Sunday, June 23, 2013


By Simon Fischler 
This weekend a watershed event in Middle-East politics occurred. 
The Druze community of the Israeli Golan Heights, led by their Sheik Taher Abu Salah, asked the Israeli government to allow their co-religionists living on the Syrian side of the border entrance and refuge in Israel!
It is of great importance that one understands the differences between the Druze of Israel, who are some of Israel’s greatest defenders and patriots, and the Druze living on the Israeli Golan Heights. 
The Druze of the Israeli Golan Heights lived in what was then Syria, until 1967 when Israel liberated the Golan in the Six-Day War. Until the Syrian civil war began two years ago, 90% of the Golan Druze kept allegiance to Syria and even had Syrian citizenship, despite also living comfortably in what was now part of Israel. 
However, this continued loyalty to Syria was built largely on the fear Israel would eventually transfer the Golan Heights back to Syria for Peace, or at least that word on a piece of paper. 
The Druze people and their leaders are no fools and know clearly what would become of them if the Assad regime viewed them as traitors.  Does anyone need more information than 100,000-plus civilians killed in two years, the use of chemical weapons on a civilian population and the use of terrorist militias like Hezbollah to explain why the tiny Druze community wanted to maintain the appearance of loyal subjects? 
Things have changed though: since the start of the civil war in Syria this once loyal group has seen a several-hundredfold increase of Druze youth requesting Israeli citizenship. 
That alone is an historic event in the dynamics of Middle Eastern politics.. 
Things just got more exciting this weekend. Over 100 of the Golan Druze leadership and their Sheik, Abu Saleh, sat down with the Israeli government and formally asked for Israel to grant entry to the Druze population on the Syrian side of the Golan Plateau. 
Almost as important as the meeting is the timing of this grand, Druze council with Israel -- ONE DAY after American Secretary of State John Kerry sat down with the Friends of Syria Front and worked out Western arming of the Syrian rebels. 
This means the fighting in Syria will only get worse in the short term. The minor gains against the rebellion -- only achieved by the introduction of 5,000 Hezbollah fighters, Russian armaments and Iranian Republican Guard soldiers  -- can be halted and possibly even reversed. 
The Syrian Druze once enjoyed great safety and prosperity, not to mention very beneficial commerce with their brethren living on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. Now this has come crashing down around their heads. 
Whether they would openly admit it or not, this meeting and request to the Israeli government is an admission by the Golan Druze that Israel is their country and benefactor now. 
It is a signal by the Golan Druze from both sides of the border (because this meeting would never have happened without the acceptance of the leadership on the Syrian side) that the illegitimate Assad regime can no longer protect them and they are in the market for Israeli protection. Lastly, and probably most importantly it means the Golan Druze would welcome an Israeli incursion and annexation of the whole Golan Plateau.
Blatant opportunism? Perhaps. But once the Druze people cement their allegiance, they are among the most loyal and patriotic on the planet.
The cards are now in the hands of the Israeli government. This is a moment wherein Israel should be equally opportunistic.. We must show the world why all those against Israel are truly nothing more than anti-Semites, by stepping in and assisting the Druze in their time of need. 
It is time to welcome the majority of the Druze into Israel by annexing the whole of the Golan Plateau and setting up an autonomous Druze state under the protection of Israel -- from Majdal Shams into the Eastern Golan! 
It is time to for Israel to put her cards on the table! 

Friday, June 21, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Bill Clinton is not a simpleton but he sure is a master of the simplistic.

Proof that he's not a simpleton may be found in the $500,000 speaking fee he received for attending the Shimon Peres' 90th birthday cavalcade of stars,

As for the simplistic part, Hillary's husband delivered a speech that for sheer fantasy -- or stupidity -- leaps right out of the pages of Alice in Wonderland.

Listening to the former president  you'd get the impression that his reading list consists only of Lewis Carroll and Grimm's Fairy Tales. 

According to the Arkansas Dreamer, Israel should make peace with the Palestinians in order to survive as a Jewish and democratic state. That's what we get for 500 grand.

Well, well, well; it seems to me I heard that song before but not from an American hustler who just pocketed a ton of dough as a self-made advisor to Israel.

Peace? Sure, we'd love it but it takes two to tango and two to talk.

Israel was ready for it in 1948 when the British Mandate ended and the Jewish State was proclaimed. The Arabs said no, no and NO -- and then went to war just to prove their point.

Israel made another attempt at securing peace with the Arabs in 1956. The Jews got another Muslim version of nix to that.

Is Arkansas Bill so thick from the neck up that he forgot the innumerable other Israeli attempts to shake hands once and for all and make permanent peace with the Islamic militants. Viz and to wit: 

* Oslo Accords (1993).

* Wye River Memorandum (1998).

* Camp David (2000).

* Taba Summit (2001).

* Road Map For Peace (2003).

* Sharm el-Sheikh Summit (2005).

* Two-State Solution (2006).

* Annapolis Conference (2007).

