Monday, March 24, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The so-called peace process contrived by the White House is in danger and for only one reason.


Nothing in Arab strategy vis-a-vis Israel has changed since formation of the State of Israel. 

Then, as now, all the Arabs -- currently disguised with the phony title of "Palestinians -- can say is NO, NO, and NO when it comes to compromising with Israel.

In this latest Framework chapter, Mahmoud Abbas presents yet another set of demands in order for talks to continue beyond the April deadline date. 

Israel already has freed dozens upon dozens of Palestinians with blood on their hands. 

What concessions have the Palestinians made? 


But while the Arabs continue with their endless NOs, the con men at the White House continue to push Benjamin Netanyahu into a corner. 

Supposedly, the honest broker Secretary of State Kerry continues to twist the vise on Bibi while leaving Abbas free to maintain his stance of negatives. Meanwhile his puppeteer, Barack Obama, maintains an anti-Israel policy that simply cannot be concealed by cheery homilies. 

Fortunately there remain some Israeli leaders willing to speak out against Washington's woefully unfair treatment of the Middle East's only democracy. One of them happens to be Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon.

His unabashed rip job on Obama's appeasement policies, the president's failed foreign policy and his tilt toward the Arabs has -- tut, tut, tut -- enraged Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, columnist Herb Keinon puts it bluntly and accurately:

"American leaders regularly call Israeli policies into question," writes Keinon, "saying friends can talk honestly with each other.

"But when the tables are turned, all that openness and honesty is much less appreciated."

It's time that the White House face up to one bald fact about Abbas, Inc. A peace fact is not in his short nor long-range thinking. 

What do the Arabs want? The Jerusalem Post's Sarah Honig sees their objectives clearly and sees them whole.

"Strip away the palaver," Honig concludes, "and falsehoods and one theme remains constant throughout -- opposition to the Jewish national revival in this land. 

"That is, opposition to our at all being here."

In case you didn't know it before, now you know what the NO, NO, NO is all about!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


By Simon Fischler

John Kerry, I am calling you out!

You are liar and have intentionally caused Israel, your ally Israel, great harm

When you went before Congress last week, you tactically stated a half-truth that – as I see it -- intentionally harmed the negotiating stance of Israel.

When you said Israel should not make Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish Nation state priority number one because of international agreements that already exist,  you were stating facts, but you were NOT telling the Truth!

Yes, it is fact, Secretary of State Kerry, that the United Nations made recognition of Israel as the Jewish Nation state international law when they declared the partition of the Land of Israel into two states (the famed two-state solution), one Arab and one Jewish.

There is just one big problem with the statement you made.

While a majority of the countries in the world and the U.N. have recognized the Jewish Nation State, there is one important group that has not; the Arabs, and specifically the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

The Arabs have rejected Israel and the Jewish Nation’s right to exist since the beginning of the conflict -- hence the only reason why there is a conflict. 

You know this, and you also know that Palestinian recognition of Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish Nation state is the core of the conflict. It always has been.

You also know (even though you denied it when speaking under oath in front of Congress) that if the Palestinians fail to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation then there is definitely no point in Israel giving up more land for yet another Arab state.

You knew these facts and yet you still lied in your statement. Why would you lie and behave in such a duplicitous manner against “your staunch ally Israel”.

Because you and President Barack Obama dislike Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government with such a passion, you are ready to lie and spread innuendo against Israel.

You, Sir, made these comments in Congress so it would appear that Israel is the cause of the failure of your peace talks. 

You are willing to place blame on Israel, when it is clearly Abbas and his 21st. Century version of the "Three No's" that are destroying peace. You are doing this in the hope of disgracing the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu. You and your president are willing to jeopardize the safety of Israeli citizens for your over-weaning egos. 

The failure of Kerry’s peace talks are so clearly based in the roots and flames of Palestinian rejectionism and colonialist hatred towards Israel and the Jewish Nation state.

Tell me I am wrong, John Kerry. I am calling you out, John!

Mahmoud Abbas just returned from the White House full of rhetoric that he will not compromise an inch with Israel. It's Khartoum all over again John. What did Abbas say to your framework agreement? NO, NO, NO. 

This continuing rejection is the truth of your failure. This endless rejection of Israel’s right to exist is why your talks were doomed to end in failure.

