articulated in ten little words by the Wall Street Journal's editorial page:

"One definition of gaffe," says the WSJ, "is to tell the truth."

If you want the truth, you don't go to The Times or Obama's other p.r. sheets. All you need are the facts:

Syria's regime murders its own citizens.

* Hezbollah, a terrorist group, commands Lebanon.

Gaza is dominated by Hamas, terrorist all the way. It hasn't had elections in years. 

The West Bank, as the Committee For Accuracy In Middle East Reporting In America (CAMERA) reports, "is run by a corrupt kleptocracy that is way overdue for elections."

And need I point out that The Times never got around to run an editorial about the massacre of Israeli tourists by a suicide bomber in Burgas, Bulgaria.

Now you have a better idea why Mitt Romney got media-slammed for his Israeli visit.

The truth hurts whether the media cloaks it in pro-Obama propaganda or not!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
Former Governor Mitt Romney has just finished up his much-anticipated trip to Israel, a trip that the Obama administration did everything to ruin and upstage by false admiration and backing of Israel! 
Something happened on this trip that the Obama administration just was not ready for: a presidential candidate willing to take a true, pro-Israel stance; a candidate with the mettle to call the Palestinians on their blunders throughout history.
So now the Obama administration is slinging mud at former Governor Romney, but in doing this they have revealed their true colors when it comes to Israel. 
Mr. Romney had the backbone to tell the world the undeniable truth: Jerusalem is and has always been the capital city -- not just of the nation state of Israel, but of the Jewish Nation itself!
By the way, since when does the American government have the right to decide what the capital city of Israel is anyway?
So, what does Obama and his administration have to say now that Former Governor Romney has truly “gotten Israel’s back?” That Romney is wrong for straying away from past American and Presidential policy when it comes to the Middle East and that his comments have angered the Palestinians! 
Perhaps President Barack Obama has forgotten that he did not have a problem straying from past American policy when it was detrimental to Israel’s health! President Obama had no problem angering Israel when he created the Palestinian precondition of an Israeli settlement freeze! 
Obama had no problem angering the Israeli government and almost all of Israel by straying from American and Presidential policy when he proceeded to call for the next Palestinian pre-condition, an Israeli return to the borders of 1967!
So the Obama administration says that Former Governor Romney is pandering to the American Jews hoping to gain their votes!  Apparently President Obama and his administration have no problem pandering to Muslims and Arabs; who are often enemies of the United States and its principles! 
So who truly has Israel’s back? Certainly not Obama! 
Showing true backbone Romney went even further in showing his respect and backing for America’s only true Ally in this region! He finally did what all other leaders throughout history have failed to do: he called the Palestinians on their culture of hate and destruction stating truthfully that this is the cause of their problems, not Israel and certainly not Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria! 
By stating historic fact former Governor Romney did what is truly needed in this conflict: he called on the Palestinian leadership to finally take responsibility for all the crimes they have committed both against their own people and against Israel and the Jewish Nation! 
It has become patently obvious who is willing to really back Israel!
More importantly it has become obvious who has the mettle to truly be the Commander in Chief of the Unites States of America!
Being the president does not mean doing what is easy, nor does it mean sticking to a policy that is wrong! 
Being President of the United States of American and assuming the responsibility of being the Commander in Chief of its military takes the strength to change policy for what is morally right! 
It has become clear that President Obama does not have the moral or political fortitude to face the political storms that come with doing what is conscientiously needed to correct the wrongs committed by the Arabs against Israel! 
Barack Obama does not deserve to be the President of the United States of America.
It is time to give former Governor Mitt Romney his chance to right the American ship and stand side by side with true allies like Israel!