Monday, February 22, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels

Ol'Roger Waters is at it again. 

This time he's crying about the horrid Jews who won't let him and his anti-Semitic friends delegitimize Israel. He's angry were putting up a fight.

Really Roger? 

Isn't that just a bit ridiculous? After all you are the tip of the BDS spear that threatens the career of every musician who wishes to play in Israel.

Many of the musicians you threaten are to big for you, so they tell you to take your hate filled ranting and stick where the sun doesn't shine.

But you know there are many other musicians who look up to you (as students look up to their professors) and believe the vicious lies and innuendo that your gang of musical brownshirts spread about Israel. 

Then there are the others who are aware of your power within the music industry and are aware of the power of the oil backed, Arab supremacist BDS movement and naturally are afraid for their futures and therefore back out of shows.

In fact if you were to ask almost every performer why they turned down shows in Israel it wouldn't be because they believed in your cause, but because they were terrified for their careers.

You are a THUG Roger Waters, a Nazi thug.

Your campaigns are often spoken of as vicious and beyond threatening, and you have the nerve to complain when the pro-Israel camp finally responds to your heinous behavior.

Roger Waters you can attempt to say you're no anti-Semite, but actions always speak louder than words, you are an anti-Semite, period! 

But for too long Mr. Waters has been given carte blanche. 

To many pro-Israel activists, professors and academics are afraid to take on Waters and his fascists buddies at the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. 

On numerous occasions using lies and innuendo Roger compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to his own love, Nazi Germany during the 1930’s. 

Unless he is downright stupid or completely ignorant to history (which we know he isn’t) Waters would have to be able to see how heinous it is to compare Israel to Nazi Germany!

Mr. Waters never misses an opportunity to insinuate that the Jews control the world media, the film and music industry and of course the banking world. 

These juicy extracts from Roger Waters could have been taken right out of the anti-Semitic bible, the  “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. 

Is it not hypocritical of Waters to insinuate that the monstrous Jews who run Hollywood will boycott you if you dare speak against Israel (there is no movement by Jews to boycott any person or organization who supports the Palestinian cause), while he himself is calling for a boycott against the Jewish Nation? 

Roger, your whining is pathetic. 

The propaganda war that Waters has been waging against the Jewish Nation is no different from the war that Goebbels waged in Germany for the extermination of Europe’s Jews through anti-Semitic propaganda and lies.  

Roger Waters is a frontman, but no longer for Pink Floyd. 

Today, Roger fronts Arab Supremacy, acts as the face for modern, anti-Semitic fascism and is just another Englishmen Brick in the anti-Semitic wall of BDS.


By Schmoel Yitzhak

John Kerry is back and still blowing smoke.

This time he visited his Arab buddies at their Ramallah digs and suggested that the Israelis and Palestinians (as phony a term that ever was coined) hammer out a peace deal.

Too bad the stupid Secretary of State didn't take time out to chat with Mahmoud Abbas and his advisors about the tidal wave of Jew-hating emanating from every Arab pore in the West Bank and Gaza.

This is not a once a week or once a month gushing of vicious libel and other forms of anti-Israel propaganda. The vitriol spews virtually very minute from one Arab source to another.

Kerry's disgustingly dopey response is to pretend that both sides are at fault. In other words it's fine and dandy for some Palestinian to stab an Israeli to death but it's n.g. (as in no good) when an Israeli retaliates.

Not that Kerry is alone in his dream that some sort of reconciliation can be effected between the warring parties. 

And you'd better believe that it is a real war. 

The Arab killers are not acting independently; no, this is a well-coordinated, craftily choreographed offensive dispatched from three obvious points; 1. Ramallah; 2. Gaza and, of course, 3. Iran.

Stronger by far than either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas, the Iranians believe they have carte blanch to attack Israel.

Who can blame them for that line of thinking since they get all the encouragement they need from Barack Obama.

The misguided, misanthrope of a president did everything in his power to empower the Iranians. 

His absolutely absurd courting of Iran leadership that endlessly ridicules Uncle Sam will go down in history as one of the dopiest decision ever made by any leadership, anywhere.

