Friday, April 29, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

There is so much talk, about how the Golan Heights of Israel will never be handed back to the Syrian Occupiers. Thankfully the Syrians have basically made this a reality.  

Yet the government of Israel just isn't doing enough to make living on the Golan a reality for many.

I have been living on the Golan Heights for close to five years on Kibbutz El-Rom. I will always recommend life on the Golan to anyone who asks me. 

The land is beautiful, the quietness and the quality of life for my children are on a level that is untouchable.

But it comes at a price. There are times that I feel I need a passport to come to my beautiful home after a day of shopping off of the Heights.

Speaking of my home. 

I built my house with my own money (well make that my parents money) but my first contractor bolted on my wife and I and we lost one hundred thousand Shekels to that criminal. 

To us, that was like losing one hundred million dollars. 

Now if there were more help from the government to regulate and protect those building on the Golan Heights, situations like this could be avoided. And this should be a priority for the Government, because situations like mine happen way to often. 

But that is secondary, and when it comes to the Heights this is where the dreamer in me comes alive.

Israel is in dire need of re-starting its own fighter jet production. 

The disastrous F-35 project is proof of this. 

Israel is asking America for a squadron of F-15SE's in the next military deal being signed between the two governments. The SE stands for Silent Eagle, but really in Israel's case it should stand for Seriously E-ffraid of the performance results of the F-35.

Adding to that bust of plane was the withholding of Hellfire missiles by the Obama Administration during the last Gaza War. 

Israel can never be in a position where it does not have the missiles needed to fight a war or the modern planes to fight a war.

We have the blueprint in the Lavi program as Moshe Arens has mentioned many times and the only reason why we have not re-started R&D and production on a new fighter is to not piss off the Americans. 

I say Why not build a plant on the out-skirts of Katzrin and re-start what was possibly going to be the best fighter jet ever made. Of course this would be an immediate boost to the economy of the Golan. 

And hey everything doesn't need to be military. 

I have long believed Israel needs a top level sports facility center to train our future Olympians.

Alongside this facility would be a top level Boarding Prep School for both Israeli/Jordanian/Palestinian and American Jewish youth. It will be built so our future athletes can study and learn their sports from the best Israel has to offer. 

I know the funding can be found to create the Israel Center of Athletics and Science (good name right) and of course there’s no better place then the Golan Heights to set it up. 

Hey, if a car can be built in Turkey why can’t we do the same here in Israel? 

Now I know the Sussita was not loved by all in Israel(although the Camels did enjoy it), but Israel has the know how to start a project like this and again why not do it on the Golan Heights.

I think you get my point. 

It is real nice for Bibi to come up here to the Golan, to have his weekly cabinet meeting, but that does not show true support for us Israeli Citizens living here on the Heights. 

My dad has always taught me, deeds are greater than words. 

If Bibi and the government of Israel want to show us wardens of the north that they really care, start doing some serious investing, bringing in jobs with serious paychecks to the Heights. 

Then we will be able to believe Israel will truly never give back what is rightfully ours! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Pesach (Passover), the celebration of the Jewish Nations freedom from slavery in Egypt and the re-birth of that nation that happened more than three thousand years ago.

Pesach, the celebration of the bond formed more than three thousand years ago between the Jewish Nation and the land of Israel.

Pesach, the celebration and confirmation of the Jewish Nation as the indigenous nation of the Land of Israel. 

The Jew Haters today say that Zionism is the problem in the Middle East. Simply put, that's a bold face lie.

The Arab's who are occupying Judea and Samaria could have had a state three times over if they truly wanted one or cared about peace and reconciliation; once in 1948, once in 2000 and once in 2008.

No, the problem with reaching peace is not Zionism, it's not Jews living in Judea and Samaria or Israel; simply put the problem is the bigoted, colonialist and fascist racism of the Arab usurpers and their anti-Semitic allies throughout the world. 

Zionism is nothing more than the Jewish Nation's demand for its right to self-determination in the land the Jewish Nation was born in, the land of Israel.

The celebration of Pesach is a strong statement of this fact and is an act of Zionism.

Remember, academic history, the science of archeology, religion as we know it all point to the undeniable fact that the Jewish Nation was born and lived in Israel long before the Arabs came into the region and long, long before there was an Islam.

So when someone tries rationalizing that he or she is not an anti-Semite, but just anti-Israel or anti-Zionist, don't let them hoodwink you. Scratch through the p.c. rhetoric and you’ll find today’s version of what anti-semitism is.

Zionism, and Jewish Nationalism, date back to Moses demanding freedom from Pharaoh for the Hebrew/Jewish people.

Zionism dates back to the acceptance, by the children of Israel, of the Laws given to Moses that we know today as the ten commandments (English law is based on the ten commandments).

 Zionism is the fight of the Maccabees against the Greek puppet state in Israel. Zionism is the fight of the Jews of Judea (notice it was not called Palestine) against the Roman (European) occupiers.

The Jewish National movement -- Zionism -- far precedes the Arabs’ emergence from feuding, Idol-worshiping clans to a Nation. It far proceeds the colonialist occupation of Israel by Muslim Arabs. 

