Sunday, January 30, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Tic, tock, tic, tock, no more time on the clock! This is the situation of United States President Barack Obama, at least as it pertains to his Middle-Eastern policy.

The day Hezbollah Leader (and Iranian strongman) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah brought down the government of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Harari, America and the Obama administration were attacked by Iran.

A diplomatic attack can be just a decisive as a physical military attack; sometimes it is even more powerful. Iran has proved the latter true in Lebanon.

Sensing the weakness of this American Administration and its naivete in Middle-Eastern policy, Iran has carried out a coup in Lebanon, by Hezbollah proxy. These actions by Iran show she is willing to openly flex her muscles against America and Obama and has no problem with being the region’s old/new colonialist empire.

Lebanese Druze Politician Walid Jumblatt going over to the side of his hated enemies Hezbollah was the icing on the cake for Iran. Mr. Jumblatt has been involved in Lebanese politics since forever, and is like a litmus test for where Lebanese believe power will go.

Mr. Jumblatt closely resembles a character from Catch 22: he is the Italian man in the whorehouse. In the movie this man tells Art Garfunkel, who plays Captain Nately, how he was fiercely Socialist when the socialist were in powerful and fiercely fascist when Mussolini was in power and now fiercely pro-American since the Americans took over Italy.

This is Walid Jumblatt today. Why?

He was once fiercely Pro-Syria; then he backed the Christian Alliances, switched back to the Syrian side and during the Cedar Revolution switched to the American, European and Saudi-backed Sunni Camp.

Each time he has done this in the hopes of protecting the Druze Minority he represents. Each time he has sided with what he viewed as the strongest camp.

The second Mr. Jumblatt saw the power move made by IRAN (not Syria) in the person of Hezbollah, he knew there was no way he could back Prime Minister Saad Harari without knowing America was willing to literally get involved in Lebanon. He also knew there was no way of honestly knowing how much America -- and especially this American Administration -- was willing to help the democratic, pro-West camp.

Could we really expect Walid Jumblatt to expose the whole Druze (an ethnic group that has suffered greatly at the hands of the Arabs) population of Lebanon to Iranian backed Hezbollah reprisals?

This all gets back to Middle-Eastern politics, something Americans are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT clueless about.

If Jumblatt were to put his hat in with now-deposed P.M. Harari, he would not just be asking for his assassination, he would be jeopardizing the population he represents. Sadly assassinations are what happens to those who stand against Iran’s polices in Lebanon; just ask assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Harari (Saad’s father), Pierre Amin Gemyal and Antione Ghamen of the Kataeb Party. All stood up to Hezbollah and the Iranians and all were assassinated.

Yes, America and the EU helped Lebanon form the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. But what are they going to do now that Hezbollah has seized power through a COUP? Would they protect the Druze, Jumblatt’s people, if he sided with Harari? The U.S. doesn't give a fiddler's damn about the Druze: they have no oil; they are not a regime in power.

So here some questions for the Obama administration: do you feel it is acceptable to show the rest of the Arab world that you will sit by and let Iran carry out a coup in Lebanon? Are you going to accept responsibility for being the American Administration that lost all credibility in the Near East?

Credibility here is based on one thing and one thing only: who is willing to enforce their power. Iran’s move in Lebanon is proof of that. So, the next move in this game of chess is Obama’s and he must both move quickly and do so in a wise manner.

The uprisings occurring in Tunisia, Egypt and now Yemen are yet another clear indication that the Obama administration is in deep, dangerous waters, unless they can begin to make clear, assertive decisions. Egypt is not only an ally of Israel, but an ally of the U.S., too. But Egypt’s Mubarik is in bad health and his 30-year autocratic reign has left the country in angry shreds. Much of that anger is directed at the U.S. and Israel.

Virtually all of the U.S. allies among the rest of the Arab states in the Near East are similarly either autocratic dictatorships and/or absolute monarchies. In fact, there is much about the U.S.’ relationships in the Near East which resembles the moves of Mr. Jumblatt in Lebanon! The U.S. has chosen to follow the current powers-that-be in most of the Near Eastern Arab/Muslim nations with which she has alliances. Unfortunately, most of those nations are run by despots, tyrants and dictators.

The notable exception in the Near East is, of course, democratic Israel. The way the picture is rapidly changing in this part of the world clearly means that America will need Israel more than ever.

But will Obama and the U.S. realize who her friends really are, in time?

Saturday, January 29, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Bill Clinton, the political con man's con man, delivered one of his typically fatuous statements this week to the effect that Israel "never had a better partner for peace" than the Palestinian Authority.

This was typically Bill. Clinton had just convened one of his patented -- and useless -- international parlays which are designed for two reasons and two reasons only: 1. To further pad his fat pocketbook; 2. To garner a few more headlines crafted for the civilized world to believe that he's still relevant and, perhaps, knows what he's talking about.

What we do know is that Bill Clinton is important in his own mind and has a coterie of suckers who love the taste of Bill's baloney. The second thing we know is that Bill doesn't know what the heck is going on in this world; otherwise he wouldn't be delivering contemptible comments about Israel's "partner for peace."

The fact of the matter is -- and has been since 1948 -- that Israel has no permanent partner for peace; and very likely never will.

Temporary ones, maybe.

Egypt was a hoped for example but we all know how long Anwar Sadat lasted.

Boom! Boom! Boom! And the angry Arabs -- in this case the Muslim Brotherhood -- disposed of him faster than you can say, "Where's Barack Obama's missing birth certificate?"

Enter Hosni Mubarak.

I won't say that Sadat's successor was frigid toward Israel but the warmth exuded by Sadat turned chillier than Autumn in the Arctic Circle.

A "Cold Peace" is the nicest thing one can suggest about Israeli-Egyptian relations. Any one who has studied the love affair between the two nations has to conclude that it has been a one-way romance. Israel woos and Egypt retorts with a non-embrace.

Should the current revolt in Cairo lead to Mubarak's ouster it is quite likely that militant Islam will annex Egypt and the peace treaty with Israel will turn to tissue, blown into the garbage by angry Arabs.

What's my point?

Bill Clinton knows full well what I'm certain Benjamin Netanyahu realizes: that there isn't an Arab country with which Israel can make a deal.

Israel gave up plenty -- and not just the Sinai -- to get Egypt to shake hands. What it eventually got in return was Cool Hand Mubarak; and that soon may be nothing more than that hand slapping Israel in the mug.

Who knows -- Jordan may be next.

Here's the checklist:

1. Iran's Shah goes down. The result is a nation whose current leader wants to blow Israel to smithereens. Not only that but he makes no bones about his wish to exterminate Jews.

2. Lebanon has effectively been annexed by Iran with Hezbollah's Nasrallah running the protectorate when he's not amassing rockets directed at Tel Aviv.

3. Turkey sanctions a phony flotilla designed to embarass Israel and has been taking pot shots at Bibi for months. With "friends" like Turkey, who needs enemies?

4. Hamas -- with blood on its hands after it overthrew the PA in Gaza -- is yet another rump Iranian republic taking orders -- and arms -- from Tehran.

With the above in mind, let's for a moment fantasize about Bill Clinton's suggestion that Israel has a Jim-Dandy peace partner in Mahmoud Abbas.

Pretend that real peace talks take place and eventually negotiations are concluded -- remember this is fantasy -- and a peace treaty is signed.

Since Abbas, Inc. now will have a nation of its own, the first thing it will do is arm and arm and ARM.

