Saturday, February 25, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Being a supporter of Israel is not easy these days.

Writing in defense of my country often forces me to ask a couple of questions:

1. Why is it that we Israelis are forced to explain and defend our right to self-determination on an hourly basis?”

2. Why is Israel the only country in the world which inspires outsiders to continually question whether it has the right to even exist?

No one questions whether France has a right to exist as the “FRENCH” Republic.

Same goes for Iran and innumerable other nations.

Do Western peace activists demand that the Islamic Republic -- which is not even close to being a democracy -- disregard its Islamic revolution?

Not a chance!

When hundreds of thousands of Syrians challenge their dictatorial government to give them true freedom these so-called peace activists -- alleged advocates of liberalism, freedom and democracy -- do nothing to help.

There is no Syrian Apartheid week is there?

So why is the world so fixated on endlessly making unreasonable demands on the one and only democracy in the Middle-East, Israel?

Israel is a democracy, there is no doubt about that! Anyone who says otherwise is an anti-Semite, period!

It is a democracy that is far more democratic than Western Europe. Today in France one cannot practice their religion in public.

Could you imagine what would happen to Israel on the world stage if it dared to pass laws like that?

Israel is even more democratic than the self-proclaimed, beacon of democracy, America.

Israel has no Guantanamo Bay and it has done far more for its minorities than America ever has.
One should not forget that the Native Americans still live on reservations, Leftist American Activists should fix that problem before they come calling on Israel!

Just recently the Canadian leadership of the First Nation (Canada’s Native American representatives) visited Israel in solidarity with the Jewish State. The Native Americans of the United States have also joined with Israel in solidarity.

Why has Israel received this support from North America’s Native populations? Because they understand what it is like to be oppressed by a much larger, colonialist force.

Europeans and Americans do not, PERIOD!

Just as the Native Americans have face centuries of European Colonization, Israel’s too has faced centuries of European and Arab/Muslim imperialism.

Why must Israel spend its life battling for diplomatic and political life?

Friends tell me that even asking these questions is an exercise in frustration.

They insist that I am fighting a pointless battle.

As one pal puts it, “The world hates Jews -- and Israel because it is the Jewish State.”

He has a point. HAARETZ, Israel’s far left, self-hating newspaper is an amazing example of how we Jews can self-hate so much that it literally becomes anti-Semitic!

But there’s a big BUT that must follow such logic.

I fervently believe that we Israelis must CONTINUE fighting to clear Israel’s name; otherwise we will be doing it a grave disservice.

If we fail to reach out to the one or two out of ten listeners in the audience willing to hear our side then we have lost the battle.

I, for one, REFUSE TO LOSE!

It has become patently obvious that liberal, freedom-loving activists, who should by nature be Israel’s allies, are simply uninterested in seeing Israel in a positive light.

The condemnation that Israel receives on a daily basis is -- by any standard -- absurdly unfair, illogical and downright RACIST.

The fact that these supposed peace-minded, liberal activists dare call Israel an Apartheid state is an example of how far these hypocrites will go to blame the Jewish State for the aggressive, imperialist attitude of both the Palestinians and the Arab world.

How is it that these allegedly fair-minded people overlook the fact that Israeli Arabs have far more rights in Israeli democracy than African Americans have in America?

Or for that matter Arabs have in their own countries?

How can these people disregard the fact that the Israeli Knesset has thirteen Arab members, and six Druse members?

If they know this fact, how dare they call Israel an apartheid State? If they do not know this fact; then their ignorance and arrogance is still a form of RACISM and ANTI-SEMITISM?

Their standard verbal crutch is Israel’s so-called “occupation” of the West Bank.

Sorry, but the West Bank was there -- for the Arabs’ asking.

After Israel defeated the Arabs in several wars, she made offer after offer of the West Bank to the Palestinians attempting to reach permanent peace.

Bear in mind that never has a LOSING side in a war received such a generous offer to end a conflict.

No matter what your political preference, history shows that Israel offered from 93% to 97% of the West Bank (a colonial, European name for the ancient, archeologically historical names of Judea and Samaria) to the losing Arabs.

On top of this East Jerusalem and the Christian and Muslim Quarters of the Old City also were put on a peace platter for the Palestinians. All of the Gaza Strip was to be included too!

Only a racist, Jew-hater would say that this remarkably generous offer was unfair.

Tragically, the world is filled with those who wish to deny the Jewish Nation self-determination solely because it is a JEWISH state.

They wish to replace the only Middle Eastern country that has tirelessly worked for its minorities with one that would immediately tread on the rights of others.

They wish to deny a majority its rights for a minority.

They wish to deny the Jewish Nation State its right to exist on the land that was its birthplace.

The same land that was stolen from the Jews by European and Arab imperialists invaders.

In fact those who oppose Israel want to finish what the Ancient Greeks and Romans could not.

