Thursday, February 26, 2015


By Simon Fischler

“maybe he (Kerry) doesn’t know everything we know”. “We know all we need to know, and we have an excellent picture of the negotiations," 

Yuval Steinitz, Strategic Affairs Minister

You bet Secretary of State John Kerry does not know all that Israel and its intelligence agencies know about Iran and its nuclear ambitions. 

Nor does Kerry have an inkling into the picture created by both the Mossad and Army intelligence on the negotiations being conducted by the P5+1, which are really being dictated by Kerry. 

The Obama administration lost all respect and much of its contact with Israel's intelligence agencies when they discovered that the administration had been conducting secret negotiations with Iran behind Israel's back. 

The second the Obama administration lied and deceived Israel by negotiating with Iran without Israel's knowledge this was passing a redline. This was Obama flushing the "Bipartisan" relationship between Israel and the AMERICAN PEOPLE down the drain! 

Since then Israel has continued and strengthened its intelligence gathering on Iran, a system of agents and intelligence gathering systems that is far deeper and more layered than Americas. 

With Israel's own intelligence and without America's help, Israel has on numerous occasions targeted Iranian scientists and generals involved in Iran's nuclear and long range missile programs against the Obama Administrations wishes. 

I was witness to this a month ago when Israel struck out at the ever reaching hands of Iran and Hezbollah on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. 

The one ounce of truth in all of this that has come out of the Obama Administration is the state of relations between The government of America (not the American People) and the Nation of Israel. 

They are at the worst ever, solely because this is how Obama wants them.

Obama has made it clear, either we here in Israel accept Obama as our grandmaster by voting out our elected Prime Minster, Benjamin Netanyahu, or WE(Israel) will be PUNISHED. 

Long ago I wrote that Barack Obama was not just working against Israel but also doing all he could to make American Jews feel as if they had to make a choice between Israel or America. This has long been  part of his plan to "Punish Israel".

No American President before has ever committed such a heinous crime against both American Jews and the people of Israel. 

Obama's deeds in this area have made life for American Jews (already becoming hard because of the anti-Semitic/anti-Israel attacks on College campuses across America and against Jewish Institutions) the most strained and tenuous of their glorious history in the United States. 

Obama working together with Qatar and its anti-Semitic/anti-Israel backed groups like C.A.I.R (Council on American-Islamic Relations), B.D.S (Boycott, Divest and Sanction Hamas Diplomacy wing in America) and S.J.P (Students for Justice in Palestine or Hamas Student Chapter in America) has let loose the delegitimising Israel demon on American Jews.  

Obama he has also made this a racial situation by pressuring African-American, Democratic Senators to boycott Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech on Iran in congress. Basically pitting them at odds with a majority of American Jews.

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today he would have only disdainful words for Barack Hussein Obama. The relationship between Americas Jews and African Americans is based on the two peoples fighting and dying together for civil rights inside of America. Now Obama has turned this once brotherhood into a political ploy to use against Americas Jews and Israel

Thanks to Obama American Jews are scared. Many fear backing Israel because of their personal safety. One could easily imagine this happening in Europe, but it is a sad and disgusting chapter in American history that has been written under the Obama Administration. 

The American people, a large majority, more than seventy percent of Americans support Israel. Further more and much to Obamas chagrin these same Americans believe Benjamin Netanyahu is right when it comes to Iran. Worse still for Obama, a majority of Americans have made it clear that they believe Netanyahu has the right and should speak in front of Congress. 

When we Israelis go to the polls this march it would be wise to remember John Kerry's abysmal diplomacy (he was rated as the worst Secretary of State in the last fifty years by Foreign Policy magazine) and his masters deceitful behaviour towards all the citizens of Israel. 

When we hear Itzhak Herzog telling us we need to vote for him because he's going to be buddies with Obama that should be an immediate turn off. The same goes for Tzipi Livni politician that has made it clear that she will do just about anything to stay inside of the government. 

With the anti-Netanyahu media throwing all of its weight into housing prices (that they fail to state started to rise long before Netanyahu came into power) and living standards inside of Israel; it can be easy to forget that just over a month ago Iran and Hezbollah sent senior members (an Iranian Republican Guard General and Hezbollah head of the Golan Front Jihad Mughniyeh) on a nice scouting trip to look for new and fun places to set up missile bases targeting not America, but Israel! 

It was the Israeli intelligence that Kerry does not know about that put an end to Iran and Hezbollah's little mission on the Golan. Thanks to our intelligence ingenuity, something that America lacks now (this is how ISIS took over most of Iraq and large swaths of Syria under Obama's command), there are now Twelve more anti-Semites in hell. 

Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu has plenty of faults, yet he has proven that he is willing to sacrifice his political life for the future of the Jewish, Democratic, Nation State of Israel by fighting against Iran's dreams of Islamic Shia hegemony over the Middle-East. 

All of this has proven that Barack Hussein Obama does not have Israel's back, unless we are talking in terms of Brutus and Caesar, in fact he is the very first American President to stand against Israel and Jewish Freedom. 

Because of this we owe Bibi and our country, our vote, PERIOD! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015


By Simon Fischler 

Where are the heroes you ask…..long dead one could say. 

