Thursday, February 27, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Anti-Semitism week has opened at Universities across America. 

Oh, wait a second, I’ve made a mistake; what they’re calling it at these great institutions of knowledge is “Israel Apartheid Week.” 

Organized by pro-Palestinian groups, the activities taking place at universities in America are an overt attempt to equate the only openly democratic country in the Middle East, Israel, with apartheid South Africa.

In reality, however, these events are not really protesting Israel, or encouraging sanctions against Israel because they honestly think Israel is a nation of apartheid; they are making thinly veiled protests against Israel because it is the Jewish State.

The trailer for Israel Apartheid week is as much of a joke as the actual week itself. 

In the trailer you see beautiful landscapes of what is called the West Bank, really Judea and Samaria. Then all of a sudden this Barrier appears simply for no reason whatsoever. 

At the end of their trailer they list their three demands: End of Occupation, Full Equality for Palestinian Citizens of Israel, Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees.

All three demands are glaring proof of the fallacy of Israel Apartheid week. All three demands are proof that this cause is not beneficial to peace, not just, but is racist and Anti-Semitic.

Any one who denies that Israel had to build the Wall of Life is supporting suicide bombers and the innocent killing of Israeli citizens. 

Since that barrier has been finished there has been one suicide bombing in Israel. The Palestinians chose to strike down peace with Israel at Camp David and Taba, the Palestinians chose to go to war with Israel. The Palestinians chose to go to war in our cities, blowing up men, women and children.

Israeli Arabs have full equality in Israel. In fact they have far more freedom than all the Arabs in the Arab world, FACT. 

Israeli Arabs were the first to shoot down an idea by the much-hated Avigdor Lieberman to exchange the Israeli Arab towns in the Arab triangle with the Jewish Settlements that will remain part of Israel in a peace agreement. 

Understand, what Lieberman proposed would not have stripped them of their land, houses or property. What it meant was exchanging their citizenship from Israeli to Palestinian. They screamed this down louder than a newborn boy at his circumcision.

Why? They know better than all of these radicals what it would be like to live in a Palestinian State. They know better than all these radicals what it is like to live in other Arab countries: no democracy; no freedom of speech (which the Israeli Arabs take ridiculous advantage of).

That goes for Jordan and Lebanon, the two most progressive of the Arab countries. 

Israeli Arabs vote in Israeli elections, can live where they choose and can scream bloody murder at the state that protects their lives like no other European, American or Arab State would. 

The Netanyahu government in the last four years has approved and passed in the Knesset 400 million shekels just for the Israeli Arab sector. Israeli Arabs have far more equality than most African Americans and Latinos have in the United States of America, FACT.

Anyone who advocates the Palestinian Right of Return is advocating genocide. If you support this then you are supporting the destruction of the state of Israel, FACT.

If you support this then what you are saying is that the Jews, who have lived in Israel for thousands of years, whose home this country has always been have no right to Self-determination and freedom. 

What you are saying is that it makes no difference that 900,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries to the 700,000 Arabs who left mostly of their own will from Israel. What you are saying is that the Palestinians should get their own state and the state of Israel on top of that. Anti-Semitism at its best. 

No Israeli government will agree to the Palestinian Right of Return, nor should any Israeli government agree to this. The responsibility rests on the shoulders of the Palestinian leadership of that time and on the shoulders of the Arab nations who attempted to annihilate the newly-formed country of Israel.

What is even more sick and what proves that this week and the people who join it are nothing more than racist anti-Semites is the long list of places where they could better be aiming their vitriol:  all the other places on our globe where people are truly treated inhumanely, genuinely lack freedoms and suffer from great injustices, as well as genocide on a massive scale.

What about Tibet? The Chinese have destroyed Tibetan culture, forcefully removing whole villages and towns and replacing them with Han Chinese, to totally change the demographics of the Country. This was a country before the Chinese hostilely invaded it --unlike Palestine which has never existed. 