They wish for the historical destruction of the HEBREW/ISRAELITE/ and JEWISH NATIONS connection to their land, Israel.

Why do these people insist on denying my children their rights to freedom?

It is all rooted in an ancient hatred of Jews. We must continue to get this word out. We must not be afraid to call these people what they are, ANTI-SEMITES!

We cannot accept this status quo. And that explains why we must persuade those who might see the light why Israel is right and expose those who stand against for what they are RACISTS!

I believe that if you love freedom. If you love liberal values, than you must fight for Israel’s existence and demand that the world own up to its hatred of Jews.

If you truly, truly want peace than you must demand that the world hold the Arabs to account for its continuous (from the time of Mohammad) attempts at destroying the Jewish Nation and its historical rights to Israel.

Nothing, not middle-east peace should be at the expense of Israel, the Jewish State!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Cassandra Wilson, I have know idea who you are except for the fact that you are a African-American, Jazz Singer, known for having a husky voice.

Cassandra, I also now know you are a Jew hating, anti-Semite working for the same people who colonized North Africa, enslaved your people and sold them into the hands of WHITE EUROPEANS; that is Arabs!

The time has come for the supporters of Israel, the Jewish Nation and Americans who do not want to see their country run by Arab/Muslim overlords to come out and fight ruthlessly against people like Cassandra Wilson and those who hate Israel.

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they call Israel -- a liberal democracy that gives all of her citizens, Arab Israelis included, the freedom of speech, freedom to vote and freedom to live – an apartheid, racist state, while turning a blind eye to Palestinian racism towards Jews and Israel.

After all, it was Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator of the “MODERATE” Palestinian Authority, who said clearly that not one Jew would be allowed to live in the State of Palestine!

Boycott the boycotters of Israel and performers like Cassandra Wilson … because they want to point the finger at Israel, while ignoring that a Jew cannot buy land in Jordan, simply because he is a Jew! Is that not racial discrimination?

Boycott the boycotters of Israel. They castigate Israel for enforcing its blockade of the Gaza Strip. While the government of Syria kills its citizens on a daily basis!

Cassandra Wilson and the rest of the boycotters want to boycott Israel (INSTEAD of a list which should include Zimbabwe, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Somalia, China, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, to name but a few)? Really. I truly wonder why?

I will say it again, on a daily basis Arabs in Syria are being killed ruthlessly!

Now this idiot Cassandra Wilson decides to balk on a concert in Israel, and she is doing it at a time when Israel’s democracy is so clear to see? No Cassandra Wilson you’re not an anti-Semitic at all!

Boycott the boycotters of Israel and Cassandra Wilson, … because they ignore that Israel has tried more than once and certainly more than the Palestinians to create a State of Palestine!

After all who rejected Peace at Camp David? The Palestinian leadership did. The “occupation” exists today ONLY because it was more important for Arafat and his cronies to destroy Israel than create a State of Palestine

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they say Israel has committed Genocide.

It has now been proven without a doubt that this claim was false. Richard Goldstone, the International Criminal Court and the United Nations have all come out and refuted the claim.

Yet these boycotters ignore the intentional use of suicide bombers and the intentional shooting of rockets into Israeli population centers, which is, without a doubt, a crime against humanity.

The intentional attempt to kill civilians is illegal according to the Geneva Convention.

Yet Hamas specializes in the intentional attempt to kill Israeli civilians. They have no other military goals.

Hamas started its suicide bombing spree right after the signing of the Oslo Peace accords in a direct attempt to sabotage peace.

It was Yassar Arafat and the PA that have admitted to secretly using HAMAS any time Israel did not give him exactly what they wanted.

The boycotters of Israel aren’t going to boycott the Palestinians or Hamas.

Nor will they boycott the Palestinians for intentionally shooting more than eight thousand rockets into Southern Israel after Israel withdrew civilians and the IDF from the Gaza strip.

But the boycotting world and Cassandra Wilson don’t seem to care about Israel or Israeli citizens. Jewish Blood is cheap for them!

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim Israel is racist, apartheid state since her character is Jewish. Israel is racist only because she is the Jewish State?

Yet Egypt, which in its constitution clearly states it is an ARAB, MUSLIM republic is not racist and doesn’t warrant boycotting?

Jordan and Syria have the same clauses is in their governmental manifestos. Lebanon goes even further: the constitution of Lebanon clearly states "Lebanon is Arab in its identity and in its associations."

Iran is the ISLAMIC republic; no one is boycotting Iran because of that.

Most EU countries are by definition Christian, hence the need for Chief Rabbis of the country, something not needed in America.

Yet Israel is the country that should be boycotted?


Cassandra Wilson are you so ignorant to the facts and the world that you cannot see how RACIST YOUR ACTIONS ARE?

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because, while condemning Israel for human rights violations that it does NOT commit, they simultaneously disregard the same crimes when they are carried out by the Palestinians, Arabs and/or other Muslim countries.

