Friday, May 31, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Who, you might ask, is Roger Waters?

Roger Waters is the British co-founder and main songwriter of the original Pink Floyd Band.

Roger Waters is also the disgruntled Englishman who left his homeland when they passed the Hunting Act of 2004 (which was actually anti-hunting legislation to do away with the controversial practice of fox-hunting).

Mind you, Waters says it didn’t matter whether he approved of fox-hunting, but he would “defend to the hilt their right to take part in it.”

Interesting, that the great-grandson of a coal miner and son of a Labor Party mucky-muck should get all worked up about the rights of a few aristocrats to tally-ho around the countryside on horses, with hordes of dogs ... just to kill a little fox.

For Ol'Rog it must have signaled the end of democracy in Ye Olde England.

Roger Waters is also the British bassist/songwriter/lyricist/composer who has publicly backed the anti-Semitic group, BDS (which stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions).

Since Waters is largely famous these days for “The Wall,” which began as an enormous concert in Berlin right after the infamous Berlin Wall fell, it’s only to be expected that a big reason Waters is allying with BDS is because of a wall -- in this case Israel’s WALL OF LIFE which divides Israel from the Israeli provinces of Judea and Samaria.

Waters adds that his decision actually goes all the way back to 2006, when he visited the Israeli Wall of Life.

“Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw that day. The Wall is an appalling edifice to behold. It is policed by young Israeli soldiers who treated me, a casual observer from another world, with disdainful aggression. If it could be like that for me ... imagine what it must be like for the Palestinians.”

All of this leaves me with a few questions for the allegedly noble-minded Mr. Waters.

Do you really expect anyone to believe you were just a casual observer? A casual Observer does not go to see the Wall of Life. How dumb do think the public is?

Do you really expect Israeli soldiers (many of them the children of working class and poor Israelis who love their country dearly), whose lives are on the line on a daily basis, to roll out a red carpet for you?

You really though these boys and girls who are protecting the citizens of their country with their lives (something your tender skin has never had to endure) to embrace an aristocratic, colonialist, jaded, millionaire, European, Englishmen who is their to cause them problems? All just so you can fill your 60's era kicks and pretend your fighting for freedom when you're really fighting for the worst Arab/colonialist/anti-Semites there are?

If this is the case then your English, colonial arrogance far exceeds your stupidity!

Roger, are you aware that the Israel did not start construction on the Wall of Life until 2004 and it was only in response to the War (War, Roger) declared by Yasser Arafat in September 2000?

Are you aware that thousands of Israeli civilians were blown into tiny pieces by the mindless massacres of suicide bombers, that is, until the wall was finished?

Are you aware that not one Israeli life has been lost to suicide bombing since that “appalling” wall went up?

How could you possibly, in any way shape or form, compare the Berlin Wall, built to keep millions from escaping to freedom, to the Israeli Wall of Life, built to keep Arab/Muslim suicide bombers from getting in to slaughter civilians?

Tell you what, Roger, why don’t you go up in the English countryside and protest Hadrian’s Wall instead? I know, Hadrian’s Wall is part of your Wall series ... but did you ever actively protest it? After all, the Roman Emperor Hadrian began the wall in AD 122 mostly to keep all of you Celts, Picts and Jutes out!

Or even better why don't you hand Northern Ireland back to the Irish?

As for “racism” practiced by Israel, Roger, are you aware that Israeli Arabs have more rights, privileges and benefits than ANY OTHER ARAB NATION IN THE MIDDLE EAST? There is no segregation in Israel. In fact, one of the BDS’ prime leaders, Omar Barghoutti attended and received his degree from Tel Aviv University and still speaks out vociferously for the destruction of the Jewish State.

So where’s the racism?

I’ll tell you where it is, Roger; it’s in the hands of the Oil Baron Arabs, where several of their highest leaders have stated unequivocally and absolutely that “when the Palestinian State is real, there will not be a single Jew living there.”

And how about “colonialism?” Maybe I should remind you, Roger, that what is called the West Bank today was known as Judea and Samaria -- part of the ancient kingdom of Israel.

Roger, I guess your drug induced memory problems have also made you forget that Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert both offered the Arab leadership that is occupying Judea and Samaria 97% of that land, all of the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem as a Palestinian State.

Roger, who rejected that offer? The Arabs rejected the state that they supposedly wanted so much, not the Israelis?

Why did they do this Roger? Because it was not enough, that Arab colonialist mentality, similar to your British colonialist mentality still called for the destruction of Israel.

Maybe you have forgotten this too, Israel also withdrew from the Sinai (which she had also taken in 1967) and gave it to Egypt for peace. Then in 2005 Ariel Sharon yanked all the Jewish settlers out of Gaza. Is this colonialism?

How did the Arabs of Gaza respond to the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza by the way?Rockets Roger, tens of thousands of rockets! That's a crime against humanity, but that does not bother you because it is Jews who are suffering!

Roger Waters you made the asinine statement that you are not an anti-Semite, of course you are. Just by making that statement alone you are acknowledging that your actions speak differently, and BOY THEY DO!

Your rapid focus on Israel, the nation that has made endless comprises for peace, while totally ignoring the hostile Arab leadership that still denies the Jewish Nations right to self-determination and still calls for the destruction of Israel is example enough of your flagrant bias and ant-Semitism.

But we can add on to that.

You seem to have no problem with the fact that it is illegal under the laws of the Palestinian Authority to sell land to a Jew. What is the punishment for this crime? The death penalty.

You ignore the fact that it is illegal for Jews to own land in Jordan. Not to mention Jordan is 75% percent "Palestinian" and most of these Arabs have no rights and are lorded over by an English installed Hashemite King.

You also seem to think it it is more important to focus your hatred on the Jewish State, while a minority, Alawite, Apartheid regime in Syria has mass murdered more than one hundred thousand of its own citizens, and is continuing with the killings!

But what can you expect from a colonialist, Brit who wants to let the peerage continue to slaughter foxes?

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Dear Alicia Keys,

Sadly I have heard the news that you have received the ominous and threatening letters to boycott Israel from BDS supporters Alice Walker and Roger Waters.

By now they have probably bombarded you with plenty of BDS rhetoric about how awful Israel is. Now you're thinking maybe it might be better to cancel your Tel Aviv concert.

Please do not do this, it will be a tragically immoral action to take.

By doing this you will be doing the exact opposite of fighting for peace.

Israel is no Apartheid State.

Israel is the only true Democracy in the Middle-East; one in which Israeli Arabs enjoy greater freedoms than any other Muslims in the Arab world or the world in general.

There are thirteen Israeli Arab Knesset members; something that would be impossible in an apartheid state.

In Israel there is no division: Arabs can live and work where they wish. There is no segregation.