Where are the screams over Darfur? More than 100,000 black Africans have been killed by the Janjaweed, an Arab Muslim militia that kills and rapes women and children and destroys the villages of these black Africans, most of them Muslim themselves. 

What about the Kurds? They have been fighting for their freedom long before the Arabs knew about Palestinian Nationalism. The Kurds have done far more to build the foundations of a state than the Palestinians. The Kurds have a culture that goes back into history long before there was an idea of a Palestine; this is a FACT. 

What about the Basques? Just because their land happens to be in France and Spain, does this mean they deserve a state less than the Palestinians? Again, the Basques are one of the oldest peoples of Europe, with a culture and history started long before the idea of Palestine. Why isn’t anyone screaming bloody murder for a Basque State in Europe?

In all cases above these people do not have equal rights in the countries they live in. On many occasions they have been persecuted and killed.

Why aren’t the radicals going after Spain, France, China, Sudan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria?

For that matter, why aren’t they protesting the actions of all of the Arab nations surrounding Israel, most of whom have rejected the Palestinians at one time or another, forcing them back into the refugee camps of the West Bank?

These protesters are not interested in delegitimizing the aforementioned countries because none of them is the only Jewish state in existence on the planet. Ironically, none of the nations being persecuted and deprived of their freedom are fighting against the Jews; only the Palestinians -- a people who, before the state of Israel existed, did not consider themselves Palestinians but Syrians -- are trying to destroy the Jews.

Israel Apartheid week is nothing more than an Arab-sponsored, colonial hate-fest; anti-Semitism at its best and most insidious. No matter how much they attempt to rationalize and justify their actions, it will never change this fact.

The people who brought us Israel Apartheid week and their supporters claim to be seeking freedom, human rights and justice. However, make no mistake: what they are truly seeking is a racist policy of Arab and Muslim imperialism, the unjustified criminalization of Israel and ultimately the destruction of the state of Israel.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

In a very short time John Kerry will drop his “Framework” bomb.

As his boss, Barack Obama, promises, he will have Israel’s back.

One problem, it’s a knife that the Democrat is planting between Benjamin Netanyahu’s ribs.

Granted, I have good friends — my trusty Israeli family — who beg to differ and I utterly respect their views.

But when push comes to shove, I have a deep gut feeling that neither the secretary of state nor the president can be trusted when it comes to backing the only democracy in the Middle East.

Their talk invariably is cheap and deceptive. Their actions — over and over and over again — are subversive to Israel’s best interests.

Obama-Kerry knew that Iran was on its knee, ready to cave under increased sanctions. The Democrats understood that Israel wanted the sanctions ratted up not only for Israel’s sake but for the entire Middle East as well.

Instead the knife went right into Bibi’s back and he wasted no time calling the sanction-easing a “bad deal.”

The White House knows that more than 100,000 Syrians have been killed in that country’s Civil War and yet Obama-Kerry maintain their do-nothing policy toward Damacus. But the secretary of state gets all hot and bothered because peaceful Israelis want to build in Judea and Samaria.

The administration allows Israel to be mis-labelled an apartheid state but keeps its mouth shut when it comes to the real apartheid states — Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Iran. 

Based on the above and innumerable examples of Uncle Sam deceiving Israel, MK David Rotem correctly wonders about Kerry: “How can we trust you? When have you stood by us in the past?”

This summarizes precisely my gut feeling; that Kerry cannot be trusted.

Does that mean that Bibi should go along with America’s “Framework?” 

To some intelligent Israelis, the answer is affirmative if only to take the negotiations as far as possible without allowing the Prime Minister to be the first to be labelled “chicken.”

That’s fine with me as long as Israel is protected on all sides and in every possible way.

I’ll go along with that, still filled with the feeling that — sooner or later — Obama-Kerry will stab Bibi in the back as has been done too often in the past.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


By Simon Fischler

The American Department of Homeland Securities made a mistake by leaking information about terror chatter today.

