Thursday, September 30, 2010


So the settlement freeze has officially ended and the Palestinians are threatening to walk away from the negotiating table any second now.

The Obama administration has joined the rest of the hypocritical world and condemned Israel for restarting the building in Judea and Samaria.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is incensed with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for rejecting a last minute American offer of guarantees for Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish Nation State and a rejection of the Palestinian Right of Return.

My first question is, why are the Americans giving these guarantees and not the Palestinians?

Also, I guess Hillary forgot that Israel already has these guarantees in the letter that was given to former PM Ariel Sharon by former American President George W. Bush. Oh, but that’s right: somehow the Obama administration said some time ago that such a letter of agreement doesn’t really exist!

When PM Netanyahu presented those very same guarantees to Clinton as she assumed her job as Secretary of State, she promptly told Bibi to take a hike.

So much for American guarantees and for that matter, so much for that unwavering American support of Israel.

American Jews are also fuming at Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for daring to say at the UN that some Israeli Arabs might find themselves living in the Palestinian State that will hopefully be created if the Arabs ever decide statehood is better than hating Israel.

These brainwashed American Jews did not say a thing when chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat gleefully boasted that not a single Jew would be allowed to live in this future Palestinian State.

I guess it is acceptable for the Palestinians to carry out a policy of RACIAL discrimination and apartheid in their future state. Let me guess: it’s their culture and we just have to understand that, right?

Once again, no matter how wrong and deceitful the Palestinians behave, Israel is just not right.

To know how bad Israel really is one just needs to read what might be the most ridiculous opinion article ever written about this conflict by Robert Wright in the New York Times.

Mr. Wright immediately castigates Israel for not continuing the freeze, and out right blames Israel for what is seen to be another breakdown in talks. He does not mention the fact that the Palestinians sat on their asses for nine months, rejecting the settlement freeze.

How naive to find blame in Israel by totally overlooking the obvious intentions of the Palestinians; that is, making Israel look bad for the break down in talks.

Mr. Wright also has no idea of what Israeli society really is.

He declares Israel could finally become a secular state if she would give all the Arabs in the West Bank citizenship. Again Mr. Wright is either totally ignorant of Middle-Eastern cultures, mad or just plain dislikes Israel.

First, Israel is already a secular society. Second, the Palestinians are a far more religious based society. Islam takes center stage for them, hence their continual glorification of the Al Aqsa Mosque. Third, Jews are an ethnic group before they are a religious group, hence Israel’s ability to be both the Jewish Nation and a secular state.

So take a second to think about this: Israel gives, Land, the Freeze, etc. and the Palestinians spit back in our face.

Israel gives and the Obama Administration demands more, before demanding anything of the people who should truly be ready to compromise: the Palestinians.

Why should we even consider negotiating in this type of situation? It is a sham and the people lining up against Israel are shameless.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Every day in every way the fraudulent nature of Barack Obama is become apparent to America.

The same may be said for his Quisling Jewish propaganda arm, J Street.

Bedeviled by one of the lowest approval ratings of any U.S. president, a panicking Obama is stooping to the most egregious forms of deception and is being exposed in the process.

The president's most annoying target is Fox, the lone American news network that refuses to swallow and regurgitate as fact Obie's blatant lies.

For months, Obama has sought a truce with Fox, including a supposedly secret high-level meeting with the network's top executives. At that parlay, the president sought an armistice of sorts, hoping to lure Fox into the soft-on-the-chief executive mode displayed by NBC, CBS, ABC and most of all, the chief executive's prime journalistic cheerleader, the New York Times.

Ah, but the Fox lads told Sir Barack to go take a hike and he hasn't stopped seething about the unequivocal rebuff since.

So, what is Obama doing about it now? Flailing verbally at Fox News as "destructive."

The beleaguered president says the cable channel's point of view is "undeniable."

He adds, "It is part of the tradition that has a very clear, undeniable point of view."

In other words, Fox News does not agree with Obama although it has pointed out what every poll indicates; that this is a president who has lost his country; whose Democratic party is running scared as never before.

But let's get back to this White House phony who charges that Fox is not part of what Obama calls "an objective press."

When was the last time The New York Times -- Obama's personal mouthpiece -- was objective?

In its Fall 2010 issue, the Committee For Accuracy In Middle East Reporting In America (CAMERA), nailed The Times for its blatantly subjective, insanely prejudiced reporting about Israel.

Among other things, CAMERA notes that The Times' Jerusalem bureau chief, Ethan Bronner, cited WITHOUT EVIDENCE alleged Israeli bigotry as a cause of negative views of Obama.

"Bronner," CAMERA points out, "offered no evidence for this alleged prejudice, a serious charge which he simply asserts.

"Equally notable and deplorable is the double standard applied by Bronner who avoids any use of the term racism with regard to bigoted invective and attacks levelled by Arabs against the Jewish state."

So, we have Obama rippling Fox News because it criticizes him but when it comes to The Times' lack of coverage of the virulent hatred spewed against Israel, the president suddenly becomes mute as if it never happens.

"Why is it," asks CAMERA'S Andrea Levin, "the New York Times all but ignores anti-Jewish bigotry while volubly, publicly -- and without cause -- denouncing Israelis as bigots?"

The answer is that Obama's mouthpiece-newspaper very intentionally promotes its anti-Israel viewpoints in the most despicable manner possible. And does so over and over and over again with impunity.

Meanwhile, the faudulent empty suit chief executive ignores condemnation of such destructive journalism because The Times is irrevocably in his corner no matter how hapless this president may be.

And if he were any more hapless than he is now, the Obama would just be, well, less!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


While out riding my bike in the blistering Israeli sun, I had a realization. I guess pushing one’s body has a tendency to make us see things more clearly.

I realized the Palestinians really are an occupied people, just as they and their misguided supporters claim.

In fact the Palestinian occupation has existed since long before the Six Day War.

In the early 20th Century -- about twenty to thirty years after the modern birth of Zionism, the group that today is called “Palestinian” found its occupation.

Yes, the “Palestinian Nation” has been occupied; occupied with condemning and denying Jewish emancipation and self-determination. This, in a land that belonged to “Israelites” long before there was an illiterate upstart Arab warrior named Mohammed.

The “Palestinian Nation” has made it their job to hate Jews and Israel. Their failure to recognize Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish nation/state is a declaration of that hatred and racism.

This “occupation” that consumes the Palestinians so completely has caused them to turn their backs on statehood, normalization with the world and peace with Israel.

What consumes these allegedly “occupied” Palestinians is a political policy so ripe with HATRED AND RACISM TOWARDS JEWS that it could be picked straight from a tree!

This occupation does not just cover the Palestinians; it has moved like a virus to the fanatics of the world. Fanatics have always had it out for the Jews and their aspirations of freedom and self-determination.

It makes no difference what fanatics you’re talking about: the extreme left and even the not so fanatical left; right wing fascists; Neo-Nazis; Islamists; Insane Third World dictators they have all made it their policy to hate Israel and blame the Jews.

Just days ago the Obama administration – which called itself a “friend” of Israel at the United Nations -- has shown its true colors by condemning Israel for not extending the freeze on building sites in Judea and Samaria (which the West Bank REALLY is).

Not a word of condemnation was uttered by President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton or anyone else in the US administration when the Palestinians refused to come to the negotiating table after PM Netanyahu started the Settlement freeze months ago. Why not?

Not a word of condemnation was uttered by the Obama Administration when the Palestinian Authority and its accomplices in the Anti-Israel movement upped the Incitement against Israel on a monthly basis. Why not?

In fact, one of Israel’s largest compromises – the freeze -- was met with complete Palestinian distain and the usual damnation by faint praise from Israel’s “friend,” the US.