Organizations like BDS and people like Alice Walker do not want you to know about our Israeli Druze population. The Druze of Israel -- some of her strongest supporters -- were persecuted throughout the Arab Muslim world. They are fiercely patriotic because Israel is the first country to truly offer them equality.

Ms. Keys, Alice Walker says that what my government is doing to the Palestinians is disgusting. What exactly is my government doing to the Palestinians? Offering up to much peace while the Palestinian government endlessly calls for my countries destruction?

Let us talk a little bit about what Israel has done for peace.

Israel accepted the “Two State Solution” when she accepted the UN’s partition plan in 1947. The Arabs rejected it!

The Arabs then started a war they ended up losing. Just to let you know, The Kingdom of Jordan and Egypt both occupied the "Palestinian" Territories of the Gaza Strip (Egypt) and the West Bank (Jordan) until they lost them in another war with Israel that they also started, in 1967.

At Camp David, President Bill Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat 97 percent of the West Bank, all of Gaza, East Jerusalem -- including the Muslim and Christian Quarters of the Old City -- and the ability for the state of Palestine to accommodate Palestinian refugees. All of this would have comprised the Independent State of Palestine.

It was Arafat who said NO to Peace, and NO to Palestinian Statehood. He then continued (as has been admitted recently by HAMAS strongman Mahmoud Zahar) a war with Israel, which he called “The Second Intifada.”

You may have heard of the hideous suicide bombings which occurred in Israel during Arafat’s war: Sabarro restaurant and a night club in Tel Aviv; a huge seder celebration in Netanya.

These were but a few, and hundreds of Israelis were killed in these bombings, until Israel constructed the much-maligned wall. Since the construction of that wall, there has not been another Israeli death from suicide bombing.

In 2005 Israel completely pulled her army and citizens out of the Gaza Strip, in the hope of creating an atmosphere encouraging peace. Ms. Keys, these people had been living in their homes for forty years or more.

Israel did this with no deal, no guarantees; just the hope of creating an opportunity for Peace. That has been met with over TEN THOUSAND ROCKETS shot into Israel by the Palestinian Population in Gaza.

Just so you know Ms. Keys these rockets are pointed at CHILDREN AND OTHER CIVILIANS.

Israel has an open Gay community, and gays have been serving in the IDF openly for years.

If you are a gay Palestinian you will be doing everything possible to get into Israel. We have a Gay Parade in Tel Aviv and in JERUSALEM. Could you imagine a gay parade in Mecca or Medina? Remember, Ms. Keys, Jerusalem is the Holiest City to the Jewish Nation.

The people fighting Israel and the people behind the BDS and ISM movements are virulently anti-Semitic and racist.

They propose imposing on an EIGHTY PERCENT Jewish Nation State, Arab Muslim sovereignty. That is true Apartheid. They say Israel must recognize Palestinian Arabs’ right to statehood, then they say that Israel does not have the right to exist as the Jewish Nation State.

It is members of the Palestinian Leadership, including President Mahmoud Abbas and top negotiator Saeb Erekat who have stated on several occasions that not ONE JEW WILL BE ALLOWED TO LIVE IN THE PALESTINIAN STATE. Again, that reeks of segregation, apartheid and racism.

BDS and ISM are much like the Nazi Brownshirts of the early 1930s. They are effective at spreading fear against supporters of Israel.

They threaten you as the Brownshirts did in Germany, their aggressiveness makes them even more effective at scaring people like you.

They know you cannot stop and read all the history behind this conflict (which would, of course, crush their argument). It has taken me fifteen years of living in Israel and studying this conflict to have a real understanding. No five minute pamphlet could ever explain what's going on here!

How dare Alice Walker make the statement that you need to inform yourself more on the situation here in Israel! What does she know about your knowledge of Israel!

In fact maybe what you should do Ms. Keys is ask Alice Walker about Haj Amin al-Husseini. Then ask Alice Walker how she can be supporting a cause started by Nazis?

I will tell you what Alice Walker does know.

Ms. Keys if you come here you will find an amazing, open, democratic and pluralistic society in direct contradiction to her venomous lies. You will then become like all the other great artists who keep coming back to Israel, a sword in the heart of the anti-Semitic lies Walker is hoping to spread!

Alice Walker is a sad joke, a woman who abandoned her own child, feels she can say that you will be damaging your soul by performing in Israel.

The Palestinian leadership and organizations like BDS and ISM are the ones responsible for the fact there still is no state called Palestine. It is their souls that are damned, just like their Nazi predecessors!

We Israelis cannot force a state on them. For them, destroying the Jewish Nation in its homeland has always been more important. They are the true supporters of apartheid

Incredibly, in a recent poll the MAJORITY of Palestinian Arabs of East Jerusalem would choose Israeli citizenship over Palestinian citizenship when the two state deal is finished!

How could that be, if Israel is such a racist, apartheid state? Have a look:

I will not threaten you, nor will I suggest that others do so. I just hope you make the right decision and come to Israel.


Simon Fischler


By Simon Fischler

For too long we on the Israeli side of the Arab/Israeli conflict have been telling ourselves that it is worthwhile – if not imperative -- to understand the other side.

That makes a lot of sense and ever since 1948 when the Jewish State hoped to establish peaceful relations with its Arab neighbors, it has tried over and over to understand, even empathize and sympathize.

Israel has been more than generous in its offerings – TOO GENEROUS – hoping to hammer out once and for all, a peace pact.

What we have come to understand is that no matter what we offer, what we say, and how we try to understand, the Arabs will always hope that Israel is on a treadmill to oblivion.

The pure fact of the matter is that Israelis have done too much understanding of the Arabs (Palestinians.)

During this endless understanding period, Israel has learned that nothing has changed with the Arabs (euphemistically known as Palestinians) and they still want to eliminate Israel altogether.

One of their methods can be called – to be kind – total ignorance of our historical rights!

Ever since the Jews rejected Mohammad as a prophet; Arabism (remember Islam was started in Arabia by Arabs and is an Arabian political movement based on the Hebrew laws) has been trying to erase Jews and Jewish national, historical facts from the Middle-East map.

They have done so in the following manner:

1. Making war on the Jews of the Arabian Peninsula.

2. Occupying Israel and Jerusalem

3. DESECRATING the Temple Mount by building the Al Aksa mosque and the Dome of the Rock on top of it.

4. Over the centuries, Islam unceasingly has made war on Israel and the Jewish Nation. The facts are irrefutable; unless your name is Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel no longer needs to reach out to the Arabs. It is high time for the occupiers of our land to reach out to us.

The “Land for Peace” theory may have made sense four decades ago when hope sprung that – give extra acreage – the Islamists would once and for all end their hostility to Israel.

Alas, we have learned the hard way – very hard way – that “Land for Peace” is a one-way deal.

The Arabs get the land; the Israelis get no peace. Not a bit.