Do Americans need to know about chatter connected with another shoe bomb attempt against airlines flying to America? 

Will the European public or Americans in Europe stop flying to America? 

Doubt it, so why scare the public in this manner? 

Is it Al-Qaida behind the chatter? Likely not. 

It is more plausible that this is Hezbollah chatter. 

America and it's Saudi partner broke the news this week that they'd be upping the stakes in Syria by arming the secular rebels and more secular (if there is such a thing) jihadist rebels with heavy weapons. 

This did not go over well with Iran, Hezbollah and their puppet al-Assad. 

With the nuclear talks between Iran and the United States restarting yesterday threats from the theocratic Mullahs is also to be expected. 

It does not help that the Mullahs had a front seat to watch Obama cower to Putin. To them he is an indecisive weakling. 

This terror alert should have been kept quiet. 

Better not to create the hysteria because it plays into the hands of the terrorists whether it is the Iranians or Global Jihad (Al-Qaida). 

It is important to remember The shoe chatter is used to take the attention away from what is really going to be used. 

The eyes of homeland security and the NTSB should be focused on lipstick, make-up, creams etc., anything but a shoe. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


By Simon Fischler

I am Zion.

I am the hills of Judah.

I am Zion.

The deep sea blue of the Mediterranean and the green of the Golan rests in my eyes.

I am Zion.

I wear the toughness of the Negev in my skin.

I am Zion.

Do not talk to me of keys to abandoned houses, because the key to the land of Israel lies in my blood-line and in my genes. My key is not some material object! 

I am Zion.

My language speaks for the freedom of the indigenous people of Israel.

I am Zion.

Do not talk to me of Canaanites and Philistines.  Do not talk to me of people I long vanquished for the freedom of my land. You have no connection to them.

I am Zion.

Many have oppressed me in my land, yet I have remained. My brothers and sisters scattered far and wide have always returned.

I am Zion.

Empires have invaded me time and time again: they have come from Rome to Arabia; they have tried to erase me. Yet I have risen again and again like the sun in the east.

I am Zion.

I am time eternal. I gave you the law you follow and I gave you Christ.

I am Zion.

You think you can oppress and defeat me with lies and innuendo. Have you not learned from the history of the world?

I am Zion.

You, who are you? You are Mohammad, you are the oppressive, colonial winds from Arabia and you will break up on my back like the many empires that have come before you!

I am Zion.

I am the people of the land, the Hebrews, the Israelites. I am Abraham, I am Isaac, I am Israel, I am Moses, I am Joshua, I am David and I am Solomon. I AM ISRAEL,


Monday, February 17, 2014


By Simon Fischler

It is time for the Netanyahu government to outright accept the Kerry Framework agreement. 

I may not appreciate the manner in which the Secretary of State has behaved toward Israel. However, after taking a look at the framework agreement, I believe that it is imperative that Israel accept what the American mediator has proposed. 

The following are what I regard as the most important aspects of Kerry’s program:

The Palestinians must finally accept two states for two peoples, which means accepting Israel as the state of THE JEWISH PEOPLE. 

For all the criticism Kerry has absorbed over this point it stands as a major achievement for the state of Israel.

Or, to put it another way, Kerry is now making it official to all world bodies. Simply this, that there will be no deal now or in the future without Palestinian recognition of the Jewish nation state, the Jewish peoples right to self-determination in their homeland of Israel, PERIOD. 

No less relevant is Kerry’s outright claim to the Arabs,  No to their specious claim of  "Right of Return”. 

This is crucial because Kerry's framework makes it clear that no where in any of the binding or non-binding United Nations resolutions pertaining to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict does it say that refugees have the right to return to Israel proper.

UN resolution 242 clearly states that a just solution needs to be found for the refugee problem. Lord Caradon who was the main author of the resolution made it clear that this point in the resolution spoke of Arab and Jewish refugees and when calling for a "Just solution to the refugee problem" it meant compensation to Arabs but no return to Israel, especially not in order to destroy Jewish statehood. 

