Thursday, July 31, 2014


By Simon Fischler

This is no ordinary war for Israel and this point is not understood by Hamas, The United States of America, Qatar nor Turkey for that matter. 

To 82% of Israelis this is a war for the survival of our country against the darkest fascists of the colonial Arab world. 

John Kerry just does not get it, nor does Mohammad Deif nor Hussein Obama. The Jewish Nation State of Israel will fight longer and harder than any other country or nation on this planet. 

Need proof, ask the Romans and the ancient Greeks. Ohhh, sorry they do not exist anymore. 

This war for Israel is a war for the diplomatic and political freedom of our nation. 

Israel means to fight and fight until the end and win because it has to do so in order to survive. Israel is committed to the protection of its citizens whether they be Jewish, Druze, Circassian, Aramaic Christians or Arabs. 

Unlike Hamas, an organization that brags about using Human Shields and brags about loving death, Israel is the light in this dark world, the country that fights for the citizens of freedom and liberty. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done what no Israeli Prime Minster has been able to do in decades, maybe even since David Ben-Gurion. 

He has faced down a corrupt European Union, the same EU that has been financing Hamas in Gaza, the same people who have given money to fund tunnels built to kill Jews. 

Bibi faced down these EU politicians who would be happy to see Jews die again, just as we remember from Auschwitz. These anti-Semitic European Countries were demanding an early Israeli cease-fire. Bibi said thanks but no thanks to the EU,

And with that one statement he said loudly that Israel will no longer let its citizens be sheep fodder for the Hamas wolves. 

American President and Muslim Brotherhood commander in chief, Barack Obama at the behest of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood State of Qatar also applied considerable pressure on Israel and Egypt to cease and desist in their war for freedom against Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sunni Umma.  

The difference this time is that both Israel and Egypt know they are fighting for the survival of their Nation states. Bibi and Sissi have fought off Obama’s attempts to lead the Muslim Brotherhood with Turkish dictator Erdogan and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani against Israel and Egypt. 

Bibi is not alone. For the first time in decades Israeli politicians from the Right to the Left have joined together.

The second John Kerry brought a Cease-fire proposal from the same people (Qatar and Turkey) who have financed the Hamas murderers in Gaza the left and right in Israel saw this was a battle that Israel had to see through until the end. 

With the citizens of Israel and the politicians of Israel behind him, Bibi is standing up to Obama.

Obama, an American President who is death to freedom and death to Liberty, and his incompetent Secretary of State John Kerry have been put on notice. Israel will no longer sell out its citizens, nor agree to bogus cease-fires to accommodate a flaccid Obama.

Israel will not surrender its citizens so Obama can keep his relationship with Qatar(who happen to be the financiers of Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and other nasties who hate Israel and America). 

Let the world understand verily clearly Israel will not surrender to this new world order. Israel will not bend the knee to the colonial, monetary hopes of the EU(Rome) nor will Israel accede to its destruction by the Arab/Muslim colonialists of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. 

Israel will fight for the indigenous rights of all the ancient peoples of the Levant.

It will fight against the colonial attempts to destroy our cultures.

It will battle to the end the Muslim Brotherhood and all its incarnations be they Hamas, Al-Qaeda, the ISIS or UNRWA. We will fight against the attempts of the European Union to destroy our cultures and replace them with some Euro/Roman invention. 

HEAR O’ISRAEL! Israel is here to stay, we will fight to the death as we did at Masada and Gamla. 

Monday, July 28, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Once Hamas declared war -- more serious than ever war -- on Israel earlier this month, Benjamin Netanyahu said to all Israelis that this would be a "long" one.

He wasn't kidding nor is he fooling around now when he says there's a lot more fighting that has to be done before Hamas not only is neutralized but finally wiped out.

It won't be easy for Bibi to stay the course. 

Israel's closest ally, Uncle Sam, has betrayed it.

America's two leaders, Barack Obama and John Kerry, have led the betrayal by swinging to the Arab side, wholeheartedly.

Their disgraceful actions have emboldened Hamas which, when it isn't betraying a truce, is trying to wipe out Israel.

Bibi says the war won't be over until the IDF destroys the Gaza tunnel structure and right then and there he's sadly mistaken.

Hamas should not be permitted to exist. No matter how long it take the IDF, it must wipe out Hamas as an entity once and for all. 

If not, Israelis will be tormented by these terrorists as never before.

When the war began Bibi said straight out that he will not be swayed by the Europeans, by the countries that will call for a truce with no teeth in it.

Already he has told off the UN and its phony leader.

But the Jew-haters will plot and find ways to water down Israel's resistance either by truce or some other means.

Therefore, Bibi must stay the course. There will be many more Israeli deaths but if the result is the crushing of Hamas it all will be worthwhile.


Sunday, July 27, 2014


By Sig Demling

Pardon my immodesty but I told you so.

I told you that America's president was a closet Muslim.

I told you that his comment about "having Israel's back" was an egregious lie.

I told you that after a year into his second term, Obama would pull the rug on Israel worse than any previous American president. 