What was the result in each case?

The Arabs refused all proposed peace deals and instead responded with terror.

From Yassir Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas, the reaction inevitably has been the same: the Arabs are unwilling to accept a Jewish state of any kind. 

Therefore, Clinton should know that "Land for Peace" will never work.


Because, for one thing, Abbas is virtually powerless. Even Bang Bang Bill must know that peace is impossible as long as Hamas controls Gaza not to mention significant portions of the West Bank. 

And in case Hillary's husband hasn't heard, Hamas is dedicated to the extinction of Israel. Excuse me, Bill, but how is peace possible under those circumstances? 

Israelis know better. Been-there-done-that. Peace proposals from the likes of Clinton make no impression whatsoever in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Eilat and other points East and West.

As one Israeli politician so aptly puts it, "Debating the peace process to most Israelis is the equivalent of debating the color of the shirt you will wear when landing on Mars."

The reason for that is as obvious as John Kerry asserting that participants in Arab-Israeli peace negotiations enter "without pre-conditions" after which Abbas lists all his pre-conditions.

By the way, you know what happened when Israel did accede to pre-conditions, don't you?

Remember the not-so-distant ten-month freeze on settlement construction in Judea and Samaria in 2010. It was specifically designed to woo Abbas, Inc. back to the negotiating table. So, almost a year went by and then Abbas turned his back on Benjamin Netanyahu. 

 Bibi is too much the gentleman to tell off a President's Award-winner such as Clinton so we'll do it for him right here and now in the words of a friend from Bnai Elim in Brooklyn:

"The Arabs are unwilling to accept a Jewish state of any kind."

As we bid Clinton au revoir and respectfully thank him for his interest in peace, we also point out that his simplistic statements reek of a very simple word that also describes Arab thinking.-- chutzpuh!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

                               Procrastination is the thief of time. (Anonymous)

Over the centuries there have been precious few leaders who have refined the art of procrastination better -- or worse, as the case may be -- than Barack Obama.

For more than a year, while the Syrian slaughter intensified, the American president's reactions varied from thumb-twiddling to hemming and hawing -- with no definitive policy to halt the massacres. 

The White House delaying game continued as the death toll from Damascus to Aleppo soared past the 90,000 mark and only now has Uncle Schmo reacted positively to the bloodshed.

True to form, Obama's decision to send small arms and ammunition to the Syrian rebels is a clear-cut case of too-little-too-late or, if you will, a re-definition of underwhelming.

Any one with a knowledge of military strategy will affirm that opponents of the murderer Bashar al-Assad cannot successfully defuse the Syrian army and air force which can overwhelm its foes with tanks, jets and -- no surprise here -- poison gas.

Small arms and ammunition amount to small potatoes and even a head-in-the-sand leader like Obama must know that. 

In this war, slingshots won't halt Assad's tanks but anti-tank guns will. Curiously, the White House has not yet included much more than what amounts to pop-guns and Bashar knows that only to well.

Even worse -- if that's possible -- the manner in which Washington broke the anti-Assad news once again demonstrates that the president's scale of values are skewed upside down.

Let's face it, the fact that the folks on Pennsylvania Avenue have acknowledged Syria's crossing of the chemical "red line" and have agreed to align with the rebels is big, big news.

With that in mind, any self-respecting president would have gotten himself front and center orating before a battery of microphones to declare his war on Assad. 

Instead, when it came time for the momentous declaration the president was nowhere to be found. A lackey named Benjamin J. Rhodes was deputized to face the media and explain the significant policy switch. 

Rhodes did all the talking and where do you think America's grandiose leader was when all this was going on; Obama was addressing a gay pride event. Now, seriously folks, what's more important a new policy against Assad or talking to the homosexual community?

A day later the new policy needed further explanation and, once again, the president was needed there to articulate his plan of action.

Oops! Where's the president this time? What important bit of business could have detoured him from this vital media briefing? Omigosh, he went to a Father's Day luncheon in the State Dining Room.

Imagine what the double-ducking does for the morale of forces opposing the Syrian dictatorship. If Obama doesn't care it sends a message directly to Assad; kill more Syrians, use chemical weapons on the rebels, you won't get much more than finger-pointing from Pennsylvania Avenue.

And speaking of too-little-too-late the same can be said for Bill Clinton who suddenly has decided to challenge the president on this issue.

Addressing Obama's procrastination tactics, Hillary's husband says that Obama is looking like a "total fool" and a "wuss."

Big Bill has something there because the present administration re-defines the game of "Chicken" in the worst way. After all few chief executives in American history have been so plaintively fearful when action is necessary than Obama.

Bill Clinton: "Obama should see down the road -- and to win!"

Brother Bill knows full well that the president can't see a thing with his head buried in sand especially when Obama's strategy in combating mass murderers such as Assad consists of high-velocity procrastination.

Monday, June 10, 2013


By Sig Demling

For a disgraced president, Bill Clinton has done well for himself. 

