Thursday, June 30, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

"The truth must be repeated again and again because error is constantly preached around us," the philosopher, Goethe, told a friend in 1828. "And not only by isolated individuals but by the majority! In the newspapers and encyclopedias, in the schools and universities, everywhere error is dominant, securely and comfortably ensconced in public opinion which is on its side."

Goethe's words, written almost three centuries ago, could very well have been authored today when it comes to speaking the truth about Israel while the Middle East's only democracy is daily assailed with lies or -- to be nice -- errors.

Then again, I could add some ironies into the fire because some of the most ironic comments uttered this Spring and early Summer fall into the category of error with a capital E.

One of the most ironic statements emanating from Washington, D.C. belongs to her Royal Highness, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

According to Uncle Sam's Secretary of State, Syria's brutal crackdown on protests actually is a sign of weakness.

"They engage in unlawful detention, torture, and the denial of medical care to wounded persons," said Clinton back in May when uprisings began. "There may be some who think that this is a sign of strength. But treating one's own people in this way is in fact a sign of remarkable weakness."

So, here's the irony:

When protests erupted in Egypt last February, President Hosni Mubarak never employed his military to unhesitatingly shoot and kill Egyptian protestors a la Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Yet, Clinton and her boss, Barack Obama, wasted no time knifing Mubarak in the back. With Obama's urging, Mubarak -- an ally of Israel -- was pushed out of office and jailed faster than you can say Alcatraz.

Meanwhile, Assad -- the dictator whose ouster should have been Washington's top priority -- continues to rule like the murderer that he is.

The White House response to that is to counter with sloth-like "speed" which, otherwise, can be equated with Secretary Clinton's fatuous words.

"We are going to hold the Syrian government accountable," Clinton added. "We are looking for ways to increase the pressure."

Notice that almost two months have passed since Hilary harangued Bashar and you'll notice the effect it has had on the Assad regime. None whatsoever.

Wherever possible, Syrian soldiers have wiped out the dictator's opponents in a manner that would have made Soviet dictator Josef Stalin proud.

Accountability? Who's kidding whom?

And that goes for the mess in Cairo as well.

Obama's haste in removing Mubarak is yet another addition to the White House list of blunders because Egypt now in the post-Mubarak months is a nation in tatters.

Leaderless, Egypt now suffers from an abysmally failed economy with street rioting a daily occurrence and the militant-in-waiting Muslim Brotherhood awaiting the propitious moment for a government takeover.

The so-called Arab Spring will no more be an asset to democracy than the Nazi party was to Germany in 1933. Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat makes that point in his forthcoming book, 21st Century Global Forces.

"The rise of viloent, jihadist Islamic groups," writes Eizenstat, "depends heavily on the sanctuary of failed or failing states unwilling or unable to control their activities."

You can put Egypt in that category and just about any other country supposedly embracing the "Arab Spring."

One would think that unrest throughout the Arab world would inspire England, France, Italy, Spain, et. al. to offer truly democratic Israel much more fervent support.

That would make sense but we're living in a world where sense is equated with nonsense or naivete while -- as Goethe so aptly pointed out -- "error is constantly being preached around us."

Most important, Israel's leaders, starting with the Prime Minister, must be unflagging in making their case whether it is halting a Gaza-bound flotilla or pointing out that Lebanon's Hezbollah government has been indicted by the United Nations for assassinating one of the country's most distinguished leaders.

I don't know whether Benjamin Netanyahu ever has read Goethe but whether he has or not, Bibi must hammer away at one cogent point:

"The truth must be repeated again and again because error is constantly being preached around us!"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


By Simon Fischler

When I was a child the television show I loved to watch most was the MUPPET SHOW.

Created by Jim Henson this show was truly intelligent, funny and just plain silly.

One of the best skits on the MUPPET SHOW was a take off of Star Trek and old fifties B space movies called PIGS IN SPACE.

Today we have new MUPPETS but sadly it is just not the same.

They are not the sweet, intelligent Muppets of old. The intelligent, witty and silly characters of Kermit the Frog, Fozzie the Bear and Ms. Piggy will not be found in these new Muppets.

