Thursday, February 28, 2013


By Simon Fischler 
How is it that American Jews and their leadership have allowed Jew-hating, anti-Semites to gain a foothold in New York City?
How is it the Boycott Sanction and Divestment organizations were allowed to hold the equivalent to a German Bund (Nazi) rally from the1930s at Brooklyn College?
WTF, people! 
Have the Jews of America, and New York especially, become so complacent and forgetful of history that they can’t tell a Nazi in disguise even when he’s looking them smack in the face?
Enough, it stops here!
There is nothing two-sided or deceitful about being proud to be Jewish and supporting 100% the democratic Jewish Nation State Israel while also being a proud, democratic American!
American Jews must wake up from their coma before they lose their freedom to those who stand against democracy and liberty.
At this very moment there is a WAR GOING ON and the enemy of freedom, the Arabist/Islamist, quasi-liberal camp spearheaded by organizations like BDS and ISM in America is doing all it can to fulfill the hopes and dreams of their predecessor, the German American Nazi Bund.
Where are you, Jewish America? Are you listening?
Or are you too busy enjoying the lavish lifestyle your grandfathers and grandmothers provided you by fighting tooth and nail for Jewish rights? 
Can you protect your flank, or have you become soft like the Jews of Europe pre-World War II? 
The similarities are almost sickening. “A Holocaust could never happen in beautiful America,” right?
Are the bagels and lox so good that you can’t see a killer for who it is?
Pro-Israel Jewish Students at Brooklyn College were victimized by the worst type of anti-Semites. 
Hey, American Jewry, you just got your ASS KICKED ON YOUR OWN TURF!
But wait … you’ve been given a second chance to redeem truth, maintain dignity and uncover ugly lies: the next anti-Semitic hate rally has been scheduled.
Astoundingly it is being organized by Gays and Lesbians who claim that Israel’s pro-Gay and Lesbian attitude is a mere political ploy to hide Israel’s “heinous” treatment of “the poor oppressed Palestinians” (aka the oil-fueled colonialist Arab lobby)! 
This April 10th and 11th the neo-Nazi, anti-semitic, self-hating gay and lesbian Jews (knowingly or unknowingly the representatives of ARAB OIL MONEY and ARAB/ISLAMIST COLONIAL aspirations) will gather at CUNY University with the goal of destroying Jewish Majority Self determination and EMANCIPATION in Israel! 
If American Jewry cannot come together to stop this next rally, then they are done. It may not be tomorrow, but in the end the wolves will consume you! 
Call in a bomb threat if necessary; whatever. JUST MAKE sure this rally does not happen. Or if it does, it must be exposed for the absolute, horrendous travesty it is.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

America's dancing president soon will arrive and if Israelis didn't know what tempo of his theme, "The Loser's Waltz," he'll employ, one can learn merely by studying his friends, his mentors and his modus operandi developed over five years of failure.

While a resident in Chicago, Barack Obama attended a church where the presiding preacher spewed Jew-hating invective for the two decades of B.O.'s -- that's B.O. as in Bad Odor -- regular attendance. Not once did Obama rise in protest.

Fast forward to this month when Obama unabashedly spent a golf weekend with Tiger Woods whose treatment of his wife was so hostile it's surprising that the faux womens-libber Michelle Obama didn't raise her voice in protest.

Benjamin Netanyahu has spent enough time across the table from Uncle Sam's chief executive to know what's coming and it can be defined by two words -- double-cross.

Bibi's primary concern -- as it should be -- is the growing threat from Iran; and not just the nuclear capabilities being developed in Tehran but the Mullahs' ability to foment terrorism via Hezbollah and the assortment of nut cases now filtering through the opposition to that other miserable cashew, Assad.

By contrast, Obama wants to make nice; not with Israel but with the Arab world which he has been futilely courting since taking office.