Palestinian political and diplomatic disrespect was also slapped across the foreign policy “face” of the Obama administration. Obama leaned hard on Israel to get the freeze in the first place, and at great political risk. Undaunted, the Palestinian promptly spit that gift back in Obama’s face, by refusing to enter into ANY sort of negotiations until a mere one month before the freeze was due to expire.

Yet the great friend of Israel, Obama, condemns Israel.

The fanatics and the Occupied (with destroying Israel) Palestinians have bamboozled the world with the insane notion that Israel, the only existing liberal democracy in the entire Middle East, is oppressing the Palestinians of Gaza.

These are the same oppressed Palestinians who have rejected peace and compromise since the UN legally decided to partition the British-ruled Palestine Mandate into two nations – one to become Israel; the other, Palestine.

These are the same Palestinians who rejected peace in 1967 at the Khartoum summit, after all the Palestinian nation was occupied; occupied, that is, with destroying Israel.

These are the same Palestinians who perpetuated their own occupation by rejecting statehood and peace in 2000; opting yet again for another skirmish with Israel.

These are the same Palestinians who continued their occupation even after Israel UNILATERALLY uprooted her towns in the Gaza strip.

These are the same helpless, occupied Palestinians who value rockets and hopefully killing Jews above peace, stability, food and other goods.



Monday, September 27, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Following the Middle East news, I often am uncertain whether to laugh or cry over stories related to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

The latest -- no surprise here -- are reactions to Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to end the settlement-building freeze.

Imagine the nerve of President Obama's government expressing "disappointment" over Bibi's move.

If anyone deserves on merit to be the target of Uncle Barack's "disappointment" it should be the direct cause of it -- Mahmoud Abbas who knows only how to make demands but never concessions.

Consider the following:

Against the advice of many his advisors -- while at the same time under extreme American pressure -- Israel's prime minister agreed to the building freeze nine months ago.

He did so to inspire Palestinian negotiators to get serious about peace talks; to move back to face-to-face exchanges; to deal with knotty issues.

By all standards, nine months appeared to grant each side enough time to grapple with -- if not solve -- problems that have for decades been detouring any peaceful results.

Obama asked for nine months and Bibi made the concession for any number of reasons but, mostly, to move the process ahead.

Netanyahu made it abundantly clear that he was prepared to make dramatic and not exactly welcome -- to his supporters -- concessions. That's part of the give and take leading to compromise.

Over three-quarters of a year, a lot could have been accomplished if two heads of state regularly convened with the mutual goal of accomplishing something -- anything!

In response to Israel's settlement freeze concession, Abbas did the three things that he does best:

1. Nothing.

2. Nothing, while ripping the Israelis with the most vile forms of propaganda.

3. Nothing, until finally awakening at the eleventh-hour in time to issue pre-conditions certain to scuttle the negotiations before they ever began.

"The Palestinians had no real, good intentions," says Avigor Lieberman, and he is as right as right can be.

Had the intentions been reasonable, Abbas & Co. would have been at the negotiating table nine months ago; and that brings us right back to the classic Abba Eban bromide, "The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!"

That said, why in Heaven's name would Obama, Sarkozi or any of the other supposedly fair-minded world leaders castigate Israel when it was the Arabs who refused to accept the freeze for nine months?

Well, we all know the answer to that, don't we.

Given the opportunity, the so-called "civilized world" would rip the Israeli's for inhaling were there no other issues to irresponsibly beef about.

How come the Palestinians are able to elude criticism when the only concession they are able to produce after nine months of thumb-twiddling is a willingness to come to negotiations -- maybe?

Now we're told that the Arab League will decide whether talks will resume but -- you can be sure -- only after it forces Obama to wring even more concessions out of Netanyahu.

For nine months the Palestinians did nothing -- zilch! -- and their reward is having Israel illogically slapped around by democracies who still can't determine right from wrong.

Now you know why I can't decide whether to laugh or cry over this upside-down logic exhibited by Israel's so-called ally.


Report after report coming out of almost every respectable Near East foreign policy think tank is predicting another war between Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran.

In short, it does not take much to predict another war occurring; it is all but a given, thanks to the colonialist aspirations of Iran and Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is not a Lebanese militia, nor is the organization fighting in defense of Lebanon.

Hezbollah is an Iranian trained and funded militia. Hezbollah fights strictly for the benefit of Shia Iran and her leaders. Iran is determined to force war on Israel, especially as heat on its nuclear weapons program becomes more intense.

Hamas, too, has left all its Sunni character for Iranian Shia money and support. Hamas does not fight for the Palestinians, nor does it hold their interest close to its heart.

When war does break out between the IDF and Hezbollah (that’s where I see it starting) Syria, Hamas and Iran will probably become involved, using the excuse of defending Lebanon, Hezbollah and their Arab brethren.

No matter what, if war does break out it will be on a major level involving many different fronts for Israel.

What I do not understand is the hopeless outcome all these well-seasoned brain vaults are predicting for Israel.

Nearly all agree Israel will start its reprisal for whatever Hezbollah does to initiate the war by waltzing up to the northern border well announced, then walk straight into a turkey shoot.

This, however, is quite contrary to what the writing on the IDF training walls say.

When this war is initiated by Israel’s enemies (war will only be initiated by the Arabs), she will be ready diplomatically -- something these academics do not grasp.

Israel has learned a lot from not being prepared for war diplomatically in the past. I do not see this happening again.

Israel has already gone to great lengths to expose Hezbollah’s intentions by offering up intelligence photos and videos of the organization’s hostile buildup in South Lebanon.

One might think Israel was foolish to offer up such meaty info for the public to see, especially with the possibility of jeopardizing the resources that got it. On the other hand, it has now been proven that Hezbollah is preparing for war against Israel.

The importance of this intelligence made public by Israel is that Hezbollah is doing all of this in direct violation of UN resolution 1701.

I also find the gloomy conclusions given by many on Israel’s chances of victory as false and outdated.

War is never predictable and will always toss of few curveballs into the mix.

The IDF has gone to great effort to prepare for these curveballs and there must be no doubt that the IDF has prepared for many different scenarios presented by a multi-front war.

Hezbollah is also no longer the small, light-but-effective guerilla militia it was in the 80’s and early 90’s. Today’s Hezbollah is more like an army than a militia and it can be fought against like an army. This will not be a guerilla action against a modern army, as has been the dilemma in modern warfare, from Vietnam to the present.

Expecting the IDF to just seize southern Lebanon up to the Litany is an unrealistic presumption.

The IDF will make deep brigade incursions, and at least one marine landing probably in the middle or north of Lebanon. There will also be incursions deep into the Beqaa Valley.

Unfortunately, the only assumption most thinks tanks have gotten right is the devastation this will bring to Lebanon. Israel will not engage in another small war with Hezbollah and now that Hezbollah sits in the government, Israel will make all Lebanon accountable for its actions.

Syria and Iran will be forced to join the conflagration, because all the chest-beating and rhetoric they have been bleating against Israel in the world press. The Syrians will definitely make use of their large stockpiles of Scud-B missiles and probably, if they have them, Scud-C missiles.

The real question is if the Syrians would be stupid enough to tip them with chemical weapons. If, by some seriously misguided thought, the Syrians and Iranians do chose to go the route of chemical or even possibly biological weapons, all bets are off and the probability of an Israeli nuclear response is high.

If this does happen I would put my money on Damascus and Tehran being a bad real-estate investment for the next ten to twenty years.


By Schmoel Yitzhak

As the settlement freeze countdown expires, what can we learn from all the "peace" attempts of the last days, months and years?