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim they want to fix past wrongs, but only if those past wrongs are Israeli.

Yes, in the Israeli war of Independence Israeli soldiers did carry out executions; and, yes, some Palestinian towns were forcefully removed. It was war --a war started by the Palestinians and the Arab nations surrounding Israel.

The stated goal of the Palestinian Arabs and surrounding Arab nations was to systematically destroy Israel and her Jewish population.

The Arabs were hell bent on carrying out genocide against Israel. They had no intention of building a Palestinian State in 1948. They themselves have clearly said that on numerous occassions.

The Arabs had one goal in mind; committing another Holocaust against the Jewish Nation, Colonizing and enslaving Israel.

During Israel’s fight for independence against a plethora of imperialist Arab nations intent on committing atrocities; it was the Arab that carried out far more executions and committed acts of genocide; just as they had promised to do.

It is a known fact, that Jewish soldiers and citizens of Israel would commit suicide rather than be captured by Arab soldiers because of the torture and atrocities that would be committed against them.

Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they talk of seven hundred thousand Palestinian refugees created out of Israeli Independence.

Yet they fail to acknowledge that MOST of those refugees were created because they were following the orders of the Arab leadership to leave their homes so it would be easier for the Arab armies to commit GENOCIDE against Israel.

They never talk of the NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND JEWISH REFUGEES thrown out of Arab and Muslim countries.

Do they boycott the Arab and Muslim countries that stole everything from their former Jewish citizens, citizens that had lived in those countries longer than most Arabs had?


Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because their intent is to destroy Israel and deprive the Jewish Nation of its right to self-determination; THEIR HOPES ARE TO ROB THE JEWISH NATION OF ITS FREEDOM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!

They wish to do this, just as the colonialist Greeks, Romans, Crusaders and Muslims tried to do to Israel in the past. Their end result is the creation of yet another Arab/Muslim State in place of Israel!

If this isn’t racism and anti-semitism, then what is?

Friends and supporters of Israel: The time has come for us to UNITE and fight these racists who wish to delegitimize, villainize and destroy Israel.

We must not let them continue unopposed.

We must come together -- and stick together -- we must gain momentum and expose these boycotters for what they really are: anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist hate-mongers.

Monday, February 20, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Dennis Ross is not one to be taken lightly.

Until recently, President Barack Obama's senior Middle East advisor, Ross has written eloquently about the mis-named "Peace Process" and has labored directly trying to move it forward in the middle of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

That Ross was called out on strikes when it came to hammering out a settlement between militant Islamic and the Middle East's true democracy only means that Ross is far in the back of a long line of diplomats who have failed to convince Arabs to once and for all stop trying to do Hitler's unfinished work on the state of Israel.

"Have I done everything perfectly?" Ross asks rhetorically. "No. Does anyone do everything perfectly? No. Are there some things I could do differently? Sure. 

"Do I think I am the reason there is no peace? No."

Fair enough but Ross, who recently received an award from the Anti-Defamation League for his "leading role in shaping U.S. involvement in the Middle East peace process," may have "shaped" Uncle Sam's policies but what have they accomplished in terms of peace on the ground? 

Has he made any impression on Hezbollah? Hamas? The Syrian Murderer? Iran?

From the wiles of Yassir Arafat to the smoke-blowing of Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Authority's love-making with Israel-Hating Khaled Meshal, the "Peace Process" not only has gone back to Square One; it's now at minus-Square Two. So, let's not do too many handstands of joy over Ross'  "accomplishments" nor should we take his rather hopeful statements about Iran too seriously.

This corner believes that elephants will fly before sanctions will have any effect on Iran war-making moves.

The Gospel According To Dennis has it that international sanctions against Iran are working.

Hmmmm. Let's think about that for a moment and wonder just what Obama's Middle East confidante means when he says they are "working."

Well, there are two possibilities.

1. The sanctions are not only bringing Tehran to its knees but also will persuade the assorted ayatollahs to halt their fast-moving militant nuclear program. Or, more likely the following:

2. The sanctions are "working" but only to the extent that statements such as Ross' and other Obama stooges get newspaper, television and other electronic news space with their sanctimonious predictions. In other words, in terms of personal public relations, they are "working" for the individuals but not when it comes to obtaining even a smidgen of peace.

Exhibit A is Ross' rationale about the sanctions effect on Iran.

"Sanctions are working," says Ross who has returned to his office in the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.  "Iran's currency has devalued by half in the last six weeks. They can see that Europeans are going to boycott their oil and that's already had an effect on what the Chinese are doing?"

Superficially, the statement seems fair enough; but when you really come down to it, Ross is doing precisely what Obama has done and the bozos who run the European Union are doing;  they're blowing smoke rings. 