The Arkansas Traveler has managed to con most of the civilized world into believing that he's one-quarter sage, one-quarter messiah, one-quarter mediator and last quarter The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.

How else can one explain how this chap, who made Monica Lewinsky infamous while simultaneously turning the White House into a porn flick, has become one of the most sought-after characters since Brad Pitt?

Surely it's not his good looks which -- on a scale of one to ten -- would average out to five. 

And it cannot be his accomplishments unless you consider Bill's agenting for Monica's rise to stardom a point of meaningful note.

What it amounts to is the same brand of boushwah that has enabled Barack Obama to retain the presidency despite a litany of failures the length of Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Virtually every American black votes for him simply because he's an African-American, no more, no less. In some convoluted manner, the Clinton-Obama gift of gab seduces women into giving them the nod. And, finally, college students, -- naively misled by their leftist professors -- figure them for saviors.

Thus, when Clinton appears anywhere he brazenly appears to be thinking that combined Hebrew-Yiddish expression; bahrooch-cha-boo, ich bin du. "Blessed be the one who is coming; I am here!"

That the Clinton con works can best be explained by his bizarre magnetism. Many groups -- nay institutions -- believe that Backwater Bill adds lustre to their groups just by his monarchial presence. And, not surprisingly, Israelis over the years have fallen into that trap, head-first. 

Exhibit A -- or should I say Exhibit $ -- is the most outrageous price offered to someone once termed "The Sociopath President." 

A sum of $500,000 has been offered to Clinton so that he can speak at President Shimon Peres' 90th birthday gala.

Forget about the fact that -- following incredible pressure -- the Jewish National Fund has changed course and now will not sponsor Clinton's address. 

Who in his right mind would hand over that kind of cash to someone who has disgraced his country and his supposedly sacred office? No matter what Clinton has to say, he's not worth 500 grand or anything close to that sum.

The kindest words we've heard on this near-scandalous issue came from Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch who asserted, "This is a waste of public funds by a state-sponsored body."

More than likely anything Clinton has to say will be a waste of words to go with the waste of money. After all what will Clinton do but deliver cheery homilies about his buddy Peres who we know has done considerable good for The Jewish State. How sweet it might be, a "Happy Birthday, Shimon" speech is not worth 500 grand, no matter how much Hebrew is sprinkled throughout.

And let us be sure to remember that while Clinton may be buddies with Peres, his real presidential relationship with Israel was pockmarked by puerile policies on the international scene that -- like Obama's -- have done precious little to protect Israel from an increasingly hostile world. 

Like his wife, Hillary, Bill is a blowhard who'll grab the big bucks wherever -- and from whomever -- he can, make his listeners believe that he's their best friend and then move on to the next group of suckers. 

Had either of the Clintons -- nor the current White House sloth-man -- really been serious about Israel's good and welfare they now would raise significant issues. They would address the following:

* WHY PEACE WITH THE ARABS IS IMPOSSIBLE: John Kerry comes and goes promoting an Israeli-Palestinian peace pact but reality on the ground indicates it will not happen. Throughout the West Bank and Gaza the hate-Israel campaign goes on unabated. As Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon points out, the Arab cultivation of anti-Semitism guarantees that any peace pact would "blow up in our faces." 

* HUMAN RIGHTS, ISRAEL VS. ARABS: "Israel is the only liberal democracy in the area where one can find gender equality and freedom for its citizens." The words are not from an Israeli but rather from a Pakistani,Raheel Raza. He is president of the Council of Muslims Facing Tomorrow. He adds, "I question Israeli Arabs and find that they are loath to leave the country where they enjoy freedom and human rights."

* THE BDS BULLSHIT: It would be heartening to hear Bill Clinton come to Israel and shout out his denunciation of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) individuals and groups. Wouldn't it be something if Arkansas Bill organized Saudi Arabia, Gaza and Pakistan "Apartheid Weeks." Let's hear Bill speak out against Sudan, Egypt, Burma, China and Iran -- countries which regularly persecute their own citizens.

On his visit, whether Clinton gets a buck or 500 grand, he should earn his dollars by getting up on the rostrum and speaking the truth. 

 Arkansas Bill can tell the world that the centers of apartheid can be found in every Arab country. The Palestinians, for example are explicit that they won't allow a single Jew in their dreamed-of state if they ever get one. That's why Ya'alon's words should be digested by Clinton and then reflected in his Bill's tribute speech to Peres and celebrants.

"We are being attacked over the issue of settlements," Ya'alon concludes. "If we're talking about peace and co-existence, why are the Palestinians demanding territory free of Jews?"

That's what Bill Clinton should be talking about if he wants to genuinely earn his money. 

A Happy Birthday to Shimon can be just dressing on the salad. Then, Clinton should get right to the meat of this whole Middle East mess.

Earn you dough, Bill, and tell everyone what they should know --  that there can be no peace without an end to Arab incitement against the Middle East's only legitimate democracy!