No, todays Muppets are led by Alice Walker and instead of PIGS IN SPACE we have JACKASSES AT SEA. There is nothing intelligent about them, plain and simply they are just SILLY.

It is truly amazing that while Syrian Tyrant Bashar al-Assad is showing the world that monsters truly do exist someone like Alice Walker can still find time to condemn Israel, the only democracy in the Middle-East.

Wait, why is Alice Walker condemning Israel again? FOR PROTECTING HER CITIZENS.

Apparently captain Alice does not feel that Israelis and there children (many of Ethiopian decent) deserve freedom. She couldn't care less that Israelis are forced to live with rockets raining down on their towns and cities.

Maybe Alice Walker also missed the new U.N. memo.

The government of Turkey is now doing everything it can to persuade Israel to drop the results of the U.N. investigation that TURKEY demanded the U.N. conduct into Israel’s actions against last years Arab Imperial Armada.

Why? Because the U.N. (the same U.N. that just loves to condemn Israel) has decided that Israel’s blockade of the Gaza strip is legal and that her actions were correct, even if the U.N. says Israel used disproportionate force.

Apparently the U.N. feels it is disproportionate for a soldier to prevent his fellow comrades from being beaten to death, stabbed to death, shot to death or kidnapped.

Mind you this is also the same Turkish government that has been in a political stalemate with once ally Israel.

Yes, that is right the JACKASSES AT SEA, lead by captain Alice Walker will be sailing right past Turkey, the same Muslim Nation State that is occupying Northern Cyprus and Kurdistan.

They will then continue past Syria, where the mad man Bashar is barbecuing his own people.

Past Lebanon, where Hezbollah an Iranian proxy is oppressing its own people while assisting Mr. Assad in murdering Syrian Citizens seeking freedom from an oppressive dictator.

Right into Gaza harbor to save not the people of Gaza but Hamas the same terrorist organization that is backed by the Butcher of Syria and the Mullahs of Iran.

Captain Alice and her band of audacious Jackasses seem to also think that international law is for the birds. They are not demanding that Hamas release Gilad Shalit, nor are they pushing Hamas to do exactly what the International Red Cross has demanded of Hamas and prove that Shalit is still alive.

I guess for Alice Walker the only Jews she likes are the ones who are subservient.

It is no wonder that she has become estranged from her daughter Rebecca. Rebecca Walker says her own mother sees her more as I quote "a political symbol...than a cherished daughter".

That really is true audacity, but not of hope, but of hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Surprise! Surprise! The European Union and its Quartet of political musicians are preparing another symphony of concessions from Israel for the Arabs (alias "Palestinians") so that they don't mess around with a United Nations General Assembly resolution endorsing a "state" alongside Israel.

What else can one expect from Germany, which has rapidly diminished memory about a Holocaust; or France which abetted the Nazi's Final Solution more than the civilized world realizes.

With Quartets like these who needs enemies?

But wait a minute; why even pay attention to these alleged fair-minded fellows when there is an issue they seem to constantly ignore -- the freeing of Gilad Schalit.

How long do you imagine that any of the individual Quartet nations would have tolerated the abduction of one of their soldiers without massive retaliation?

Imagine if Schalit was an American soldier and he had been abducted by a known Canadian terrorist group; and that the gang North of the border began making demands to the White House for the GI's release.

The president's response would be swift and harsh beginning with a formal demand that the enlisted man be released immediately.

That failing, the president would impose an embargo on all trade with Canada and then would close the border.

If by that time, the American version of Schalit had not been released, war would be declared and Uncle Sam would keep upping the military ante until the Gi was released.

Israel's response has been far too lenient ever since the soldier was captured.

Jerusalem should immediately have issued a firm ultimatum to Hamas; either release Schalit or services will progressively be shut down in Gaza; that would include electricity, water -- all essentials.

You can bet that as the sanctions increased -- and the rest of the world issued its S.O.S.s -- pleas from the European Union, America and, of course, the UN would be heard. And you could be darn sure that so much pressure would be put on Hamas that Schalit would have been released.

But Benjamin Netanyahu has treated Hamas behavior toward Schalit with kid gloves thus encouraging the terrorists to snub their noses at the thought of a humanitarian response.