Not that it wasn't well-planned. From the very get-go of the Obama administration I warned readers right here on these pages that the president would help destroy Israel.

He feigned friendship on occasion but we all knew better. His disgraceful treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu was merely one of many clues to the president's Israeli hatred.

Now it's worse than ever since he's a lame duck leader and Iran can do virtually anything it likes with impunity to hurt Israel.

Kerry knows that as well as anyone so one can only assume that his visit to Ramallah was merely to garner a free meal.


Is he kidding?

Friday, February 19, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

To my Jewish/Israelite/Hebrew Brothers, Sisters, Fathers and Mothers.

I write to you asking of you....please come home.....come home to Israel. 

Come home, not because you fear for your lives in your exiled lands. Although I know many of you do live in extreme danger.

Come to Israel because it is your core, your heart and no other people can say that.

No matter how much the Jew haters try to recreate history Israel is your land!

No amount of hoodwinking or bamboozling can hide the truth of centuries.


It is your children's home and G-d willing, it will be your children's children's home.

Leave your exile behind you forever. 

Draw up your hand from the rivers of Babylon because Zion is calling out to you.

Together....we will build the Jewish homeland....we will continue the dream of Jewish Freedom and self determination and we will do it in our indigenous land, Israel.....not in exile!

Together we will defy all those that stand in our path to freedom...we will not forsake our future. 

As much a many try to say otherwise our future is bright in Israel....we will continue to build the dreams of our people. 

These dreams have become realities, like the Israeli water tech that is saving Africa and California at this very moment. 

With you here we will continue to build on the dreams of our fellow Israelis.  

We will take care of each other. 

We will do it together with the great medical system that we have built. A system that gives all Israelis medical coverage and that is the envy of much of the world and especially the great United States of America. 

We will continue the dreams of the Tanach, Hanukkah, Purim, the prophets of our people (the same prophets Islam has stolen from us), the great Sages, Herzl, Ben-Gurion and Begin.

Together we will continue to build our home in Israel. We will do it in the face of evil just as Jews have been doing for centuries.

Life will be a battle, this is the truth of it. But there is no battle that is as just and worthy as ours.

For we will be battling together for the future, for the heart and for the soul of the whole of the Jewish Nation!

Lift up your heads, disavow the evil words of the haters, they will always try to shame us. 

No....lift up your heads and tell them you will not be shamed, that you love your home, you love your Israel, faults and all. 

Finalize that love, seal the bond made to Abraham, to Itzhak and promised to all the children of Israel.

A bride and groom, exchanging rings. You take Israel, for good and for bad. Israel takes you, for good and for bad. 

This marriage binds a people to a land and a land to a people and this has been the truth of it for five millennia. 

The marriage between the Jewish people and the land of Israel cannot be broken.

Come back....come home.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜


We hear this term used all the time when discussing the conflict between Israel and the Arab/Islamic world.

Today the status-quo for Israel has become a Trojan horse. 

The status-quo is the misconception that Israel can somehow make peace with an ideology, culture and political system that is based on colonialism, aggression and dominance. Fascism to the core.

Aggression and dominance is at the epicenter of Arab Islamic culture. All one needs to do is to turn on the TV today, watch the news and see who is at the heart of the conflicts around the world. 

I know, this will make both Ben Affleck, Coldplay, and Matt Damon cry, but it is reality. 

Arabism and Islamism cannot be separated. It is the Arab Nation under Mohammad that took the Jewish Nations laws and turned them into the Quran and Islam. 

Today we have Arab men dominating Arab women under the guise of Islam’s chauvinistic principles. 

Today Arab muslims are slaughtering the minority populations inside their lands. Sunni Muslims are murdering Shia muslims and vice versa. 

All of this starts and ends with Arabist Islam or Islamist Arab Nationalism. Both are the incubators of Fascist colonialism. 

In relation to Israel we have the Arab Muslim dream and need to dominate the Children of Israel and deny them their unalienable rights of freedom and self-determination in the land of Israel, rights that happen to be guaranteed by INTERNATIONAL LAW under the auspicious of the United Nations!

