Sunday, January 31, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Yesterday French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius gave Israel an ultimatum, negotiate with the fictitious Palestinian people or France will recognize the counterfeit state of Palestine.

In response, Jerusalem and the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the French ultimatum. 

This was called hitting back by the Israeli government.

Bullshit, this is not Jerusalem hitting back. 

Honestly I'm embarrassed and I expect more from my government in its defense. 

It is time for Israel to take diplomacy to the limit and beyond, it's time for Israel to go a little crazy.

It's time for Jerusalem to make it clear that France must immediately recognize the Basque people's right to a homeland.

Israel must make it clear to the meddling French that if this demand is not met in the immediate future, Israeli will be the first state to recognize the Land of The Basques at the UN. 

It's time for Israel to play a wild card, tell France that Israel will start working on freedom initiatives with French overseas protectorates such as Guadeloupe. 

I know for a fact that the majority of the people living in poverty in Guadeloupe and other French ruled Islands in the Caribbean have a burning hatred towards France and their white European occupiers. 

This hatred is a powder keg of dynamite and all it needs is a match. Let Israel be that match! 

Enough, is enough. 

Once, Israel understood how to play this game with the Europeans. During the 50's, 60's, and 70's Israel knew how to deal with these hypocrites. 

But we have lost that edge, apparently our believing the Europeans to be our allies has made us forget who they really are. 

Never can the Europeans be trusted when it comes to the rights of the Jewish people, period! There is no more important lesson to learn for every Israeli leader, politician and diplomat than this when it comes to dealing with Europe!

I know and all Israelis know that our intelligence agencies are working overtime with an eye towards Iran. We've seen their amazing work against the mad mullahs

But meanwhile, Jews can't walk the streets of Europe in safety and the French government thinks it has the right to give the Soveriegn State of Israel ultimatums! 

Not only do the politicians of Israel need to wake up when it comes to Europe, it is time for Israel's intelligence organizations to do the same.


Thursday, January 28, 2016


By ⚜The Duke of The North⚜

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day I want to remember the Six Million Jews murdered under the Nazi banner by the citizens of Europe. I also want to talk a little bit about Zionism and the threats facing Israel.

What many people do not understand or totally ignore (just today the ruler of Iran once again denied the holocaust) is that the holocaust is but one giant blip of many genocidal pogroms, attacks and mass murders, that have been carried out throughout history against the Jewish people both in the native land of the Jews, Israel, and while the Jews were in exile. 

There are estimates that one million Jews were in Jerusalem when the Roman army (the ancient EU, or European colonialists) laid siege to Jerusalem, destroyed the Temple, sacked the city and committed genocide against the Jewish people.  

Today's follow up to the holocaust is to deny Zionism and the undeniable right for Israel to exist as the Jewish Nation state.

To deny Zionism, is to deny the internationally accepted (from the San Remo conference to the UN resolution of a Jewish State) and unalienable rights of the Jewish People, the indigenous people of Israel. And this slippery slope is how the holocaust came about. 

Just as the Nazis defied international law, today's anti-Semitic, anti-Israel community does the same.

At yet another protest against Israel the hatred and sickness of anti-Semitism that has long enabled points of complete madness and hatred towards Jews like the holocaust to happen was on stark display.

This time those raging their Jew hatred happened to be members of the Lesbian and Gay community. 

Most interesting was one of the signs being held up, it truly caught my attention, it said "Zionism Sucks". 

If we were to reverse this situation and apply that bigoted sign towards those holding it, the new sign would read "Gay Rights Suck". Imagine that! 

Zionism is the oldest national freedom fighting movement. It has been around since the Jewish people rejected slavery in Egypt, since the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire and since the Bar-Kokbah revolt against Rome.

Zionism is not based on the holocaust, it was around long before the holocaust occurred.

Israel as we know it, the end result of thousands of years of Jewish freedom fighting to get their home land back is the antithesis of the holocaust. Israel is the insurance policy that a holocaust against the Jewish people will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, period!

Zionism is the historically, scientifically and archaeologically based fact of the Jewish nations birth in Israel and its permanent abode in Israel throughout history. This fact is based on science and denying it is outright bigoted racism. 

It is the Jews who are the indigenous people of Israel and it Israel is that is the indigenous home of the Jew. 

Those who oppose Israel today are no different from the Nazis of Germany and their many anti-Semitic (the majority of Europeans during World War Two were supporters of fascist Nazi parties) allies throughout Europe. 

