Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Prime Minister Netanyahu, Please Speak Out Against The Anti-Semitic Administration

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

Prime Minister Netanyahu, your fight against the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 is a righteous one.

But you can no longer fight this fight half way.

First you must use to your advantage American Israeli Jews. Only we can show the complete outrage at anti-Semitic UNSC resolution 2334.

Use American Israeli Jews to connect with Americans and do it today.

Now that Egypt has released more damning proof of the complicity of the Obama administration in authoring, pushing and eventually strong arming UNSC resolution 2334 the truth of this administration duplicitous behavior against Israel is there for all to see.

Bibi, you must realize that going half way cannot help Israel. This admiration truly is an enemy of the Jewish State and it is willing to do anything to try and bring down your leadership.

You must, absolutely must tell the world that the Obama administration has sided with the UNESCO anti-Semites, the Obama administration has sided with the Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini, this administration has sided with those who ethnically cleansed Jews from Judea and Samaria.

The world must know that Samantha Powers allowed a UNSC resolution calling for Ethnically Cleansing Jews and you sir, must be the person to tell the world.

No matter how many lies and innuendo John Kerry uses against Israel only the stupidest most self-hating Jews will refuse to understand what has happened here .

No matter how many lies play-Wright (people criticize Trump for his choices yet this sinister, vile anti-Semite is not talked about at all even after he admitted to using the main stream media to promote lies) turned National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes uses against Israel. No matter how much control Rhodes has over the main stream media through his echo chambers, Jewish Americans understand now that this administration has stabbed the whole of the Jewish people in the back.

Prime Minister, you must take immediate action against the Palestinian Government.

Barack Hussein Obama, I now strongly believe, is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood working to destroy Israel in favor of the Arab occupiers in Judea and Samaria.

For many reasons I believe this. Egyptian President al-Sissi made a courages decision when he sided with Israel and withdrew the anti-settlement resolution.

By doing this he exposed the Obama administration.

But the Egyptian president did not stop there, al-Sissi also provided Israel with the information of the Palestinian meeting with Obama administration officials. And as a final smear in the face of Obama the al-Sissi allowed an Egyptian newspaper to print more information on how Obama worked to set up Israel.

I hope eventually there will be investigations, deep ones are needed, to see how much Qatari Oil money influenced this administration.

Furthermore Prime Minister Netanyahu you must fight back against the Palestinians with all of our might. Right now the Palestinian government is gloating, they have made it clear that they believe the Obama administration has given them the legal ability to initiate boycotts against Israel.

You Mr. Prime Minister must tell Americans this extremely sad fact, and you must do it when John Kerry means to get in front of the Cameras to embarrass Israel some more.

So I say very simply it's time for the Palestinians to boycott Israeli Electricity. Let us, let them feel what Aleppo felt.

And then let them boycott Israeli Water and furthermore Israeli Natural gas.

It is time for you Prime Minister Netanyahu to say very clearly to the world, Kerry has been threatening Israel with a boycott for years now and he just let the UNSC fulfill that devious policy.

Let the world understand that the legacy of the Obama administration is the legacy of making boycotting Jews international law and that this administration pushed Peace further away then ever before. The Obama administration has allowed law that is similar to the laws of the Nazi Germans.

As you said friends don't take friends to the Security Council.

Normally I would say such harsh words should not be used against America, which is why you should also distinguish between the American people who clearly and loudly voted for a change from the horrid foreign policies of Obama and overwhelmingly love Israel and this clearly anti-Semitic administration.

It is time Prime Minister Netanyahu to call an anti-Semite an anti-Semite.

Today you call a press conference at the same time as John Kerry.

As Kerry speaks his lies, you must speak the truth.

You must stand in front of the Maccabean Menorah, during Hanukah, today and you must tell the world what has happened.

You must remind the world that you, a Likud Prime Minister was the first Israeli Prime Minister ever to agree to a Ten Month Settlement Freeze.

And you must remind the world that during this period not only did the Palestinians refuse to come to the a negotiating table, they upped their demands. What did Kerry do, what did Obama do to reprimand the Palestinians? Nothing.

Today, as Kerry speaks, you must speak too and remind the world that you, a Likud Prime Minister, gave a speech at Bar Ilan University agreeing to a Palestinian State.

What did Obama give in return? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

When the Palestinian Authority refused to back down from going international, refused to continue negotiations and signed an agreement with Hamas the Obama Administration did nothing.

When Hamas started to shoot rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip, committing war crimes. When the Palestinians started a war John Kerry had then had the gall to bring a Cease-Fire agreement from Qatar, the Wahhabi Fascist government that supports the Nazi Hamas movement.

This was Kerry's idea of a good mediator for a Cease-Fire for Israel.

And now, with less then one month to go for his administration. After the president received a stinging defeat of his policies from the American people with the election of Donald Trump, after receiving 75% of American Jewish votes for the democratic candidate, this administration has taken it upon itself to carry out the most anti-Semitic policy possible at the United Nations.

As Kerry speaks Prime Minister make it clear that Obama and Kerry have no mandate to act against Israel.

As Kerry speaks, you must speak and make it clear to the world that Secretary of State John Kerry and American President Barack Hussein Obama have made American policy the policy of Ethnically Cleansing Jews.

Speak Prime Minister Netanyahu and make it clear that Kerry and Obama have made American policy one and the same with those who want to boycott Israel, boycott Jews.

It is your time Prime Minister Netanyahu to fulfill your legacy and make it clear to the word that the policies of Obama and Kerry, policies that call for a Jew free Palestine, another racist Arab apartheid state in the world, that their policies will lead in the direction of another Holocaust if Israel does not stand firm in its defense.

Lastly Prime Minister, make it clear, speak, call your press conference for the same time as Kerry and tell the world the truth of Obama and Kerry.

They have aided and sided with the racist, anti-Semite founder of the Palestinian people, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Tell the world that the policies of Kerry and Obama call for the destruction of Israel, not a Two State Solution.

Tell the world the truth Kerry and Obama have taken on the policies of the same man who created his own final solution for the Jews of Israel.

That is the policy the Kerry is espousing destroying Israel.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


By Schmoel Yitzhak




You name it but words have not been invented to describe the horrific behavior of Barack Obama and he snakes out of the White House after burying his fangs in the State of Israel.

To many irate voices in the Jewish community the president's UN backstabbing came as a surprise. 

Some respected analysts such as Alan Dershowitz, among others, predicted that this would never happen; that America's leader would not spitefully put Israel in jeopardy with such an eleventh hour dastardly act.

But those formerly Obama-supporters simply didn't get it.

They didn't get it in his first time around and they still believed he'd give America's most faithful ally a break before he pulled his disgraceful gang away from Pennsylvania Avenue. 

With no sense of pride, I can say that I expected it all the time.

I expected it because I wrote it on these pages; first before the Muslim president even was elected; after he was elected; throughout his first time and right up to the president.

Forget the cover-ups; the phony Menorah-lighting at the White House; talk about hypocrisy. This guy was anti-Israel from the moment he was named commander-in-chief.

There's no point in recycling his Jew-hating, Israel-hating moves, other than it was evident from the get-go -- his pro-Arab speech from Cairo -- and it was clear as his political sword kept slicing away at the Middle East's only democracy right along.