Again I know the facts stated above will infuriate modern anti-Semites like Coldplay. They want so bad to see Israel destroyed, but Jewish Freedom does happen to be international law whether they like it or not. 

Why do so many Arabs Muslims say that the Jewish Nation on a whole needs to be wiped out, not just the Jews of Israel? 

Its simple enough, think of it as a Monarchy, the king and his princes. 

The oldest prince will always get the crown, hence why so many princes spent their lives trying to kill their fathers and brothers. 

Israel was first, the Tanach was first, ancient Israel was first, a nation long before Mohammad was born or the Arabs knew where Israel was! 

It was the Jews who first rejected Mohammad as a prophet (why Jew-Hatred is enshrined in Islam).

All of this stands in direct confrontation to Arabism and Islam. 

Arabist/Islamists are no fools. They know they can’t dominate the world if uppity Jews are controlling Israel!

The lull/status-quo was started in 1948 with the Arab/Islamic rejection of international law that stated clearly that the ethnic /cultural/religious nation of the Jews has the right to their homeland in which they were born.

The decision to free the Jewish Nation was the morally correct decision to make. It is a surprise the world actually made it, but it also was in direct confrontation to Arabist/Islamist hopes of dominating the Middle-East and from their Asia, Europe and the Americas. 

This status-quo was intensified and made far more dangerous in 1991 with the Madrid talks and then in 1993 with the signing of the Oslo Accords.

It is the mantra of those who continue to propagate this status-quo that Israel needs to give up land for peace. 
Israel must recognise a made up group of people, created solely to enact another Holocaust against the Jewish Nation. 

The representatives of the so called “Palestinian” Arabs -- from moderates to Jihadis -- refuse to recognize the Jewish Nations right to freedom. This is the heart of the problem, not buildings nor acres of land. 

It is this Arabist/Islamist refusal to accept the rights of others, in this case of the Jewish Nation, that is snowballing this “Status-Quo” into what could be yet another Holocaust for the Jews. 

Here is a question, why is ethnic cleansing acceptable when it is Jews who are being ethnically cleansed? 

Are those who demand that Judea and Sarmaria be Jew free clueless to the fact that they are wholeheartedly supporting ethnic cleansing?

If you are trying to convince me that ethnic cleansing (the idea floated to remove Jews from Judea and Samaria is one of the most anti-Semitic concepts sense the Nuremberg laws) is ok for Jews than why shouldn't Israel deposit the Arabs now occupying Judea and Samaria into Jordan?

It is imperative that Jews wake up to these realities. 

It would also help if the international community learned tuned into reality but Jews should know better than to rely on others for their future. Especially the European Union as they have been assisting the Arabs since 1948.

From Hamas to Abbas the Arabs make it clear, no matter how much land Israel gives them it will never be enough. 

Here's a dose of reality. What has Secretary of State John Kerry brought to the negotiating table? 

We hear endlessly from Secretary Kerry how much he supposedly loves Israel. 

Then a moment later we hear from Kerry and his lackeys on the Israeli Left that if Israel doesn't hurry back to the negotiating table the "demographic problem" facing Israel will destroy it. 

Has Secretary of State Kerry found a Palestinian leader that is ready to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State? 

Has Secretary Kerry found a Palestinian leader ready to forgo the made-up Right of Return? 

It is important to understand that when I say the Palestinian Right of Return is made up, it is just that. 

This Palestinian pipe dream comes from a NON-BINDING RECOMMENDATION by the UN General Assembly and not international law, which would need a resolution passed from the United Nations Security Council. 

And there is no such thing. 

If John Kerry and the European Union have not found a Palestinian leader ready to do any of this than negotiations are pointless, they have no solution to anything connected to demographics, peace or the Arabist/Islamist colonialist dream of destroying Israel! 

These are the hard-core facts Israelis and Jews world wide need to comprehend. 

Believing anything else is fooling yourself.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Shame on you Ban Ki Moon, your preaching for Palestinian terror has its first victim. Hadar Cohen's blood is red on your hands!