I told you that John Kerry could not be trusted; that he'd sell out Israel -- big-time -- at the first opportunity.

All of this has happened in spades.

After Israel accepted Egypt's truce proposal -- and Hamas rejected same -- the world should have understood that a Gaza War was for real.

At that time the Obama-Kerry duet should have jumped right in and supported the Middle East's only democracy. 

The White House should have turned its back on the acknowledged terrorist Hamas and declared unequivocal support for its (supposed) strongest ally in the Middle East.

But Obama-Kerry did the opposite. Instead of supporting the Egyptian proposal, Kerry decided to intervene with his own ridiculous plan.

And what it comes to is an outright capitulation to Hamas, offering the terrorists nothing but presents while thoroughly diminishing Israel's ability to defend itself in any reasonable way, shape or form.

Few believed me when I began pointing out the White House pro-Obama bent. 

I told you so then and it's all being borne out now.

With friends like Obama-Kerry, Israel doesn't need any enemies.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Let's get something very straight, if ever there was any doubt about the friendship between the democratic State of Israel and this beastly American administration, Secretary of State John Kerry cleared that right up. 

His venomous behavior towards Israel vis-a-vis a Cease-fire between the sovereign Jewish Nation and the terrorist entity running Gaza can be described best as deceitful. 

The Obama administration is working with Qatar, a country run by a Dictator, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who also just happens to be a Wahhabi, Sunni fundamentalist. Their intent, to cause Israel, an American ally, a life-threatening blow. 

Has nothing been learned from 9/11?  

The fact that John Kerry is letting Qatar(the same country that has bankrolled all the Hamas [A Muslim Brotherhood/Wahhabis organization] missiles being shot into Israeli civilian centers and bankrolled the Hamas tunnels that were dug into sovereign Israeli land to commit suicide attacks)be a player in cease-fire negotiations is beyond insane. 

By the way, when did the American President get the green light to have relations with Hamas, a terrorist organization by definition of American law, from the Congress of the United States of America? 

Forget about Benghazi and forget about IRS-gate. The Obama administration has been exposed as working hand in hand with Radical, Sunni, Muslims against a close, liberal, democratic, ally. 

These are the same people who flew planes into the Twin Towers. 

There is a reason why Hamas, an entity of the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism, is behaving so bold while the IDF has completely thrashed it. 

That is how it works when you have a suicidal diplomatic position and the official backing of the President of the United States of America. 

In fact this American Administration is so far behind Hamas that it was willing to place an Air-embargo on Israel. There is no doubt that Obama and Kerry pushed the FAA to suspend flights to Israel.

Do not forget it was John Kerry who threatened Israel with boycotts in speeches this last year.

That is not just crazy, it is down right scary! The only thing that changed this atrocious act, was congressman Ted Cruz calling out the FAA and pointing towards the illegality of Obama pressuring it! 

Why is the media so busy covering the Israeli decision to finally defend its citizens after years of missiles attacks and not this malignant relationship between the Obama administration, Qatar, Turkey, Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood

Maybe because the media is run by the Arab oil emirates (they can pay for all the commercials). 

Save me the idea of civilian deaths causing coverage, more civilians have been killed in Syria this week, by Radical Sunni militias(that is Arab muslim killing Arab muslim in Syria) than Operation Protective Edge( It should have been called operation freedom for Israel).

If CNN, the BBC, Reuters and etc. were not so busy asking why Israel was fighting for the life of its citizens against the same Muslim fundamentalists that kill American soldiers in Afghanistan they might actually do some investigative journalism. 

Maybe they would ask why the Obama administration is working so hard to install Muslim brotherhood governments throughout the middle-east at the behest of Qatar and Turkey.  

Where is Deep Throat today? 

The Obama administration has been bought by Qatari money and please don't forget that the Qatari’s also control and finance the largest American military base in the Middle-East. 

Worst of all, the largest donor to American Universities is you guessed? QATAR!

That money has bought up the Middle-East/Near-East departments of American universities (Columbia University being a great example with their Edward Siad Chair, looks like a Hamas meeting in Beit Hanoun). 

American universities have been flooded with vile, anti-Semitic Arab professors who have re-written history to the point where the world started with Mohammed! When asked about Israel and the history of the Jewish nation these professors make the Ku Klux Klan look like nice people and remind me very much of the Nazis! 

Can you say Genocide, America? 


If Americans cannot get Obama out of the White House and soon it is looking more and more like the end of what was Americas most morally correct diplomatic relationship, her supposedly unbreakable relationship with Israel! 

Guess what, John Kerry, just broke it!  

Thursday, July 24, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The standard comic definition of "chutzpah" has a teen-ager killing his parents and then pleading for clemency because he's an orphan!

In Gaza the United Nations is displaying its own brand of "chutzpah."

An organisation that is supposed to treat all sides with exquisite fairness, the UN is exactly the opposite.

It has constantly favoured the Arab side to a point of absurdity and once again this unfortunate trend is evident in the Gaza war. 