For one thing, the Obama administration's strategy has failed despite cheery homilies from the empty-suit president and his questionably-motivated secretary of state.

For another, all principals on the Arab side of the agenda have pretended that a deal could be cut without Hamas while the latter remains a stronger force than Mahmoud Abbas' PLO gang of pseudo-technocrats.

The absurdity of ignoring Hamas is as ridiculous as assuming that the missiles endlessly fired into Israel from Gaza merely are as harmless as "rockets" purchased at Toys R' Us.

Southern Israel has been "fortunate" for the past month only because most of the rocketry and mortar fire has landed in fields or other relatively harmless places instead of civilian centers. Otherwise the damage could have been horrific.

Then we're confronted with the perfidious statements from Abbas' forced tongue as if these endless Arab assaults never happened.

Try this one on for size: "Even if the peace talks break down, Palestinians won't resort to violence."

Oh, really?

As if Monsieur Mahmoud didn't know, Palestinians have CONTINUOUSLY been resorting to violence; peace talks or no peace talks.

On the very day that the Palestinian negotiator made his hypocritical statement noted above, the very same Palestinians committed another of their barbaric acts; a shooting attack against innocent Jews in which one pregnant Israeli woman was wounded.

Then again, one has to wonder whether Abbas' statements have any more value than toy Monopoly money.

For weeks he had proclaiming that he would stalk out of any negotiations with Benjamin Netanyahu if the settlement building freeze was lifted by Bibi.

The Israeli leader called his bluff and now Mahmoud is doing a dance to a different tune.

He has turned his ultimate walk-out decision over to the Arab League rather than follow up on his original -- I'm done -- threat.

But one might ask, why should an Arab League, involving non-democratic nations which have for decades refused to recognize Israel as a legitimate state, have veto power over negotiations which should be conducted -- as the United States had originally agreed -- without pre-conditions?

The answer, quite logically, is negative. It should not. So, what's really going on with the Palestinian game plan?

No doubt, Abbas is buying time.

He's hoping that -- no surprise here! -- that Obama will twist Bibi's arm short of breaking it and, somehow in the next few days, Israel will be forced into some damaging concession, JUST TO BRING THE ARABS BACK TO THE TABLE.

The wish here is that Netanyahu remains strong and not cave if his country's good and welfare is in any way compromised.

What history has taught any objective student of Israel-Palestinian relations is that the Arabs since -- and even long before -- 1948 have been bent on destruction of the Jewish state either overtly or covertly.

Bottom Line: Nothing has changed; just ask the pregnant woman who survived the most recent shooting attack!

Friday, September 24, 2010


By Simon Fischler
For those of you who love and support Israel here is the name of your true enemy, Ben White. 

As I have noted many times Israel is now facing a truly new idea of war, one she is truly not prepared for. The war of diplomatic legitimacy.

Ben White is today's Ernst Rohm. He is the leader of a new type of Brownshirt, committed to the same principles of the old!
Ben White just succeeded in stopping Benny Morris from speaking at Cambridge university under the guise that Morris is a racist. First, this is a classic example of the prevention of Freedom of Speech -- something that is totally undemocratic. After all the Supreme Court of the United States just ruled that Corporations have the right of free speech (which means they can continue to do what they’ve been doing for years anyway, which is to buy elections with distortions, lies and character smears).

Second, Mr. White has had no problem with multiple anti-Semitic, Jew-haters speaking at Cambridge -- Abd al-Bari Atwan is just one of many. Mr. Atwan said he would rejoice and dance at Trafalgar Square if Iran nuked Israel. So, for Mr. White it is permissible for a man who has called for the annihilation of 7.5 million people (Israeli Arabs included, unless Iran has a smart nuclear bomb that only kills Jews) to speak at Cambridge University, but not a left-leaning Israeli historian.

Third, Benny Morris is neither a racist, nor an Islamophobe: he is a severe critic of Israel’s actions in her wars and a left-leaning professor.

To Mr. White (or should I call him Mr. Brownshirt?) the fact that Benny Morris is pro-peace, as well as pro-two-state-solution means nothing. Because for Mr. White being pro-peace and pro-two state solution is bad. To Mr. White if you are not calling for Israel to be removed as a nation state then you are simply another collaborator.

Ben White also represents all that was and is wrong with Europe.

Europe today is becoming more and more similar to Europe just before the Holocaust. Today, not even a century removed, most European would like to forget that 6 million, possibly more, Jews were killed at their hands in WW2. In fact they are going so far as to say, we as a nation, need to stop whining about this. That’s right we, the Jews, should stop crying about the death of six million of our children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters because the people of Europe are tired of hearing it!

This mentality is connected to the classic Anti-Semitism that Jews have dealt with for thousands of years; but it is also connected to a new form of Anti-Semitism that is brought to you by Muslim Fascists. This new breed of Anti-Semitism is paid for and delivered by the House of Saud and their brethren. For Europeans that bare truth would be a hard sell; instead Ben White represents them. He is the face of Islamic Fascists who have invaded Europe through the side door, with lavish amounts of Arab oil money and the willing departure of their less desirable citizens into various European countries.

Their goal today is not just to wipe the Jews out – we’ve always been the easiest to prey upon -- but to eventually create the Caliphate of Europe.

Ben White will try to dazzle and fool you with big words like Apartheid, but when you take the time to check him out he is nothing more than a hollow propaganda machine.

Israel and her allies must take serious notice of someone like Mr. White and treat him as they would any other enemy, and an enemy of some magnitude. It is truly embarrassing that more has not been done by the Government of Israel and her foreign ministry to stand up against someone like Mr. White. Israel cannot forsake the people who are fighting her battles in the academic and media realms for those who fight on the physical battle field. 

Today Ben White is more dangerous than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bashir Assad, Khaled Meshal and Hassan Nashrallah. He is their face to the world; he is their legitimacy.

The government of Israel needs to concentrate more coordination between her security agencies and those who are fighting for her on this battlefield. 

As the brownshirts of Nazi Germany showed us, power of the dictatorship starts when one can silence the voice of freedom and opposition – just as Mr. White has done to Benny Morris at Cambridge! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The International Solidarity Movement is an existential threat to the citizens of Israel. I stress this AGAIN: the ISM is a threat to the citizens of Israel -- not just the government of Israel.

The ISM is sending naive, ignorant or malicious protestors to Israel in attempts to push Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers into conflicts in hotly debated territories.

After provoking our citizens or soldiers they film the fights, arguments, etc. They then rush these homemade films to youtube and other internet sites after deleting their provocative instigations.

The ISM claims to be for Peace; they claim to be fighting for justice, but they serve neither. Their masters are the Arab oil Kingdoms and Emirates. The ISM claims to be supported by donations made from all over the world. In truth much of their support comes from Arab oil money.  

ISM protestors claim to be fighting against Israeli racism, when in fact they are supporting Arab racism. They are supporting Arab segregation. They are trying to de-Jew East Jerusalem. When East Jerusalem becomes part of a Palestinian State, won’t Jews be able to live there as Arabs live as Israeli citizens in Israel?

These so-called peace activists protest against what they call the Apartheid Wall. They do this knowing that hundreds of Israelis died in suicide bombings before this wall was put up. They do this knowing this wall has brought suicide bombing to a halt.  

This is not an “apartheid wall.” It is a wall that Palestinian Arabs in effect forced the state of Israel to build because of their genocidal actions. By protesting this wall and supporting those who forced Israel to build it, they expose their true intentions, their true thoughts. By protesting this wall the ISM is saying it is all right to kill Jews. That Israel should not be able to protect her citizens.  

Now the family of Rachel Corrie, an ISM activist who was killed defending terrorists by an IDF bulldozer is coming to Israel to bring a legal suit against our Defense Ministry.