When the Red Cross recently requested that Hamas allow contact with the soldier, the international organization was repudiated -- and that was that.

Because of widespread Jew-hating throughout Europe and parts of South America -- not to mention the usual Arab suspects in the Middle East -- Israel never gets a fair hearing regarding Schalit -- or any other issue -- and yet nobody in the world seems to care.

Most recently a congress of European diplomats was convened by Luxembourg. The aim was supposed to be a serious discussion of ways and means to unravel the eternally-deadlocked Middle East "peace process" -- we all know that that term is a joke, don't we? -- and the invitations were numerous.

Along with the traditional British, French, Swiss, Spanish, Belgian, et. al. delegates, invitees included a host of Arab representatives as well as the Palestinian Authority.

Ostensibly, the object was to arrange some sort of peace narrative between the Arabs and the Israelis. That -- in and of itself -- is a noble challenge.

There was only one obstacle; there was no representative of Israel invited to the conclave.

Thus, we were treated to a reasonable facsimile of so many United Nations committees, groups, etc. which specialize in a total and reprehensible gang-up on the only democratic state in the Middle East. How could there ever be a fair-minded discussion without even allowing a representative of Israel to be present and present his case.

Meanwhile, President Obama has dispatched his usual cadre of "peacemakers" to Israel, urging Bibi to make concessions while the Arabs continue their policy of NO-NO-NO-ING anything that would suggest a compromise.

With Egypt, Syria and Libya in perpetual turmoil and Gaza still at odds with the PA over who should lead whom, it would be the height of folly for Israel to concede anything; especially when any Arab leader who receives concessions could be an EX-leader within a month.

Perhaps Obama's peace-seeker, Dennis Ross, should start right at the beginning with a reasonable humanitarian request: free Gilad Schalit, OR ELSE!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Describing the current Israel-hating developments in military terms, one could sum them up in three words -- a pincer movement.

On one side -- the Mediterranean -- there is a direct threat of yet another flotilla invasion of Israel's territorial waters by a hostile group of left-wingers whose one and only intention is to embarrass the Middle East's only democracy.

On another front -- this one political -- we have the daily "threat" of a United Nations General Assembly vote for a "Palestinian" state in September. This movement is designed to thrust Israel into a corner from where it will -- the Arabs hope -- capitulate to excessive Islamic demands.

Finally, there has emerged a major anti-Israel front in Egypt, created after President Obama impetuously -- foolishly -- ousted Hosni Mubarak who had been as "friendly" as an Arab leader could possibly be to Israel in these trying times.

Dealing with this three-headed monster is a major challenge for Benjamin Netanyahu yet he has no choice but to meet them head-on and with appropriate force; both verbally and militarily if necessary.

In terms of the flotilla, all signs indicate that Bibi and the Israeli Navy have learned their lessons from the original territorial invasion of Israel's waters.

The IDF now knows that there likely will be armed militants aboard the vessels and that the mission of these invaders is to harm -- kill, if necessary -- uniformed Israelis. This was evident during the first armada invasion and there should be no illusions that it will be different the second time around.

Israel's position is clear and if the armada leaders don't get it, well, that's going to be THEIR problem, not Bibi's.

Nor should the Prime Minister worry about public -- as in international -- opinion. Bibi knows as well as anybody that Israel has no friends -- except, perhaps, the amazing Steven Harper government in Canada -- in the world so he should act decisively and with force if necessary.

A good lesson was provided by the Goldstone Report. It originally slammed Israel, left, right and sideways by a Jewish judge whose judgement was so patently anti-Jewish that one wondered about the last time he went to shul. But, eventually, Goldstone reneged on his original conclusions and, in effect, supported the Jewish state.

As for the threatened UN vote for a Palestinian state. If it happens, so it will happen but it will not change Israel's security needs and, more likely, will stiffen Bibi's negotiating position harder than it would have been before such a vote took place.

There are enough legal issues on Israel's side to negate the effect of such a UN vote and the Arabs -- divided as they are -- are fully aware of such political pitfalls should they go the UN route.

