Monday, September 26, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

I will not lie, I have serious problems with Hashtags, Social Media and the general direction our world is going in.

Hashtags appear to be a horrible fact of our new world culture and they will not be disappearing anytime soon.

But, I still despise them.

This phony "brave new world" we live in is a joke. Standing behind a Hashtag is not brave, most of the time it is just plan old ignorance.

Hashtags like the people that use them are lazy and they are a part of this new world culture set up by elitist and academics who will nicely try to tell you that you are below them and that you are to stupid to understand, so as many followed the placards in the 60's and 70's today you must follow the Hashtag.

We live in a time where one does not have the ability, nor the respect to actually finish a sentence or a thought, let alone read a book or do the leg work to understand a subject. The elitist and their academic cohorts understand this well.

But there are undeniable facts that can be found if you dare to do the work.

Here is an undeniable fact.

There has never, in recorded history, never, ever been a Nation State called Palestine. Fact.

Nor has there ever been throughout the history of the world a people called “The Palestinians”, that is until the 20th Century.

Again, this is FACT!

The people who call themselves Palestinians are an Arab/European invention of the 20th. Century.

Here is another fact, the man who created Palestinian Nationalism and what is Palestinian society today was a Nazi, SS Agent. That is right Haj Amin al-Husseini based his Arab supremacist society on Nazi principles. Again, undeniable fact.

So from this point forward I will no longer call the non-indigenous Arabs, occupying the indigenous Jewish Provinces of Judea and Samaria, Palestinians anymore.

Hence forth I will refer to them as the Arab Occupying Force.

The A.O.F was set up and financed by the British (with help from the American State Department) to be a friendly Arab entity that would act as a land bridge for the English colonies of Africa and her colonies in Asia.

As Jews burned in the Nazi fires of Europe the leader of the Arab Occupying Force, Haj Amin al-Husseni, worked with Hitler to create a final solution for the Jews of Israel.

As these crimes were being committed against the Jewish people, the English committed their own crimes by setting up the White Paper Laws in British Occupied Israel.

These racists laws stood in direct contrast to International Law that was set at the San Remo Conference. San Remo had made clear that Israel was the homeland of the Jews.  

The English overlords set up these anti-Jewish, racist white paper laws in the hopes of appeasing (just as the British appeased Hitler in Munich) Haj Amin al-Husseni. The leader of the A.O.F had started two Arab pogroms in Israel that had killed hundreds of Jews.

These anti-Jewish laws let Arabs from Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt flow unhindered into Israel.

The Arabs came because of money, not because of any attachment to the land.

Where as Jewish families that had once been exiled had been returning to Israel for millennia, solely because of the attachment to the land.

The Arabs came because business was booming in Israel and it was thanks to the Jewish communal farming towns or Kibbutzim.

These Kibbutzim (the pinnacle of socialism at work) took barren, unproductive land and made it flourish.

As Arabs from neighboring countries poured into Israel to work and the White Paper laws strictly curtailed the number of Jews allowed into Israel, thus changing the demographic situation.

The laws the British created to appease the A.O.F made sure that Jews were not allowed to return to their homeland. Millions of Jews needlessly died in Nazi death camps because of this!

Today I hear about how Israel needs to understand the suffering of the Arab Occupying Force.

Well here is what I have to say to that line of garbage.

I say that Israel does not need to understand the suffering of a people who did not understand the suffering of the Jewish People during Word War Two.

On top of that, the Arab Occupying force worked to make the suffering of the Jewish people a death sentence.

The Arab’s occupying the Jewish Provinces of Judea and Samaria are a colonialist entity, period!

They have been used by the imperialistic policies of Israel’s neighboring Arab states. They are the foot soldiers of the whatever Arabist/Jihadist movement was trying to destroy Israel at that very moment.

Once it was Nasserism, once it was Syrian Baathism and Iraqi Baathism and now there is Shia Hezbollah/Iranian Republican Guardism.

It makes no difference.

Centuries before Mohammad was born there was the Jewish Nation and Israel.

Centuries before there was a Quran, Jewish Law governed Israel.