Naturally the president will listen to Netanyahu's assertion that the Iranian nuclear scientists are rapidly approach the red line of development and that -- for the sake of Israel's safety -- Bibi must act in order to safeguard Jews from a second Holocaust within seventy years.

That's all the man from Pennsylvania Avenue will do; listen. 

Significant promises such as America not only fully supporting a pre-emptive Israeli strike but assisting it against Iran? Never.

I reiterate never because every single appointment relevant to Israel in Obama's second term has been hostile to The Jewish State. 

For example, America's new Secretary of State John Kerry has a long record of anti-Israel commentary and will be less cordial to Bibi than his predecessor, Hillary Clinton; no bargain herself.

Even worse is the nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense. The Hagel appointment says more about Obama vis-a-vis Iran than anything. As nationally-accliamed American columnist Daniel Pipes points out, Hagel will be a disaster for Israel.

"Hagel's weak policies regarding Iran and his reprehensible views toward Israel run even deeper than we thought in January," says Pipes. "Hagel is known for only two foreign policy/defense views: being soft on Iran and hostile to Israel."

Want more? Try New York's Representative Eliot L. Engel, a Democrat with the courage to buck Obama's choice for defense secretary.

"Hagel," asserts Engel, "has some kind of endemic hostility toward Israel." 

Ditto for Obama.

How else can one explain his behavior dating back to his first term when he treated Netanyahu's visit as if Israel's Prime Minister was a pizza delivery boy who could sit and twiddle his thumbs until His Majesty was ready to deal with him. 

Uh-uh. No good will come of the commander-in-chief's visit because he does not know how to command like a chief. 

He's messed up in Libya, Egypt, Algeria and with just about every single policy move America has made in the Middle East including Syria which he views with a pair of broken glasses; never mind the rose-colored kind.

The White House knows full well that Iran has continuously failed to negotiate in good faith during years of United Nations-sponsored nuclear talks yet Obama treats the mullahs with the same texture kid gloves that Neville Chamberlain used when selling out Czechoslovakia to Adolf Hitler at Munich. 

Substitute Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Hitler and Obama for Chamberlain and you have a good idea of what's going on and will go on. Ahmadinejad has made a fool of Obama so many times it's amazing that the president hasn't wised up by now. But once an appeaser always an appeaser, and Bibi surely is aware of his upcoming visitor's fatal flaws.

No question, Obama will come to Jerusalem with some sort of irrational "peace" deal such as urging Israel to oblige Mahmoud Abbas' demands in return for some vague American promise of supporting Israel on Iran.

Guaranteed, anything offered by Uncle Sam will be worth less than if it were written on toilet paper and any Obama "guarantees" of support will disappear down the "john"  faster than you can say, "Flush it!"

Sunday, February 17, 2013


By Sig Demling

Observing the European Union's interloper into Middle East Affairs, Catherine Ashton, in action, I'm reminded of a conversation that Lady Nancy Astor once had with Winston Churchill when the latter was Great Britain's Prime Minister during World War II. 

Since the late, truly great Churchill had no time for fools, the exchange is as terse as could be.

LADY ASTOR: Winston, if you were my husband, I'd put poison in my coffee.

CHURCHILL: Madam, if you were my wife I'd drink it!

Substitute me for Sir Winston and Catherine Ashton for Lady Astor and you know precisely how I feel about Ashton and her disproportionately unfair treatment of Israel.

As the EU's chief "Make Things Better" authority on the Middle East, Lady Ashton seems to conveniently wear blinders when it comes to the following:

1. ENDLESS MASSACRES IN SYRIA: While the death toll from Damascus to Aleppo rises a thousand-fold, Ashton, Ltd. passively look on as if the Syrian Saga is some fictional work worthy of a literary club discussion and nothing more.  

2. CHAOS IN EGYPT: The Moslem Brotherhood has turned what momentarily was a democratic crusade into an Islamic dictatorship. The European Union's reaction can be summed up in two words ho and hum.