This is a war started by Hamas which kidnapped and killed three Israelis and followed that up by blitzing Israel with thousands of rockets. 

Naturally, as any nation would do Israel defended itself. When Hamas dedicated itself to a long war, Israel invaded and vows a long battle until the ruthless enemy is vanquished.

This won't be easy because Hamas has honeycombed Gaza with hidden rocket-launchers and booby-trapped homes. It has employed human shields and brags about it.

These terrorists stop at nothing including the use of hospitals as fortifications and United Nations buildings as if they are forts.

The UN has been based in Gaza throughout these buildups, knowing that eventually the rockets would be hurled at Israel. 

By failing to take action against these murderers, the UN becomes complicit. Hamas munitions are stored in UN buildings and when found, handed right over to the Arabs to fire at the IDF.


By Simon Fischler 

Here is a name all of Israel needs know, Chris Gunness. 

He is fervently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic and he is working for the UNRWA. That’s right, the United Nations which is supposed to be objective and fair. 

His fervent hatred of Israel and the Jewish nation is expressed in his 24/7 tweets supporting Hamas, the expressed enemy of the Middle East’s only democracy.  

Today he continued his anti-Semitic work for Hamas, tweeting to the world that the IDF intentionally targeted a UN school with refugees inside of it. 

He claims that the IDF was asked to let the "civilians" inside of this would be school the ability to escape. 

What Chris Gunness, UNRWA and the UN do not want you to know is that the IDF could never agree to this because it would enable Hamas gunmen, hiding with Chris, the ability to escape too. 

Of course Gunness also forgot to tweet to the world that Hamas was shooting rockets from this UNRWA school, continually throughout the day. 

Hamas has been doing this throughout this war, doing it while UN workers like Chris Gunness fail to acknowledge and deplore the human shield strategy employed by the Hamas terrorists.

Paid by the UN, Gunness nevertheless does his pitching for the Arabs. Calling him the Hamas’ version of the Nazi propagandist puts him in proper perspective. 

Let’s face it, UNRWA personnel in Gaza are not working for peace, nor are they  innocent bystanders. 

The second Chris Gunness and his cohorts gave missiles "they found" in UNRWA schools to Hamas the UN automatically became an arm of Hamas. 

While Hamas is targeting IDF soldiers with small arms fire from the buildings Gunness runs he should not expect our army not to fire back!  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

We’ve arrived at a later-day D-Day, as in June 6, 1944 revisited.

No, sorry; change that; it’s a 2014 version of the 1916 Battle of the Somme — minus a few thousand deaths. 

On the original D-Day, at the GI’s Omaha beach landing, the American forces sustained 2,000 deaths in one day. During World War I, at the battle of the Somme, England lost 11,000 soldiers in one day.

It is unbelievable how poorly the media coverage has been towards the amazing progress of the IDF.

Maybe it is the complete lack of knowledge in the general media of weapons systems and the effect they have in battles. This is to be expected from the foreign media and fools like CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman. But it is not acceptable from the Israeli media, especially not the Times of Israel. 

Hamas has not surprised the IDF. The army has been training for this war since 2009. 

Our boys have broken their way into the most intense, fortified battlefield the world has seen. Gaza City eats up Bagdad and makes Afghanistan look tame. 

The fact that the IDF is not suffering hundreds of casualties a day is a miracle and a testament to how the Israeli soldier’s greatness and fortitude. 

The way in which some aspects of the Israeli media have been presenting this War is irresponsible and should be investigated.

Daily we hear about casualties, when we should be hearing about the achievements our soldiers have been making fighting, literally, inside of hell. 

I remind those who are listening, both our soldiers and our leaders are facing enemies that seek to destroy Israel. 

On a side note, tonight July 22, 2014 the FAA has canceled flights from American Airlines to and from Israel. Behind this move are John Kerry and Barack Obama. This is their sadistic way of trying to force Israel into a Cease-fire we are not yet ready to accept! 


By Simon Fischler

If you are out on the streets agitating against Israel you fall into one of two categories:

1. Jew-hater; 2. Someone who believes in the same precepts of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler; no more, no less.

The so-called pro-Palestinians of the so-called Palestine are simply recreating the horrors of  the Nazis Kristalnach. What in Germany prior to World War II has now been re-enacted in Paris, London, Boston and California. 

Pro-Arab mobs have attacked Jews. In Paris, Jewish store-owners are being maligned the way the Nazis did in the late 1930s. 

Because police managed to spare the lives of the Jews being attacked in these Jew hating cities does not mean the Nazi furry directed against the Jewish Nation did not happen. 

At this very moment there are Neo-Nazis serving in the European Parliament, is it then surprising that anti-Semitic Arabs were allowed to run rampant on the 
streets of these European cities? 

Reactions from leaders in England, Germany, et. al. have been tepid to say the least.

I believe that the governments of European counties let these protests happen intentionally. 

They want to force Israel to stop defending its citizens against the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Like Hitler, the Hamas leaders are dedicated to the killing of Jews. And yet the so-called liberals seem to love them. 

