Monday, December 30, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

He lies with a forked tongue. -- Anonymous. 

A forked tongue has two prongs. With vipers, in particular, you don't want them near you.

When it comes to Middle East politics, one prong can be called Barack Obama and the other John Kerry.

Together they comprise the viper determine to poison the State of Israel.

Over and over again they lie with a forked tongue and, inevitably, Benjamin Netanyahu -- among others -- is paralyzed by their palaver.

What lies? 

Start with Obama's red lines; the ones which, if crossed, would produce a powerful White House response. 

Iran's nuclear noodniks crossed the line a long time ago. 

First the chief executive responded by burying his head in the oil sands. Then he pulled it out and decided to kiss the tooches of Tehran's mullahs.

Thus, when it came to Iran, the president's red line turned frighteningly white.

Was that an aberration? 

Not with this lying bozo. Remember the red line he drew in case Bashar al-Assad employed poison gas against the Syrian rebels?

When it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by United Nations inspectors -- among others -- that chemical weapons were being used by Assad's forces, Obama erased the red line and did what he does best -- nothing.

So, what's the lesson here; especially for Bibi? 

Don't trust the lying twins, Obama and his trusty, dusty First Lord of Mendacity, Kerry.

And what lies has Kerry spouted?

For starters, the secretary of state launched his high-falootin' round of Israeli-Arab peace talks assuring both sides that the conferences will be held with no pre-talk concessions demanded of either side; and that seemed fair enough.

Except that fair when it comes to the Arabs is equated with giving in to every single Arab demand. And, as sure as the sun rises in the East, Mahmoud Abbas announced that the Palestinians would not proceed with discussions unless Israel released what amounted to an astounding number of prisoners with blood on their hands.

It was, as the Kerry camp, likes to call it, "a goodwill gesture."

Now, in a normal, civilized world, of which the Arabs are not a part, one "goodwill gesture" would inspire another from the other side. In this case the reciprocal trade agreement should have required the Arabs to once and for all recognize Israel as the Jewish State, which it is.

Ah, but in the Lying Land of Kerry, no such goodwill gesture was forthcoming; only more demands from Abbas and more threats to quit the discussions and go running to the UN for recognition for a state that never should be acknowledged in the first place.

And with Kerry returning for yet another round of talks, the lying will continue. Rather than being even-handed, Obama's puppet will attempt to force-feed more concessions from Israel and nothing from the other side. 

Or, as Eli Hazan writes in Israel Hayom, the Palestinians have been drawing a contradictory line basically destroying everything Israel has tried so hard to build."

I completely agree with Hazan. Palestinian textbooks omit a map of Israel. Tel Aviv does not even exist as far as Arab schools are concerned. Meanwhile, Palestinians in Gaza continue to hurl missiles at Israeli cities. This is what Bibi gets for playing Mister Nice Guy.

"That (Arab) contradictory line," writes Hazan, "forces Israel to wonder and seriously question the Palestinians true intentions. It reminds us of the 1990s when Yasser Arafat would talk about peace in English and then turn around and give legitimacy to terrorism."

It's happening right now and you don't have to be hit by a Gaza-based missile to understand the point. 

"We are repeating past mistakes," Hazan correctly concludes.

Kerry and Obama disagree and that, among other reasons, is why they speak with a forked tongue.

The best thing Kerry can do this time around is draw another red line. You can be sure that if it isn't directed at harming Israel, it will disappear!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


By Sig Demling

The one-sided nature of negotiations between the Arabs and Israelis never have been more apparent than in this Christmas season.

On the one hand Israel prepares to release more blood-on-their hands prisoners as a gesture of good will and in return, the intensity of venomous Jew-hating increases over the Palestinian airwaves and further increases while more Israelis are killed by Arabs.

This is the way the idiotic John Kerry "peace" process works -- Israel pays the price but gets no reward in return.

That is unless you count -- as a "reward" -- more rocketry from Gaza that continually threatens Israeli cities such as Ashkelon, Ashdod and Sderot, just to name a few.

In the very, very unlikely event that a peace pact can be negotiated, Prime Minister Netanyahu surley must be aware that absolutely none of the anti-Israel diatribes will be abated. Incitement against Israel will continue and terrorism will remain the top Arab priority. 

There's an obvious reason for that statement. For proof, you merely have to study Arab reaction to every single goodwill concession made by Israel in order to keep Kerry's peace process alive.