Sanctions look good in print but reality tells us another -- more threatening -- story where the bottom line clearly shows  that no matter how stiff the sanctions appear, they always can be circumvented if the target of them is wily -- and motivated -- enough to figure a way. 

And if you don't believe me check out Syria's president Bashar Assad who unremittingly continues to murder his citizens despite sanctions, UN handwringing and futile demands from the Arab League. Williams Shakespeare wrote, "The play is the thing." For the Arabs, the ploy is the thing.

And, believe me, the Iranians have been doing just that for years; teasing the West into believing that their nuclear ambitions were merely for peaceful purposes. Sorry, but all the sanctions in the world will not stop them from moving relentlessly ahead to perfect an atomic weapon of mass destruction -- aimed especially at Israel with Uncle Sam next in line.

Obama, Ross and the others who swear by sanctions are re-defining naivete in the worst possible way and at the worst possible time. Over the past few years iran has employed every available ploy to detour its critics while moving hellbent toward the bomb(s). 

What's necessary -- the sooner the better -- is a full-scale military strike against Iran and no amount of Obama blather can ignore that fact.

Ross: "The president has been very clear about it, saying he takes no options off the table. That's what he means. But he prefers diplomacy to work."

Diplomacy stopped working with the Arabs years ago. As for the "options," Obama should once and for all go for the military option instead of leaving it on the table alongside the useless sanctions!

Otherwise, the next Pearl Harbor will be a lot worse than the December 7, 1941 version!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


BY Simon Fischler

Israel has for a long time been unjustly viewed by many outsiderts as some sort of Goliath oppressing a little David played by the Palestinians.

This notion could not be more wrong.

First fact, Israel has not and isn’t just fighting the Palestinians. Since her creation the Jewish State has been at war, without a break, with the whole Arab world and much of the Islamic world.

Let’s put this into some sort of perspective: if we were to amass all the Jews in the world, the number wouldn’t come close to the population of Cairo, Egypt!

Thus, who is David and who is Goliath?

Since her creation Israel has faced a racist policy carried out by her Arab neighbors. They have attempted on many occasions to commit GENOCIDE against Israel's citizens and when they failed to accomplish this, they have behaved as if Israel does not exist or will soon be taken off of the world map!

Israel is refused a proper place in the UN because of the Arabs’ racist policy of excluding her from their geographical region.

A small example of Israel's plight in the Middle East: a decade ago I visited Petra, in Jordan, before the start of Arafat's "second Intifada." We have had a treaty with Jordan since the mid-1990s, and tourism between the two countries was flourishing at the moment.

However, as I glanced down at the brochure/map given to us as we boarded the bus to Petra, I noted that the entire area that should have been Israel on the map was blank. There was no country name and furthermore the entire area which should have been Israel was colored green -- an Islamic color -- rather than blue for Israel!

And this was a nation with which we had a peace treaty!

Today, the whole Arab world has, in so many words, again laid threat to Israel.

On top of the on going refusal of the Arab world to recognize Israel for what it truly is, the Jewish Nation State; Israel will soon facing a fascist, extremist, apocalyptic and nuclear armed Shia Muslim Iran.

The Arabs are not willing to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State, and neither is Iran.

This has been made clear time and time again. From the UN partition to the Camp David and Taba talks lead by President Bill Clinton.

From the beginning to end the Palestinians have always said no to peace; they have always chosen the dissolution of Israel over building their own state.

I challenge anyone to refute this with facts; it is historically impossible.

It is time for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expose both the leaders of the Palestinian Authority for their falsehoods and the Arab, Muslim world for their fallacies against Israel and the Jewish Nation.

Although it is taking a chance Israeli PM Netanyahu should call for a settlement freeze in all of Judea and Samaria; but absolutely not in East Jerusalem. Israel will do this and even go one step further. The Netanyahu government should recognize a provisional Palestinian State on the Land the PA has complete Authority over; this of course is in return for a Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish State and resumption of Peace Negotiations to finalize disagreements.

Of course the Palestinians will reject this, once again exposing them for who they really are: Anti-Israel and unwilling to compromise.

It will also expose the outright one-sidedness of the international community towards Israel. It will expose the fact that the Palestinians have had the sometimes tacit, sometimes overt diplomatic blessing of the EU, Russia and China.

Let me ask you, who is David and who is Goliath in this scenario?

Today the American administration has unintentionally harmed Israel diplomatically probably more than ever in her history, thanks to the "BALANCED" approach President Obama and his cadre took.

Luckily when the Palestinians spit all of Obama's goodwill back in his face the President woke up and has become for more practical. Let us hope that this trend continues.

Israel, with the help of an American Government that understands its situation far better today and an American government that has received third degree, diplomatic burns from the constant and continued lies and diplomatic trickery of the Palestinians; can take the initiative in the international diplomatic world and put the ball back into the Arab, Muslim and Palestinian court.

