Tuesday, April 30, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

The Arabs have always started the conflicts with the Jewish Nation Israel, after losing them, they always cry VICTIM!

Europe and America have poured billions of dollars into the Palestinian Authority, basically tax monies straight out of  American and European pockets! 

The question is where did all that money go? 

It obviously couldn’t have been used for building what would become a Palestinian state,  since there are still refugee camps in Gaza with open sewers! 

Instead it was put into the pockets and Swiss bank accounts of the “peacemaker” Arafat, or used to buy weapons that were eventually turned on Israeli soldiers after Palestinians rejected peace and statehood.

By 2002, Palestinian corruption had reached so egregious a state that the Americans and Europeans finally intervened, insisting that Salam Fayyad (someone they knew could be trusted to place the money where it belonged) become the PA’s finance minister. 

Of course the Palestinians blamed Israel and the occupation for their financial woes. 

More victimhood! 


What about the complete Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip? 

After the occupation of Gaza was ended did it bring peace with the Arabs of Gaza?

With more than ten thousand rockets being shot into Israel from the Gaza Strip it is fair to say that the alleged “occupation” was not and is not the cause of Palestinian hatred for Jews and Israel! 

Yet it originally had been -- logically -- hoped that the Palestinians soon would embrace this newfound freedom and convert it to their peaceful advantage.

Is there not a cultural problem when a people is given its freedom, but then they proceed to forsake peace, quiet and prosperity for war and death?  

Instead of building schools and places of business, the first thing the Palestinians did was shell the Negev town of Sederot with Qassam rockets.

Israel turned the other cheek, but the rocketry multiplied.

Eventually Israel tired of broken promises to stop the aerial assaults and hit back forcefully -- simply the natural thing for any self-respecting nation to do.

The PA, Hamas and the average Palestinian blamed Israel for the Arab deaths that occurred during the Israeli response.

Besides attempting to kill Israeli citizens Hamas has been making every effort to get the EU, UN and others to support its government. 


In contrast Khaled Mashal, the leader of Hamas, insists that Hamas will never recognize Israel. 

This is not just curious, it is sick and ironic: every Israeli government since that of the late Yitzhak Rabin has respected and acknowledged Palestinian rights and RECOGNITION.

Even the Likud, the Israeli political party that CNN, The New York Times and the BBC love to call the ‘far right,” has recognized that the Palestinians must achieve statehood to reconcile this conflict and achieve peace. 

What is sad about Palestinian Nationalism or Palestinian Victimism is its inability to overcome its racist and anti-Semitic foundations. They simply do not want to except that they will not defeat the Jewish Nation of Israel. 

Israel has fought hard to develop a thriving country, a garden of eden, in the middle of the hellish fires burning in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and so on! 

Israel sports an economy that withstood Arafat’s war, the 2006 war with Hezbollah and the Cast Lead operation in the Gaza Strip. 

Israel’s unemployment is lower than that of the United States of America. 

The Tel Aviv stock exchange has done nothing but become stronger over the last decade-and-a-half. 

Israel has a world-acclaimed Universal Health system -- something most Americans would love to have -- along with medical centers on a par with America’s best. 

Israeli technology is at the cutting edge and places such as the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot and the Technion in Haifa are renowned for their contributions to the world of science. 

The IDF is as strong as ever. Furthermore, it is taking the lessons of its last conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas and incorporating them in future battle plans.

Although there were 1000-plus Israeli civilian casualties during Arafat’s war, Israeli society proved its resilience and healthy survival instincts. 

This point is most cogent in evaluating Jewish-Arab relations in the Middle East: Israelis will never sign off on their freedom or their nation:

No matter how many leftists may call Israel fascist, Colonialist or an apartheid state. 

No matter how many Carters, Chomskys or Finkelsteins commit to the Palestinian side (verbally, at any rate), Israelis will always fight for their country.

And no matter how much the Palestinians attempt to whine their way to statehood, it will not happen until they assume the responsibility that Israel did in 1948.

Israelis know they have every right to live in their country, which they built. 

Come to Tel Aviv  and Jerusalem and look upon them with your own eyes, then go look at Ramallah, Cairo, Damascus or Beirut!

When you do this you will see where Palestinian/Arab victimism has gotten them!   

Hopefully, the Palestinians and the Arabs will one day face up to this harsh reality, although if history is any indication, there is little likelihood of this.


By Simon Fischler

In preparation of the fallacy that is called the Nakba I am publishing four articles on Palestinianism!

Stateless and still seeking the destruction of Israel -- what does that get you?


Maybe instead it should be called VICTIMISM? 

That’s simply because of this indisputable fact: when a nation spends all of its time blaming another party for its problems, it becomes the eternal victim whether or not it really is the victim. 

A brief historical review proves that this “victimization” has enveloped the Palestinians from the get-go.

With that in mind, let me point out that nearly every Israel-basher conveniently forgets a pivotal point.

This is fact; the United Nations agreed on 29 November 1947 to two states in the land of Israel. 

One of these states was clearly worded for the Jews and one for the Arabs.

The Jews agreed to accept; the Arabs did not and decided on war, a war specifically to annihilate the Jews of Israel.

We know the history! 