The second thing it will do is resist Hamas' attempt to annex the West Bank.

The third thing it will do is exactly what it did in Gaza; skidaddle out of there as fast as it can because Hamas knows all about a coup d' etat while the PA knows only how to stash American aid money -- and run.

If Bill Clinton -- and his Secretary of Fake, Hilary -- wanted to get serious, they would call a spade a spade when it comes to Arab perfidy, especially as it relates to Israel. Bill saw it firsthand when he was president but never had the guts to denounce Yasir Arafat and his PLO out loud for the entire world to hear.

In the end, Egypt's current revolt could easily result in the death of the Jerusalem-Cairo peace pact as it now stands.

That explains why an Israeli-Palestinian peace pact would have the shelf life of a ripe tomato.

How long do your tomatoes stay ripe, Bill?

And it certainly exists in the West Bank where Abbas has about as much genuine power as The Cowardly Lion from "The Wizard of Oz."

Come to think of it, there's good reason for Clinton to tout Abbas as "Israel's best partner for peace."

Baloney Bill and Mercurial Mahmoud have one thing in common -- CON with a capital C!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to make an address to his nation and to the international stage. Were I Bibi’s speech writer, this is the address I would pen:

“I have come here today to make Israel’s position with the Peace Process and achieving the two-state solution with the Palestinian Authority very clear.

What many of you in the international community, the United Nations and the international media forget is the fact that Israel has accepted Palestinian Statehood since 1948 and the UN partition of the British Mandate.

It was not Israel who rejected two states, but the Palestinian Leadership and the Arab world who rejected the will of the International community and international law when they rejected partition and attacked our Nation.

Decades later, my partner in our coalition government, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, offered Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Leadership peace. He offered a deal that should have ended this conflict, should have created a Palestinian State and brought peace to both our peoples. But no, Arafat turned has back on the Palestinian Nation, American President Bill Clinton, Israel and Peace.

Not only did Yasser Arafat and those with him in the Palestinian Leadership reject peace, they began a guerilla war against Israeli civilians. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has admitted it was the worst mistake made by the Palestinian Leadership, EVER.

Interesting, is it not, that certain South American heads of state have already ‘recognized’ a Palestinian State on the supposed 1967 borders. However, they do not share a border with the Palestinians and are not being showered with Qassam rockets, so of course, they are ready to recognize a Palestinian State.

Now you have the Russians recognizing our Palestinian neighbors. I wonder what the Russians would say if half the world stood up tomorrow and said they recognized Chechnya as an independent entity from Russia. Grozny would go up in flames a mere moments later.

The Palestinian Leadership is proud of all of this and I will be the first to congratulate them on their hard work of wooing South American third world dictatorships, the Russian so-called democracy and Iran to their side.

I am also sure that more nations will jump on this band wagon.

None of this matters, however. At the end of the day, if the Palestinians want statehood, they must sit down with the government of Israel and negotiate a settlement. No other way will they ever attain what they claim they want.

Let me get back to my original point: Israel was the first country to recognize the Palestinian Arabs’ right to statehood, when we accepted UN partition. To deny this is to deny historical fact.

So I say again that Israel recognizes the Palestinian Nation’s right to statehood, self-determination and peace. We recognize that for the Palestinian nation to be achieved, we will have to relinquish large parts of historical, biblical Israel. To achieve justice for both the Jewish nation/state and Palestinian nation/state, we Israelis will have to make enormous compromises with the tiny amount of land we have.

We are ready to do that.

However, here is what no Israeli Prime Minister or government will ever recognize:

Israel will never take responsibility for a refugee situation created by the Palestinian leadership and Arab leaders who opted for war instead of recognition of the UN Partition Plan.

Israel will never take responsibility for the undeniable fact that Palestinians have been intentionally kept as refugees in numerous states, to perpetuate the conflict with our country.

The only BINDING law concerning refugees -- Security Council resolution 242 -- states clearly that there must be a “Just settlement of the refugee problem.” ‘Just’ means for BOTH Israel and the Palestinians. Israel will NEVER recognize the Palestinian Right of Return.

Israel will accept the fact that to attain peace, she must yield a large portion of Judea and Samaria. We have already left Gaza. On the other hand, Israel will never go back to the borders of 1948 and there is not one single international law that says we must.

Israel will not accept the constant failure of Palestinian leadership to do what Israeli leaders have done: push for peace, no matter the price.

We can no longer accept the violent rhetoric of the Arab Street: it is not our fault that double talk has always been the standard of the Palestinian Leadership and Arab leaders.

Finally, we hold the Palestinian and Arab leaders responsible for preparing their people for nationhood and to cease immediately their virulent anti-Israeli anti-semitic acts and words.

I am Benjamin Netanyahu, I am here to say I recognize the right of the Arab Palestinian Nation to Statehood.

Now lets sit down, face to face, with no preconditions and settle (no pun intended) this for the future of our children.”

Monday, January 24, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Let’s be honest, what is happening to Israel and Israelis today has nothing to do with freedom, justice or even self-determination for the Palestinians. Today, people downright hate my country and my people, and as I see it, they hate us for no real reason whatsoever.

Today those who stand against Israel are not asking her to make peace, they are asking her to commit suicide.

Why do these people feel it is right to take a majority Jewish country and turn it into another majority Arab country?

Only because of a deep rooted hatred towards this Jewish nation. Why is right to deny the people who have fought so hard to protect their homes, families and lives, the right to their nation?

This is our nation we built from nothing, and why are we any less right in wanting to maintain our own self-determination?

My fellow citizens have worked so hard to build a flourishing democracy (a democracy so strong an Arab member of the Knesset can actually attend Israel Apartheid Week) that looks after ALL of its citizens. Why are we the ones who are wrong?

We may not be perfect, and I know we have made mistakes – some of them whoppers, but we are most certainly not an apartheid state. Anyone who has done historical research knows this. Anyone who has taken the time to actually look at what Apartheid South Africa was would have to be either incapable of processing information or filled with truly malicious intent to say that Israel carries out Apartheid laws.

Most interestingly, some of the most vociferous of my country’s haters are the people of Europe. The people calling my country an Apartheid State are descendants of those who carried out some of the worst atrocities the world has seen, from the Spanish Inquisition, to the rape and pillage of North America, Africa and vast areas of the Pacific, as well as the Holocaust.

How do these people who bear the heritage of so much cruelty in history have the right to condemn my country for defending herself?

For that matter, since when has it become wrong for a nation to defend its civilians? Israel and Israelis have always wanted peace. We have demonstrated that on numerous occasions. Why must we go beyond what all other nations would offer for peace? Why must we get less in return for the land we give up than America got from Japan?

What will the world say when the Palestinians attack Israel after she has returned what is rightfully hers thanks to the Balfour Declaration?

If Israel gives back Judea and Shomron, signs a peace treaty and then gets attacked by the new Palestinian State, will it be okay with the UN and these elements who hate us so much for Israel to defend herself? Must we go to the gas chambers, with bowed heads, again for these people to be happy?

That is the only answer I see. No matter how right we are (and we are very right) the world is always going to hate us. It always has.

It can only be hate, for people to tell a nation whose majority firmly believes in its ethos to stop believing in them.

Israelis love their country; they celebrate it all the time. Who has the right to tell them they are wrong for loving their freedom, loving their nation, loving what they have built through the most difficult conditions? Who has the right to tell them they do not deserve this state after all the work they have done to build this nation, then protect it, while still searching for peace?