Oslo proved this and, more recently, the abandonment of Gaza merely underlined the point.

The venomous Arab anti-Semitism has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the modern state of Israel nor with settlement-building.

Israelis “understanding” the Arabs. Perhaps in an academic way it’s worthwhile.

But on a realistic, personal level, I do not accept their culture that embraces honor killings, chauvinism, female genital mutilation, homophobia, racism and unrelenting anti-Semitism.

American Northerners rejected slavery in the mid-19th Century -- and condemned the slave-holding American south – because the Confederate tenets were morally wrong.

Likewise, I reject what’s wrong about Arab culture and that includes its anti-Semitic falsehoods and revisionist history based on zero facts; all of which is employed by Arab propagandists to delegitimize Israel.

This Jewish nation has existed in the land of Israel on a continuous basis and It has done so not for years but for centuries.

We were here long before the Arabs, and this is a scientific fact, proven by archaeology.

It unabashedly demonstrates that Jews lived in what is now Israel long before there ever was an Arab presence. Ergo: the Arabs must ACCEPT ISRAEL not the other way around!

It is about time that these facts resonated in the White House, not to mention all the European capitals where the diplomats endlessly harass Jerusalem.

Benjamin Netanyahu need not beg acceptance from our Arab neighbors. WE ARE HERE, WHETHER THEY LIKE OR NOT!

Just as Israel rejected Mohammad as a prophet, modern Israel rejects the ideas of Arabism and Islamization because both will only accept us when we bow down to them and become their slaves.


Until the world understands the Israeli side -- that we have every right to exist in the land that has been ours for centuries, this conflict will never end no matter how hard we try to understand our enemies!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Very little matters -- and nothing matters very much. (Philosophic theme of a 20th Century New York reporter, Joseph C. Nicholls)

Judging by the civilized world's reaction to current events, one would gather that there's merit to the above homily. 

Consider, for starters, the line, nothing matters very much and put it in the context of home-building by Jews in Jerusalem. Why should putting up an apartment in East Jerusalem cause a furor on Pennsylvania Avenue?

Answer: Because in the Obama world, a nothing event such as erecting a house stupidly means a lot.

You would imagine -- in a sane world, that is -- when a peaceful family builds a peaceful house,  such an event should fall under the heading of "Nothing Matters."

After all, would peaceful construction result in furious international reaction if it took place in Hong Kong, Melbourne Australia or Washington, D.C.? 

The answer, of course, is that it should not mean a darn thing since in a reasonable society, home-building should never cause a fuss.


There is an exception and the asterix always falls on Jews; especially the Jews who happen to live in Judea and Samaria which for some strange, illogical reason is deemed sacred Arabic land although you and I know that's not the case.

But, just for the sake of argument, let's say that Israeli Jews are building homes on land that the Arabs eventually want to call Palestine. So, what? Why the fuss? Arabs are living all over Israel, The Jewish State, and nobody is making either a big or little stink about that. Arabs build homes in Jaffa and nobody screams bloody murder.

If Arabs can live peacefully -- we would hope -- and not be  barred from building homes in Israel, what logic would prevent Jews from doing likewise in the West Bank, whether it's ruled by Israel or -- I hope not -- Arabs?

The answer to that is that -- logically, if you'll excuse the expression -- Jews should be permitted to build anywhere, whether it's in Israel, England, France or Mauritania.

So here came Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East in yet another attempt at brokering an Israeli-Arab agreement. He talked to Benjamin Netanyahu and he talked to Mahmoud Abbas. 

Bibi made it abundantly clear -- as he's done in the past -- that he's ready, willing and able to start direct face-to-face talks with the so-called Palestinian leader right now. Or tomorrow. Or the next day or even next month.

Kerry, ever, ever, ever so-careful not to in any way shape or form annoy his Arab friends went so far to say that he endorses the Prime Minister's stance -- to a point.

"It is through direct negotiations that Israelis and Palestinians can address the permanent status issues," said Kerry.

Unfortunately, America's Secretary of State -- like his wobbly president, ever fearful of Arab backlash -- refuses to acknowledge the obvious; over and over again Abbas has refused to talk turkey with Bibi without listing pre-conditions. One of those pre-conditions is that Israel stop building homes on the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Such a stand is both un-realistic and anti-Semitic. Whether it's East,  North, South or West Jerusalem, Jews have a right  to construct homes in the same manner that Arabs have in Israel.  

Under no circumstances should construction of Jewish homes be limited anywhere on the globe. 

You have to wonder how many times Israel should be forced to participate in Uncle Sam's peace charade. Nor should Bibi be cowed by any Arab UN-directed threats. And the same goes for the inept White House where Obama's stance in support of Israel is as substantive as Kleenex. 

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Sarah Honig X-rayed the Obama style since his long-overdue visit to Israel and concludes that the president's visit had no impact on public opinion nor government policy. 

"Obama came, hugged Netanyahu," Honig asserts, "and showered us with love just like Bill Clinton did back in the roaring '90s. He praised us to high heaven and told us he has our back. 

"And then he told us we should force our leaders to give Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to our sworn enemies even as they teach their children to aspire to kill our children."

Surely, Kerry is sage enough to know even this basic fact; that, in the end, all the Arabs want to do is kill Jews of all ages whether it's in Beersheba or Haifa.

While the massacre in Syria now has resulted in far more than 80,000 deaths Obama pretends that it's all happening in the Land of Oz. On his priority list is -- you guessed it -- the awful issue of Jews building homes. To Obama, Iran and its ever-growing world-wide threat hardly exists.

"In Obama's world," Honig concludes, "the most pressing issue on the international agenda is apartments of Jews in Jerusalem and Efrat."

And as for the president having "Israel's back," what we've seen so far is Obama giving Israel his back-side!

It's evident that in the world of the White House, the president does things ass-ways first. And when it comes to Israel, Jews get his ass.