Israel relinquishes Gaza and Hamas overthrows the PA. That done, Hamas declares war against the Jewish State and the Arab missile assaults never end.

* Israel endlessly releases prisoners while incitement against the Middle East's only democracy continues unabated.

* Israeli citizens innocently riding a bus barley escape an Arab terrorist's bomb meant to blow them to death. Yet a not a single word of regret -- forget about an apology -- is heard from Mahmoud Abbas. 

And while all this goes on -- and Bibi's concessions continue -- Abbas will not even concede the obvious; that Israel is the Jewish state.

The prevailing opinion among some political savants is that the PM will do virtually anything not to disturb Kerry although it has been apparent from the get-go -- and certainly obvious from the dastardly Iran sellout -- that the Secretary of State and his hypocritical president are enemies of Israel.

If you doubt that consider the fact that Kerry-Obama never utter a peep of complaint about Arabs slaying Israelis -- and doing so with virtual impunity. Never will Obama-Kerry blame Abbas for his steadfast rejection of virtually every reasonable offer made by Bibi. 

My point is that the time has come for the Prime Minister to cease and desist with prisoner releases and other Obama-forced friendship gestures which gain nothing in return.

Poliitics aside, Bibi should listen up to his Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett who minces no words about the enemy with whom peace is impossible. 

"Israel is continuing with the peace process as though there is no terror while the Palestinians are continuing the terror as though there is no peace process," says Bennett with extreme accuracy. "The claim that the Palestinian  Authority is not connected to the terror attacks is blowing up in our faces every day."

Not surprisingly, the killing of an Israeli worker along the Gaza border caused jubilation among the Hamas terrorists as did the near-bus disaster when Israelis were evacuated mere minutes before the bomb exploded.

Such sick, sinister reactions among the Gaza and West Bank Arabs should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the Palestinian educational system.

Again, Bennett has the bullseye explanation: "When you educate children in terror from the age of kindergarten, when your television broadcasts depict Jews as monsters, when even Tel Aviv is not on your maps -- then you are a terrorist."

My advice: The next time Kerry lays out his grand, fallacious plan for Arab-Israeli peace, I would read Bennett's words to the Secretary of State and then sing a chorus of the legendary Louis Jordan's tune to him:

"I Told You I Love You -- Now Get Out!"

Monday, December 23, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

This is how the political world is tilted against Israel.

Week by week more evidence is discovered about Assad's use of poison gas to subdue thousands after thousands of his foes. 

Month by month Uncle Sam and the European Union punish Assad by doing virtually nothing to stop the butchery.  

Meanwhile, all Israel does is attempt to live a peaceful life while assailed by Islamic militants on all sides. Add to that a virulently Jew-hating United Nations official whose job is to be fair to all sides; as long as one of them is not Israel.

Richard Falk, a bigot among bigots, who carries some fancy title such as United Nations Special rapporteur, believes that he's primarily being paid to attack Israel. That's his priority agenda and the reason why he should have been ousted a long ago. Yet Falk is permitted to spew his hateful remarks with virtual impunity.

Only the Dominion of Canada has had the gumption to lay it on the line with Falk, demanding his ouster -- immediately. 

By contrast we have the typically wishy-washy response from the Barack Obama camp.  vanilla, tepid and equivocal. The White House wouldn't dare demand that Falk get the boot; all we get from the State Department is fatuous rationales why it won't go that far.

Of course one never hears a discouraging word from Falk the Phony when it comes to true genocide which has been openly practiced in Syria for two years without any sign of stopping. Now can anyone explain this egregious imbalance; Israel is blamed for building homes in Judea and Samaria -- land  up for negotiation -- while Assad revs up his killing machine with impunity?

Yet, the explanation is as clear as any other phony case in which the growing world of anti-Semites will find fault with Benjamin Netanyahu if he should happen to blow his nose the wrong way.

Part of the problem is that Israel does not rebuke its tormentors as fervently -- and with high decibel count -- as I would like.

That explains why I've come to appreciate the attitude of Naftali Bennett.

There's no equivocation when he makes a point; not political correctitude from Israel's Economy and Trade Minister.

He views John Kerry's peace talks for what they are -- a bunch of ideas designed to give the Arabs a distinct advantage over Israel.

Unlike the more cautious Benjamin Netanyahu, Bennett points out that Israel's mortal enemy, Hamas, must be factored into peace talks. 