No one has that right. Anyone who tells us we should not be proud of what and who we are is someone who has never taken the time to see all that Israelis have created; to see what we have built from nothing in a constant state of war we never wanted to have. Someone who is nothing more than a racist or A SELF HATING JEW.

So, again, where does this hate come from?

There is only one place such deeply-rooted hate towards the Jews and the Jewish nation comes from.


It has to be and it makes no difference if there are a few Jews mixed in with the haters. Why? Because these Jews -- even some who are Israelis -- hate themselves so much because of their very Jewishness. These Jews are like many of those in the past who despised themselves because they were a part of this “wretched” nation.

So if Anti-Semitism is the true root cause of all this Israel bashing, hating and delegitimizing, what can we as Israelis do?

We can only do what we have always done, from the oppression of slavery in Egypt, to the Babylonian captivity and the Persian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Ottoman and European occupations of our land. We must fight the just battle and show the world that we, the Jews and the Israeli nation, will not lie down and sacrifice ourselves for their ingrained anti-Semitism. We must fight back, protect what we have built and yet work for true peace and acceptance of our just right to maintain our own self-determination and freedom.

But this is a new war, one in which our enemies fight with new weapons.

We must develop our own new arsenal of weapons to fight this war of slander and lying invective. This is truly a time when the old adage is not true: we proved long ago that “sticks and stones could not break our bones,” but if we don’t learn the new rules of engagement, and soon, “words will certainly harm us.”

Saturday, January 22, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If you appeared before a mathematicians convention and tried selling the delegates on the merits of two-plus-two equalling six you would be shown the door.

But when it comes to Middle East diplomacy, two-plus-two just might make six.

Ban-ki Moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, offers a good example of such diplomatic ill-logic.

His latest bit of brilliant insight goes something like this: "Settlements are illegal and hamper the peace process."

Excuse me.

What "peace process?"

Every time either Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton or any of their assorted visiting flunkies attempt to convene a meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and his Arab counterparts, the Palestinians produce more alibis than there are camels in the Sahara.

Peace process?

Israel was created by United Nations mandate in 1948. Virtually every year since then the Arabs -- in one form or another -- have attempted to destroy what the UN created.

To this day Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen have refused to acknowledge that Israel is as much a legitimate state as Canada, Turkey or China for that matter.

How can there be a "peace process" if the Arabs (Palestinians) present a list of PRE-conditions before they even will consider sitting down with the Israelis?

This is the two-plus-two equals six brand of logic that Ban-ki Moon espouses.

If the UN Secretary-General really was serious about achieving a modicum of peace in the Middle East, he could start with a few comments about the Lebanese situation.

He could start by telling the world that the Nasrallah gang is about to take over Lebanon with a coup d'etat.

Then peacemaker Moon could explicitly note that Hezbollah has -- in violation of the UN-brokered armistice -- has been stockpiling long-range rockets, none of which would be trained on any nation other than Israel.

Should he want any fair-minded observer to take him seriously about "peace" he could point out that Hamas has unrelentingly allowed encouraged its assorted proxies such as Islamic Jihad to unrelentingly fire rockets and mortar shells into Israel without provocation.

Has it dawned on Secretary-General Moon that there is one -- and only one -- democracy in the Middle East and it's neither Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia nor Jordan?

Is there no sense of fairness when it comes to pointing a finger at those who have consistently and endlessly turned their backs on the Jewish State?

Not that America's Chief Executive has epitomized fair play.

Before taking office, Obama once solemnly promised that he would move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem where it should be.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. By insisting upon keeping its embassy in Tel Aviv, the White House provides Israel's enemies with a distorted message; we don't recognized Jerusalem as your capital even though it is your capital.

Call it just another case of political arithmetic; two-and-two equals six.

The distortion is exacerbated when a man named Moon declares that Jerusalem should be "shared" as a capital for both Israel and the Palestinians; the very same Palestinians who won't even acknowledge a Jewish state.

Justice may triumph in novels and cheery homilies.

In the Middle East -- at least when it comes to giving Israel a fair-shake -- justice is a cruel joke!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dear Macy Gray,

I am writing to you in the hopes you will read this. Sadly I have heard the news that you are considering canceling your concerts in Tel Aviv.

Please do not do this, it will be a tragically immoral action to take.

By doing this you will be doing the exact opposite of fighting for peace.

Israel is no Apartheid State.

Israel is the only true Democracy in the Middle-East; one in which Israeli Arabs enjoy greater freedoms than any other Muslims in the Arab world or the world in general.

There are thirteen Israeli Arab Knesset members; something that would be impossible in an apartheid state. In Israel there is no division: Arabs can live and work where they wish. One good example almost never discussed is that some of the finest and most expensive restaurants in Tel Aviv, Haifa and other cities are Arab owned and operated.

This is just one example of a minority group in Israel. Organizations like BDS do not want you to know about our Israeli Druze population. The Druze of Israel -- some of her strongest supporters -- were persecuted throughout the Arab Muslim world. They are fiercely patriotic because Israel is the first country to truly offer them equality and freedom.

Another example of why Israel is a democratic country is the newspaper Haaretz. Please read it one day. If you do, you will know immediately that an apartheid regime like that of South Africa would never have let a newspaper like Haaretz exist!

Ms. Gray, you say what my government is doing to the Palestinians is disgusting. What exactly is government doing to the Palestinians? Offering up to much peace while the Palestinian government endlessly call for my countries destruction?

Let us talk a little bit about what Israel has done for peace. Israel accepted the “Two State Solution” when she accepted the UN’s partition plan. The Arabs did not and started a war they ended up losing. Just to let you know, The Kingdom of Jordan and Egypt both occupied the Palestinian Territories of the Gaza Strip (Egypt) and the West Bank (Jordan) until they lost them in another war with Israel that they also started, in 1967.

At Camp David, President Bill Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat 97 percent of the West Bank, all of Gaza, East Jerusalem -- including the Muslim and Christian Quarters of the Old City -- and the ability for the state of Palestine to accommodate Palestinian refugees. All of this would have comprised the Independent State of Palestine.

What Israel asked of Arafat was to acknowledge an end to conflict, give up the Right of Return to Israel (which means destroying Israel) and recognize Israel as the democratic Jewish nation state. It was Arafat who said NO to Peace, and NO to Palestinian Statehood. He then continued (as has been admitted recently by HAMAS strongman Mahmoud Zahar) a war with Israel, which he called “The Second Intifada.”

You may have heard of the hideous suicide bombings which occurred in Israel during Arafat’s war: Sbarro restaurant and a night club in Tel Aviv; a huge seder celebration in Netanya. These were but a few, and hundreds of Israelis were killed in these bombings, until Israel constructed the much-maligned wall. Since the construction of that wall, there has not been another Israeli death from suicide bombing.

In 2005 Israel completely pulled her citizens out of the Gaza Strip, in the hope of creating an atmosphere encouraging peace. Ms. Gray, these people had been living in their homes for forty years or more. Israel did this with no deal, no guarantees; just the hope of creating an opportunity for Peace. That has been met with over EIGHT THOUSAND ROCKETS shot into Israel by the Palestinian Population in Gaza. Just so you know Ms. Gray these rockets are pointed at CHILDREN AND OTHER CIVILIANS.

