Wednesday, June 27, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

A random sample of thirteen New York Times news stories involving Israel invariably will find a dozen of them tilted against the Jewish State. 

After all the alleged "newspaper of record," among other things has been the propaganda broadsheet for President Barack Obama and the Arabs. In the journalism business it's called "having an agenda."

This once again has been apparent during the recent rocket blitz emanating from Gaza that has sent more than a million Israelis running for cover.  

Reading The Times, one would imagine that the Jews have been at fault -- yet again! -- because a few Arabs have been killed during the exchanges.

Unfortunately what has been overlooked -- over and over again -- is the sequence of events that brought about the Arab-inspired missile hailstorm specifically designed to terrorize cities from Ashkelon to Beersheba, not to mention large swaths of the Negev  Region. 

You can bet your bottom shekel that ninety-nine and forty-four one-hundreths percent of the time clashes are initiated by the Arabs; and so it was in this instance when an Israeli worker was killed by a terrorist while working on a security fence. 

This was abundantly clear and, thus, the grim game had begun, again ignited by Hamas and its shadowy crony organizations.

Like any responsible country obligated to protect its citizens, Israel responded to the attack and killed at least one of the border assassins. 

At that point there should have been a cessation of hostilities. The eye-for-an-eye theory had been fulfilled. But, no, Hamas does not play by those rules; in fact it plays by no rules but its own.

In no time at all the rocket-launching from Gaza began in earnest and Israel -- in its half of the inning -- sent its air force in search of the terror cells. As usually is the case, the IAF found targets and destroyed most. But even with the introduction of  the Iron Dome batteries that shield some of the cities in the South, there are precious few Domes and those operating are only able to intercept a small fraction of the Grads and advanced missiles being employed more and more by Hamas.

Back and forth went the Arab attacks and Israeli counterstrikes until, finally, Hamas did what it has done so often in the past; requested a cease fire. 

Of course by this time the mainstream international media did what it always does; avoided pinpointing the original cause for the conflict; the Arabs started it by killing an Israeli fence-worker.

This past Sunday, The Times did it again; this time with an "Opinion" piece written by an alleged "Middle East analyst" named Nathan Thrall. (The name itself was symbolically ideal because his writing indicated that he's held in thrall of the Arabs.)

Like the shabby journalism perpetrated by the paper's news section with its coverage of Israel, Thrall betrayed the same sloppy mistakes; inevitably indicting Israel for inspiring past intifadas while warning that "The Third Intifada Is Inevitable."

In on segment of his one-sided column, Thrall casually and superficially refers to the Oslo peace process, omitting the fact that -- after being offered a sweetheart deal -- Yassir Arafat's response was to declare war on Israel with a murderous intifada. When it came to citing the Arab atrocities committed against Israelis during that bloody period, The Times man conveniently developed amnesia. 

"The root cause of this (present Arab) instability," writes Thrall, "is that Palestinians have lost all hope that Israel will grant them a state."

If Thrall really was serious about giving the issue fair treatment, he would have noted that Israel -- unconditionally and unilaterally -- moved its troops out of Southern Lebanon although logic dictated that they remain until the Lebanese proved that they wanted peaceful co-existence. What Israel got in return was a devastating Hezbollah-inspired rocket assault that terrorized the North as never before.

Nor did Thrall mention the fact that against the advice of a large segment of his populace, former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon unconditionally pulled Israel out of Gaza on the premise that the Palestinians there would respond with peace and quiet.

That peace and quiet lasted for a relatively short time soon followed by thousands of rockets -- and an Israel counterattack, Operation Cast Lead. After a typically useless truce,  the Hamas-engineered blitz continues. 

What can one make of it? As far as I'm concerned the best answer has been supplied by Moshe Arens who knows Israeli politics and Middle East meddling as well as anyone.

"The threat will continue to grow," warns Arens, "until the weapons held by the terrorists in the Gaza Strip are destroyed and the resupply is blocked. This should have been done during Operation Cast Lead but the task was not completed then. Once you start, you had better finish the job."