Friday, June 7, 2013


By Sarah Walton 
What is reality? Does any of us truly know the answer to that question? 
I have a game on my iPad that I get hooked on at times: it’s a form of Mahjong, a tile-matching game. Whenever I complete a round, it flashes me a fortune. The quirky thing about this game, though, is that the fortune is always satirical or nonsensical – a parody on regular fortune cookie fortunes.
One of my favorite “fortunes” from this game is, “Don’t trust reality; it’s just a collective hunch!”
That may sound funny, or even nasty. But you know what, I’m beginning to think it may be true!
Don’t advertisers, sponsors and executive producers formulate their marketing and programs on the basis of collective hunches?
Collective hunches influence more and more of our lives, and a great deal of that influence comes from the Internet. And what is the Internet but electronic or virtual collective hunches? 
Somebody puts a video on YouTube, somebody else loves it and shows all of his or her friends. Soon the video goes “viral” (NetTalk for widespread or universal), millions see it and/or comment on it, and a “collective hunch” has created a new trend. How many cute cat or cute baby videos have you been sent of late?
All of the above is relatively harmless, but the influence of the collective hunch on our everyday reality has more ominous potential. 
A recent frontpage story in The New York Times covered what they called a “Syrian Victory.” The “victory” discussed was the recent taking of most of the strategic town of Qusayr, near the Lebanese border.
In reality, this was not a victory at all. There are still rebel strongholds in and around the northern and western parts of this town.
Secondly it was not a “Syrian” victory at all. President Bashir al-Assad’s forces had been combining tanks attacks with aerial bombing for more than a month, when they were joined by a force of several thousand Hezbollah ground troops from Lebanon several weeks ago. 
Still, it took all of this combined military might – plus new electronic gizmos from ally Russia --to rout the rebel troops who were unsupported and unsupplied, from the southern and eastern parts of the city. In doing so, they smashed the only hospital and left hundreds of civilians wounded and without treatment.
The treatment of this battle of attrition as a “victory” by the media raises several crucial questions, the first of which would be, whose “collective hunch” transformed this tragic tale into a “victory?”
And why? Does this made-up saga mean that the US government thinks Assad will prevail and is attempting to wash its hands of the idea of committing to the rebels? 
Or does the story’s emphasis on the battle between Muslim sects – Sunni and Shi’a mean the US can basically ignore the situation because it’s merely another example of sectarianism?
Is everything around us simply a form of manipulation, another way to guide us into the “collective hunch?” 
What is real and whose reality is it?
I’m going to think long and hard before I open the next cute cat video somebody sends me!

Thursday, June 6, 2013



You have to wonder precisely what dream world Mahmoud Abbas and his cohorts live in when it comes to negotiations.

According to the Abbas logic, if America's John Kerry insists that Israeli-Arab talks be launched with no pre-conditions, the Secretary of States means that only Benjamin Netanyahu should have no pre-conditions. The way Palestinians see it, they have unlimited pre-conditions whether any one else likes it or not.

That explains why Abbas continuously demands -- before any talks are held -- that Israel do such un-thinkable things as revert to the indefensible pre-1967 lines. 

But that's only half of the Abbas' absurdity when it comes to his other pre-conditions.

Another constant Arab demand would have Israel release innumerable Palestinians prisoners before any peace negotiations begin. 

The only reason for Bibi to accede to such unrealistic urging would be if Prime Minister suddenly has gone nuts.

What Israel's leader must know by now is that opening prison gates to release convicted Arab murderers is the surest way to get more Israelis killed. 

These Palestinians are in jail for a reason; their idea of a good time is killing Jews and more Jews. That was, is and always will be their modus operandi. 

Allow me to give you an example:

In order for Israel to gain release of the kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, Israel delivered a legion of murderers back to the Arabs. The mass release was based on a simple premise; goodwill should produce goodwill in return.

No matter that the disproportionate equation  -- one Jew for 1,027 Arabs  -- strained credulity. Bibi wanted to end the torturous Shalit chapter in the country's history. It was a gamble to be sure but there was a very faint hope that for once some goodwill would prevail in the Arab mind.

Nice try Bibi. And another lesson in Arab duplicity learned.

What has transpired is precisely what you'd expect when dealing with Hamas terrorists -- or is that redundant? In this case the plotter was Hesham Ibrahim Hijaz while his accomplice in this example of 
double-dealing was a chap named Bakr Sa'ad, a 26-year-old resident of a village near Ramallah, home of Abbas.

Bakr Sa'ad plotted with a Hamas terrorist Hijaz  who had been granted freedom as part of the Shalit deal. 

Now you would think that in a world of goodwill Hijaz would have used his release to pursue a clean life. Then again -- employing Arab thinking -- he did. Along with Sa'ad, Hijaz planned kidnapping and shooting attacks against Israelis. That's the Hamas version of goodwill.

Should we be surprised?

