Saturday, August 31, 2013


By Sig Demling

Never mind England's decision to refrain from entering Assad's Syrian killing fields. 

Never mind Barack Obama's dither-dither policy over attacking the murderous dictator's weaponry. 

This obscene bit of head-of-state fearfulness is something we've come to expect and explains why Israel should never, ever, rely on its so-called "allies" for support in anycircumstance.

Which brings me to a moral equation that says it all about how the Outside World reacts to Israel.

More importantly it emphasizes how the Middle East's only democracy must now thinkindependently without regard to Uncle Sam, John Bull (as in bullshit), non-belligerents and those determined to annihilate Israel.

According to a conservative death scoreboard more than a thousand human beings have been wiped out in Syria. Mind you, that is not counting those who perished in the most recent chemical attack launched by Assad.

In that period not a single Syrian has been killed by the IDF -- nor by any Israeli for that matter -- nor has Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Lebanon's Nasrallah nor the nut cases who command Gaza and Iran.

Yet in that span of Syrian madness, it is innocent Israel which has been incessantly assailed by the European Union and, specifically, Great Briton's Lady Ashton (proving that anybody can be a Lady.)

 Why -- as if by knee-jerk reaction -- do they endlessly invoke sanctions against Israel?

Because of bedrooms and living rooms; that's why. Because of kitchens, toilets and whatever else goes into a normal household; that's why. Home-building is a sin in the eyes of Brits; gassing of innocents is of no consequence to them.

Ashton & Company want to bring Israel to its knees because Bibi insists that his country has the right to build homes for its citizens. These are dwellings without guns. They have patios without mortars; lawns without rocket-launchers. 

And, by the way, none of these Israeli apartments have -- or will -- shield missile sites as is the widespread case in Lebanon and Gaza. These are one, two and in some cases three-bedroom homes which have and will house Jews who want to live in peace. 

So on the one hand you have Lady Ashton's assorted do-gooders playing ostrich over Syria's mountainous death toll while Lady A gets her vowels in an uproar because Jews want to live in an apartment. 

Could be in East Jerusalem, Ariel or Hebron. It doesn't really matter where; what matters is that Jews have every right to want to live where they want to live.

This reasonable desire, unfortunately, has been warped into something equivalent to a cardinal sin by the BS-ing Brits, by the anti-semitic EU not to mention any of the growing band of Jew-haters in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium.

Obama draws a red line with Assad and then conveniently forgets about it while Syrians get gassed. Jews build homes and the president's latest puppet, John Kerry, goes ape over apartments. 

There's something egregiously illogical about that but, then again, when it comes to Israel-bashing, logic not only takes a back seat, it completely disappears.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

For the last thirteen years I have made Israel my home; for the last four years I have made fighting for Israel on the internet my life.

After making Aliyah to Israel I hoped to be given the chance to serve in my new country’s army. 

Sadly, because of my medical situation (I’m the recipient of heart transplantation) I was denied that ability. So I decided instead, that if I could not defend my country in the army, I would do it online.

The last four years have been an eye-opening experience.

The amount of animosity directed towards Israel and those who defend her, make fighting for her a daunting task. 

The amount of hate mail I receive is simply astonishing and an amazing example of how sick those who stand against Israel truly are. 

When writing in defense of Israel, it is imperative to know the facts and to do your reading. Those fighting for the colonialist Arabs often blatantly lie and almost never present genuine facts. 

For them it is almost a necessity to do this, since most of the facts stack up against them.

We must never stoop to this level. Those who wish to defend Israel have such a plethora of historical facts defending our side of this argument, making it hugely important to use them and their sources. 

This is a war; it makes no difference that we are fighting on a different type of battlefield. 

When writing about our country we must move from the defensive to the offensive. 

Like the IDF of old, we need to grab the initiative and pre-empt organizations like BDS and their brethren. We need to hit them hard and often with facts.

If you happen to live in Israel like myself describing daily experiences is an amazing weapon against the anti-Israel, anti-Semites. This is one of the best ways to disprove the lie of Apartheid.. 

More than anything we must stop being so diplomatic in our defense of Israel. We must not be afraid to “out” these haters.

Those who hate Israel attack her with downright lies. 