This Security Council resolution is binding, meaning it is international law. Israel accepted this in 1967 and the Palestinians,represented by the PLO, rejected it! 

As for the contentious Jordan Valley, Kerry will not satisfy either side but his decision should be accepted by Israel. That is, all crossings into the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine will remain in Israeli security hands per the demands of Israel and THE KING OF THE HASHEMITES, Abdullah. This will remain in effect until the Palestinian security forces are truly ready to take responsibility for statehood.

Finally there is the issue of Israeli settlement blocks. Kerry wants them to remain inside sovereign Israel along with Ariel and Hebron. The Arabs living in Hebron will either be compensated to leave or receive Israeli citizenship. 

Those Jews who wish to remain in the future Palestinian state will receive Palestinian citizenship and be offered the same rights that Israeli Arabs receive from the state of Israel. The Palestinians will receive all of Gaza ( The PA with American and Egyptian forces will push out Hamas and hand the last hydra head of the Muslim brotherhood over to the PA) and 90% of Judea and Samaria.

To equal the 10% of land Israel wishes to annex the Palestinians will receive the towns inside the Arab triangle as Foreign Minister Liberman made clear. No Arabs will lose their homes. Actually it will mean just an adjustment of the border and change of citizenship to Palestine that they claim as their nationality in the first place. 

Jerusalem is a sticky issue, but one that really came out better than I thought. It is intentionally vague, very, very vague right now. Can anyone say Abu Dis isn't in East Jerusalem? 

That is what the Arabs along with other adjacent neighborhoods will get. The old city will remain under Israeli control with the help of the Hashemites and Saudi Arabia because only under Israeli control has their been a freedom of religious practice. 

Now is the time to accept Kerry's plan just to show the world it is the Arabs who stand against Peace.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Anyone who thinks that the Cold War is over does not understand Vladimir Putin nor his dreams of returning Russia to its former glory.

Today’s Cold War battlefield is Syria and the stakes are higher than in the past.

Needless to say but the situation never had to reach this grim and exceedingly dangerous point.

However the boiling point has been reached because of the Obama administration’s knack for blundering at every point.  Simply put, the White House hasn’t a clue when it comes to doing right by the world.  

Had the dean of indecisiveness, Obama, backed the secular rebels at the beginning of the rebellion against Bashar al-Assad a positive humane result would have developed. 

At that time there was every opportunity for the Americans to have ousted Assad while simultaneously dealing a crippling blow to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah while also keeping Al-Qaida out of the Syrian opposition.

Tragically for Syria, American and most of the civilized world, Obama sat on his hands and tragedy piled on tragedy – latest Syrian death count has reached 150,000.

Obama and his administration were incapable of stepping in when necessary. It resulted in a complete failure by the democracy that is supposed to defend the free countries of the world.

After the president revealed an American red line -- if Assad employed chemical weapons America would retaliate --  he abysmally failed to back it up when the Syrian regime used chemical weapons on its citizens; more than once.

The numbers of dead at the hands of the Assad regime have already passed those of the Balkan wars (100,000) and are inching towards the numbers from Burundi and Rwanda (“800,000 dead in Burundi”, “500,000 – 1,000,000 dead in Rwanda”).  

It strains credulity to realize that murder on such a massive scale as that being carried on in Syria still can happen in the 21st. century. 

The fact that the United Nations and America are powerless to stop genocide at the hands of dictatorships such as Russia, Syria and a theocracy like Iran means nothing has been learned from the Holocaust.

America must stop sitting on the fence in Syria. It is imperative that Obama take charge of the Syrian disaster area.

The Russian Fox, Putin, is praying on America's lack of leadership. It is a major disaster that Egypt has signed a weapons agreement with Putinstan. Egypt, so painstankenly pried from soviet hands at the price of Israel giving back the Sinai peninsula, is an ally America should think twice about losing. 

Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel -- are all watching to see if America makes the right decisions 

At the moment it’s evident that Jihadists have taken advantage of America’s inability to help the Syrian people.

However there still is time for Obama, Inc. to change the outcome. Obama can still stand up to the Putin, Assad, Hezbollah and Iran axis.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah, Iran and their backers Russia remain bigger problems. Both Hezbollah and Iran are more powerful than Al Qaida and both are driven by the Shia, end of days belief. 

Both Iran and Hezbollah have the same colonialist aspirations for the Levant and the Middle-East as Al Qaida and both, unlike Al Qaida, have the ability to implement it if Iran goes nuclear and America continues to behave like a paper tiger.








Thursday, February 13, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Jew, Judea, Hebrew, Israel.

These are all just names for the Jewish Nation. 

The Presbeteryian church says that Zionism is the problem in the Middle East, but the problem is not Zionism; it is the guilty conscience of the Presbyterian Synod. 

That's because the church equates Zionism with colonialism. And you know what this batch of White Anglo-Saxons thinks colonialism is: evil perpetrated by their ancestors, leading to the aforementioned guilty conscience. This in turn obviously skews their ability to judge the nationalistic movements of others -- especially when it involves Jews!

What the church cannot understand is that Zionism is nothing more than the Jewish Nation's demand for its right to self-determination in the land that has always been Israel.

The Jewish Nation, the Children of Israel and Israel are all one and the same and they existed long before the Romans invented the name Palestinia, long before the Church of England came to life and long before there was an Islam; or before the Arabs had left the Arabian peninsula! 

So when someone tries rationalizing that he or she is not an anti-Semite, but just anti-Israel or anti-Zionist, don't buy that load of bullshit. Scratch through the p.c. rhetoric and you’ll find today’s version of what anti-semitism is.

Zionism dates back to the fight of the Maccabees against the Greek puppet state in Israel and the fight of the Jews of Judea (notice it was not called Palestine) against the Roman (European) occupiers.

The Jewish National movement -- Zionism -- far precedes the Arabs’ emergence from feuding, Idol-worshiping clans to a Nation. 

It may not have been called Zionism initially, but the basic precepts of what would later be called Zionism date back at least to Greco/Roman times.



  • Sunday, February 9, 2014


     By Simon Fischler 

    Are there always two sides to a story? 

    That is what I keep hearing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But this theory smacks of just another way of giving the Palestinians an excuse for continuing their aggressive behavior towards Israel. 

    How are there two sides, when the Palestinians rejected every plan of partition leading up to the Israeli War of Independence? 

    It is very simple: the Jews of Eretz Israel accepted a greatly decreased piece of land from what they were originally promised, through international law, by the League of Nations.

    Many argue that the Yishuv (pre-state Jewish government) accepted partition in the hopes of attaining more land later. 

    This contention overlooks the fact that the Yishuv put its hopes to the side in an attempt to reach an agreed settlement with its Arab neighbors. 

    Plain and Simple, the Yishuv accepted partition to attain self-determination for the Jewish Nation on land that was legally theirs -- no matter how much less than originally promised.

    The Arab side, ever more greedy, ever more colonialist, refused partition -- no matter how much more land than the Jews they would receive. 

    This is not a disputable point, this cannot be argued, this is fact. 

    There is only one side to this beginning: Arabs wanted war; Arabs thought they would win a war; Arabs STARTED the war; Arabs lost the war. 

    This scenario took place over and over again (1947-48; 1956; 1967; 1973 ... etc., etc., etc.) 

    This aggressive, imperialistic thought pattern is obviously intrinsic to Arab culture and tradition. 

    The Arab peoples were not born in the Levant, as the Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish Nation was. 

    So where do the Arabs come from? ARABIA. 

    The Arabs invaded and conquered the Near East, Northern Africa and Spain, more than seven centuries after the beginning of the Christian Era.