When the time comes that Benjamin Netanyahu's government does finish the job, you can be sure that The Times will blame Israel for starting the war and -- naturally -- for defending itself!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
One hundred rockets over the weekend, another twenty last thursday, how long should Israel wait until it retaliates forcefully against Hamas and the residents of the Gaza? 
Is it not a sick joke that terrorists from the Gaza strip have been shooting rockets into Israel on a daily basis and Alice Walker has decided that Israel is the bad guy? 
Is it not sick that the United Nations sits idly by and does nothing about the incessant barrage against innocent Israeli citizens? 
Doesn’t logic demand that the United Nations hold an inquiry into the Human Rights violations committed by Arabs of the Gaza Strip against Israel and its citizens?
On the other hand when Israel finally decides enough is enough and sends its armed forces into Gaza to maul Hamas and end the mortar and rocket attacks, you can bet that the U.N. won’t hesitate to condemn Israel for defending itself and create an inquiry! 
You would think by the non-action of the U.N. and European Union that these so-called peace-seeking organizations regard Israelis as less than human and as a civilian population should know that the only future they have is in a Mediterranean Auschwitz. 
I understand why Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is momentarily restraining the IDF from launching a second and final Operation Cast Lead. (Memo to our dear friends running the new Egyptian military junta; it is not because of you.) Bibi is holding back the IDF so the world will focus on Bashar al Assad, the murderer of Damascus, and more importantly do something more than level useless sanctions against the dictator and his government. 
By the way Alice Walker, YOU TOO HAVE THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT SYRIAN CIVILIANS ON YOUR HANDS! Instead of condemning the only democracy in the middle-east Alice Walker, you should be condemning the brutality of the Assad regime! 
There are some actions-and-reactions that are as clear as the sun always rising in the East. One of them -- in this case -- is that Hamas is under pressure from its recent drop in Palestinian polls.
It is evident that Hamas has given the green light to fire rockets against Israeli citizens of the South to their cowardly underlings (Popular Resistance Committee, et. al.) in the Strip in the hopes of boosting their sagging popularity! 
The hope among Hamas leaders is that we here in Israel will overact and invade the strip; this in turn, will push the population of Gaza back into the Hamas camp!
Only in our present, virulently anti-Semitic universe could world leaders, the media and many other Jew-hating folk turn their eyes away from the Syrian leader who daily butchers his citizens in cold blood and point an accusatory finger at Israel for defending its citizens.
Please take note that ALice Walker, the Egyptian government and the Palestinian Authority have harmed your cause.
They have done so by moving the spotlight from your fight against the oppressive Assad to Israel defending itself from endless barrages of rockets and mortars.
It behooves you to make your leaders aware that you do not want to get clubbed again by Israel just to relieve the pressure of Hamas. 
Benjamin Netanyahu must do things differently and I commend him for his current restraint under pressure to pulverize the Hamas regime. One wonders whether the Pharaoh in the White House appreciates the present that Bibi’s restraint has given him? 
My question to the Prime Minister is this; will Obama return the favor to you? 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


By Simon Fischler
Alice Walker, THE NAZI, is at it again.
Walker’s embarrassing inability to raise eyebrows during last years failed Gaza Flotilla has not stopped the little, black Nazi’s motivation to hate, lie and delegitimize Jews and the Jewish Nation State.
This might not sit well with a multitude of feminists, but one of your angels, Alice Walker, truly is nothing more than a charlatan, a fascist and a Nazi. You might want to think about ridding yourself of her as a role model.
Her attitude towards Israel can only be summoned up by the most fanatical of Nazi principles.
Alice Walker has denied Yediot Books, an Israeli publishing company, the right to translate The Color Purple into Hebrew. 
Her refusal, as she puts it, is because Israel is an Apartheid State.
She furthered her BLATANT LIES by stating that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians was worse than what was perpetrated upon African Americans during the civil rights movement.
Either Walker is downright stupid and/or completely ignorant to the histories of Israel and the American South during the civil rights movement, or her words are imbued with the twisted mendacity of a true Nazi!
Because we know Walker is not stupid, nor can she possibly be that ignorant, we thus know the words uttered from Walker ‘s putrid mouth are what truly make her a Nazi.
Her actions are no different from those who boycotted and banned Jewish businesses in Nazi Germany -- simply because they hated Jews. Ironically Walker’s boycott song is more in tune to the white southerners who oppressed Blacks and Jews of the American south!
Alice Walker, the feminist who disowned her daughter solely because she decided to have a child, has no problem overlooking the disgusting treatment of woman in Palestinian society.
She could care less about the undeniable Palestinian/Arab chauvinism. Her hatred towards Jews and Israel gives Walker the ability to overlook female genital mutilation, Honor Killings and the outright racist policies of Palestinian – and all Arab --society towards Jews, or worse today, towards Black Africans.
Alice Walker can deny or ignore HISTORICAL FACTS such as Israel’s offer of full peace and full statehood to the Palestinians in return for recognition of Israel as the Jewish Nation State; something that the Arabs rejected! 
Because Walker is a Nazi, she can overlook the HISTORICAL FACT that Israel has done more to create a State for the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, than the Palestinian leadership has. 
Because Walker is a Nazi, she overlooks the FACT that international law grants Jews their self-determination and Nationhood in Israel. 
This law was granted to the Jews under the United Nations Charter and at the San Remo convention. 
Because of Walker’s convoluted malice towards Jews and Israel she is capable of ignoring the HISTORICAL FACT that the Arabs/Palestinians have always denied and acted against international law. 
The Arabs have unremittingly rejected numerous United Nations law, starting with their rejection of General Assembly resolution 194 and followed by their rejection of Security Council resolution 242! 
It does not bother Alice Walker that the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians have always denied Jews their equal rights to self-determination under international law.
Nor does it bother Walker that the Palestinian leadership, from President Mahmoud Abbas to chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, have on numerous occasions promised their people the future state of Palestine will be JEW FREE! 
Alice Walker ignores the fact that it is illegal, punishable by death, for Arabs in the Palestinian territories to sell land to Jews! 
Ms. Walker’s nefarious words against Israel overlook the fact that Arab Israelis have complete freedom, can live and play where they wish in Israel, can vote for the Knesset, can be members in the Knesset, can be supreme court judges. 
Does this even vaguely resemble apartheid? NO!
Ms. Walker overlooks the fact that Arab Israelis can enjoy all of the aforementioned rights and freedoms, while also free to call for the destruction of Israel!  
Calling for the destruction of one’s own country would mean a certain death sentence to Arab citizens of ANY ARAB NATION! 
This type of bigoted, racism is cool with Walker, but why?
Because as a Nazi, Walker truly believes that hating Jews and denying them their rights is acceptable!
Walker and the movement she is so obsessed with -- the anti-Israel movement -- have always been allied with the Nazi party, whether any of them are aware of it or not.
This is a fact and dates all the way back to World War II, when Jerusalem mufti and leader of the Arab population of the British Mandate over Israel, Haj Amin al-Husseini sided with NAZI LEADER ADOLF HITLER.
Husseini went the extra mile, just like Walker, and created a final solution for the Jews of Israel. The Arab movement and the Nazi cause are one and the same. They always have worked on Nazi principles.
This Nazi streak in Alice Walker gives her the ability overlook the recently released fact that the ARAB TERRORIST MURDERERS of Israel athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics worked with German Neo-Nazis in studying routes, streets, traffic and the infiltration of the Olympic camp in Munich.
Walker, the members of the International Solidarity Movement, the Boycott Divestment and Sanction movement are all proof that there really is no such thing as a “Neo”-Nazi.
There are only Nazis, and there is nothing new about what they are trying to do.
The fact that the Boycott of Israel is much stronger in Europe (THE HEART, SOUL AND BASE OF ANTI-SEMITISM AND NAZISM FROM THE AGE OF ROME TO NAZI GERMANY) than in the United States of America is proof to the Nazi pudding of principles being used against Israel.
Alice Walker, you are nothing more than an African American Joseph Goebbels! Just because your skin color is black does not mean you are not a bigoted, racist, Nazi!
We do not need your book here in Israel, thank you very much.
Lastly, Ms. Walker, the offensive, untrue, insidious, Nazi subterfuge emanating from your mouth against Israel will do nothing to change the legitimate rights of Israel and the Jewish Nation. 
By the way Alice Walker, do you know where Syria is and what is happening there by any chance? 
Maybe if you were not so intent on espousing Nazi rhetoric against Israel you would realize how stupid you look criticizing the only democracy in the middle-east, while a ruthless Arab dictator mass murders his citizens on a daily basis! 