Friday, May 24, 2013


By Simon Fischler 
You will not find a time more acute for this American Administration to wake up and smell the battle coffee from the Middle East.
The diplomacy being conducted vis-a-vis the apartheid, Alawite regime in Syria by America, the EU and NATO is eroding an already-depleted image of the alleged free Western world.
There is talk that America would rather see Assad, a war criminal now responsible for the deaths of more than 100,000 Syrians, stay in power rather than handle another Middle-Eastern war.
If this is the leadership the Western World has to offer then who would want it? 
If this is the best foreign policy the re-elected Obama administration can offer then America is lost and had better be prepared for a future where a Russia, led by a megalomaniac in Putin, dictates a colonialist foreign policy that will eventually encroach on America’s new Eastern European allies.
One argument for America not getting involved in the Syrian conflict is the ridiculous idea that Western Involvement will create an all out Middle-Eastern war. 
Someone should inform the great analysts who’ve concocted this idea (remember, these are the same experts who predicted an Assad fall in two weeks at the start of the war) that an all-out Middle Eastern war has already started! 
Hezbollah, from Lebanon, has put its full weight behind Assad at the behest of its master Iran, sending in more than half its foot soldiers to defend the Assad regime. This is along with the Republican Guard soldiers Iran had already tossed into the mix.
On the first day of the battle of al-Quasir Hezbollah suffered what would normally be insane losses (from 30 to 50 Hezbollah terrorists killed and up 70 injured), yet somehow this was barely reported. 
Russia, outwardly remaining in staunch support of Assad and tacitly in cahoots with Iran and its vassal, Hezbollah, has placed Obama and America’s allies in an unbearable position. One from which it is apparent the US has no clue as to what course to take, or even how to extract itself from the mess, let alone support it. 
It was bad enough for Putinstan (there is no point in calling it Russia anymore) to continue supplying the Assad regime with weapons as it mass murdered its people. 
Now not only is Putin supplying Syria with arms, munitions and the platforms to murder en masse as the “Free World” watches and does nothing, he is also giving Assad the diplomatic hugs and kisses that Hosni Mubarak would have kvelled to get from the American president during his last days ruling Egypt!
You can't beat that kind of friendship.
Yet, hope remains for Israel and American foreign policy in the Levant.
Even with all of the fanatical Shia support the mostly Sunny Rebels of Syria have held out and have even won the day in al-Quasir. 
Hezbollah’s position in the Middle East has taken a serious blow. The Syrian conflict has caused the terrorist group tremendous harm, both in physical deaths and diplomacy in the Arab world.
With Hezbollah terrorists occupying parts of Syria and carrying out ethnic cleansing against Sunnis, the great Sheik Nashrallah does not look so good -- nor does he look like the great defender of Arab rights.
This is good for Israel, America and most people seeking liberty in the Middle-East! 
In fact, Hezbollah and Iran have become so desperate for diplomatic and public relations breathing room, that they went to the great effort of having an ancient Israel Defense Forces jeep (obviously a relic of the Israeli Security Zone in Southern Lebanon) dragged up to al-Quasir as evidence that Israel was arming the Syrian rebellion!
This pathetic ploy convinced absolutely no one and made Hezbollah look pitiful, leaving them unable to cover up their critical losses at the hands of the Syrian Free Army.
If President Obama could realize the importance this conflict will have on the future of world history, maybe he could act decisively and engage in Syria, showing that America and the Free Western World will not be submissive to abusive, dictatorial regimes. 
There is no definite answer to whether or not American assistance would end the Syrian civil war on a stable note. War seldom has a clear answer or result, but American involvement would make those chances much higher. 
One thing is known: Time is of the essence and if a nation based on freedom and liberty stops fighting for those values, it will eventually lose them. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Obama and Kerry want to push peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

This American administration must back Israel, for it is essential that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish State in order for negotiations to resume.

The Palestinians have been caught in the act of lying too many times for any Israeli leader to continue negotiations without certain guarantees.

At this juncture is it necessary YET AGAIN to remind the world that this is a recognized democracy that was clearly the victor in repeated major skirmishes with combinations and permutations of Arab/Muslim forces?

Yet they have to make concession after concession, just to get to the bargaining table?

Imagine Allied forces treating Germany and its Axis allies as less than a vanquished foe in 1946?

Can you imagine Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin conceding their victories to the Axis powers in order to achieve “peace?”

Is it necessary to reiterate that after repeated concessions and proposed compromises, this victorious democratic nation of Israel -- which wants only to exist with secure boundaries for its people -- has to negotiate with a vanquished people who have been ejected from every neighboring Arab so-called “ally?”

Is there another nation that has had to undergo such humiliation, and has done so with relative grace and generosity? Never.

Sadly, there are those -- even at home -- who seek to appease the American government, no matter how dangerous it is to Israel.

These people are incapable of understanding that no matter how much we might want peace, no matter what we might be willing to compromise, on it makes no difference: the Palestinians won't.

What the Palestinians are really recognizing is the acceptance that there will not be a GREATER PALESTINE; that is they won't destroy Israel.

After all that is also the concept behind the settlement freeze; Israel accepting that there will not be a GREATER ISRAEL.

If this Palestinian leadership is not strong enough, or willing enough to tell the Palestinian nation there won’t be a Right of Return, then there is no point in discussing PEACE.

Of course they must recognize Israel as the Jewish State, just as Israel recognizes the Palestinians as an Arab nation/state.

Israel has already ripped up settlements, evacuated more than TEN THOUSAND ISRAELIS FROM THEIR homes, and in return received more than eight thousand rockets.

There has been no condemnation from the Israeli peace camp against the PA and other Palestinian organizations who are behind the delegitimization movements against Israel.
For this alone Netanyahu is right to demand a Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish State.

The peace mongers have no problem overlooking Palestinian incitement against Israel: we just need to understand them, right?

Well I say no peace without the recognition of the Jewish Nation State!

It’s about time an Israeli leader made this demand.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


By Sig Demling

You have to wonder whether John Kerry possesses even one aide who can translate Arabic into English. Just one; that's all he needs.

Were that the case you would think that an Arabic-to-English translation of the day's news would persuade America's Secretary of State to scrap his delusional attempt to re-start peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. 

Yet, apparently because he enjoys long plane rides, Kerry will jet back to Jerusalem next week for more chats to "advance" the -- you have to love this much abused expression -- peace process.

If ever two words were conspicuously as out of place as a piano in the Mediterranean Sea peace process are those words.

A brief look at events that already have taken place this week will underline my point.


What peace? Arabs are fighting Arabs. Arabs are killing Arabs. Syria is beyond redemption. Hezbollah desperately is trying to rearm for another attack on Israel and Mahmoud Abbas continues to make Kerry look like a damn fool every time the Arab opens his mouth.

Ratcheting up his hostility toward Israel to an even higher level,  the Palestinian President delivered a speech the other day asserting that Palestinians would not accept any peace proposal other than that based on United Nations resolution 194. Were such a proposal accepted it automatically would doom Israel.

The Abbas diatribe comes directly after Kerry explicitly told Tzipi Livni that not only must there be direct Arab-Israeli negotiations but there must not be any pre-conditions to those talks.

No sooner had the words no preconditions been uttered, Abbas began listing his pre-conditions which include the fictional "right of return" that long ago has been dismissed out of hand by Israel. 

"Not only have the Arabs not rescinded their pre-conditions," writes Zalman Shoval in Israel Hayom, "but emphatically reiterated them." 

Has Kerry -- or, perhaps someone in his office who can read Arabic -- not been informed that Abbas, Inc. has listed these pre-conditions? Does any logical thinker that Israel would accede to the following?

