Wednesday, October 27, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Ever since Barack Obama's ill-advised, fawning attempt to gain Arab support with his late, lamented Cairo speech, we can describe Uncle Sam's policy vis-a-vis militant Islam with three words:


The left-leaning Democrats guiding the president's misguided policies can't quite figure it out.

Each time an olive branch is directed toward a hostile Arab nation by Uncle Sam, his reward is somewhere between a return slap in his face or kick in the balls -- or both!

Syria's behavior vis-a-vis the United States offers as good an example of goodwill being offered and ill-will rebounding in return.

From the beginning of his presidency to the present, Obama -- dare I call him Oaf-bama -- has cajoled, kneeled before and importuned Iran and Syria to be nice; to understand that the world's most powerful nation desires friendship and will seek all peaceful means to accomplish that goal with virtually any kind of Arab entity.

In return, the U.S. Coveter-In-Chief gets mocked, insulted and generally treated like the head of a Fifth World Country.

Bashar Assad can tell you all about that; in spades.

Syria's president has been wooed by Obama every which way as Washington attempts to improve ties with Damascus.

This seemingly noble -- actually consummately naive -- gesture inspires a verbal face-slapping from Assad. That happened just the other day.

Assad's response to Obama's overtures was a declaration that America has sown chaos around the globe.

Assad then delivered a peroration that can only be described as making Obama look ever so dumb and dumber.

After all these rebuffs you would think that both the president and his Arab-loving State Department would be able to differentiate between foe (militant Islam, including Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, alias Lebanon) and friend, Israel.

How stupid is this American president? (If you answer "very," then you're guilty of understatement.)

This year he nominates the first U.S. ambassador to Syria since 2005 and the thank-you he gets is endless insult from Damascus.

I wonder how many kicks in the head Obama will receive before he wises up to his enemies.

Then again, when your political philosophy is right out of Mad Magazine, the answer has to be never!



Long before Rabbi Meir Kahane moved permanently to Israel he was an activist in Brooklyn, New York.

At that time, he organized the Jewish Defense League to protect blocs of Brooklyn Jews who were being primarily targeted by hostile African-Americans.

Despite the fact that the JDL was effective in its work, Kahane was branded as some kind of nut by centrist Jews reminiscent of American Jews who turned their backs on Holocaust victims during World War II.

Kahane made the words "Never again" very real and gave succor to those in distress.

During an interview with him at the height of his fame -- or infamy, if you were on the soft side - I interviewed the rabbi. Despite the characterization of him as foolish right wing radical, I found Kahane realistically sensible and keenly aware that Jews still were being targeted -- even in heavily-Jewish Brooklyn -- for no other reason than that they were Jews.

I came away from our meeting confidently believing that the man practiced what he preached and that he was right on the mark.

Thus, it was heartening for me to know that the 20th anniversary of his assassination was marked by an enormously large turnout of supporters in Jerusalem.

If Israel had more Kahane-like figures among its leadership, the country would be a lot more stronger -- in every way -- than it is today!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dear Thomas,

I write in response to your opinion article “JUST KNOCK IT OFF” printed October 19, 2010 in the New York Times.

You believe Israel is acting like a spoiled child? You say we are spoiled because we do not jump and say “Yes Master” every time President Obama tells us to.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu went out on a limb for President Obama when he mandated a ten-month settlement freeze, a precondition to negotiations never agreed to by any Israeli government prior to Netanyahu’s.

Thomas, it is not Israel’s fault that President Obama was unable to coax the Palestinians back to the table until the freeze was basically over. It was an enormous act of disrespect to both the Obama Administration and the Netanyahu government on the part of the Palestinians to spurn negotiations and spit on the settlement freeze until the ninth month

The Palestinians’ behavior was the act of spoiled child, not Prime Minister Netanyahu finally saying enough freebies.

You say extending the freeze is not a vital security threat. Why isn’t it? You know how things work in the Middle East: one can only give a certain amount before the Arab nations start believing you are weak. By extending the freeze with nothing from the Palestinians in return could easily have weakened Israel diplomatically.

Whether extending the freeze really makes Israel weaker or not is beside the point. Why in the world should Israel give more concessions away for free -- especially when the last concession given to the Palestinians by Bibi Netanyahu was tossed into the diplomatic garbage can.

You also say Israel does not appreciate what America is doing for her. Those are dangerous words to write, Thomas. Maybe, just maybe, it is the other way around, and it is America that does not appreciate all that Israel has done and still does for America.

You talk about the billions of dollars that America gives to Israel, yet you forget about the billions of dollars Israel has lost because of America.

The air forces of the world easily could be flying the Israel-made Lavi fighter jet today, instead of American-made F-16’s; that is, if America hadn’t forced Israel to stop production of the plane.

America has no problem selling weapons to countries like Lebanon. Worse, these weapons have been turned on Israeli soldiers, the recent death of IDF Lt. Colonel Dov Hariri being one example.

When Israel wanted to sell the Phalcon AWACS system to China, another potential several-billion dollar deal, America stepped right in and made sure it did not happen.

Conceding billions on the military and commercial markets is but one price Israel has paid for her friendship with America.

The other price is much greater and could never be bought with all the dollars America could give: Israel, on several occasions, has been prevented by the US from attaining complete victory over her enemies.

In 1954, at America’s behest, Israel stopped short of completely wiping out Egypt’s army. America then pressured Israel to leave the Sinai Peninsula with the false promise of keeping the Straits of Tiran open.

This led to the Six Day War, when Egypt kicked the UN out of Sinai and closed the Straits to Israel. When Israel reminded America of her promise, she was told to go it alone. American pressures once again stopped Israel from trouncing Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

The Yom Kippur War started poorly for Israel. But by war’s end, Israel was poised to destroy Egypt’s third army, could easily have marched to Cairo and was capable of laying siege to Damascus. But Israel was once more prevailed upon by the US not to decimate Egypt and Syria, thus saving face for the Arabs. This, despite the fact that these nations had attacked Israel! Imagine if Britain had demanded the US and the Soviet Union not conquer the remnants of Germany. Do you think either FDR or Stalin would have halted their surging armies? But Israel did.

American hopes of bringing these Arab regimes in under the umbrella of American client- statehood always has been greater than the needs of Israel, time after time.

I am sorry, Thomas, but you know better than anyone Israel is not acting like a spoiled child. You admit in your column that PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies have spurned the fairest, must honest offers any losing side could ever hope to receive in these negotiations. You admit it is the Palestinians leadership that turned its back on the ten-month settlement freeze offered by Bibi Netanyahu. Lastly, you also admit it is the Palestinians who have turned their back on peace.

So how in the world, Thomas, is it Israel who is acting like spoiled child?

I would expect more from a journalist of your caliber than taking the easy route and blaming Israel. That particular blame game is for people who do not wish to advance peace and seek to delegitimize Israel. This article was not worthy of what you can do.

Thomas, you once wrote the truth. Where is the Thomas Freidman who wrote “From Beirut to Jerusalem”?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak


Since it appeared above a story in The New York Times, the first thing you would have to assume was that this was yet another pro-Arab agenda piece by the Muslim's favorite American newspaper.