By doing so, these liberals are reviving all the Jew-hatred espoused by Joseph Goebbels, Herman Goering, Heinrich Himmler and the rest of the Nazi beasts. 

To say that today’s Israel-bashers are roughly equivalent to Germany’s Nazis hardly is a stretch. In demanding that Israel refrain from protecting itself from Gaza, they are not-so-subtly demanding that the Jewish people walk yet again into the Arab version of Auschwitz. 

You resemble Nazis because you demand that Israel not forcefully respond when thousands of rockets are shot into civilian centers. You want them roasted just because the people living in those centers happen to be Jews. 

You remind me of the Nazis because you are supporting a people (the Palestinians) who were invented by Haj Amin al-Husseini. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a Hitler favorite. He  raised brigades for Hitler and encouraged and abetted the Final Solution.

When I read — and see — these self-righteous leftists attempt to punish Jews for supporting Israel I am reminded of those 1930s German Brown Shirts.

And they were Nazis!

Monday, July 21, 2014


By Sig Demling

Leave it to Ban-Ki Moon, boss-man of the United Nations.

Under his stewardship, more than 200,000 Syrians have been massacred by the self-styled King of Syria Bashar al-Assad. Yet, Moon sees fit on his latest Middle-East visit to rip Israel.

Mind you, this is the same Israel that has been unceasingly attacked by the terrorist Hamas group without a peep of significant protest from Moon.

After three Israeli teen-agers were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas, Moon's response was the equivalent of The Square Root Of Chai-Cock. 

Otherwise defined as nothing.

Goaded into war, Israel set out several clearcut objectives. Primary has been the elimination of rocket-firing sites and the closing of tunnels from which Hamas murderers have set out to kill Jews.

Moon is well aware that Hamas had used Gaza residents as human shields. The UN boss knows that rockets have been sprinkled throughout Gaza in the midst of residential neighborhoods.

The UN Pooh-Bah also knows deep in his heart that had he been the Israeli leader he would have done what's necessary to knock out all these hostile outposts.

And, further, if had not yet heard, Hamas has broken at least two truces by hurling rockets at Israel. 

So, for Moon to have the chutzpah to come here and immediately damn Israel is, conversely, a way of praising Hamas.

Such behavior puts the UN's emissary on the side of the same neo-Nazis who have been marching against Israel in London. Paris and other European points.

Translated: Moon has re-defined hypocrisy.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Let us take off the gloves and tell the truth. 

The Palestinians are an INVENTED people, created to destroy Jewish self-determination in the land that the Jewish Nation was born in. 

The name Jew is from JUDEA as in the Kingdom of Judea. The Arab nation was born and its culture fostered in the Arabian peninsula, hence the name ARAB. 

Lets us further this by stating the undeniable fact that the Arab nationalist movement in Israel was created by Haj Amin al-Hussieni, a known NAZI supporter and Friend to Adolf Hitler. 

This is a man that helped raise battalions of soldiers for the Nazi cause. This is a man who drew up his own version of the Final solution that was to be implemented after the Nazis gained control of Israel from the British. 

This means the person who created the people who call themselves Palestinians today actually intended on carrying out the complete genocide of the Jewish people in their homeland Israel. 

Is it a shock that Mahmoud Abbas refuses to make peace with Israel and continues to call for the destruction of the Jewish Nation State by flooding it with colonialist Arabs claimed to be “refugees”; just as China has flooded Tibet with Han Chinese? 

Is it a shock that Hamas flagrantly breaks international law and commits crimes against humanity by shooting rockets into Israeli civilian centers? 

NO, both are just carrying out the directives of the Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini. 

Israel cannot afford to fail to realize these facts and most do all it can to present these undeniable truths to all world bodies.  


By Schmoel Yitzhak 

The war is on.

Make no mistake this is a real, no-kidding-around war with Israel's future at stake.

By and large the Arabs couldn't care less whether Hamas wins or loses. If the terrorists lose, the folks in Qatar, Algeria and other Arab countries with give a "Who cares?" yawn and go on hating Jews each in his own particular way.

And if Israel loses -- well -- perish the thought. 

The Middle East's only democracy cannot afford to lose and each and every one of you know why; Israel is the one and only Jewish nation. 

Furthermore, it has become the haven of French, Belgian, English and -- certainly now -- Turkish Jews who realize that they are systematically being run out of their respective countries by the anti-Semites running their respective shows.

But there's a hitch here; an annoying cyst on American diplomacy. Hamas appears to be Barack Obama's foremost ally in the Middle East. Just check the fact, man, just the facts. 

* FACT ONE, KIDNAPPING: From the moment three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped to their murder by Hamas, Obama nonchalantly treated the incidents as if they were mere muggings on Main Street, USA. The president acted as if he couldn't have cared less about the abominable slaughter of innocent Israelis.

* FACT TWO, REPRISAL: After an Israeli gang -- acting in what was a normal, emotional reprisal -- murdered an Arab, the White House instantly yelled and screamed bloody murder against Israel. Conveniently, Obama ignored the original trio of Hamas-inspired killings as if they had nothing to do with the Arab being taken out.