Today Israel must deal with the mediocre at best and at worst those who would rip apart Jewish Freedom for a kiss from the American Pharaoh.

On March 17, 2015 Israel will once again go to the polls to form what we should see as the future of our nation, our government. 

Sadly, too many Israelis have been dumbed down by reality TV and political correctness. They’ve been made to believe that their vote really does not matter.

Nothing can be further from the truth. I can vouch for this.

I see it everyday when I look across the border into Syria.

Freedom comes at a great price, a price that never truly leaves. This is what has been forgotten in America and what is being forgotten in Israel. 

No amount of high standard of living will guarantee the freedoms we enjoy in Israel and people once enjoyed in America. 

All of that can be erased in the blink of an eye the day a tyrant shows up on your doorstep. Obama is proof of that.

Israel still has not been given the ability to totally forget this fact. 

One could say that we here in Israel are blessed that our neighbours aren't Canada and Mexico. 

Israel is faced with both physical destruction by States like Iran (just yesterday another Iranian General promised to erase Tel Aviv with missiles) and terrorist groups sworn to destroy Jewish Freedom and the Jewish Nation itself.

Israel and Israelis are also now faced with an American Administration that is openly hostile to the freedoms we hold dear and that is pushing a strictly Arabist agenda that threatens Jewish Freedom. 

The day of March 17, 2015 is crucial because on that day we will not be voting for the Likud or the Zionist Camp (A better name would be the post-Zionist camp). 

We will be voting for whether or not Israel remains the SOVEREIGN, Jewish and Democratic Nation State. 

I do not love Benjamin Netanyahu, he has made many mistakes in his career, but this election is not about the man himself but what he is fighting for! 

His fight against the Fascists, Iranian Mullahs is the fight for Israel’s freedom. 

This election is about voting for the man who was ready to stand up to the most Fascist President America has known in defence of Israel’s rights and freedoms.

This is a vote about a man who will not compromise when it comes to exposing the fact that the Obama administration and their EU stooges are about to sign the next Munich agreement at the EXPENSE of Israel.

Netanyahu will not shut up when it comes to Iran as Obama and Kerry want because he knows the deal they are about to sign is poison. He has stood firm no matter how much Obama and Kerry have threatened the Israeli public (that is what they are doing when they threaten the Prime Minster of Israel, the person and the government Israelis freely elected). 

He knows the deal they want to sign is not about stopping Iran’s very clear nuclear ambitions but is about them receiving a Nobel Statue. 

A vote for Benjamin Netanyahu is a vote for a Sovereign Israel, a country that is democratic to its core but remembers that the freedom it represents must be fought for.

A vote for the Zionist Camp is a vote for the end of Israel’s sovereignty, it is a vote to become nothing more than an American Banana Republic, it is a vote for Barack Hussein Obama. 

All the nations that have gone in that direction have gone the way of the Dodo! 

It is time for the Israeli electorate to become the Heroes of the day, to put aside what the media is feeding them and vote for a Sovereign Israel, vote for Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

A LETTER TO ROGER WATERS, Grand Master of BDS propaganda

Dear Roger Waters,

In your last anti-Semitic tirade against the Jewish People and the Jewish State you made mention that we Israelis had stolen the land of the indigenous peoples. 

I take it you mean the Arabs who are indigenous to Arabia? 

I find that amusing. You seem to have a complete lack of world history, just to inform you history did not start in the nineteen sixties with PLO propaganda.

The Jewish nation was born in Israel thousands of years ago and JEWS are the indigenous people of the land of Israel not the colonialist Arab/Muslims who invaded the levant in 650ad. 

You also forget Mr. Waters it was your English and European ancestors during the Crusades who slaughtered in one of many genocides committed by your people, the Jews of Israel, then a majority, when trying to take back the "Holy Land". 

You are no different from the Nazis who boycotted Jews during World War Two. 

You say the BDS  movement is for peace, the only peace they stand for is the destruction of Israel. 

That means you stand for the destruction of the democratic state of Israel. That means you stand for genocide, as long as it happens to Jews. 

Maybe you do not understand this but the 80% Jewish State of Israel is sanctioned under international law and the United Nations. You are working with people who disregard international law.

You had the chutzpah to tell Alan Parsons that dialogue is what is needed to end this conflict. Really, that is pretty funny because you support boycotts of Israel and they are the opposite of dialogue.

You told Alan Parsons to visit the Wall Of Life. 

You forgot to tell Alan that the wall was not even started until 2002, two years after your Arab friends REJECTED peace, a Palestinian State and admittedly started a war of suicide bombers against Israeli civilians (a war crime). 

Mr. Waters you will only listen to the lies and propaganda of the colonialist Arabs. One wonders how much they are paying you. 

Good for Alan Parsons, good for him that he ignored your vile lies and good for him that he called you out on your anti-Semitic behavior. He wasn't fooled by your hypocritical lies, neither was Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and many others.

We know you are a bully with the backing and money of the Arab/Qatari lobby. We know you use this to intimidate younger, less famous and troubled artists to march in line to your anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel and fascist dictates. 

Mr. Waters, just like the gestapo of old (you're even dressing like them at your shows lately), once the Nazi comes out of the closet these is no returning him. 

You are just another brick in the wall!