With precious sarcasm, Bennett puts it this way: "Maybe I missed the news and Hamas in Gaza recognized Israel and stopped firing rockets. Or, to put it even mored succinctly , Bennet adds that peace talks that do not include the Hamas leaders would be "a joke."

No joke is the obvious Kerry-Obama scheme to force a treaty unfavorable to Israel down Bibi's throat.

Bennett can see through the phoniness of the president and his puppet. Naftali's warning should not be ignored.

"So you'll commit suicide and relinquish our responsibility over our security because someone puts pressure on you? Ehud Barak promised everything to the Palestinians and we got one thousand dead. We were promised that Gaza would turn into Singapore and we got thousands of rockets. The result of Oslo was fifteen hundred dead."

In other words, if a peace treaty gives the Palestinians a "state," Israel will be attacked from all sides. 

And if you have any doubts about that, just re-read Bennett's straightforward appraisal of what happened after Oslo and once Israel moved out of Gaza.

Hamas wants to kill Jews; the Palestinian Authority feels likewise only with a more subtle approach.

Bibi must resist any con jobs from the White House phonies because the political world, led by Obama, is severely tilted against Israel.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


By Simon Fischler

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
Joseph Goebbels
Can you see the image, a heart carved into a tree,  inside the heart the initials JG+RW for life! 

Roger Waters is anti-Semite, period! There have been numerous occasions when his comments and actions have made this obvious. 

But for too long Waters has been given carte blanche. 

To many pro-Israel activists, professors and academics are afraid to take on Waters and his fascists buddies at the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. After all if you dare to speak out against their fascist policies they will have you boycotted.

Because of the fear that Waters and co. have created they have been able to get away with spewing the most vicious Jew hating words and acting out the most pernicious of Jew-hating deeds. 

The quotes Roger Waters made to Counterpunch magazine must have made his fascist, Arab controllers happy. They would have gone straight to the heart of his soulmate, Joseph Goebbels if he wasn't dead. 

Using lies and innuendo Roger compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to his own love, Nazi Germany during the 1930’s. 

Unless he is downright stupid or completely ignorant to history (which we know he isn’t) Waters would have to be able to see how heinous it is to compare Israel to Nazi Germany!

He then really broke the anti-Semite barrier when he insinuated that Jews control the world media, the film and music industry and of course the banking world. 

This little juicy extract from Roger Waters could have been taken right out of the anti-Semitic bible, the  “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. 

Is it not hypocritical of Waters to insinuate that the monstrous Jews who run Hollywood will boycott you if you dare speak against Israel (there is no movement by Jews to boycott any person or organization who supports the Palestinian cause), while he himself is calling for a boycott against the Jewish Nation? 

After these comments Waters can no longer dodge the anti-Semite bullet, whether he likes it or not!

The propaganda war that Waters has been waging against the Jewish Nation is no different from the war that Goebbels waged in Germany;  creating Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich and the plan for the extermination of Europe’s Jews through anti-Semitic propaganda and lies.  

Roger Waters is a frontman but no longer for Pink Floyd. 

Today, Roger fronts Arab Supremacy, acts as the face for modern, anti-Semitic fascism and is just another Englishmen trying to take the land of Israel away from the Jews so he can give it to the Arabs!

Roger, if Joseph Goebbels was alive today, he would be very proud of you! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Pinocchio -- A living puppet with the help of his cricket as his "conscience."

If Pinocchio's creator, Carlo Collodi, was around today he'd chuckle every time John Kerry delivered a speech about Israel.

"That's my boy," Collodi would say about Kerry, "the Pinocchio of today is America's Secretary of State."

There is a difference, of course. When the fictional Pinocchio told a lie his nose grew longer and longer until everybody around him could tell that he had told a real whopper. 

The puppet of Barack Obama, Kerry tells his lies with more gusto and pretension than Pinocchio ever did and without the secretary's nose even growing an inch. 

But, a lie is a lie. And just like the Arabs never an opportunity to miss an opportunity, Kerry never fails to miss an opportunity to tell a big, fat fib while his Mendacity Quotient knows no limits.

This has been more apparent in the past week during the recently concluded Saban Forum of the Brookings Institute which attracted a score of political notables eager to pontificate, including Kerry.

Since Haim Saban, the Forum's benefactor, is a major fiscal supporter of the puppeteer Obama, Kerry felt free to deliver his most consistent lie -- that negotiations with the Palestinians are closer than ever to produce a historic compromise. 

