Sunday, March 22, 2015


By Simon Fischler

To Mr. Jeremy Ben Ami and the members of J-Street,

How dare you think to judge us here in Israel for using our democratic right to elect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu! 

How dare you think you can call us Israelis racists (that's what you are doing when you imply that Bibi won using racists scare tactics) for using our rights, that are granted to us by the laws of the Jewish Democratic state, to elect the Prime Minister THAT WE WANTED!

You and Hussein Obama whine like babies because Itzhak Herzog lost, well if you wanted him so badly distort your pretty little life in America, make Aliyah, come live in Israel and then you can talk.

You delight in vilifying Israel at all cost and you know nothing of the pain and suffering we, THE ISRAELI PEOPLE, have paid to protect Jewish Freedom and America.

I say Israel protects America and you damn well better learn to understand that.

We have been the literal front line of battle against Radical, ARAB, Islamic Jihadism since the foundation of the modern State of Israel. Just look up Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini if you have a doubt.

We have fought and won war after war since our nation, the Jewish Nation, was given the international right to statehood and sovereignty under INTERNATIONAL LAW, by the United Nations; something your radical Arab/ Islamic friends have never recognized!

Barack Obama has no right to question Benjamin Netanyahu, but Bibi and all of Israel do have the right to question the modus operandi of Mr. Hussein Obama. 

Maybe you have forgotten that Benjamin Netanyahu was the first Prime Minster of Israel to ever, let me repeat that EVER, enact a settlement freeze in Judea and Samaria. He did this for nine months after Obama promised to bring Abbas to the negotiating table. 

Did Obama deliver? No he did not! 

That's strike one for Obama.

Do you remember when Hussein Obama pressured Benjamin Netanyahu to apologize to Turkish President Erdogan for the deaths of Turkish citizens on the Marvi Marmara who attempted to KILL Israeli soldiers. Bibi was told by Obama that if he would just apologize there would be a thaw in diplomatic relations between Israel and Turkey? 

Bibi apologized. Did Obama deliver? No he didn't.

That's strike two. 

How about the time when the Obama Administration promised to keep the Israeli government completely aware and up to date on all decisions vis-a-vis Iran. Then they proceeded to negotiate behind the back of Israel for over a year and struck an interim deal that was nothing less than a joke.

That's strike three. Obama's out, and he's out in a disastrous way because it will be Israel, not America that will be receiving the Iranian nuclear warheads.

Mr. Ben Ami how dare you even think to say that Benjamin Netanyahu has no right to speak for the Jewish People, he only happens to be the leader of the Jewish Nation State. 

If you don't like that then stop pretending to be a Jew, because your not and people like you aren't. You, who are so willing to sell Israel out are nothing less than "Capo Jews" or traitors to our people. 

You think you have a right to judge Israel? How about this, I live on the border of Syria, you know the Israeli Golan Heights (let me guess we should give the heights back too?).

I get to watch Syrians mass murder themselves every day. I know in real time what will happen to Israel if we let our guard down. 

My children know what a Katyusha landing on their doorstep sounds like! Do you know that noise? Do your children know what that noise sounds like? 

No, you don't know,  so don't think for a second that you can judge me, my nation or the leader that a majority of us wanted. 

You say Benjamin Netanyahu was only elected by 23% of Israelis. 


Benjamin Netanyahu brought in thirty Knesset seats, something that has not been done in years and he did so not because we are racists. 

Bibi achieved this because of liberal people like me. I may not love him but I know he will not jeopardize the security of Israel. 

I have supported the peace camp time and time again only to watch the 20th. Century invented, Anti-Semitic, Arab, colonialist enterprise called the Palestinian people countlessly reject peace and continue to call for the death of my children, the raping and pillaging of our freedom with the destruction of Israel. 

Where were you Mr. Ben Ami and where were all your J-Street supporters in 2000 when Ehud Barak offered up 97% of Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem, half of the Old City and all of Gaza? 

I was in Israel when Arafat spate that peace offer back into the face of Ehud Barak and President William Jefferson Clinton. 

I was in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv when the Palestinians started Arafats war. I was here through all the bombings, were you? 

I was here when my fellow citizen soldiers in the IDF were forced to defend Israel against the countless homocide bombings paid for and encouraged by the Palestinian Authority! This has been proven in the landmark decision by an American Court to hold the Palestinian Authority responsible for the deaths of American Jews inside of Israel at the hands of Arab murderers. 

Were you here in Israel in 2005, when our government uprooted all of her citizens and army installations in the Gaza Strip? 