* FACT THREE, DISTORTED ARAB VALUES: The Arab mind believes that it can kill Jews with impunity. Therefore when three young Israelis are murdered, Hamas considers the slaughter an improvement in the Middle East environment. But dare the Israelis retaliate the Jews are the bad guys.

* FACT FOUR, SNEAK ATTACKS: As has been the case for months -- if not decades -- the Arab modus operandi -- has been killing Jews sneakily and from long-range. The gutless Hamas rocket strategy targeted Sederot and nearby Israeli outposts. This time around the Arabs have blitzed population centers such as Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.

When Benjamin Netanyahu finally decided enough was enough and ordered a ground offensive in Gaza, guess what happened? 

Hamas' good friend on Pennsylvania Avenue swung into action, trying to put the handcuffs on Bibi and his strategy. For any other country -- but Israel -- the theme should be All's fair in love and war. 

Not with Arab-loving Obama. Instead of encouraging Israel to eradicate the Hamas terrorists, the president insisted that the IDF limit its Gaza operation to attacking "precise tunnels."

For starters, the Americans have no business dictating Israeli war strategy. And for another terror tunnels are only a fraction of the Hamas military bases. 

Then, there's the State Department's feeble plaint that innocent Arabs have been killed by the Gaza operation. 

Wake up, John Kerry: any collateral damage inflicted on Gazans has occurred solely because the war was ignited by Hamas. No more no less.

Imagine, after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 that the British told President Roosevelt to limit American retaliation so that no innocent Japs would be hurt by collateral damage.

War is hell. Hamas should have figured out that equation the moment it fired its first rocket into innocent Israel.

So should have the terrorists' best friend in the White House, Obama.

Monday, July 14, 2014


By Simon Fischler 

Eddie Vedder are you for real? 

Vedder lead singer of Pearl Jam and occupier of Native American land in the United States of America, is the latest show business personality to publicly — and ignorantly — display his Jew-hating, Israel-bashing personality, following numbskull Roger Waters. 

Vedder’s tirade was inspired because Israel did what any self-respecting nation would do when under attack by terrorists. The Middle East’s only democracy has been relentlessly defending its citizens against, daily, unprovoked rocket blitz emanating from the Gaza Strip. 

Political ignoramus that he is, Vedder completely ignored several facts about this latest Hamas-Israeli War. 

1. The Arabs started it with the kidnapping and murder of four Jews; 2. Israel fought back by attacking Hamas in a restrained manner; 3. Vedder also mentioned something about stealing someones land. 

By that he overlooked the fact that Jews have as much right to live and build in Judea and Samaria as anyone else; Arabs included.

Clearly, this political neophyte knows conspicuously less about Middle-East history than he does about bullshit which he unremittingly spouts. 

Does anti-erudite Eddie know that Jews lived in Israel long before Mohammad drove out from the ARABIAN peninsula to invade and colonize the Levant. 

Here’s another tidbit from History 101 for Venomous Vedder. The word JEW itself comes from the name Judea, as in the Kingdom of Judea in the heart of Israel. 

Try as he might Uneasy Eddie cannot erase the historic fact that Jews were here long before Arabs, nor does it matter to him that this was our land long before the Arabs even knew where it was. 

Since his responses betray the fact that Vedder is an unmitigated anti-Semite it’s not surprising that he fails to acknowledge the rocket barrages that have been traumatizing Israeli citizens for years.

After all why should such a imbecile care about innocent Israeli civilians who daily endure indiscriminate, unprovoked rocket attacks. 

Let’s face it,  Vedder, and his buddy-terrorists within Hamas has a simple gripe with Israel and it’s all about jealousy. 

They can’t abide that we JEWS dare to live our lives in the state that we built with our own hands.

It endlessly bugs them that Israelis continue to fight off the constant Arab attempts to steal, destroy, rob, annihilate and colonize the State that was brought about by INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THE UNITED NATIONS! 

Does Vedder know or care that the Arabs in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank have continued to reject peace and have continued to call for the annihilation of the state of Israel.

Vedder supports Irrational people whose aim is to commit genocide against the Jewish people and their nation state. 

It is not even a question with which Vedder, Waters or for that matter John Kerry can argue against. Hamas, the organization that runs the Gaza strip and the organization that the American paid Palestinian Authority went into business with openly calls for the destruction of Israel. 

Sadly nothing has changed since the Holocaust. The fact that people like Waters and Vedder are allowed to peddle their hate filled rhetoric is grotesque. Even worse is the naive, fan base that idolizes and therefore believes every word that comes out of Vedder’s poisoned mouth.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Well, well, well. Barack Obama has offered to mediate the latest war Hamas has declared against Israel. 

Judging by the American president's hostility toward the Jewish State, the only thing worse would be for Obama to seat Bibi in an electric chair.

Then the worst commander-in-chief Uncle Sam ever had would turn on the electricity if Israel's Prime Minister dared refuse the Obama demands.