Israel has an open Gay community, and gays have been serving in the IDF openly for years. In face, if you were a gay Palestinian you would be doing everything possible to get into Israel. We have a Gay Parade in Tel Aviv and in JERUSALEM. Could you imagine a gay parade in Mecca or Medina? Remember, Ms. Gray, Jerusalem is the Holiest City to the Jewish Nation.

The people fighting Israel and the people behind the BDS and ISM movements are virulently anti-Semitic and tragically, also racist. They propose imposing on an EIGHTY PERCENT Jewish Nation State, Arab Muslim sovereignty. That is true Apartheid. They say Israel must recognize Palestinian Arabs’ right to statehood, then they say that Israel does not have the right to exist as the Jewish Nation State.

It is members of the Palestinian Leadership, including President Mahmoud Abbas and top negotiator Saeb Erekat who have stated on several occasions that not ONE JEW WILL BE ALLOWED TO LIVE IN THE PALESTINIAN STATE. Again, that reeks of segregation, apartheid and racism.

BDS and ISM are much like the Nazi Brownshirts of the early 1930s. They are effective at spreading fear against supporters of Israel. They are even more effective at scaring people like you.

They know you cannot stop and read all the history behind this conflict (which would, of course, crush their argument). So they threaten you as the Brownshirts did in Germany, and as they do on college campuses around the United States and Europe

The Palestinian leadership and organizations like BDS and ISM are the ones responsible for the fact there still is no state called Palestine. We Israelis cannot force it on them. For them, destroying the Jewish Nation in its homeland has always been more important. They are the true supporters of apartheid

Incredibly, in a recent poll the MAJORITY of Palestinian Arabs of East Jerusalem would choose Israeli citizenship over Palestinian citizenship when the two state deal is finished! How could that be, if Israel is such a racist, apartheid state? Have a look:

I will not threaten you, nor will I suggest that others do so. I just hope you make the right decision and come to Israel.


Simon Fischler

Monday, January 17, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Benjamin Netanyahu is no more like Yitzhak Shamir nor Ariel Sharon any more than Harry Truman was another Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson.

Every nation's leader follows his own modus operandi for better or for worse. In a sense he is no different than a sporting coach who explains his moves by asserting, "I acted on a gut feeling."

In Bibi's case we judge him by the manner in which he reacts to critical situations. For example, he showed considerable fortitude by rejecting an Obama-Clinton pincer movement -- alias bribe -- that would have had the Prime Minister agreeing to another (useless) construction moratorium.

The White House bribe was yet another appeasing move designed to lure Mahmoud Abbas & Company to a negotiating table it abhors no less than the Bubonic Plague.

Pressured left and sideways, Netanyahu said nix to that, leaving Abbas whining about a broken peace process of which he knows never will happen as long as he lives. Meanwhile the imperial White House was stunned to the very core simply because it lives by the political bribe; only this time it boomeranged all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

If anything, Bibi's behavior then and since demonstrates that -- as opposed to not getting it -- he gets it!

He looks North at Lebanon and views a nation about as together as Humpty-Dumpty one second after his great fall.

He gazes South to Gaza where ruling Hamas leaders warn their Islamic Jihad buddies to cut out the mortar firing at Israel. In turn Islamic Jihad honors the request about a half-day and then resumes the firing.

The Prime Minister then turns on his television set where video of a Tunisian revolution suggests a chaotic government as out-of-control as a crazed merry-go-round.

There's a conclusion out there that's about as obvious as the January on your calendar; a peace pact involving Israel and any Arab nation -- with the possible exception of Egypt and Jordan -- would have the durability of cotton candy.

Bibi knows that the Arabs (Palestinians) ruling the West Bank (Abbas) constitute a cardboard government propped up by Uncle Sam and his State Department.

Nobody has to tell Netanyahu that Hamas will make nice with Israel the year after Hell freezes over and the same goes for Nasrallah and his gang of iran-sponsored assassins. Thus, the Prime Minister -- in the understatement of the half-century -- opines:

"We don't know if a peace agreement would be respected and so any peace deal would have to include on-the-ground security arrangements."

Those "on-the-ground security arrangements" already have proven their worth.

Despite maniacal protests by those determined to torpedo The Good Ship Israel, the Security Fence has proven its worth over and over again. The Israel Defense Forces policing of the West Bank has been of inestimable value in curbing terrorists.

Well, you get it -- and so does Bibi.

If a Tunisian dictatorship can be overthrown, who knows, maybe the same can happen in Tehran.

In the meantime, we await Obama's move toward stabilizing Lebanon which has been a staging area for the Syrian terrorists for more than a decade.

So, what does the Imperial President do?

Instead of once and for all slapping down Assad, the White House decides that more appeasement is in order. Hence the American Commander-In-Appease dispatches an ambassador which must have Assad enjoying a hearty, sardonic chuckle.

Bibi knows. Israel won't wait for the never-to-happen brokered peace pact; he'll take care of his country's on-the-ground security arrangements on his own.

Whatever his flaws, Netanyahu gets it!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Stateless and still seeking the destruction of Israel -- what does that get you?

Welcome to Palestinian nationalism.

How have the Palestinian reached this stage in their warped development?

I repeat, via Palestinian nationalism!

What is another way of putting this curious development?

How about calling it victimism?

That’s simply because of this indisputable fact: when a nation spends all of its time blaming another party for its problems, it becomes the eternal victim whether or not it really is the victim.

A brief historical review proves that this “victimization” has enveloped the Palestinians from the get-go.

With that in mind, let me point out that nearly every Israel-basher conveniently forgets a pivotal point.

This is this; the United Nations agreed on 29 November 1947 to two states in the land of Israel. One for the Jews and one for the Arabs: the Jews agreed; the Arabs did not and decided on war, a war to annihilate the Jews of Israel.

It was a war which the Palestinians lost.

What’s more, they were defeated despite having an overwhelming advantage of multiple Arab armies arrayed against a rag-tag, patched-together, nascent Israeli defense corps.

Nonethelss, Israel (Little David) managed to secure her Independence with the help of nobody.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians managed to lose everything allotted to them from the United Nations. And this, despite help from armies of Egypt, Jordan (led by British officers), Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Morocco and even contingents from Yemen.

Somehow, the way the pro-Palestinians put it, this is all Israel’s fault.

Far too many contemporaries conveniently have forgotten about the Palestinian leader during World War II.

That happened to be the virulent, Jew-hating Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Haj Amin el Husseini worked hand-in-glove with Adolf Hitler. Working -- sometimes from Berlin -- The Mufti’s aim was to deport all Jews of the then-Palestinian Mandate (controlled by Britain) to European death camps.

With that in mind, it is worth noting that, during the Israeli war of independence, David Ben Gurion fought a short but nasty Civil War.

It lasted for only one skirmish, but in that battle Ben Gurion gave the okay to sink a ship filled with arms and Holocaust survivors called the Altalena. This ship belonged to Menachem Begin’s underground militia, the Irgun.

This is an important piece of history from which the Palestinians could learn.

If Mahmoud Abbas is not willing -- nor able --to corral the mini-armies belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Palestinians never will have a state.

Ben Gurion knew at the time that were he to allow Begin to work him over and allow a militia outside of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), it would be the start of anarchy such as we see today in Gaza and Judea/Samaria (which outsiders call The West Bank).

The Palestinians simply cannot legitimately blame Israel forever if there are thousands of armed militants running the Gaza strip and Judea/Samaria!

A reflection on The Oslo Accords reveal how completely the Palestinians have enrobed themselves in this guise of victim.