Today all one needs to do is look to the north, to Sweden to see the hideous Foreign Minister of that country, Margot Wallstrom, she truly is the manifestation of today's Fascists, leftist, anti-Semitism. 

Today many who oppose Israel are not the normal fascists of the past, the far right, and this is used to try and cover up their anti-Semitism. 

Today many who hate Jewish freedom and yearn to see it destroyed come from the Left. But, their hatred and desire to attack Israel, to destroy Jewish freedom makes them equal to the fascists of yesterday.

The dream of these new Jew haters is to turn back time and to erase one of the greatest achievements in history for indigenous peoples around the world. 

Israel is the first point in history that an indigenous people fought back and won their freedom and self-determination in their homeland after years of colonization, ethnic cleansing and genocide. The fact that the Jewish nation did this against the imperialist, colonialist Arab regimes backed by Oil money and with help from powerful European allies like England, the Soviet Union and with the help of Muslim world is nothing short of a miracle and happened solely because Israel is right! 

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day we will remember the Six Million Jews murdered at the hands of the European Nazis, murdered at the hands of the Nazi Arabs lead by Haj Amin al-Husseini. 

But also on this Holocaust Remembrance Day we will remind the Jew haters of the world that we are aware of their new anti-Semitism, their Jew-hating anti-Zionism and it will not succeed.

We will remind those trying to enact another holocaust by destroying Israel that we are serious when we say, NEVER AGAIN, and now we have the Israel Defense Forces to back up that sentence! 

Saturday, January 16, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

It's never been about's always been about Israel. 

My children are Israel....they are the future of it. 

Every word I write, I write for Israel. 

Israel is in my blood, flowing through my veins and pumping my heart.

Israel is a state of mind that forges my body together with the land, thus, making us one. 

I need no material object, no key, no tattoo of a key can represent my bond. Nothing that could be bought in a store can represent Israel for me. 

My body and soul are the key, Israel is the lock.

Israel is my womb, my home.

Israel has always been home, even when I didn't know it was home.

I am Israel

My Children are Israel 

The Children of Israel Live

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Jewish People, The Indigenous People of Israel

By Simon Fischler 

Below are definitions of words from the Oxford Dictionary. They will help people understand why the Jewish people are the true indigenous people of Israel.

Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native:

Old English, from ecclesiastical Latin Sion, from Hebrew ṣīyōn. 
The hill of Jerusalem on which the city of David was built.
2.   Jerusalem 
3.   The Jewish People or Religion 

Middle English: from Old French juiu, via Latin from Greek Ioudaios, via Aramaic from Hebrew yĕhūḏī, from yĕhūḏāh 'Judah' (see Judah).

A member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their origins to the ancient Hebrew 
people of Israel.

Origin- from Greek Hierousalem, from Hebrew Yerushalayim, literally "foundation of peace," from base of yarah "he threw, cast" + shalom "peace."

The holy city of the Jews, sacred also to Christians and Muslims, lying in the Judaean hills about 20 miles (32 km) from the River Jordan; population 763,600 (est. 2008).

A member of a Semitic people, originally from the Arabian peninsula 

Who are the indigenous people of Israel? Jews are the indigenous people of Israel.

The Jewish Nation, The Children of Israel was born in the ancient land of Israel. If you buy an Israeli newspaper you will see two dates, January 13, 2016 or Shevat 3, 5776. 

Shevat is the Hebrew month and the Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Six years stands for the time the Jewish people sees itself as existing as a distinct, ethnic and culturally unique people connected to Israel. 

Nobody has the right to take that away from us! 

There were Jewish Kingdoms and Jewish States in Israel long before there were European States or Arab/Islamic States.

Israel as a National entity and as a people, lived and breathed inside of Israel long before Mohammad was born and long before there was an Islam. 

For centuries the Jew Haters have singled out and killed the Jew because we were a unique and distinct people. 

Today, these same Jew haters are attempting to reverse this. 

Like the ancient Romans, todays Jews Haters are trying to strike at the very core of the Jewish People by denying our National rights.

It was the Romans who intentionally burned Jerusalem to the ground. They did this hoping they would get the same outcome as they did from the destruction of Carthage. 

The Romans went so far in their attempts to erase Jewish history that they renamed the province of Judea to Palestinia and Jerusalem to Aelia Capitalina. Therefore the name Palestine itself is a European name representing colonialism, invasion and occupation.

Today’s Jew haters are no different than the Romans of old. 

They wish to negate thousands of years of Jewish history. They wish to deny our culture which has made us a distinct and unique people, because these miscreants wish to deny us our self-determination. 