3. IRAN'S NUCLEAR THREAT: While the mullahs take the UN atomic experts for a collection of saps, Tehran's endless stalling tactics give Iran time to get closer to a big bomb. Does that arrest Lady Ashton's attention? How could it with her vision a good 20-20 when it comes to Israel and only The Jewish State?

The EU's nosy High Representative can't make up her mind which bothers her most from week to week --  the terrible business of Jews building homes or Arabs striking in Israeli prisons. 

It hardly matters to Ashton that Israelis have every right to build homes wherever they like whether the Arabs object or not. 

Does anyone make a fuss when Britons build in Ireland or Welsh build in England? Of course not. What's wrong with the peaceful construction of homes anywhere in the world?

Ashton's latest crusade is to make life more "livable" for Palestinian hunger strikers in Israeli prisons. 

Hey, Lady, why not check out the prisons run by Hamas in Gaza or those under the aegis of the Muslim Brotherhood before you turn your ever-handy microscope on the Middle East's only true democracy.


When it comes to Jews and Israel, Lady Ashton always makes an exception because, when all is said and done, she is nothing more than a plain-and-simple Jew-hater.

This should come as no surprise. After a recent trip to Great Britain, Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick wrote that the level of anti-semitism in England had risen to a level where Jews no longer could feel safe there. Glick closed her column with a declaration that she has visited the British Isles for the last time in her life.

What's disturbing is that Arab oil money has been able to poison thinking on Israel well beyond the pale of Lady Ashton. Former pro-Israel havens have turned into hostile centers for anti-semitism as Muslims spread their verbal venom throughout Europe and now America.

In New York City, Brooklyn College recently hosted an anti-Israel forum on divestment and when pro-Israel students attempted to be heard they were unceremoniously evicted. In Brooklyn, no less. 

How could this happen at an American university in the heart of a Jewish population center? 

Very simple.  Colleges, world-wide, have been infected -- via Arab oil dollars -- with left-oriented professors who spew anti-Israel invective with virtual impunity. Italian journalist and author Giulio Meotti offers this lucid observation:

"A seductive combination of post-colonial white guilt mixed with liberal condescension," says Meotti, "has dulled our moral senses. It has made us blind to an Islamism that conveys unleashed hatred, contempt, physical aggression, the desire to expel, to destroy and to eliminate the Jews."

That in two choice sentences is what motivates supposedly impartial observers such as the EU's Ashton to act so unfairly to Israel.

And since I launched this column with a Winston Churchill put-down, I might as well conclude it with another Churchillian gem. Just substitute Ashton, pregnant with anti-Israel sentiments, for Bessie Braddock below.

This time the Prime Minister -- a staunch friend of the Jews -- was being assailed by Bessie Braddock, a Member of Parliament who took exception to Churchill's rather large tummy.

BRADDOCK: Winston, if that belly were on a woman, she'd be pregnant.

CHURCHILL: Madam, it has been -- and she is!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