Hardly. The released prisoner had been serving no less than ten life sentences for being part of a terrorist cell that carried out attacks between 2001 and 2003 in which ten Israelis were killed. Hijaz merely wanted to turn his freedom into more dead Jews by employing Sa'ad. 

The idea was for accomplice Sa'ad to shoot and kidnap Israelis in Judea and Samaria. And in his spare time Sa'ad would recruit other Arab assassins. Hijaz would implement the deal by delivering four weapons to Sa'ad. 

Mind you, this was far from an isolated case. There are endless examples of Hamas terrorists released in the Shalit deal who have returned to murderous activities with only one target in mind, Israeli Jews. 

Therefore when dreamer Abbas proposes that Netanyahu release scores of Arab prisoners before negotiating, Bibi first should refer his Arab opposite to the example set by Hesham Ibrahim Hijaz and then multiply it by about 1,000.

Then, he should direct the PA boss to the door and make this simple but necessary assertion:

"That stupid I am not!"


By Simon Fischler

I am the Arab nation.

I have stolen the laws and traditions of the people of Israel, the Jewish nation.

From their laws and from their national culture we, the Arab nation, forged the Quran and the political movement of Islam.

Islam is colonialism; Arabism is imperialism and has been since the birth of Mohammad.

We invaded the Land of Israel as well as the entire Levant. Our colonialist invasions took us as far North as Banja Luka (Bosnia) and as far South as the interior of Africa; where we created the African slave trade.

We desecrated the remains of Israel’s great Temple in Jerusalem by building a mosque on it.

We turned the building of worship (built by the Jewish King Herod) at the Cave of the Patriarchs into a Mosque.

Ever since, we the Arab nation have attempted to erase the Jewish nation and their culture.

They have lived in the land of Israel long before we the Arab nation even knew where it was.

The Jewish Nation had kingdoms, nation states and provinces in Israel -- thousands of years before my nation even left our desert.

We were a lawless, idol worshipping, illiterate band of nothings until we stole the concept of the bible from the Israelite nation.

When our leader Mohammad tried to persuade the Jews living in and around Mecca to form an alliance with him and declare him the newest of their prophets he was rejected.

With this rejection Mohammed then began what would become an ingrained form of anti-Semitism in Arabism and Islam.

We Arabs invaded North Africa, where we still occupy land that belonged for eons to the Black Africans.

It was we the Arabs who sold the Black Africans into the hands of White Europeans. Yet until today we have gotten away with this heinous crime.

During World War Two, as Hitler attempted to destroy the Jewish Nation, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, sided with the Nazis. He helped recruit for them and literally created a final solution for the Jews of Eretz Israel.

That is right: we the Arabs of Israel are World War Two war criminals; we SIDED with the Nazis. Our principles, if anyone would take the time to read them, are built on fascism.

Is it any wonder then, that the modern government of Israel is razing a structure in East Jerusalem that was once the Grand Mufti’s residence? Other governments would have done it decades ago and there would have been no questioning of the action by outside parties.

When Israel and the Jewish nation fought to regain its independence and self-determination in the land of Israel, not only did we fight them instead of making peace with them, we then committed some of the must heinous atrocities.

We even physically wiped out the whole Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem which had been there for thousands of years before we arrived on the scene.

We have never had a country called Palestine, mostly because we have always made destroying the Jewish Nation our first priority.

Our nationalism is built on the tenet of GENOCIDE. We swear we will not accept anything until we have destroyed the Jewish Nations Self-Determination.

We the Arabs talk about a Jewish lobby in America. We pay people to write books about it, hoping you will forget about the Arab lobby, led by the House of Saud.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the OIL Emirates have more money than all the Jews in the world, plus another trillion.

Today it is my people the Arabs who are trying with money to buy American universities and entertainment and media sources. We are doing a damn good job of it, too.

This is nothing new though; we have always done this.

It has been our horrible governments and horrible human rights records that have made us look bad. But that is changing: we Arabs have learned that with Political Correctness and spending even more trillions of dollars on PR our aim of fooling you will actually work in the end.

We also have done an amazing job of hoodwinking people with the type of old school anti-Semitism that just about everyone loves, even some Jews: that is, creating the illusion that Jews control the world.

In truth it really is us, the ARABS, sitting on the OIL that makes this world go round and round (wink, wink).

Unbeknownst to our liberal and left-leaning dupes, our political movement, Islam, truly preaches globalization, colonization and the power of corporation.

ALL MUST BOW TO ARABIC ISLAM for us to be happy in the end.

This is written time and time again in the Quran. You wouldn't know that though because you will never actually read the Quran, you will just believe me when I say Islam is a peaceful religion (Remember, it is not really a religion but a political movement, wink, wink.)

I am the epitome of a charlatan. My religion and political ethos allow me to lie and cheat to win. The West’s rigid concept of “truth” has allowed me to completely enfold the liberal establishment into my nefarious scheme.

We, the Arab and Muslim Nations run the UN and the EU, along with all the dictatorships in South America. Then we cry when one or two nations like America and Canada support Israel.