After thousands of years of killing us for being a people, today they say we Jews are no longer a people at all.

Of course saying that takes totally destroying the science of archeology. 

It takes denying every ancient find in Israel that has Hebrew and Jewish artifacts and meaning and throwing them into the dust bin of history. 

But this is nothing new, after all we have seen Nazi’s attempt to burn Jewish history and books before, haven't we!

To deny that the Jews are a people takes looking up at the Arch of Titus in Rome and pretending that that very arch wasn't built by Romans celebrating the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish State of Judah.

To deny that the Jews are a people is to deny the Tanach, The New Testament and even the Quran.

Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish culture, laws and society were formed by the  physical land of Israel. We Jews were forced to take on certain dietary and cultural laws to protect our people while living in the harsh changing climates of ancient Israel.

Today many call these Laws the Jewish Religion. 

They were laws for the children of Israel long before they were a religion. 

These laws were formed to keep the Jewish people together, alive and to remind the Jewish people of their true home, Israel. These laws have worked so well they have kept the Jewish Nation together as a people for thousands of years and through some of the harshest conditions a nation has faced. 

This is why our connection to the land of Israel cannot be broken. Not even after thousands of years of exile and the occupation and colonization of our land by Europeans and Arab Muslims. 

The connection that the Jewish people have towards the land of Israel is so strong that you can take the Jew out of Israel, but you can never take Israel out of the Jew. 

This point is proven when Jews who happen to be living outside of Israel recite every year during Pesach Sedar, “Next Year in Jerusalem”. This sentence, this longing for home has been recited for thousands of years.

No Arab, nor any Muslim can make this statement. Because the Arab people and their political/religious movement Islam was not created in Israel. 

The Arab people are indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula, hence the name Arab. To say that Arabs are indigenous to Israel is to say that White Europeans are indigenous to the United States of America and Canada. 

The Arab people, like the White Europeans in America and Canada, invaded and occupied Israel. 

Like white Europeans in the USA and Canada, Arabs have had generations born inside of Israel. But like white Europeans in American they are STILL the descendants of an invading and occupying people. 

In no way are Arabs indigenous to Israel, their culture and their polictical/religious movement is indigenous to the Arabian peninsula. Their cities are Mecca and Medina. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Quran while it is mentioned six hundred and sixty nine times in the Tanach.

Jews like Native Americans were in Israel long before Arabs, had established societies inside of Israel before Arabs and were invaded and displaced by Europeans and Arabs. 

White Europeans, can never truly say that they are indigenous to the United States of America because they invaded and conquered the land. The same goes for the Arabs occupying parts of Israel. .

The prophets of Israel were born and lived in Israel. 

The United Kingdom of Israel under David and Solomon existed inside of Israel. 

The Maccabean revolt. One of the first acts in history when a small national movement and culture rose up against a client state of a world super power to regain their freedom happened in Israel.

This war of freedom was fought by JEWISH warriors to regain the self-determination of the Jewish People, inside of Israel. 

This Maccabean war was fought to redeem the Jewish Temple inside the Jewish capital city of Jerusalem. 

It was the Jewish Sicarii, Jewish freedom fighters, who fought the Romans at Matzada.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, hidden away in Qumran during the First Jewish Revolt (AD 66-70), are about Jewish history inside of Israel and they are written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, not Arabic! 

All of these events and pieces of Jewish history happened inside of Israel long before Mohammad was born, before Islam and before the Arab people invaded and occupied lands that they were not native to and did not belong to them.

The Jewish people have always been the indigenous people of Israel to say otherwise is to erase history altogether. 

Those who wish to deny the Jewish Nations right to self-determination are jew-haters, they are anti-semites and they must be identified as such.

Those working to destroy Israel and to deny the rich,  thousands of years old history of the Jewish people to Israel are promoting Arab and Islamic Supremacists ideology.

The truth is Jews were, are and always will be the indigenous people of Israel! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Smoking Gun

By Simon Fischler

Nashat Melhem, the terrorist who murdered three innocent Israeli's in Tel Aviv last week was apprehended and killed in a gunfight today, Friday 8/1/2016.

Melhem was not found in Tel Aviv nor in its environs. 

No, this murderer, with the help of others in his community, was smuggled all the way up to the Northern Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm. 

There he was given refuge in an Islamic Movement mosque for a week. 

The distance from Tel Aviv to where Nashat Melhem was found is 81.6 Kilometers or an hour and a half drive. 

A large distance to cover. 