This great war that the Arab leadership promised it’s people would bring about the complete destruction and genocide of Israel and Jewish life in Israel ended up leading to the defeat of the Arabs and Israel’s independence.

What’s more, they were defeated despite having an overwhelming advantage of multiple Arab armies arrayed against a rag-tag, patched-together, nascent Israeli Defense Forces.

Nonetheless, Israel (the real David) managed to secure her Independence with the help of nobody.

The Palestinians lost everything allotted to them from the United Nations. 

Somehow, the way the pro-Palestinians put it, this is all Israel’s fault.


During the Israeli war of independence, while Israel was fighting for its life, David Ben Gurion fought a short but nasty Civil War. 

It lasted for only one skirmish, but in that battle Ben Gurion gave the okay to sink a ship filled with badly needed weapons for Israel’s fight for independence and Holocaust survivors. 

The ship was called the Altalena and it belonged to Menachem Begin’s underground militia, the Irgun.

This is an important piece of history from which the Palestinians have never learned.

If Mahmoud Abbas is not willing -- nor able --to corral the mini-armies belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Palestinians never will have a state, nor will they deserve a state! 

Ben Gurion knew this and it is why he sunk the Altalena.

The Palestinians simply cannot legitimately blame Israel forever if there are thousands of armed militants running the Gaza strip! 

A reflection on The Oslo Accords reveals how completely the Palestinians have enrobed themselves in this guise of victim.

Consider what unfolded at Oslo.

Israel had everything to lose and the Palestinians had everything to gain.

In return for the Gaza strip and Judea/Samaria, that is land for building and land for defense, Israel would get a piece of paper saying that there was now a peace partnership between Israel and the Palestinians; and that Israel existed as a state.

There was, however, a paper problem.

Israel already did exist, so who needed it on a piece of paper?

Then, Ehud Barak committed one of the world’s most ingenious victories in a hand of poker!  

Knowing the end result and hoping to expose his enemy he offered Yasser Arafat all of Gaza, 97% of Judea and Samaria, plus East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian quarters of The Old City. 

Ehud Barak knew this was an offer that no sane negotiating leader could refuse.

Sadly the military genus Ehud Barak failed to take into consideration the prevalent anti-Semitism in Western Europe! 

When Arafat said no to Palestinian Statehood only America rallied to Israel’s side! 

Not only were Barak and U.S. President Bill Clinton rebuffed, Arafat then spit in their face by starting a war against Israeli citizens!

What has been revealed in the years since the start of Arafat’s war presents a more sinister picture of the Palestinians true intentions. 

The Palestinians were planning to go to war as soon as the Camp David talks failed. 

They used Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most holy site, as an excuse. 

It is fact that Sharon’s trip was also planned ahead of time with the Palestinian leadership to guarantee a smooth and pleasant visit for Sharon with no violence. 

As we know today the Palestinians intentionally did the opposite. 

Here is a quote from Imad Falouji who was then the PA Communications Minister: “The Intifada was carefully planned since the return of (Palestinian President) Yasser Arafat from Camp David negotiations rejecting the U.S. conditions." 

A statement from Mamduh Nofal, former military commander of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, supplied more evidence of pre-September 28 military preparations. Nofal recounts that “Arafat told us, ‘Now we are going to fight, so we must be ready.’"

During Arafat’s War more than four thousand Palestinians were killed, mostly in Israeli retaliatory strikes to suicide bombings and attacks against Israeli citizens. 

The Palestinian economy was totally destroyed and Palestinian society is still on the brink of collapse. 

Yet the Palestinians blame Israel for their sorrow, instead of taking responsibility for their actions. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013


By Sig Demling

It's Spring in Israel but Benjamin Netanyahu is being buried under a blizzard.

No, not the wet-and-white kind; this is a Washington-based snow job that, if not shoveled out of danger, could become a political avalanche that claims Israel as a victim.

The evidence of Barack Obama's neglect of Israel's security is everywhere, starting in Syria where proof already has been presented of the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons.

And what's Washington's response? To call it tepid would be an overstatement.

On the Palestinian front, we hear nothing but futile attempts by the president's latest lackey, Secretary of State John Kerry, to re-start "two-state solution" negotiations with the Arabs.

The hitch here is that the Obama-Kerry "solution" would erase Israel as we know it because the Middle East's only legitimate democracy would be forced to accept hideously vulnerable borders that -- under any sane circumstances -- would have to be rejected out of hand.

In a relative sense, the Syrian and Palestinian issues are -- at least for the moment -- small potatoes compared to the Iranian threat. 

While the mullahs in Teheran feverishly push their nuclear program, the response at the White House is an abject lesson in stalling and more stalling until, at some point, the Iranians will have the bomb just as the North Koreans do today. 

To those who attended Obama's  most recent "I've got Israel's back" speech, -- upon further review -- it sounds as if the commander-in-deceit had a good laugh up his presidential sleeve once he ducked behind the theater curtain. 

Face it, Jews of the world, the man is slowly, relentlessly, selling out Israel. 

His endless pleas for patience so that the sanctions against Iran can work sound like the drone of a bagpipe and, practically speaking, are just as off-key. 