They lie and use tactics similar to the worst Nazi propagandists.

When Omar Barghouti the founder of B.D.S says that Israel is an Apartheid State he is doing nothing more than deceiving those who are ignorant to the situation. 

Omar would never talk about the fact that Israeli Arabs enjoy all the freedoms of the state. 

He would never mention that there are 14 Arab members of the Knesset. He will never tell you that Israeli Arabs are allowed anywhere and everywhere in Israel. 

In apartheid South Africa or in the Segregated South of the United States this simply was not true. 

Anyone who does a little bit of research would know that in the former South Africa or the southern states in the US blacks were separated from Whites. The black Africans and African Americans were denied everything. Here in many cases Israeli Arabs enjoy greater freedoms than Israeli Jews. 

They do not have to serve on the Army, they are all living on government subsidies and rarely pay the land taxes we Israeli Jews do. 

Omar Barghouti also want tell you that Israeli Arabs enjoy greater freedoms than any other Arabs the world over; especially greater freedoms than Arabs living in Arab states. JUST LOOK AT SYRIA AND EGYPT FOR STARTERS! 

In fact Omar Barghouti and B.D.S are the people preaching Apartheid and possibly even genocide. 

Mr. Barghouti and his friends at B.D.S openly call for the destruction of Israel.

It is Mr. Barghouti who in fact fights for a racist and anti-Semitic policy when he calls for the destruction of the Jewish Nation. It is the people of B.D.S who openly want to deny the Jewish Nation their right to self-determination. 

If you want to write in defense of Israel then you must be ready to call these liars on their fabrications. You must be able to hit back at someone like Omar Barghouti.

Should we stoop to his level? NO, but we should not be afraid of calling these people and the organizations they represent what they truly are: RACISTS AND ANTI-SEMITES. 

That is where we are today: those who advocate the destruction of Israel and who delegitimize her are anti-Semites and they need to be called anti-Semites. 

Those who call Israel an apartheid state, even if it is through ignorance are anti-Semites and again, they must be called out on this. Diplomacy can no longer hold us back as these charlatans attempt to deny the Jewish Nation its right to self-determination. 

We must also work hard to create an umbrella organization for the defense of Israel on the Internet and in the media. The faster we create an umbrella group representing all those who back and love Israel on Facebook and Twitter and other internet sites, the faster we can gain the power to truly fight poisonous groups like BDS.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

The UNQUENCHABLE anti-Semitism that spews from the mouth, pen and/or performances of Roger Waters is sometimes astounding. 

Last month Waters performed in Belgium. During his concert he dazzled his audience dressed in a quasi Nazi uniform and adorned his stage with a giant, floating pig bearing the Star of David on it. 

Sure Rog, you’re no anti-Semite! 

Now the man has continued his Himmler-like mission against the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Nation State by calling on the Rock and Roll world to boycott Israel. 

Mr. Waters has chosen to do this right after more than 700 people were killed by the Egyptian Army in one weekend. But Roger isn’t calling for a boycott of Egypt. 

Nor is he calling for a boycott of Syria where the apartheid Alawite regime of Bashar Assad has been responsible for the death of over 100,000 Syrian citizens in two and a half years of civil war. 

Mr. Waters is not calling for a boycott of the Hamas-led government of Gaza that preaches genocide by calling for the destruction of Israel, an 80 percent Jewish country! 

Nor has Roger called to boycott Hamas for openly committing crimes against humanity by shooting rockets intentionally into Israeli civilian centers and by using its own Gazan population as human shields.

None of this bothers Roger Waters, cause the people committing these heinous crimes aren’t Jews or the Jewish Nation! 

It is plain and simple: Roger Waters has an addiction; he is addicted to hating Israel. He is bent on causing the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Nation State harm through lies and innuendo of the worst kind. 

Roger Waters is so fixated on trying to cause harm to Israel that he is willing to overlook facts that prove clearly Israel is a state that stands for liberty, freedom and democracy! He ignores the fact that Israel’s minorities (Israeli Arabs, Druze and Circassians) have greater freedoms than minorities in the United States or his own United Kingdom. 

Waters overlooks the fact that Israeli Arabs can vote in all Israeli elections, are members of the Knesset, go to Israeli universities and are doctors, nurses and so on. 