By SImon Fischler 
My old alma mater, Brooklyn College, (chuckabluck full of Jews, by the way, in a neighborhood which has become increasingly Jewish Orthodox) invites the insidious BDS to its campus. 
The liberal establishment, led by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, applauds BC’s “noble” objectivity. 
The Annie Lennoxes, Noam Chomskys, Alice Walkers and Jimmy “Crack Corn” Carters of the world continue to spew their vitriol against Israel and the Jews.
Meanwhile not a single word is uttered by the media over the “hilarious” fact that every day for the last two to three months BOTH sides of the Syrian conflict have been killing “Palestinian Refugees” routinely and ruthlessly.
So much for Arab brotherhood!
The plight of these Arabs who call themselves Palestinians and the probability of daily massacres happening to these supposed “refugees”  on Syrian soil, by their supposed brothers has gotten so bad that the unthinkable has happened.
Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and Khaled Meshal of Hamas daily have been begging both Assad and the Rebels to stop the murders, but to no avail; and begging the Israeli government to allow these "refugees'' safe haven in the JEWISH STATE from their own brothers!
Has there been one word in the media, or among the despicable Israel naysayers about this fact. Of course not. 
Even more “hilarious” (more like unconscionable) is the fact that neither the PA nor HAMAS have gone to the WORLD MEDIA, the UN or the INTERNATIONAL CRIMAL COURT to attempt to stop the daily slaughter of their own people by ARABS in Syria.
Yet these jackasses -- that is the Palestinian Authority and Hamas -- daily threaten to take Israel to the ICC over building houses for Jews in Judea and Samaria! And of course, the chorus of Jew-hating, anti-Israeli sycophants voices support and approval of this hypocrisy.
What twisted irony that these Arabs threaten International Criminal action based on fraudulent information against the same country they are begging to help and provide safe haven for their refugees (who, I remind you, are being slaughtered by their own supposed "Arab brethren")!
Sound like a Jack Sparrow story? What else would one expect from the Arab world?
Do you know what else is shameless, sleazy, repugnant and down right loathsome? 
The fact that the anti-Semite/anti-Israel camp, lead by Annie Lennox, Greta Berlin, Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Roger Waters, Jimmy “Crack-Corn” Carter, Desmond Tutu and all the other famous haters of the Jewish Nation are mute while Assad and the Jihadists he fights combine between them to mass murder Arab “Palestinian” refugees in Syria. 
Almost as detestable is the lack of attention the big name liberal media outlets like the New York Times or CNN are giving to this reprehensible, bigoted and double standard behavior. 
These inveterate Israel-haters lead no protests demanding an end to the murders in the Yarmouk Refugee camp. These shysters make no demands that freedom and citizenship be given to these refugees by the Syrian nation.
Why not? Because they, like so much of the Arab/Muslim world, don’t truly care a whit about Arabs or Palestinians. No, they care only that their plague of anti-Semitism continue to fester and grow against Israel.
Lennox and her bogus, biased cohorts could care less about the murders being perpetrated by the Syrian Army and the Jihadists. While Assad and the Sunni Jihadists fighting Assad murder “Palestinian Refugees” all those above are DEAD SILENT!
No doubt they are searching for some new way to attack and delegitimize Israel!

Monday, February 11, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

It took Christopher Columbus a while to discover America and it has required one full presidential term -- and then some -- for Barack Obama to set foot in Israel.

No sweat. As they say on Pennsylvania Avenue -- when they're not appeasing the Iranians -- better late than never although for a while it appeared to be never.

Uncle Sam's Chief Executive should be accorded a dignified reception since Obama implicitly believes that Israel cannot survive without him and why not go along with that charade; at least for a while.

One might reasonably wonder why it took so long for the Democrat to get to Jerusalem since he was able to find Cairo in record time after his first election.

I guess Egypt was a more urgent priority since the president had to: 1. Politically stab Hosni Mubarak in the back; 2. Enable the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood take over and, 3. Allow the Jew-hating President Morsi render Egypt into a divided nation almost as skewered with hatred as Syria.

Even though Obama's actions make it clear that Israel was low country on his totem pole, this visit indubitably will set a tone for relations between Washington and Jerusalem. And nobody knows this better than Benjamin Netanyahu. 

On the one hand Bibi knows full well what Obama is all about and that is making nice with the Arabs at the perennial expense of Israel. So, what if the president has patently, and politically screwed up right across the African continent, from Algeria to Libya -- wouldn't Quaddafi been better than the jerks now in power? -- to Egypt right up to Tehran. 

Bibi is stuck with this guy and must make the best of it. The Prime Minister must  grin and bear it ,if you will, when it comes to discussing the issues on their agendas. To wit: 

* IRAN: It's already apparent that the White House does not want Israel to take any unilateral action against the Mullahs' nuclear development, leading to a bomb which they hope to use against Israel. Figure Obama to come down heavy-handed on this while making Bibi offers that Netanyahu must refuse.