    This too is a fact whether Saeb Erekat likes it or not!

    Hence a conquering, colonialist culture would never let the Jews have a state in their midst, even if this land belonged to the Jews first, or whether Jews had always been living in this land (making up the majority of the population in most major cities). 

    That’s a short version of the history of what we call Israel today, as well as a nutshell version of the Arab occupation of that part of the Middle East, which was once the ancient kingdom of Israel. 

    Now let’s jump to the year 2000, Camp David, Maryland. 

    Then Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, and U.S. President Bill Clinton offered Yassar Arafat and the Arabs of Judea and Samaria the most generous entitlement a LOSING group has ever received. 

    Roger Waters and his anti-Semitic philosophy can't deny this undeniable fact either.

    Offered up was 97 percent of the West Bank (which, remember, was once the sections of ancient Israel known as Judea and Samaria), East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian Quarters of the old City. Control over the Temple Mount was also offered to the Arabs. Of course all the Gaza Strip would be included in the future Muslim/Arab state of Palestine. 

    In return the Palestinians had to relinquish their made-up notion of the Right of Return, accept Israel as the Jewish State and agree to an end of conflict. 

    As always this was too much for Yasser Arafat. Believing he could still destroy Israel, he rejected this offer at Camp David and later at Taba, Egypt. 

    Instead he went on to start a guerrilla war against the Israeli public.

    Another fact of history Thomas Friedman can’t rewrite!

    The solution to the Arab/Israel conflict has nothing to do with occupation -- unless you choose to erase the fact that the occupation could have been negated with Palestinian acceptance of peace and statehood in the year 2000. That is erase history!

    Should Israel be blamed for the horrible leadership of the Palestinian Arabs? I think not. 

    After all, even Mahmoud Abbas admits the disaster the Second Intifada brought upon his people. The leader of the Palestinians has admitted responsibility for his nation’s situation!

    We could call Arafat’s rejection of Barak and Clinton’s peace plan “The Second Catastrophe,” second only to the original Arab rejection of Partition. 

    If the world really wants peace and a solution to this conflict, it is high time to make the Arabs take responsibility for their actions. 

    It is and always has been RACIST and COLONIALIST Arab culture that is behind the Arab/Israel conflict. 

    The world must stop making excuses for the Palestinians’ constant rejection of peace and a just settlement. 

    Friday, February 7, 2014


    By Simon Fischler

    It’s time to boycott the boycotters!

    The time has come for the supporters of Israel and those who love freedom to come out and fight ruthlessly against the boycott of Israel.

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they call Israel -- a liberal democracy that gives all of her citizens, Arab Israelis included, the freedom of speech, freedom to vote and freedom to live – an apartheid, racist state, while turning a blind eye to Palestinian racism towards Jews and Israel.

    After all, it was Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator of the “MODERATE” Palestinian Authority, who said clearly that not one Jew would be allowed to live in the State of Palestine!

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they want to point the finger at Israel, while ignoring that a Jew cannot buy land in Jordan, simply because he is a Jew!

    Is that not racial discrimination?

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel.

    They castigate her for enforcing her blockade of the Gaza Strip. Yet not a word has been said about Turkey invading northern Iraq to kill Kurds (whom they call terrorists). Not a word about Turkey occupation of Norther Cyprus.

    There is NO boycott of Turkey.

    Yet the boycotters want to boycott Israel (INSTEAD of a list which should include Zimbabwe, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Somalia, China, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, to name but a few)? Really.

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel, … because they ignore that Israel has tried more than once and certainly more than the Palestinians to create a State of Palestine!

    After all who rejected Peace at Camp David? The Palestinian leadership did.

    The “occupation” exists today ONLY because it was more important for Arafat and his cronies to destroy Israel than create a State of Palestine

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they say Israel has committed Genocide.