But what can you do? Who has the OIL?

Oh, pardon me; I mean, who is in the right?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


By Sarah Walton

Where is it? What is it?

Qusair is a Syrian town of almost 40,000 souls … or it was. Now it is a shattered shambles filled with hundreds of wounded civilians. 

Qusair is small but strategic: it’s in the province of Homs and lies on a main thoroughfare between Lebanon and Syria. Held by Syrian rebel forces for over a year, Qusair gave the insurgents a major supply route for arms, supplies and recruits to come via Lebanon.

Qusair is also on President Bashar al-Assad’s main escape route into Alawite (Assad’s offshoot of Shiism) territory (should he ever need to flee). Nearly a month ago Assad decided to recover the town.

At this point Qusair became a symbol. 

Pouring his best troops into Qusair, along with 4,000 troops from Lebanese ally Hazbollah, Assad expected the attack to be short and decisive. Qusair would become a symbol of Assad’s continuing grip on Syria, as well as an expression of Shiite power.

For a few hours on the first day of the offensive it appeared Assad would be right, as his forces and Hezbollah took the southern and eastern parts of the city.

Three weeks-plus later the rebels are still entrenched to the North and West of Qusair -- despite being hugely outnumbered, constantly subjected to aerial attacks as well as onslaughts by tanks and mortars.

At this point in time Qusair’s role as a symbol of what is happening in Syria has become multifaceted.

Qusair is a symbol of the fact that Assad, despite huge superiority -- both in number and in supplies – cannot vanquish his enemies. How long will the man be allowed to destroy and decimate his own nation?

Qusair is a symbol of the huge role sectarianism between Shiites and Sunnis plays in the Middle East. Assad and Hezbollah are both Shiite, as is their other ally, Iran. The rebels are largely Sunni and are supported by Sunni Arab nations like Saudi Arabia.

Qusair also has become a symbol of everything that is dysfunctional in the Middle East, as well as a symbol of the blind eye the West continues to turn toward Syria, while mumbling apologetically.

One day a major story is published in the western press about the Red Crescent running its humanitarian efforts in Syria “regardless of religion or sect.” How noble.

The next day AP and The Times of Israel run a story about how the Syrian government is shutting out the Red Cross “until completion of a military engagement.” This utter disregard for Syrian lives has left Qusair totally cut off from medical relief and supplies. In fact, Assad's forces destroyed a humanitarian convoy attempting to leave Qusair, killing 13 already-wounded souls.

And yet, perhaps the strangest thing of all about the siege of Qusair is the almost complete lack of press coverage, until just the last couple of days!

The offensive upon Qusair has been hidden, virtually muffled by the sounds of other places and fights. 

Why? By whom? 

If the West is truly supportive of the rebel efforts, why aren’t they touting Qusair as a huge example of rebel righteousness? Why aren’t they emphasizing the importance of Assad and Hezbollah’s inability to eliminate the rebels in one little town? 

As so often happens in the Middle East, one is left – once again – to ponder what is really happening here, who is really doing it, why it's really happening and who is really behind it all.

Monday, June 3, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

As a nine-year-old, growing up on the Bedford-Stuyvesant-Williamsburg border in Brooklyn, I learned what it meant to fear being a Jew.

Five days a week I walked from our house the four blocks to the New Hebrew School on Stockton Street near Tompkins Avenue. Hustling along the long block on Stockton, from Marcy Avenue to Tompkins was -- to a Jewish kid -- like going from No Man's Land into enemy territory. 

The enemy -- in case you haven't guessed yet -- comprised the goyim. Mind you, not every Christian but enough non-Jews who at any given time might get the notion to beat us up or perpetrate some anti-Semitic act that made worry in that five-minute sequence part of our daily lives.

Or, to put it another way, it wasn't always kosher to be a Jew on Stockton Street in 1941. Myself and my buddies never forgot the fear. 

That thought came to mind on Sunday afternoon as I stood, waving my Israeli flag for two hours as float after float rolled by during New York's annual Israeli Day parade.

Looking South from my vantage point at 60th Street and Fifth Avenue, I viewed a gorgeous sea of blue and white, hundreds and hundreds of Israeli flags being borne by youngsters who barely could carry one to elderly Jews -- some courageously plying the mile route with walkers canes. Few moments in my life have been more heartening.

I wept as I listened to stirring renditions of Am Yisroel Chai and wept some more as pictures of Israeli icons such as David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir were carried by the marchers. Yes, I even cried when the Mogen David ambulance contingent arrived at my corner. How could I not think of all the Jewish lives saved and all the wounded treated during the vicious, Jew-hating Arabintifadas.

From time to time, I realized that I also was crying for joy, secure in the knowledge that so many thousands of Americans -- not all Jews, mind you -- had turned out to pay homage to the only true democracy in the Middle East.