Written by the notorious anti-Israel "reporter," Ethan Bronner, the story indicated that Mahmoud Abbas & Co. is trying a new marketing ploy after their other recent moves have failed.

First, the Palestinian Authority haltingly, stubbornly entered peace talks with Israel by listing pre-conditions that it knew in advance that never could be met by their negotiating partner.

Once, Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that he would not extend a settlement freeze that previously had lasted nine months without any kind of PA positive response, Abbas responded by sitting in a corner and sulking and then aborting the talks altogether.

With negotiating egg on their faces, the Arabs had to do something -- anything -- to gain some support from their knee-jerk, pro-Islam buddies. That includes the European Union and the ultra-phony United Nations Human Rights Council among other prejudiced-against-Israel outfits.

Which meant that another Arab gimmick was necessary and this time it happens to be an attempt at gaining statehood recognition from assorted enemies of Israel.

However, there are several flaws in this strategy and, first and foremost, there's the issue of Gaza.

The Abbas-led Palestinians want a state that includes Gaza as well as East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

But Abbas and his cronies were summarily thrown out -- not to mention thrown off and out of buildings -- by the Hamas thugs in Gaza and there's no way that the PA ever would be welcomed back by those who forcibly evicted them.

Add to that the fact that Hamas is dedicated to Israel's destruction and you have a very good reason not to declare statehood for an entity determined to wipe out its neighbor. Even a severely warped-minded United Nations would understand that logic.

No sane Israeli diplomat could possibly agree to giving up the land his country conquered in the 1967 war. Nor should we ever forget that that was a war in which the Arabs were fervently intent on pushing the Jews into the sea if not simply wiping out every last person who wore the Star of David.

Arab hypocrisy has been evident throughout; even before the statehood issue emerged in this somewhat new fashion.

For years peace talks between the Abbas bloc and Israel took place without a peep ever being heard from the Arab side about a settlement freeze.

So, how come the settlements issue has blown up to Promethian proportions?

For one thing, the Obama administration is to blame for inserting settlements as a key factor in moving negotiations into a higher gear.

Prior to the last American presidential election, settlement-building never had been cited as an obstacle as it has since Obama and Secretary of State Clinton decided to make it a "cause celebre."

Really, when you think about it, the settlement issue -- and the Palestinian state promotion -- has more to do with curbing the living rights of Israelis at the expense of the endless Arab attempt to eradicate the Jews in any way, shape or form that they can contrive.

It's apparent that the Islamic attempts at Jewish genocide never will end which means that Israeli resistance must remain stronger than ever!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dear Nabil Sha’ath,

The article written by you in this week’s Haaretz is embarrassing. One could even ask why they printed what is basically a Palestinian rant, but then Haaretz’ slant toward anti-Israeli sentiment is well known.

Let us look at some things you had to say. “The peace process that began 17 years ago has repeatedly reaffirmed Palestinian recognition of Israel and its right to exist over 78 percent of our historic homeland.

Let us be very clear: long ago Israel recognized the rights of the Palestinian Nation.

In fact, it was Israel that brought about the Oslo Accords with the hope of finding a Palestinian peace partner to finally end the conflict between our country and the Palestinian Nation.

I am sorry but whose homeland is it?

Our country exists whether the Palestinians recognize it or not. Israel does not need your recognition that she exists. What does need to happen is the mutual respect of our nations, something you have not done.

That means you must come to grips with the fact that the Jewish Nation has just as much, if not more, right to statehood in the Land of Israel. That also means you must recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State, something you still refuse to do. The land that makes up Israel is not the Palestinians and never has been. It is ours, has been ours and was ours long before the Arab nation knew where the Levant was.

Mr. Sha’ath, you may not be doing it intentionally, but your comment says Jews have less of a right to be here than the Arabs. You do not recognize the Jewish nation’s right to this land that was ours for centuries before your prophet Mohammad was born.

Here is another one of your brilliant comments. “The internationally recognized obstacle to peace is the ongoing Israeli occupation.”

You could not be more wrong.

Just because ten people decide to jump off of a bridge does that mean it is the right thing to do? Anti-Semitism has been popular the world over for centuries, does that mean it is good?

The “ongoing occupation” was created by the Palestinian Authority and Yasser Arafat when you all rejected Palestinian statehood and peace in 2000 and 2001 at Camp David and the Taba Negotiations.

Every world leader at the time, including President Bill Clinton, blamed Arafat and the PA for rejecting the best offer you would ever receive from an Israeli government. Worse, you and the rest of the Palestinian leadership (behind Arafat) followed up the rejection of Palestinian statehood, including an end to the “Israeli Occupation” and peace, with a gruesome terrorist campaign.

This was just confirmed two weeks ago by Hamas head Mahmoud Zahar. This terrorist campaign that you started hoping to get Israel to make more concessions, turned into Arafat’s War, also known as the “Second Intafada”.

Your love for delegitimizing the Jewish nation and Jewish Blood has always been the major obstacle to peace, always opting instead for terrorism. It was not and is not the settlements.

You continue your rant by slamming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for doing what every Israeli leader should have done up until now: finally to demand that the Palestinians recognize the Jewish nation’s right to statehood and this land.

You say that no Israeli government has demanded this for negotiations up until now, apparently forgetting that your precondition of a freeze in settlement building was never a demand of yours for negotiations until now.

So it is all right for you to concoct preconditions -- ones the Israeli government met for 10 months (most of which you wasted), but Israel should not dare to challenge the Palestinians to be true peace seekers? Mr. Sha’ath, not every one who reads Haaretz is ignorant nor an appeasing sycophant.

You follow this up by attacking Prime Minister Netanyahu for demanding the Palestinians give up the Right of Return. You also demand that Israel take responsibility for the Palestinian refugee situation.

Your stance on the Palestinian Right of Return again exposes your true aspirations. There is NO legality to Palestinian Right of Return. UN resolution 194 is a non-binding General Assembly resolution suggesting the refugees should be allowed to return IF they do so peacefully. The Palestinians’ continued rejection of Israel from 1948 on negates that right.

On the other hand, UN Security Council resolution 242 states clearly that a just solution needs to be found for the refugee situation. That would indicate nothing about a return to Israel, but a return to a future Palestinian State, which makes perfect sense.

Mr. Sha’ath are you Palestinians also ready to accept responsibility for the Jewish refugees ejected from the Arab and Muslim countries after Israel’s independence? There were at least TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND more JEWISH REFUGEES than Arab!

Mr. Sha’ath, maybe you do not remember this, so I will refresh your memory. Here is a quote from your great friend and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. IN THE MARCH 1976 issue of Falastin a-Thaura, then the official journal of the Beirut-based PLO, Mahmud Abbas ("Abu Mazen", now Prime Minister of the West Bank PA), then a PLO spokesman, wrote: "The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny but, instead, they abandoned them, forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland, and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live."

When it comes to taking responsibility for the cause of Palestinian refugees, you really must be kidding if you expect Israel to take this upon herself. It was the Palestinians and Arab nations that rejected INTERNATIONAL LAW when you rejected partition.