By Sarah Walton

There are events so catastrophic that they must be remembered … because they cannot be forgotten.

Further, these monstrous events must be remembered because, despite the annihilation, pain, anguish and suffering, they are events that chronicle survival and growth out of tragedy. They are events that teach profound truths to humanity, lessons that must be learned if the human race – not just the Jews and Israel – are to survive, change and grow. 

For the Jewish nation and Israel, there have been several historical tragedies that cannot be forgotten -- some ancient, some recent. 

Ancient tragedies -- such as the Babylonian Captivity, the enslavement in Egypt and the several colonial conquests of the ancient land of Israel  -- are chronicled in the Torah and/or memorialized in various Jewish holidays and holy days. 

The Holocaust, historically but a moment ago, is undeniably the most catastrophic event in the entire history of the Jews. Yet the death of the Six Million has strengthened the resolve, the ethos and the soul of the Jews.

Furthermore, the Holocaust, in several ways, led to the return of the Jewish Nation to the land of ancient – and now modern – Israel. Thus it MUST be remembered, because from near-annihilation came burgeoning restoration.

In a few short weeks another event will occur that will mark a tragic anniversary for Israel and the Jews: the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. However, the event that was so horrible for Israel will pass unnoticed by the rest of the world.

And what was that tragedy?

Forty years ago eight Palestinian terrorists -- part of the Black September group – entered the residential complex of the 1972 Munich Olympics and violently took most of the Israeli Olympic team hostage (killing two at the onset). Ultimately their heinous action would lead to the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches, five of their own members and several Germans, 

Will this 40-year anniversary be commemorated in London? No.

Has their ever been an international memorial performed for those lost Israeli athletes? No. 
All that exists are small plaques at the Munich Olympic site and where the athletes were housed, a small monument in Ben-Shemen Forest in Israel and a plaque situated near the site of the 2000 Sidney Olympics.

(Aside: Isn’t it ironic that a country founded by ex-criminals, containing fewer Jews than virtually any other major English-speaking nation would finally memorialize the Munich Massacre? Good one, Australia!)

And, while the world once again takes no notice of tragedies that have happened to the Jews and/or to Israel, there are a host of underlying factors, results and consequences also being ignored. 

For instance, hostilities occurring elsewhere in the world traditionally are suspended during the Olympics, as a nod toward the myth of world unity and cooperation they supposedly represent. The 1972 Munich Olympics was the first – and only – violation of that tacit understanding. The moral outrage and resolve that should have been expressed by the entire rest of the world was NEVER, ever manifested.