Consider what unfolded at Oslo.

Israel had everything to lose and Palestinian had everything to gain.

In return for the Gaza strip and Judea/Samaria, Israel would get a piece of paper saying that there was now peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Oh, and that Israel existed as a state.

There was, however, a paper problem.

Israel already did exist, so who needed it on a piece of paper.

Then, Ehud Barak committed one of the world’s most outrageous attempts at benevolence. he offered Yasser Arafat all of Gaza, 97% of Judea and Samaria plus East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian quarters of The Old City.

It was an offer that no sane negotiating leader could refuse.

Yet Arafat said no to that!

Not only were Barak and U.S. President Bill Clinton rebuffed, Arafat then proceeded to show his appreciation for Israel’s leader by starting a war against Israel!

What has been revealed in the years since the start of Arafat’s war presents a more sinister picture of the Palestinians true intentions.

The Palestinians were planning to go to war as soon as the Camp David talks failed. They simply used Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most holy site, as an excuse.

This visit was also planned ahead with the Palestinians to guarantee a smooth and pleasant visit for Sharon with no violence. As we know the Palestinians did just the opposite.

Here is a quote from Imad Falouji who was then the PA Communications Minister: “The Intifada was carefully planned since the return of (Palestinian President) Yasser Arafat from Camp David negotiations rejecting the U.S. conditions."

A statement from Mamduh Nofal, former military commander of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, supplied more evidence of pre-September 28 military preparations. Nofal recounts that “Arafat told us, ‘Now we are going to fight, so we must be ready.’"

During Arafat’s War more than four thousand Palestinians were killed, mostly in Israeli retaliatory strikes to suicide bombings and attacks against Israeli citizens. The Palestinian economy has been totally destroyed and Palestinian society is on the brink of collapse. Yet the Palestinians blame Israel for their sorrow, instead of taking responsibility for their actions.

They always start the conflicts, yet after they lose them, they’re once again THE VICTIM!

Europe and America poured billions of dollars into the Palestinian Authority during the Oslo period, but where did that money go?

We know it was not used for building what would become a Palestinian state, because we know, for one thing, there are still refugee camps in Gaza with open sewers!

Instead it was put into the pockets and Swiss bank accounts of the “peacemaker” Arafat, or used to buy weapons that were eventually turned on Israel after Camp David.

By 2002, Palestinian corruption had reached so egregious a state that the Americans and Europeans finally intervened.

They insisted that Salam Fayyad (someone they knew could be trusted to place the money where it belonged) become the PA’s finance minister. Of course the Palestinians blame Israel for their financial woes. More victimism!

One final -- a clinching -- example. The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip.

It had been -- logically -- hoped that the Palestinians would immediately embrace this newfound freedom and convert it to their peaceful advantage.

But, no, this has never been their way.

Instead of building schools and places of business, the first thing the Palestinians did was shell the Negev town of Sederot with Qassam rockets.

At first, Israel turned the other cheek. But the rockery multiplied.

Eventually Israel tired of broken promises to stop the aerial assaults. The Jews hit back, which simply was the natural thing to do.

Naturally, both the PA and the average Palestinian blamed Israel.

Hamas is making every effort to get the EU, UN and others to support its government. But every other day Khaled Mashal, the leader of Hamas, insists that Hamas will never recognize Israel.

This is not just curious, it is sick and ironic since every Israeli government since that of the late Yitzhak Rabin has respected and acknowledged Palestinian rights.

Even the Likud, the Israeli political party that CNN, the New York Times and the BBC love to call the ‘far right,” has recognized that the Palestinians must achieve a state to reach peace.

What is sad about Palestinian Nationalism or Palestinian Victimism is its failure to see that it simply will not defeat Israel.

Israel has fought hard to create a nation and a thriving country.

Israel sports an economy that withstood Arafat’s war, the 2006 war with Hezbollah and the Cast Lead operation.

In fact today the dollar is at it one of its lowest points against the Israeli shekel and the Tel Aviv stock exchange has done nothing but become stronger over the last decade-and-a-half.

Israel has a world-acclaimed Universal Health system -- something most Americans would love to have -- along with medical centers on a par with America’s best.

Israeli technology is at the cutting edge and places such as the Weizmann institute in Rehovot and the Technion in Haifa are well-noted for their contributions to the world of science.

The IDF is as strong as ever. Furthermore, it is taking the lessons of its last conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas and incorporating them in future battle plans.

Although there were one thousand Israeli civilian casualties during Arafat’s war Israeli society proved its resilience and commitment to survival.

This point is most cogent in evaluating Jewish-Arab relations in the Middle East: Israelis will never sign off on the freedom or their nation.

No matter how many radical leftists try to call us fascist, Colonialist or an Apartheid state.

No matter how many Carter’s, Chomsky’s or Finkelsteins commit to the Palestinian side (verbally, at any rate), Israelis will always fight for their country.

And no matter how much the Palestinians attempt to whine their way to statehood, it will not happen until they assume the responsibility that Israel did in 1948.

Israelis know they have every right to live in their country, which they built. Come to Tel Aviv and look upon this fact with your own eyes and you will see why the Palestinian victim will never impress when compared with the facts.

Hopefully, the Palestinians will realize this and soon.

Then -- and only then -- can they begin what could be called Palestinian redemption.

Then they could get what they need: schools, industry, medical centers and a livelihood.

The day the Palestinian leaders commit to this worthy cause and stop trying to destroy Israel there will be peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

And finally, there will be no more victims.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

In the make-believe-world of "peacemakers" such as Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and the menagerie known as the European Union, the end game of Middle East peacemaking efforts goes something like this:

1. After endless preliminary negotiations; face-to-face talks are conducted between Israel and whomever the Arab (Palestinian) leaders happen to be.

2. Eventually -- maybe in the next century, who knows? -- a deal is hammered out with two distinctly separate states; Israel and whatever the Arabs choose to call their entity. 

3. Everybody lives happily ever after.

However, that eventuality will happen when cows jump over the moon and the dish runs after the spoon.

Which is precisely why -- in my first sentence -- I immediately described it as a "make-believe-world."

But, let's put on our super-duper-a-la-Peter T. Hooper cloak and imagine -- fantasy is hereby allowed -- that the above Points 1 and 2 actually could happen. 

Would that mean that Point 3 inevitably would follow?


Not by a long shot or a sling shot and it all would be -- in the sad end -- because of rocket shots!

And if you know why pessimism trumps optimism in this case, just check out the results of Israel's Gaza "cease fire" following Operation Cast Lead. 

Unless you believe that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their other assorted playmates are firing Teddy Bears at Israel, there's no reason to expect any form of "security" following any peace pact with the Arabs.

The problem is that Uncle Sam's (Obama's) idea of security for Israel is based on paper; alias a document; otherwise known as a pact; ergo: Peace Pact.

"Security" on paper always looks appetizing in headlines and sounds appealing on newscasts. 

Remember when President George W. Bush put in writing a new view of Israel and its borders that did away with American thinking about returning to 1967 borders and such claptrap. 

The Bush declaration was hailed everywhere from Metula to Eilat as an eternal boost fort Israeli security. And why shouldn't it? After this was the Commander In Chief of what once was the world's most powerful -- not anymore folks under cheek-turning Obama -- nation endorsing Israel's stand on security.