Here again, Netanyahu must be as decisive as possible, clearly stating that his nation never -- ever -- will return to a situation where revised borders place Israel in so vulnerable position that an Arab invasion could come faster than you can say Assad is in trouble.

If any issue is troublesome it centers on the political upheaval in Egypt and its ultimate outcome; if such a thing is predictable.

This much is certain; all signs suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood is in the process of becoming a MAJOR influence; so much so that it could threaten Israel in many ways, particularly in terms of a re-arming in the Sinai Peninsula.

More than ever, Netanyahu must handle this potential tinderbox with care but also a firm hand.

Israel learned a lesson when Nasser ran Egypt and it should be re-studied should the worst-case scenario emerge once more.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


By Simon Fischler



Time and time again as Israel picks up the Pen of Peace the Palestinians raise the sword of violence.

The Oil controlled media will not talk of all the Arab crimes we just hear Palestinian lies.

These Arabs myths do not rhyme with historical time.

Now I am hearing Arab Spring, sing it to someone else.



Israelis facing missiles, while Arab hatred sizzles.

Then they get upset when we fight for our rights, phone calls are made to the UN and Jewish Self-Determination is condemned with anti-Semitic zeal.

Palestinians and Arabs rejoice in the deaths of the Jew and Israeli, then they cry when we do not buy their lie.

What’s this elusion? Its time to stop all this confusion, re-write the UN’s constitution, strip the Arabs of their colonialist position.



Israel needs to keep her head together, the Jewish nation can weather these Palestinian fallacies.

The nation of Israel is being watched, they want to see us fail and die endlessly. They wish to destroy our dream.

But Israel will not drop. We will always fight to be on top.

So its time to Stop the Palestinians lies and the Arab crimes and bring peace in our times.



Wednesday, June 15, 2011


By Simon Fischler

I have come up with a brilliant idea for how U.S. President Barack Obama can finally achieve Middle East peace and force upon us Israelis the notion that national suicide is a good thing.

What Obama needs to do is simple, very simple; he will introduce a Big Brother Arab Dictator season for either CNN or the BBC.

This reality TV show will include all Arab and Muslim leaders who are mass murdering their own people.

Together these great leaders will use their genius to find a way to blame the atrocities they commit against their own people on Israel and have the UN force on Israel a Palestinian State based on lies.

This is no easy task, especially when dealing with us dastardly Israelis.

So, Obama will need real All-Stars. He will need to get Mohammar Qaddafi of Libya, Bashar al Assad of Syria, Recipe Erdogan of Turkey, Sheik Hassan Nashrallah of Hezbollah, Khlaed Mashal of Hamas and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran all together in one house.

But, I am afraid this will not be enough to convince us awful Israelis of the bonuses of ceding our freedom and self-determination in our land for something better, like living under a tyrannical Arab dictator.

So Obama is going to have to stack his deck to forge peace on international television.

Along with these great leaders of freedom and Liberalism, Obama will get the UN to loan Ban Ki Moon to this peace-seeking Big Brother Cast.

But Obama cannot stop there; this final push in Obama’s quest for Enduring Peace in the Middle East is really going to need some media and celebrity credibility.

Without that today, you are lost on a peace quest.

Along with the aforementioned leaders, Obama should recruit Tom Friedman, Gideon Levy, Oliver Stone, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn,Vanessa Redgrave and maybe even Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, if they are not too sick.

Together this Super team of Peace Seekers will carry the Obama banner until they finally get us Israelis to see the light and commit national suicide -- which apparently everyone knows is best for the Jews.

Yes, this is truly the best way of seeking peace in the Middle East.

Forget about demanding that the Palestinians actually take responsibility for their actions. Forget about forcefully stopping the Syrian government from MASS MURDERING its citizens.

No, the key to Middle East peace is destroying the only democracy in the area, which just happens also to be home to the freest Arabs in the world.

This is an unbeatable concept for Obama and fits right into his past Mideast foreign policies.

This time he cannot go wrong.

Maybe after we Israelis have committed national suicide, another reality TV show can be created, where the Jews are dispersed throughout the world (since it's clear they will no longer be allowed to live peacefully in the former Israel).

We can call it the Diaspora.

But wait; hasn’t that been done before? And, if I recall correctly, it didn’t work out so well, did it?