Never was there universal, worldwide condemnation of the event, nor of the Palestinian monsters who planned, backed and perpetrated the crime. Instead there was some minor hand-wringing and a series of nervous "tsk, tsks" muttered.The cowardice and fear shown by Israel's supposed allies, like the United States, was quite remarkable.

Nor has there been acknowledgment of the fact that the world changed after Munich, 1972. 
One simple instance is the athletes themselves. Obviously it took years for Israel to re-establish it’s wrestling and fencing teams. Plus several countries’ athletes withdrew from the remainder of the 1972 Games, having lost any ability or urge to compete.

For Germany the consequences were never acknowledged. Yet the German police -- totally unprepared and tragically inept for what occurred -- instantly began building an elite counter-terrorist force, GSG 9, which still exists today. 

Babylonia, Bergen-Belsen or Munich … the rest of the world tries to bury monstrous crimes by pretending they never happened, by forgetting. 

Israel never forgets.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The Egyptians are proving that the "Arab Spring" has been poisoned.

For more salt in toxic Islam, we have Assad's Syrian assassins. 

With the Muslim Brotherhood adding salt to the wounds in and out of Damascus, the United Nations and its conspicuous clown, Kofi Annan, have -- as expected -- failed to halt the incessant slaughter. 

While the international media chooses to ignore it, the Arab Spring also includes a continuation of rocketry that assails Israel with increased capacity to kill Jews.

One might expect a reaction from the American president who boasts of spending a billion dollars on his re-election campaign but has no time for actually doing his presidential duties; except, of course, when it comes to pushing Israel into a corner.

Obama soon will insist that Benjamin Netanyahu sit across a table from somebody -- who knows who? -- from the Arab side. But why?

Well, for one thing, The White House lives in a fictional world. It believes that a fair dialogue can be established between Israel and its adversaries. That assumes that both sides are willing to be reasonable. 

But reason does not exist within the Arab negotiating camp, and it all begins with Mahmoud Abbas' demands of pre-conditions. How can one reasonably start a negotiating session when demands are issued in advance? Impossible.

That said, consider the Arab constituency which has been trained at every level to hate Jews as the enemy of all enemies. 

In Gaza, a recent "graduation" ceremony featured enough anti-Israel propaganda pumped into classrooms that you'd wonder why similar scenarios are not generated on the other side. 

As anyone who knows Israel can tell you, the fabric of Jewish society -- be it in Tel Aviv, Eilat or Haifa -- is woven with peace organizations. You see it in un-censored columns daily in Haaretz; you see it in kindergarten classes. You see it at the Knesset. 

If you had a shekel for every Israeli peacenik, you could comfortably retire to any Mediterranean beach resort for the rest of your life. 

Thus, it stands to reason, that Israelis really do want peace; just as they did at Oslo (mistake), Camp David and assorted other sites that brought Jewish frustration upon more frustration.

The reason is as simple as understanding why Arabs have endlessly massacred Jews. Exhibit A -- since it is so timely -- was the killing of 137 Iraqi Jews in 1941. I bring it up because the 71st anniversary of that mass butchery was held on Sunday. 

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Zvi Gabay notes that "The attack occurred without provocation." Not only did the carnage result in mass bloodshed but property was looted as well. Only because some Arabs figured it was a good time to kill Jews. Who needed provocation? If Hitler didn't why would any Iraqi Arab need it at the same time?

Given a similar opportunity today, you can bet that those trained to hate Israel in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and Egypt -- among other enemies -- would do so in an Arab second. And if you want to know the reason why, just ask one who understands Islamic thinking; Arab reporter-columnist Khaled Abu Toameh.

"When was the last time an Arab parliament or prominent politician or columnist called for peace and compromise with Israel?" asks Abu Toameh. "Can anyone in the Palestinian territories or the Arab world form a party that advocates peace, coexistence and harmony with Israel? 

"On the contrary, the only voices that are being heard among Palestinians and other Arabs are those who seek to boycott and delegitimize Israel. Any Palestinian or Arab who dares to talk to Israelis or visit Israel is accused of being a traitor for promoting 'normalization' with the 'Zionist enemy.'"

Hey, it's not only Jews who are targets of Islamic hate. Christians are victims as well. In Tunisia -- another example of the Arab Spring -- Muslims recently sliced the head off a young man who converted to Christianity. That Arab "crime" of apostasy actually was aired via video on a program called "Egypt Today." The immensely graphic video took four minutes to complete.

Reporter Raymond Ibrahim notes that there's no attempt by Arab executioners to hide the slaughter; they actually pray to Allah while so doing. 

"They supplicate Allah to make the lives of Christians and Jews 'hostage to misery; drape them with endless despair, unrelenting pain and unremitting ailment,'" writes Ibrahim, "'fill their lives with sorrow and pain and end their lives in humiliation and oppression.'" 

Does Obama really believe that there's an Arab peace camp capable of negotiating a true peace? Abu Toameh has the answer:

"The Palestinians have been radicalized to a point where it is almost impossible to talk about peace and coexistence with Israel. For Palestinians, the true heroes are suicide bombers who  blew themselves up in cafes and buses, killing innocent civilians."