Only a Pollyanna would dream that sanctions will deter the Iranians and, by this time, even Pollyanna, herself, would concede that they mean nothing to a warlike nation that laughs off sanctions as smoke rings blown by appeasers. 

Bibi must know this by now because clear-thinkers in his cabinet such as Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon have spelled out the threat loud and clear.

"The diplomatic channel is not bringing the Iranian nuclear program to a halt," Ya'alon asserts. "And the economic sanctions have yet to stop the centrifuges. A viable military option is required even if it is the last resort."

Why are diplomatic channels useless? For the answer to that question, all you have to do is chalk up all the ambassadorial, United Nations and European Union proclamations to halt the endless massacre in Syria. Notice how well it has worked as the death lists grow into the hundreds of thousands. 

Economic sanctions? The mullahs no doubt consider them the laugh-riot of the half-century. For sure, Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Ron Prosor is not chuckling about Iran's continued progress toward developing a nuclear program.

"It (the nuclear program) continues to advance at the speed of an express train," says Prosor. "The international community's efforts to stop them are moving at the pace of a local train, pausing at every stop for some nations to get off and on."

Bibi is too smart not to be aware of the White House stalling.  He's too insightful not to see through Obama's endless smoke screens. He's too prescient not to pay heed to candid commentators such as the Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick.

"The time has come to take matters into our own hands on Syria and Iran," Glick concludes. "As for Iran, either Israel must launch an attack without delay or if we can't then Netanyahu has to publicly state that diplomacy is over. Either Iran is attacked or it gets the bomb."

Glick gets it. Bibi should get it. 

Obama? Forget about him.

He's already forgotten about Israel's security.

Friday, April 26, 2013


By Simon Fischler

The Delegitimization of Israel is a Racist and Anti-Semitic Policy, period-

Today the anti-Semites have created a new movement to delegitimize the state of Israel, brand her an apartheid nation and force upon her a one-state solution.

The people behind this movement are sophisticated in their propaganda and malicious in their intent.

Israel is both the Jewish nation and a democratic state at the same time (the only democracy in the entire Middle East). 

All of her citizens have the right to vote -- Israeli Arabs, Bedouin, Druze and Circassians included.

The Arab Muslim population of Israel has far more rights than in any other country in the entire Arab/Muslim world, an indisputable fact. 

There are thirteen Arab and five Druze members in the Knesset. In Apartheid South Africa black Africans were not allowed to vote at all.

The Arab Israeli population is free to live, work and play where they want in Israel. 

The fact that most Israeli Arabs elect to live in discreetly separate villages is a matter more of historical, cultural, tribal and/or religious choice, but under Israeli law, they are legally free to live anywhere. Some do, and in the Lebanon conflict of 2006, Israeli Arabs were bombed – in Haifa and in many outlying villages and orchards in the North, which is heavily populated with Druze, Circassians and Israeli Arabs of so-called “Palestinian” descent. 

Israeli Arabs can marry Jewish Israelis. 

In Apartheid South Africa black Africans were not allowed on white beaches, white hospitals and were not allowed to use white public bathrooms, were not allowed to marry whites, were not allowed to drink from white water fountains, etc. 

Black South Africans were totally segregated from the white community by law.

The Occupied Territories-

In the occupied territories the Palestinian population has the right to vote for their government, and have twice. 

However, much to the vocal dismay of some misled, left-leaning activists the Palestinian population cannot move about and live their lives as freely as they had in the past.

Why is that?

In 2000, at the Taba negotiations Yasser Arafat was offered full peace, including a Palestinian State on 95-97% of the land of Judea and Shomron (or the West-bank as it is wrongfully called by many today), Arab sections of East Jerusalem, the Muslim and Christian quarters of the Old City and all of Gaza.

Yassar Arafat turned this offer of peace down; Arafat turned down the formation of the Palestinian State. 

He did this because he wanted everything, not just Palestine: he wanted Israel too. 

He insisted that Israel accept the unacceptable: the right of return for millions of Palestinian refugees to Israel. 

The idea of Israel taking responsibility for a war started by the Arab population of Mandate Palestine and the neighboring Arab states is totally insane. 

The “refugees” created by this war can be attributed mostly to the Arab nations that started it. It is a known fact, admitted by many Arabs of the time, that they urged the Arab population of Palestine to flee. Here are some quotes. 

ON SEPTEMBER 6, 1948, the Beirut Daily Telegraph quoted Emil Ghory, secretary of the Arab Higher Committee (AHC), as saying: "The fact that there are those refugees is the direct consequence of the action of the Arab states in opposing partition and the Jewish state. The Arab states agreed upon this policy unanimously..."

ON APRIL 23, 1948 Jamal Husseini, acting chairman of the Palestine AHC told the UN Security Council, "The Arabs did not want to submit to a truce ... They preferred to abandon their homes, belongings and everything they possessed."

IN THE MARCH 1976 issue of Falastin a-Thaura, then the official journal of the Beirut-based PLO, Mahmud Abbas ("Abu Mazen", now Prime Minister of the West Bank PA), then a PLO spokesman, wrote: "The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny but, instead, they abandoned them, forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland, and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live."