Rachel Corrie was an activist in the ISM. She dedicated her life to the militant cause of delegitimizing Israel. Rachel Corrie was not innocent; she put herself in harm’s way trying to protect smuggling tunnels that bring in the weapons Hamas uses to kill Israeli citizens. She died protecting the homes of suicide bombers. Not only is that not innocent, it is actively helping terrorists. She did not sacrifice herself protecting freedom or justice. She died protecting the potential killers of Israeli men, women and children.  

Rachel Corrie knew that Israeli soldiers would avoid, at all costs, putting her life in danger. What she did not know was the lack of visibility the driver of the D-9 bulldozer had. The driver never saw her. If he had seen her he would have stopped.

Investigative reporter Joshua Hammer who documented the incident in Mother Jones magazine (this magazine also happens to be very supportive of the Palestinian cause) said himself after watching the video from inside the D-9 that the driver could not see her.

As Rachel Corrie did while living, her parents and fellow ISM activists are now attempting to do in the name of her death: support the covert body of Arab imperialism and at all costs delegitimize the state of Israel.

I wonder: would the families of others (nuns, journalists, missionaries) killed by juntas, dictatorships, crazed megalomaniacs and ultra-repressive theocracies go to those countries to institute a legal suit against their loved ones’ slayers?

I also wonder why and how it is that so many people who think that Israel is a monster manage to get into this country and then – with the unfortunate accidental exception of Rachel Corrie – manage to protest and instigate against Israel, unscathed. I wonder if they would fare so well if they actually protested in areas that truly merit their activism – areas such as Darfur, China, Myanmar, Chechneya. The list of where they could put their self-attributed concern for peace into motion is far longer – and more meaningful – than goading IDF soldiers into responses.

And yet they want to come here. But we the citizens of Israel can no longer sit idly by and let these people continue to lie to the world about what is happening here. Like our soldiers we must be ready to confront these people face to face.

If we as citizens are not ready to protect the name of our nation in the international community, then we may not survive this current, insidious war of delegitimization.

We must be ready to go to Sheik Jarrah to confront these foreign protestors who intentionally portray Israel in a malicious light, who intentionally lie to the world about what is truly happening here. We, Israelis must be ready to go to Bil’in to show the world why the security barrier is correct; face to face to put these people in their place.

We must be ready to show the world that Israeli citizens -- not just her soldiers -- are ready to fight against those who wish us harm by spreading lies and innuendo.  

It is time for us to take to the streets, grassroots style and expose these people for who they truly are, nothing more than liars, peace-hating, anti-Israeli racists. We must meet these people face to face to show them that we love Israel, that Israel is right and that we will not lay down and give up our nation that we have fought so hard to build.  

We must PROTEST the Corries in Haifa on March 10th., the ISM in Sheik Jarrah and the ISM in Bi’lin. We must fight their foreign, corrosive intrusion on our nation.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In five days we will know how committed to peace the Palestinians really are. Along with that we will find out how much of a friend to Israel American President Barak Obama really is.

On September 26th the settlement freeze that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initiated will end.

It’s important to emphasize that this was the first time any Israeli government froze settlement building without a completed peace agreement. All those great left-leaning governments -- Rabin, Peres and Barak -- all continued building settlements while negotiating with the Palestinians.

The current Israeli government gave a generous gift to both President Obama and to the Palestinian Authority; in return we got poison, calumny and vitriol.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas promptly said the freeze was not enough and waited nine months to come to the negotiating table. Meanwhile, President Obama failed to reward Israel for the gesture she made and did not pressure the Palestinian side. This was a serious foreign policy blunder for the Obama Administration.

So why should Israel extend her freeze on settlement building?

Here is an even better question: why should the government of Israel continue peace negotiations when the other side does not hesitate to deny her right to exist?

One of the major problems of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is how people turn it into something far more difficult than it really is.

If the Palestinians wanted peace, they would recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State. Period. Everything else has been agreed to. Sadly all the Palestinian so-called moderate leaders have vociferously come out against recognizing Israel as the Jewish Nation State.

Why should anyone expect Israel to recognize a Palestinian Nation State if they refuse to recognize her? Israel the State already EXISTS, RIGHT?

Further, why should the Israeli government pursue peace negotiations when much of the world is hypocritically boycotting and/or actively delegitimizing Israel?

Why should we Israelis seek peace with a nation that fails to recognize our national aspirations, denies my nation its self-determination and encourages the world to boycott us? In fact, the Palestinians are essentially seeking the creation of an Apartheid State, since their leadership has made it very clear they want all the Jews out of their state!

Does that sound like a trustworthy peace partner to you?

I suggest that the government of Israel should adopt a new strategy: not only should they let the freeze on West Bank construction die; they should up the ante!

It should be made clear to both the American administration and the Palestinian Authority that Israel will no longer tolerate the international harassment she has been forced to endure. Further, Israel should announce that she will leave negotiations if the Palestinian and Arab world do not stop IMMEDIATELY all attempts to delegitimize our nation, END OF STORY!

So what happens in five days on the 26th of September?

I say my government should let construction begin, let Mahmoud Abbas walk away. Forget about world condemnation; we get it no matter what.

My nation can no longer give away presents to a Palestinian leadership that spits them back in our face -- a clutch of double-speakers with absolutely no intention of making compromises to reach a peace agreement, no matter how intensely the majority of both Israelis and Palestinians might want one.

How many times does the world have to witness Palestinian leaders mouthing platitudes and promises to the West (and Israel), while venting their true malicious intent at home, before they realize that there is virtually no hope of ever reaching a true, just two-state solution – BECAUSE THE PALESTINIAN LEADERSHIP DOESN’T WANT ONE AND NEVER HAS.

In many ways it might as well be 1947 all over again, with one major difference that the world would do well to recognize: there is a state of Israel; it is a majority Jewish state and will remain so; this Jewish State of Israel has repeatedly faced off against overwhelming Arab forces, and defeated them EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And the world expects us to play patsies?


Monday, September 20, 2010

Where Does the Hate Come From?

As Israel Apartheid week opens around the world I have been trying my best to figure out where all this hate towards my nation comes from.

Let’s be honest, what is happening to Israel and Israelis today has nothing to do with freedom, justice or even self-determination for the Palestinians. Today, people downright hate my country and my people, and as I see it, they hate us for no real reason whatsoever.

Today those who stand against Israel are not asking her to make peace, they are asking her to commit suicide.

Why do these people feel it is right to take a majority Jewish country and turn it into another majority Arab country? Only because of a deep rooted hatred towards this Jewish nation. Why is right to deny the people who have fought so hard to protect their homes, families and lives, the right to their nation?

This is our nation we built from nothing, and why are we any less right in wanting to maintain our own self-determination?

My fellow citizens have worked so hard to build a flourishing democracy (a democracy so strong an Arab member of the Knesset can actually attend Israel Apartheid Week) that looks after ALL of its citizens. Why are we the ones who are wrong?

We may not be perfect, and I know we have made mistakes – some of them whoppers, but we are most certainly not an apartheid state. Anyone who has done historical research knows this. Anyone who has taken the time to actually look at what Apartheid South Africa was would have to be either incapable of processing information or filled with truly malicious intent to say that Israel carries out Apartheid laws.

Most interestingly, some of the most vociferous of my country’s haters are the people of Europe. The people calling my country an Apartheid State are descendants of those who carried out some of the worst atrocities the world has seen, from the Spanish Inquisition, to the rape and pillage of North America, Africa and vast areas of the Pacific, as well as the Holocaust. How do these people who bear the heritage of so much cruelty in history have the right to condemn my country for defending herself?