* SYRIA: Nobody can predict what the madman Assad will do next in Damascus but Bibi will point out that Syria is just around Israel's corner and -- whether the Americans like it or not -- there are some serious chemical weapons that cannot fall into the hands of terrorists. Obama seems to know this and should be at least somewhat cooperative. 

* PEACE WITH PALESTINIANS: Guaranteed, the president will try to shove this down Netanyahu's throat and here's where the tug-of-war will grow intense. Obama will demand that Bibi make egregiously unreasonable concessions in return for some kind of nebulous American help against Iran. 

Because of pressure from Israel's  left and left-center, Bibi might very well capitulate in areas which his gut tells him he should avoid. The recent elections have forced him into a position where he may have to make some concessions. But here's where he must not only stand his ground but remain steadfast under extreme pressure.

This is where Avigdor Lieberman comes into play. Although the former Foreign Minister has had some recent legal problems, when it comes to international politics and, more important, Israel's safety, he's right on the ball.

We share Lieberman's view that a genuine, long-term peace deal with the Palestinians is an impossibility now and certainly in the immediate future. 

Who can tell from day to day or month to month whether Abbas and his Fatah fakers are going to seal a deal with their long time foes in Hamas? And since Hamas is irrefutably dedicated to the eradication of Israel, why would Bibi even entertain peace talks at this point in time.

Lieberman candidly and accurately declares that a permanent peace with the Arabs is an impossibility considering the unstable political climate in the Middle East. Listen up to some good sense:

"Anyone who thinks that in the center of this socio-diplomatic ocean this tsunami which is jarring the Arab world, it is possible to arrive at the magic solution of a comprehensive peace with the Palestinians does not understand,"
Lieberman asserts. 

By this time Obama should have his head out of the sand. He must understand that the Palestinians -- after all these decades -- still refuse to recognize Israel for what it is, The Jewish State. This is not a matter for bargaining. If Abbas wants a deal done, he must acknowledge the aforementioned fact and then Bibi will willingly proceed from there with unconditional negotiations, as he has asserted a bazillion times. 

But Fatah's idea of negotiations -- when it's not engaged in failed talks with Hamas -- amounts to an endless list of un-meetable pre-conditions.

No such realistic accord can be achieved between Bibi and Abbas barring vicious arm-twisting by Obama.

As I've said even before he was elected, the American president cannot be trusted vis-a-vis Israel. It was evident four years ago and it is clear today based on his most recent cabinet appointments with a history of anti-Israel prejudice.

Our suggestion is that before any Netanyahu-Obama talks begin, Bibi should take the president by hand to Yad Vashem and give the chief executive a day-long tour which would explain why "Never Again" is etched in the Israeli psyche. A side trip to Sderot -- with air raid sirens blaring -- might make an impression as well.

Trouble is, that the impression will be erased the moment Obama muses about Arab oil, his leftist advisors and the European Union propaganda machine.

The bottom line is that Israel's Prime Minister must think of his country's security first and foremost and if the man from Pennsylvania Avenue doesn't get the message show Obama a photo of Arab hero Haj Amin al-Husseini plotting the Holocaust in Adolf Hitler's office. 

Perhaps, after that, some sense will penetrate Obama's skull; but don't bet on it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


By Sig Demling

One would expect that at some point in time Uncle Sam would study the inequitable actions of the United Nations and say, "I'm outa there!"

But Uncle Sam doesn't call the shots in America, unfortunately, and Barack Obama does. 

Therefore, his country will continue to pour -- Heaven knows -- billions down the UN's coffers while untold millions no doubt are skimmed off for various corrupt causes.

What amazes is the unvarnished fact that the U.N. -- as in UN-fair -- has been able to get away with incessant hammering at the Middle East's only democratic country while all forms of horror erupt in virtually every country surrounding Israel. 