Well, you know -- or should know -- how much substance the Bush declaration-letter-policy has since Obama-Clinton took over. The American president essentially has tossed it into the shredder-ashcan-garbage dump. 

Translated: That American assurance of Israeli "security" is as dead as George Washington. Or, as some State Department flunky might assert: "Forget-about-it!"

The dismal truth is that there never can be security-by-pact. And if any Israeli leader is deceived into such thinking, shame on him and shame on her.

Over and over and over again, history has shown us that peace pacts and assorted other treaties are endlessly bypassed by aggressive nations. 

Prior to World War II, Japan pulled a fast one on the world by ignoring a treaty banning the construction of capital ships beyond a certain tonnage. Under secret -- during Emperor Hirohito's reign -- Nippon constructed not one, not two but three super-battleships in the Yamato class in clear, blatant violation of the treaty.

Now we're not talking about concrete bunkers in which Israeli-hating Arabs (Palestinians) can store endless thousands of rocket-launchers, I'm noting that these were gigantic warships; concealed from view until the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

Nobody can tell me -- what the Benjamin Netanyahu's government well knows -- that Hezbollah is not storing such missiles for future attacks on Israel. 
And wasn't the cease-fire deal Israel signed to end the Lebanese War supposed to prevent the hoarding-storing of such missiles? Of course it was but just like the hundreds of non-aggression pacts signed in the past century, it currently is being ignored.

Which brings us to the doleful bottom line: and that is the only security that can be guaranteed Israel cannot come from the White House, the European Union -- Heaven forbid! -- or any outside do-gooder other than Israel itself.

Paper guarantees are meant for the Round File; no more no less.

Let Bibi & Company not be deceived into believing that "security" can come from without. 

As we have learned via Gaza, Lebanon, the Sudetenland, Pearl Harbor and the phony Flotilla armadas, it must be Israel which determines its peace; not alleged Samaritans named Obama, Clinton nor Abbas!


By Simon Fischler

I am writing to clear up a few things.

For starters, Arabs come from Arabia, hence the name A-R-A-B. (Saudi) Arabia is nowhere near the Levant, Israel or many other places where we find Arabs today, from the Middle-East to Africa.

How did they get there?


That’s right, Arabs are second only to white Europeans when it comes to colonialism. Mohammad, an illiterate war chief born in Mecca circa 570 AD who plagiarized much of the Israelite bible (the Tanach), conquered the Middle-East and northern Africa. His followers then marched into Spain, parts of France and Italy, and as far as Banja Luka in today’s Bosnia, before being stopped by Charlemagne and others. As the Arabs, now called Muslims, violently carried their new religion, Islam, into southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, they raped, pillaged and destroyed cultures, peoples and civilizations along the way.

Arabic Islam didn’t stop there. After all of this violent vanquishing, the Arab Muslims then went about desecrating the religious monuments in the newly-conquered lands. Example: building the Dome of the Rock and Al Aksa mosque on the Temple Mount. This was the flagrant, intentional desecration of the holiest site to the Hebrew, Israelite and now Jewish people.

Another truly important fact that the world has somehow missed or is hiding away behind a hardened mask of denial is the collaboration of the Arab slave traders in North Africa with their white European buyers. It was also Arab pirates from North Africa who systematically kidnapped white Christians from all over the coastal areas of Europe, for the purpose of slavery, adding to harems, or even occasionally supplying ransom income.

Interesting how the world, myself included, was so anti-apartheid over South Africa, but has let the Arabs continue their tyrannical rule and apartheid policies throughout the lands they conquered in North Africa. Why hasn’t the world demanded that the Arabs return Africa to its rightful owners, Native Black Africans, just as global pressure succeeded in forcing the white Europeans to return South Africa to her rightful “owners,” indigenous Black Africans?

Arabs/Muslims have been the perpetrators of some of the worst crimes of the 20th and 21st centuries. Many of these crimes have been carried out against Israel and her Jewish population, black Africans, Armenians and women. Since this means few white, Western males were involved the modern First World truthfully does not care that much! However, from the Armenian genocide, the massacres of Hebron and the Arab riots, the final solution of the Jews of Eretz Israel by Haj Amin Al Hussieni, to the modern female slave trade -- all are the creation of and in the hands of Arab Muslims or Muslims in general (after all, the Turks, Iranian, Bosnian and Indonesian Muslims are not Arab).

It is also almost entirely the Arabs who are keeping the world hooked on oil (although admittedly it was white Europe and the US that taught them how to do it!). That means they have played an enormous role in bringing about the horrible environmental situation we live in today (again, with the willing complicity of the entire oil-addicted First World). By keeping us hooked on oil they perpetuate the situation and therefore bear much responsibility for the potentially dire environmental future of our children.

All of the above is true; as true as one plus one equaling two. Hopefully it will also be true that someday, when the oil runs out, the First World -- if it has not been completely Islamicized -- will turn on the Arabs and their Muslim brethren, forcing them to take responsibility for all the atrocities they have carried out, making them pay a heavy price for their actions and deeds.

That day cannot come soon enough.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


By Simon Fischler

I just discovered that Facebook is a frightening example of how unified and extensive the Pro-Palestinian, rabidly anti-Israel sector has become.

I belong to many pro-Israel groups on Facebook, none of which are called “I Hate Palestine” or “I Hate The Arabs.”

I did a little test yesterday and typed into the Facebook search engine “I Hate Palestine.” I expected to get something, at least ten or twenty pages (I know we have crazies on our side, too). I found one group! That’s it, only one group. I was shocked.

But, if you type “I Hate Israel” in the Facebook search engine, you will get over 500 groups! There are groups with swastikas, groups with old school anti-Semitic cartoons – the whole disgusting gamut. Type in “Wipe Israel off the Map” and you get a good amount of groups too.

How can people expect the Israeli government or Israelis to believe in peace when this is what they're confronted with?

Sadly, the hundreds of groups on Facebook are just an appetizer to all the other main-course anti-Semitic attacks being carried out by the Radical left and the Arab / Muslim world right now.

Attempts to boycott Israel and stain her name with “apartheid” is merely one recent slant to their demonic campaign of murder, thanks in large part to former US president Jimmy Carter (who faintly apologized … much too little and far too late).

Yet, call their bluff and they always come up short. No matter how much they try to reinvent or revise the past, the facts and histories are all there for those who want to find them.

It was Haj Amin Al Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem, who was a Nazi collaborator, assisted in recruiting for the German army in WW2 and tried to institute his own “Final Solution” to the Jewish problem of Palestine (which he failed to accomplish, thanks to Israel’s victory in her War of Independence.) FACT.

It was the Arabs who said no to the UN partition plan. FACT.

It was the Arabs that invaded the nascent Israeli State after telling their own people to flee, so they could push the Jews into the sea. FACT.

It was the Arabs who tossed close to 900,000 Jews out of their Muslim lands. FACT.

It was the Arabs who gave the three NOs of the Khartoum Resolution after the Six Day War: no peace with Israel; no recognition of Israel; no negotiations with Israel. FACT.

It was Arafat who turned down Palestinian statehood and Peace in 2000-2001. FACT.

Today it is the Arabs and their ally, the Radical Left, who promote groups like “I Hate Israel” on Facebook.

When will these people learn that if they hated Israel less and loved Palestine more, their futures would be brighter?

What does that mean?

It means facing up to the fact that Israel IS … and is NOT going away. FACT.