Who can forget his appearance at an AIPAC convention when he uttered his deathless lie: "I have Israel's back."

Translated from the Obama book of perfidy, he really meant: "I have Israel's back to stab."

Again; none of this should surprise because when it came to fulfilling a promise Obama never delivered; unless he could hurt Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel in turn.

One last memory that says it all about this Three Dollar Bill in the White House.

When Syria's Assad threatened use of chemical weapons, Obama said he would draw a "Red Line." If the poisons were used, he would step in and stop the massacre.

Some 400,000 Syrians have been slaughtered and we're still waiting for him to intervene.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Hanukah and Israel's True Existential Threat, Barack Obama

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear Arab Occupying Force,

Call yourself what you want. Call yourself by the colonialist name Palestinian, colonialism fits you.

You are fascist, Nazi colonialists.

You have no heritage, you have no culture (accept possibly a Nazi culture) and you most definitely have no history.

You are a lie, no more, no less.

Maybe you have fooled, bamboozled and hoodwinked the world.

Maybe you have other colonialist nations like New Zealand helping you.

But know this, you are but a blip in a line of other colonialist, occupiers who have attempted to steal the land of Israel from the Jewish Nation.

We were here long before you and we will be here long after you.

You Arabs worked with the Nazis and then built your society on their principles. Therefore you are the offspring of Nazis.

Your people should be dealt with as the Nazis were dealt with.

You, the Arab Occupying Forces in Judea and Samaria, squatters on Jewish land take notice, if this resolution passes, your days are numbered.

You are thieves and you have committed the worst Ethnic Cleansing and crimes against humanity.

Your fake Nation has attempted to appropriate Jewish culture, history and land.

But like the Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Arab Muslims, British and your Nazi allies, you will fail.

It is not a coincidence that your resolution attempting to steal more of our identity, failed on Hanukah.

Hanukah the Jewish Nations holiday celebrating Zionism reminds us of the darkness the Maccabean's faced.

Their battle for freedom, a battle that took place seven hundred years before Mohammad was even born is proof that this is the land of the Jews and not the land of the colonialist, occupying Arabs.

As we remember this victory over darkness in our land, so long ago, we must remember the small victory of the Children of Israel, won today, against the colonialist darkness inside  the United Nations Security Council and by American President Barack Obama, today's Antiochus.

And remember Children of Israel false prophets like American President Barack Obama are the most dangerous.

This man has proven to be the worst hater of Israel and the Jewish people.

He is a coward of the worst kind, a fraudulent anti-Semite.

The fact that his pathetic administration chooses to work behind the back of Israel with the people who created international terrorism is disgraceful.

Worse still is Obamas pathetic attempt at denying his scheming role in this UN resolution and that of his devious Secretary of State.

They had better believe that Egyptian President Al-Sissi told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was really trying to toss Israel under the bus.

Is Obama as stupid as he appears?

Did he really believe that al-Sissi would forget what this man did to his mentor, Hosni Mubarak?

Or that Obama refused to recognize the Egyptian presidents election victory.

For all of those speaking so poorly of Trump, it would be wise to look in the mirror at the pathetic, vindictive Obama.

Even after eight years in the office of the President of the United States of America, he is still ignorant to foreign policy.

What this man and his underlying John Kerry were prepared to do to Israel today is unconscionable.

And anyone who backs Obama should watch speaking about Russia interfering in American affairs when Obama is so willing to interfere in Israel's affairs.

Barack Obama and John Kerry have single handedly undermined Israel diplomatically and it is Obama who is Israel's greatest existential threat, not Iran.

The actions of these two men, Obama and Kerry are akin to signing a second Munich Agreement.

And for the scheming, snake-like colonialists Palestinians.

You have signed your own death warrant with the UNESCO votes.

The Arab Occupying Force should understand this.

If this anti-Semitic Security Council resolution against Israel does pass, then Israel will take matters into her own hands.

We will start the process of freeing all our lands.

Israel will not stand idly by and let the fascist, colonialist Arabs rob us of more of our land.

We will systematically start removing the colonialist, occupying forces from the Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria.

And if Jordan falls that will be on Obama!

And if this brings about war, then so be it, let there be war!

Hanukah tells us, sometimes we need war to remove the colonialist darkness inside the undeniable, indigenous land of the Jewish Nation, the land of Israel!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What Should Israel Do?

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

The perpetrators of the worst crimes against humanity seen in our century are led by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his allies of the Shia Axis Powers, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Alawite War-Lord/Tyrant-elect Bashar al-Assad and the Shia Nazi Militia of Hezbollah.

These despots created ISIS and they are the fundamental reason for the worst migrant crises our world has seen in recorded history. 

They are literally the Twenty First Centuries Axis Powers.

The crimes against humanity committed by these evil men are on a par with those committed during the 20th. Century, and without a doubt they all should be tried in The Hague for Ethnic Cleansing (so serious that Syria has been totally changed), Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. 

Scarier yet, is the idea that not only will these evil menaces to our world not be tried for the devious crimes they have committed, there is talk in the media and in diplomatic circles of working again with these fascist tyrants. 

People are literally behaving as if a whole country and whole region have not been laid to waste and as if five million people had not been thrown out of their own homeland, Syria by occupying, invading powers, i.e. Hezbollah from Lebanon, the Iranian Republican Guard and the Russian Army.

This notion that the world will again accept these thieves of human souls who have the blood of so many dead on their hands, is a sign that nothing, absolutely nothing has been learned since the Holocaust.

Let me ask a question, should the allies have negotiated with Adolf Hitler? 

To me, the obvious answer would be a defiant NO. But apparently for many in this world the answer may very well be a yes.

Almost as bad as the tyrannical behavior of these fascist dictators has been the inability for the supposed sole superpower in our world, America, to act to save the tired, the poor, the huddled masses of Syrians wanting nothing more than freedom to live and breathe in their own homeland.

If anybody needs to understand what is happening to the Syrians right now all they need to do is crack open a history book and read about the Russian invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and what that horrible period of time brought to our world.  

The shamefully weak behavior of President Barack Obama has endangered all of the liberal, Free, Western World. From his Political Correctness to his woefully weak foreign policy. 

The repercussions of Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry's polices will truly only be seen in the next generations. But I guarantee that they will not be good at all. They will have the sign of Cain upon them and they will bring about atrocities on the level of World War Two. 

Long ago America should have stepped into the Syrian situation, it should have happened long before Putin had his chance to step in. 

The policies of President Barack Obama have not just caused distress to the Free World and Americas NATO allies but to Israel too. 

And that leaves me with the question, what should Israel do? 

Can Israel really wait for President-elect Donald Trump to come to power, or should Israel act now and act alone? 

Furthermore Israelis who are cozying up to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin should open their eyes to the bigger picture. 

Do you see Putin pushing Syria to relinquish the Golan Heights to Israel? Can Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu negotiate that out of Putin. After all, Assad is in Power only because Israel did not act to unseat him. 

I do not see that happening even though Israel has far more of a legal claim to the Sovereign Israeli Golan Heights then Russia has to the Crimean Peninsula. But Putin does not care about history or facts, Putin cares about what is good for Putin. Anyone who fails to see this or understand the ramifications it can have on Israel is naive. 