Monday, June 13, 2011


By Simon Fischler

The new joke going around the Middle East is the Palestinians’ new plan … to accept the 1947 partition plan!

Just a few wars and thousands of deaths late, no?

PA big shot Nabil Shaath graced the media with this brilliant new plan for the Palestinians to bypass negotiating an honest peace with Israel.

This desperate and borderline embarrassing political ploy is being floated because the Palestinian Authority has realized that Benjamin Netanyahu and his government are not falling for Palestinian threats to go to the United Nations and declare a unilateral Palestinian State.

American President Barack Obama, the most favorable U.S. President the Palestinians have ever had, has come out against any unilateral Palestinian moves. Along with the Americans the important nations of the E.U. have also come out against Palestinian unilateralism.

On the surprising other hand, after months of wasting negotiating time, P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas now says he wants to negotiate with Israel and prefers this to unilaterally declaring a Palestinian State!

So what are the Palestinians waiting for?

Do they not understand that this Israeli government (that has the backing of the majority of Israel’s citizens, liberals like me included) is never going to agree to their incessant preconditions for negotiations?

Does Obama also not get it?

Obama and his administration are pressuring Bibi to agree to a peace initiative based on the 1967 borders -- pressure supposedly being applied to “help” Israel. In reality it is being applied to help an American administration that has made mistake after mistake in its handling of Middle East policy.

It is not Israel that will be embarrassed if the Palestinians go to the UN in September; it will be Barack Obama and his administration.

This administration has singlehandedly undermined Israel to appease the Palestinians and have gotten nothing -- nada, zero, zilch -- from them in return.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done an admirable job of withstanding American and European pressure to offer concessions that will hurt Israel.

While doing this Netanyahu, has made it clear he and his supposedly far right government are ready to recognize a Palestinian State on most of the land of Judea and Samaria.

The onus is on Obama now.

If he wants to save himself an humiliating embarrassment, and possibly his reelection, he better tell Mahmoud Abbas and friends to get back to the negotiating table.

Soon ... chop, chop ... ASAP ... Dude, like now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The con is on.

Barack Obama has launched his attempt to resume peace talks between Israel and the Arabs.

Mind you, the Muslim president of the United States has no idea which Arabs will represent the pseudo-Palestinians if any negotiations with the Jewish State take place.

Will it be the fake-moderate, Mahmoud Abbas, or Khaled Meshal of Hamas?

Of course, it really doesn't matter to the White House; all Obama wants to do is chain Benjamin Netanyahu to some sort of tissue paper treaty that the Arabs will flush away the moment they find a weakness in Israel's underbelly.

To get things going, the president recently invited a bunch of Jewish "Yes-Men" to the White House, ostensibly for some friendly persuasion. Obama persuades them; and then they persuade Bibi.

The deal goes like this: "You Jewish guys tell Bibi that if he okays my 'framework for negotiations,' I'll keep those Palestinians from seeking statehood at the United Nations."

If the Obama's "Jewish Yes-Men" do his bidding, it does not -- repeat, NOT -- mean that Israel's Prime Minister has to do anything more than say, "Thanks, but no thanks" to the President's messengers.

My reason is quite simple; by placing the onus on Israel to re-launch negotiations is like driving from Jerusalem to Washington via the Atlantic Ocean Bridge.

It's impossible -- right -- because there is no bridge.

Likewise, having Israel agree to negotiations is impossible because there's no peace partner there. (Get it, there's no THERE there.)

Saeb Erekat -- alleged "chief-negotiator" for the alleged Palestinians -- has made that clear, declaring that he would resume talks with Israel if Bibi accepted the 1967 borders for a Palestinian state.

What Erekat states is roughly equivalent to telling Netanyahu that, yes, he is invited to dinner but before sitting down Bibi must drink two goblets of cyanide.

Bibi made it clear to all the world -- and, especially to the White House -- that Israel never will return to an indefensible (1967) border that invites instant invasion.

He told that to Obama's face after the so-called "friend of Israel" backstabbed him by introducing the 1967 border issue as a "starting point" for discussions. Political columnists such as Jonathan S. Tobin of Commentary saw it with 20-20 vision.