Let's face it, virtually every move made the the White House in the past six years has been hostile toward Jerusalem; consistently hostile.

The fact that Obama encouraged a Hamas-Palestinian Authority rapprochement says it all. 

The geniuses on Pennsylvania Avenue have known full well that Hamas -- which brazenly promotes Israel's destruction -- would increase its rocket bombardment. And now the PA has jumped on the rocket bomb wagon.

Yet, Obama refuses to block the huge amount of American taxpayers' money being funneled to the PA-Hamas while rockets fall daily on Israel.

And, if you're wondering why, remember what I've been saying since he took office; America is saddled with a president who cannot make a distinction between militant Islam and the Middle East's only democracy.

Hamas would dearly love to have Obama declare a "truce" because it's getting its ass kicked, big-time.

To stave off its destruction, the terror state figures that Obama will lean over backwards to not only keep Hamas in business but allow it breathing room to re-stock its missile arsenal for another attack on Israel.

Surely, Bibi is neither that naive nor stupid to believe that any such Obama-brokered truce would help Israel. He's been to that dance before and wound up being the wounded wallflower.

What's so ironic about this latest American Middle East gambit is that it follows the failed peacemaking adventure of Secretary of State John Kerry. 

For almost an entire year, Kerry wasted everybody's time and American taxpayer money on endless flights to Jerusalem and Ramallah. 

The secretary's assumption was that Mahmoud Abbas was the man to execute a peace pact with Israel while every Arab on or off the street knew full well that Abbas had neither the power nor respect to deliver.

Kerry completely ignored the real culprit, Hamas, as if the organization didn't even exist nor pack thousands of missiles directed at Tel Aviv, Sederot and, yes, even Jerusalem.

And, now, we have the latest example of head-in-the-sand diplomacy. Mahmoud Abbas is beseeching the United Nations to intervene and produce a cease-fire.

Typically, the Arab leader is making the move to protect the Palestinians being harmed by Israeli attacks.

Nowhere does Abbas mention that this latest war was detonated by endless rocket barrages directed at innocent Israelis.

No wonder Obama is doing everything he can to keep Abbas and Hamas in power.

We're talking about leaders acting like ostriches.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


By Simon Fischler

FACT: Hamas is carrying out war crimes by intentionally using the Gaza population as human shields. Hamas spokesman Sami Abi Zuhri admitted this Fact on live television.

FACT:  Hamas is carrying out war crimes by intentionally shooting rockets into Israeli civilian centers.

FACT: The Fatah organization has also admitted that it has started to shoot rockets into Israel; Fatah is led by Mahmoud Abbas, which means the President of the Palestinian Authority has given the green light for rocket attacks on Israeli citizens. This is the same Palestinian Authority that loves to collect American tax-paying greenbacks.

FACT:  The Obama administration is still trying to tell Israel and the international community that the Hamas-Fatah government seeks peace, even as it shoots hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians.

FACT: Once again the Arabs, who like to call themselves “Palestinians,” are  defecating on all international laws.

FACT:  Hamas naively believed that Israel would tolerate continued rocket fire on its citizens. This was roughly equivalent to Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s thinking. Nasser thought he could break international law by closing the Straits of Tiran while kicking the UN out of the Sinai peninsula in 1967. Like Nassar in 1967, Hamas in 2014 has awakened to a rude reality. Israel is fighting back.

Israel has Hamas on the ropes and should not stop until it decides it has met all the goals it has set out for itself in this war against Arab terrorism.

FACT:  The Islamist Obama regime should not be trusted by Israel because it has consistently worked against the interests of the Jewish Nation State; even as the Arabs disregard the goodwill gestures of the Netanyahu government.

FACT:  Obama and his duplicitous EU buddies plus Mahmoud (I'm a lot like Arafat)Abbas are are fully aware that Israel can hold on to Judea and Samaria if it is patient. 

With Jewish birth rates on the rise, Aliyah from Europe really on the rise and Arab birth rates falling, the alleged demographic “problem” of Judea and Samaria has proven to be a hoax.

FACT: The Obama administration says it wants to help Israel sign a peace treaty with a people that did not exist one hundred years ago. The White House claims it wants to help Israel do this to stop  Israel from losing its Jewish majority.

But here’s the problem: The Palestinians say they will never agree to accepting Israel as the Jewish Nation state. They also demand that Arabs, who claim to be refugees living in other countries have the right to return to Israel. No point in signing a piece of nasty peace paper if the Arabs still are intent on destroying Israel through demographics by flooding Israel with refugees.

FACT:  The Arabs claim a fictitious Right of Return thanks to UN General Assembly Resolution 194. This is not international law, it is merely a recommendation. All GA resolutions are merely recommendations and not law. What Abbas does not want you to know is that this resolution clearly states that only those people who were willing to peacefully return to their homes should be allowed to do so.

Over and over again the Arabs have made it clear in word and deed that they want nothing to do with peace. They underlined the point by refusing recognition of Israel. And that makes GA Resolution 194 as useless and void as it was the day it was passed.