It is time for the Israel DAVID to sling his stone into the eye of the Palestinian Goliath.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, he laid his cards on the table.

He would punish the Jews plus all those who helped defeat Germany in World War I. And that was just for starters.

The Nazi dictator was in no great hurry because first he had to build the National Socialist State into a military juggernaut that it eventually would become.

But day by day; week by week, month by month, the signs were all evident and the Chancellor made no bones about his aims. After all, he had laid them all out in his infamous book Mein Kampf and, after reading it, no Jew in Germany could feel secure, let alone those throughout Europe's democracies.

Remarkably, no matter how vehement Hitler's demands; no matter how intimidating has fanatical Nuremburg rallies; no matter how abuses and restrictions against Germany's Jews increased, world leaders -- with precious few exceptions such as Winston Churchill -- either minimized the Nazi threats or ignored their genuine nature.

And we know what happened six years after the dictator had moved into the Reichstag; innocent Poland was invaded by the Wermacht; then the Low Countries; and that invasion set up the annihilation of the French army and, of course, the Russian invasion by the Nazi should not be overlooked either.

Every threat made by Hitler was carried out, virtually to the letter with the Holocaust being his ultimate evil assault on humanity.

Yet as the Germans planned their conquests, foes either ignored the warnings or groveled as the Nazi machine moved into gear; marching illegally into the Saar Basis, annexing Austria and then Czechoslovakia. The appeasers appeased until it was too late and even then, the world's most powerful democracy sat on the sidelines as Hitler marched -- and exterminated.

It took slothful President Woodrow Wilson more than three years before he hesitatingly inserted America into World War I to make "The World Safe For Democracy." And while Hitler burned Europe from West to East, Franklin Delano Roosevelt waited three years on the sidelines and still would not have entered World War II had Hitler not declared war on Uncle Sam immediately after Pearl Harbor.

Has Barack Obama learned anything from history? Hardly -- unless his game plan, as many believe, is simply to let Israel fall prey to the single most threatening nation since Hitler's Germany; Iran.

The mullahcracy as a world danger has been articulated by some prescient leaders, most notably Ariel Sharon. While others focused on Iraq and Afghanistan it was Israel's Prime Minister who accurately fingered the Iranians as the universal threat.

Sharon was ignored and Benjamin Netanyahu's warnings are being blown away by the irresponsible leaders both in American and Europe. Hitler didn't have an atomic bomb but Iran is hellbent toward making one, or two or three.

And like Hitler, Iranian leaders are making no bones about their plans, vis-a-vis Israel and the United States.

Earlier this Winter, Iran's Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, told a cheering Tehran audience that "in light of the realization of the divine promise by almighty God, the Zionists and the Great Satan (USA) will soon be defeated ... Allah's promises will be delivered and Islam will be victorious."

Notice, he included Obama's favorite country as a target and there are some who believe that once Iran constructs nuclear weapons some might very well be pointed at Washington and New York.

Judging by the feeble responses from the White House, 10 Downing Street and Paris -- among other sleepwalking sites -- the Allies must believe that Khamenei is kidding. But he is not any more than Hitler was fooling around.

Sanctions aimed at thwarting the madmen in Tehran are merely treated by Khamenei as a sign of weakness; roughly equivalent to Hitler's contempt for France when the latter allowed him to march into the Saar, annex Austria and then the Czechs with virtual impunity.

The sanctions are merely the tool of White House procrastinators and as we all know, procrastination is the thief of time. Problem is, we're running out of time to halt Iran's nuclear ambitions.

In many ways sanctions are laughable. Exhibit A is Syria where international sanctions were meant to stop Bashar Assad from massacring civilians.

Documents indicate that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has given Assad more than $1 billion to help it overcome the oil embargo and other moves including restrictions of flights and sanctions against the central bank.

Exhibits B to Z include the United Nations, the Arab League, the European Union, et. al. which collectively have had no major impact on the Assad dictatorship.

One might have asked in 1914, when the Germans invaded tiny Belgium and then France, what President Wilson was waiting for if he was truly interested in aiding the threatened democracies. Ditto for FDR, who pathetically remained aloof while Great Britain was threatened with extinction and European Jews were being wiped out.

What is Obama waiting for as the clock ticks down to a nuclear attack on Israel and perhaps even America? Iranian calls to destroy the Jewish people are unparalleled since Nazi Germany.

American vigorous leadership is needed NOW. Uncle Sam has the military might to take out every single one of the Iranian nuclear facilities without fear of significant retaliation in the next months. Meanwhile, Obama fiddles.

Pay attention to Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum's theory on White House policy-making and the Middle East.

"We're throwing Israel under the bus because we know we're going to be dependent on OPEC," Santorum said. "We're going to say, 'Oh, Iran, we don't want you to get a nuclear weapon -- wink, wink, wink, nod, nod -- go ahead, just give us your oil.' The president of the United States is selling the economic security of the United States down the river right now."