We gave the people of Gaza the hothouses we had built, the fields we had been preparing for farming and ALL their land back, with the hope that they would grab their freedom and make a life. 

We know what has happened since then Mr. Ben Ami. 

Instead of peace  we were given rockets, war and more of our brave young soldiers dead. Mark my words Mr. Ben Ami our soldiers die here on our borders, not in some adventurous war fought thousands of miles away from our homes. 

This is why we voted for Mr. Netanyahu and NOT for Barack Obama. 

Bibi was right when he said a Palestinian State would not come about during his time in power, just as peace or a Palestinian state did not come about during the Prime Ministerships of Itzhak Rabin, Ehud Barack, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert/Tzipi Livni. 

Peace didn't happen even though Israel offered up the most generous peace agreement a losing nation has ever received. 

Why is there no peace? Because the Palestinians have always greeted Israeli and American peace attempts with colonialist aggression and war. Because the "Palestinians" want to destroy Israel more than they want a state of their own. And YOU Mr. Ben Ami are an accomplice to this crime.

Mr. Jeremy Ben Ami, you have not learned from the Munich agreement, but the majority of us here in Israel have. 

You have learned nothing from the Shoah and the six million dead refugee Jews of Europe who could not come to their rightful, ancestral home in Israel.

Mr. Ben Ami, you and your anti-Israel organization J-Street are cancer cells to the Jewish Nation and you should be removed, sadly this won't happen, but here is what will happen.

The majority of us here in Israel will continue to defy you, your Greco/Romanized Jews and your false g-d Barack Hussein Obama. We will fight you tooth and nail, just as the Maccabees fought against Greco Assyrians and just as the Jews of the Roman revolt fought Rome. 

And Mr. Ben Ami, do not be surprised if Israel does some surgical work on Iran, even if it is in defiance of your Deity Obama. 

We voted Bibi back into office to make sure the saying "NEVER AGAIN", never happens again! 

P.S.- Obama's fourth strike was his Bullshit Chemical Weapons redline speech to Syrian Tyrant Elect Bashar Assad. Obama gave this speech in front of the world, he promised the people of Syria that he would use force if Assad used chemical weapons on them again. Assad did use chemical weapons again and Obama, well we know that story already. 

Monday, March 2, 2015


By Simon Fischler 

A leak broke yesterday accusing the Obama Administration of threatening to shoot down Israeli Airforce fighter jets during an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

This is no ordinary leak and for the Obama administration it is a truth that they cannot just push aside with a little P.R. spinning.

This leak came from a Kuwaiti newspaper, but in reality it broke from Saudi Arabia, another American ally that is at complete odds with the Obama Administrations Iran policy. 

It was timed perfectly, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set to address the American Congress. 

The Saudis, like Israel, are no fools and know exactly what Iran intends on doing with their nuclear program. Unlike Barak Obama and John Kerry, there are no Nobel Prizes up for grabs for Israel or Saudi Arabia,  just the protection of their citizens. 

Revealing this awful threat from the Obama administration was the perfect way for the Saudis to send a message to congress that they are working with Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel without showing their faces.

The fastest and easiest way to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities is not through Iraq with America’s permission as many American strategists and pro-Obama-ites would have you believe. 

The best way to hit Iran is from the Red Sea through Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. 

Both Sunni countries would love to see Israel complete such a raid. This is why they would have to have prior knowledge from Israel, which is why they were able to leak the plan. 

The Obama reaction probably infuriated Americas Sunni Allies more than it did the Israeli government.

Lurking behind much of the Obama Administrations policy towards Israel and many other American allies in the Middle-East, Egypt to name another, is Zbigniew Brzezinski. 

Here is a direct quote from Mr. Brzezinski. 

“They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?” 

“We have to be serious about denying them that right.” “If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a 'Liberty' in reverse.’”

Although in this case he was talking about Iraqi space, when he refers to “OUR” airspace he means from Iraq to Saudi Arabia. 

The Obama administration crossed all red-lines when they negotiated with Iran behind Israel’s back. In doing so Obama broke the bipartisan trust that the Israeli people had with America. 

This very real physical threat against Israeli pilots is just another brick that Obama has put in the wall against the people of Israel. 

(While I was writing this article today, American Secretary of State John Kerry warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to leak any information about the nuclear deal he is orchestrating with Iran during his speech to congress tomorrow. This is the same John Kerry who said last week we that Israel didn't know anything about the deal he is striking. This is the same Secretary of State who will loose the Nobel peace prize when congress finds out he is forging the second Munich agreement. There is only one reason why John Kerry would threaten the Israeli head of state in this manner, he knows his deal is atrocious for Israel and for the world.)