    Yet they ignore the intentional use of suicide bombers against Israeli civilians, which is, without a doubt, a crime against humanity. The intentional attempt to kill civilians is illegal according to the Geneva Convention.

    Yet Hamas specializes in the intentional attempt to kill Israeli civilians. Hamas started its suicide bombing spree right after the signing of the Oslo Peace accords in a direct attempt to sabotage peace.

    The boycotters of Israel aren’t going to boycott the Palestinians or Hamas.

    Nor will they boycott the Palestinians for intentionally shooting more than eight thousand rockets into Southern Israel after Israel withdrew civilians and the IDF from the Gaza strip.

    Intentionally shooting rockets into civilian centers as Hamas does from Gaza is a human rights violation and a crime against humanity.
    Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim Israel is racist since her character is Jewish.

    Israel is racist only because she is the Jewish State?

    Yet Egypt, which in its constitution clearly states it is an ARAB, MUSLIM republic is not racist and doesn’t warrant boycotting?

    Jordan and Syria have the same clauses is in their governmental manifestos. Lebanon goes even further: the constitution of Lebanon clearly states "Lebanon is Arab in its identity and in its associations."

    Iran is the ISLAMIC republic; no one is boycotting Iran because of that. Most EU countries are by definition Christian, hence the need for Chief Rabbis of the country, something not needed in America.

    Yet Israel should be boycotted?

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because, while condemning Israel for human rights violations that she does NOT commit, they simultaneously disregard when these same crimes are carried out by the Palestinians, Arabs and/or other Muslim countries.

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because instead of condemning Israel they should be condemning Syria for the on going atrocities committed by the Alawite, Assad, Apartheid regime.

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim they want to fix past wrongs, but fail to realize that the creation of Israel fixed the colonialist wrong of the Arab occupation of Israel.

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they talk of seven hundred thousand Palestinian refugees created out of Israeli Independence. Yet they fail to acknowledge that MOST of those refugees were created because they were following the orders of the Arab leadership to leave their homes so it would be easier for the Arab armies to dispatch Israel.

    They never talk of the NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND JEWISH REFUGEES thrown out of Arab and Muslim countries. Do they boycott the Arab and Muslim countries that stole everything from their former Jewish citizens? NO!

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because their intent is to destroy Israel and deprive the Jewish Nation of its right to self-determination, while encouraging the creation of yet another Arab Muslim state.

    If this isn’t racism and anti-semitism, what is?

    Boycott the boycotters of Israel, because they are all bullshitters.

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014


    Dear Saeb Erekat,
    Saeb, you've been at it again: you’ ve let your lying tongue slip once more. How did you desecrate the truth this time? You made the audacious -- and completely false -- claim to be a descendant of the Canaanite people.
    Well, Saeb, here's the problem with that: the Canaanites are a people long dead, with absolutely no historic connection to the Arab peoples.
    Does that mean that you are disavowing your Arab ethnic and cultural heritage? No, you are not doing that, so let's drop the bullshit that your ancestors have been in the land of Israel for centuries.
    Saeb, are you admitting that you are a Hebrew? No, of course not. So once gain, your ancestors cannot have lived in Israel for 5000 years as you so glibly implied, nor were they there before Joshua Bin-Nun, another of your fictions.
    Are you a Philistine -- an invading Greek people closely related to the Mycenaeans, another people with no connection whatsoever to the Arab nation? The Philistines were the people of Goliath and are yet another people long since gone from the face of the earth. No, you are not even remotely related to nor descended from any of these ancient and now extinct peoples.  
    No, Saeb Erekat, you are an Arab. Most importantly you are a member of the Erekat clan. And where does the Erekat clan -- its roots and history – start, you may ask?
    That question is very easy to answer: the Erekat clan, to which Saeb belongs one hundred percent, originates from the Howeitat tribal region of Saudia Arabia.
    That is right, Mr. Erekat, you and your ancestors are from Arabia, not the Levant.
    Even more important is the fact that many important clans in the "Howeitat" region, the Erekat Clan included, did not leave the Arabian peninsula until the late 17th and early 18th centuries when the Bedouin Wahhabis pushed them out for “Islamic uncleanliness!”
    Saeb, you say Israel is a racist state that the world should punish, yet it is you and your leader Mahmoud Abbas who promise the Arab world that your new Palestinian state will be Jew free!
    It is you who demands recognition of your nation-wannabe while denying recognition to Israel as the Jewish state. You are so unbelievably racist and hypocritical one wonders how John Kerry can even bear to be in the same room with you.
    In the end, Saeb, it is not just that you are a liar -- you are a horrible one. In truth, your lies are just a metaphor for the whole lie of the Palestinian people!
    There is no Palestinian people; there never has been one -- not a mention, not once, in the annals of history.
    A foreign invader calling the nation of Israel “Palestinia” after conquering it doesn’t count!
    You and your Arab cohorts are asking the Jewish nation to sign off on a peace agreement that recognizes a "Palestinian People".
    You demand that the Jewish Nation sign off on this re-write of history. Yet you say you will not recognize our nation.
    The Jewish nation, with or without your recognition, has a documented history written in archaeology, in the very stones of the land. This history of the Jewish nation is one of life and leadership encompassing not decades, not centuries, but thousands of years!
    No matter how much you attempt to re-write history and lie, you will fail.  
    Israel, Judea and its people were around long before you and your ancestors arrived. They will be here long after the world has forgotten you and yours. 