It was the Palestinians and Arab nations who declared a war of annihilation on the nascent Israeli State. It was your “nation” that promised to toss us Jews into the sea, to mass murder us and soak the land with our blood. THESE WERE THE WORDS OF YOUR PEOPLE, not ours.

Is it our fault that we did not abide by your hopes for another holocaust? I THINK NOT, Mr. Sha’ath. On that note, you and your people always try to dodge the fact that you were also implicit in the holocaust. The Grand Mufti Haj Amin El Husseini was one of Hitler’s buddies, and when he returned to the Land of Israel, his intentions during the Israeli War of Independence was to finish what Hitler started.

You continue your shameless lies by saying Israeli governments never have prepared the Israeli public for a two-state solution.

Mr. Sha’ath, you know this is simply not true. A poll released last Thursday by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at Hebrew University and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah goes even further to expose your lie, stating that if direct talks fail, 41% of Palestinians support the resumption of violence; 78% of Israelis support the continuation of direct negotiations, while only 30% of Palestinians do.

Which nation really has been preparing itself for mutual recognition and peace? The numbers say it all, Mr. Sha’ath, as do the books Palestinians use to educate their children. You still will find the must degrading and anti-Semitic rhetoric in these “educational” texts.

This all makes perfect sense; Israel since 1993 and the signing of the Oslo accords has been preparing her society for the acceptance of peace with the Palestinian nation. That acceptance means acknowledging a Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria on our land. That is right, Mr. Sha’ath; whether you like it or not, the land was called Judea and Samaria long before “West Bank.” Judea and Samaria have been part of the Jewish nation’s history long before your nation made it out of the sand dunes of Arabia.

Mr. Sha’ath, since you and the Palestinian leadership have done “so much” to accept Israel maybe you can explain why Saeb Erekat, your friend and comrade, in an interview with the Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour promised the slow destruction of Israel and a Palestinian State that would be Jew-free? Does that sound as though you recognize or accept Israel?

Nabil Sha’ath, your distorted rant exemplifies the root problem with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Palestinian leadership still refuses to take responsibility for its own actions. You behave like spoiled children who expect to get everything your way. You want recognition for your Palestinian nation, but refuse recognition of our Jewish nation. You demean Israel and the Jewish nation and spit on history when you say this is your land.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It is high time that the BDS movement along with its leaders and supporters are exposed.

The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement claims to be a humanitarian, freedom fighting organization that stands against racism and Apartheid.

In reality it is the exact opposite of what is claims to be.

The leaders of this movement seek one thing, the complete destruction of the Majority Jewish, Nation State of Israel.

While fighting for Palestinian Nationalism, they openly deny the Jewish People have a RIGHT to nationhood, liberty and self-determination.

Omar Barghouti, founder of BDS, clearly states he is against the Two State solution. Every member of the BDS leadership seeks to strip Israel of its freedom and Liberty. They actively advocate ruling over Israel and the Jews, which is racist, aggressive and colonialist.

This also means Mr. Barghouti stands openly against peace and international law. Why does he stand against international law? The UN was very clear when it said two states for two peoples; one Jewish and one Arab. So, along with opposing international law Mr. Barghouti seeks to dominate another nation.

Barghouti and his followers are not content to achieve statehood for the Palestinians. He wishes to occupy Israel, flood her borders with foreign Arabs under the pretense they are refugees and annihilate the Jewish People’s freedom.

He openly backs the destruction of a country that is eighty percent Jewish by flooding it with Arabs who have never set foot in Israel. This is a person who claims to fight racism, but intends to destroy another nation’s dreams of freedom -- about as racist as it gets.

This is to be expected of the leaders of BDS: after all, they are the offspring of Mohammad, the same person who brought COLONIALIST, IMPERIALIST Arab and Muslim ideology to the world as he ransacked Arabia, the Levant, North Africa and Spain.

The greatest irony is that Mr. Barghouti openly seeks the destruction of the Jewish state, while reaping the benefits of Israeli democracy: he attends Tel Aviv University.

Barghouti rationalizes this apparent paradox by claiming he is following in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela by attending university in a country he calls an Apartheid State.

There is no comparison between the two, and it is an example of how far someone like Omar Barghouti is willing to go with his LIES.

Israeli Arabs and many Palestinian Arabs can freely walk onto Tel Aviv University campus and attend classes and seminars with Jewish Israelis. SOmething that never would have happened in Apartheid South Africa. That is not only not Apartheid, but it is not what Mandela was forced to do. Although Mandela received his degrees before South Africa’s Apartheid laws were enacted in 1948, because of the segregation in South Africa before the Apartheid Laws, he was forced to receive his degrees by way of correspondence. There was no way Mandela could have freely walked onto a white campus.

Mr. Barghouti comparing himself to Nelson Mandela is much like Dan Quail who once compared himself to John F. Kennedy.

I am sorry, Mr. Barghouti: YOU ARE NO NELSON MANDELA.

The BDS movement advocates annihilating the dreams of another nation solely for their cause. But, In fact, BDS is not unique; similar movements have popped up regularly in history, nearly all revolving around racist, anti-Semitic beliefs.

The Nazis came to power in a Germany battered and bitter after losing World War I. They did so by touting hopes and dreams of restoring Germany to greatness, of taking back lands that were once part of Germany. Their “dream” – fascism -- became based on the ideal of racial purity, of the Aryan race being expunged of the “impurities” of Jews, homosexuals and Gypsies. However, the ultimate goal of Nazism was the complete conquest of Europe.

BDS and its supporters propound a Fascist, colonialist movement that represents the worst aspects of the imperialist dreams of pan-Arabism: that is complete domination of the nations in and around Arabia and the Muslim world, especially the sole Jewish Nation.

That there are Jews actively supporting BDS is merely a reminder that self-hating Jews are, after all, among the worst anti-Semites in the world! However, an important distinction must be pointed out: most Jews against Israel are either anti-Zionists, anti-nationalists, or both. Unfortunately, they have allied themselves with an organization that, behind everything, espouses the most virulent form of pan-nationalism: Arabism.

The BDS and its claimants need to be “outed.” It is a duty for people who strive for peace and security for both the Palestinian people and Israel to expose people like Omar Barghouti and the BDS movement.

Unfortunately, in certain ways we Israelis have become complacent, largely because of the vaunted competence of the IDF. Whatever happens, we know the IDF will take care of us.

But military might or competence on the battlefield cannot protect Israel from the insidious
battle of words and false claims that is being waged against the Jewish state. BDS is a manifestation of the most serious threat today against the State of Israel.

The government of Israel, supporters of Israel and those who actively fight for peace must do all they can to fight against BDS. The government of Israel must form teams, almost like historical, political special forces units, to combat BDS and others like it. We can no longer sit idly by as these lying, defaming racists attempt to create another holocaust.

Movements like BDS are as dangerous as a nuclear Iran and must be viewed that way, comparable to the “Brown Shirts” of Germany. BDS, it leaders and backers should be seen as enemies of Israel, with all the implications that brings upon them.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Over the past six decades the State of Israel has grown from from a small, developing nation into one that commands world-wide attention every day.