John Kerry, many times you have threatened Israel with what will happen after the Palestinians reject your proposal. One of these threats is the demographic situation Israel faces if we do not make peace with the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

Yet you seem to think we Israelis are either so dumb or such whores that we can’t see through your petty threats, or that we will except American dollars over our freedom.

Every Israeli who is not a complete traitor to his country, knows that if the Palestinians do not except Israel as the Jewish Nation state and if the lie called the “Right of Return” is not handled with compensation or citizenship in the new Palestinian state, then there is no point in reaching an agreement.

Any agreement that fails to recognize Israel as the Jewish nation and fails to convert the “right of return” into compensation and nationhood in the new state of Palestine, will be as far away from peace as you can get.

I am calling you out, John Kerry; tell me I am wrong! 

Monday, March 17, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

When the Obama-Kerry vaudeville act opened the billboards proclaimed that the latest American-sponsored “peace process” would be fair.

There would be no pre-conditions awarded to either side.

Talks would be hermetically sealed so that nobody in or out of the media would know what was being said.

And, most of all, the poll-plummeting president and his sorrowful secretary of state swore that they would be fair to both sides. 

All Benjamin Netanyahu wanted from the Americans was an even-handed chance to forge peace with the Arabs.

The Prime Minister should have known better.

From the get-go Mahmoud Abbas made demands and the two-faced twins in Washington bowed to the Arab’s wishes.

Abbas wanted blood-on-their-hands prisoners freed and Bibi obeyed. Not once; not twice and now seemingly forever. Demands from the Palestinian side continued unabated while Bibi began to wonder “What’s going on here?”

Forget about the incessant leaks that were generated — and still are — from Pennsylvania Avenue.
They are bad enough.

Forget about all the bloody prisoners Israel has been conned into releasing; supposedly for Arab concessions which never come.

What’s appalling is the total lack of giving Israel a fair shake.

Where else but in American-Israeli relations would a Prime Minister such as Netanyahu be excoriated in print by Obama on the very fay Bibi was flying to Washington? 

The president’s interview not only undercut any semblance of equity that only the Israeli Prime Minister’s decorum prevented a diplomatic split.

That done, Kerry provided the next tilt toward Abbas by blatantly pulling the rug out from Bibi by declaring that it was not necessary for Abbas to recognized Israel as the Jewish State.

Not only was that a stab in the back but in the chest as well. 

Who are these characters in the White House kidding?

They have stacked everything in the White House against Israel at a time when mouths should be shut and the see-saw at an exactly even keel.

Should we be surprised?

No, no — and thousand times NO.

I have been writing in this space for more than three years that Obama, the Muslim president, cannot be trusted; not in any way.

The American public is wising up to that fact as the president’s acceptance polls are plummeting to new lows.

Certainly, Bibi should know that by know. The question is how does he counterattack against such blatant pro-Arab favoritism.

Easily the most forthright way is to speak out; call a spade a spade and let the chips fall where they may.

We all are aware by now that those chips have been placed in Abbas’ hands because that’s how the anti-Israel White House liberals want them to be!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


By Sig Demling 

There's a lesson to be learned from the gag about two male ostriches chasing a female ostrich across the desert. 

Suddenly, the female ostrich stops and sticks its head in the sand whereupon one male ostrich turns to the other and says, "Well, I guess we lost her!"

Placed in the context of the current Middle East madness, you can equate Barack Obama and John Kerry with the role of male ostriches and Mahmoud Abbas as the female.

Let's start with the double-dunces in the White House and their astigmatic view of Arab-Israeli reality.

Leaving things to those bozos, the only issue that really matters when it comes to bringing peace to the Holy Land and environs is for Benjamin Netanyahu and Abbas to kiss, make up and agree to the most over-rated un-published document of the year, Kerry's "Framework" for peace.

The Secretary of State -- not to mention his boss -- seem to believe that once the Palestinian Authority and Israel agree to agree (which, by the way, will never happen) then all will be ginger-peachy in the region.

That, of course, is ostrich-thinking and that point was hammered home this week by an endless rocket barrage coming -- not from the PA -- but Hamas-dominated Gaza. Meanwhile, Hezbollah continues to re-arm in the North and, of course, the Iranian maniac mullahs maintain their pull-the-trigger-on-Israel threats while desperately trying to smuggle arms into Gaza.