ON APRIL 9, 1953, the Jordanian daily al-Urdun quoted a refugee, Yunes Ahmed Assad, formerly of Deir Yassin, as saying: "For the flight and fall of the other villages, it is our leaders who are responsible, because of the dissemination of rumours exaggerating Jewish crimes and describing them as atrocities in order to inflame the Arabs ... they instilled fear and terror into the hearts of the Arabs of Palestine until they fled, leaving their homes and property to the enemy."

These are but a few examples of Arab and Palestinians who attested to the fact that the majority of the Arabs fled the new state of Israel because they were told too by their leaders.

There were definitely situations where the newly formed IDF entered and pushed out Arab communities, but in most cases this was a small proportion. 

With few exceptions, most of these situations were caused by local Arab populations giving refuge to Arab fighters who were attacking Jewish communities, rendering them viable military targets. 

What you also do not hear about are the atrocities committed by the arabs against Jewish communities during the Israeli War of Independence. There were far more of these!

In fact there were more Jewish refugees created after the Israeli War of Independence when they were robbed of all their lands and possessions and thrown out of Arab countries. 

There were a total of 900,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries, compared to 700,000 Arab refugees.

We do not hear about the Jewish refugees today because Israel, unlike surrounding Arab nations and North African Muslim countries, opted to follow the UN partition and managed to win its independence. 

Israel also then proceeded to settled these refugees instead of keeping them in refugee camps to be used as a diplomatic weapon as the Arabs have done.

One must also remember that neither Jordan nor Egypt allowed the Palestinians, whose areas they were occupying, their independence. 

Jordan occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem (razing the entire Jewish quarter of the Old City during the War of Independence); Egypt the Gaza strip. 

They easily could have given the Palestinians their independence. In both cases it was easier to keep these supposed Arab brethren locked up in refugee camps, fomenting hate and creating another generation to fight and kill Jews. 

Why would the Palestinian leadership want to have their refugees settle in a state that is not theirs? 

Why wouldn’t they want to settle their refugees in their newly formed state? 

The only reason for this policy is the unquestionably bigoted and monomaniacal intent to destroy the state of Israel; to wipe out the Jews.

Monday, April 22, 2013


By Simon Fischler

It is time the Israeli government refer to its Arab constituents and the Arabs in both Gaza, Judea and Samaria as settlers!

Arabs have alway been the true settlers!

They are the colonialists from Arabia attempting to impose their culture, laws and political movement (Islam) on the natives of the Levant and North Africa!

In fact they have no connection to what is the land of Israel today except in a dominating, aggressive and colonialist manner.

Their roots are in Arabia. Anything they have built here in Israel has been in desecration of and/or on the ruins of Israelite/Hebrew/Jewish archaeology, culture and national history!

The Arabs are no different than invading Europeans landing in North and South America and destroying the fabric of Native American culture and history. Just as the Europeans were, the Arabs are ready to lie, rape and pillage until all natives of the Levant and North Africa are either dead or have submitted. They are the Arabic "conquistadors" attempting to eradicate all cultures and nationalities in the way of Islam!

Why do you think Israel irks them so?

Because Israel is the return and rising up of a native, diaspora. Refugees returning to their ancient home to reclaim freedom and self-determination in the face of Islamic/Arabist colonial oppression.

They hate Israel because it is a message to the Phoenicians of Lebanon, the Copts of Egypt, The Kurds of Kurdistan, the Assyrians of Syria, the Armenians, the Berbers of North Africa that if you believe, if you maintain your cultural, ethnic and national essence, you can fight off the oppressive, Arabist/Islamic yoke!

They hate Israel because, as remote as the possibility may be, Israel is the foundation stone of a potential federated, indigenous resistance to the colonialist, Arab incursions of the Levant, North Africa and Kurdistan -- almost a millennium and a half after Mohammed began his heinous aggression.

To the Arabist Islamic political movement which seeks complete world domination, Israel is a mighty thorn in its side!

Who rejected international law set at the San Remo Conference? The Arabs.

Who rejected international law set by the United Nations resolution for partitioning part of the so-called "Palestinian Mandate" into two states for two peoples -- one Arab one Jewish? The Arabs of course!

In doing so the Arabs unabashedly rejected compromise, prosperity, security for their own people, humanity and most important, PEACE! THIS IS SOLELY THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

Only through the perpetuation of Nazism (Diplomatic anti-SEMITISM), albeit in a more subtle form, can the world twist reality, to blame Israel for the situation of the settler Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

No one can bring peace to the Middle-East, not the United Nations, America, Europe, Russia or China, until it is made clear that the Arabist Islamist quest for domination, submission and eventual destruction of Israel is unacceptable under international law.

No peace will come until foreigners and the diplomats who represent them comprehend the Arab/Islamist intent. This intent is well articulated today by Egyptian President Morsi: to make Israel submit and eventually wipe it out. Clearly the ultimate aim is to destroy this indigenous, national movement, this obstacle to their hopes of Arabist/Islamist domination of the region.

Those who think they are fighting for some oppressed native population, known today as the Palestinians, need to understand that they are merely supporters of a murderous usurping horde. They must become aware of the fact that if Israel were to fall, the Arabs would carry out the worst type of homicidal genocide.