Shame on you John Kerry, your blaming Israel for Arab terror has another victim. Hadar Cohen's blood is red on your hands! 

Shame on you Francois Holland, your Palestinian state has killed yet anotherJew. Hadar Cohen's blood is red on your hands! 

Shame on you Barak Obama, your eight years of virulent hate towards Israel has brought about another Jewish death. Hadar Cohen's blood is red on your hands!

Shame on you Itzhak Herzog, instead of helping the government of Israel protect the CITIZENS of Israel you were busy scheming together with John Kerry. Hadar Cohens's blood is red on your hands!

Shame on you Zehava Gal-On, a traitor you were and a traitor you will always be. Never a moment goes by when you won't blame Jews for the fascist, racists terror and crimes of the Arab/Muslim psyche. Hadar Cohen's blood is red on your hands!

Shame on you Israeli Media. You will never cease to indict the people of Judea and Samaria even as the worst type of McCarthyism is carried out by the left and their villainous henchmen like Ezra Nawi. Hadar Cohen's blood is red on your hands!

Shame on you Dan Shapiro, when Mahmoud Abbas said every drop of Jewish blood spilt in Jerusalem was sacred did you think he was playing with words?  Hadar Cohen's blood is red on your hands!

Shame on you American Jews. You've sold out your people and have supported Obama against Israel. You claim to love Israel, yet you have let this president create the tension of dual loyalty for American Jews. Your cowardice and timidity in facing the onslaught of anti-Semitism in America is downright pathetic. Like the Europeans of old it's easier for you to blame the victim, Israel, then the aggressor, BDS, Obama and the Palestinians. Hadar Cohen's blood is red on your hands.

Shame on all of you, some of you may be Jews, but long ago you sold your soul to the anti-Semitic devil. Hadar Cohen's blood is red on your hands! 


By ⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear Secretary General,

I wonder Mr. Secretary General, were you by any chance on the planet earth during the year 2000 or were you walking the moon fantastic? 

If you were here among us earthlings do you by chance remember what are now called the Clinton Parameters? 

These parameters were once not parameters at all but a solid peace offering to the Palestinian people by then United States President William Jefferson Clinton (the most powerful man on the planet Earth and the leader of the FREE WORLD) and Labor Prime Minster of Israel Ehud Barak. 

In this peace deal, that was worked out at Camp David and Tabah, Egypt, the Palestinian people were offered statehood. 

In this deal the Palestinians were offered 97% of Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem as their capital city and wait for it……the Muslim and Christian Quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. 

Included in this deal of course was ALL of the Gaza Strip with an agreed upon link to be built connecting the strip with the future Palestinian State. 

To make this deal the Palestinians, lead by Yassar Arafat (a relative of Nazi Palestinian Leader Haj Amin al-Husseini), had to do one thing, MAKE GENUINE PEACE with Israel. That means the Palestinians had to recognize international law, which clearly states that the Jewish people have a right to a self-determination in their own state. The one that already exists today, Israel. 

This entailed ending all disputes, excepting that there would be NO right of return (an uncrossable redline for Israel and an unbinding, meaning NOT LEGAL recommendation from the UN General Assembly) to Israel, the refugees would either be compensated nicely where they were or could come to the Palestinian State, and of course this meant an end to the conflict. 

Mr. Secretary General, what happened when this deal was offered up to the Palestinians? 

Why are there still settlements? 

Why is there no Palestinian State? 

Why is there still war if a STATELESS people was offered up a state? 

Wait, is it the Jews fault again? 

You know the answer to these three questions Mr. Secretary General, because there is only one answer. 

Yasser Arafat spit in the face of Bill Clinton, the American people, the world and as always in the face of Israel as the Peace offer was burned up by Arafat fascist flames

This is not a maybe, nor is this a debatable point in history. History speaks. The negotiators speak, from Clinton, Dennis Ross to Hosni Mubarak. The Palestinians leadership speaks too and like all the others it too has admitted to Arafats nefarious plans.