It may not have been called Zionism initially, but the basic precepts of what would later be called Zionism date back to Moses and the story of Pesach.

Like it or not the Jewish Nation has always been the Indigenous nation of the land of Israel, not the Arabs who have always been colonialist usurpers.

You say what is in a name? Jew, from Judea, or Israel from the Children of Israel, the same people Moses led out of Egypt into Israel. As the name makes it very clear, Arab, from the Arabian peninsula.

Calling Arabs indigenous to Israel would be like calling white Europeans the indigenous people of America. Its simply a lie!

Israel has become duty bound to fight these attempts to re-write history that are being funded across the world by Arab Oil money largely coming from Qatar.

The Israeli government needs to look no further than the its own history and just as Moses stopped Pharaoh in his tracks, Israel must put an end to the internationalization of anti-Semitism being paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar under the disguise of the BDS movement.

Israel must achieve this goal at ALL COSTS!

Like it or not those who stand against Zionism are anti-Semites. In truth those who stand against Zionism are aware of this fact ... WORSE, THEY’RE PROUD OF IT!

On this Pesach Holiday I want to remind my fellow Israelis and the Jewish Nation that we have faced many Pharaoh's throughout our history and we have overcome them. Sometimes we have done it at great cost because we waited to long to fight. This mistake should not be made again.

Today, our Pharaoh is the BDS movement and the Arab Occupying Force (The Palestinians are a creation of the 20th century). They have made it very clear they do not want peace.

The A.O.F has made it clear that they still seek the destruction, occupation, colonization and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish Nation in its homeland Israel. And like the Pharaoh of old, these enemies must be overcome.

More than ever, during this Pesach of the year 2015; that is being celebrated in a destructive and hateful world (Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah and ISIS are all proof to the inhumanity of our world) Israelis and the Jewish Nation must remember that Jewish Freedom in Israel is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! 

  • Thursday, April 21, 2016


    ⚜The Duke of the North⚜

    Simone Zimmerman, a Bernie Sanders aide, is a heinous person.

    Zimmerman is the epitome of what is wrong with the American-Jewish community in particular, and American Millennials in general.

    She is the #HashTag# Jew but little does she know Jewish history started before bagels and lox and Portnoys Complaint.

    She is devoid of knowledge when it comes to what Israel is as a country. She is ignorant when it comes to the Jewish Nation and what it means to be a Jew.

    Simone Zimmerman attended Berkeley University where she received her Bachelors degree in hashtag journalism, Social Justice protesting and a minor in trigger words.

    In another time this foul-mouthed poor excuse for a human would never have been given a position as the head of Jewish Outreach for a presidential candidate, but that was then and this is a disastrous now.

    Today it makes no difference. She is a self-hating Jew willing to promote lies and blood libels against Israel. She obtained that job because Bernie Sanders is who he is, an enemy of Israel.

    Zimmerman got the job simply because she will bash Israel, sell out Israel and do it at all costs.

    I ask her, where were you and Bernie Sanders in 2000 when the Clinton Peace proposal was offered to Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians?

    Where were you and Bernie Sanders in 2008 when Ehud Olmert offered Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians 99 percent of Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem and all of Gaza, Simone Zimmerman?

    Among other things, Zimmerman is a devious person who hates the fact that we Israelis are proud of our achievements.

    She is ignorant of history.

    She does not understand the science of archaeology.

    Both prove that Jews have always been the INDIGENOUS people of Israel.

    It is shameful that Zimmerman was even considered for the job of Jewish "Outreach" coordinator for Sanders and it shows how unprepared Sanders really is for a run at the Democratic leadership.

    Of course the Jewish Americans who fail to understand Zimmerman are as bad as Zimmerman herself.

    The fact that Sanders was willing to employ this horrid person underlines his lack of judgment.

    Zimmerman has merely been suspended, not fired, and, by the way, it's bad enough she was hired.

    Her documented vile behavior towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should have been enough to make sure she never received the job she had, but WOE is the Democratic Party when it comes to Jews and Israel.

    What's even worse is the astonishingly stupid attempts by "Jews for Bernie" to label the protests a conservative smear campaign.

    On the contrary, Simone wrote what she wrote on SOCIAL MEDIA SITES you fools, end of story! Do you expect your constituency to be so stupid that they will believe anything?

    I am a liberal who loves Israel. I'm tired of self-hating Jews such as Simone Zimmerman.

    Her bashing of Israel enables the Palestinians to continuously try to destroy Israel instead of making peace.

    Many American Jews were furious at me for calling out the community, for lumping all American Jews together in a recent blog.

    Well I'll say it again, it's not Israel that needs to take notice and do more to understand American Jews, it's American Jews who need to do more to understand what Israel is all about.

    Simone Zimmerman proves my point.

    The positive here is that the pressure coming from the pro-Israel, social media sites is slowly coming together as a force.

    We still have not reached our full potential but gradually we are realizing it and we must continue working together to fight the Jew hating, anti-Israel, BDS movements.