* ACCEPT THE 1967 BORDERS: Such acceptance would reduce Israel's ability to counter a massive Arab attack to about minus-the-radical-50.

* CEASE ALL CONSTRUCTION; This presumes that the bizarre argument that finding apartments in which Jews can live peacefully is an obstruction to peace.

* RELEASE PALESTINIAN PRISONERS: The incarcerated Arabs are in prison for a reason; they either have or want to kill Israeli Jews. What idiot would allow such potential murderers to go free?

Shoval: "The Palestinians made sure in advance that negotiations based on the Israel and U.S. position that there can be no preconditions won't be possible."

Furthermore, Abbas continues to move in the direction of war. Once again he's attempting reconciliation with the terrorist Hamas leaders. And he has supported the assaults on IDF forces during Nakba Day. 

Nor were these hostile demonstrations isolated in any way, shape or form. They took place in Jerusalem, near Hebron and, once more, Palestinian militants fired rockets at southern Israel. 

Plus, every day in every way, Jew-hating is taught in every grade in every Arab school whether it be in the West Bank or Gaza. And these militant Islamics dare talk peace!

Too bad Kerry can't get his hands on some of the Arabic hate literature. About an hour's worth of translation surely would persuade him to cancel his trip to Israel next week.

That is, unless he's coming all the way from Washington because he enjoys jets.

If that's not the reason then the Pollyanna-ish Secretary of State is wasting his time -- and Benjamin Netanyahu's as well!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


By Simon Fischler

There is no difference between today’s Palestinian leadership and that of the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.

The PLO, Fatah, Arafat, Hamas, Abbas -- its all the same; they seek to destroy Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has on numerous occasion, offered a resumption of the settlement freeze -- a major Palestinian precondition, IF the Palestinian leadership was willing to recognize Israel as the Jewish State.

What was the Palestinian response? An immediate and emphatic NO!

Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat went further, reiterating that the Palestinians would never recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

Whether Erekat understands this or not, that comment puts him in direct conflict with international law and United Nations resolutions.

So, no matter how much the Israel haters would like to blame Israel for a failure in establishing peace, the onus, as usual, is actually on the Arabs and Palestinians.

There is no reason for Israel to negotiate with a Palestinian Leadership that refuses to recognize the Jewish Nations right to self-determination in the land of Israel!

There is no reason for Israel to negotiate with people who are supposed to be moderates but have positions that are extreme.

If Palestinian so called moderates refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish State, there is no point in discussing a state for Palestinians.

The Palestinian Authority has also made it clear their true intention is not peace but the dissolution of Israel and complete erasure of Zionism.

Another one of these phony moderates,Yasser Abed Rabo, says that Prime Minister Netanyahu floated the idea of extending the freeze in return for Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish Homeland “to distract the Obama Administration and others from the core issues.”

By saying this, Rabo admits the Palestinians have no concept of real peace and that they have no intention of recognizing two states for two peoples.

That is as about as “core” an issue as it gets.

By admitting this, Rabo also reveals the Palestinians have been doing nothing but fooling the world with false assurances of seeking peace.

Everything Abbas, Erekat, Rudeineh and Rabo are really saying is that they want a state for Arab/Muslim Palestinians; that is, they seek to fulfill the Arab Nationalist dream of creating Palestine at the expense of the Jewish National dream.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


By Simon Fischler

This last year, leading up to the 65th. birthday of Israel has been a fascinating one to say the least in the Middle-East.

Once again for a few moments we Israelis were allowed to enjoy the 65th. anniversary of the RE-FOUNDATION of our nation-state.

We were allowed to celebrate our freedom and self-determination.

After celebrating another birthday of our liberal, democratic Jewish State we must prepare for that joy to be quickly washed away.

Syrian tyrant Bashar Al-Assad will once again attempt to deflect the ongoing civil uprising in his country onto Israel during this up coming Arab Colonial Day (also known as the Nakba).

Assad realizes he needs to up the ante if he wants to stay alive!

Therefore on Nakba Day, Assad will push his allies Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad to enter the fray against Israel.

This year Israel and the Israel Defense Forces must be prepared for war.

We will be better equipped to deal with any attempts by a ruthless Arab dictator to deflect blame from the atrocities he carries out against his supposed brothers at home.

In preparation for Arab Colonial Day, Israel must do more than just worry about its borders (which is enough of a problem).

Today Israel needs to do more to put the onus on its Israeli Arab minority to step up, stop whining and become a true part of the Jewish Nation State!

Is it not amazing that the Israeli Druze and Circassians (one belonging to the Druze culture and religion and one a Muslim minority) have managed to accept and love Israel as the DEMOCRATIC and Jewish Nation State and yet the Israeli Arab minority can't?

Maybe this has something to do with their want to finally wipe us, the 80% Jewish Majority out?

Maybe their hopes of pushing us Jews into the Sea are the same as their Palestinian brothers?

Israeli Arabs are the freest in the world and they enjoy equality like no other Arabs in Arab countries.

Israeli Arabs should look over the border and see the actions of Arab regimes towards their own citizens before complaining about Israel. Furthermore Israel needs to start telling them this!

Should Israeli Arab's consider Israel's creation a catastrophe?

 NO, absolutely not! No matter what excuse Ahmed Tibi offers up!

Not unless they truly do want too destroy the country they supposedly want to be a part of!

While Assad is off MASS murdering his own people, the Arabs of Israel are allowed to protest safely and freely, serve in the Knesset, be Supreme Court judges and plainly just enjoy the financial wealth they have amassed in Israel.

They do this while enjoying their ability to spit on the country that allows them this lifestyle and freedom.

This was clearly demonstrated in a jaded interview HA-ERETZ gave with Arabbe Mayor Omar Nasser.

Nasser called Netanyahu’s claims about the freedoms of Israel’s Arabs “false, misleading and unbearable hypocrisy.”

He insists that Israel’s treatment of its Arab citizens should not be compared to how Arab leaders treat their own citizens, but to how Muslims and Arabs are treated in Western Europe or America and Canada.

Is Israel geographically situated in Europe? Is it a European country? No, so why should Israel be compared to European countries?

However, if that’s what Mr. Nasser wishes to do, let’s take a look.

* Arabs and Muslims cannot were Burkas, or headdresses in France. Laws strongly against the Muslim population of the French Republic are being enacted left and right.

* Far right, anti-Arab/Muslim political parties are proliferating and becoming strong, to the embarrassment of Liberal, left Europeans. Conservatism has reached the continent, mainly in response to Arab and Muslim immigration.

* The Arab and Muslim populations of France and, for that matter, nearly all of Western Europe are consigned to what any self-respecting European Jew would recognize as ghettos and discriminated against daily in myriad ways -- worse than anything in Israel.