At this very moment Putin is assisting the worst enemies of Israel. 

He has made a deal with the devil, Jihadist Shia Islam, to fight another Devil, Sunni Jihadist Islam. 

Apparently Putin thinks that Russia will be spared the world conquest Iran envisions, but then again Putin would do well to remember how Chechnya became a fanatical, Muslim thorn in Russia's side.  

With every gain the Fascist, Nazi, Shia Axis of Hezbollah, Assad and Iran are inching closer to the border of Israel. With that comes the conflict with Hezbollah all Israelis know is inevitable but are behaving as if it just will not happen.

For to long Israel has been fighting defensive wars when we know our army is best at delivering lightning quick pre-emptive wars. 

The notion of Hezbollah getting stronger, inching closer to the border of Israel and the destruction and mass killings being carried out by the fascist Shia Axis, should prompt Israel to act. 

Without a doubt there will be a tremendous price for Israel to pay. 

But Israel can no longer believe it has the privilege to stand back, sitting on the sidelines as these Twenty First Century Nazis carry out genocide on our own door step. 

Our actions will wake up an America that has fallen asleep at the wheel, an America that has become mesmerized by reality TV and YouTube Cat videos. 

Once again, as it was with the Babylonians, The Ancient Greeks and The Romans it will take the Jewish Nation hurling a wrench into the machinery of this poisonous world order to change our disastrous course. 

Am Israel Chai

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Shia Axis and Czar Putin

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

I have been quiet for a while but the time to speak up has come.

There are some people who try to explain away the atrocities that are being carried out by the Regime of Bashar al-Assad, the Shia Nazi Militant group Hezbollah, The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian government.

Somehow these people believe that because the aforementioned groups do not cut off the heads of their enemies and display them on TV, as ISIS does, means that they are somehow better then ISIS and are not responsible for the atrocious crimes against humanity they have committed.

These crimes against humanity are the worst seen in the Twenty First Century and on a par with some of the worst of the Twentieth Century.

This theory is downright dastardly.

First off, be sure that Assad's people do do the same as ISIS and actually do worse, they just do not post pictures on facebook and social media because they learned long ago how to play the international media.

In fact we know they do worse because of the indiscriminate mass killing of civilians that is happening on a near daily basis.

My lord people, as an Israeli Jew I should be the last to be saying this, there should have been a million other people before me that should have come out and said enough of this genocide.

Nothing has been learned since the Holocaust and that is a ghastly fact!

NEVER AGAIN, has never been truly learned. Nor have the repercussions of the fatal and deviant decisions made at Munich that lead to the Munich Agreement, and not so much Peace In Our Time, been learned and internalized either!

The numbers of dead, the sterile numbers you are hearing about on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and other media outlets are not just numbers. In fact, although I know it is hard for you to believe, but these are real HUMAN BEINGS being massacred.

Those being massacred by Assad, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia are children like your children. They are women like your mothers, sisters and your wives. They are men like your fathers, brothers and your husbands and the only crime that they committed was to demand their freedom from an oppressive, racist minority regime.

Because of this the once seventy percent Sunni Arab population of Syria has been subjected to the worlds worst and most ruthless crimes against humanity seen in the Twenty First Century.

The dictator/War Lord Bashar al-Assad and his close second and good friend Vladimir Putin are bombing, using chemical weapons and mass murdering a people to the point where Syria is no longer Syria and the world has done absolutely nothing.

Shame on you!

This too should be a stark reminder, not that we Jews/Israelis should need one, that the Jewish Nation can count on no one, absolutely no one but ourselves for our protection.

It is also time to tell the truth about the creation of ISIS. The creation of this ruthless Sunni Jihadist group rests on the shoulders of two actors.

First and foremost, responsibility rests on the shoulders of Iran/Hezbollah/Assad.

I list the three as one because they are a Shia alliance. The Alawite tribe that Assad belongs to is an off-shoot of Shia Islam.

It was this alliance that opened the first shot in a Islamic Civil War that is engulfing the world.

Apparently all of the Near East analysts and Thomas Friedman's Mustache have been asleep on this one.

This is not going to just be some regional battle. This is and will be a Civil War inside of Islam that will be fought out across the globe. A World War inside of Islam if you like.

This Islamic civil war that was started by Iranian power grabs will have devastating results that will echo across the globe, results that almost no one is willing to talk about and few understand.

I say that Iran and Hezbollah are the main culprits because it is their unflinching support of mass murdering their Sunni adversaries that made this civil war inside of Islam a reality. Their willingness to use the worst military doctrine, the scorched earth policy, against innocent Sunnis has guaranteed that this war will not end anytime soon.

Furthermore, it was the horrific mass killings, crimes against humanity and massive ethnic cleansing of Syrian Sunni's(when I say massive I mean that more than half of all Syrians, the ones that haven't been killed by the Shia onslaught have fled the country) committed by Hezbollah, the Iranian Republican Guard and the Alawite Militia of Bashar al-Assad that pushed the button of fanatical Sunni Islam that brought to life ISIS, which in reality is nothing more than a Sunni mirror image of the Fascist, Nazi Shia Jihadists Militia/International Army called Hezbollah.

Has anyone taken the time to understand what Hezbollah, the name means, when they do their news presentations, when they write their articles?

No, they have not.

Hezbollah means, the party of God. This is a Militia/International Army, with over 200,000 rockets and long range missiles. More weapons then most sovereign nations have. They have the most modern Russian weaponry and they are attempting to get a hold of chemical weapons (the Israeli Air Force last weak raided and destroyed a convoy of chemical weapons being transferred from Assad to Hezbollah).

Meanwhile their ideology is based on the fanatical Twelver Shia Islamic belief of the Hidden Mahdi who will come only when the end of days is brought about. Think about that one for a second.

These are the good guys? Really.

Sometimes it is shocking to understand how low this world has sunk in such a short time.

And, I want to make it clear, that as an Israeli Jew I condemn President Elect Donald Trump for saying that Assad and Russia are doing good in Syria. It is a reprehensible statement to make.

Second after the Shia Axis is the Obama Administration.

But I must say a strong argument could be made that the Obama administration should be in first place for this disastrous state of affairs.

The insanely weak leadership of President Barack Obama and his horrid foreign policy opened the door for all we are seeing today inside of the Ukraine, Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

The isolationist policies of Obama empowered the most fanatical and ruthless regimes, in both the Islamic Republic of Iran and the regime of Czar Vladimir Putin. One can make the argument that Obama and John Kerry's policies are as destructive as those of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier.

People are complaining about Russian cyber attacks against America during the election. Let me make myself very clear, if these accusations are true it is not just unacceptable it is criminal.

But, it was the democrats and their allies who hailed Edward Snowden as a hero, while I called him a traitor from the beginning. And the democrats, the leftists (who are not liberals at all but are fascists) also hailed Wikileaks in the beginning, where as I called it enemy cyber warfare from the beginning.

Truly if these cyber attacks were allowed to happen then the American Security Organizations are woefully lacking. If these attacks were allowed to happen then America is in far greater trouble then  anyone has imagined or comprehends.

The CIA is saying that it was Russia behind all the hacking attacks on the Democratic National Committee.

How is it that the CIA and the NSA let this happen?