This genocide would be on a level of the Roman attempt to destroy Jewish identity. As the Arabs have promised repeatedly, it would be completion of the Holocaust.

From there they would set their eyes on the rest of the democratic world!

Israel and its Jewish self-determination embody the only, truly successful attempt in world history when humanity came together and righted a previous wrong committed by colonialist powers against an indigenous people!

To destroy that would be to destroy humanity.


By Sig Demling

History of the past half-century demonstrates that whenever Israel wins a war it loses the peace.

This is as evident as Spring following Winter or as sure as the latest spate of Arab rockets fired at Eilat.

Since Barack Obama's focus lately has been fixed on the heinous terrorist -- one of the president's least favorite words -- attack in Boston, he can be forgiven for ignoring the most recent assault on Israelis.

But the targeted Jews cannot ignore the threat because there is a connection between Boston and Eilat. In each case innocent citizens of a free country have been targeted for murder by hidden perpetrators.

The Boston Marathon blasts succeeded in killing and maiming both participants and spectators because it was easy to hide explosives amid thousands of onlookers. It has happened before, thanks to Islamic militants and, for sure, attempts will be made again.

Rockets that exploded in Eilat may not have murdered any Israelis but they were meant to kill and would have murdered many Jews had the Grad explosives gone off in a populated area. The Arabs -- be they in Gaza, Lebanon or the West Bank -- have an imperative; kill Israelis whenever and however possible.

And that's why those who zanily press for a "two-state solution" or a "lasting Arab-Israeli peace" haven't gotten it and still just don't get it.

For the umpteenth time Hezbollah is stockpiling rockets; only now in record numbers. The noodnicks in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood would go to war with Israel if the MB wasn't making a holy mess of a country even worse than what was done during the Hosni Mubarak regime. Meanwhile, the Hamas general staff allows attacks such as those aimed at Eilat to be launched while busily crafting yet another assault on the Middle East's only legitimate democracy.

And why shouldn't Hamas do it again? After all those terrorists get away with it all the time.

Of course whenb Israel retaliates in its defense, the Jewish state momentarily triumphs on the ground -- and then, paradoxically loses loses at the peace table.

Which brings us back to the rockets dispatched to Eilat and how Israel "winning" a war produces a bloody peace.

Start with the fact that Israel could have smashed Gaza to smithereens in the last Arab-provoked invasion. But, as always, Uncle Sam intervened before Jerusalem finished the job. America and its European pals forced Israel to sign a truce that -- most importantly -- was supposed to once and for all halt the rocketry.

But as any resident of Sderot, Beersheba, the Negev or Eilat will affirm, peace in the sky lasts only until the Hamas warlords in Gaza decide to renew their bombs-to-Israel assaults. Thus, by any equation, Israel wins the war but loses the peace.

A major aspect of this dilemma is that none of the parties which forced Israel to the peace table -- are you listening Obama? -- have been willing to indicte the culprits. If the Americans and those in the European Union -- are you listening Catherine Ashton? -- worked as hard calling out Hamas and Hezbollah as criminals as they did pushing Israel to sign a truce, one could say that peace might be possible. But it's not at all possible, no matter how Obama shakes it because the Arabs bottom line reads: Kill Jews; forget anything else.

Meanwhile, the White House plays its endlessly silly game by pretending to be our pal with rhetoric while hosing Jerusalem with underhanded deeds. The Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick X-rayed Uncle Sam's emissary and his recent landmark trip to Israel with the following conclusion:

"Obama praised us to high heaven," writes Glick, "and told us he has our back. And then he told us we should force our leaders to give Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to our sworn enemies even as they teach their children to aspire to kill our children.

"Obama surrounds himself with people who, like him, prefer fantasy to reality. In Obama's world, Islamic Jihad is about the West, not about jihadists. In Obama's world, the most pressing issue on the international agenda is apartments for Jews in Jerusalem and Efrat. And in Obama's world, what Israelis need more than anything else is for leftists Europeans to love us."

Israel does not need the EU's kind of love nor does it need an American Secretary of State John Kerry to follow in Hillary Clinton's footsteps to promote a "two-state" solution. If that Palestinian state ever came into being, you can bet that the first thing to happen would be a Hamas take over -- a la Gaza -- and the second thing to happen would be rockets flying from the Arab side into Israel.

The sham -- and shame -- of it all is that Jerusalem unfailingly gets suckered by Washington. Exhibit A has to be Obama's visit which because of its unique quality -- the president didn't discover Tel Aviv until this year -- was hailed as if we were witnessing the second coming of the Messiah.

Instead of the Messiah, we got Mister Meddlesome.

Among Obama's "accomplishments" was forcing Benjamin Netanyahu to make nice with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Bibi's apology for the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident was supposed to smooth over Israeli-Turkish relations. That's what the folks on Pennsylvania Avenue were proclaiming. But that was merely another example of White House delusion.

Bibi's reward for being suckered by Obama was Erdogan's follow-up. For one thing, he's planning a visit to Gaza to enhance his relationship with Hamas which is hellbent on destroying Israel. And for another Turkey has nixed Israel's participation in a NATO meeting involving Mediterranean countries. Ergo: despite Israel's apology, Erdogan refuses to normalize ties with Israel.