It has been lauded, condemned, militarily attacked and then attacked over and over again.

Those who have constantly assaulted a democratic country about the size of New Jersey are Arabs, otherwise disguised as Muslims, militant Islamics -- you name it.

What matters is that these Jewish people whose blood the Artabs have shed are very real. They defend themselves; they counterattack; they even talk peace and have done so ever since Israel's creation sixty-two years ago.

Yet, you would never know it by the manner in which the Arab enemy regards the Jewish state.

For one thing, the Arabs regard Israel as if it is a mirage. They know that it's there because since 1948 they have unceasingly attacked it. But even though Israel does exist, the Islamic Entity -- Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Whatever -- either is blind or regards Benjamin Netanyahu's country as invisible.

How else can one explain these groups -- these nations -- not even including Israel on their world maps?

What explanation can one have for the Arab insistence on never even calling Israel by name?

Even an alleged "moderate" -- well that's a joke right there! -- such as Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, to this day treats the Middle East's only democratic nation as if it's invisible. And this, despite the fact that he's been dealing with Israeli's for decades.

And this, despite the fact that he supposedly is engaged in "peace" talks with the Israelis.

More than sixty years have elapsed since the United Nations recognized Israel as the Jewish homeland but the "moderate" Abbas and his "less-moderate" henchmen still don't get it. They just don't get it!

In a classic commentary on his thinking, Abbas recently snapped that "Israel can name itself whatever it wants."

Apart from the fact that it was a vacuous statement, Mahmoud's assertion also happens to be a revelation into the man, his thinking and the thought process throughout the Arab Middle East.

And what does it reveal?

Simply this (and with apologies to Humpty Dumpty): All peace parleys and all Obama's pleas for more talks won't put the Arabs and Israel back on the same peace track again.

There's no repairing this cracked egg of attempted Arab-Israeli reconciliation because it has been ruptured beyond repair.

Even if the miracle were to occur and Abbas were to put his name on an accord in which Israel is once and for recognized, it wouldn't be worth a sheet of toilet paper.

The worthlessness of any such armistice, pact -- or whatever the diplomats would want to call it -- is rooted in Abbas' own words ("Israel can name itself whatever it wants") which effectively indicates that the Arabs will not honor the printed word.

That's why the so-called "peace" with Egypt is hardly a peace at all. Week after the week, month after month, Israel's co-called "peace partner" on the Western border villfies the Jews in print over the airwaves and even on the diplomatic front. Given favorable -- for the Egyptians -- circumstances, Egypt would stab Israel in the back faster than you can say Sadat.

In a recent hopeful, op-ed piece in the New York Times, Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael B. Oren made a rather Pollyanna-ish comment: "Though recognition of Israel as the Jewish state would not shield us from further assaults or pressure, it would prove that the Palestinians are serious about peace."

Check your history; note how the Jews have endlessly been under attack throughout the Middle East from virtually the beginning of time and you will understand that when it comes to Israel, the Arabs are never TRULY serious about peace. Never have been; never will be. By their works shall ye know them!

For them, Israelis and the Jewish state are to be hated while at the same time regarded as invisible.

Now that's some trick that only a militantly blind group could pull off!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Recently the United States government expressed disappointment with Israeli’s decision to approve tenders for building in two East Jerusalem neighborhoods.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley had this to say, "We were disappointed by the announcement of new tenders in East Jerusalem yesterday. It is contrary to our efforts to resume direct negotiations between the parties."

The tenders for building were approved for the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Pisgat Zeev and Ramot and both neighborhoods undoubtedly will remain part of Israel at the end of peace negotiations.

Which raises the question: why has this administration made it their business to condemn Israel on this?

Let us now take a look at what PA President Mahmoud Abbas had to say this Friday to Israeli Arab Knesset members. Here are his exact words, “We’ll never sign deal demanding recognition of Israel as Jewish State.”

Do those sound like words of Peace? Does that sound like someone who is willing to recognize the RIGHTS of the Jewish Nation? NO.

Why are Israeli Arab MK’s rejoicing at PA President Abbas’ declaration that the Palestinians leadership will never recognize Israel as the Jewish State?

This Jewish State, that is also a democracy, has afforded her Israeli Arab minority equal rights, liberty and Justice. Interesting, isn’t it, that the Israeli Arab population has no problem reaping the benefits afforded them under the Jewish Democratic State, while defaming her all the time.

There are twelve Arab members of the Israeli Knesset; Israel’s Arab citizens do not have to serve in the Army; they go to University while Israel’s Jewish kids are defending the State. Look at an Israeli Arab town: those enormous, beautiful houses you see are theirs, the land they live on is tax free and they are all picking up welfare checks from the state; while complaining about how mistreated they are by Israel.

How is the Palestinian stance helpful to peace negotiations? How is that moderate? What the Palestinians are saying, VERY CLEARLY, is that they have not given up on the idea of GREATER PALESTINE. These supposed moderates are more extreme than those who sit on Israel’s far right.

Why has this US administration refused to back the Israeli demand that the Palestinians finally recognize Israel for what she is; the homeland and State of the Jewish Nation? Why has this US administration -- and the world -- refused to stand by the UN decision of two states for two peoples?

Until the Palestinians understand the need do the right thing and recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish People, fulfilling their responsibility of recognizing TWO STATES FOR TWO PEOPLES, there will never be peace.

PEACE is about MUTUAL RESPECT and MUTUAL RECOGNITION. The Palestinians are demanding recognition of their nation and rights, while continuing to deny Israel and the Jewish nation their recognition and rights. RACISM is what that is called.

Israel as the Jewish state/nation is not some made-up entity, nor are we some foreign implant. The facts state that the true foreigners and colonialists are the Arabs. The people who implanted themselves in the 7th and 8th centuries in this land and many others are the Arabs. This is historical fact and is not debatable

The Jewish Nation was BORN and LIVED in the Land of Israel long before Arabs even knew where it was. Arabia was home to the Arabs until Mohammad was born in 570 AD. Mohammad and the Arab conquests came long after the Kingdoms and commonwealths of Israel and Judea. Until the Palestinians understand this and until they recognize our right to self-determination and our historical right to the land, they have not accepted anything remotely resembling a concept of PEACE.

Why has this administration backed the Palestinian demand for a halt to settlement building without something reciprocation to the Israeli government? Which nation has been an American ally since 1948?

Friday, October 15, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The phony flotilla charade continues now at The Hague where families of victims are seeking restitution -- whatever that means -- from Israel.

Why phony? Why charade?

For starters, let's call a spade a spade. The flotilla promoters knew from the get-go that Israel would not permit an unauthorized ship to illegally enter its waters.

Thus, the flotilla gang was fully aware that any ship that would do so faced confrontation and any retaliation that accompanies illegal entry.

Proof of the above is the irrefutable -- it's all on video -- evidence that flotilla members not only were armed but attacked Israeli sailors who peacefully boarded the ship.