"Anyone who witnessed on television the drama that played out between Obama and Netanyahu understood that there was an argument going on," said Tobin, "and that, in the end, the Israeli prevailed."

Bibi prevailed because he HAD to for the preservation of his country. What's more, why in the world would Uncle Sam demand that Israel once again make the first concession before mediation begins?

The intransigence -- as it always has been -- is on the Arab side. For one thing, the Erekats of the world are uninterested in a true peace and for another his Hamas partners are determined to eliminate Israel. Gilead Ini, senior research analyst for CAMERA, puts it bluntly:

"What Hamas leaders espouse is nothing more or less than the 'phased plan' for destroying Israel. That is the acceptance of whatever land can be gotten in the short term as a step toward gaining all the rest later," noted Ini. "Hamas political leader Mahmoud al-Zhar said early this year that the Jews 'have no place among us...and no future among the nations.'"

So, why would Obama come to Netanyahu first before demanding -- as in DEMANDING -- that the Arabs begin by accepting Israel the way it is; as a Jewish state?

The answer is as obvious as the president's body language and behavior toward the Prime Minister of the Middle East's only democracy, who is treated as some troublesome interloper instead of friend.

"Three times in the last three years," asserted Tobin, "Obama has picked a public fight with the government of Israel. He has tilted the diplomatic playing field in the direction of the Palestinians. His refusal to couple these demands on Israel with similar one put on the Palestinians such as a request that they drop the 'right of return' has discomfited Israel and made peace an even more remote possibility."

The con is on.

Obama knows that genuine peace has absolutely no relation to Israel withdrawing to its June 1967 borders. No group has made this more clear then the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

* BECAUSE -- Since 1967, Israel has repeatedly conceded "land for peace" withdrawing from Sinai in exchange for "peace" with Egypt; that so-called peace is rapidly being flushed away by the post-Mubarak government.

* BECAUSE -- Since 1995, when Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel none of the other 21 Arab states have deigned to recognize the Jewish state. (Obama might ask his buddies in Saudi Arabia what they have against Israel; that is other than general Jew-hating.)

* BECAUSE -- In 2000 Israel (via Prime Minister Barak) offered Yasser Arafat full sovereignty over 97 percent of the West Bank, a corridor to Gaza and a capitol in the Arab section of Jerusalem. Faster than you can say, "The Arabs don't want peace," Arafat nixed the offer. What's more, the current mouthpiece, Abbas refused virtually the same offer from Prime Minister Olmert.

* BECAUSE -- We all know what happened when Prime Minister Sharon gave away Gaza.

* BECAUSE -- Since 2010 Bibi has made offers of unconditional negotiations leading to a Palestinian State but gets nothing but snubs, demands for more unilateral Israeli concessions and a total freeze of all construction in Judea and Samaria.

These are the FACTS that Obama conspicuously and unfairly ignores.

This is the president who knifed has long-time pal, Mubarak, in the back because of a "revolt" in Egypt yet has done nothing to stop Assad's endless slaughter in Syria.

And this is the guy for whom Netanyahu should made further concessions?


Unless Bibi is the ultimate masochist leader of the ultimate masochist state, the Prime Minister should directly, bluntly, do what he did at the White House:

Tell the Muslim president: "Thanks, but NO THANKS!"

In dealing with the Arabs, that's the only thing that makes sense.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Many, many years ago, in the late 1960s, a Brooklyn rabbi named Kahane got the conservative Jewish community's bowels in an uproar when he organized a group called the Jewish Defense League.

It was around the time that Hebrews in the Crown Heights and adjoining Brooklyn communities had been targeted and mugged in various ways by those who did not particularly favor human beings who wore the Star of David.

Taking the most important post-Holocaust theme -- "Never Again" -- to heart, Kahane and his JDL cohorts stepped in where the New York City Police Department feared to tread.

In the very best of Brooklynese, the good rabbi essentially said, "If you want to mess with us Jews, you'll get messed up pretty good yourself."

Such harsh language didn't resonate too well on the pages of the New York Times and in places like the supposedly "liberal" Upper West Side of Manhattan and in synagogues where the "Don't make trouble" thinking prevailed.