* The Swiss have banned the building of minarets and are in the process of passing other laws that discriminate specifically against Muslims. The same can be said for virtually all western European nations, as they attempt to battle Islamic Fundamentalism.

In all of these countries a movement like Israel’s Islamic Movement would, without a doubt, be banned and considered a terrorist group. We just saw that in England where Nazi Sheik Raed el-Salah was jailed!

Before we touch on the 13 Arab Knesset members, or the freedoms of speech, travel and livelihood enjoyed by all Israeli Arabs, lets assess how much Israel’s Arab citizens contribute to their country.

Israeli Arabs do not serve in the Israel Defense Forces. This practice must end immediately, if Jewish, Druze and Circassian eighteen year olds must be drafted to serve their country so too must Israeli Arabs.

Or they must complete National Service to Israel like their Jewish, Druze and Circassian CO-patriots do.

No more receiving the fatty benefits of the state of Israel like the Arabs of Israel receive today without contributing to your country!

The Arabs of Israel want equality!

Well, they have it! If they want more than what they have then they had better look to American President John F. Kennedy's famous quote; "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

There has been talk of Israel giving the future Palestinian State sovereignty over some Israeli Arab cities and villages.

Any time this topic comes up the Israeli Arabs cry out bloody murder.

Why does this happen? Israel has no intention of kicking them out of their homes or moving them off of their land. It would simply be a swap of administration and citizenship!

They cry out because they want to remain Israeli, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  They know better than anyone that Israel will provide them freedoms that a Palestinian State will not.

What is eluding everyone outside Israel is the ability of the leaders and many in the general population of Israel’s Arab minority to disguise their own racism and hidden agenda against the state.

If a Jewish Israeli tried to buy a house in an Israeli Arab village, there would be no chance of it happening.

If a Jewish Israeli did happen to live in an Israeli Arab town, they would be harassed until they packed up their bags and left.

Arab Israelis cry about crime in their communities and the State not doing enough to stop it; yet their community has the highest amount of illegal firearms.

If the Israeli police decided to disarm these villages they would be called Racists! Thats nothing but insanity!

To compound the situation, Israel’s Arab leaders often act in what would be classified as a treasonous manner towards the state that affords them such freedoms.

These  treasonous actions range from Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi's cruise on the Mavi Marmara, Knesset Member Taleb el-Sanna constantly promising the destruction of Israel (this is a member of the Israeli Parliament calling for the destruction of the nation he is supposed to represent), to Knesset member Ahmed Tibi calling for terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens.

From this day until Arab Colonial Day (the Nakba) I will be writing, voicing my thoughts and providing facts showing that no Catastrophe occurred during Israel's re-birth.

The time has come for Israel’s Arab minority to put up or shut up! They need to stop whining and attempting to delegitimize Israel and need to do a hell of a lot more to show their appreciation for the country that has given them freedom and equality in an area where it just does not exist!

 More importantly, the Israeli Arab minority needs to make a decision: are they Israeli Arabs or Palestinian Arabs?

If they want to be in a country with an Arab symbol on its flag, or if the National Anthem bothers them so much (Is it not funny that Israel's Arabs have a problem with the national anthem of the nation because it talks of a Jewish Soul; yet the Native Americans of Canada and the United States have no problem singing the national anthem of both these countries and are some of the greatest patriots in the same Nation States where their people were totally robbed of everything they had?), then they should leave, end of story!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Israel has just celebrated her Sixty-fifth birthday and now the Palestinians are doing what they do best: expressing their racist hatred of Jews and the Jewish nation/state.

The Palestinians do this annually by taking to the streets in memory of what? The Catastrophe.

This is what the Palestinians call the Creation of the Jewish democratic state, when we freed ourselves from the oppression of colonial European and Muslim Arab hegemony.

Israeli Memorial Day centers on remembering the children of Israel who have been killed fighting in her defense.

Palestinian Memorial Day (the Nakba) is built on Palestinian Arabs anger and frustration that they were not able to destroy and annihilate the Jews when we fought for our independence.

Our FREEDOM is a TRAGEDY to the Palestinians.

In more precise words, the premise of the Nakba is nothing but racist, anti-Semitic fervor. The Palestinians have built the myth of the nation they allegedly seek on scandalous lies.

Instead of taking responsibility for rejecting the legal UN partition of the land then called the Palestine Mandate (controlled by the British Empire) into an Arab and Jewish state, the Palestinians simply blame the nation they attacked and to which they lost.

This is the root of why peace has never been achieved -- not settlements in Judea and Samaria.

Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat writes in Haaretz that Israel has a choice between Peace or Apartheid.

Mr. Erekat apparently has forgotten his own earlier words wherein he promised the Palestinian people that not a single Jew would be allowed to live in the state of Palestine.

He also conveniently forgets to mention that any citizen living in the Palestinian Authority TODAY who sells land to a Jew can receive the death penalty.

In his arrogant tone Mr. Erekat speaks of “Palestinian reconciliation and the Arab spring,” which merely indicates that he knows how to tell a joke, albeit a sick and twisted one.

Fatah is trying to make a deal with the devil (Hamas in Gaza) and no matter how much Saeb Erekat tries to spin this for the Western world, a deal with the Devil is still a deal with the Devil.

Hamas does not and will not recognize Israel. Hamas has promised never to accept Israel or the Jewish Nation’s right to freedom in the land of their ancestors.

Israel will not, I repeat WILL NOT sign any peace deal that does not recognize Israel as the Jewish democratic state and create an end to the conflict between the two nations.

The deal that Fatah will sign with Hamas guarantees that this is impossible.

Mr. Erekat continues his venomous lies by saying that “the Palestinian Authority has been ready to negotiate with ALL Israeli governments.”

This statement points once again to the root problem of the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel: there are the facts and then there are the lies that the Palestinians build and live off of.

Seriously, how can Saeb Erekat even say something as ridiculous as this and get away with it? 

The Palestinian Authority has rejected negotiations with Israel for the three and a half years; absolutely, ABSOLUTELY refusing to negotiate with the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

They have done nothing but create excuses not to negotiate, again and again spewing preconditions for negotiations -- something that has NEVER BEEN DONE previously.

This smoke screen is nothing more than the Palestinians’ attempt to do what they have always tried to do: destroy Israel.

Sadly, the Palestinians seem incapable of realizing that as long as they see Israel as a “catastrophe” and continue to seek her destruction, their nation will fail.

It makes no difference if a dictator in Venezuela, Syria or Turkey recognizes a Palestinian State.

The Palestinians need to wake up, once and for all, to reality. 

Their threatened one-state declaration is the political equivalent of a previous obscene method of trying to destroy Israel: suicide bombings. 

Only this time they will well and truly blow themselves up.