The American president should know that a genuine Arab peacemaker will show up the day elephants fly!

If he can digest that reality -- you know that he won't -- then a realistic American view would be to once and for all side with the those who genuinely want peace; the Israelis!


By Simon Fischler
Historically, weak American and European diplomacy towards the Arabs has forever halted the ability for Israel to live in peace.
Today the situation is even worse for Israel thanks to the weak, Arab appeasing government of Barak Obama. 
The naiveté and weakness of the Obama administration has given the Palestinians the feeling that they can dictate what they want to Israel and all international organizations, even if it is contrary to international law! 
Obamas inability to recognize friend(Israel) from foe (Palestinians) has given the Palestinian leadership the hopes that they can nail Israel to a cross: with a Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian Independence.
UNDENIABLE FACT; A unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence would be ILLEGAL IN INTERNATIONAL LAW, because of accords signed during the Oslo agreements. 
It would also be in direct violation of UN resolution 242 and once again INTERNATIONAL LAW, which demands a negotiated agreement.
This international piracy carried out by the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians is nothing new; it would just be yet another Arab rejection of UN resolution 242, making it even more null and void! 
But that does not seem to bother the Palestinians, and it never has! 
By unilaterally declaring independence the Palestinians believe they will get world support behind them.
This process failed for the Palestinian leadership last year, but the Arabs have never been good at learning from their mistakes! 
So, why are the Palestinians rejecting the negotiations they are obligated to carry out under international law?
Once again their hopes are in defeating Israel totally and wiping it out.
Knowing they cannot do it through military means the Arabs are attempting to do it diplomatically; thus capturing their main goals: all the land in Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the fallacy of the Right if Return for all Palestinian refugees. WHICH JUST MEANS THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL!
The government of Israel must mobilize quickly to pre-empt and be ready YET AGAIN for this duplicitous Palestinian ploy at the U.N. when and if it happens. 
The question is how do you do that?
There will be two, possibly three, stages of fighting Israel must prepare for.
Pre-State diplomatic battle- 
Israel must start – now -- by emphasizing the criminality of the act, both in International Law; in stark contrast to UN resolution 242. 
If the Palestinians unilaterally declare statehood and break UN resolution 242, Israel will no longer be obliged to abide by any of the UN resolutions pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the Oslo accords. 
Israel then could annex whatever lands it desires, with no land given back in return.
Post Palestinian state declaration-
Israel should be the first state to recognize the new Palestinian entity.
That’s right! 
Israel, as it has in the past, should recognize the Palestinians right to freedom and self-determination. 
But it must be stressed that should the Palestinians have their state, they must now bear the full responsibility of statehood!
Israel will stop protecting the PA from Hamas. 
Israel will stop supplying the Palestinians with electricity, gas, water and etc. That would become the responsibility of the new Palestinian government and their oil-rich Arab brethren!
Most importantly the Palestinian state will have to take full responsibility for policing and controlling its population. 
If they fail to do this Israel legally will be able to declare war on Palestine.
War with Palestine-
After Israel’s recognition of Palestine, it needs to let the Palestinians attempt to run their country with no interference; even helping wherever possible.
But at the FIRST INSTANCE of Palestinian aggression, Israel must launch a lighting quick ground campaign like Russia’s war with Georgia, or Israel’s Six Day War. 
It will have to be quick and PUNISHING; all of the Palestinian state will have to be taken over. 
When the dust finally settles and the UN steps in, Israel will only agree to leave all areas occupied during the war for permanent peace, recognizing Israel as the Jewish nation state… NOTHING LESS!

Friday, June 15, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

Once again the Obama administration is calling for a resumption of peace negotiations between the Israeli government and the Palestinians. 
While Obama calls for peace, good American tax payer money is being flushed down the toilet by the Palestinian Leadership! 
Mahmoud Abbas and his underlings in the Palestinian Authority have become worse than Yassar Arafat in his heyday.
The United States of America and the European Union have both called on Israel and the Palestinians to return to the Peace table. 
The Palestinians refuse! 
Abbas sees things differently! According to him the Palestinians have no pre-conditions for renewing peace negotiations.
Maybe then he can explain the demands that Israel freeze all settlement building in Judea and Samaria! That, sounds like a pre-condition doesn't it? 
He claims he has no pre-conditions, then demands that Israel and the international community recognize the 1949 armistice line as the border of a future Palestinian state!
Only after these demands are met will King Abbas return to talk peace!  
If this were to happen then there would be no reason for Abbas to return to the table because there would be nothing to negotiate. Especially being that the Palestinians have said clearly that they refuse to compromise on their core issues, like the fallacy they call the Palestinian Right of Return! 
SO why in the world should Israel give an inch? The past has proven the Arab perfidy when talking peace with Jews! Truth be told, the Arabs intentions of making peace with Israel are as insidious as the name Palestine and Palestinian! 
America needs to realize that the Palestinians do not want to talk peace with Israel. Coming to the negotiating table means, compromise and an agreement that would create a genuine peace. That means mutual respect! 
This does not fit into the Arab, "Palestinian" playbook, it never has!   
The Arabs are not interested in real peace, or at least one that would recognize both nations’ (one Arab that they can call Palestine, one Jewish, that already exists!) right to independence.
Just like in 1948 the Arabs still want all the land for themselves, their goal is to destroy Israel and Jewish self-determination, not create a made up state called Palestine.  
Undeniable, historical facts show us the Arabs have always rejected peace and mutual recognition in the end, this has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. The Arab rejection of the U.N. partition plan, rejection of U.N. resolution 242, Arafats rejection of peace in 2000 at Camp David and the Abbas rejection of the Olmert peace plan.
UNTIL America, the EU and the UN demand that the Palestinians live up to the standards of international law, accept what peace and an independent Palestine means (full recognition of Israel as the Jewish Nation state, and accepting less land then they would have received at Camp David) there is no reason for an Israeli Prime Minster to even consider giving up Land for Peace! 
There will be no peace without the truth of Israel and Jewish self-determination! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