Thus, Kahane was excoriated by the very Jews whom he was trying to protect because he dared to be perfectly candid. If we don't fight back, the rabbi insisted, we will be destroyed.

Despite the criticism, JDL members made it clear to the anti-semites that they'd have a fight on their hands, messing with Jews. What's more, Kahane put his paws where his mouth was and, guess what?

There was little to no Jew-baiting when the JDL showed up.

Unfortunately, the JDL under Kahane eventually disbanded and the rabbi eventually returned to Israel, maintained his fight-back philosophy until his assassination.

The relevance to Kahane's viewpoint today is more cogent than ever considering the multi-faceted attacks confronting Israel from the White House, from British Prime Minister Cameron, from the United Nations and, yes, from Quisling Jews who speak with forked tongue for the Obama-backed outfit called J Street.

More than ever, Benjamin Netanyahu must continue to do to Israel-haters precisely what he did when confronting the American President and, essentially, say "Enough already."

Israel has had it with the phony "apartheid" charges; has had it with innumerable Arab pre-conditions before deigning to sit down to negotiations; has had it with the masters of the Armenian massacre, Turkey, and its holier-than-thou posture toward Israel.

Bibi must go on the offensive. He must shoot down -- one-by-one -- the false charges generated from Washington, Whitehall, Ramallah and Teheran, among other places where the anti-Israel vitriol flows like wine.

Combating lies about Israel is as difficult as pushing back the Mediterranean Sea all the way to Spain but the battle must continually be met.

Since there are so many Jew-haters throughout the world -- more now than ever, it seems -- the vicious stream of fabrications never ends.

Fortunately, there still are some journalists who are willing to turn facts against falsehoods and stand up to be counted.

One of my favorites is the English writer Melanie Philips whose letter to her Prime Minister, James Cameron, rips the British leader for his unmistakeable tilt toward the Arabs and against Israel.

In it she cites two -- among many -- points which indict the Arabs (especially Mahmoud Abbas) for their unmitigated declarations that the supposed Palestinian state would be -- as Hitler would have put it -- judenrein.

How come Israel can support and give citizenship to endless numbers of Arabs but nobody condones Abbas' blatant statement that not one Jew will be allowed to live in his hoped-for nation.

This hypocritical Palestinian stance is the kind that Bibi should be countering.

That's precisely what Melanie Phillips did in her letter to Cameron. Viz and to wit:

"I wonder whether you (Cameron) might explain to both Britain and the Jewish people why you do not insist that Mr. Abbas 'engages seriously in a meaningful peace process by unambiguously renouncing -- in both English and Arabic -- his repeated assertions that his people will never accept Israel as a Jewish state, the casus belli of the entire conflict?" asks Phillips.

"I wonder also if you might explain why you implicitly endorse the racist ethnic cleansing (no Jews allowed) inherent in the putative 'State of Palestine' which you now threaten to support. I'm sure the British people in particular would be interested to know when you decided that racism and ethnic cleansing were part of your modernizing program for the Conservative Party."

Sadly, though, pro-Arab voices are heard within the Jewish community from those who sound as stridently anti-Israel as Abbas himself. That, of course, focuses on J Street which often appears to be the English-version public relations agency for Hamas-Fatah.

There may not be a Rabbi Kahane around to go after the J Street phonies but there is a Rabbi Daniel Gordis.

Senior vice-president of the Shalem Center, Rabbi Gordis confronted the J Street leaders during the group's recent leadership trip to Israel. And writing in Commentary magazine, Gordis further called out J Street in no uncertain terms for its attempts to undermine Israel and its security.

"You think that those of us who claim that we favor a two-state solution but who are not willing to give up the store at this moment are bluffing," asserted Gordis. "But that is arrogance of the worst sort. Does your distance from the conflict give you some moral clarity that we don't have?

"Are you smarter than we are? Are you less racist? Why do you assume with such certainty that you have a monopoly on the wisdom needed to get the goal we both seek?

"Why do you assume that we're stupid, or immoral, or addicted to the conflict. Why do you insist that the Fatah-Hamas agreement is a good thing, or that it's best for Israel if the United States twists its arm even harder? At a time when Israel is so alone, can you see why it's hard for many of us to buy the argument that you're genuinely pro-Israel, or that you should be part of the Big Tent?"