If visual messages were delivered by the parade, there were many and some immediately come to mind:

1. To those mindless, anti-Semitic BDS characters, it is that all their fallacious arguments against Israel drip with hypocrisy and that we will fight back with the facts that destroy their insidious propaganda.

2. That there's a vibrant, young core of American Jews who will stand up -- march, if you will -- and be counted and who'll carry on the pro-Israel work that has made parades like Sunday's possible.

3. We will unabashedly, carry the Star of David, stand up and be counted, never to be intimidated by those who would destroy Israel.

I could see it in the faces; the absolutely unequivocal joy in being a Jew and displaying that fervor for Israel.

For another important thing, the parade embodied the diversity of Israeli fabric that included groups to which I philosophically object -- a Peace Now contingent, to name one -- but which were welcomed nonetheless. The reason for that is obvious to me but blind to the BDS bums;  if there's any country in the world that embodies the true spirit of democracy, Israel is it.

Perhaps most pleasing of all to Your's Truly was the sight of a rather large contingent of Christians who firmly and zealously back The Jewish State.

Not only was I surprised -- and gratified -- by the vast number of Christians in Support of Israel in that parade bloc but their fervor as well. Over and over again, they shouted what their banners proclaimed: WE'RE FOR ISRAEL!

It's no secret that there are elements in the Christian society that will bash Israel at every opportunity; but it's refreshing to know that many of the goyim understand and appreciate the democratic Israeli values and are willing to make their voices heard. 

Equally important were the overall messages repeatedly delivered to those who would challenge Israel -- militarily, philosophically or with boycotts. 

We will fight back. We will not be intimidated.

No, it's not Stockton Street, 1941 anymore!


By Simon Fischler

ONE MILLION PEOPLE on the streets of New York City marching in support of Israel.

Can you even believe that?

Yesterdays Celebrate Israel Parade was a victory in the face of the Fascist BDS, boycott Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel campaign on scale that is priceless.

I still can't believe it, ONE MILLION PEOPLE came out to support Israel.

No letter from Alice "tossed my daughter in a ditch" Walker could stop freedom yesterday!

Roger Waters must have been singing the Fascists Blues at home as the sons and daughters of American and Jewish liberty walked together proudly one million strong on the streets of New York.

Yesterday, Israel and America stood up to the aggression of Arab/Oil fascism.

Meanwhile, Stephen Hawking was still trying to figure out a concept harder than a black hole, boycotting Israel without the Israeli made chip controlling the computers that keep him talking.

Yesterday was truly a beautiful day, one million people came out in New York to say YES to the Jewish, Democratic State of Israel and no to the Arab and BDS fascists seeking to destroy her.

There is nothing else to say other than congratulations New Yorkers and thank you so much for your passionate support of our Nation. You have proven that you are no fools and the true sons and daughters of freedom and liberty!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Times up! The game is up.

Never before has such a firm and well-tested ally as Israel been sold out by an American Administration.

Never before has an American President put not just Israel’s diplomatic safety in jeopardy, but all of America’s allies who sit in precarious positions (an important message for you Taiwan, South Korea and Japan).

Jews the world over who condemn Israel for what is basically the Arabs' destruction of peace, I tell you now, you are nothing more than COWARDS. All you have done is jump on the ship of immorality.

I have supported peace since attaining Israeli citizenship thirteen years ago.

I supported Israeli governments that have on several occasions offered up Arab "Palestinian" statehood and an end to this supposed “horrible” settlement building. Really people, were building homes for humans!

Each time and with each government we (the majority of Israelis) who seek peace have watched the Arabs play a sick, sadistic game -- in the end just demanding the destruction of Israel, that's all!

Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert were all rebuffed by the Arabs.

Why? Because the Arabs do not want peace; they wholeheartedly seek the destruction of our nation and country.

So do not expect us to give any more to these WOLVES in moderate clothes.

HAMAS leader Mahmoud Zahar admitted outright that Yassar Arafat gave HAMAS the green light for terrorist attacks after the Camp David and Taba talks.

Why have none of Arafats former underlings, Saeb Erekat especially, been investigated by the U.N. for committing War Crimes for the war they waged against the citizens of Israel?

What that means is that the supposedly moderate leader of the Arabs ordered HAMAS to carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians in the HEART of Israel, after Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Barak offered Arafat Arab Statehood in 97% of the Jewish Provinces of Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem and the whole of the Gaza Strip.

This HAMAS acknowledgment also means that the pimp Arafat was giving HAMAS the green light throughout the whole Oslo process.

One forgets that Israel suffered the most suicide attacks during the Oslo period. As PM Rabin stood for peace and paid for it with his life, Arafat stood for hatred and war.

Now Obama wants Israel to free a few hundred more Arab terrorists with blood on their hands, just so Mahmoud Abbas will come back to the negotiating table. Wait a sec, what about Jonathan Pollard Mr. Obama? You couldn't seem to free him could you?

Obama also wants my government to give Abbas and his Arab cronies a new settlement freeze.