For that matter, since when has it become wrong for a nation to defend its civilians? Israel and Israelis have always wanted peace. We have demonstrated that on numerous occasions. Why must we go beyond what all other nations would offer for peace? Why must we get less in return for the land we give up than America got from Japan?

What will the world say when the Palestinians attack Israel after she has returned what is rightfully hers thanks to the Balfour Declaration? If Israel gives back Judea and Shomron, signs a peace treaty and then gets attacked by the new Palestinian State, will it be okay with the UN and these elements who hate us so much for Israel to defend herself? Must we go to the gas chambers, with bowed heads, again for these people to be happy?

That is the only answer I see. No matter how right we are (and we are very right) the world is always going to hate us. It always has.

It can only be hate, for people to tell a nation whose majority firmly believes in its ethos to stop believing in them. Israelis love their country; they celebrate it all the time. Who has the right to tell them they are wrong for loving their freedom, loving their nation, loving what they have built through most difficult conditions? Who has the right to tell them they do not deserve this state after all the work they have done to build this nation, then protect it, while still searching for peace?

No one has that right. Anyone who tells us we should not be proud of what and who we are is someone who has never taken the time to see all that Israelis have created; to see what we have built from nothing in a constant state of war we never wanted to have. Someone who is nothing more than a racist.

So, again, where does this hate come from?

There is only one place such deeply-rooted hate towards the Jews and the Jewish nation comes from.


It has to be and it makes no difference if there are a few Jews mixed in with the haters. Why? Because these Jews -- even some who are Israelis -- hate themselves so much because of their very Jewishness. These Jews are like many of those in the past who despised themselves because they were a part of this “wretched” nation.

So if Anti-Semitism is the true root cause of all this Israel bashing, hating and delegitimizing, what can we as Israelis do?

We can only do what we have always done, from the oppression of slavery in Egypt, to the Babylonian captivity and the Persian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Ottoman and European occupations of our land. We must fight the just battle and show the world that we, the Jews and the Israeli nation, will not lie down and sacrifice ourselves for their ingrained anti-Semitism. We must fight back, protect what we have built and yet work for true peace and acceptance of our just right to maintain our own self-determination and freedom.

But this is a new war, one in which our enemies fight with new weapons. We must develop our own new arsenal of weapons to fight this war of slander and lying invective. This is truly a time when the old adage is not true: we proved long ago that “sticks and stones could not break our bones,” but if we don’t learn the new rules of engagement, and soon, “words will certainly harm us.”


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Following the Mahmoud Abbas-Benjamin Netanyahu peace negotiations is roughly equivalent to watching a World Series baseball game that stretches to infinity.

Meanwhile media savants such as myself must be careful not to get too immersed in the day-to-day accounts. Otherwise one might get afflicted with the disease that the late, great comedian W.C. Fields labelled "


Which brings us to the much-focused upon "settlement freeze" deadline which comes up on Saturday.

In his most recent, threatening peroration, the Palestinian leader warns that peace talks won't continue for "a single day" if the "settlement freeze" ends.

Thus, Abbas has lobbed the ball into Bibi's court and, from what the Israeli leader has made clear to his cabinet and the rest of the civilized world, the ten-month construction moratorium will end as it was meant to conclude two months short of a year ago.

During that span the Palestinian leaders had ample time to convene talks with Israel and, instead, opted for the usual Arab preference -- do nothing and hope that Barack Obama, the European Union and the rest of the world's Islamic appeasers will push Bibi into a corner until he says "Alright, already, I'll do your bidding."

There are those in Israel who firmly believe that, when push comes to shove next weekend, that the Middle East's only Democratic leader will capitulate and extend the freeze.

My hope is that he sticks with his original plan.

Why? Because the ten-month freeze was long enough to enable the Palestinians to get their procrastinating act together.

Also, because Abbas has been threatening to cancel negotiations all along; even using the settlement freeze as a pre-condition; until he was unequivocally warned that he could not get his way on everything.

Then again, one might logically ask why an Abbas walkout would be such a pitiful exercise in futility?

So, what if the Palestinians take a hike?

Everybody and his Uncle Moishe knows that Abbas represents only a portion of the Palestinian population.

The reality is that dear Mahmoud controls nothing in Gaza and not even the complete support in his own West Bank.

That's not fantasy; that's what it's all about.

Therefore, what effect would a treaty with Abbas have on Hamas in the Gaza Strip?

For sure, it would have the substance of tissue paper.

And let's not forget that Gilad Shalit -- whatever your thoughts happen to be about the Israeli soldier -- still is being held kidnapped by Hamas; still does not have the benefit of Red Cross visitation and still gets no tangible assistance from the Palestinian Authority because the PA's influence on Gaza is what one of my dear friends would define as the square root of chai-cock.

Translated: Zero.

Meanwhile, the plot thickens. The sands of time on the freeze dwindle down to a precious few and soon we'll see who flinches.

And no matter who does; will it really matter as long as Hamas rules Gaza and Shalit is hidden in captivity?

I think not because we're dealing with reality not Grimm's -- or Abbas' -- Fairy Tales!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

From my years of research, I can now conclude beyond a shadow of a doubt that two groups have a distinct impression that their bowel movements do not stink.

1. Academics.

2. Political columnists for the New York Times, especially one Thomas Friedman.

The thinking and writing produced by these two categories of pseudo-savants generally is too pedantic and too condescending for the average reader to discern.

On the other hand, every once in a while, a lunchpail-type columnist -- or politician -- will deliver a piece that is so deliciously to the point, you wonder why his stuff is not more widely circulated.

Two cases in point are Phil Mushnick, longtime sports-tv columnist for the tabloid New York Post, and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

For years Mushnick has taken on foes who have intimidated the majority of columnists. He has done so continuously and fearlessly ignoring the two words -- politically correct -- that have contaminated American journalism.

Thus, it hardly was surprising that Mushnick was responsible for the most pointed commentary on the Lower Manhattan mosque debate in which he sharply criticized President Obama and Mayor Michael Bloomberg for their pro-mosque stances.

"The question," writes Mushnick, "that the Mayor, President and media should strongly consider is why, if the point men in the establishment of this large mosque are as sensitive as they claim, would they want to establish it near Ground Zero?

"Why would they even choose to be perceived as rubbing Islam into the wounds of those most afflicted by Islamic extremism?"

Mushnick alludes to the quality that academics and New York Times political pundits lack -- common sense.

"The (mosque) issue isn't about legal rights," Phil concludes. "It's about common sense and common decency. It's about passing minimal smell and taste tests. We all have the right to be wrong, but that doesn't make it right."

And speaking of common sense, it was Giuliani -- during his stint as mayor -- who unceremoniously tossed Yasser Arafat out on his ear when that terrorist visited Manhattan and wanted to visit Lincoln Center. Rudy never worried much about political correctitude. That's why it was so refreshing to hear Giuliani rip the mosque-promoter Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf on NBC's "Meet The Press.'

Giuliani: "By his actions, the imam is more interested in confrontation than healing. This is the imam who said America is an accessory to September 11. He can't condemn Hamas as a terrorist group. And he will not be transparent about where he's getting the money (for the mosque.)

"And now we have the imam who tells us if he doesn't get his way there could be significant and very dangerous violence. I worry about the kind of tactics he pursues."

For good reason; this is a two-faced imam who, in the years to come, will pursue the cult of violence.

Like Mahmoud Abbas in another part of the world, the imam preaches peace when it suits his purposes. But deep down, his objective is Islamic imperialism; no more, no less!

Just don't bother asking academics or New York Times political columnists for confirmation on the above!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dear Family,

This is your prodigal son writing. I am taking the time to write in the hope of making you understand your folly.