And if this is the case, no one, I mean no one should be surprised.

Especially after it was revealed that the Obama Administration was spying on just about everyone of our allies, did you read that right and digest it, ALLIES.

It does not take a genus to understand the compete idiocy of the uber liberal left.

What were they thinking? That they they could sit back, allow a ruthless dictator to mass murder his own people. That they could afford to get dead-locked at the useless UN an organization that never protects international law. That they could create red lines and then not reenforce them. Spy on their own friends and allies, while allowing Putin to occupy half of the Ukraine and Syria.

And during all of this the mighty American Armed Forces, the light that protects freedom and democracy in our world was neutered nothing was done to protect the unprotected, the defenseless and then you expect someone like Putin to not interfere in the American Election.

What planet are you living on, Planet Politically Correct, Planet Safe Spaces?

Worse then the Obama Administrations role in creating ISIS, is the precendent for allowing atrocities that the Obama Administration set.

The one superpower and its leader were responsible for not stopping the atrocities committed in the Ukraine and Syria.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt eventually interceded in Word War Two to save the helpless and the defenseless against ruthless dictators. Obama sat by, played golf and watched as one million people have been killed in Syria, with more dying everyday.

Both President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have set the precedent for the next atrocities to occur in our generation by allowing Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and Putin to behave like the worst, most evil bullies. By allowing them to use a scorched earth policy in the 21st century when we have the Geneva Conventions..

All of this could have been prevented if Obama had taken the courageous but politically dangerous policy of backing the original Free Syrian Army, a mostly secular Sunni group. By helping them unseat a ruthless dictator who had already started to commit mass genocide and mass ethnic cleansing against his own people.

The fact that America let Putin keep Assad in power, that was the day that American lost its democracy and its freedom. That was the day that Donald Trump became president.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Know the Code

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

Stop Arab/Islamic colonialism!

Stop the lies created by Nazi Arab Agent Haj Amin al-Husseini!

Stop the appropriation of the laws, culture, land and history of the indigenous people of Israel, the Jewish Nation.

Stop the fallacy of the Nazi creation, the Palestinian. Learn the truth, they are not freedom fighters, they are racist, Supremacist colonizing terrorists!

Stop the continuation of the Shoah, learn that it never ended. It continued with the Arab/Islamic hopes of annihilating Israel, Jewish Emancipation and the Jewish Nation for good.

Stop lying to yourself when you say "The Arabs don't really mean it" when they say "we are going to finish Hitler's work". They mean it, because their whole culture is based on the Nazi principles of anti-Semitism. Their founding father was not just a good friend of Adolf Hitler, he recruited for him, was a full Nazi who formulated his own "Final Solution" for the Jews of Israel.

Stop condemning the alt-right, when it was the left that has created the worst anti-Semitism seen since the Holocaust.

Stop condemning Steve Bannon and start condemning Omar Barghoutti and the head of the UN General Assembly.

Stop pretending to care about Jews, you do not, you never have and it's embarrassing.

Stop talking about Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria, especially when the Arab Nazis have burned down half of Israel.

Stop talking about Israel and the Jewish Nation giving back land that is theirs, especially when the Arab colonizers enjoy watching Israel burn!

Stop talking about colonialist Arabs as indigenous, you'd never call white European Americans, Canadians or South Africans indigenous, nor should you call the colonizing Nazi Arabs indigenous, they are not.

Stop lying to yourself, Indigenous people don't burn their own land!

Know the code.


Jewish/Israel=Freedom/Truth/Indigenous Rights

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Winds of November

🇮🇱⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️🇮🇱

Every year, the winds of November start blowing.

The Wardens of the North must prepare the wall of Liberty in the North for the cold days ahead.

This wall shields all of the children of Israel. The Druze of Israel, the Baha'i of Israel, the Circassians of Israel, the Arabs of Israel and the Jews of Israel.

But it is also a shield for the whole of the "Free World".

The Jewish democratic Nation state of Israel is the front line and has always has been the front line in the fight against Arab/Islamic Jihadism.

Israel was the arrow to the heart of Sovietism.

It is this line of defense that was protecting Americans until September 11th.

Israel still is the front line of defense for Americans, Europeans and those that call themselves the citizens of the free West.

The freedom of the "Free" west, has been bought with the blood of the Children of Israel.

The freedom that is being used on the campuses of America to Judge my people, the freedom allowed to the Nazi BDS movement and the Students for Justice In Palestine AKA The Students for A Final Solution. This freedom they abuse was paid for by the blood of my brothers and sisters of Israel.

No sum of money can ever make up for the those we have lost. No amount of money can give back the sons and daughters we have lost protecting the free world.

When American power could barely push back North Korea and barely saved South Korea, where was American power projected with strength?

When American power was lost in Vietnam, where was American power proven?

Not one American soldier has ever died fighting a war for Israel. Israel has always fought her wars.

But American power was proven when Israel trounced Numerous Soviet supplied Arab armies in 48, 56, 67 and 73.

And yes, sons of Israel, we won these great victories with American hardware from 73 on and with American political backing since 1948, but we fought these battles and we won them.

A long Winter is coming, do not be fooled. We do not need made up stories to know what is lurking on the other side of this wall of Liberty.

No, it's not iceman we must gird ourselves to fight so the people of the west can enjoy their comfortable lives. It is men who chop off the heads of their neighbors, it is the Arab/Sunni/Shia Jihadists who are the true representatives of the Flayed Man.

It is these same leaders that drop barrel bombs on the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. And do not hesitate to use chemical weapons. Wait a second, I thought those chemical weapons were given up, I guess not.

We, the citizens of Israel, are the wall, the wardens protecting freedom, liberty and life the wall that stands against the dark ages.

Hating Satan has never been easy.

That's why so many can be duped and bamboozled by the same fascist Nazis who murdered Six million Jews in the Shoah, to hate the Jew again, the Jew of the world, Israel.

These anti-Semitic ideas and the Nazi movement of BDS and the Students for A Final Solution, are being promoted and paid for by one of the darkest of nations, the Wahabbi nation of Qatar.

If you asked the everyday person of the 50's or 60's would people be boycotting Jews again like in Nazi Europe, they would have said no way. If you would have asked a holocaust survivor they would have said definitely.

Today, again, white Europeans and their Arab accomplices are trying to annihilate Israel. The Europeans because they are ignorant and foolish enough to believe that selling out Israel will buy them favor with the Nazi Jihadists. They are wrong.  The Nazi Arab/Sunni/Shia wish to destroy Israel because they know it is inspiration for all indigenous nations to rise up against their tyranny; they know that Israel is the ultimate expression of Freedom, Liberty and the light pushing back against their dark, dark world of Chauvinism, Homophobia, Racism and hatred for Liberty of the Human soul.

We have not forgotten the crimes committed against the Jewish Nation by Europe, although we have befriended you and protect you.

Furthermore we remember the crimes committed by the made up Palestinian Nation, the Arab Occupying Force. We remember that it was the Nazi society, created by Nazi Agent and collaborator Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Hussieni and Adolf Hitler, a society based on Nazi principles set up to destroy Jewish Freedom and promote Arab Supremacist colonialism.

You cannot fool the Lions of Judah.