Mr. Secretary General, do you think the Kurds would insist on Turkey committing suicide if the Turkish Government decided to recognize 97% of Kurdistan, or do you think they would accept Peace? 

As stated before it is now a known fact, now admitted by the Palestinian leadership itself and high ranking members of Hamas, that like the Japanese pre-Pearl Harbor, while Clinton and Barak were slaving away attempting to make Peace with the Palestinians, Arafat was buying time before waiting to launch his war against Israel and her citizens. 

There is no denying this, no bamboozling it, Yassar Arafat rejected peace and started war, period. 

The Palestinians SAID NO to a Palestinian state and it was the Palestinians, like in 1948, that thought they could finally destroy Israel or force her into suicide. 

They were wrong Mr. Secretary General, just as they were wrong in 1948.

Most of all Mr. Secretary General, you are wrong to think you have a right to castigate Israel or to defend your heinous words that in fact give UN acceptance to terrorism against Israel. 

Your words and actions are anti-Semitic, just as the actions of the UN and her many bodies are anti-Semitic.

Mr. Secretary Genral, you are very, very wrong to talk to Israel of Palestinian suffering and to behave as if we ignore it. 

We, Israelis do not ignore the suffering of the Palestinians and how dare you attempt to put that responsibility on us or our government. In fact Mr. Secretary General, look to Syria and imagine what Israel could really do if it wanted to make the Palestinians suffer! 

We have to see there suffering everyday. 

We have to hear about their counterfeit suffering everyday from you, from the United States of America under Obama and from the European Union. 

Worst of all, we know of their fabricated suffering and we see it and hear it because our young men and women are forced to defend our nation against these people, who still to this day wish to maim us, stab us, runs us over, shoot us, blow us up and generally want to kill us for just BEING WHO WE ARE, The Jewish Nation!

Yes Mr. Secretary General, almost everyday of our lives, we Israelis, here in Israel, OUR HOMELAND, are reminded of the Holocaust by the same people (Palestinian Leader Haj Amin al-Husseini will not be forgotten again!) who helped perpetrate that evil genocide against us, as they daily try to kill us, just as the Nazis too, daily tried to kill us! 

Mr. Secretary General, save your stories of suffering for a different people who have suffered less. 

Mr. Secretary General, save your stories of occupation for a people who have had their land occupied less. The land of Israel has been invaded, ethnically cleansed and desecrated time and time again and yet we are still here! 

Mr. Secretary General if you care about peace it is time for YOU to have the courage to do what non have done until today.

Lift up your head at the General Assembly and remind the world who rejected the United Nations plan for partition, a plan that CLEARLY called for Two States for Two People, One Jewish and One Arab. 

Tell the nations of the world, who it was that rejected the Clinton/Barak peace accords.

Finally tell the world who rejected Peace and statehood once again in 2008 when Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Olmert AGAIN offered up peace. 

In fact Mr. Secretary Genral you know that Olmert offered more of a piece, at 99% of Judea and Samaria, all of The Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem with the Christian and Muslim Quarters. And Mr. Secretary General you know that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected this plan.

It is time for the undeniable responsibility for this conflict to be placed firmly where it is deserved, on the shoulders of the one party that has rejected peace time and again, the Palestinians. 

There is only one party that has continued to insure the settlements, the Palestinians, by rejecting peace.

But you too Mr. Secretary General, bear responsibility for Palestinian suffering and for all the suffering they will soon endure more of, since Hamas has stated that they are gearing up for another war with Israel

You Secretary General, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations are all responsible for the continuation of this conflict. 

You have all committed a crime against Israel, her citizens and against the Jewish Nation worldwide similar to that of Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier at Munich by turning a blind eye to the hatred and undeniable attempts of the Palestinians to delegitimize and destroy the ancient Sovereign homeland of the Jewish People, Israel. 

It is because of this and and because of your actions that the majority of Israelis like myself, who happen to be Liberal people will vote for governments that put the Security of our nation before anything else. Mr. Secretary General, WE WILL NOT LET OUR TEMPLE FALL AGAIN! 


