Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Message To The Druze of The Golan and The Government of Israel

By ⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

It is time for the government of Israel and the people of the Israeli Golan Heights to make it clear to their Druze neighbors that enough is enough.

If you want to live in Syria, good luck, you want to fly a Syrian flag good luck.

In fact enjoy yourself, w e will open the gate to let you through and I hope it doesn’t hit you on the ass on your way out.

But, like what the Arabs did to the Jews when the kicked us out of our homes throughout the Levant. You will drop off your BMW, your Mercedes, your Audi, your Porsche, your Land Cruiser, your Alpha-Romeo, Skoda and VW and the millions upon millions the you have made by cheating the Jews of the Golan. 

This you will not be able take with you, your monopoly broken, your mafia destroyed the money you have cheated out of us stays! 

You dare threaten us, you dare threaten the soldiers of the IDF!

You say we are playing with fire, that we are helping terrorist. 

My dear Druze friends of the Golan you have Hezbollahs penis so far down your throat I’m surprised your not chocking on it you traitors. 

Not to mention your cowardice. The Syrian Arab regimes and the Ottomans before them have been murdering your people for centuries. 

Unlike your brave brethren inside of Israel you do not have the backbone to stand by the only country that has done right by you.

My dear friends you don’t know what fire is and the town of Hadar stands today not because your pathetic ass went to a fence and yelled, not because you marched around your town and were allowed to fly the Druze flag (something you won’t be able to do in Syria, just ask your Kurdish friends). The town of Hadar stands today thanks to Israel.

You marched around like the tools that you are, while Jewish soldiers were protecting your families on the other side of the fence.

And NO, you ungrateful losers you did not help one bit, all you did was make it harder for the IDF to help your families. 

The town of Hadar stands today because the IDF assisted the Assad regime soldiers and because Merkava MK4 tanks moved into pre-set positions because we have promised to protect the Druze people from day one.

Where was your Assad regime when you needed them? Nowhere.

If IDF tanks had not begun shelling the terrorists attacking Hadar all your families would be dead. Do you comprehend that, or does it need to spelled out more clearly!

So, thank you very much.

Now as for my fellow Jews, it is time for these people to learn and learn real well. We are part of the problem by allowing the Druze to get away with Murder.

The Golan is part of Israel, the GOLAN IS ISRAEL! It will remain part of Israel until the world is over.

So to make this more clear it is time for the Jewish Agency to immediately implement a plan working with Nefesh B’Nefesh (even if this is not totally connected to Anglo Jews), to immediately encourage, Jewish, vocational workers, contractors (my lord the business is here) and builders to move to the Golan and to replace in totality the Druze, ENOUGH.

Furthermore I believe that this Sunday as an example, even at the cost of losing business, when your Druze workers show up to work, SEND THEM HOME!

No more money from the Jews or the Jewish State while they work with Syria, believe Syrian lies and threaten Israeli lives. 

My dear Druze friends you took it one step to far over the border this time. Now my very little, little Druze friends you will hopefully pay the price.

And god help you if you ever entertain the idea of violence.

We are not the Phalangists of Lebanon. If you dare step up you will get beat down so hard you will never know what the hell happened to you.

It is time for a strong presence inside of the Knesset representing the Golan Heights to end this fiasco.