By Simon Fischler
Most interestingly, some of the most vociferous of my country’s haters are the people of Europe. 
These enlightened, European people calling my country an Apartheid State are descendants of those who carried out some of the worst atrocities the world has ever seen. 
The Europeans are behind atrocities world renowned; from the Spanish Inquisition, to the rape and pillage of Africa and vast areas of the Pacific, as well as the Holocaust. 
How do these people who bear the heritage of so much cruelty in history have the right to condemn Israel country for defending itself against colonialist Arabism?
For that matter, since when has it become wrong for a nation to defend its civilians? 
Israel and Israelis have always wanted peace. This has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. 
Why must Israel go beyond what all other nations would offer for peace? 
Why must Israel get less in return for the land we give up than America got from Japan? 
What will the world say when the Palestinians attack Israel after it has returned what is rightfully Israel’s; thanks to the Balfour Declaration? 
If Israel gives back Judea and Samaria, signs a peace treaty and then gets attacked by the new Palestinian State, will it be okay with the UN and these elements who hate us so much for Israel to defend herself? 
Of course we know what the answer to that question is! 
Must we go to the gas chambers, with bowed heads, again for these people to be happy? 
That is the only answer I see as the cause for this venomous anti-Semitism shown towards Israel.
No matter how right we are (and we are very right) the world is always going to hate us. 
It can only be hate, for people to tell a nation whose majority firmly believes in its ethos to stop believing in them. 
Israelis love their country; they celebrate it all the time. Who has the right to tell them they are wrong for loving their freedom, loving their nation, loving what they have built through the most difficult conditions? 
Who has the right to tell them they do not deserve this state after all the work they have done to build this nation, then protect it, while still searching for peace? 
No one has that right. Anyone who tells us we should not be proud of what and who we are is someone who has never taken the time to see all that Israelis have created; to see what we have built from nothing in a constant state of war; that we never wanted to have. Someone who is nothing more than a racist and an anti-Semite.
So, again, where does this hate come from?
There is only one place such deeply-rooted hate towards the Jews and the Jewish nation comes from.
ANTI-SEMITISM. B.D.S is nothing more than modern day anti-Semitism, same with those who make the false claim that they are not anti-Semites, but just hate Israel. Hating Israel is hating Jewish freedom, end of story! 
It makes no difference if there are a few Jews mixed in with these haters. 
Because these Jews -- even some who are Israelis -- hate themselves so much because of their very Jewishness. These Jews are like many of those in the past who despised themselves because they were a part of this “wretched” nation. 
So if Anti-Semitism is the true root cause of all this Israel bashing, hating and delegitimizing, what can we as Israelis do?
We can only do what we have always done, from the oppression of slavery in Egypt, to the Babylonian captivity and the Persian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Ottoman and European occupations of our land. We must fight the just battle and show the world that we, the Jews and the Israeli nation, will not lie down and sacrifice ourselves for their ingrained anti-Semitism. We must fight back, protect what we have built and yet work for true peace and acceptance of our just right to maintain our own self-determination and freedom.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


By Simon Fischler

As the culture of delegitimizing Israel and the Jewish nation garners strength around the world it must be clear to everyone that this culture is pure anti-Semitism and pure evil.

Let’s be honest, what is happening to Israel and Israelis today has nothing to do with freedom, justice or even self-determination for the Palestinians.

Today, people downright hate our country and our people, and they hate us for no real reason whatsoever.

Today those who stand against Israel are not asking her to make peace, they are asking her to commit suicide.

Why do these people feel it is right to take an eighty percent, majority Jewish country, living in its own land and turn it into another majority Arab country?

Only because of a deep rooted hatred towards the Jewish nation.

Why is it right to deny our people, who have fought so hard to protect our homes, families and lives, the right to self-determination?

Of course if you ask the question above, you must remember to ask why humans once thought it was acceptable to ship Jews off to concentration camps to burn in the fires of anti-Semitic Europe.

This is our nation, we built it from nothing, and why are we any less right in wanting to maintain our own self-determination?

My fellow citizens have worked so hard to build a flourishing democracy (a democracy so strong an Arab member of the Knesset can actually attend Israel Apartheid Week) that looks after ALL of its citizens.