Only when the pro-Palestinian lobby -- its allies, self-proclaimed pundits and all of those whining, judgmental, finger-pointing supporters included – admits that Israel is here to stay, can the possibility of creating a Palestinian state even begin to exist.

Only when that lobby shifts its vociferous, hateful energies toward creation instead of toward destruction (and the death of Israel), can the potential of a Palestine move toward any sort of reality.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


By Simon Fischler

The outlandish prevarication from the Palestinian/Muslim side of the Arab-Israeli conflict has become explosively provocative.

"A sacrilegious act of profanation of the holy Islamic site," This is a quote from The Organization of the Islamic Conference concerning the outbreak of violence on the Temple mount this Friday the 6th of March.

Israeli Police were forced to stop Muslim worshipers from throwing rocks down on Jews praying at the Western Wall. That is the “sacrilegious” act? That is the “profanation?” How is it possible they “forget” that this started because Muslims tossed rocks down on Jews praying at the Western Wall? They also neglect to mention that the “Islamic” site they refer to is, in fact, the most holy site to the Jewish Nation, and was long before there was a religion called Islam. FACT

This is the sterling example of Palestinian, Arab and Muslim “religious freedom.” What will happen to Jews when a Palestinian State has been created and Israelis wish to visit the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron? If this is what we can expect when our country controls these sacred Jewish religious sites, what will happen when some of them are turned over to the authorities of a Palestinian State? Massacre is the first word that pops into my mind. Denial of Access is another.

These sites have always been Jewish. The Temple Mount was the Temple Mount long before Mohammad came along. The Cave of the Patriarchs is the resting place of the central characters of Judaism, not Islam.

It is enough that we the Jews must live with the fact that Arab Muslims got away with totally desecrating our most holy site by building both Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. Now they tell us we cannot designate the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s tomb as Jewish Heritage sites? How sick and ridiculous is this?

This nasty nonsense is clearly an attempt to usurp and/or erase Jewish history. This is nothing new; the Palestinians -- and Muslims in general – have tried to erase the histories of the peoples and places they have conquered and occupied, for centuries. Remember the Taliban blowing up two Buddhas that had been standing in Afghanistan for 1700 years?

What is even more distressing is how the international community has handled the situation. They just do not seem to get it. There will be no peace without Israeli agreement. No matter how much they placate and appease the Arabs, it will do nothing if Israel is not on board. You cannot force an agreement on Israel. Israelis will never agree to anything if they see the world is ready to strip them of their history, just to get a piece of paper in return.

Wake up and smell the coffee! If you want to demand that Israel respect the Palestinians, then you must demand that the Palestinians respect Israel and the Jewish nation’s history and rights.

President Obama, you want Israel to move forward in the direction of Peace? Then you must demand that the Palestinians stop their provocative efforts to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist and to end their denial of her historical and religious heritage.

The world keeps making demands of Israel, while the Palestinians keep lighting the gunpowder under the powder keg. At this very moment the Palestinians are suffering from their typical memory loss of their last disaster with the Second Intifada and are inciting violence on a daily basis.

Now, sadly, they are being encouraged and assisted by totally misguided organizations such as the ISM. For ISM protestors this is fine; when things get scary, they can fly home to their pampered lives in America. For those of us who can’t run off to our coddled life in America things are different.

To prevent another disaster from happening here, someone must quickly demand that the Palestinians/Arabs/Muslims stop their incitement against Israel and the religious sites that are an integral part of her history.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Let’s not fool ourselves. Whatever the majority of the Left today would like to call their anti-Semitic, anti-Israel stance, it is nothing else but that: raw, unadulterated, pure, good old-fashioned anti-Semitism!

How dare I say that, right? One should be able to criticize Israel and her policies. True, but today the Left does not criticize Israel; it vilifies and demonizes Israel.

I must obviously be part of the clan, club or syndicate of Jews doing all it can to shut up Israel’s critics and help her and the Neocons (code-word for evil American Jews) control the world!

That type of talk should sound like insanity. Unfortunately, “Jews secretly running the world” is one of the many conspiracy theories that leading left, elite, professors, journalists and quasi-intellectuals espouse when attacking both the American Jewish community and Israel.

The Left would have you think the same could be said about the far Right. Right? Wrong! People like David Duke and Pat Buchanan don’t lie about who they are: they’re quite clear that they are card-carrying Jew haters.

But bastions of the Left, such as the self-loathing Jews Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein spew some of the most virulent anti-Semitism, then camouflage it behind their Jewish National ancestry or their supposed liberal credentials, claiming it’s impossible for them to be anti-Semites because of their liberalness or their Jewishness. Apparently they are unaware of the fact the Jews have always been the best Anti-Semites!

Another truth seldom remarked upon: leftist street protests around the world could be stunt doubles for Nazi party rallies in the late Thirties. A great example was the protests against the war in Iraq.

They were full of placards reading “Free Palestine”, “Stop the Occupation”, “Gays for Palestine”(the biggest joke of all because of the treatment of homosexuals by Hamas and the supposedly moderate Fatah), “Death to Israel”, “Destroy Israel”, “Israel = Nazis” and more equally hateful Israel-bashing.

Sorry, but I must have missed something in geography! Is the West Bank in Iraq? What does the war in Iraq have to do with freeing Palestine? Why do leftist protestors -- from Anti-Iraq protestors to left wing anti-globalization protestors -- blame the world’s problems on Israel? Ohhh, that’s right: because Jews run the world!

Not to mention if you want to carry a sign like “Free Palestine,” you would be wise to direct it at the Arabs; not the Israelis. No one was protesting when Jordan occupied the West Bank and Egypt usurped Gaza until 1967!

Let us be truly honest: the facts, or the truth if you will, are simple (no matter how much Noam Chomsky will use his extraordinary linguistic skills to try and deceive you), even though the Left is in selective denial. The Palestinians were offered an amazing deal in 2000 at Camp David, a deal that was created and supported by Bill Clinton and the American government. America, the country that returned the Sinai Peninsula and all its oil wells from Israel to Egypt in the Camp David accords.

The 2000 deal would have given the Palestinians their state on 95% of the West Bank, all of the Gaza strip and East Jerusalem. Not a bad deal for the party that had lost the war! The state offered to the Palestinians would have given them their freedom and brought both nations peace and prosperity.

For the Palestinian and Arab leadership this would have created an immense problem, though. It would have meant an end to conflict without destroying Israel and erasing the blight of a Jewish State from the Arab, Muslim world (something the Left continuously overlooks).

Tantamount to the failure of destroying Israel, it also would have meant Arab and Palestinian leaders would be unable to blame the backwardness of their countries and the extremism of their dictatorial governments on Israel. They finally would be held accountable to their citizens … with no Jewish escape-goat!

By ignoring this fact, the Left blatantly shows its contempt for historical truth, exposes its hatred for Israel and glorifies its own anti-Semitism. Further, left-wingers would then blame Israel for the Palestinians’ self inflicted Occupation. Why would I call it “self-inflicted”?

Simple: not only did the Palestinians reject peace in 2000, they had rejected peace when the United Nations (representative of World Law) lawfully voted for the partition of the British Mandate of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab State. They then declared war on Israel and lost. The Palestinians and their Arab brethren have done nothing but tirelessly reject peace, deny Israel’s right to exist and carry out human rights abuses against Jews whenever wherever and however possible!

All of which seems to leave the left unfazed! They appear to have no qualms about supporting oil-producing, genocidal Arabs … as long as these Arabs are standing against democratic Israel!