BDS, ISIS, HAMAS, Al-Qaida, PLO, Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad, SJP, Hezbollah and Al-Nusra. They are all the same.

Some may be Sunni and some may be Shia but they are all the offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are all designed to promote Arab/Islamic colonialist Supremacism.

All seek to apply Sharia, to forcibly convert minorities and all seek to mass murder the Jews, to commit ethnic cleansing against the indigenous people of Israel, the Jews.

Remember children of Israel, we truly have but one home.

Remember world, if Israel falls so does the Western World as you know it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thugs, Liars and Thieves

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

The world has reacted to the Political Terrorism of the Palestinian Authority and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 

Mexico, Italy and many inside of the European Union have said they will not vote for the UNESCO resolution attempting to re-write history and deny the Jewish Nations unequivocal connection and ownership of both the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. 

An ownership given to the Jewish people hundreds, upon hundreds of years before Mohammed was born and Islam came into being.

The Temple Mount is not a Muslim Holy site, saying so is encouraging and accepting the Colonial aspirations of the Arab Muslim world.

When the Arab Muslims built the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount they did so intentionally as an act of desecration in a precursor to the colonist UNESCO vote happening now, to re-write and erase Jewish history. 

The world has seen the Palestinian Authority and the Jordanian government for the frauds and thugs that they are. 

But today the thugs and thieves inside the Palestinian Authority and the Jordanian government have done what they do best, behave like a mafia.

The PA and Jordan have threatened the EU countries and Mexico. 

They  have made it clear that if these countries follow through with what they promised to Israel, righting the wrong committed against the Jewish people, by not voting for the criminal UNESCO resolution, there will be consequences.

What consequences exactly? 

Furthermore how dare these governments, dependent on financial aid from the very countries they are threatening behave in this manner.

In fact this behavior is unprecedented except for a period of time when the Nazi party dominated Germany and Europe. 

Without a doubt this is political terrorism and thuggery, something that the Palestinians have mastered. 

Sadly, Israel must prepare herself for the European countries to buckle, they always do. 

The question is what should Israel do to right this wrong? 

First and foremost it must work with the United States to get a condemnation and not from the Presidents Press Secretary, but from the President himself.

Second, Israel must work to get another round of condemnations from both candidates running for the seat of the American President. 

Third, Israel must convince both candidates that giving financial aid to terrorists (it makes no difference if it is political terrorism, terror is terror) is a bad idea and it is time for the United States, the European Union and Israel to look for a new partner.

Fourth, Israel must work with nations that see eye to eye with Israel’s rights to drop payments to UNESCO.

The time has come for Israel to reconsider the assistance it gives to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. From water purification assistance, to natural gas and especially the security assistance given to Jordan, which King Abdullah could not live without.

Israel will no longer protect the King of Jordan if  the King seeks to erase the history of the Jewish People. 

It must be made very clear to America, England and the EU it is much easier to erase the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the annuls of history, then it is the Jewish Nation. Just ask the Romans.

Israel should also make clear that it is open to work with any opposition party inside of Jordan that is willing to seek better relations with the Jewish State.

When it comes to the Palestinian Authority and the actions carried out by this colonizing entity inside the United Nations, Israel is no longer willing to play ball. 

It is time for Israel to make it clear that the Palestinian Authority will no longer get away with murder in the international arena. 

Israel must attack, attack, attack. 

It must be made clear to the world that the UNESCO vote and its attempts at easing thousands of years of Jewish history and delegitimizing Israel is a Casus Belli. 

If the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations go ahead with this political terrorism and attempt to re-write history, then Israel must make it clear that it will exact immediate, physical repercussions. 

First, the IAF should fly sorties over Gaza and the Arab occupied towns inside of Judea and Samaria dropping leaflets letting the people know that their government and their own actions have brought upon them what will be.

First, what will be is an immediate cut of electricity to all Arab Occupied Towns and to Jordan also, if we do not exists then surely neither does our electricity. 

Second, water should be cut from the Arab Occupied Towns, since Israel and her citizens paid for the water infrastructure and being that we do not exist surely neither does our water.

It is very simple. For far too long Israel has not done what is right for her own citizens. As David Ben Gurion said, UN-Shmum.

It must be made clear to the world, if Israel is going to be judged in an anti-Semitic and racist manner then nothing has been learned since the Holocaust and Israeli must go it along. 

If Israel is gong to be condemned no matter what and for no reason what so ever, then it makes no difference and Israel will start to seriously reconsider how it behaves vis-a-vis international law towards the Arabs who have occupied our land. 

And believe me, Bashar al-Assad has got nothing on Israel! 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Can You Say Holy War?

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

It is done, game over.

Yesterday the Palestinian Authority, its leadership and the United Nations crossed all red lines.

There actions are tantamount to a declaration of war against the Sovereign State of Israel and the whole of the Jewish people!

The citizens of Israel from left to right and the Jewish Nation across the board must stand as one and face down what is the darkest, most anti-Semitic moment for the Jewish Nation in the 21st. century.

Yesterday the United Nations and the Palestinian Leadership, through UNESCO have started a Holy War against the Jewish Nation and the Christian World.

They have attempted to completely wipe clean world history. Something that fits the colonialists Arab/Muslim narrative.

The actions of the Arabs spearheaded by the Palestinians are no different then the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan.

Yesterday, UNESCO declared the Temple Mount a Muslim holy site.

They were talking about the same Temple Mount where the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem was built by the Jewish King Solomon long before Mohamed was born or Islam existed.

Let me repeat that and let that sink in and may it be repeated a million times over.

The Jewish Temple of Solomon, who was a Jewish King, the second temple, built by Herod the Great, also a Jewish king stood on the Temple Mount hundreds of years before Mohamed was born and Islam existed. Period, fact!

UNESCO also decided that the Wailing Wall was a Muslim holy site.

The Western Wall which is a retaining wall built again, by the Jewish King Herod the Great, clearly to hold the massive Temple on the Temple Mount.

The little Mosque that the colonialist Arab Muslims intentionally built  on the Temple Mount was one of the worlds first acts of National desecration.

This is not just an insult to Jews. The United Nations and the Arab world that controls the UN would like it to be that way but it is not.

This is also a direct insult to the whole of the Christian world. The Jewish  Temple that the Arab/Muslim world is trying to erase from history played an incredibly important role in the New Testament.

But this is not about the Christian world, this is about downright anti-Semitism.

The Palestinian leadership admitted to this evil anti-Semitism when they said "the denial of Jewish history is a victory for the Palestinian people.".

Again, they themselves admit that the Jewish people have a history here, one is that is greater and more valid than theirs, and that this stunt was all about Jew Hatred and re-writing history.

It is also further proof that it is Jew Hatred that permeates everything that has to do with Palestinian culture.

As my ten year old son said, the actions of the UN are embarrassing.

This kind of anti-Semitism, and yes it is anti-Semitic, has not been seen since the Nuremberg Laws of Germany.

This should act as a stark reminder to all Jewish citizens of Israel that the world has not changed, not one bit and we can trust no one but ourselves.

Just as important this should also be a message to the opposition inside the Knesset. It is time for Itzhak Herzog and Yair Lapid to join the coalition of Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel must fight the anti-Semitism IOC the United Nations together as one unit.

What should Israel do to counter this virulent Palestinian Nazism?