Not that the Republicans have been any bargain in the past. The GOP's Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice insisted along with Defense Secretary Gates that Israel not take any military action against Syria's nuclear plant. But Israel knew that the White House would diddle while the Syrians became a nuclear threat. Not long afterward Israel struck the Syrian reactor without Uncle Sam's approval.

This may have to happen to Iran because Obama never will respond to the Iranian threat any more than France responded to Hitler in 1936, 1937, 1938, and 1939. By 1940 France had been conquered by the Nazis.

Procrastination is the thief of time and, you can be sure, Benjamin Netanyahu does not want his country to be the victim.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Anti-Semitism week has opened at Universities across the globe.

Wait a second, I am sorry I’ve made a mistake; what they’re calling it at these great institutions of knowledge is “Israel Apartheid Week.” 

This week of flagrant Jew Hatred is Organized by pro-Palestinian groups, backed by BIG OIL and the freedom loving Saudi Royal family.

The activities taking place at universities of the West (largely Britain, EU countries and the US) are an overt attempt to equate the only openly democratic country in the Middle East, Israel, with South Africa when it was a totally apartheid nation.

In reality, however, these events are not really protesting Israel, or encouraging sanctions against Israel because they honestly think Israel is a nation of apartheid; they are making thinly veiled protests against Israel because it is the Jewish State, and they hate Jews.

The trailer for Israel Apartheid week is as much of a joke as the actual week itself.

In the trailer you see beautiful landscapes of what is called the West Bank. Then all of a sudden this Barrier appears simply for no reason whatsoever. At the end of their trailer they list their three demands: End of Occupation, Full Equality for Palestinian Citizens of Israel, Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees.

All three demands are glaring proof of the fallacy of Israel Apartheid week. All three demands are proof that this cause is not beneficial to peace, but is racist, Anti-Semitic and its true cause is to give Arabs the ability to lord over and enslave the Jewish Nation.

Any one who denies that Israel had to build the Wall of Life is supporting suicide bombers and the innocent killing of Israeli citizens; for that matter they are supporting the killing of innocent civilians the world over.

Since that barrier has been finished there has not been one suicide bombing in Israel.

The friendly neighborhood fascists at Israel Apartheid week forget to include the FACT that the Palestinians chose to strike down peace with Israel at Camp David and Taba.

They forget to tell you that the Palestinians chose to go to war with Israel in 2000. It has slipped their memory that there was no barrier until the Palestinians rejected peace and statehood and opted for blowing up men, women and children in Israeli cities.

If these JEW HATING Palestinian lovers want us to tear down the barrier that keeps our children alive; then I want them to invite a rapist into their daughter’s bedroom. 

In the case of the Palestinian Arabs of Israel; I think you mean Israeli Arabs right?

They have far more equality than Arabs in the Arab world. That is an undeniable FACT.

Maybe the people behind Israeli Apartheid Week would be wise to demand that the Arabs feeding them the anti-Semitic garbage about Israel, explain in detail why they aren't fighting the human rights abuses that take place on a daily basis the Arab world over!

Israeli Arabs were the first to shoot down an idea by the much-hated Avigdor Lieberman to exchange the Israeli Arab towns in the Arab triangle with the Jewish Settlements that will remain part of Israel in a peace agreement.

Understand, what Lieberman proposed would not have stripped them of their land, houses or property. What it meant was exchanging their citizenship from Israeli to Palestinian.

The Israeli Arabs screamed this down louder than a newborn boy at his circumcision.


They know better than all of these radical Jew Haters what it would be like to live in a Palestinian State.

They know better than anyone how free they are in comparison to what it is like to live in other Arab countries. That means no democracy and no freedom of speech (which the Israeli Arabs take ridiculous advantage of).

They see on daily basis what is happening in Egypt and Syria. Murdering his citizens for Assad is like a game of Nintendo Duck Hunt!

Israeli Arabs vote in Israeli elections, can live where they choose and can scream bloody murder at the state that protects their lives like no other European, American or Arab State would.

Last year the Netanyahu government approved and passed in the Knesset 100 million shekels just for the Israeli Arab sector alone.

On top of all of this Israeli Arabs have far more equality than most African Americans and Latinos have in the United States of America, FACT.

Going along with the glaring week of fascism I have found out that singer/song writer Cat Power has just canceled a concert in Tel Aviv. Why? Because of confusion in respect to the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Are you for real Cat Power? What kind of idiot can you be?

Let me help unconfuse you Ms. Power! You decided to cancel your concert during a week in which the Alawite Syrian government murdered more than three hundred of its own citizens; just for demanding freedom.

You did this during the same week that the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement with HAMAS (a radical, Islamist Terrorist organization) for a unity government.