FACT: Whether the Arab nation likes it or not the "Palestinians" are not an eternal people like the Jews. The term “Palestinian” is merely an invention of the 20th. Century. The Palestinians were brought about in an attempt to stop the aspirations of freedom and self-determination of the indigenous people of Israel, the Jews. The Arabs, with help from their colonialist friends in Britain hoped the creation of the "Palestinian Arab" would stop the Jews fight for freedom in their homeland Israel.

FACT: Israel has accepted peace with the Arabs since the post-World War I League of Nations and the post-World War II United Nations passing of two States for two peoples, one Jewish, one Arab. Time and again, the Arabs have rejected peace with Israel.

FACT: It is illegal for Jews to buy land or houses in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In the Territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority it is forbidden by death to sell land or homes to Jews. It is the Arabs who practice racist, semi-apartheid laws, not Israel.


By Sig Demling

Wars aren't what they used to be and if you don't believe me, just ask Benjamin Netanyahu. What's right ain't right anymore.

And if you don't believe Bibi, check with the millions of Israelis whose daily lives have been threatened by massive, indiscriminate rocket fire emanating from the terrorists in Gaza.

In a rational world, where right and wrong are clearly recognisable, this would be a no-brainer. 

Hamas would be condemned for its actions and Uncle Sam would quickly halt payments supporting the ill-fated Hama-Palestinian Authority marriage.

But in this terribly topsy-turvy political sphere in which we live the killers -- as in Hamas -- become the victims while the vice is versa when it comes to Israel.

One does not need an electron microscope to detect heroes and villains in this latest war against the Middle East's only democracy. 

As always, the conflict began with sporadic rocket fire initiated from Gaza and aimed at innocent Israeli's in the South. Naturally, Israel's Prime Minister ordered a typically subdued Israeli counterattack. Hamas missiles would inspire return fire.

Assuming that it could kill Jews with impunity -- and without retribution -- Hamas then stepped up its rocket assaults; plus went one dreadful step further.

Hamas operatives kidnapped three innocent Israelis and then killed them on the spot although it took days and days before the bodies were found. At first, Mahmoud Abbas condemned the murders.

Alas, when his supporters forcefully pointed out that killing Jews is what the Arab mantra is all about, Abbas did a 180-degree turn, hurling his wrath at Israel.

Not surprisingly, response throughout the world -- and especially at the White House -- to the Israeli deaths was, at best, muted. It was as if massacring Israeli Jews was de rigueur and unworthy of fuss or hand-wringing.

But when a young Israeli Arab was killed in retribution, uh-oh. judging by outcries across the earth, one would have thought that Bibi had ordered an atomic bomb dropped on the innocent victim.

No question, killing the Arab lad was a heinous crime and Netanyahu said so as soon as he got the news. But, as the world sees it, the death of three Jews opps make that four now that we know that the young Jewish girl from Afula was killed by an Arab terrorist, couldn't come close to being equated with one Arab.  

Meanwhile, Hamas -- fast losing control of The Strip -- decided to pull out what it hoped would be its trump card; its deadliest rocket barrage ever hurled at Israel. 

As had long been feared, the terrorists have been importing, building and stockpiling a vast arsenal which has since been bombarding virtually every geographic segment of Israel, south of Haifa.

Hamas, the PA and its perfidious Abbas have acted as if there should not have been a cause-and-effect; that Netanyahu should have turned the other cheek.

Instead of blaming the bloody murderers in Gaza, Abbas screamed bloody murder and "Genocide" at Israel for the mere act of defending itself from a massive air blitz. And if the Palestinian's complaints haven't set new world records for hypocrisy, nothing ever will. 

Speaking of hypocrisy, Fatah, Abbas' peace loving group has also started to fire rockets from Gaza into Israel.

Then again, we've become used to the Arab lie and hypocrisy as have a precious few -- such as our Canadian friends -- in the civilised world. 

Unfortunately too few have taken the Canadian view and too many have betrayed the same attitude toward Jews as was evidenced in Europe preceding, during and after World War II. 

During the Nazi Era, the world looked on passively as six million Jews were slaughtered. 

Nowadays the endless rocket bombardment of Israel stirs minimal concern in the so-called civilised world.

But, Heaven forbid that Jews defend themselves.Then -- faster than you can say "Two-faced Obama" -- lies and hypocrisy become the two-front weapon wielded by the eternally anti-Semitic universe. 

Monday, July 7, 2014


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Pragmatic thinkers in Israel believe that Benjamin Netanyahu is doing the right thing.

While endless barrages of rockets clobber cities such as Sderlot -- even as far as Beersheba -- the Israeli response continues to be something akin to tit-for-tat.

Problem is, the Arab tit inevitably is more lethal than the Israeli tat.

What's more, the Arab tit, as always, is aimed at innocent civilians; all part of militant Islamist/Arabist strategy.

But it's the grand Israeli blueprint that most concerns me and it all comes down to one question: should Bibi continue his plan for patience; relying on retaliation by air in terms of reducing the rocket threat?