As a result the flotilla warriors were braced for battle and when one is in a situation such as that -- assault and counterattack -- deaths are inevitable. And they happened because the flotilla promoters needed an "episode" to flaunt to the world for support against Israel -- and got it; phony as it may have been.

Part of the package was death to those who attacked the Israelis.

Should the World Court in Hague decide to consider the pro-flotilla contingent, then I suggest that the court also turn its attention to Gaza.

Despite the armistice that followed Operation Cast Lead, there really has been no armistice on the Arab side at all. Quite the contrary.

Cast Lead was ordered to neutralize the endless rocketry and mortar fire that had been launched by Hamas and its cohorts against Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon and assorted parts of the Negev.

Had outside intervention not blunted the Israeli offensive against Hamas, it's quite possible that, 1. The Hamas regime would have been overturned; 2. Anti-Israel rocketry would have once and for all ceased.

This has not happened.

Day after day -- with Hamas' obvious endorsement -- the deadly missiles are being fired at assorted Israeli targets with no protestation from any international source, the New York Times, President Barack (I'll Do Anything To Love The Arabs) Obama or the European Union which is so quick to put the rap on Israel for merely exhaling.

The end of Operation Cast Lead was supposed to return Sderot, Askdod, Ashkelon, et. al. to a permanent period of calm.

Here the operative word is "supposed." Reality is another story. Once the armistice was signed, all bets were allowed to be called off on the Arab side.

Is the World Court interested in such a blatant violation of an accord?

Is it even aware?

Or is it simply going to be suckered by the flotilla phonies attempting to exploit one of the most contrived acts since September 1939 when Adolf Hitler's troops disguised themselves as Polish soldiers and "invaded" Germany thus igniting World War II.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

From any angle, it should be impossible to seek hidden motives behind Benjamin Netanyahu's offer to the Palestinians.

In simple terms, it goes like this: "You (the Arabs) want Israel to extend a moratorium on building in the settlements; fine, you will get the extension."

"But in this world of Middle East politics, you no longer get something for nothing. And that is why you, too, must make a painful decision.

"You get the settlement extension and, in return, you unequivocally acknowledge Israel as -- what it was created for and what it is today -- a Jewish state."

Now, what's so complicated about that?

Nothing, really, unless you happen to be an analyst for the pro-Arab New York Times where any move by Israel reflexively is challenged with negativity.

Not surprisingly, the Times latest X-ray of Bibi's bid suggests that his offer would negate the Palestinians' long-standing "right of return" demand; as if that would ever be on Israel's negotiating table.

Mahmoud Abbas' "right of return" holds no more water than an Israeli counter-demand that every Arab country which expelled Jews -- and that would be virtually every one -- allowed them to return with full citizenship, voting rights and other "freedoms" that barely exist in every Muslim dictatorship.

Israel's prime minister is as transparent -- no, not you, Obama -- as one could get. You want to make a deal, here's the deal; even up -- or shut up!

There won't be a deal because Abbas has never wanted peace. Never, ever, despite the endless nudging from Obama and Hilary Clinton.

Bibi went overboard in the first place -- and against the wishes of his constituency -- in accepting a long, long moratorium on settlement-building in order to jump-start the alleged peace process.

So, what happened?

Mahmoud The Magnificent showed his respect for Netanyahu by procrastinating and procrastinating until his delaying tactics extended almost to the end of the moratorium.

And then, did the Arabs willingly return to the negotiating table?

Not by a long shot or a slingshot.

They hemmed and hawed; they deliberated; heaping delays upon delays.

Only a mammoth prodding effort by the United States got the "process" some traction and even then Abbas applied the brakes with a series of pre-conditions.

These are hardly the moves of a willing peace negotiator.

On the contrary, they are the patently obvious decisions of one with absolutely no interest in a face-to-face, long-term negotiating period that might -- just might -- produce some sort of agreement, armistice, if you will.

But it won't happen for a very simple reason:

The Arabs won't accept the simplest of deals -- another moratorium for acceptance of what already is fact; Israel as the Jewish State.

And, by the way, wonder of wonders, even the U.S. State Department now acknowledges that last (Jewish State) fact!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It’s official: there is no difference between today’s Palestinian leadership and that of the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. The PLO, Fatah, Arafat, Hamas, Abbas -- its all the same; they seek to destroy Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the opening of the Knesset winter session, offered a resumption of the settlement freeze -- a major Palestinian precondition, IF the Palestinian leadership was willing to recognize Israel as the Jewish State.

What was the Palestinian response? An immediate and emphatic NO!

Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat went further, reiterating that the Palestinians would never recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

So, no matter how much the Israel haters would like to blame Israel for a failure in establishing peace, the onus, as usual, is actually on the Arabs and Palestinians.

There is no reason for Israel to negotiatie with a Palestinian Leadership that refuses to recognize the Jewish Nation.

There is no reason for Israel to negotiate with people who are supposed to be moderates but have positions that are extreme. If Palestinian so called moderates refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish State, there is no point in discussing peace, because there won’t be any with that stance.

Probably in a fit of insanity, Palestinian representative Nabil Abu Rudeineh said “the Palestinians had long ago recognized Israel and would not engage in defining its character or ethnicity. About Prime Minister Netanyahu’s offer, Abu Rudeineh added, “There is no connection between settlement building and Israel’s identity.”

Right, maybe not for him, because he and his CO-patriots have made it clear their true intention is not peace but the dissolution of Israel and complete erasure of Zionism.

Another one of these phony moderates,Yasser Abed Rabo, says that Prime Minister Netanyahu floated the idea of extending the freeze in return for Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish Homeland “to distract the Obama Administration and others from the core issues.”

By saying this, Abo admits the Palestinians have no concept of real peace and that they have no intention of recognizing two states for two peoples. That is as about as “core” an issue as it gets. By admitting this, Abo also reveals the Palestinians have been doing nothing but fooling the world with false assurances of seeking peace.

Everything Abbas, Erekat, Rudeineh and Abo are really saying is that they want a state for Arab/Muslim Palestinians; that is, they seek to fulfill the Arab Nationalist dream of creating Palestine at the expense of the Jewish National dream. THIS PALESTINIAN POLICY IS NOT PEACEFUL, NOT WORTH NEGOTIATING WITH AND IS RACIST.

The Obama Administration has again shown where they sit on this matter. This administration has endlessly appeased Mahmoud Abbas by pushing Israel to freeze settlement building.

Now, when Prime Minister Netanyahu offers an extension of the freeze with an Israeli demand attached, the Obama Administration is running for cover.

Instead of ducking their heads, Obama and Clinton should back Israel on this issue, for it is essential that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish State in order for negotiations to resume.

The Palestinians have been caught in the act of lying too many times for any Israeli leader to continue negotiations without certain guarantees.

At this juncture is it necessary YET AGAIN to remind the world that this is a recognized democracy that was clearly the victor in repeated major skirmishes with combinations and permutations of Arab/Muslim forces? Yet they have to make concession after concession, just to get to the bargaining table?

Imagine Allied forces treating Germany and its Axis allies as less than a vanquished foe in 1946? Can you imagine Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin conceding their victories to the Axis powers in order to achieve “peace?”