Don’t think so, we Israeli’s have given up enough, we have paid enough for peace with our blood and it is high time the world WAKES UP!

I’ll say it now: this sick world won’t wake up.

Today’s anti-Israelism is just another form of anti-semitism.

This age-old form of racism dehumanizes Jews with lies, slander and downright hatred. It says the Jew and the Jewish nation is genetically flawed and evil. The same goes for today’s anti-Israelism: it dehumanizes Israel with lies, slander and hatred; all of it because it is the Jewish Nation.

Those who stand in our way seek the destruction of our country and nation and should be viewed as enemies and removed!

We must be ready to go to war on all fronts; we must be ready to make great sacrifices to defend our nation and people. No more Appeasement. Otherwise we will once again walk off to the gas chambers of history.


By Sig Demling

You would think that Vladimir Putin would have better things to do with his Russian rule than threaten Israel.

Really -- what is he gaining by sending S-300 missiles to Syria's Bashar Assad not to mention a flock of advanced jet planes?

Then again, Putin may have visions of Josef Stalin dancing in his head.

With the Middle East -- that is Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, you name it -- in tumultuous turmoil, the latest Russian attempt to toss gasoline on the fire already is causing explosions with even greater KA-BOOMS likely if Putin doesn't mind his business.

On his last visit to Moscow Benjamin Netanyahu made it abundantly clear to the Mad Russian that Israel not only won't tolerate the acceptance and positioning of a sophisticated Syrian air defense system, he will do something about it.

And that something includes destroying them on arrival whether Putin or Assad like it or not.

Not that Israel ever can expect tangible help from Uncle Sam but at least U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has acknowledged that the S-300 missiles and advanced jet planes put Israeli security at risk.

When his country is placed in an at-risk situation, the last thing Bibi is going to do is twiddle his thumbs and order another iced coffee. (No sugar, please.)

Israel should not be afraid of either the Russian Bear -- who can bear that perfidious Putin in the first place? -- or the Dictator of Damascus.

The Kremlin should know by now that whether the year was 1948, 1956 or 1967, Israel must be pro active when it comes to self-defense.

As for being afraid? By now Israelis know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was right when -- as American president during the Great Depression -- he uttered the deathless words, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

The problem with Kerry and European Union officials such as Germany's Secretary of State Guido Westerwelle is that they are the ones living in fear.

Their courage comes only in statements rather than actions.

If ever actions would speak louder than words it would have to be something more than the sitting-on-hands behavior of the White House and EU. That's especially true when it comes to halting the Iranian rush to nuclear arms or stopping the endless massacres in Syria.

Barack Obama's answer to the nut cases running Iran, the swine in Syria and the hateful Hezbollah is the president's favorite pastime -- Active Procrastination (AP).

In case you're wondering what Obama's AP is all about, just check his White House press conferences, or watch him debark from Air Force One.

The first thing he does is skip -- dance, if you will -- out from the wings as if he's demonstrating something meaningful.

That's the active part. Then, when he moves into what should be the substantive, action-packed decision-making, all we get is hemming and hawing. Heavy on the thinking; light on the action.

Exhibit A is the Obama plan for halting Tehran's march to nuclear capability. Any speech that he makes on that subject can be translated thusly:  Well, ah, hmmm, umm, hak-kaff, sput-t-t, er. That is, nothing.

Same with dis-arming Assad. Same with putting Putin in his place. Same with once and for all calling out phonies such as Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator whose primary objective in life is to pretend that he wants to negotiate face-to-face with Israel without pre-conditions.

Except that Erekat's briefcase has more pre-conditions than there are cedars in Lebanon.

In case you missed it, Erekat got his bowels -- and vowels -- in an uproar last week when Israel issued tenders for the construction of 300 housing units in Ramot and began marketing efforts for a further 800 units in Gilo -- both, by the way, areas in East Jerusalem.

To put it bluntly, Erekat's answer to the "no-pre-conditions" agreement is to assert pre-conditions. In this case the Arab is telling Bibi and Kerry that he won't talk unless the building is halted.

Why pray tell should Jews be prevented from living in their eternal capital? ANSWER: There is no reason.

Why should anyone pay attention to Erekat's blathering? ANSWER: The PA negotiator is to be ignored because the Israelis learned their lesson about Arab perfidy vis-a-vis home-building in November 2009.

That's when Netanyahu implemented a settlement freeze that lasted ten months. The whole point of it was to inspire Mahmoud Abbas, Inc. back to the negotiating table. So what happened?

You guessed it; talks briefly started at the end of that period but Abbas then aborted them. End of story. End of construction freeze.

Suggestions for Kerry:

1. Stop worrying about Jews living in East Jerusalem apartments.

2. Tell your boss to get off his tuches and become infinitely more active in terms of bashing Bashar and putting down Putin.

3. Otherwise Israel will have to do the dirty work for Uncle Sam when it should be the other way around.

What should we expect?

More tap dancing in the White House while Erdogan does the Turkey Trot in Ankara!