And long before their was the Nazi based principles Haj Amin al-Husseini used to create the Arab Occupying Force, there was the Jewish People and their eternal connection to Israel.

Long before there was a BDS, there was Israel.

All one really needs to do is to take a simple look at the names of the two opposing forces in their modern infancy.

The main political, diplomatic and defense force of the Yishuv (the government of the Jews in British Occupied Israel), fighting for Israel’s Independence was called the Haganah, in Hebrew it means defense.

Move to the other side and you have Al-Fatah, which very simple means, To Conquest.

It comes down to the very mentality.

BDS is a perfect example of the Arab/Islamic colonialist mentality.

BDS is an anti-Semitic organization, based on the Nazi principles of the Muslim Brotherhood.

BDS believes that the Jews  aren't good enough for a state. They believe the Arabs are much more deserving of a country, a racist belief in and of itself(as they have proven so throughout history)!

The sole purpose of the BDS is to bring about the destruction of Israel and the eventual genocide and ethnic cleansing of Israeli Jews. To be replaced with a nice, new shiny Arab state that will be the epitome of tranquility.

Yet, the Qatari born leader of BDS, Omar Barghoutti happens to also like to live lavishly in Israel.

Because Israel and the Jewish Nation is secure with its moral rights under international law, twice Israel has offered the Arab Occupying Force peace and statehood.

Twice because the core principles of the Arab Occupying Force are based on militant Nazism/Jihadism they have rejected peace and statehood!

We Jews have always been here in Israel, this is our land, our genetics themselves speak it and the Arabs will always be a conquering, invading colonialist people.

So, TODAY, I say I do not need to understand a group of people who are attempting to steal my culture, my laws and my nation.

So here are some Hastags for you.



Wednesday, September 14, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov,

I have just finished reading your little message, or better put, warning to my country concerning the actions of the militia of mass murdering (500,000 at the least) dictator Bashar al-Assad and Israel’s response to his militia’s shooting of mortars into our country.

Minister Lavrov, you seem to think that the use of chemical weapons, barrel bombing innocent civilians and the general mass murder of Sunni Muslims does not constitute war crimes, nor do these actions make one a terrorist. 

Well I beg to differ.

Let me take the time to inform you Foreign Minister Lavrov, that you and Czar Vladimir Putin have been backing the worst terrorists of the Twenty First Century. Just because they happen to be Alawites and Shia does not subtract the fact that they are terrorists. 

Your allies have committed the first and worst genocide of the Twenty First Century. 

They have done so against the Syrian people without batting an eyelid and could not have committed this carnage nor created the ISIS group in backlash without your help.

Now you expect Israel to sit by as the regime that created ISIS, the Assad regime, lobs mortars into Sovereign Israeli territory.

Well thank you very much, it was nice doing business with you but Israel is not the Obama Administration. 

As our Prime Minster has made very clear we will not except Hezbollah on our border.

Nor will we sit idly by as Assad’s militia of clowns shoots mortars and rockets into Israel.

According to the world media, you and Secretary of State, John Kerry have finally been able to work out a cease-fire agreement that is supposed to end the Syrian Civil War (I find that to be a bit of a joke being that intense fighting is carrying on over the border in Syria as I write). 

Minister Lavrov, would it not be a pity to have to work out another cease-fire agreement after Israel has destroyed what is left of the Assad Regime?

It is interesting that the militia men fighting for the war criminal Assad fired two S-200 anti-aircraft missiles around the same time you gave your little threat. These missiles are less a threat to IAF planes as they are a threat to commercial airliners. 

Now they did so long after our planes had finished bombing regime artillery cannons. This is still a flagrant violation of understandings made between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Czar Putin.

You are no better at keeping your word then President Barack Obama. 

We know of course that the Syrians would not dare do something of this magnitude without your approval. And of course this is why it was done after our planes had already left the scene.

But that still makes no difference and this is without a doubt cause for great concern.

It indicates that you are not fully aware of how serious Israel takes a development of this kind. 

Whether it be the Syrian militia or the Hezbollah militia, the introduction of surface to air missiles is a redline Israel will never accept.

I imagine the next time around they will be destroyed.