It is time for the Sovereign State of Israel to make the United Nations aware that it will pay for instigating a Holy War. If the government of Israel fails to do this then the citizens of Israel must take it upon themselves to make UN personal unwelcome in Israel.

The Israeli government must change policies vis-a-vis the United Nations immediately.

This insult to Israel and the Jewish Nation cannot go unanswered.

First Israel should remove itself from UNESCO.

Second, Israel should do all it can to work with the government of the United States of America to divest immediately from The United Nations.

Third, Russia must pay for aiding the Palestinians in this criminal act of anti-Semitism and that can be done immediately on the Golan Heights, while also assisting America.

Third, the Israeli government should investigate bringing charges against the United Nations inside of American and Israeli courts for promoting anti-Semitic laws the deny the factual, scientifically proven, millennial old rights of the Jewish Nation to the Temple Mount and the Waling Wall.

Along with these actions out side of Israel, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu must take immediate action on the ground.

It must immediately suspend Muslim Arab access to the Temple Mount.

It must cut all connections with the Jordanian Muslim Waqf to the Temple Mount.

Fourth, just as Gamal Abdel Nassar showed the United Nations to the door in 1967, it is time for Israel to show the United Nations personal to the door.

Israel must stop working with UNWRA.

Across the board Israel must stop cooperating with the United Nations organizations until this matter is rectified in a manner that is acceptable to the Sovereign Nation State of the Jewish People.

For those organizations inside of Israel that have aided this cultural appropriation, they must pay the price that a traitor would pay. It should be suggested to B'Tzelem that they stay out of Israel.

Let me make this clear, say it loud, and I hope more of my fellow fighters for the rights of Israel and the Jewish Nation do the same.


The only way one can make this claim is if they believe in complete cultural desecration and colonialist thievery, the complete appropriation of world history basically, the history of the Jewish Nation and the Christian world.

The Quran itself admits to the fact that the Jewish Temple was built on the Temple Mount by the Jewish King Solomon and was an achievement of great proportions.

Lastly how dare American President Barack Obama and American Secretary of State John Kerry place blame on Israel for building homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria or threaten Israel with a possible United Nations Security Council Resolution, when the Palestinians as the head of the spear create obstacles to peace on this level.

The Temple Mount is the holiest site to the Jewish Nation, it is a site that was stollen from the Jewish People when the Romans (Europeans) burned the Jewish Temple to the ground hundreds of years before Islam ever existed.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, just look at he Arch of Titus.

This dark day is further proof that the completely made up people who call themselves Palestinians are not interested in peace at all. In fact they are interested in more fighting.

I believe it is time for Israel to oblige them.

It is time for Israel to systematically destroy the colonialist, Nazi Arab entity occupying Judea and Samaria.

Israel can no longer tolerate this type of anti-Semitism in its purest form, it is a Casus Belli and must be addressed as one.

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Serious Escalation

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

Yesterday an American Aegis Arleigh-Burke class destroyer was fired upon by two missiles off of the coast of Yemen.

I understand the second Presidential debate was last night but this should have been headline news.

Many people may or may not understand why this is so important and what exactly it means, so I will try my hardest to sum this up as quickly as possible with as much information about why this important for Americans and Israel.

Firing missiles at an American Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer takes audacity. These warships have powerful anti-aircraft, including missile defense capabilities, and they also pack a powerful punch, including the Tomahawk Cruise Missile.

But they are not like the battleships of old.

The Iowa Class Battleships did not have the defense systems of the Arleigh-Burke, but they could withstand many blows because of their heavy steel armor. This armor included an extremely thick steel belt that went around the whole of the ship and thick steel plates on the deck.

Because of its defense systems, and semi-stealth capabilities the Arliegh-Burke has less protection.

Had these missiles hit the destroyer it is very possible that with two hits the boat could have sunk.

And even if the boat did not sink there would have been a clear loss of life. The sad and very clear fact is that American deterrence has been lowered so much that people are ready to take pot shots at Americas gold standard of Naval defense.

If the boat did sink that means the loss of 329 American soldiers.

It would also mean a 1.8 billion dollar American Naval Ship was sunk.

Luckily the ship was not hit, no young men or women serving America were hurt and this is what is most important.

So if no one was hurt and the ship was not hit, why is this so important?

Again, as stated before, it is because someone actually had the audacity to fire on the ship in the first place. Secondly, it is very important because of who it was that fired the missiles.

We can ascertain this from where the missiles were fired.

And where were the missiles fired from?

The missiles were fire at the ship from the Houthi controlled parts of Yemen.

And who are the Houthi's?

Why they are the Shia allies of Iran of course.

And the Houthi's would never fire two missiles at an American Aegis Class Destroyer without the direct permission of their Iranian handlers.

So that means that Iran tried to sink an American Naval Ship yesterday. As I said that is headline news, and I wonder why it was buried behind much less important information.

It is a direct response by Iran to American comments on possible action in Syria and it is a serious provocation and a deliberate escalation.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

On The Brink

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

Dear Friends,

I'm writing this to warn both my Israeli brothers and sisters and my American brothers and sisters that America and Israel can no longer sit on the sidelines concerning Syria.

As I write this I am trying my hardest to put my own political beliefs to the side.

Because of a missed opportunity to destroy the worst and darkest type of fascism the 21st. has seen, our world is now on the brink of a global disaster.

Instead of destroying the Fascist dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad by working with the rebel fighters when the majority of them were secular, America missed the greatest opportunity to put Iran in check-mate.

It is important to remember that many of the rebels in Syria were secular when the fighting started and are still Secular Sunnis today.

They are fighting the Shia oppression of Iran and Hezbollah.

Because of the Wests inability to act they have been forced to work with the more fanatical Muslim fighters. This has happened simply because it is the fanatical Muslim fighters that are bringing in the arms and that have the fighting knowledge and the backbone to bring to the battlefield.

So let's not kid ourselves as many would like to do.

It takes two to tango and it was the Republican led American Congress and the American Administration that have empowered Vladimir Putin of Russia and Iran to the point where they believe they can commit genocide and crimes against humanity (shooting down a jet liner and bombing hospitals/civilian centers intentionally are war crimes) with impunity.

Many seem to forget that the Republican lead congress voted down President Barack Obama's request to use force against Assad after he repeatedly used chemical weapons against his own civilians.

I find it funny that so many Millennials and far leftists love to disparage America for using Atomic weapons against Japan, yet they have no problem with a Syrian War Lord gassing his people to death at this very moment.

So let's get real, it was both the President and the Republican lead Congress that took away the American Backbone when it was needed most.

When they failed to act, when AMERICA'S red line had been crossed after the Assad militia used chemical weapons on numerous occasions they both made America the most technologically advanced paper tiger, tin soldier I'm saying people, in the world.

This is no Cuban missile crises now.

No, this is worse. The Russian missiles are already in place in Kaliningrad and who knows about what the Russians have truly brought into Tartarus, Syria.

The Ukraine, a free, sovereign nation had already been invaded having a large chunk of its property, the Crimean Peninsula STOLEN by Russia before the Russians invaded Syria. But really this all started when the Free World allowed Putin to invade and occupy parts of the free and sovereign nation of Georgia.