I am and will always be a left-leaning, liberal. Sadly, in these days that clashes with my love and support of Israel. 

One of my closest friends has told me to go on easy on the left and to understand that not all liberal lefties hate Israel.

This I know, as I am the proof of that.

On the other hand I fear today’s left, as I do Islam.

The world of liberals has been hijacked by fanatics who are the worst anti-Semites. They are a determined enemy of my state and would deny my children a future.

These fanatics, who have stolen the left from its roots are backed by Arab oil money and live in America’s highest learning institutions.

They will not stop until they see through the full delegitimization and destruction of the Jewish State.  

Also, as in Islam, the moderates on the left are too scared to stand up to these fascist fanatics who have stolen their movement. So I blame them too! 

With right wing fanatics you know what you are going to get; they do not try to hide behind false liberal concepts. That is the true difference between today’s Far-Right and Far-Left.

Today’s far left is just as fanatical and fascist as the far right; they have merely abandoned the traditional concept of being liberal.

Israel is a true test for the Liberal Left: one they have failed on numerous occasions. 

Israel is the nation that has provided the best home for Liberal Democracy. 

Israel is the nation that has tried on so many occasions to make peace at great costs with an enemy that has sworn to destroy her. 

From the freedoms of speech, press, equality to minorities, equality of sexes, right to vote for all citizens and equality for homosexuals, Israel is by far a more liberal and free nation than even the United States of America!

So I ask you, my dear friends on the left, how is it that you have been fooled by the made up notion that the Palestinians are a David fighting an Israeli Goliath?

How is that you are willing to stand behind the worst perpetrators of chauvinism, racism and fascism?

You sell out all of your ideals when you demonize Israel and glorify the Palestinians.

You purposefully deny history its rightful place and spit on the bible of liberal ideals when you castigate and delegitimize Israel.

For my brethren on the left who stand by and watch silently while your leaders desecrate all that was good about being a liberal, you are just as much to blame -- just as those supposed Muslim moderates are for letting the fanatics steal their religion.

If you cannot step up and regain your movement, the left will remain no different from the far right.

I CHALLENGE YOU! Take back the reins and toss out those who seek to delegitimize, defame, demoralize and destroy Israel.

Israel has been, and will always be, your natural ally. 


Prodigal Son Simon Fischler

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The Palestinian Authority and its negotiators have done an amazing job of re-creating the KHARTOUM SUMMIT resolution for the present day!

This time instead of Khartoum’s THREE NO’S, it’s Abbas’ THREE NO’S.




All of this explains exactly what the Arabs have been saying since the start of this conflict: NO TO ACCEPTING ISRAEL!

Remember, these are the supposed moderates. These are the Palestinian leaders the whole world insists really want to reach a fair compromise with Israel, a compromise that finally resolves the issues between the Jewish Nation and the Arab Nation.

But, if one reads what the Palestinian leaders have to say about their idea of a “solution,” the only conclusion a sane person can come to is that the Palestinians see the solution in a destruction of the Jewish Nation State!

Does that sound reasonable to you?

But wait a minute: a state called Israel already exists today; a Palestinian State does not exist.

The Palestinians are the first nation on the losing side of a war to act as if they were the victors! Dictating preconditions to the nation who you supposedly want to grant your independence is so far beyond unreasonable that it is patently absurd.

The Palestinians’ obstinate stance is equivalent to the Germans saying in 1945, “Yeah, but, you bombed us into extinction, so we deserve to keep Czechoslovakia, to not be punished AND to be paid for almost solving the world’s Jewish problem!”

Never before has there been a group that has stood against peace and peaceful solutions as the Palestinians have. Never before has there been a “nation” that has brought about so much bloodshed in their rejection of peace as the Palestinians. Never before has there been a group less capable of accepting responsibility for their own actions.

Until this fact is made clear to the Arabs and Palestinian leadership, until they are forced to recognize and accept responsibility for their actions, there can never be anything even resembling peace.

For Obama this is the true missing piece to the puzzle: the incredible arrogance of the Palestinians. And, like many presidents before him, Obama refuses to acknowledge the true major factor standing in the way of genuine peace: OIL!

Look at the surrounding Arab nations which have managed peace treaties of some sort: Egypt, little oil except for that in the Sinai, which Israel returned to Egypt; Jordan, also with little oil reserves and a HUGE Palestinian problem (i.e., they don’t want them back in Jordan, or threatening Jordan in any way). The joke, therefore, is that the least oil-rich Arab nations surrounding Israel have managed to come to terms with the Jewish nation, at least superficially.

The Palestinians have no oil, either, so what’s the deal? Significantly, while they have no oil themselves, the Palestinians have the tacit backing of the biggest, most oil-rich Arab nations in the Middle East, as well as the non-Arab nations of Iran (BUT, OIL-RICH) and even Venezuela (significantly, an OPEC nation supporting the Palestinians for its own anti-American, far left purposes)

Thus, it is still oil that greases the wheels of the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

The only peace that can be considered true peace is one recognizing two states for two peoples. Two states for two nations, one Jewish and one Arab.

Israel's leaders keep saying two states for two nations. The Palestinian Leaders keep saying two states but we will not recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State. That is in direct conflict with compromise and international law that was created with the partition of 1947.

But oil has made the Arabs think they can dictate terms to the entire world; given them the arrogance to presume they can buy the slow annihilation and ultimately, the destruction of Israel.

One of the incredible ironies of the dilemma is that the left-leaning elements in the US who’re supporting the Palestinian cause refuse to recognize that they are the dupes of the oil-rich world which, behind all of the posturing, does not care a scintilla about the Palestinians or their well-being.

It is time for the world to take off the blinders; time to say no to the racist and genocidal policy of destroying the only Jewish state in existence, Israel.

It is time for world to tell the Palestinians to get real – to demand REAL PEACE.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The United States invited Israel and the Palestinian Authority (but with no authority over Gaza) to hammer out a peace agreement.

Negotiations were to be face-to-face -- with no pre-conditions.

Israel's leader Benjamin Netanyahu immediately agreed to those stipulations.

His Arab counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, at first refused to participate. Then, he changed his mind and said he would join the talks provided that his pre-conditions were met.

Told that he could not pre-condition the discussions, Abbas reluctantly went to Washington where the peace parley would begin.

Developing a sudden case of amnesia, Abbas began setting pre-conditions despite an agreement that there would be no such thing.

He would walk out: 1. Unless Palestinians were granted the right of return; 2. If Israel was acknowledged for what already is a fact; that it is a Jewish State; 3. If Bibi refused to extend the construction moratorium in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Had Barack Obama been an honest referee and the discussions were actually a tennis match, the president would have told Abbas, "no, no and NO! You are out!!"

But Obama is living in a dream world that is so Oz-like that the American people would vote him out of office tomorrow had an election been taking place right now.

As Abbas and Netanyahu prepare for their next meeting, Obama -- supposedly a neutral observer -- has told Bibi in no uncertain terms that Israel must extend the construction moratorium -- or else!

He has asked Abbas to make some conciliatory gesture; and you know what that means.

It means that Abbas must continue to show up at the negotiating table; that's all.

Should we be surprised?

Hardly. Obama has been so pro-Arab; so far left of center since taking office that his style can only be equated with super-chutzpuh at its absolute worst.

Sadly, precious few in America's overly leftist media dare call him on it.

Fortunately, there remain some courageous journalists -- and at least one network, Fox -- unafraid to take on the chief executive no matter how much heat the White House turns on these critics.

Ironically, one of the best anti-Obama columns comes by way of a journalist normally known as a sportswriter.

That would be Phil Mushnick of the New York Post , who not only has ripped the president but New York's holier-than-thou mayor Michael Bloomberg for endorsing the mosque being planned in the shadow of the World Trade Center disaster.