* SYRIA: Murder by day. Murder by night and murder in mid-afternoon. Inaction by the UN 24-hours-a-day.

* EGYPT: Madman Morsi -- when he's not jabbing Benjamin Netanyahu -- has so infuriated half his population that Egypt looks like an unreasonable facsimile of Assad's nutty nation. As for the U.N., it looks on as if nothing is happening. 

* LEBANON:  Nasrallah's aim still is the same. Smuggle whatever arms it can from Syria, preferably the most lethal kind to then turn on Israel. Ah but the U.N. is more concerned about condos and co-ops being built by unarmed Israelis.

* IRAN: For the umpteenth year, America, England, France and other impotent members of the European Union have continued to wring their hands, praise sanctions and otherwise do new variations on appeasement while the mullahs get closer and closer to developing a nuclear power. The U.N. -- in this case -- stands for UN-able; to do a damn thing.

Meanwhile, the diplomacy jokes go on both on the East and West sides of the Atlantic. 

Vice-President Biden, having failed to do much about massacres at American elementary schools, is continuing his failures in Europe. 

Attending an international security conference in Munich -- remember how successful Neville Chamberlain was there! -- Obama's marionette declared that diplomacy still could succeed in thwarting Iran's nuclear ambitions.

With comments like that you'd have to think that Biden wants to give up his day job and audition for an evening production of "Alice In Wonderland."

Is this guy kidding?

Has he not been reading the papers or watching television or consulting with Madame Clinton to realize that ever since Obama annexed the White House that Tehran has been laughing its head off over America's plea for diplomacy as opposed to the only remedy:  a once-and-for-all military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Biden says that direct talks could be held when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "is serious."

Yeah, yeah. Khamenei is serious but about only one thing; buying time to further develop its nuclear program in the hopes of incinerating Israel.

While dreamy-eyed Biden talks about talks, Iran is about to vastly increase its pace of uranium enrichment en route to producing the bomb.

Meanwhile, the United Nations is addressing the real threat to world survival; home construction in Israel. 

Imagine, the U,N. is threatening Israel with charges of war crimes at the International Criminal Court if The Jewish State fails to dismantle construction.

How perfidious is the U.N.? Isi Liebler of Israel Hayom has Exhibit A.

"In January," writes Liebler, "the U.N. elected Sudan as vice president of its Economic and Social Council, the body that regulates human rights groups. 

"That president Omar al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur, failed to preclude Sudan's election."

U.N, UN-fair!