Unfortunately, Israel has not forcefully enough made the point that a Bibi-Mahmoud marriage has no meaning whatsoever. When the political ostrich pulls its head out of the sand it can be seen that peace is impossible considering the Jew-hating philosophy of Gaza goons, Hezbollah as well as Iran. Israel's Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon is pointing out this fact of life; should anyone in the White House or European Union care to listen.

"We cannot ignore the current reality in Gaza," warns Danon. "When there are dozens of rockets trying to harm Israel's civilian population it makes clear to Washington that we have good reason to be worried about what would happen in the future in Judea and Samaria."

Trouble is that Danon is egregiously understating the situation. 

I believe the words of Naftali Bennett have considerably more meaning and are closer to reality. 

"Sderot and Ashkelon residents are still in their shelters," asserts the Economy Minister. "Yet there are those who think running away from Samaria so that the residents of Kfar Saba are in shelters too is the solution."

Dreamers -- or those who care not one whit about Israel's survival -- push for an Israei-Palestinian two-state "solution" when it can be no deliverance of peace at all until the Gaza goons, Hezollah and the Iranians forsake their hatred of Israel.

Even an ostrich can tell you that!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

                         perfidy -- breach of faith; treachery: New Universal Dictionary

It truly is difficult to imagine a leader of the so-called free world being more perfidious than Barack Obama.

Time and again the American president performs acts of deceit before our very eyes. Yet, somehow, he eludes the criticism that a George Bush would receive had the comments come from a chief executive who is a Republican.

Deception via the White House is there before our very eyes. Consider the following:

* SYRIA: The White House famously announced that once Assad used chemical weapons the "Red Line" had been crossed and America would take action. We're still waiting for the action that never came.

* IRAN: Uncle Sam repeatedly has promised that the mullahs attempt to develop nuclear capabilities would be thwarted by the administration. Instead, Obama seems hellbent on helping Iran get the bomb.

* ISRAEL: Once upon a time Obama told an AIPAC audience, "I have Israel's back." Clearly the man needs a lesson in anatomy. At last look Jerusalem has been stabbed in the back so many times by the president the blood level is reaching flood proportions.

Anyone with half a brain who has studied the tidal wave of anti-Israel comments coming from Iran must know by now that Tehran simply can't wait for the day when it can nuke the only democracy in the Middle East.

Benjamin Netanyahu knows this and most Israelis must at least sense the threat based on the stream of hostile comments emanating from Iran.

But with utmost perfidy Obama now is pressuring Bibi to stop intervening in preventing a nuclear Iran. The president wants Israel to stop "assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists."

Can you imagine if in 1944 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt warned Winston Churchill to stop trying to assassinate Nazi nuclear scientists. Obviously the answer is no because the threat of German world domination was real.

Obama's anti-Israel maneuvering is totally out front which makes it even more outrageous. This is particularly evident when it comes to the "Framework" agreement that his secretary of state has been crafting for the past several months.

The original plan was for both Bibi and Mahmoud Abbas to hammer out an agreement that would lead to Arab-Israeli peace and a Palestinian State.

Kerry would shepherd the adversaries along as an honest broker who would not sanction any pre-conditions. A deal would be worked out fair and square.

That part of the arrangement disappeared like smoke rings in the air. Faster than you can say militant Islam, Abbas began issuing pre-conditions. And instead of immediately shutting him down Kerry urged Israel for a "show of good faith" which turned into a massive release of Arab prisoners with blood on their hands.

Over and over Abbas produced pre-conditions and, ever-reluctantly, Israel's Prime Minister acceded to them. As we have seen the world still is waiting for the first concession by the Palestinian leader.

Meanwhile, both Kerry and Obama have issued a series of threats to Israel. In one of the most one-sided, pro-Arab statements ever made by an American leader, the president already has made it clear that he will blame Israel and only Israel if peace is not made with Abbas.

Meanwhile, the perfidious president has not uttered one word of criticism about the intransigent Abbas who has yet to make one concession; let alone a painful one such as Bibi did when he ordered the release of prisoners.

Putin is about to invade the Ukraine and Obama is angry about Jews building apartments in their homeland.

That, as they would say in Yiddish, is the definition of a schmuck.

Filled with perfidy.