We are not the ones who are wrong! We are incredibly right, in fact to right.
Anyone who actually does the historical research knows this. 

Anyone who takes the time to actually look at what Apartheid South Africa was would have to be either incapable of processing information or filled with truly malicious intent to say that Israel carries out Apartheid laws.

Truth be told it is the Palestinian and Palestinian Nationalism that has always been based on nothing but colonialism and racism! 

Israel is a democracy, a democracy for all her citizens. Anyone who says different is spitting downright anti-Semitism! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

At this time, in Spring, when my Mother would see an amorous couple in the park, she'd blithely remark, "Ain't love grand!"

It sure looked it from my 20-20 vantage point because even my youthful eyes confirmed precisely what Mom was saying.

Which brings me to a more contemporary political viewpoint. 

Just a little more than a year ago there was an event that some Madison Avenue-oriented huckster labelled "The Arab Spring."

Like any marketing ploy, it was supposed to connote that something absolutely, guaranteed wonderful was happening in the crazy, mixed up world of Arabia/Islam; something that might even lead to -- don't laugh, please -- peace.

For a brief, illusory moment one could almost hear a re-phrasing on my Mom's line to the lyrics, "Ain't peace grand!"

A year later, it sure turned out to be an illusion and all we have to do is gaze at the Arab world and understand how the Arab Spring, 2011, has metamorphosed into the ugly, bloody Arab, Spring right here and now. 

The Egyptians haven't stopped rioting and the Syrians haven't stopped slaughtering. 

In Lebanon, when Nasrallah isn't threatening Israel with his rocket arsenal, there's a mini Civil War emerging among the pro-Assad fanatics and those opposed to Syrians murdering Syrians by the, yes, thousands. 

Meanwhile, the ever-belligerent Turk, Erdogan, cannot stop threatening another assault on Israel's waters. The Turkish leader is roughly equivalent to a child lighting a batch of, TNT thinking that it's merely a minor July 4th firecracker. 

No need to tell you about Iran where nuclear work moves relentlessly ahead amid some of the most sophisticated stalling tactics the world has ever known, and naively accepts. 

At the White House, we get nothing but what the Syrian rebels get -- NOTHING! 

Uncle Sam's version of NOTHING comes in the form of see-through "commitments."

Exhibit A was offered late last month by Wendy Sherman, a senior State Department official, who jetted to Israel to "reaffirm our unshakable commitment to Israel's security."

How many times have we heard this same blather from President Obama who then turns around and invariably undercuts Israeli moves in one way or another.

Sherman, undersecretary of state for political affairs, followed the concluded talks between world powers and Iran over its nuclear program. And like so many previous talks over the years, nothing of substance was accomplished to prevent Iran from following through on its calls for the demise of the Jewish State.

There will be another meeting with the Iranians in Moscow and, guaranteed, it will produce nothing more than more stalling tactics via Tehran while more work continues on the Ayotollahs' nuclear project.

Obama? What is he doing to further his "unshakeable commitment to Israel's security?" 

For the answer all you have to do is examine what Washington has done to stop the Syrian massacres. As Eyal Zisser so aptly noted in Israel Hayom, Assad the butcher has nothing to fear from Obama.

"If Obama can't stop Syria," Zisser asserts, "he has almost no chance against Iran and North Korea."

The "Arab Spring" is proving to  be a parody that would have gotten laughs at Minsky's Burlesque. On the world stage, it receives a pitiful review. Seasoned observers such as Elliott Abrams, a senior fellow for Middle East Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, sees through the "Arab Spring" smoke screen and Washington's abject ineptitude. Why and how is Assad still in power?

"In large part," Abrams concludes, "because Obama has provided no leadership, apparently preferring to watch these massacres rather than taking the risk of acting. 

"He is standing idly by, making speeches from time to time but denying the opposition the assistance it needs."

Bottom Line: The "Arab Spring" has taken a dive into the subterranean world of Arab killing Arab!

Ain't peace grand? But where? 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Many people believe Zionism is a 19th century European creation. In reality Zionism has existed since the destruction of the Second Temple.

Since the mass expulsion of the Jewish nation at the hands of the Romans, we have been praying for our return to Jerusalem and Israel.

That yearning has brought Jews back to their native land on several occasions throughout history. These returning Jews integrated with Jews who were able to remain in the land of Israel.

This yearning and praying for our return to the land of our ancestors is one major factor that kept us as a nation, together and alive.

Jews throughout the world sit down to the first seder of Passover, at the end of the feast commemorating the first trek of the Jews to the “land of milk and honey,” we will finish by echoing that ancient longing: “Next year in Jerusalem.”

Zionism as the world knows it today is derived from roots that have always tied the children of Israel to their land.

The most intrinsic part of modern Zionism is that it is a nationalistic movement based on creation.

The movement wasn’t just about creating the nation we know as Israel today; it was also about improving the land, replanting forests, building reservoirs, and making that land bloom.

What many people do not know is that Zionism, even the modern form of it, was around before there was Palestinian Arab nationalism. Modern Zionism was also around before generic Arab Nationalism.