He forgets that the Druze of Israel, making up about 150,000 citizens are fervently pro-Israeli, serve in the Israel Defense Forces and have a very high representation in the Knesset. The Circassian Muslims also have the same love and dedication to Israel as the Druze.

Waters chooses to overlook Israel taking in wounded Syrian citizens daily and providing them emergency health care at the expense of Israeli citizens. These are citizens of an enemy country! 


I ask the Rock and Roll world -- and the rest of the world for that matter -- to say ENOUGH to Roger Waters, Alice Walker, Stephen Hawkings and the rest of these so-called liberal intellectuals and celebrities committing the worst type of anti-Semitism for their own personal benefit! 

Others should follow the example of super-model Bar Raphaeli who said to Roger, “Fine, make your boycott complete: stop using photographs of me in your concerts!”

You go, girl!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Every day in every way the illusion that John Kerry can somehow produce a lasting peace between Arabs and Israelis is perpetuated in the papers.

It is an illusion for the following reasons:

1. Grad rockets fired from the Sinai at Eilat by Islamic fanatics.

2. Assorted other rockets fired from Gaza at Sedorot by Hamas-sponsored murderers.

3. An attack on an Israeli patrol that caused injury to four members of the IDF. Hezbollah took credit for that. 

While Kerry supports the feeble Mahmoud Abbas and his so-called Palestinian Authority in a "peace process" a real war is threatening all three of Israel's borders.

Each is a legitimate concern for Benjamin Netanyahu

The Obama-Kerry Theory that a Mahmoud-Bibi pact will make even the tiniest dent in the warlike armor confronting Israel from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the Sinai is beyond fallacious. 

It's the height of illusion.

A peace pact is possible only when Arabs on all fronts of Israel are ready to accept the Jewish State for what it is.

Such a Promethian feat -- by Islamic standards -- is impossible since the "Hate Israel" mantra is imbued in every Middle East capital from Damascus to Tehran and you can throw in Beirut for good measure. 

Not once does either Kerry nor his puppeteer, Obama, mention the venous anti-Israel virus that infects every as aspect of Arab thinking. 

Nor has the White House ever made good on its "Protect Israel's back" vow that has taken on the shape of a grand illusion. 

Not surprisingly, but the left-winging (pro-Obama) tilted American media turns away from any such indictment of the Chief Executive.

But writers such as Emily Schrader. a political consultant, correctly addresses the issue head-on. Authoring in The Jerusalem Post, Schrader lays the indisputable facts on the line.

"The Obama administration has repeatedly strong-armed Israel from the start," says Schrader. "It perpetuates the myth, believed by many European countries, that Israel takes unnecessary actions that harm the prospects of peace with the 'oppressed' Palestinians."

Every action on the Arab side since the current peace discussions began has been hostile. Look at the record:

1. Uncle Sam agrees that Arab-Israeli talks must begin without pre-conditions.

2. Abbas demands pre-conditions. He insists that a large number of murderous Arab prisoners be released from Israeli jails.

3. Coerced by Obama, Bibi agrees as a matter of good faith to the pre-condition. 

4. Never satisfied, the Arab negotiator demands more pre-conditions.

Schrader: "Not only has the US government strong-armed Israel into releasing over 100 cold-blooded terrorists in order to appease the Palestinians, but it has simultaneously ignored Abbas’ statement to the Egyptian press that Palestine with be Judenrein.

One can’t help but wonder what the reaction would be if Netanyahu had stated that no Arabs would live in the State of Israel.”

You know the reaction.

The European Union would declare that Israel should extend from Tel Aviv to Jaffa and that would be that.

What’s astonishing is that there has been no reaction from Israel’s “friends” in the White House to Abbas’ judenrein declaration.

What’s even more astonishing is Kerry’s grand illusion that militant Islam ever will come to terms with Israel as what it is -- The Jewish State. 

It will never happen and that explains why the “peace talks” remain a colossal waste of time and hot air.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Apparently John Kerry has forgotten that Israel has offered the Palestinians statehood on more than one occasion. 

The good Secretary has also forgotten that the Palestinian camp always says that Yassar Arafat could never have accepted the compromise offered to him at Camp David and at the Taba negotiations for fear of assassination. 