The Lie of Occupation

The Left’s idea of “occupation” is corrupt, anyway. The West Bank is a modern name, a name of the 20th century. And what today’s revisionist world calls the West Bank was called Judea and Samaria for thousands of years.

Worse, in many cities of the Palestinian Mandate -- before and after the start of the 20th century -- Jews were the majority population; especially Jerusalem, although this changed after two events.

The first was a mass migration to Palestine of Arabs, allowed by the British while they simultaneously curtailed Jewish Immigration. These Arabs were seeking work on Jewish farms that employed new farming technology-- technology that was in the process of turning the desert green and providing lots of jobs.

The second instance was the Arab pogroms of the early 20th century, when Arabs systematically started a plan of ethnic cleansing in which the British collaborated!

The city of Hebron is a perfect example. The 1929 Hebron Massacre killed 67 Jews although its true and intended result was much greater: the total departure of all of Hebron’s Jews from the city. The Jews of Hebron at this time were the majority, but after the Jews fled, the Arab population seized all of their belongings. Today Hebron is a completely Arab city … in full possession of the land and belongings of the Jews who once lived there.

By any definition of today’s human rights organizations this was ethnic cleansing, a crime against humanity and a war crime! It is also just one of the many examples of Arab atrocities against the Jews of the land of Israel about which the Left appears to have collective amnesia!

Annie Lennox and her gang could care less about Palestinian Arab intolerance today either. The Left won’t take to the streets when Sederot is rocketed for eight years, but won’t miss a beat when Israel defends herself.

None of them protested when the Palestinians torched Joseph’s Tomb on October 7th 2000 (The Joseph we’re talking about is the Jewish Patriarch Joseph). Apparently the Left feels it is fine for Arabs to ransack and torch some of the most sacred Jewish Holy sites, but if an Israeli soldier sneezes next to a mosque, it is a crime against humanity!

Most importantly, the Left totally ignores the fact that the Arabs of Israel during the Israeli war of Independence were lead by Mohammed Amin al-Husayni, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Not only was Mr. Husayni the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, he was also a fervent supporter of the Nazi party during WW2. Being that the Grand Mufti was the leader of the Arab population of Palestine, it means that from 1921 (When he became Grand Mufti) the Arabs were lead by a Nazi collaborator.

Like the Germans of Nazi Germany, the Palestinians were Nazi’s themselves, as proven by their actions. Examples are the Hebron Massacre of 1929, the 1936-1939 Arab Revolt in which 400 Jews were killed by Arabs, etc.

The Leader of the Left

We must again hit the topic of our friend Noam Chomsky.

Mr. Chomsky (I refuse to call him a professor of anything but self-hating, Jewish anti-Semitism) is the messiah of today’s left-wing, Jew-hating, Israeli bashers.

Chomsky is a known Holocaust denier; proven by his ardent support of almost all Holocaust deniers themselves! In his many debates against Alan Dershowitz he has shown that he cares nothing for the truth. Like his friend Norman Finkelstein he has no problem with just inventing lies to push his propaganda.

So, I ask you this, if Don Imus was fired from his job for calling the Rutgers Womens’ basketball team “nappy headed ho’s,” why is Noam Chomsky not fired from MIT for being a known Holocaust denying, bigoted, anti-Semitic backer of ethnically cleansing Israel of her Jews?

How can the Left claim to be ardent supporters of liberal values when they back the most fascist, tyrannical and dictatorial regimes against the liberal, open, Democratic state of Israel?

The truth is the Left is no longer the Left of 30 years ago. The left of 30 years ago embraced American Jews because these Jews were the supporters of the civil-rights movement. The true left (which is now dead), the left I loved, supported Israel because she is a Democracy. The true left stood by Israel because she stands for everything that America’s forefathers wanted for America herself!

Today’s left is radical to its core and promotes and carries out anti-Israel, anti-Semitism. It silences those who wish to support Israel. It is backed financially by Arab states that have the worst Human Rights records. They back nations who call for Israel to be wiped off of the world map.

In fact, today’s left resembles the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany more than it does the supporters of Freedom and Liberty who fought for the Civil Rights movement, or fought against the war in Vietnam.

The Emperor of the left truly has no clothes. He is nothing more than a classic anti-Semite, calling for what all anti-Semites have called for: the destruction of the Jewish State and the Jewish people as a nation!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Sadly the government of Israel plays by political and diplomatic rules that those who stand against her do not.

There was a time when I thought that Israel should do all she can to present herself in the best light that was possible.

When you have the Prime Minister of Turkey running around every other week making the most Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel statements one starts to wonder when we decide to fight back using their rules. One can be a punching bag for only so long.

The concept of Israel needing to be better than those who are fighting her is nonsense today. That logic is what has made Jews the whipping boy of the world for so long. In Israel’s birth she flung off this burden and did and said what had to be done and said, to protect the new life that was the creation of modern Israel. Somewhere along the way Israel and those who speak for her have forgotten whom we fight. Hating Satan has never been easy. Much of the radical Left, most of the Moslem/Arab world, plus the Palestinian camp have become virtually the same demons that the Nazis and Fascists of World War Two were.

For far too long we have played nice; yet the world still treats us in unfair, one-sided and, yes, anti-Semitic fashion. That needs to end. Maybe the Foreign Ministry of Israel needs to watch what it says, but those of us on the streets, those who are fighting on the internet, need not worry anymore. The time has come for us to take off our gloves and play by their rules. We even need to go one step further, to get even dirtier than our enemies to win this battle.

“Enemies” is an important word and the correct word when referring to the radical Left and Pro-Palestinian camp. They are not diplomatic foes, they are not here to negotiate with. With them we have nothing to talk about: this is a fight to the death. We must meet them with the truth, facts and knowledge and crush them in doing so.

As they lie and spread innuendo, we must hit back with a verbal boxer’s punch of knowledge, history and vocabulary that might not sound to nice sometimes, but gets right to the core of how evil these people are.

We must expose the Ben Whites, Norman Finkelstiens, Noam Chomskys, Ilan Pepes, etc., for who they. These are the advocates and the academic faces of the Pro-Palestinian camp. They are the ones who make legitimate the lies about Israel that are being paid for with Arab oil money. These are the greatest Quislings of them all and they need to be exposed as the charlatans they are.

If President Barack Hussein Obama behaves in a way that is Anti-Israel and borderline Anti-Semitic (as he is right now), then that is what we need to call it. If the Jews who are working for Obama behave as Quislings, then that is what we should call them. There is no reason to say otherwise; they are not pulling punches with their vocabulary about Israel.

When it comes to the colonialist, anti-semitic, Holocaust-permitting Europeans, I say, “SHUT UP!” We have so many pots calling the kettle black, that it has become one huge reality cooking show, and Israel has become the entrĂ©e of the moment!

You want to tell Israel she is behaving badly because she defends herself, and in the process kills a few terror-loving Palestinians? Are you kidding? Europe and the EU are the last people who should open their mouths about Israel’s behavior. It has nothing to do with the Holocaust, either.

You are the people who raped and pillaged whole cultures from North America, Africa Australia and Asia. You have been the cause of three world wars (can’t forget the French and Indian War that was the first real “world war”). You have mass-murdered millions in the name of bringing European enlightenment and none of this killing, raping and pillaging was done in defense. All was done in a colonialist, offensive fashion for the increase of territory and power.

So, screw diplomacy and to hell with being political; fight time is here!