Palestinian Arab nationalism came into being after Zionism had gained many important goals in the land of Israel. Unfortunately (for all of us in the Middle East), Arab nationalism not only was created in response to Zionism, but it has been a nationalistic movement bent solely on the destruction of Israel instead of creation.

This is as relevant today as it was one hundred years ago.

The Zionists and their pre-state government, the Yishuv, lived along the lines of compromise, whereas Palestinian Arab nationalists lived along the lines of complete destruction of any Jewish hope for self-determination.

For instance, it was the Yishuv that agreed to the UN partition of the Palestine Mandate into two states: one for the Jews and one for the Arabs. It was Palestinian Arab nationalists who rejected the U.N partition and promised the destruction of any Jewish State.

Today we see much of the same dialogue that we saw back at the birth of Israel more than six decades ago. The only difference is that Israel exists today, and Palestine does not.

Israel, like the Yishuv is actively attempting to create a Palestinian State. That is right; read it loud and clear: ISRAEL IS attempting to create Palestine; while the Palestinians are still trying to rob the Jewish Nation of its political freedom.

This is why anti-Israel behavior is anti-Semitic. No other country in the world or in history has tried harder to create freedom, self-determination and a country for its enemy.

It is almost as if Israelis want a Palestinian state more than the Palestinians do!

At the opposite end the Palestinians -- and Arabs in general -- have continually fought to destroy the state of Israel.

Today it is as if Israel under Prime Minister Ehud Barak did not offer the Palestinians a state on almost all of the West Bank, all of Gaza and East Jerusalem. This unbelievable offer was rejected by the Palestinian leadership.

When will the world demand the Palestinians take responsibility for their actions?

Why does the Obama Administration play games and waste time with fruitless almost-negotiations? Will they finally demand that the Palestinians relinquish the Right of Return? If not, then there truly is no point in talking.

If there is to be peace between Israel and her neighbors, Obama’s administration, needs to demand of the Arabs what no administration has ever done. It must demand that they own up to their end of the bargain and play ball fairly with Israel.

The American administration must make it clear to the Arabs that they need to show Israelis that it is worthwhile for them to agree to peace and two states.

It can no longer be about Israel just making gestures of good faith to the Palestinians. It is high time for the Palestinians to make gestures of good faith in return. Like recognizing Israel as the Jewish State.

If not, then the Obama administration is just trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes again. Let’s tear off this blindfold and expose the truth: Arabs do not want Israel to exist.

Friday, June 1, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

It is time for a NEW Israeli foreign policy. 

Now that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has put together one of the largest coalitions in Israeli history, he has the power to do this. 

Hopefully Bibi will realize that Israel’s new foreign policy MUST be based on one overriding principle: there will never be a Right of Return for Arab refugees.

This policy is an absolute necessary and is needed in part to refute the fallacies and revisionist history created by the Arab world. 

The government of Israel must educate foreign diplomats to the reality that Palestinians’ claim to a Right of Return is not a Right at all, but merely a made-up hope. 

Too many in this world are ignorant of the United Nation’s make-up and do not understand the difference between a United Nations General Assembly vote and a United Nations Security Council vote.

Anything passed by the General Assembly is nothing more than a suggestion; it is not a law, nor is it binding to the states addressed in the resolution. 

Anything passed by the Security Council becomes international law immediately and states addressed in the law must adhere to it. It is undeniable fact that the Arab world chose to ignore UN Security Council Resolution 242 IN 1967. Ironically they now want to negotiate from the1967 boundaries they originally refused!

As for the phony “Right of Return” the Arabs propagate today, it is written in General Assembly Resolution 194: not international law; not binding and ultimately holding no true legitimacy.
On top of this, when the resolution passed the General Assembly in 1948, the Arabs refused to accept it. This fact alone negates ANYTHING written inside of the resolution, which stipulated both sides needed to accept each other on peaceful terms!

What is binding, international Law and was accepted by Israel and refused by the Arabs is Security Council Resolution 242, which clearly states the need to find “A just resolution to the Refugee Problem”.  

Resolution 242 was written this way for a reason: it does not say “Palestinian Refugees,” which means it pertains to both Arab AND JEWISH refugees. 

Resolution 242 clearly states the need to find a “just” resolution. This, in turn, means that in no way, shape or form can Arabs -- bred for generations to HATE Israel and Jews – be brought into Israel. It absolutely means that the grandchildren of Arabs who left at their leaders’ behest have NO “Right of Return” whatsoever.

It means in no way, shape or form will Israel accept refugees created by a war the ARABS started. It means in no way, shape or form will Israel accept an Arab policy intent upon destroying the Jewish Majority of Israel and ultimately in destroying the State of Israel itself.

Most of all it means that when the Arabs decide to do what all UN Resolutions and international law have called on them to do -- accept Israel as the Jewish, Democratic Nation State -- they will receive  a state of their own in what land remains for them.

They are then welcome to call this state Palestine (a colonialist European name that comes from Rome) or whatever they want. Further, the Arab refugees created by Arab colonial hatred then can return to that state AND THAT STATE ALONE.

This MUST be the new Israeli foreign policy of Benjamin Netanyahu.