By the time the Palestinian leaders go again to the UN to make their threatened unilateral declarations, Israel will have unilaterally annexed all the land in Judea and Samaria that it wants, -- not needs, but wants -- into its borders. 

The Palestinians will end up with far less than the 93 to 97 percent offered to them by Ehud Barak and then Ehud Olmert that they rejected.

Israel will then affectively shut the Palestinians out of her borders completely. 


Forget about demographic problem! That lie is as dead as can be, and only really exists in Ramat Aviv!

Israel will remove those it does not want inside its borders, and when Israel does this it will be far less destructive then the genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity being carried out on a daily basis by Arabs against Arabs in Syria!


It is also why Jordanian authorities are illegally stripping their Palestinian population (a majority of the population) -- of Jordanian citizenship.

Israel fights for her freedom; not to oppress.

Israel has continually shown it is ready to accept a Palestine when that people is ready to accept Israel for what she is: the Jewish nation/state.

The Palestinians fight to conquer, oppress and annihilate one entity: Israel. 

They do not fight for freedom; and never have. If they truly did, they could have had it years ago.

The Palestinians’ national and political movement is based solely on destroying Jewish freedom, self-determination and the national home of the Jews, Israel; not on creating a state of their own. 

Nakba Day is nothing more than a Palestinian expression of this racist, anti-Semitic mentality. 

We Israelis should be out in force to counter-protest this detestable day of Palestinian colonialism.


Sunday, May 12, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

                                                   Standin' On The Corner Watchin' All The Girls Go By -- Hit tune from the Broadway musical "The Most Happy Fella."

Pardon me if I admit that I did a double-take just a minute ago.

Reading the latest turbulent Middle East news, I nearly overlooked a sentence that caused me to re-read it -- twice. The sentence went as follows: More than 83,000 killed in Syria since the uprising began.

Now, think about it. Had the IDF knocked off seven Arabs, anywhere, and at any time, the global uproar would be immense and un-endking. The European Union would get its collective bowels in an uproar. Barack Obama would utter a dismal homily and the Security Council quickly would convene.

Imagine the figure; 83,000 -- eighty three thousand -- and what has been the White House response?

For the answer to that question, I refer you to a take-off on the above hit tune which, these days, is best expressed by: Standin' On The Corner Watching All The Deaths Go By.

And the title of the play, referring to the beleaguered man in Washington would have to be altered to "The Most Un-Happy Fella."

Or, the utterly stupefied Chief of State.

How stupefied, you may ask? Well, try this on for size.

Just the other day Obama's Secretary of State John Kerry -- taking time out from his futile attempt to make Arabs like Jews -- allowed that there's evidence that chemical weapons are being used in the Syrian conflict.

Now when the American President's lackey comes up with a statement such as that, you know that his boss knows it just as well. And you would think that Uncle Sam once and for all would do something about it. Wouldn't you? Hey, 83,000 deaths is a lot more than 18, 83, 830 or 8,300.

But something awful has been happening in the White House ever since the Democratic candidate conned his way into America's collective -- simplistic -- public mind. To wit:

1. Any threat delivered by militant Islam immediately is defused by saccharine-covered White House rhetoric. It's as if the Arabs -- wherever they might be -- want nothing but peace.

2. The Muslim president will do just about anything to avoid incurring the anger of terrorists such as labeling them what they really are -- terrorists.

3. America has become the laughing stock among Middle East dictators and murderers, from the Iranian mullahs to Assad in Syria, because the Arabs long ago figured out -- remember his Cairo speech? --  that the man on Pennsylvanian Avenue acts more like obsequious Uncle Remus than the tough-acting Uncle Sam who went to war for democracies in World War I and World War II.

The facts are all there to prove my point and all you have to do is remember what Obama did last August.

It was then that he issued "a red line" to the Syrian regime about its possible use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians. Now that Kerry has freely acknowledged that his government is aware of such chemical use, you would think that: A. The White House would recall that more than 83,000 have been killed in the Syrian civil war; B. Such slaughter should be immediately -- and forecefully -- stopped by the civilized world. And, C. America should be at the forefront of that leadership.

Nobody is more aware of Obama's failings than Israeli statesman Dore Gold, former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations. Ever reputable, Gold made key points in a Israel Hayom column.

"The challenge to America has emerged at a time when the image of the U.S. in the Middle East has been badly damaged already by the Syrian crisis," explains Gold, President of the Jerusalem  Center for Public Affairs. "Washington is now caught in a trap."

True enough but that trap has been set by Obama, himself, simply by standin' on the corner watchin' all the (Syrian) deaths go by.

Mind you, Gold hardly is alone in his thinking about the Incredibly Shrinking Uncle Sam.  An article in The Economist sums up prevailing opinion with a three-word title -- DITHERING OVER SYRIA.

Based on Obama's indolence, The Economist asserts, "Other nations will have to think harder about their security."

Israel, of course, is the country that must think the hardest because the Middle East's only functioning democracy cannot rely on America's ever-bending red line.

Gold: "Over the last five years there has been a vociferous debate raging in the West over the question of whether the U.S. is in decline as a great power."

That decline is vivid and acknowledged by many even in the heavily pro-Left academic world. Furthermore, America's decline has immense ramifications in terms of the manner in which Benjamin Netanyahu will conduct Israeli foreign policy and defense of his nation.

Vali Nasr, dean of the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, is another who finds trouble in Washington city.

Professor Nasr spent two years in the Obama administration and has a good grasp of White House thinking. Nasr criticizes the wisdom of America's appeasing foreign policy and sees Uncle Sam as tired and losing the desire -- as Gold puts it -- "to serve as a global leader."

That explains Washington's inept -- flexible red line -- handling of the Syrian crisis and the continued willingness to allow the Iranians to move full speed ahead with their nuclear development. Naturally, all of this directly impinges on Bibi's decision-making.

"Israel," concludes Gold, "must never compromise its defense doctrine according to which it has always insisted that it must be able to defend itself by itself.

"The way the world stood by while the Syrian people were massacred serves as a warning of what happens to a people who rely on the international community to safeguard their security."

Conclusion: While Obama stands on the corner watching all the murders go by; Bibi should never be a mere onlooker!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Have you ever experienced the blast of a 122mm shell as it hits the earth? 

Sadly most of the world condemning Israel have no concept of what an artillery shell can do.

Ignorance of military hardware and a military’s capability becomes a major problem when you ignorantly wish to call Israel a country that is committing “ethnic cleansing.” 

I have experienced and survived a car bomb in Jerusalem. 

I was half a block away at an ATM machine when the car bomb exploded. 

The car the bomb was (luckily for me) up against a retaining wall and next to but not on a major thoroughfare. 

The bomb was still powerful enough to hurl me through the air into the ATM machine. 

The bomb I survived in Jerusalem is nothing in comparison to an artillery shell. 