To achieve this the terrorist has to have been aided by many inside of his community and this leaves a stench that will be around for a long time.

My first thoughts are, where are the voices on the left? Where is Bugi Herzog? 

Is he going to demand answers from the Arab Israeli leadership? 

Every single comment that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made last week in connection to the state of Israel's Arab citizens proved to be correct! 

Will Bugi, Livni, pipi and tipi call Bibi and apologize? Of course not, the pride of the left knows no bounds.

Will Tzipi Livni, Zehava Gal-On and others from the Bibi Bashing sycophants corner demand to know from Israeli Arab's how this killer was given sanctuary in their community and called a Martyr by many in their community ?

The answer is a straight No, to all the aforementioned questions. They'll be doing the Ostrich tonight.

Where are the voices of the people who so vehemently demanded answers of the Jewish National Religious citizens of our country, after the killings in the Palestinian village of Duma? 

Will they also be calling for blood now that the coin has fallen on the Arab Israeli side? 

What about those who were so furious about the "Bloody Wedding".

Nashat Melhem has been called a martyr by many in his community. Will the left protest this nefarious behavior?

Of course not, "we need to understand" their murderous society! 

Will the Times of Israel and its sister rag HAARETZ call for Arab Israeli soul searching? 

What bumbling, stumbling lies will the Joint-List come up with this time (and how will the Israeli press excuse their wanton incitement) to defend yet another ISIS crime carried out by Arab Israelis. 

Israel must get serious and it must happen immediately. 

It is time to double down and drastically to improve the efforts to literally wipe-out the Islamic Movement from Israel's borders, even if we need to get militaristic on them. 

The murders carried out by Nashat Melhem are crimes against Israeli society. But the atrocious actions of those inside his community to aid him are also an unforgivable crime. 

Together these crimes are a SMOKING GUN, one the size of a World War Two 16 inch battleship gun. 

They prove 100% that not only is the ISLAMIC MOVEMENT IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, it is one with connections to ISIS! 

It is now on the shoulders of the Israeli Defense establishment to stamp out the Islamic Movement once and for all before we let Hamas of the 1980's happen within our own borders. 

It is on the shoulders of the Arab Israeli community to do some serious soul searching. Do they want to integrate and truly be law abiding Israeli citizens, with all of their rights and liberties respected or would they rather loose it all and settle for what is happening in the rest of the Middle-East?  

These crimes have gotten way to close to destroying any type of possible integration for the future of Israeli Arabs(which of course is what the Islamic Movement wants). Heaven forbid for their community if they continue down this path and push the Israeli Jewish population past the point of no return. 

I think 1948 and 1967 are good enough history lessons to see where that road will take Israeli Arabs. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016


By Schmoel Yitzhak

There are no treasured traits such as honesty or pride in the White House.

Certainly not when it comes to Barack Obama's treatment of Israel.

The lies emanating from Pennsylvania Avenue multiply like flies over horse droppings.

You can take virtually any quote delivered by the American president vis-a-vis Israel and know that inevitably it was as phony as a three-dollar bill.

My "favorite" example was a message Obama delivered to a foolishly enthralled AIPAC audience a few years ago.

"I have Israel's back."

That's what the man said and, naturally, every (Democrat) Jew in the audience applauded the Chief Executive. Of course, the applause was more an example of wishful thinking than anything else.

We now know -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that Obama had no more intentions to support his words with positive action toward the Middle East's only democracy.

No more than Jack The Ripper had any desire to kiss his female victims rather than slit their throats.

Since that deathless (I have Israel's back) declaration Obama has delivered continuous international-political throat slicing of its supposed ally. 

By far the most egregious sin of the many perpetrated was the president's madcap pursuit of a deal with the most heinous bloodthirsty nation, Iran, in the most volatile region on earth.

Long before the deal was actually cut, the White House knew that the mullahs wanted nothing more than the extermination of Israel. And if the White House would give them that right via the nuclear deal, why not?

And now revelations by the Wall Street Journal tell us that Obama was not only hellbent to kiss the tuchus of every Iranian leader but, simultaneously, he has his minions spying on Israel's Prime Minister, among others in Jerusalem.

There were no apologies from the White House nor will there ever be as long as Obama and his fraud of a Secretary of State remain in power.

Looking back on seven years of this disgusting Democratic administration, one is tempted to say that Obama-Kerry-Clinton re-defined chutzpah.

Sorry, but based on Washington's behavior toward Israel chutzpah is far too mild a term to characterize these political pigs!