Cat Power you reneged on your concert the day after the Gaza based HAMAS leadership, now in a sweet Unity government with Peace Seeking (peace seeking as long as it means destroying Israel)Mahmoud Abbas; promised never to recognize Israel, the eighty percent majority Jewish Nation State.

Cat Power you may be ignorant to the history of this conflict but that is your fault. Whether you mean it or not you are now joining the side of Anti-Semitism!

Ignorance and Hatred, the only two things for sale at Israel Apartheid Week, are diseases that allowed the Holocaust to happen.

These two diseases allow a fallacy like The Palestinian Right of Return to continue. This Arab invention is the biggest scam of all. Anyone -- and I mean anyone -- who supports this idea does not support peace and is a firm backer of Arab/Islamic imperialism.

If you support this then you are supporting the destruction of the state of Israel, which has an eighty percent Jewish Majority, FACT.

If you support this then what you are saying is that the Jews, who have lived in Israel for thousands of years, whose home this country has always been have no right to Self-determination and freedom.

What you are saying is that it makes no difference that 900,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries to the 700,000 Arabs who left mostly of their own will from Israel.

If you support this than you are saying that the Palestinians should get their own state and the state of Israel on top of that. Meaning the Arabs or more deserving of Freedom to govern themselves than the Jews are.

This is nothing more that Anti-Semitism at its best. 

No Israeli government will agree to the Palestinian Right of Return, nor should any Israeli government agree to this.

The responsibility of what happened to Arabs who tried to annihilate the Jews of Israel rests on the shoulders of the Arab leadership of that time. Responsibility rests on the shoulders of the Arab nations who willingly attempted to commit genocide and destroy the country of Israel.

Even sicker and what proves that this week and the people who join it are nothing more than racist, anti-Israel and anti-semitic is the long list of places where they could better be aiming their vitriol:  all the other places on our globe where people are truly treated inhumanely, genuinely lack freedoms and suffer from great injustices, as well as genocide on a massive scale.

What about Tibet? The Chinese have destroyed Tibetan culture, forcefully removing whole villages and towns and replacing them with Han Chinese, to totally change the demographics of the Country. This was a country before the Chinese hostilely invaded it --unlike Palestine which has never existed. 

Where are the screams over Darfur? More than 100,000 black Africans have been killed by the Janjaweed, an Arab Muslim militia that kills and rapes women and children and destroys the villages of these black Africans, most of them Muslim themselves. 

What about the Kurds? They have been fighting for their freedom long before the Arabs knew about Palestinian Nationalism. The Kurds have done far more to build the foundations of a state than the Palestinians. The Kurds have a culture that goes back into history long before there was an idea of a Palestine; this is a FACT. 

What about the Basques? Just because their land happens to be in France and Spain, does this mean they deserve a state less than the Palestinians? Again, the Basques are one of the oldest peoples of Europe, with a culture and history started long before the idea of Palestine. Why isn’t anyone screaming bloody murder for a Basque State in Europe?


In all cases above these people do not have equal rights in the countries they live in. On many occasions they have been persecuted and killed.

Why aren’t the radicals going after Spain, France, China, Sudan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria?

For that matter, why aren’t they protesting the actions of all of the Arab nations surrounding Israel, most of whom have rejected the Palestinians at one time or another, forcing them back into the refugee camps of the West Bank?

These protesters are not interested in delegitimizing the aforementioned countries because none of them is the Jewish state.

Ironically, none of the afore mentioned nations being persecuted and deprived of their freedoms are fighting against the Jews; only the made up, Arab squatter nation that calls themselves the Palestinians -- a people who, before the state of Israel existed, did not consider themselves Palestinians but Syrians.

Of all these persecuted nations mentioned above not one has been offered a state similar to the one the Palestinians were.

This is extremely important to remember: Israel agreed to give back 93-97 percent of the West Bank (really Judea and Samaria), all of Gaza, East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian quarters of the Old City.

It was the poor, “occupied” Palestinians who chose to continue being stateless, if they could not destroy Israel demographically. FACT!

Israel Apartheid week is nothing more than an Arab-sponsored, colonial hate-fest.

The people who brought us Israel Apartheid week and their supporters claim to be seeking freedom, human rights and justice. However, make no mistake: what they are truly seeking is a racist policy of Arab and Muslim imperialism, the unjustified criminalization of Israel and ultimately the destruction of the state of Israel.

Friday, February 10, 2012


By Simon Fischler


Monday, February 6, 2012


By Simon Fischler

If there was any doubt about the United Nations being a joke, the vote to stop Syrian President Assad’s mass murdering of his citizens in the UN security council three days ago cleared that up.

The morning after two hundred and fifty Syrians had been killed in the city of Homs by Assad’s murderous accomplices, the security council, thanks to Russia and China, told the Syrian people to sit on it.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei V Lavrov had this to say about the outrage shown by the United States, the EU and the Arab League over the Russian veto.

