Monday, March 13, 2017

Dear Linda, Please Stop Lying!

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Let us get something very clear Ms. Linda Sarsour.

There is zero connection between the chauvinistic, male dominated religion of Islam and feminism.

Hey Linda, how many female Imams do you know, not that many!

Here is a little sample of the chauvinism to be found in Islam.

According to Imam an-Nawawi, “If a woman leads a man or men in a congregational prayer, the prayer of the men is invalid. As for her prayer, and the prayer of the women praying with her, it is sound.” Within the household, if no qualified man is present, is the one exception for women to lead men in prayers.

Now back to Ms. Sarsour and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

You see when fighting for your freedoms it is key not to step on others, especially if those others belong to a minority group that have suffered as much or possibly more than your own.

Now I don't want to get into a pissing match over whose people have suffered more, but I will say this, Black America and Jewish America are on the verge of an irreparable fissure, thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement.

I call out this movement because it has made a deal with the devil.

Yes BLM, I know Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood have a whole lot of cash to fund your protests and get violent Arab Muslim protestors into the street, but do you really want to sell out your cause for some easy dollars?

No, these people have nothing in common with Black America except for the fact that it was their ancestors who enslaved your ancestors. It was Arab Muslims who carried out the worst parts of the African Slave trade.

Look, you want to be hoodwinked and bamboozled by the same people who are still running the African slave trade, then there is something very wrong with your leadership.

I still believe that the majority of Black Americans stand against the Jew Hatred that was spouted at this Woman's Strike, sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now I ask my Liberal Jewish friends who were so happy to see this charlatan Sarsour raise money for dead Jews, are you still feeling the love?

In fact Ms. Sarsour, where did that money you raised really go? Did it go to the Jewish cemetery in St. Louis or did it go to your coffers to fund this raw Jew hatred that was on display.

Let me ask you Ms. Sarsour and the rest of the feminists who were hating on the movement for Jewish self-determination,  how did you somehow let the fight for the rights of women get sidetracked to the Israeli-Arab conflict?

There is zero correlation unless you are totally willing to let this charlatan use you for her own racist, Jew hating cause.

And again, to the people who are pretending to be liberals out there please, stop blaming the virulent anti-Semitism that has been propagating for the last ten to sixteen years on Donald Trump.

Where does the anti-Semitism we are seeing today come from? Simple, it comes from people like Linda Sarsour.

Ms. Sarsour, maybe you forget that Israel had a female Prime Minister in the early 1970's.

Maybe you forget that women were allowed to fight for Israel's freedom against radical, Arab Supremacists like you in our war of independence.

Maybe Ms. Sarsour, you forget that Jewish Israeli women and Arab Israeli women have full and equal rights.

Maybe Ms. Sarsour, you forget that Israel has long been pushing back against your chauvinistic culture bringing down the rates of honor killings and forced marriages inside of Israeli Arab society.

Maybe Ms. Sarsour you forget that we have female fighter pilots, female combat soldiers, female Supreme Court justices, and Israeli Arab Knesset members.

Ms. Sarsour, you are a joke and with you I carry a message to the Left leaning liberals backing this anti-Feminist, this woman who belittled a true feminist like Ayan Hirsi Ali.

 It is you that brought about Trump. It is your ability to overlook the Jew hatred and the fake feminism of Linda Sarsour that has allowed Trump to come to power.

No, Ms. Sarsour you are dead wrong. Zionism and feminism have long been compatible.

What is not compatible with feminism is the chauvinistic Islamic culture that permeates your Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood connections.

Feminism is not compatible with the homophobic, women hating Islamic culture that allowed the Taliban to board a bus and shoot Malala Yousafzai in the face because she wanted an education.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and chauvinistic culture that allowed the assassination of Benizir Bhutto!

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that stops women from voting in elections.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that does not allow women the right to leave a house without a man.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that allows little girls to be married off to grown men.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that allows women to be forcibly married to a man they do not love.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that allows honor killings of women.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that does not take a women's testimony of rape into consideration if a man did not witness the rape and allows men to get away with rape, often with the women being punished for having sexual intercourse outside of marriage, which is punishable by lashings and sometimes even death.

Feminism is not compatible with a religion and culture that stops a person from leaving the Islamic religion if they choose to do so.

In short Ms. Sarsour, you are a lair, a fake and those supporting who claim to be feminists are also fakes if they are willing to overlook your horrid persona. Those calling themselves feminists who are following you should be ashamed of themselves for selling out the years of hard work that was put into the movement for women's rights by people like my mother.

I wish my mom were here today to verbally smack Ms. Sarsour upside her fascist, Jew hating, anti-feminist face.

It is to bad that she is not alive today to do it.