Or, has the time come -- as Avigdor Lieberman so vociferously proclaims -- for a more forceful attack on Gaza; even more mightily than the previous operation Cast Lead?

I believe that Bibi should hold his fire at least for the next few days to determine whether the Israeli air force can, in fact, inflict enough damage on Hamas for the terrorist state to once and for all cease the firing.

If this can be accomplished, then perhaps the Likud-run government can arrange to thoroughly defuse Hamas either diplomatically or with some other well-chosen, forceful strategy. 

If not, the time will have come to go the Lieberman route and declare full-scale war to ultimately wipe out Hamas.

In that way, the tat will erase the tit.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


By Simon Fischler

Last week the families of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Iftach learned that their children had not just been kidnapped but had also been murdered in cold blood by ARABS. This loss was not just a loss for the families of the murdered but also for all of Israel's Jewish majority population.

Did the Jewish majority riot? Did they call for the destruction of the Arabs living amongst them or next to them? The answer to both is a resounding NO.

Even worse for Israel's Jews and the families of Gilad, Eyal and Naftali was the revolting pleasure exhibited by the Arab population of Israel for this disgusting murder of three teenage co-citizens.

Now an Arab youth was murdered in Jerusalem. Like animals, both Palestinians and Israeli Arabs have rioted across Jerusalem and towns inside of Israel.

I expect such behavior from the Palestinians, but how dare Israel Arabs behave in such a bestial way?

The disdain for the feelings of families of a trio of Jews murdered by Arabs of Israel was inhuman: and that’s an understatement.  No solidarity came from the Israeli Arab community when three of their co-patriots were murdered in cold blood? Not a word of condolence. Nothing. 

 Instead these unpatriotic Israeli citizens chose to riot and ran sack their own towns when a Palestinian was found dead.

What’s more there has not yet been a definitive, final account as to why this child was killed. The Abu Kahder family has dealt with violence before from their Arab brethren thanks to family feuds. 

There is every likelihood that this child was murdered because of inter-Arab violence and not because of vengeance for the murders of THREE Jewish teenagers.

What has been proven is simply and appallingly this: The loyalty to the state of Israel by the majority of its Arab citizens is virtually non-existent.

 The Arabs of Israel are no different today than they were when they rioted in 1929 and murdered 133 Jews. 
The Arabs are no different today then they were when them they spit on international law. Their mentality is still the same as it was when the Arabs rejected two states for two people and attempted to commit genocide against the Jews of Israel. 

All present signs suggest that Inside of almost every Israeli Arab there is sympathy for the Jew-hating philosophy of Hitler supporter Haj Amin Al-Husseini just waiting to awaken.  The latest Arab riots are proof positive of that!

 The only difference today is we, the Jews, are controlling our country and not the despicable, colonial, British (Europeans) who let the Arabs murder us in cold blood.

Israeli Arabs who riot against their country are not worthy of Israeli citizenship and — if they don’t act like proper citizens — it is time to write them right out of our country.

It is time for pragmatic Israeli leadership. It is time for Israel to finalize its borders, with or without the agreement of the colonialist, Judenrein, apartheid regime of Mahmmoud Abbas who would forbid all Jews from living in a Palestinian state.

If Israel’s Arabs do not wish to abide by the law, then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must take action. It is time to consider a situation whereby Israel would completely part with the Arab populations of Judea and Samaria.

Bibi should seriously promote a plan whereby Israel unitarily moves the borders west of all Arab towns in the triangle. He might then revoke the citizenship of all Arabs living in these areas and leave them to be Palestinians in a Palestinian state.

What ever parts of Israel that the government decides to retain as part of our sovereign nation will remain so whether the dissident the Arabs like it or not.

It is imperative that Israel also make it clear to all international organizations that their failure to uphold the laws they created have made this situation inevitable.

It is the United Nations which in 1948 created two states for two nations as part of  INTERNATIONAL LAW.

For decade after decade, the Jew-hating Arabs have rejected this LAW.

UN General Assembly resolution 181 clearly calls for the establishment of two states. It then clearly calls for one Jewish State and one Arab state. The Jews accepted this and the Arabs did not.  Under resolution 242 once again the UN emphasized two states for two peoples, one Jewish and one Arab.

The difference between the two is that UN resolution 242 is international law because it was passed by the United Nations Security Council. Inside of resolution 242 it was made clear by the UN that Israel would remain a Jewish state by a just resolution to refugees that is ACCEPTABLE to all . Meaning all refugees, both, Jewish and Arab. It also means that Arabs would not be allowed back into Israel.

When it comes to understanding these laws, the Arabs constantly develop their own form of political amnesia.

Therefore, shame on every Arab citizen who riots against his and her country. 

Shame on them because they have once again condoned the killing of Gilad, Naftali and Iftach.

I hope for the day when they will wake up to different borders.

I pray for the day when we rid ourselves of those Arabs who do not respect Israeli law and who mock the democratic nation that has given them a better life than any they could obtain elsewhere.

It is time that the government in Jerusalem consider how to solve a problem that is sucking the life out of our great nation.