    Monday, February 3, 2014


    By Schmoel Yitzhak

    John Kerry is on the defensive; make no mistake about that.

    The Secretary of State has done everything possible to coerce Israel into signing a “peace” treaty with the Arabs that, in the end, will not bring peace at al.

    What’s different now is that Israeli politicians are unabashedly — openly — ripping Kerry; exposing his flawed “Framework” and hammering away at his bias in favor of the Arabs.

    MK Moti Yogev has summarized the Secretary of State’s flaws as accurately as anyone in Jerusalem.

    “Kerry,” Yogev points out, “has an anti-Israel foundation in that he does not come to compromise but instead comes with unequivocal answers about shrinking the Land of Israel and establishing a Palestinian state.”

    To better understand how Kerry relentlessly chipped away at Israel’s position all you have to do is recall what happened at the beginning of negotiations.

    It was agreed that neither side would be asked to make concessions nor would there be any leaks to the media.

    But Kerry wasted no time doing a turnabout. When the Arabs threatened to scuttle negotiations unless Israel agreed to release prisoners, the American began his endless arm-twisting of Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Meanwhile, the Arabs never moved from their demands while conceding nothing.

    “Kerry,” adds Yogev, “became an unfair broker. He is not fit to mediate here because his positions are pre-determined.”

    Not only are they pre-determined but totally unrealistic. Even if a deal should be hammered out with Abbas, Inc. it still would leave Israel vulnerable to threats from Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, not to mention any number of factions in Syria.

    You can bet that — faster than you can say Neville Chamberlain — Abbas would rip up any “peace” treaty with Israel and side with his buddies who have an everlasting hate for Jews.

    Then there’s the matter of Kerry’s convoluted values.

    He makes an endless fuss about Jews building weapons-free apartments and homes in Judea and 
    Samaria — each of which Israel can legally claim as its own — but never says a word about rockets fired from Gaza residential areas.

    Meanwhile, the supposedly fair Secretary of State ignores Bashar Assad’s continuing failure on his promise to surrender his chemical weapon stockpile. He ignores the dangerous uprising of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida affiliates in Egypt. 

    When one consider these issues — and Kerry’s inevitable tilt toward the Arab side — one can understand Moti Yogev’s implication that the American diplomat is guided by anti-Semitism.

    With that in mind, I say that Israel should give the Arabs nothing; until they convince Bibi that they really are willing to welcome Israelis as true neighbors; not as perennial enemies.