That means Arafat could not accept the realization of Statehood for the Palestinian nation in simple return for recognizing Israel as the Jewish State and giving up on destroying Jewish self-determination.

So, I ask, where is the Peace? 

These pro-Palestinian advocates never point out that Itzhak Rabin paid for peace with his life, as did Anwar Sadat of Egypt. 

Revisionists will try to distort what has happened since the start of the Oslo debacle.  

They will say Arafat did not get enough. 

To a degree they are right. Arafat was not capable of getting Ehud Barak to dismantle Israel by accepting the Palestinian right of return; and no responsible Israeli leader will. The Arabs, as a colonialist nation, have never been ready to compromise. 

History is there to remind us that no one ever gets exactly what he really wants. 

The Yishuv (pre-Israel Jewish leadership in mandate Palestine) wanted far more land than was given to them when the United Nations partitioned the British Mandate. David Ben Gurion did what the Palestinians still have not learned to do. He compromised and did what was best for his nation.

If the Palestinians truly wanted a state they could have already had one on numerous occasions. 

It has gotten to the point where one must ask the Palestinians if they truly want this state. 

Maybe it is better for them to always play the role of the innocent (wink, wink) victim? 

If Barack Obama, the EU and the UN really want peace for our region, then there is a simple way of getting it: make the Arabs finally take responsibility for their actions.

Make the Arabs take responsibility for turning their back on Partition in 1947. 

Make them take responsibility for starting the genocidal war to destroy the nascent state of Israel in 1948. 

Make them take responsibility for throwing away or stealing all the money that was given to them by the US and the EU for building the foundations of a state. 

Make them also take responsibility for taking much of that money and buying weapons to kill Israelis. 

Make them take responsibility for saying NO to peace and statehood at Camp David and Taba. 

Make them take responsibility for putting another thorn in the side of peace by sponsoring the Anti-Israel camp currently attempting to delegitimize Israel with slander and falsehoods. 


As I said, I want peace. I want the Palestinians to achieve self-determination and statehood, but not at the expense of Israel. 

We Israelis will never, ever give up our right to self-determination, statehood or the nation we have built and to the achievements we have created through our own hard work. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Peace is an interesting term when dealing with the Israeli-Arab conflict, mostly because it asks everyone involved in the process or living in the area in question to take history and toss it out the window.

I want peace, for my children, for myself, for my fellow citizens and I even want peace for the Palestinians.

I do not want peace at any price, especially not at the price of committing national suicide. 

The majority of Israelis feel the same. I also know a majority of us are willing to make great compromises for true peace.

Attaining peace in this conflict is far simpler than people make it out to be. 

It takes the recognition of both nations’ (Jewish and Arab) right to exist here. Israel has gone to great pains to express this and recognize this. 

The Arabs have not.

Prime Ministers of Israel from Itzhak Rabin to Benjamin Netenyahu have all said that a final peace agreement would lead to the creation of a Palestinian (i.e., Arab/Muslim) state. 

Not one Palestinian leader has ever been, or is now ready to recognize Israel as the Jewish state.

That means just one thing, the Arabs have never really wanted peace!

This creates an absolute impasse that has existed since the State of Israel came into being!

The fascist, Arab, nationalist, movements that followed the Jewish nationalist movement have never excepted the concept of peace because it runs contrary to their dream of establishing a greater Arab state in all of the Near-East.

Thus, even with all of John Kerry’s hopes, how can Israelis be asked again to compromise, when we are always met with propaganda, rhetoric, lies and absolute intransigence on the subject of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state? 

Why in the world should Israelis support peace, when the side we are supposed to be making peace with is doing all they can to delegitimize the nation we have created and worked and fought so hard to protect? 

Why should we endanger ourselves when the other side is so unwilling to take that one simple step? 


By Sig Demling

Once upon a time columnists were raving about something someone labelled "The Arab Spring."

Events in Tunisia and Egypt has the center-to-left pundits waxing ecstatic about some dreamlike conception called democracy in the Middle East.

The supposition -- roughly equivalent to an mirage in the desert -- was that the Obama-inspired ousting of Hosni Mubarak would herald a brave, new enlightenment era in the Arab World.