If that isn't a lesson for Israel's Prime Minister then he should re-read the fine print of so-called peace treaties signed with Hezbollah and Hamas and then torch them along with his apology to Turkey. Making peace with those determined to kill you makes sense only in a world of masochists.

Once and for all, Bibi must exit that world, Stage Right. And as for the endless visits to Israel of Obama and his delegates such as Kerry, every one of them should be billeted at a Sderot hotel. Why? Because they don't get it. They don't understand the endless terrorism confronting Israelis.

"Obama," Caroline Glick concludes, "has no idea what he was getting into when he came here."

Ditto Kerry and the latest smoke-blower from Washington, Chuck Hagel.

A couple of weeks staying in Sderot might wise them up a little -- that is, until they get back to the White House and their boss points out how he really has Israel's back -- sideways!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Taking up the fight against the Boycott Divestment Sanction movement is of utmost importance for Israel and its supporters around the world.

But first, Israel and its supporters must realize this is not a clean fight.

No, this is a dirty street fight with our lives on the line, and we must be ready to protect ourselves and our nation to the end.

For pro-Israel students and activists around the world who wish to combat the RACIST and ANTI-SEMITIC, BDS movement and their sponsors Hamas  I have some ideas that might be useful.

On every campus pro-Israel students should dress up as suicide bombers; then burst into seminars, lectures, classes, cafeterias and the BDS Klan meetings. They should then simulate an explosion, using party poppers and confetti “bombs” ... splattering harmless red shreds all over the assembled.

After this the students can then explain why the wall Israel built should be called the WALL OF LIFE.

Along with the fake suicide bombers pro-Israel activists and students should also form Qassam rocket teams.

Using hockey sticks, umbrella’s and maybe even a few metal polls -- these teams should hurl the objects into University Quads, student unions and lecture halls, simulating explosions, playing the sound of the Red Color warning system (the system used to warn Sderot citizens of rocket attacks.) and simulating Israeli ambulance responses to the rocket attacks.

After the simulated rocket attacks these student teams should congratulate and hand out medals to the academics on campus who support the BDS movement and their sponsors Hamas. These medals will be given for their firm support of terrorizing civilians and therefor adding and abiding war crimes against Israelis!

Enormous posters (which will necessitate funding) should be put up on all campuses.

These poster will show a before and after scene.

The first posters should be of Haj Amin al-Husseini. The first true leader of the Palestinian people, planning the Final Solution with Adolf Hitler in Berlin.

Other posters of Haj admiring the Nazi, S.S., Muslim, troops of the Balkans, he created must also go up. In fact these should go up all over American cities, with the tag line, "Did you know the Palestinian cause was created by Nazi's?"

The after, will be pictures of dead Jews in concentration camps!

Other before posters will be of life that proceeded Yasser Arafat’s rejection of Palestinian Statehood and peace in 2000 at Camp David and Taba.

That is, before Arafat decided to rip up the Oslo accords and then defecate them out onto the Israeli peace-camp and the Barak Government.

Before Arafat decided to start a war against Israel’s citizens.

These pictures will show Palestinians freely working in Israel, no checkpoints, NO WALL, and Israelis freely enjoying shopping in Palestinian cities.

The After pictures will show pictures of the aftermath of the Park Hotel bombing, Sbarro bombing and all the other bombings on buses and so on, and of course the WALL OF LIFE!

Pro-Israel activists must show that Israeli Arabs enjoy all the benefits of Israeli democracy.

Large placards with all the Israeli Arab Knesset members should be posted, with the sentence “THIS IS APARTHEID?” around all BDS get togethers and activities.

Another good example would be the Knesset allocation of two hundred and fifty million shekels to the Arab communities on an almost yearly basis.

Pictures of any Israeli Emergency room will suffice to shoot down any comparison to an Apartheid state.

It must be made clear that the supporters of the BDS movement are in no way defenders of equal rights, liberty or justice.

It must be made clear that they speak for and advocate the destruction of. Jewish Self-Determination and a MAJORITY JEWISH Democratic nation State.

The BDS movement says the Palestinians deserve an Arab, Muslim nation state, but the Jewish Nation does not deserve self determination in its own land.

This policy is cruel and anti-Semitic, as well as being racist and bigoted and this must be made CLEAR!

Quotes from Omar Barghouti and the rest of the BDS movement heads stating openly that their goal is the destruction of Israel must be distributed with the question “WHO’S REALLY THE RACIST?”