Is it necessary to reiterate that after repeated concessions and proposed compromises, this victorious democratic nation of Israel -- which wants only to exist with secure boundaries for its people -- has to negotiate with a vanquished people who have been ejected from every neighboring Arab so-called “ally?”

Is there another nation that has had to undergo such humiliation, and has done so with relative grace and generosity? Never.

Sadly, there are those -- even at home -- who seek to appease the American government, no matter how dangerous it is to Israel.

I am a card caring member of Kadima; today I would like to rip that card up.

At the opening of the Knesset, instead of backing Prime Minister Netanyahu on an issue as core as the Palestinians recognizing Israel as the Jewish State, Kadima head Tsipi Livni chose America over Israel by castigating Prime Minster Netanyahu for not kow-towing to Obama’s wishes. Former Prime Minster and Kadima big shot Ehud Olmert also turned his back on Israel to appease the American government.

Apparently Kadima no longer represents the Center and has become Meretz (Israel's fanatical Left political party). We have almost every Palestinian leader saying they will never recognize Israel as the Jewish State, and these two POLITICIANS are bemoaning Benjamin Netanyahu? Insanity!

Along with Livni and Olmert there are the intelligencia, those who refuse to understand they have caused dire harm to their country by selling and believing the lies of “Palestinian Peace.”

These people are incapable of understanding that no matter how much we might want peace, no matter what we might be willing to compromise, on it makes no difference: the Palestinians won't.

Akiva Eldar is one of these detrimental apologists. He excuses the Palestinians’ virulent rhetoric, hatred and deceitful policies, while still finding time to blame Israel for everything.

Eldar’s recent article in Haaretz is a glaring example: a rationale for those who wish to blame Israel for the Palestinians’ attempts to destroy, deny and delegitimize Israel; he called Netanyahu a shyster for demanding recognition of Israel as the Jewish nation from those with whom he is supposed to be negotiating.

Eldar has no problem with Israel giving in to the Palestinian precondition of a settlement freeze; but how dare Bibi and Israel make a demand of the Palestinians! The settlement freeze was a political decision no other Israel leader had made. But Bibi is a charlatan because the Palestinians took nine months of the 10-month freeze to grudgingly come to the table? C’mon, Akiva!

Eldar said no Palestinian leader could recognizie Israel as the Jewish State because it would be tantamount to recognizing there would be no Right of Return for Palestinian refugees. Apparently it is okay for Israeli leaders to compromise on the toughest of issues, but not the Palestinians.

What the Palestinians are really recognizing is the acceptance that there will not be a GREATER PALESTINE; that is they won't destroy Israel. After all that is also the concept behind the settlement freeze; Israel accepting that there will not be a GREATER ISRAEL.

If this Palestinian leadership is not strong enough, or willing enough to tell the Palestinian nation there won’t be a Right of Return, then there is no point in discussing PEACE.

Of course they must recognize Israel as the Jewish State, just as Israel recognizes the Palestinians as an Arab nation/state. Eldar knows this. If this weren’t the situation, the Palestinians would have no problem living in a country called Jordan.

Akiva Eldar also fails to acknowledge that Israel has already ripped up settlements, evacuated more than TEN THOUSAND ISRAELIS FROM THEIR homes, and in return received more than eight thousand rockets. No biggie, right, Akiva?

Not one word from Eldar about the PA and other Palestinian organizations being behind the delegitimization movements against Israel. For this alone Netanyahu is right to demand a Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish State. But Eldar has no problem overlooking Palestinian incitement against Israel: we just need to understand them, right, Akiva?

Good for Bibi: it’s about time an Israeli leader made this demand. I just hope he doesn’t back down.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are officially over, but also officially not over.

Thanks to the blessing of the Arab League during their meeting on the Peace Process, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas can now walk away from peace negotiations and the path of Peace with official approval from the Arab World.

On the other hand, the Arabs have given the Obama Administration one month to convince Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to go back on his word that the Settlement Freeze would be a one time deal.

The Arab League and the Palestinians are doing this in the attempt to fool the world; they hope to avoid taking responsibility for walking away from Peace negotiations.

As always the Arabs turn their back on peace.

The Arabs have learned that, although all the facts point to their being the main problem to finding a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this all can be countered by buying off the world with OIL and OIL MONEY.

The Arab nations and many of their Muslim counterparts have done an amazing job of taking their immense OIL WEALTH, changing factual history and rewriting them to shift blame and responsibility from their shoulders.

All one need do is a little research to find out that the Arab nations have been buying off cable news channels, American and European Universities, etc. Watch CNN and the BBC and you will see that the majority of the commercials are Arab sponsored.

It has been well known for some time, for anyone willing to do research, that the Arab Emirates along with Saudi Arabia have become the largest donors to American and European Universities.

It is not surprising that Near East programs at many of these Universities have become totally hostile to Israel and her supporters. Columbia University where the late, racist, anti-Israel Professor Edward Said propounded his political agenda under the guise of “teaching” is but one example of how biased many of these Middle East university programs have become.

Dr. Martin Kramer does an amazing job of exposing the horrifying state of Near East programs in American Universities in his book IVORY TOWERS ON SAND.

Somehow the American and European public have either ignored or have come to accept this horrible state, where countries that stand against liberal American and European Democracy are shaping the future of our countries. The true irony of this situation is that this is being done under the banner of the left – a left that appears to have no idea they are being manipulated by totalitarian, anti-democratic, oil-rich forces.

For instance, look at the travesty that has taken place in the last year and a half.

President Barack Obama comes into office and immediately makes one of America’s greatest foreign policy blunders by appeasing the Arab and Muslim world.

Obama is now paying the price for ignoring Middle-Eastern and Arab/Islamic history. The Arabs and Islam have always seen appeasement as weakness.

Thus, Obama sacrificing Israel, her staunchest ally, in the attempt to please the Arab and Islamic world was seen by them as the ultimate victory over LIBERAL, WESTERN DEMOCRACIES.

The Palestinians have been an amazing example of this version of Arabism.

The Obama administration made it clear that there were to be no preconditions to peace negotiations. This American pledge was given when the Obama Administration began its first attempt to get the Israelis and Palestinians to the negotiating table.

The Obama administration demanded no preconditions to counter Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s insistence that the Palestinian Leadership recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State. Bibi backed down on this demand so negotiations could start.

The Palestinians quickly picked up on this American weakness towards backing Israel and pounced. While saying myriad times that the Palestinians had no preconditions to negotiations, they then insisted that they would not come to the negotiating table unless Israel stopped building in Judea and Samaria. This is not a “precondition?”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu then did what no Israeli Prime Minster had done before, agreeing to a ONE TIME, ten month settlement freeze to coax the Palestinians back to the Negotiating table for the Americans.

Israeli’s gesture was rejected by the Arabs and Palestinians, when they opted to take nine of the ten months to sit on their behinds and not negotiate. The Palestinians did this because they knew Obama did not have the backbone to defend Israel OR to stand up to Arab hostility.

Emboldened, the Palestinians made more demands, such as Israel recognizing the 1967 borders for the Palestinian State.