"The question the Mayor, the President and media should strongly consider," says Mushnick, "is why, if the point men in the establishment of this large mosque are as sensitive as they claim, would they want to establish it near Ground Zero?

"Why would they even choose to be perceived as rubbing Islam into the wounds of those most afflicted by Islamic extremism? Imagine if Bloomberg or Obama had a family member murdered by a lunatic. And then ten years later, relatives of the murderers chose to buy the house across the street.

"Wouldn't Bloomberg and Obama find that unsettling? Wouldn't they wonder why, of all places, these folks chose to live across the street?"

Let's not kid ourselves, from the moment the American president made his cowtowing-to-the-Arabs speech in Cairo, it has been evident that he is on the side of Islam. And too many of those Islamists with whom he is pleading happen to be militant or damn close to it.

Obama is upset that a surprising percentage of Americans believe that he's actually a Muslim. The president insists that he's a Christian.

Well, he may proclaim that he's a Christian but his actions since taking office have convinced the electorate that, at heart, he loves Islam.

And that explains why Netanyahu gets pushed around and Abbas gets a free pass from Washington while setting pre-conditions and making demands at the alleged peace parley.

Furthermore, it will explain why -- in the end -- Obama will be the primary reason these one-sided talks fail.

They will fail because the president is a phony!

Thursday, September 9, 2010



Yesterday it was Nabil Shaath who shot an arrow into the heart of Israel-Palestinian peace possibilities.

Shaath, like his boss Mahmoud Abbas, has made it more than clear that the Palestinians have no intention of compromising to make peace.

There it is for the world to see.

I wonder how the Israel-haters will find a way to blame us for this Palestinian scam?

Shaath and Abbas say they refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. They demand a made up, non-existent Right of Return.

These comments made by just about every Palestinian leader shows their sickness is not cured.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu has made a point of not spouting right wing rhetoric.

The Israeli side has been more than conciliatory.

Israel has prepared her public for compromise. The Palestinian leadership has not, nor do they intend to prepare their public for compromise.

PM Netanyahu must make it clear to American President Obama that if this is the Palestinian policy, then there is simply nothing to negotiate about.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

When it comes to understanding Israel, some people just don't get it.

Topping the list on any given day, month or year are members of that most overrated, most over-esteemed group of deceivers called academics.

Add to the name of Noam Chomsky and his band of Jewish Quislings the name of Alon Ben-Meir.

His academic title is professor of international relations at New York University's Center for Global Affairs.

And if that doesn't knock you for a cerebral loop, he also boasts of being a teaching "international negotiation and Middle East studies. at NYU.

Talk about a guy who just doesn't get it, Ben-Meir provides an abject lesson in deception.

Desperately trying to put a happy face on the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Ben-Meir authored a guest column in -- you guessed it! -- Haaretz

Any reasonable historian who has studied Arab-Israeli relations, from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem -- before and during World War II -- to Yassar Arafat will attest to one irrefutable fact.

Arab and peace is an oxymoron.

But Ben-Meir disagrees.

"Israel," Ben-Meir insists, "cannot allow the trauma of the past to distract it from its obligation to its people to seek ways to safeguard the security of the Jewish state which can be attained only through peace."

Bibi Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that he (Israel) is prepared to make painful sacrifices to attain peace. All he has asked is that the rivals meet face-to-face without any pre-conditions.

Bibi's counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, agreed to do so and that set the first, Washington-based talks in motion.

No sooner had the exchanges concluded Abbas jetted back to the Middle East and immediately held a number of press conferences with Arab reporters.

Among other things, he stated unequivocally that he would not recognize Israel as a Jewish State and that he would break all existing speed records, ending the meetings if Israel ends its construction moratorium.

Oh, yeah, and he also is adamant about "the right of return" as a pre-requisite, as if Bibi will capitulate on that most sacred of all Israeli issues.

Abbas made a few other demands that clearly indicate that he has no more interest in talking peace than his mentor, Arafat.

In short, the Palestinians want their political cake and eat it as well.

"Israel has a golden opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to peace by agreeing to negotiate substantive issues," says Ben-Meir, "with the intention of finalizing peace with the Palestinians before the end of 2011."

Netanyahu agrees.

The problem is that Bibi does not have a negotiating partner.

Abbas proves over and over again with pre-condition after pre-condition.

"The Arab world," Ben-Meir insists, "has dramatically changed since 1967, and the time has come for Israelis to recognize it."

What I recognized is the Ben-Meir and his dreamers simply do not get it.

If they ever manage to extract their academic heads from the sand they'll realize that anyone -- namely Abbas -- who has to be dragged, kicking and screaming to the negotiating table really doesn't want to negotiate.

Yes, Abbas agreed to enter into direct negotiations with Israel, but only if he got his way on every substantive issue.

Abbas doesn't get it and Ben-Meir -- like so many of his academic cronies -- certainly is missing the point by a mere 180-degrees!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Is there any point in Israel continuing her Peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority? 

After reading comments made by Mahmoud Abbas today, I think it is perhaps time for Israel to reverse roles and back out of the negotiations.

When the supposed moderate leader of the Palestinian Authority tells Al-Quds al-Araby there is no chance he will ever back down on the Right of Return nor recognize Israel as the Jewish State, there is not much to talk about.

Why negotiate?

There is absolutely no point in recognizing a Palestinian State if the Palestinians fail to recognize Israel as the Jewish State.

The comments President Abbas made are the epitome of hypocrisy: he expects to get a state for his nation out of these talks; but will not acknowledge the legitimacy of the nation and its state with whom he’s negotiating.

Is this not a joke?

It’s time for all the nay-sayers to wake up. They criticize Israel for being an occupier and call her an apartheid state, when the people who truly carry out these despicable policies are the Palestinians and their Arab brethren!

Isn’t it enough to convince the anti-Israeli lobbyists that the Palestinians are duplicit, since they have already admitted they plan to create an Apartheid State?

Yes, that is exactly what the Palestinians intend on doing: Saeb Erekat has made it clear more than once that  the Palestinians expect Israel to force out all Jews of the West Bank.

The Palestinians want their new state JEW FREE!

That is the equivalent of Israel demanding that all of her Israeli Arabs move into the Palestinian State.

On top of this babbling garbage President Abbas has again threatened to walk away from the negotiations if Israel starts construction in the West again after September 26th.

Abbas took his time, wasted eight months of the settlement freeze Israel offered free of charge and now threatens to walk away after coming to the table a month before the freeze ends? 

This is not diplomatic behavior: it is the twisted, warped thinking of a severely spoiled child.

If this is the attitude of the Palestinians, then there is no point in these talks -- no matter how much I want peace for my children and for my country. 

If this is the way the Palestinian leadership feels it can behave with the sovereign, I repeat, SOVEREIGN STATE OF ISRAEL, then there is no point in dealing with them. 

Israel must be acknowledged as the sovereign, Jewish state and there must be NO Right of Return for Palestinians to Israel ... or else let them wallow in their own muck.

Let us instead start focusing on bettering our country and sustaining our democracy. 


By Schmoel Yitzhak

An avid follower of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations can go nuts trying to determine whether to be optimistic or pessimistic, based on reports leaking from all sources.

As one of William Shakespeare's most quoted lines puts it: To Be Or Not To Be?

In answer to that, I prefer President Harry (Good Friend of Israel) Truman's bromide.

A native of Missouri, Truman simply took his state's maxim and used it for his own purposes.
"I'm from Missouri, SHOW ME!"

Premature expectations of such as the peace talks are ridiculous and essentially useless.