“There are some in the West who have given evaluations of the vote on Syria in the United Nations Security Council that sound, I would say, indecent and perhaps on the verge of hysterical,”.

For a Russian government that has no problem murdering its own people, the slaughter of six thousand Syrians must be nothing and the reaction of the West must appear Hysterical!

This European interference by Russia came after the Arab League and almost all Arab States had finally come together to assume responsibility and act against an Arab tyrant.

Instead of rewarding the Arabs for finally taking care of their own business and standing by them; the UN tossed them under a bus and let Russia jokingly hand Assad free reign to continue his crimes against humanity.

This must be a resounding, morning after, wake up call for Israel.

The Obama administration and the European Unions inability to sway Russia from their inherent support for evil regimes is lesson number one for Israel.

Lesson number two, the failure of Obama, the UN and the EU to convince China (which lives off of American and European consumers buying their cheaply made goods) to forget the idea of a veto against the Assad UN resolution is clear proof that international appeasement diplomacy is a failure.

The outcome of this vote is also proof that the concept of globalization forcing countries like China to do the right thing in international diplomacy is garbage.

If Israeli’s or any Israeli leaders still hope for an America that will tackle Iran, this UN vote should clear that up real well.

If America and Europe are afraid to tackle a Syrian regime that is mass murdering its people live in front of the world; or are not affective or strong enough to move Russia and China to vote correctly, then they surely wont make a move against a much stronger Iran.

Israel would do well to immediately make contact with the Arab league representatives and offer military hardware to those fighting the Assad regime.

This could be a counter weight to the hourly and daily help Assad is receiving from Hezbollah and the Ayatollahs in Iran.

Israel can show the Arab world that where America and the EU have failed Israel is ready to stand by the Arab League (of course behind closed doors),and the Arab Nation.

More than anything Israel must realize that when it comes to Iran, Israel cannot count on America or the EU. Neither have the backbone for a real confrontation with Iran.

The inability of America and the EU to make the hard decisions of standing up to Russia and riding Syria of Assad; or stopping Iran from building nuclear weapons is no different than the appeasement of Hitler by England and France prior to World War Two.

Israel as always can only count on itself to protect the Jewish Nation and its right to self-determination and stand against those who wish for our extermination.


By Schmoel Yitzhak

In his latest exhibition of feeble procrastination, President Obama has told the world that Israel has not decided whether to attack Iran or not.

He also reiterated the White House position that "diplomatic" means should be exhausted to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities.

There in two sentences you have the reason why the president's theme song should be "Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland."

Obama has no idea what Israel plans to do because the second he'd be told what Jerusalem plans to do about militant Iran, Uncle Sam would thwart any attack by leaking the information and/or putting the kind of heavy-handed pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu that presidents as far back as Dwight D. Eisenhower did ever since the Jewish State faced its earliest crises. America is best as an onlooker; no more, no less.

As for the "diplomatic means" theme -- yikes! -- that's been the Administration's theme ever since this weakest of weak American leaders took office. His diplomatic record must be graded F for failure.

The more Obama talks "diplomacy," the more Iran's leadership laughs it off. And for good reason, Tehran knows it can survive the worst of economic sanctions because America's bite isn't nearly and tough as its bark.

When it comes to protecting Israel, the only real concern the president suffers is votes; as in will he garner enough knee-jerk Jewish Democratic votes to get himself re-elected. And if that traumatic event does occur, then no further buses will be necessary under which to throw Israel; that will be the end of it.

No matter how the Democrats try to shake it, Israel has no friend in the White House, nor the State Department nor the Defense Department.

In terms of their collective achievements in the Middle East over the past three years, one can call the whole bunch of them stumblebums based on their chain reaction of bungling.

No matter how you shake it, Libya is a mess. Riot-a-week Egypt is worse and nothing has fazed the Assad regime when it comes to mowing down so many Syrians that the number now is beyond staggering.

Obama impetuously dumped Egypt's Mubarak and look what's happening in Cairo. Does democracy have a chance there with the Muslim Brotherhood relentlessly moving to take over? Not a chance.

Hilary Clinton has been a futile Secretary of State -- probably now conniving her way to a presidential run the next time around.

Leon Panetta -- a Class A stooge for Arab interests -- has been so openly hostile to Israel since taking control of the Defense Department we might as well call him The Grand Mufti of Pennsylvania Avenue.

There no longer is a significant figure in Washington who will go to bat for Israel once Iran obtains its desperately sought nuclear weaponry.

Obama will talk diplomacy; Panetta will side with the Arabs -- as he always has done -- Clinton will pose thoughtfully and produce gournish for Benjamin Netanyahu; except, perhaps, for bitter homilies about the danger of Jews building homes in Judea and Samaria.

As Ehud Barak has noted, "Later is too late."

As Yogi Berra has noted, "It's getting late early."

Unfortunately, the White House really doesn't care.

Therefore, Israel must care on its own.