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Every so often I hear from friends that they wake up depressed about the news.

Specifically, how everyone from the Swedish leaders to Hamas to Hezbollah endlessly threaten, dump on and otherwise revile Israel.

Surely, if you're an Israeli Jew or a Jew in the Diaspora who cares about the Jewish Homeland, you're apt to feel blue.

If there's any panacea, it must include prayer and/or the ability to accentuate the positive. Which of course is easier to say than do.

No matter how difficult the situation Jews -- over the century -- have had the ability to smile through tough times; and tougher times and times tougher than that.

Perhaps, with the above in mind, I can produce a chuckle or two with my First Unofficial Schmuck List of Israel And Jew Haters.

The following, by the way, is not meant alphabetically but rather just off the top of my head -- or ass -- as the case may be:

* JOHN KERRY: If schmucks were measured by height, this bum would be King of the Hill; as in Capitol Hill. To a ventriloquist, Kerry comes out the dummy to Obama's strings.

* NASRALLAH: This Hezbollah honcho does most of his bragging from his billion dollar underground bunker. When he does surface his braggadocio simply equates to bullshit. Come out, come out wherever you are, Schmuck.

* BARACK OBAMA: This clown has re-defined "forked tongued." There must be dozens of species of snakes who are jealous of this pernicious imitation of a viper. Just based on his deal with the mullahs, B.O. (as in bad odor) comes off as Schmuck To The Radical 50.

* ANY IRANIAN MULLAH: Give them credit for playing (or maybe working with) Obama for the putz that he is but when it comes to the endless threats to Israel, one can only suggest that as schmucks go, these are the most dangerous.

* MRS. CLINTON: She's following in the steps of Obama's anti-Israel policies. That makes her a classic Schmuck-ess in long pants.

* BERNIE SANDERS: G-D help the Jewish Nation if this man is actually elected president. 

And you know the rest.

Monday, February 1, 2016


By Sig Demling



But why even think about it, because when it comes to Jews and Israel, the man knows no shame.

His middle name should be Hypocrite, no more, no less.

While doing everything in his power to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu; to torpedo any legitimate Israeli enterprise and to embolden Israel's prime enemy, Iran, Obama has the gall to attend solemn Jewish events as if he really cares.

The man knows no shame whether he undermines the Constitution of the United States or whether he underhandedly supports Hamas and others whose prime objective in life is to destroy the Jewish people's answer to the Holocaust, Israel. 

For sure, America's leader has many allies in their Hypocrities Brotherhood. 

Start with France whose leaders on the one hand deplore the mass exodus of French Jews to Israel while on the other hand encourage Israel's enemies with destructive move after destructive move.

The latest such action has been a threat from Paris to recognize a Palestinian State; not stopping to think that, really, there is no Palestine.

Then, there's that Darling German Leader Merkel who can't fill up her Deutschland with enough Muslims. No matter that every Arab who emigrates from Germany is undermining the Reich. 

No matter that the mass rape and pillage that took place in Cologne was not a mere aberration of Muslim behavior. Merkel wants more Muslim and eventually her country will better be known as German-stan.

Should we be surprised? Hardly.

From Stockholm to Malmo, from Budapest to Brussels, the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel tidal wave gets larger and more threatening.

In many ways this isn't 1938 all over again, it is worse because -- apart from Israel -- not a single nation of note has had the gumption to stand up and say, THIS IS ALL WRONG. 


A year ago you could have bet that at least one democracy would demand a stop to all the Israel-dumping and that was Canada. But the new Trudeau regime is moving lock-step in with the European Union, the UN and other Jew-baiters.

What to do?

Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick puts it best when she asserts that there's nothing -- nothing! -- Israel can do to appease the Bibi-bashers.

No matter what concessions Jerusalem makes to please Obama, John Kerry, the Clown Who Runs The UN, the EU or anyone for that matter, they still will give Israel the shaft.

Hence, Israel must do what's right for Israel and that means that Israel must start fighting back at all cost and using all methods necessary to protect the the future of the Jewish people. That future depends solely on Israel.