The American government attempts to use the fact that the former Syrian government invited Russia to intervene, as their excuse to why they are still watching the daily barrel bombs, chemical weapons use, ethnic cleansing and general genocide being carried out by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and what is left of Assad's militia.

It's nonsense, the Assad regime has no more say than the Syrian National Council.

The fact that the United Nations allows the Fascist, Minority Alawite, War-lord dictator Bashar al-Assad to maintain an ambassador at the UN is a glaring example of how utterly corrupt, evil and useless the UN has become. America should immediately revoke its UN payments if a Security Council Resolution condemning the atrocities committed by Russia and its Fascist Axis inside of Syria is not passed.

Let's say the Syrian National Council (the Rebel Government in Exile) invites America, France and England to help them (the majority Sunni Population of the country) destroy the insurrection by the Alawite minority. That is right people a ten percent Alawite minority has been ruling over an eighty percent Sunni majority. The last time I saw numbers like that was in Apartheid South Africa, maybe BDS should investigate, they should send Roger Waters to the front line, maybe he will not come back too.

Will America and the Free West act then? You cannot claim to be the Free West or to fight for the ideals of Freedom if you let the atrocities happening in Syria continue.

The genocide committed by the Fascist Shia/Russian Axis is the main cause of the Refugee crisis around the world. Especially if Europeans wish to save what is left of their continent, then they must act immediately to stop the Syrian quagmire and demand American action in Syria.

Furthermore, it is the atrocities committed by the Shia population of Iraq, the minority Alawite population of Syria (the Alawis make up only 10% to 15% of the Syrian population) and the complete interference inside the Syrian civil war by Shia Iran and Shia Hezbollah that has created ISIS.

Yes people it is time to WAKE UP and smell the coffee.

The atrocities committed in the name of Shia Islam against the Sunni populations in Syria and Iraq forced these people to turn to the worst, thanks to the inaction of America and the West they simply had no choice. The Free world refused to protect them against an Iran that is seeking to re-create the Persian Empire, this time just the Shia Islamic Persian Empire.

No Iranian sponsored militias in Iraq carrying out ethnic cleansing, no Hezbollah and Iranian Republican Guards fighting at the side of Alawite mass murderer Bashar al-Assad who is murdering Sunni civilians along with Sunni Freedom fighters. None of this and there would never have been an ISIS.

I know it sucks, the academics, the far-leftists, the alt-right they are all wrong this is not some Jewish conspiracy, nor is it the fault of Israel. Nope, it is Russia and Shia Iran that are to blame for ISIS.

Lastly, the Obama administrations actions and attitude towards Israel is scandalous, if not illegal because of its anti-Semitic undertones.

The fact that the Obama administration is trying to use Israel and the building of Jewish Homes in Judea and Samaria as a shroud to block the American publics view of the disastrous foreign policy failures of the Obama doctrine is down right despicable.

In the next decade America is going to need Israel more than ever.

As the only democratic outpost in the Middle-East and as the only country in the world (except for maybe Sri-Lanka) that has a proven track record of defeating Asymmetrical, non-army, military adversaries. AMERICA NEEDS ISRAEL MORE THAN EVER!

And I believe that no matter how bad the American government has abused the relationship under the Obama Administration, Israel must stick by Americas side. We are brothers, we are sisters on a national level.

So that leads me to what America and Israel need to do to rebuild their relationship.

It is time for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop his flirting with Putin and it is time for the Obama Administration to put the blame concerning peace negotiations where it firmly belongs, the Palestinian Authority.

Let us not forget that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to speak in front of the Knesset and to start Final Status Peace negotiations with no pre-conditions immediately. President Abbas has refused up until now, this is the first and largest obstacle to peace!

Israel needs to throw in with the Obama administration here and now and do so very publicly.

When it comes to dealing with Russia, America needs to know it has the support of Israel, but in committing, Israel must also have Americas full backing, that means the full backing of the 6th. Fleet.

It is time for these once steadfast allies to put petty grievances to the side and to work together to push back against the clearly Fascist Axis of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Syrias Bashar al-Assad.

When we say Never Again, that also includes Sunni Muslims fighting for their freedoms inside of Syria. Never Again, meant the Free, Democratic World would not let the genocide, crimes against humanity and mini Holocaust that is taking place against the Sunni Muslims of Syria who simply want their freedom and self-determination.

The time has come to act, period!

Thursday, October 6, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

This blog is not some B-Rated movie, I wish it was. No, this is something far worse, this blog is an article about the tip of the Iceberg of International Jew hatred, international anti-Semitism!

I ask the world to please take notice of the Jew hating Nazis of the Gaza Boat.

Let's start with the fact that these women are intentionally endangering the lives of young Israeli Soldiers.

For many of you it might not register, these Israeli soldiers that you see sometimes on CNN, the BBC and Al Jazeara, well they are our children, they are our boys and girls, our brothers and sisters.

It is totally unacceptable that our children are forced to deal with these Jew haters, who are working for Hamas and their handlers the fascist Wahhabis, Qatar.

I call these women Nazis for this very simple reason.

Yes, they are trying to get your attention and they are doing this to convince you to support the destruction of Israel and the genocidal destruction of world wide Jewry as called for in the Hamas charter.

Is it not interesting that these women of the boat find Israel's existence more of a problem, even while the Fascist War-Lord Elect Bashar al-Assad, Shia Hezbollah, Shia Iran and Russia daily mass murder the 75% Sunni majority population of Syria.

Instead of trying to bring world attention to the genocide taking place this very moment in Syria these women want to direct attention to Gaza.

I call these women Nazis because they took it upon themselves to challenge the right of Israel to exist.

These Jew Haters have committed this illegal action on the same day that Hamas took it upon itself to break the Internationally backed UN cease-fire by shooting a rocket into Sederot, Israel.

These women could care less of the people of Sederot or the Rockets that fall on them.

Here is another fact to take into consideration.

The Women of the Boat intentionally disregard the fact that Israel has made it very clear that it would end the blockade of Gaza the second Hamas accepted all signed peace agreements between Israel and the PLO and accept Israel's right to exist.

All Israel asked of Hamas was to recognize international law.

Hamas until this day refuses to recognize international law and refuses to accept Israel's right to exist. This does not bother the Women of The Boat one bit.

Al these women need do is demand that Hamas respect international law accept Israel's right to exist and the blockade is lifted.

Why don't they?

Because as stated before these women are Jew Hating Nazis. They are not interested one bit in peace, Gaza or international law, which calls for Two States for Two people, one Jewish and one Arab.

They call Israel an occupying power in Gaza. They seem to forget that Israel completely withdrew all military personal and uprooted Israeli communities that were living in Gaza for four decades.

Israel gave the Egyptians who have occupied the Gaza Strip in the last one hundred and fifty years all of Gaza as an Olive branch. In response Israel didn't get peace, no, it was blessed with thousands of rockets.

The Nazi Arabs of Gaza were given the right to vote democratically for their future which could have been the foundation of peace. Instead they decided to vote out the "moderate" Fatah party lead by Mahmoud Abbas and elected the Fascist (no difference between Hamas and Al-Qaeda or ISIS) Jihadist Group Hamas, which very clearly has the stated goal of the destruction of Israel and world Jewry, into power.