This whole time, as they have throughout history, the Palestinians and Arabs have rejected peace.

Instead of peace and reconciliation they have opted on colonialist and racist policy.

The Palestinian policy is racist because of their insistence not to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State, while demanding a state for the Muslim/Arab Palestinians. It is a joke in fact, they do not seek two states for two peoples but the domination of Jews as the policy of ARABISM and Islamism has been from the beginning.

The Palestinian policies seek to deprive the Jewish Nation of its self-determination in its homeland.

The Palestinians and Arab nations know they cannot defeat Israel militarily, so now they are trying to destroy us with the lies of delegitimization.

The Palestinians, with Arab OIL Money have created a new form of Anti-Semitism called anti-Israelism. This new anti-semetism attempts to totally delegitimize the Jewish Nation and deprive it of its natural rights to freedom and self-determination. This anti-semitic, anti-Israelism says that the Jews are once again wrong, this time we are wrong for demanding our freedom in the land that has always been ours.

One must remember Arabs come from Arabia; they are the majority in many places of the world (Africa and the Levant) today because of the Imperialist policies of Mohammad and Islam. The name Palestine comes from the Roman, colonialist, European, province Palestina, which was created on the ashes of the Jewish common-wealths and Kingdoms of Israel and Judea! Like the Romans before the Palestinians today are attempting to replace and destroy Israel.

The major difference today is that the Arabs and Palestinians now attempt this imperialist and racist policy not just with the backing of colonialist European, Arab and Muslim states, but also with the acceptance of the American Administration under President Barack Hussein Obama.

Today those who truly support Israel must be very afraid of how this American Administration has handled itself with the Arab and Muslim world and with Israel.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


After thinking some more about what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should DEMAND for extending the settlement freeze I have come up with an addition.

American President Barack Obama feels he can buy Israel acceptance for an extension on the freeze with some vague security guarantees that will be bogus the minute we need them.


To get an extension Obama needs to man up, the price needs to be a hell of lot higher then some false American security guarantees.

As I said before Prime Minister Netanyahu must demand American and EU acceptance and guarantees that Israel will be recognized as the Jewish Nation State with peace is signed.

No can do, no extension.

But, Israel’s price should not stop there.

After all this American administration has demanded nothing of the Palestinians, or at least has not been able to get them to compromise at all.

Obama is also asking Prime Minister Netanyahu to break a promise he made to the citizens of Israel. I REPEAT that promise was made to all of Israel’s citizens, not just the Settlers.

Israelis want to know that their leaders aren’t being duped, yet again, by a malicious Palestinian leadership that does not really have peace in mind. So, when Benjamin Netanyahu handed President Obama this immense gift of an Israeli settlement freeze; the freeze, with Obama’s acceptance was a one time offer for ten months.

Bibi was very clear about that, nor is it his fault that the Palestinians intentionally sat around, rejecting negotiations for nine of those ten months.

So the Obama Administration is back pleading with us to be the good guys, pushing us to give peace one more chance with an extension of the freeze.

So, Obama needs to sweeten the deal even more; after all broken promises are expensive to buy!

So how does Obama do this?

As I said in my last article the only security guarantee the Obama administration can give is making sure the IDF is light years ahead of all other Arab and Muslim states. So, to sweeten the deal Obama can toss in, for immediate delivery, Ten F-22 Raptors.

That would make it a deal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t refuse.

Friday, October 8, 2010


It has been ten days since the settlement freeze ended.

Peace negotiations aren’t officially over and there are daily rumors running around, like Carl Lewis, that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will get his cabinet to okay another three months of “refreeze.”

If Bibi does manage to get his cabinet to approve this re-frosting of settlement building, what will President Obama give in return?

Rumors of security guarantees are floating around.

But what can America really guarantee Israel in the area of security? NOTHING!

Israel does not need any more security guarantees from the U.S. At the end of the day there is only one thing that can provide security to Israel, and that is the IDF.

What Israel truly needs right now from the US is an American demand that the Arabs recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State. Further, along with Arab acceptance, they must acknowledge there will never be a Right of Return for Palestinians to Israel. The new state of Palestine is where these refugees can return.

The words “Israel is and always will be the Jewish Nation State” must come out of President Barack Obama’s mouth in front of the world.

Obama’s recognition of Israel’s right to be the Jewish nation state and acceptance of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination in the Land of Israel needs also to be backed by America’s allies in the EU.

PM Netanyahu must also demand a firm American and European stance against the delegitimization of Israel.

Countries and institutions that encourage flotillas in support of HAMAS in the Gaza strip must be recognized as backing a terrorist organization and must pay the consequence.

Organizations and learning institutions that back the hypocritical, one-sided and racist Israel boycott should pay by way of fines, loss of government assistance and investigation for hate crimes.

Personally I think Bibi should tell Barack Obama to take a hike; if he can’t get Uncle Mahmoud Abbas to play ball, that is his fault -- not ours. We did our job when we gave ten months of settlement freeze for free.

If Bibi does decide -- and can persuade his cabinet to extend or refreeze the freeze -- then America had better pony up something better than “security guarantees” that aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Is Benjamin Netanyahu being played for a fool by Barack Obama?

If the Israeli leader capitulates to the American president's pressure on the settlement freeze issue and re-institutes the freeze, one would think the answer is affirmative.

What's the point of another freeze -- for two months?

The Palestinians had all of a previous nine-month moratorium on building inside West Bank settlements and what did Mahmoud Abbas & Co. do in return for Bibi's conciliatory gesture?


Now the White House is offering bribes -- and they are nothing more than bribes -- to obtain yet another building moratorium from the Israelis.

The bribes are on the one hand multiple but in reality useless.

For starters, the moratorium will last for two months and -- according to the American offer -- will not be extended again.

Now isn't two months a rather curious amount of time? Political analyst Barry Rubin does not think so.

Director of Global Research in International Affairs and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs, Rubin reveals the American bribe for what it is and that's almost laughable.

"What is happening in two months?" wonders Rubin out loud. "The U.S. election! The implication is that the Obama Administration is offering Israel the following basic deal: Make us look good until the vote and we will give you a pay-off."

Of course, no such pressure is put on the Palestinian Authority because Obama wouldn't dare do that to his Arab cohorts.

Rubin: "The collapse of the peace talks on the verge of the November elections don't make it look good while the PA walking out in December won't matter in terms of American politics. The Obama Administration cannot bash Israel between now and the elections but it might seek to get revenge in 2011."

Oh, you can bet on that!

Another part of the bribe is that Uncle Sam (Obama) offers to support measures to prevent the smuggling of weapons and terrorists into Israel after a Palestinian state is established.

What a joke.

For one thing, if the White House is interested in preventing smuggling of weapons it could start right now with measures against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Other portions of the bribe -- America vetoing any UN Security Council resolutions against Israel; an Israeli-Arab "regional security architecture" and selling more weapons to Israel -- are transparently phony.

The United States SHOULD veto any anti-Israel UN resolutions because Israel is the Middle East's only democracy; and supposedly is America's foremost ally in the area.