Here is the deal: we need to fight BDS; they need to be exposed in their true colors, as anti-Semitic racists who want to commit genocide against the Jewish Nation state.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


By Simon Fischler 
Watching television on Yom HaZikaron, Remembrance Day for all of the fallen citizens, soldiers and protectors of Jewish Freedom, is not easy.
 On this day as we see and hear the stories of those lost in the fight to protect Jewish democratic self-determination, it is almost as painful as remembering the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.
Yom HaZikaron is a painful reminder of how evil the enemies of Israel and the Jewish Nation are.
All of the souls Israel lost from the birth of the nation 65 years ago until today have been in defense against the worst type of rabid, bigoted, fascist murderers – murderers whose only purpose has always been to commit genocide against the Jews of Israel.
It is so hard to accept the knowledge that our enemies and their allies in Europe and America seek to oppress, boycott, divest and/or destroy us simply because we are Jews!
Nothing has changed in our enemies since the Shoah; the only difference today is our readiness and determination to stop those who wish to colonize and enslave Israel. 
Remembering our lost ones is hard enough, but remembering that we have lost them because Nazism is still alive and well inside of the Palestinian cause is even more painful.
Try to imagine the pain of acknowledging we will lose more of our children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers because Jew-Hating, anti-Semites have made it their mission in life to lie, steal, and corrupt our self-determination. 
They will do anything: re-write history, lie and spread innuendo to take the freedom the Jewish Nation has fought so hard to create and maintain.
Death in defense of our nation is the price we have paid for 65 years. it is the price we must continue to pay so the Jewish Nation can maintain a haven, a safe harbor, for a free people.


Sunday, April 14, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The term "anti-Semitism" always has seemed too saccharine a synonym for what it really is -- Jew-hating.

Over the past three decades Jew-hating has become virtually synonymous with Israel-bashing.

Nor do you have to look very far to find those -- invariably leftists -- who treat the Middle East's only true democracy with fallacious contempt.

In Israel itself, the newspaper Haaretz reads like a contemporary Quisling sheet whose columnists' computers regularly punch out venomous stories designed to bring down the Jewish State.

Going a bit farther afield we find a group of Irish academics who have nothing better to do than boycott Israel. 

In this case -- as it is in so many others -- it's merely a ruse only this time it is employed by the Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) whose members are -- by their actions -- identifying themselves as Jew-haters.

How can it be interpreted any other way?

If those Irish men and women of the TUI were serious about boycotts, they would focus on countries that virtually cry out for a boycott. Or as Eilliott Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations points out, you can find dozens of nations whose abusive academic practices should be condemned -- and not Israel.

"There's no mention -- much less boycott -- by the Irish teachers of China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba," says Abrams, "or anyplace else where students are 'struggling for the right to education under extremely difficult conditions' that include repressive governments, no academic freedom and political tests for admission to higher education."

Does the TUI really care about academic freedom or is it merely bashing Israel as another type of Jew-hating gesture?

If those Irish academic anti-Semites gave a hoot about academic freedom, they would single out Saudi Arabia where there are greatly restricted educational opportunities for girls.

Or, as Abrams cites the Irish hypocrisy: "What a lesson to their (Irish) students: ignorance, bias, bigotry, narrow-mindedness and anti-Semitism wrapped in self-righteosness."

And speaking of the self-righteous Israeli-bashers, there's none worse than the erstwhile "newspaper of record," the New York Times which long ago decided to forgo any attempt at objectivity in order to promote pro-Palestinian coverage of the Middle East conflict.

So egregious have the Times' editorial sins been that they inspired an intensive study by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA). 

The result has been a 97-page monograph -- actually a small book -- ripping the Times for what can best be described as a vicious anti-Israel agenda. The monograph is called "Indicting Israel -- New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict."

"The dominant finding of the study," CAMERA'S Ricki Hollander and Gilead Ini assert, "is a disproportionate, continuous, embedded indictment of Israel that dominates both news and commentary sections. Israeli views are downplayed while Palestinian perspectives, especially criticism of Israel, are amplified and even promoted.

"The net effect is an overarching message, woven into the fabric of the coverage of, Israeli fault and responsibility for the conflict."

It's worth noting that while the Holocaust actually was taking place during World War II the Times treated it as some sort of mythical occurrence. Coverage was either ignored or limited to relatively tiny stories buried on the back pages.

Meanwhile, vicious attacks on the memory of the Holocaust continue making it easy to identify Jew-haters in such diverse countries as Egypt, Iran, England, Lithuania and Hungary.

While Barack Obama blandly accepts the Muslim Brotherhood's dictatorship in Cairo the senior Egyptian official in charge of appointing editors of all state run Egyptian newspaper declares, "The myth of the Holocaust is an industry that America invented." 

In Great Britain the Sunday London Times published a cartoon on Holocaust Memorial Day depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu building a wall cemented with blood and bodies of Palestinian men, women and children. 

None of the aforementioned is surprising. Militant Islam is infecting Europe and spreading its tentacles world-wide while the civilized world cows in fear.

These are trying times for Israelis as well as Jews world-wide. 

Israel-bashing and anti-Semitism go hand in glove promoted by the likes of Irish academics and the New York Times, each in its own venal manner.

At times like these it's worth digesting the thoughts recently delivered by Bibi Netanyahu.

"In every generation our enemies rise against us to destroy us," the Prime Minister concluded. "In every generation, each man (and woman) must view himself (and herself) as though he had survived the Holocaust and went on to found the state of Israel. In every generation, it is our duty to ensure that the Holocaust does not recur."

Friday, April 12, 2013


By Simon Fischler

It’s time to boycott the boycotters! 

The time has come for the supporters of Israel, the Jewish Nation and those who love freedom to come out and fight ruthlessly against the boycott of Israel.