For one thing, they are based on leaks from assorted sources and for another, they are designed to cultivate an opinion based on the "leaker's" political persuasion.

What's most frustrating about this latest round following so many failed negotiations in the past is the fact that one of the foremost elements -- Hamas; rule over Gaza -- is virtually being ignored.

Can any peace treaty with the Palestinian Authority offer any security guarantees for Israel if Hamas is not part of the pact?

And how can Hamas be included in any treaty since its leaders have reiterated over and over -- ad nauseum -- that the terror organization has been dedicated to Israel's destruction ever since its formation.

Now in firm control of Gaza -- and with energetic backing from Iran -- Hamas would never be a co-signee to any agreement that would not only recognize Israel's right to exist but also provide hermetically-sealed security to The Jewish State.

As one of my Rehovot-based friends reacted -- shaking his head -- when I asked him his view on the negotiations, "These peacemaking guys in Washington are sitting around talking, but forgetting about the elephant in the room. Hamas!"

Hamas is at war with Israel and, in a sense, the PLO.

With that in mind, it's impossible for any logical thinker to accentuate the positive so early in the negotiations.

We need lots and lots of time.

Perhaps at this time next year, we will be able to echo another of Shakespeare's lines: "All's well that ends well!"

But as long as that elephant in the room goes unmentioned -- and, thereby, un-tamed -- don't bet on anything ending well.

Friday, September 3, 2010


FACISM IS ALREADY HERE. This is the title of Yossi Sarid’s opinion article in today’s HAARETZ.

Sarid is right, fascism is growing in Israel, as it is in Europe and America, It’s just not the facism that Yossi Sarid is talking about.

The fascism that is growing in Israel actually can be equated with the Saridism, Levyism and Papeism of left wing journalism in Israel.

It is most apparent in Haaretz which sits at the extreme left. It is spit on Israel at all costs fascism.

For starters, Sarid’s article stands right up there as a vivid testiment to Israeli democracy.

Yossi knows well enough that if he were to write anything close to this latest rip at his home country in 99% of the world’s other nations, he’d be tossed in jail and the keys would be thrown away.

Sarid makes the same mistake as his colleague and fellow Israel-basher, Gideon Levy.

Each betrays a pernicious habit of talking down to readers.

They have no qualms about belittling the average Israeli citizen because he and she support the ideals of our country. In their astigmatic eyes, Israelis immediately become fascists because they support their country.

We are bad because we favor a liberal, Jewish democracy.

It has become more than obvious that the super left -- represented by Sarid, Levy and their cohorts -- are all very unhappy with the majority of Israelis because we do not intend on selling out the ideals of Zionism for a worthless piece of paper.

Although the majority of us support peace and reconcilitation we are wrong -- according to Sarid-Levy -- because we are not willing to give the Palestinians everything they want.

If -- Heaven forbid -- Sarid was running Israel, we most definitely would not be living in a democratic Jewish state.


Because people like Sarid, who are so cut off from history, are willing to make peace at any cost.

Apparently, he never heard of Munich, pre-World War II. That agreement did not poduce peace but it sure appeased Adolf Hitler -- until his next power grab.

And so it is with the current negotiations naively contrived by Barack Obama. More appeasement will produce nothing but more disappointment; more killings similar to the ones perpetrated by the Arabs this past week.

Critics of the Sarid ilk share absolutely no remorse over the four dead Israelis -- one a pregnant woman -- killed in cold blood by Palestinian Terrorists.

Sarid feels no need to mourn the dead Jews because they were “settlers.” In Yossi’s warped mind, a “settler” simply is not a human being.

In point of fact, settlers are Israelis living on land that will either be kept by Israel or given over to a Palestinian State.

And should it become part of Palestine the Jews who choose to remain should have the right to remain in their homes and recieve Palestinian citizenship; same as Arabs living in Israel.

Fat chance. The Palestinians have made it abundantly clear that they will have none of that brand of democracy. Jews, OUT! That’s PLO policy.

And should these displaced Israelis be forced out of their homes Sarid will be perfectly delighted to support Saeb Erekat facism!

Like the newspaper for which he writes, Sarid has lost all credibility. He has joined forces with those who stand against the two-state solution and peace.

Sarid has become a firm backer of those who wish to delegitimize Israel at all costs.

He’ll have no compunctions about destroying the liberal democracy that is Israel; a nation that affords both Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens immense freedoms. There is nothing even remotely like Israeli-style democracy anywhere in the Middle East.

Yossi -- whether you like it or not -- we must be vigilant when it comes to those who oppose our democracy.

We must battle against those -- Jews and Arabs -- who act against the state’s well being.

Yossi, it’s high time that you and your cohorts realize that your brand of hate-Israel politics, is no different than the politics disgustingly displayed by Hitler’s Brownshirts!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am taking the time to do what I see is the obvious and predict that a war will break out in 2011 involving Israel, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas!

Iran appears to be making the same mistake that Gamal Abdel Nassar made in 1967, which is believing its own rhetoric.

Nassar believed he could get away with closing the Straights of Tiran, which he knew was a Cassus Belli, and economically strangle Israel. He paid for it with the complete defeat of the Egyptian armies and the loss of the Sinai Peninsula in June 1967.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sees himself as the modern day, Shia, Nassar. And just like Nassar he is making the same mistake of bullying Israel to the brink of another colossal Middle-Eastern war.

Like Nassar before him Ahmadinejad has used proxies to fight his battles up till now. In both cases his underlings, Hezbollah(Hassan Nassrallah) and Hamas(Khaled Meshal), failed miserably militarily.

The Second Lebanon war, although many would love to call it an Israeli failure was in fact a severe military defeat for Hezbollah. The best comparison would be the 1956 sinai war. Both were military victories for Israel, but political victories for the Arabs.

Operation Cast Lead proved to be an even bigger defeat for Hamas(i.e. Iran).

Before the operation, Hamas couldn’t stop boasting about the casualties they would inflict on the IDF if she dared to fight back against the incessant rock fire reigning down in the south of Israel.

At the end of Operation Cast Lead 1,166 Palestinians were killed, of them 709 were Hamas fighters and Iranian operatives. Israel lost a grand total of 13 dead and of those thirteen 10 were soldiers and 8 of those soldiers were killed by friendly fire.

In both these cases one would assume the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would have learned that Israel is very serious about protecting her civilians and will fight for her liberty and democracy at almost any political price(i.e. the Goldstone Report and rising anti-semitism the world over).

But apparently these blips on the screen have not been able to break through the barrier of fanatical, fascist, colonialist and militaristic rhetoric that Mr. Ahmadinejad is preaching and starting to believe! Like Nassar before him he has talked himself into a military corner; which can only lead to war!

More importantly he sees the world today much like it was before World War Two. The world is full of cowards not ready to stand up against Iran and all the might she is building.

Mr. Ahmadinejad saw that no one and no country was ready to come to the aid of the Iranian people when they voted him out of office and took to the streets in protest against his election thievery! He stole the election just like Hitler stole Germany in 1933.

He sees that no one is willing to stop his nuclear weapons plans just as the world was not ready to stop Hitler and his military buildup pre WW2.

Because of all of this Ahmoud Ahmadinejad feels he can both annex the Persian Gulf to Iran and wipe Israel off of the map as promised!

So as the year 2010 nears prepare yourself for an Israeli preemptive strike against Iran and her underlings.

This is a war the world, the UN, EU and the United States have forced Israel into. This is a war they could have prevented. This is a war Israel must fight to prevent another Holocaust from happening and to insure the survival of her Liberty and Democracy!

This could even be the start of WW3, as Belgian defiance to German militarism was the opening shot of WW1. Israel, like Belgium will not lay down with out a fight!!!