It's time for us to check out that Arab World.

* EGYPT: There has been a revolt against the peoples' revolution. Obama's most coveted Arab-spring-aling, the Muslim Brotherhood, 
MB -- as in Mostly Bad -- spent a year proving that it's about the worst thing to happen in the Middle East since, well, Assad's Syria.

* SYRIA: And speaking of cockeyed examples of the Arab Spring, the murder count now has passed the 100,000 mark and The White House still is trying to determine which homicidal group to support.

* TURKEY: Erdogan's government has managed -- so far -- to stifle oppostion while remaining a dictatorship pretending to be a democracy. Clear-minded Turks know what's going on but their ability to further protest is overshadowed by the potential for Assad-type assaults. 

Rather than remind you of the burlesques on democracy in Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon and Gaza, let me point out that such august outfits such as the United Nations and the European Union seem to believe that their fervent focus should be on Israel.

And maybe the UN and EU are right.

Perhaps there is a threat to home building.

Maybe the fact that Jews want to live in East Jerusalem is some kind of sin but I can understand why.

Imagine if the citizens of Bethesda, Maryland decided that nobody in Washington, D.C. should be allowed to build in their hallowed community. 

The roar of protest against such an outrageous concept would be heard from the Maryland Court House to the Supreme Court across the river.

But Jews in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria rubs the pious souls along the East River and in Brussels the wrong way. 

And because the UN and EU feel that way, folks such as Mahmound Abbas feel secure in their ranting that a potential Palestinian state will be judenrein.

That in a nutshell should tell you how absurd is the concept of an Arab Spring. 

It has sprung and it smells to high Heaven!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If there's any doubt about the uselessness of the Obama-Kerry peace-push, one only has to read headlines in Arab newspapers throughout the Middle East.

The hate-Israel -- translated hate Jews  -- campaign gets revved up a few notches at this time of year because of the Jewish State's mere existence.

From Ramallah to Tehran anti-Israel demonstrations have taken place this week, more venomous than ever.

In another year this hardly would be surprising but in 2013 there was a figment of hope that at least some pro-Palestinians would take note of Obama's attempt to reconcile Israelis and their mean-spirited antagonists. 

The hope was based on the fact that both sides have agreed to meet. Or, to put it more bluntly, Mahmoud Abbas & Company has been pushed -- bribed -- to the negotiating table. 

One would have imagined that in this atmosphere of hope the Palestinians would have taken a brief sabbatical from their bloodthirsty rhetoric and spoken sweetly about Israel, a nation that has preached good-neighborliness since its inception in 1948.

But such is not the case. The new Iranian leader has picked up with his petulant predecessor left off and nothing heard from other Islamic precincts suggest any diminishing of Israel-bashing.

Surely, this would be a time for either the White House or its peace puppeteer, Kerry, to unabashedly condemn such virulent criticism of the only democracy in the Middle East. 

From Obama we hear nothing critical of the hateful Arabs. From Kerry, nothing but a blind attempt to push peace talks that can have no value based on Middle East reality.

On that subject I'll submit two -- out of many -- bones of contention.

1. DEMILITARIZING THE PALESTINIAN STATE: One of Benjamin Netanyahu's planks before signing any treaty with the Arabs is to create a de-militarized Palestine.

History has shown the such attempts at de-militarizing rarely work. After World War I, the victorious Allies tried to create a demilitarized Germany and we know what Hitler did about that.

More recently, the United Nations force designated to keep the peace between Syria and Israel has been so intimidated by Islamic militants that countries who have contributed "peacekeepers" have withdrawn their troops. 

De-militarizing a Palestinian state would last, maybe, six months before the Arabs do precisely what Nasrallah's Hezbollah has done in defiance of the armistice; stocked up on thousands of missiles directed at Israel.

2. THE GAZA, SYRIA, HEZBOLLAH THREATS: Even supposing that an Israeli-Arab peace pact could be drawn up, what value would it have if Hamas continues to rule Gaza, Hezbollah dominates Lebanon and Assad continues to maintain his manslaughter machine in Syria?

Serious threats would still surround Israel with neither Obama nor Kerry willing or able to defuse those time bombs. 

Ergo: The peace talks are full of apple sauce.