Such a statement is absurd when one considers the facts on the ground, on the Temple Mount, in the West Bank and Gaza schools. From Iran to Gaza the facts point to the puppet and his puppeteer as liars because of one indisputable fact. 

The Arabs, whether they're in Syria, Judea or Samaria, refuse to accept Israel for what it is -- the Jewish State -- and have done so forever.

In Tehran, the so-called "moderates" refer to Jews as pigs; and worse. 

In Ramallah, children are taught to hate Israel. Unfortunately, they won't find a map of Israel in their textbooks since Mahmoud Abbas long ago saw to it that kids should be taught that Israel doesn't exist.

Why would Kerry pull a Pinocchio and even suggest that a deal with Arabs can be cut?

 Because he's a lying dreamer. 

Perhaps if he would listen up to Benjamin Netanyahu's simple but insightful statement, Kerry would realize the hopelessness of his cause in dealing with Abbas, Inc.

"They (the Arabs) persistently refuse to accept the Jewish state, in any border," Bibi asserts. "The question shouldn't be, why does Israel make this demand? The question is, why do the Palestinians refuse to accept it?"

I can answer that question for the Prime Minister. Abbas, the Iranian mullahs, Assad and the myriad other Jew-haters have been encouraged to incessantly dump on Israel by the American president.

From the moment he took office and delivered his emphatically pro-Arab speech in Cairo to Obama's disastrous capitulation to Iran at the Geneva meetings, Uncle Sam's feeble leader has made endless concessions to militant Islam while putting the screws on the Middle East's only democracy.

If the marionette Kerry is a liar, his puppeteer is the biggest of them all and it all is rooted in his most infamous prevarication, "I have Israel's back."

Were that statement even a half-truth, the president would have hit back and hit back hard every time an Iranian leader uttered any one of the many genocidal statements about wiping out Israel. When the mullahs call for the destruction of Tel Aviv, Obama gets a case of lockjaw. When Iranian politicos label Jews as pigs -- and worse -- not a peep or protest can be heard from Kerry.

Critics charge that Bibi should mute his criticism of the disastrous deal cut in Geneva. Don't make me laugh.

History has proven that behind-closed doors diplomacy fails in crises such as the ones facing Israel. As was recently noted in Israel Hayom, "Seventy-five years ago the Jews tried to talk to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and that did not help the Jews of Europe."

Like the Democrat Roosevelt, the Democrat Obama and his puppet continue to ignore the lessons of history. They conveniently forget about Munich. They forget about Haj amin-al-husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who publicly convened with Hitler to exterminate European Jews.

 Neville Chamberlain at Munich proclaimed "Peace in our time" after appeasing Hitler. The British Prime Minister soon would be proven a liar and a dreamer.

Substitute Obama and Kerry for Hitler and Chamberlain and you have an excellent idea why the American propagandists have as much chance of placating the Jew-hating Arabs as Pinocchio has of running the United Nations.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


By Sig Demling

I am falser than vows made in wine. -- William Shakespeare, "The Winter's Tale."

The Bard of Avon did not have either Barack Obama nor John Kerry in mind when he wrote the above lines about lying but it fits the Duplicitous Democrat Duo like hand-made gloves.

From the president's pre-election promise -- "I have Israel's back" -- to the secretary of state's underhanded, Neville Chamberlain-like dealings with the Iranians, lie is the simplest, most direct term available for those Pennsylvania Avenue charlatans.

Just three little letters -- lie -- best describe the manner in which the White House has handled its relationship with the country which so closely embodies the values and spirit of the United States; Israel.

Yet, every since Obama became president, he has successfully lied to American Jewry while deceiving Israel's leadership.

In fact there are times when the president appears to be more Arab in his thinking than Mahmoud Abbas.

But as Benjamin Netanyahu has correctly and vigorously pointed out, the more acute problem has little to do with the propped-up, relatively weak Palestinian Authority leader and everything to do with Iran's relentless march toward militant nuclear capability.

When Bibi pointed out the the threat from Tehran more than a year ago, Uncle Sam's feeble leader promised that he had a red line in mind. If the mullahs crossed that red line, America would take action. "All options -- including military -- are on the table," Obama promised.

Now, however, we have painfully discovered that the man is a sociopath; a congenital liar. His mendacity knows no bounds as more than a hundred thousand murdered Syrians learned after Obama promised action to save them if Assad employed chemical weapons. 

What multiplies the hurt -- especially to Israel -- is that the president's incompetency matches his the depth of his capacity to constantly delve into the Land of the Untruths. 