J Street, which is no more than a Soros-Obama front for undermining Netanyahu is more and more being revealed as less Jewish than the ayatollahs.

Good for Melanie Phillips. Good for Rabbi Gordis. Good for Bibi for not capitulating to Obama, Abbas and any other of those pseudo-peacemakers who would by their works destroy the Jewish State.

They may not know it but in so many intelligent phrases they are supporting the late Rabbi Kahane's two words of wisdom -- never again!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


By Simon Fischler

With the Palestinian, Syrian and Hezbollah failure on Nakba Day (the most anti-Semitic national day of mourning) to provoke Israel into making a diplomatic crisis similar to that of the Gaza Flotilla the Palestinians are trying again.

To do this, the enemies of Israel are creating a new mythological date: June 5th, to be called Naksa Day, which means “set back” in Arabic.

This day of mourning will lament the 1967 Israeli victory over the Arab armies gathered on her borders in hope of annihilating her. This ended in the Israeli victory called the Six Days War.

The Naksa, or Set Back, was the Arabs’ inability to commit genocide! Some national setback.

Should nations not be held accountable for what they seek as national goals, whether they accomplish it or not? The national goal of Arabism and the Palestinian National Movement is not peace nor a Palestinian State; they could have had one long ago if that was truly their goal.

Someone should let ColdPlay, who just endorsed a FreePalestine song, know that the Palestinian Goal has always been the colonialist dream of annihilating Israel. To make that crystal clear, Azzam Al-Ahmed, one of the heads of Fatah and a close friend of Mahmoud Abbas, was quoted as saying that Fatah (Abbas’ party) has never and will never recognize Israel. Further, Azzam sees the protests against Arab leaders not only as a means to pressure Israel even further, but to ultimately destroy her.

This made up Naksa date has no direct connection to the Palestinians, because Israel fought and defeated the Armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan in 67 -- not the Palestinians.

Next thing you know the Palestinians will also claim the Fourth of July as a day of mourning against Israel!

To provoke Israel, the tyrants of Lebanon, Syria, Fatah and Hamas are going to “protest” on Israel’s borders. That means the thugs of Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah once again will be busing in their sheep to rush the sovereign borders of Israel.

No State would accept this and the UN and other international organizations will bear full responsibility for deaths if they occur. Hopefully the Israel Foreign Ministry and government will make this very clear.

The IDF will be there on the borders protecting our land without a doubt, and they will be better prepared after the incidents on Palestinian Racism Day (Nakba).

But what about us, the citizens of Israel, who live safely because of our boys and girls? Is it not time to send more than just a package to them? Is it not time to stand side by side with our children, our heroes, as they yet again face the imperialist aspirations of the Arab hordes?

It is time that we the citizens of Israel stand by our boys and COUNTER-PROTEST those who wish to take our liberty away from us, who wish to trample us all into the sands of the Negev.

We Israelis need to ask ourselves how important our nation is to us. We need to show our sons and daughters we will stand by them – even on the front-lines, when the issue of our national rights comes into question.

Most of all, we must show the world that Israel is our land and no one is going to take it from us, nor will we let them force upon us some made up myth of refugees.

The Palestinian side has started a Facebook page pushing for a Third Intifada, and protests on Israel’s borders. They have already garnered 350,000 followers, a threat of immense proportion than needs to be met head-on.

I say we welcome and meet it head to head with a new Pro-Israel Facebook page.

Although the Pro-Israel side has many sites, groups and pages, we need a group or page representing all pro-Israel groups on Facebook to challenge this Palestinian Hate propaganda. We need a site that represents all who love Israel, a site that says very simply ISRAEL: JEWISH NATIONAL FREEDOM AND LIBERTY.

We, the underground bloggers and representatives for Israel, need to pool together our connections and build a Facebook page that will bring equal – or even larger – numbers of supporters to it.

This Sunday the Palestinians propose to provoke our soldiers again, on our borders. LET THEM PROVOKE US AS WELL, THE CITIZENS OF ISRAEL.