Monday, February 4, 2013


By Simon Fischler
Why are there Arab/Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza and the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority?  
Why are there Arab/Palestinian refugee camps strewn throughout the Arab world?
Is it not a crime against Humanity that Arab countries (except for Jordan, which is  now taking Jordanian Citizenship away from “Palestinian” Arabs at an alarming rate) have intentionally kept human beings in refugee camps as political tools? 
After Israel’s war for independence NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND Jews were booted out of the Arab Muslim world.
All of the Jews; wealth and belongings were STOLEN from them!  It was a blatant  crime against humanity conveniently overlooked by the “civilized” world.
Imagine for a moment if the fledgling Israeli government turned on Jewish refugees flooding in from Yemen, Morocco, Egypt , et. al. 
What if Israel played the Arab card and told Jewish refugees that it would never provide housing nor integrate those refugees into Israeli society because Israel wanted to use refugees as a political weapon against the Arabs? 
Why should the United Nations provide Arab/Palestinians with an organization for refugees? Are Arab refugees better refugees -- better than other refugees in the world? 
And why hasn’t the UN moved the refugees living in “UN” refugee camps in Gaza and areas under Palestinian control in Judea and Samaria into permanent homes? Has the UN become an arm of the Arab/Palestinian front? 
Over and over again the Arabs escape with breaches of International law and never have to pay the political price. W,,orse, never does the UN make any realistic attempts to hold any Arab country accountable for its criminal perpetuation of the Palestinian “refugee” situation. 
Every time the Palestinians refuse peace -- and they have since the United Nations voted in favor of partition -- they are committing a crime against international laws.
It’s a fact that the P.L.O created modern day terrorism, hijacking planes before anyone else. 
Where are the UN resolutions condemning Arab terrorism, or is that international body only interested in halting Jewish apartment construction? 
This is the same supposedly fair-minded body that receives BILLIONS from Uncle Sam. 
If President Obama really wants to fix America, pay for Health Care and save Social Security for future generations, he should stop funding the blatantly anti-American UN. Let him transfer the money to the American people who deserve it more than the phonies along the East River. i 
But, no, the UN will survive because its propagandists continually support the Arabs.
All one needs to do is look at the latest cartoon about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu published in the British newspaper The Sunday Times to know that blood libel is back.
Then read the snide support and comments in defense of the cartoon. Had this cartoon been directed at a Muslim leader, there would be riots in at least three Muslim countries (and possibly in Trafalgar Square), and the sycophants would be tittering in horror at the travesty of maligning Islam. 
The perpetual cry by anti-Semites that criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitism is old, loathsome and absolute claptrap. Their sleazy, bigoted attempts to defend this cartoon would have been applauded by Joseph Goebbels.
The biggest question of all: with the UN abetting the Arab/Palestinian agenda and the world growing ever more comfortable and smug about the rise of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment, who will blow the whistle and make the UN and the world accountable for their travesties?

Sunday, February 3, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

In the long history of America there never was a more Jewish politician than New York's Mayor Ed Koch.

His death stirs all sides of the civic spectrum because -- even at his most cantankerous -- Koch was a lovable character; unless, of course, you happen to be an Arab. Koch understood the Jew-haters as well as anyone.

When it came to Israel and its survival as a Jewish State, Koch was unwavering in his support, nor was he ever bashful about speaking out against those who would seek its destruction.

One could say that Ed wore his New York Jewishness on one sleeve and his passionate love of Israel on the other. 

Up until sickness stilled his writing, Koch penned a regularly published blog in which he often took sides when Israel was under attack and the side he took, of course, was in defense of the country, its principles and its leaders.

A lifelong Democrat, he had no problem ripping his fellow party members and often would take Barack Obama to task for the president's inept handling of Middle East politics and left (Arab) leaning policies.

Not that I was always on the same page as Koch. 

In fact, he often reminded me of Alan Dershowitz, the author-Harvard professor, who occasionally allowed his Democratic Party allegiance to get in the way of fair-thinking vis-a-vis Israel.

As far as I'm concerned, Dershowitz often stopped short of castigating Obama's deceitful, perfidious attitude toward Israel.

The same could be said for Koch who, on the one hand, would call out the president for his rude treatment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then urge Jewish voters to support Obama at election time. After all Koch and Obama shared one belief; faith in the Democratic party.

That said, there was no mistaking the Mayor's love for Israel and his sensitivity to Jewish causes. 

If one Yiddish word could be used to describe what made Koch so appreciated by New Yorkers, it was his haymishness. He was a homey guy; at home in Borough Park, Harlem or Jaffa, if he was is Israel.

Although he never married, the mayor acted like a family man; everybody's uncle. Didn't matter whether you were Italian, African-American or Portuguese, Koch treated everyone like a homey pal.

But he was a Jew first, a New Yorker second and while he occupied City Hall, his heart was in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. 

From 1948 to the present, Ed Koch worried about Israel, defended it, supported the Middle East's only genuine democracy and fought as best he could those who tried to destroy the Jewish National Home. 

In the end, we can forgive any of the Mayor's political vagaries or mayoral indiscretions. 

Ed Koch will be remembered as a Jewish hero who supported Israel with more intensity and honesty than any American politician.