Sunday, July 29, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Who really is Israel's true friend -- Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

More than ever this question demands an answer now that each candidate is hustling the American-Jewish vote.

The Democrats believe that they recently gained an edge when Washington approved a new military package for Israel.

On paper, the ostensibly "generous" gesture would suggest that Obama genuinely wants to help the Jewish State. But on closer scrutiny the "generosity" falls remarkably short of its intended mark. 

Only the most naive will fall for the president's latest ploy which has a two-fold purpose; One was to upstage his rival's visit to Israel. (Obama is not coming and hasn't shown his face in the Middle East's only true democracy since Hector was a pup.) And, two was to persuade on-the-fence Jewish Democrats that the president really has "Israel's back," as he once claimed.

On closer scrutiny the ploys fail because of Obama's deep-seated love of Muslims and his not-so-subtle support for militant Islam. 

While respected analysts continue to note that the Muslim Brotherhood is an anti-American organization infested with a deep-seated hatred for Israel, the White House could hardly wait to invite Egypt's MB reps to Washington. 

As Israel Hayom columnist Isi Leibler accurately notes, doing business with Egypt's MB is roughly equivalent to lighting a cigarette while holding a gallon of gas.

"We should be under no illusions," says Leibler. "The Islamic forces of the Brotherhood seeking to control Egypt are ultimately committed to revoking the peace treaty. Their motives are deeply rooted in fanatical extremist Islamic ideology."

With friends like those, Washington is inviting a Middle East version of Pearl Harbor.

But it doesn't stop there. While Romney was winning Israel hearts on his tour of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Obama's press aides couldn't even answer a simple question simply put: "What is the capital of Israel?" 

Alas, the White House could not say what every Israeli -- every Jew -- knows and that is, Jerusalem is Israel's capital. 

To which Republican legislator Eric Cantor explicitly pointed out that, once again, Obama's leanings, truly, are with the Arabs. "The president should be standing by its ally, Israel," Cantor asserts.

Now, before getting to Romney, let's address the arms package and its so-called value. What it amounts to is defensive support of the most limited kind.

In other words Israel may be able to counter a fraction of rocket fire from Lebanon, Gaza or -- as threatened -- from Iran but that is not good enough. 

If the Second Lebanese War proved anything, it is that the Arab enemy is able to blanket Israel with thousands of missiles. Stopping ten percent of such an onslaught is meaningless if ninety percent gets through; especially if the rockets are accompanied by advanced destructive capacity.

Therefore the arms "gift" offers false security because what Israel needs more than defensive arms is offensive assistance and not just the explosive kind.

The political kind -- at this critical point in time -- counts a lot more in terms of Israeli security.

Look at it this way; if Uncle Sam is Israel's closest ally, the White House should take off the gloves an support an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania Avenue strategists prefer obsequious appeasement mixed with useless sanctions which, if anything, merely embolden the Iranians.

In this case, On Obama's part procrastination is the thief of time because Iran's nuclear program continues moving at an express pace and Israel is running out of attack time.

Which brings me to the Republican candidate who came to Israel and pointedly was asked what his reaction would be to a pre-emptive attack by Israel against Iran's nuclear facilities. 

"I would respect that decision," Romney replied. 

My conclusion: Romney's vibes are in tune with Benjamin Netanyahu's. The GOP platform looks a lot more Israel-friendly than the left-oriented Democrats. In the end, Mitt is a lot more believable than the other guy.

Whether these points register with America's Jewish voters remains to be seen. Republicans are pouring plenty of campaign dough into luring Jewish Democrats over to the Romney side and maybe they'll succeed for a couple of reasons:

1. There's more concern than ever that the Jewish state is encircled by enemies determined to destroy it.

2. Obama's stated demand that Israel return to the 1967 borders has been salt in the wounds of even Jewish Democrats who understand the consequences.

3. The president's rude treatment of Bibi on the Prime Minister's first visit to Washington has not been forgotten.

Nevertheless, all the aforementioned points pall in comparison to the BIG issue; the Iranian nuclear threat. And it comes to this: Obama will not sanction nor support a necessary Israeli strike and Romney will at least "respect" such a necessary move.

Bottom Line: Romney is Israel's unequivocal friend. When it comes to the Jewish State, Obama has been a four-year fraud!