He promised his constituents a health plan to end all health plans and what have they received but a bungled mess that could better have been contrived had a bloc of kindergarten  students huddled over the formula. 

With no health plan solution in sight, White House advisors have delivered a spate of alibis that could extend from the Potomac to the Pacific. And, guess what?  Even onetime supporters of this ludicrous leader are finally getting it; they are wondering what this guy is all about.

And they come up with the same answer; Obama is a lying incompetent. 

Lying incompetent.

Take those two words and you can equally apply them to the health care mess and to the Iranian pact.

The ineptitude that has led to the failed health plan is patently obvious. It was ill-contrived -- in spite of vigorous opposition -- and pushed down the throats of American citizens. First ineptitude; then the lies.

Ditto for Iran. 

The sense of history was there for all to see. Neville Chamberlain went to Munich; appeased Adolf Hitler and the dictator then trampled as much of Europe -- while exterminating six million Jews -- as he could until the Aliies ended the horror in 1945. 

Hitler lied through his teeth and the weak-kneed British Prime Minister capitulated to every phony promise made by the Nazi.

Now the Iranians are doing likewise lying and the incompetent Obama-Kerry team -- oblivious of Munich, Chamberlain and Hitler -- have rushed through a deal that will prove an existential threat to Israel and, in time, the entire world. 

Only the very naive -- and Israel-haters -- should believe that any good can come from the Teheran carpet-sellers' promises.

Those with a sense of Munch's results can only conclude that Obama' promises are falser than vows made in wine!

Monday, December 2, 2013


By Simon Fischler
American President Barack Obama has done what no US president before would ever think of doing: breaking Americas greatest and most moral foreign policy stance --support of Israel and the Jewish Nation in the face of constant Arab colonialist policies! 
American support for Israel has never been easy, nor has it ever been financially easy; after all, it is in direct conflict with the Arab nations control the worlds oil!
America has supported Israel because it is the morally correct position. This American stance has been in contradiction and anathema to most countries foreign policies, but it is an integral part of what has made America different and great.
Barack Obama has officially flushed this philosophy of defending the Middle Easts only democracy and the Jewish Nation state down the toilet! The president has sold out Israel for Iran, period.
The secret talks (emphasis on the fact that America did not make Israel aware of these back channel discussions with Iran) that led to the Geneva Negotiations are just the tip of a very devious iceberg the Obama Administration has been working on.
Obama will go down in history as the worst president to date. The harm he is inflicting on America and her allies wont become completely visible for years. 
The policies of his administration inside of America have polarized the nation, but it is his foreign policies that will cripple America and lose her the trust of important allies from Europe, the Middle East and even Asia.
In fact, is it not interesting that China declared its new Air Defense Zone over Islands that have  been part of Japan for decades just the week after Obama forced Secretary of State John Kerry to sign the Geneva Deal?
But, as a Jew, it is his policies towards Israel that are most disturbing
Obama has given Iran the ability to create Nuclear weapons through his impotency, period. The Munich-like deal hatched in Geneva will do nothing to stop Iran from advancing its nuclear program. Furthermore, Iran now views Obama in the same light that Russian President Vladimir Putin sees him: as a spineless weakling who would rather curtail Americas clout than rise to the occasion and face down enemies of liberty, freedom and democratic principles.
Iran will advance in Syria and will prop up Hezbollah in its colonialist drive to dominate the Levant, continuing to arm Assad and Hezbollah with rockets and long range missiles. These bad guys will also get both chemical and tactical nuclear weapons in the future.
Eventually, because the Iranian mullahs (unlike Obama) truly believe in something -- that is the Shia tenets of the end of days, they will train those weapons of mass destruction on the Jewish people and its Nation State, Israel. When the Mullahs say they wish to destroy Israel and the Jewish Nation they are doing nothing more than admitting their hopes of finishing what Mohammad attempted when he turned on the Jewish Nation for their defiance of him as a prophet! 
When this does happen the blood of millions will be on the hands of the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party and those who blindly support the Emperor in his new clothes.
For the Jews out there who laugh at Israel and who stand against the historical and internationally ratified law granting the Jewish Nation its right to self-determination: never forget that you are no different than the Jews who laughed at those fighting for Israel in the beginning; you are no different than the Jews who said the Shoah could never happen in Europe.

Think about how many lives could have been saved and what could have happened if Neville Chamberlin and Edouard Daladier had stopped Hitler at Munich!