These Jew hating women are breaking international law by aiding and abetting a terrorist group that calls for the destruction of Israel and the genocidal mass murder of all Jews world wide.

Seriously, how do you even rationalize this, the stated goal of Hamas, clearly states in the Hamas charter the genocidal mass murder of ALL Jews.

I call on all of my American friends and family to demand that American Authorities immediately arrest the Nazi Terrorist leader of this boat, Ann Wright, for aiding and abetting Hamas, a Jihadist group that is on Americas Terror list.

It should be totally unacceptable for a former diplomat like Ms. Wright or for that matter any American citizen to get away with working for and with a known terrorist organization that has murdered thousands of Israelis and American Jews, which has a charter that calls for the destruction of a Sovereign state in the United Nations and the mass murder of world Jewry.

Ann Wright is the best example of the impunity that Jew hating Nazis feel today.

It is people like Ms. Wright that are causing the world wide anti-Semitism the Jewish Nation is facing today, not Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria.

If America, the UN and the EU truly want to stop the extreme Jew hatred that is gushing forth today like a flood tide then an example must be made of Ms Ann Wright.

Ann Wright must know that there is a price to pay for working with a group that is trying to fulfill Adolf Hitlers Final Solution. Only actions like this will put an end to what has become the Tsunami of world wide anti-Semitism.

As a citizen of America and as a citizen of Israel I call on Secretary of State John Kerry to stop making insulting comments from the State Department against Israel for building houses for Jews in Judea and Samaria and instead to have Ms. Ann Wright put behind bars where she belongs.

Monday, September 26, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

I will not lie, I have serious problems with Hashtags, Social Media and the general direction our world is going in.

Hashtags appear to be a horrible fact of our new world culture and they will not be disappearing anytime soon.

But, I still despise them.

This phony "brave new world" we live in is a joke. Standing behind a Hashtag is not brave, most of the time it is just plan old ignorance.

Hashtags like the people that use them are lazy and they are a part of this new world culture set up by elitist and academics who will nicely try to tell you that you are below them and that you are to stupid to understand, so as many followed the placards in the 60's and 70's today you must follow the Hashtag.

We live in a time where one does not have the ability, nor the respect to actually finish a sentence or a thought, let alone read a book or do the leg work to understand a subject. The elitist and their academic cohorts understand this well.

But there are undeniable facts that can be found if you dare to do the work.

Here is an undeniable fact.

There has never, in recorded history, never, ever been a Nation State called Palestine. Fact.

Nor has there ever been throughout the history of the world a people called “The Palestinians”, that is until the 20th Century.

Again, this is FACT!

The people who call themselves Palestinians are an Arab/European invention of the 20th. Century.

Here is another fact, the man who created Palestinian Nationalism and what is Palestinian society today was a Nazi, SS Agent. That is right Haj Amin al-Husseini based his Arab supremacist society on Nazi principles. Again, undeniable fact.

So from this point forward I will no longer call the non-indigenous Arabs, occupying the indigenous Jewish Provinces of Judea and Samaria, Palestinians anymore.

Hence forth I will refer to them as the Arab Occupying Force.

The A.O.F was set up and financed by the British (with help from the American State Department) to be a friendly Arab entity that would act as a land bridge for the English colonies of Africa and her colonies in Asia.

As Jews burned in the Nazi fires of Europe the leader of the Arab Occupying Force, Haj Amin al-Husseni, worked with Hitler to create a final solution for the Jews of Israel.

As these crimes were being committed against the Jewish people, the English committed their own crimes by setting up the White Paper Laws in British Occupied Israel.

These racists laws stood in direct contrast to International Law that was set at the San Remo Conference. San Remo had made clear that Israel was the homeland of the Jews.  

The English overlords set up these anti-Jewish, racist white paper laws in the hopes of appeasing (just as the British appeased Hitler in Munich) Haj Amin al-Husseni. The leader of the A.O.F had started two Arab pogroms in Israel that had killed hundreds of Jews.

These anti-Jewish laws let Arabs from Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt flow unhindered into Israel.

The Arabs came because of money, not because of any attachment to the land.

Where as Jewish families that had once been exiled had been returning to Israel for millennia, solely because of the attachment to the land.

The Arabs came because business was booming in Israel and it was thanks to the Jewish communal farming towns or Kibbutzim.

These Kibbutzim (the pinnacle of socialism at work) took barren, unproductive land and made it flourish.

As Arabs from neighboring countries poured into Israel to work and the White Paper laws strictly curtailed the number of Jews allowed into Israel, thus changing the demographic situation.

The laws the British created to appease the A.O.F made sure that Jews were not allowed to return to their homeland. Millions of Jews needlessly died in Nazi death camps because of this!

Today I hear about how Israel needs to understand the suffering of the Arab Occupying Force.

Well here is what I have to say to that line of garbage.

I say that Israel does not need to understand the suffering of a people who did not understand the suffering of the Jewish People during Word War Two.

On top of that, the Arab Occupying force worked to make the suffering of the Jewish people a death sentence.

The Arab’s occupying the Jewish Provinces of Judea and Samaria are a colonialist entity, period!

They have been used by the imperialistic policies of Israel’s neighboring Arab states. They are the foot soldiers of the whatever Arabist/Jihadist movement was trying to destroy Israel at that very moment.

Once it was Nasserism, once it was Syrian Baathism and Iraqi Baathism and now there is Shia Hezbollah/Iranian Republican Guardism.

It makes no difference.

Centuries before Mohammad was born there was the Jewish Nation and Israel.

Centuries before there was a Quran, Jewish Law governed Israel.

And long before their was the Nazi based principles Haj Amin al-Husseini used to create the Arab Occupying Force, there was the Jewish People and their eternal connection to Israel.

Long before there was a BDS, there was Israel.

All one really needs to do is to take a simple look at the names of the two opposing forces in their modern infancy.

The main political, diplomatic and defense force of the Yishuv (the government of the Jews in British Occupied Israel), fighting for Israel’s Independence was called the Haganah, in Hebrew it means defense.

Move to the other side and you have Al-Fatah, which very simple means, To Conquest.

It comes down to the very mentality.

BDS is a perfect example of the Arab/Islamic colonialist mentality.

BDS is an anti-Semitic organization, based on the Nazi principles of the Muslim Brotherhood.

BDS believes that the Jews  aren't good enough for a state. They believe the Arabs are much more deserving of a country, a racist belief in and of itself(as they have proven so throughout history)!

The sole purpose of the BDS is to bring about the destruction of Israel and the eventual genocide and ethnic cleansing of Israeli Jews. To be replaced with a nice, new shiny Arab state that will be the epitome of tranquility.

Yet, the Qatari born leader of BDS, Omar Barghoutti happens to also like to live lavishly in Israel.

Because Israel and the Jewish Nation is secure with its moral rights under international law, twice Israel has offered the Arab Occupying Force peace and statehood.

Twice because the core principles of the Arab Occupying Force are based on militant Nazism/Jihadism they have rejected peace and statehood!

We Jews have always been here in Israel, this is our land, our genetics themselves speak it and the Arabs will always be a conquering, invading colonialist people.

So, TODAY, I say I do not need to understand a group of people who are attempting to steal my culture, my laws and my nation.

So here are some Hastags for you.