FM Lavrov, you need to ask yourself are you really interested in a conflict with Israel? 

If you are continue down this path of bellicose rhetoric and it will surely lead you to greater conflict. 

Maybe you do not understand the thinking of Arab Regimes.

Maybe you need to open up some Soviet documental history to see the disasters Russia has brought down upon Arab regimes by inflating their ego’s. 

Let’s start with Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Six Day War, then of course Anwar Sadat, Hafez al-Assad and the Yom Kippur War and lastly Operation Mole Cricket and the Syrian Air-Force. 

Assad is barely hanging onto power, continue this way Foreign Minister Lavrov and he won’t be in power.

After watching rebel footage attacking the Syrian Militia on the Syrian side of Mt. Hermon it is pathetic (it may be pathetic but I of course always believe Israel can never underestimate her enemies) that Assad’s militia, with Hezbollah and Iranian help and your bombers are still getting their asses handed to them by rebels using World War One rifles and some RPG’s.

Foreign Minister Lavrov if having a warm water port is so essential to you and Czar Putin, we have a few to offer, Ashdod, Eilat and Haifa. They are also far more up to date then what Syria can offer. 

And I am sure the Egyptians would be happy to accommodate you, I hear Alexandria is beautiful. 

Foreign Minister Lavrov, is it really worth propping up a regime with the blood of half a million to a million people on their hands to keep your warm water port, is it worth it to come into conflict with Israel?  

Sunday, September 11, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

The Social Justice Warriors running the White House are at it again.

It is nice to know that the forced removal of a group of people is called ethnic cleansing by all standards and organizations. It is also nice to know thanks to Ban Ki Moon and the Obama White House that the only time these types of actions don't constitute ethnic cleansing is when it deals with Jews, or to be more exact Jews living in their homeland, Judea and Samaria.

Everyone is angry at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Why you ask?

Because Bibi has dared to tell the painful truth. The truth that Bibi told rips straight through to the core of everything that makes America great.

Bibi's words dig at the soul, the fabric, the culture and the laws that make America great. 

It exposes the racist, colonialist and clearly anti-Semitic attitude taken by Barak Obama’s White House toward the indigenous people of Israel, the Jewish People.

As always the European Union and most international bodies are following the Obama lead.

The Arabs occupying Jewish Land in Judea and Samaria are demanding a state of their own.

On top of this they are also demanding that this supposed country of theirs be judenrein. In other words Jew free.

This is just what their Nazi forefather Haj Amin al-Husseini had once dreamed.

This is the truth of it.

Countless Palestinian leaders have promised their people that Palestine will be Jew free. Here are some vivid examples.

Just listen to Abbas, "Not a Single Israeli will be allowed to live in Palestine"

If that isn't ethnic cleansing then what is?

Imagine Bibi saying not one Palestinian will be allowed to live in Israel!

Yet instead of the Obama Administration — especially the State Department — punishing Abbas, inc. its anti-Semitic behavior the Arabs are rewarded.

How dare this administration talk about Trump being a racist when it is willing to aid and assist the anti-Semitic behavior of the Palestinian Authority.

Of course it is racist and anti-Semitic to say that Jews cannot build homes in Judea and Samaria. Imagine if Israel passed laws saying no more Arabs could live inside of Israel.

And of course the idea that Jews would have to leave their homes in Judea and Samaria once a Palestinian State is formed is, in fact, ethnic cleansing.

If such a hypothetical Palestinian state ever is formed, every Jew who now lives on the land there should be allowed to remain where precisely where they are, 

They would receive Palestinian citizenship and be given the freedom and protection Israeli Arabs receive from Israel. 

But hey, when has President Barack Obama missed an opportunity to pick a fight with Israel, PM Netanyahu or for that matter with the majority of the citizens of Israel? Never!

What’s more — over the past eight years — the White House policies vis-a-vis Israel has encouraged such nut organizations as BDS, Students for Justice in Palestine and similar groups to forcefully attack Israel.

But this attitude is to be expected from an administration that believes it is cool to give Iran, the world’s largest supporter of state terrorism and the creator of ISIS, $36 billion in unmarked cash.

I fervently hope that Bibi stands firm.