A "regional security architecture" would, as Rubin accurately notes, would "yield"

And as for any additional weapons sales, why in the world should they be contingent on a settlement-building moratorium?

Obama is trying to sucker Bibi into this deal ONLY to help the president's survive an election in which they appear doomed to a clobbering.

More and more Americans are getting wise to the president's cheap tactics. One such individual is Lou Pritchett, vice-president, sales and customer development for Procter & Gamble.

In an open letter to the president, Pritchett delivered a litany of criticism which will be trimmed here because of space limitations.

"You scare me," wrote Pritchett, "because you have never had military experience, thus don't understand it at its core.

"You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publically denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail.

"You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do."

Pritchett's letter was sent to the New York Times -- Obama's unofficial cheerleading sheet -- but the paper never acknowledge it.

Let's hope that Bibi Netanyahu acknowledges the president's bribe for what it is and tells him what he can do with it; as scary as it may be!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak


Since I disbelieve about ninety-percent of what I read in that Quisling-Israeli "newspaper," I wondered just how intense the "pleading" was or if the Prime Minister had actually "pleaded" at all.

But just for the sake of argument, let's assume that Bibi did plead with the Arabs not to quit the peace talks.

My response is simply this: why plead?

What's this pleading all about? Why is it necessary to beseech Mahmoud Abbas and his band of brigands to return to negotiations if they are so set on aborting the mistakenly-conceived Obama-fueled talks in the first place?

For starters, it is important to note that Israel's leader has nothing for which to apologize.

He has scrupulously followed the rules laid down by Uncle Sam's choreographer-in-chief to a T.

These negotiations were to be held without conditions. Yet, the Arabs continually have reiterated condition after condition with the accent on a settlement freeze.

Talks were to be face-to-face -- led by Abbas -- but the Palestinian invariably turns to the Arab League for direction uncertain which way to go other than the unconditional route.

By being steadfast about his no-halt-to-settlement-building stance Bibi made a forceful decision in the face of Obama's dismay not to mention the anger betrayed by Palestine Liberation Organization official Yasser Abed Rabbo and, of course, Abbas.

This set Abbas-Rabbo, Inc. back on their collective heels, put the ball back into their court and, for the moment at least, asserted that capitulation to their demands was not a priority in the Israeli negotiating playbook.

However -- and this is what worries me -- Netanyahu added that he believed a "creative" solution could still resolve the impasse and keep the flickering flame of talks from being snuffed out.

If this "creative" solution entails any form of backing down from Netanyahu's stated end to the settlement freeze it only will indicate that American (Obama) pressure has reached white heat proportions which Bibi just might find irresistible and force Israel into foolish concessions.

Any Israeli capitulation at this point would be an egregious mistake; and for these reasons.

* BLAME ABBAS: If the Arabs follow through on their threatened walkout, they must face the blame. Such a quitting of the talks would be rooted in a pre-condition based on another settlement freeze. And it long has been stated that there should be no pre-conditions. Period!

* DISTRACTED OBAMA: The American chief of state is distracted by one of the worst approval ratings of any such chief executive in the States. With elections approaching, Obama cannot further infuriate Jewish voters by more bullying of Bibi. The president has little leverage now, no matter how strong a position Israel takes in opposition to Obama's position.

* PRECEDENT: As Netanyahu points out, for 17 years the Palestinians conducted a direct dialogue with Israeli governments WHILE BUILDING IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA CONTINUED. So, why can't talks resume now as construction in the West Bank has resumed?

A serious game of Who Flinches First? is being waged and, so far, Israel is winning.

By backing off his pro-settlement building stance -- as Abbas demands -- Bibi would be committing an major error that would terribly weaken his and his country's negotiating position.

After all, the only thing he'd get in return would be Abbas returning to the negotiating table while providing no concessions at all the to Israel.

And in Obama kind of language -- that ain't right!

BOTTOM LINE: Bibi should avoid pleading and let Abbas walk if that's his game!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Times up! The game is up.

The Obama administration has lived up to what I said it would do; push American Jews to either support what they know is morally right at the expense of their Americanism and Israel, or fold up their tents and surrender to the anti-semitic, anti-Israel world.

Once Israel had a certain peace of mind, knowing that America and its presidential administrations would take the moral high ground and support Israel, while the EU, UN, Russia and the Third World dictatorships would cave in to Arab Oil, money and pressure.

That is no longer the situation.

This American Administration has done something no other has ever done since the creation of Israel.

The Obama Administration has continually and without pause sacrificed Israel’s diplomatic safety in the hopes of gaining points in the Arab and Muslim world.

Never before has such a firm and well-tested ally as Israel been sold out by an American Administration. Never before has an American President put not just Israel’s diplomatic safety in jeopardy, but all of America’s allies who sit in precarious positions (an important message for you Taiwan, South Korea and Japan).

Jews the world over who condemn Israel for what is basically the Palestinians’ destruction of peace, I tell you now, you are nothing more than COWARDS. All you have done is jump on the ship of immorality.

I have supported peace since attaining Israeli citizenship eleven years ago. I supported Israeli governments that have on several occasions offered up Palestinian statehood and an end to this supposed “horrible” settlement building.

Each time and with each government we (the majority of Israelis) who seek peace have watched the Palestinians play a sick, sadistic game -- demanding the destruction of Israel.

Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert were all rebuffed by the Palestinians.

Why? Because the Palestinians do not want peace; they wholeheartedly seek the destruction of my nation and country. So do not expect me to give any more to these WOLVES in moderate clothes.

Just this last week HAMAS leader Mahmoud Zahar admitted outright that Yassar Arafat gave HAMAS the green light for terrorist attacks after the Camp David and Taba Talks.

What that means is that the supposedly moderate leader of the Palestinians ordered HAMAS to carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians in the HEART of Israel, after Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Barak offered Arafat Palestinian Statehood, 97% of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the whole of the Gaza Strip.

This Hamas acknowledgment also means that the pimp Arafat was giving HAMAS the green light throughout the whole Oslo process.

One forgets that Israel suffered the most suicide attacks during the Oslo period. As PM Rabin stood for peace and paid for it with his life, Arafat stood for hatred and war.

So Obama wants to blame Israel if talks breakdown.

He wants my government to give these Palestinians two more months of settlement freeze on top of the ten months they tossed in the garbage, like Arafat did to Peace?

Don’t think so, we Israeli’s have given enough, we have paid for peace with our blood and it is high time the world WAKES UP!

I’ll say it now: this sick world won’t wake up.

Today’s anti-Israelism is just another form of anti-semitism.

This age-old form of anti-semitism dehumanizes Jews with lies, slander and downright hatred. It says the Jew and the Jewish nation is genetically flawed and evil. The same goes for today’s anti-Israelism: it dehumanizes Israel with lies, slander and hatred; all of it because it is the Jewish State.

So, awake, Israel; it is time to fight. Those who stand in our way seek the destruction of our country and nation and should be viewed as enemies.

We must be ready to go to war on all fronts; we must be ready to make great sacrifices to defend our nation and people. Otherwise we will once again walk off to the gas chambers of history.