If Israel actually chose to commit ethnic cleansing either in the Gaza Strip or Judea and Samaria there is nothing Hamas or the PA could do. 

In fact there is very little the world could do! Syria is proof of this!

The IDF, which has some of the best artillery gunners in the world, could flatten Gaza without sending in a single soldier. 

The fact is, we would never do to the Palestinians what Arab leaders do to their own citizens. 

Same goes for the inaccurate lies about white phosphorus being intentionally used against civilians in Gaza. Or the insane lies of spent uranium being used in the IAF raid on Damascus ! 

If Israel wanted to use white phosphorus strictly as a weapon, the videos and pictures the world saw on media outlets would have shown the shells exploding much lower!

This again has to do with the complete lack of military knowledge on the side of the general public. 

This is not the public’s fault: we cannot expect the general public to seek information or search for facts into the tactics of an army or the weaponry they use; it is far easier to believe what is beamed into your head. 

It is the fault of media corporations like CNN, BBC, NBC and etc. They have all been totally bought off by the Arab Oil Lobby and insidiously attack Israel, no matter what the situation.
All one needs do is watch CNN or the BBC: the commercials they run will show who is really running the show: virtually nothing but Arab-owned and/or run companies advertising. 

This is why they have a very clear, malicious, anti-Israel (meaning anti-Semitic) sentiment. 

The same goes for the New York Times. 

This newspaper has been run by fervently self-hating Jews since Arthur Hays Sulzburger. 

The greatest example of this was the Times refusing to publish an opinion article by Richard Goldstone retracting his statements of Israel committing war crimes crimes against humanity or genocide during  operation Cast Lead, in the Gaza Strip. 

Richard Goldstone was only important to the Times when he was speaking perniciously against Israel. 

The same goes for the United Nations, which has proven itself to be incapable of protecting true human rights or condemning the true perpetrators of crimes against humanity and genocide. 

Furthermore, the UN is run by the same oil-wielding Arab nations who have tried so hard to destroy Jewish Self-Determination.

Hell on earth, which is situated in the former country of Syria, displays how pathetic and useless the United Nations is!

Asking Israel to work with the UN is the same as asking a woman who has been raped to work with the man who raped her.

Speaking of rape, the Palestinians, the UN and the EU appear to think Israel is going to passively accept yet another attempted rape of the Jewish nation. 

That is the sole intention of the delegitimization of Israel, The BDS campaign, the Pro-Arab stance of Europe and the UN. To rape the Jews yet again. 
Today’s colonialist empires -- the Arab/Muslim front, Iran, EU and UN -- like their predecessors, the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Arab/Muslims and Crusaders -- seek to weaken Israel and destroy her. 

Working along with these anti-semitic institutions are the plethora of Hellenistic or Romanized Jews -- only today we call them self-Hating Jews. Noam Chomsky ( the patron saint of the Khmer Rouge and other homicidal regimes) is the definite, anti-Israel, self hating Jew! 

They, like their masters, will do anything to make Israel look bad so they can fit in -- just as the Hellenistic and Roman Jews of old did. 

Those who make the mistaken claim that Zionism (Jewish self-determination in our land) is a new concept born out of the 19th and early 20th centuries are dead wrong. 

We Jews have been saying “Next year in Jerusalem” long before the birth of Mohammad. 


Jew from Judea, the Roman Jewish Province of Judea, the Kingdom of Judah and the United Kingdom of Israel! 

Arabs have no connection to OUR land, hence their name Arabians, from Arabia! 

NO matter how many colonialist, fascist, Arab/Muslim, Imams attempt to distort this fact it will always be the truth! 

It makes no difference how they come: anarchists, left wingers, right wingers, conservatives and liberals; those who stand against Israel are nothing more than anti-semites.

These days are indeed dark, but our nation has faced dark times at many points in her history and we are still here in our homeland. 


Thursday, May 9, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Dear Stephen Hawking,

Yesterday in my blog I recommended that you rid yourself of all the Intel computer chips and technology that are keeping you alive and allowing you to communicate.

I wrote this because you have chosen to side with fascist, Arabists who wish to destroy Israel. 

If you are going to boycott Israel than be a man and do it 100%! 

Today I demand that you give up all Intel technology that assists your life! 

In fact Stephen it is you who is now supporting Apartheid! 

You are supporting Palestinian Aparteid and their hopes of replacing Israel with an Arab, Muslim State.

You are supporting Alawite Apartheid in Syria.

Lastly you are supporting Hashemite Apartheid in Jordan.  

Just so you know Stephen, the Hashemites are from Saudi Arabia and were installed by the British in what is today call Jordan. 

This land was originally part of the Palestinian Mandate! Today 70% of Jordan's population is Palestinian and they have no rights Stephen, but I bet that does not bother you!

The Intel technology powering you was developed in Israel! 

Since this Intel Tech was designed in Israel I demand that you relinquish all the systems giving you the ability to communicate or live! 

Find another country to build your chips! 

I ask all supporters of Israel to make this same demand of Mr. Hawking!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Take away all that Israeli tech that gives Stephen Hawking the ability to live and breath and what do you have? 


Now that Ol’ Stevie H has laid his lot with the anti-Semites of the world maybe the Intel chips that were designed in Israel and that give him the ability to speak should be taken him away from him.

If Stephen Hawking really sympathizes with the Arab Oil Lobby and wishes TO TAKE AWAY THE VOICE OF ISRAELI ACADEMIA AND THE VOICE OF THE JEWISH NATION (contradictory to what academia and education stand for) and boycott Israel, then he’d better be ready to toss into the garbage all the computer hardware keeping him alive! 

Hey Stevie-H, I bet ya ain't gonna boycott all that great Israeli, Intel tech and the chip technology designed in Israel that keeps ya BREATHING and DROOLING SO WELL! 

Great Scientist you maybe be Stephen Hawking, if Professor Einstein were alive today he'd smack you in the face and be certain he is rolling in his grave at this moment because of your, unethical, racist and anti-Semitic decision to boycott Israel! 

What a double standard to set and what a one sided, horrible example for those seeking to learn and broaden their minds!  

Do you not understand Stephen that without the science and technology that has come out of Israel YOU HAVE NO VOICE!  

P.S 4:54pm 8/5/2013.- There is now rumor that the whole Story of Stephen Hawking boycotting Israel was invented by the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine. Until Stephen Hawking himself comes out and makes this clear and then condemns both the BDS movement and those who falsely made this claim of him boycotting Israel, I don't and won't believe put trust in the rumor!

P.S.S- To make some things clear, as of right now Stephen Hawking himself has come out and said he is Boycotting Israel in solidarity with the Palestinians. There has been some choice vocabulary directed at my intelligence and research! I now ask those incredibly intelligent people who had these kind words to say about me to explain this!