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they call Israel -- a liberal democracy that gives all of her citizens, Arab Israelis included, the freedom of speech, freedom to vote and freedom to live – an apartheid, racist state, while turning a blind eye to Palestinian racism towards Jews and Israel.

After all, it was Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator of the “MODERATE” Palestinian Authority, who said clearly that not one Jew would be allowed to live in the State of Palestine!

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they want to point the finger at Israel, while ignoring that a Jew cannot buy land in Jordan, simply because he is a Jew! 

Is that not racial discrimination?

Boycott the boycotters of Israel. 

They castigate her for enforcing her blockade of the Gaza Strip. Yet not a word has been said about Turkey invading northern Iraq to kill Kurds (whom they call terrorists). Not a word about Turkey using CHEMICAL WEAPONS on the Kurds, as reported in Der Spiegal. German doctors attest that the Kurds could have been killed only by chemical weapons. 

There is NO boycott of Turkey.

Yet the boycotters want to boycott Israel (INSTEAD of a list which should include Zimbabwe, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Somalia, China, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, to name but a few)? Really. 

Boycott the boycotters of Israel, … because they ignore that Israel has tried more than once and certainly more than the Palestinians to create a State of Palestine! 

After all who rejected Peace at Camp David? The Palestinian leadership did. 

The “occupation” exists today ONLY because it was more important for Arafat and his cronies to destroy Israel than create a State of Palestine 

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they say Israel has committed Genocide. Yet they ignore the intentional use of suicide bombers against Israeli civilians, which is, without a doubt, a crime against humanity. The intentional attempt to kill civilians is illegal according to the Geneva Convention.

Yet Hamas specializes in the intentional attempt to kill Israeli civilians. Hamas started its suicide bombing spree right after the signing of the Oslo Peace accords in a direct attempt to sabotage peace. 

Arafat secretly added them any time Israel did not give him exactly what he wanted. 

The boycotters of Israel aren’t going to boycott the Palestinians or Hamas. 

Nor will they boycott the Palestinians for intentionally shooting more than eight thousand rockets into Southern Israel after Israel withdrew civilians and the IDF from the Gaza strip. 

Intentionally shooting rockets into civilian centers as Hamas does from Gaza is a human rights violation and a crime against humanity. IT IS ILLEGAL IN THE GENEVA CONVENTION! But the boycotting world doesn’t seem to care! 

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they still harp on Israel’s alleged role during the violence perpetrated in Lebanon on the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla in 1982, despite the fact that Israeli soldiers didn’t kill a single Palestinian refugee in those camps!

The killers, the murderers were ARAB, MARONITE CHRISTIAN, PHALANGISTS! 

Could the IDF have stopped them? Probably; but at the cost of an important ally. The point is simple though: it was Arab killing Arab. Yet these boycotters have no intention of boycotting Lebanon, or its Christian President. 

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim Israel is racist since her character is Jewish. Israel is racist only because she is the Jewish State? 

Yet Egypt, which in its constitution clearly states it is an ARAB, MUSLIM republic is not racist and doesn’t warrant boycotting? Jordan and Syria have the same clauses is in their governmental manifestos. Lebanon goes even further: the constitution of Lebanon clearly states "Lebanon is Arab in its identity and in its associations." Iran is the ISLAMIC republic; no one is boycotting Iran because of that. Most EU countries are by definition Christian, hence the need for Chief Rabbis of the country, something not needed in America. 

Yet Israel should be boycotted?

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because, while condemning Israel for human rights violations that she does NOT commit, they simultaneously disregard when these same crimes are carried out by the Palestinians, Arabs and/or other Muslim countries. 

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because instead of condemning Israel they should be condemning Syria for the on going atrocities committed by the Alawite, Assad, Apartheid regime. 

On top that you can include the genocide and massacre committed by Hafez al-Assad in the town of Hama in February 1982. 

Could they boycotters be so ignorant that they do not know of the Hama Massacre, a flagrant crime against humanity, in which estimates place the number of dead from 25,000 to 40,000? 

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim they want to fix past wrongs, but only if those past wrongs are Israeli.

Yes, in the Israeli war of Independence Israeli soldiers did carry out executions; and, yes, some Palestinian towns were forcefully removed. It was war --a war started by the Palestinians and the Arab nations surrounding Israel.

The stated goal of the Palestinian Arabs and surrounding Arab nations was to systematically destroy Israel and her Jewish population. 

The Arabs carried out far more executions and genocide than their Jewish counterparts. In fact, Jewish soldiers would commit suicide rather than be captured by Arab or Palestinian Arabs because of the atrocities they committed. 

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they talk of seven hundred thousand Palestinian refugees created out of Israeli Independence. Yet they fail to acknowledge that MOST of those refugees were created because they were following the orders of the Arab leadership to leave their homes so it would be easier for the Arab armies to dispatch Israel. 

They never talk of the NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND JEWISH REFUGEES thrown out of Arab and Muslim countries. Do they boycott the Arab and Muslim countries that stole everything from their former Jewish citizens? NO! 

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because their intent is to destroy Israel and deprive the Jewish Nation of its right to self-determination, while encouraging the creation of yet another Arab Muslim state. If this isn’t racism and anti-semitism, what is?