By Simon Fischler 
It’s time to boycott the boycotters! 
The time has come for the supporters of Israel, the Jewish Nation and those who love freedom to come out and fight ruthlessly against the boycott of Israel.
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they call Israel -- a liberal democracy that gives all of her citizens, Arab Israelis included, the freedom of speech, freedom to vote and freedom to live – an apartheid, racist state, while turning a blind eye to Palestinian racism towards Jews and Israel.
After all, it was Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator of the “MODERATE” Palestinian Authority, who said clearly that not one Jew would be allowed to live in the State of Palestine!
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they want to point the finger at Israel, while ignoring that a Jew cannot buy land in Jordan, simply because he is a Jew!
 Is that not racial discrimination?
Boycott the boycotters of Israel. They castigate Israel for enforcing its blockade of the Gaza Strip, yet the butcher of Syria, Assad continues to slaughter his people.
The boycotters want to boycott Israel (INSTEAD of a list which should include Zimbabwe, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Somalia, China, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, to name but a few)? Really. 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel, … because they ignore that Israel has tried more than once and certainly more than the Palestinians to create a State of Palestine! 
After all who rejected Peace at Camp David? 
The Palestinian leadership did. The “occupation” exists today ONLY because it was more important for Arafat and his cronies to destroy Israel than create a State of Palestine 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they say Israel has committed Genocide. 
Yet they ignore the intentional use of suicide bombers against Israeli civilians, which is, without a doubt, a crime against humanity. The intentional attempt to kill civilians is illegal according to the Geneva Convention.
Yet Hamas specializes in the intentional attempt to kill Israeli civilians. Hamas started its suicide bombing spree right after the signing of the Oslo Peace accords in a direct attempt to sabotage peace. All along the great peacemaker Arafat secretly added them any time Israel did not give him exactly what he wanted. 
The boycotters of Israel aren’t going to boycott the Palestinians or Hamas. Nor will they boycott the Palestinians for intentionally shooting more than eight thousand rockets into Southern Israel after Israel withdrew civilians and the IDF from the Gaza strip. 
Intentionally shooting rockets into civilian centers as Hamas does from Gaza is a human rights violation and a crime against humanity. IT IS ILLEGAL IN THE GENEVA CONVENTION! 
Of course the boycotting world doesn’t seem to care the lives and mental state of Israelis in southern Israel! 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they still harp on Israel’s alleged role during the violence perpetrated in Lebanon on the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla in 1982, despite the fact that Israeli soldiers didn’t kill a single Palestinian refugee in those camps!
The killers in Sabra and Shatilla were ARAB, MARONITE, CHRISTIAN, PHALANGISTS! 
Could the IDF have stopped them? Probably; but at the cost of an important ally. 
The point is simple though: it was Arab killing Arab. Yet these boycotters have no intention of boycotting Lebanon, or its Christian President. 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim Israel is racist since her character is Jewish. 
Israel is racist only because she is the Jewish State? 
Yet Egypt, which in its constitution clearly states it is an ARAB, MUSLIM republic is not racist and doesn’t warrant boycotting? 
Jordan and Syria have the same clauses is in their governmental manifestos. 
Lebanon goes even further: the constitution of Lebanon clearly states "Lebanon is Arab in its identity and in its associations." 
Iran is the ISLAMIC republic; no one is boycotting Iran because of that. 
Most EU countries are by definition Christian, hence the need for Chief Rabbis of the country, something not needed in America. Yet Israel should be boycotted?
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because, while condemning Israel for human rights violations that she does NOT commit, they simultaneously disregard when these same crimes are carried out by the Palestinians, Arabs and/or other Muslim countries. 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because instead of condemning Israel they should be condemning Syria for the atrocities being executed on a daily basis there. 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim they want to fix past wrongs, but only if those past wrongs are Israeli.
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they talk of seven hundred thousand Palestinian refugees created out of Israeli Independence. 
Yet they fail to acknowledge that MOST of those refugees were created because they were following the orders of the Arab leadership to leave their homes so it would be easier for the Arab armies to carry out genocide against Israel. 
They never talk of the NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND JEWISH REFUGEES thrown out of Arab and Muslim countries. Do they boycott the Arab and Muslim countries that stole everything from their former Jewish citizens? NO! 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because their intent is to destroy Israel and deprive the Jewish Nation of its right to self-determination, while encouraging the creation of yet another Arab Muslim state. 
If this isn’t racism and anti-semitism, what is?

Thursday, July 26, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
Are there always two sides to a story? 
That is what I keep hearing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But this theory smacks of just another way of giving the Palestinians an excuse for continuing their aggressive behavior towards Israel. 
How are there two sides, when the Palestinians rejected every plan of partition leading up to the Israeli War of Independence? 
It is very simple: the Jews of Eretz Israel accepted a greatly decreased piece of land from what they were originally promised, through international law, by the League of Nations.
Many argue that the Yishuv (pre-state Jewish government) accepted partition in the hopes of attaining more land later. 
This contention overlooks the fact that the Yishuv put its hopes to the side in an attempt to reach an agreed settlement with its Arab neighbors. 
Plain and Simple, the Yishuv accepted partition to attain self-determination for the Jewish Nation on land that was legally theirs -- no matter how much less than originally promised.
The Arab side, ever more greedy, ever more colonialist, refused partition -- no matter how much more land than the Jews they would receive. 
This is not a disputable point, this cannot be argued, this is fact. 
There is only one side to this beginning: Arabs wanted war; Arabs thought they would win a war; Arabs STARTED the war; Arabs lost the war. 
This scenario took place over and over again (1947-48; 1956; 1967; 1973 ... etc., etc., etc.) 
This aggressive, imperialistic thought pattern is obviously intrinsic to Arab culture and tradition. 
The Arab peoples were not born in the Levant, as the Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish Nation was. 
So where do the Arabs come from? ARABIA. 
The Arabs invaded and conquered the Near East, Northern Africa and Spain, more than seven centuries after the beginning of the Christian Era.
Hence a conquering, colonialist culture would never let the Jews have a state in their midst, even if this land belonged to the Jews first, or whether Jews had always been living in this land (making up the majority of the population in most major cities). 
That’s a short version of the history of what we call Israel today, as well as a nutshell version of the Arab occupation of that part of the Middle East which was once the ancient kingdom of Israel. 
Now let’s jump to the year 2000, Camp David, Maryland. 
Then Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, and U.S. President Bill Clinton offered Yassar Arafat and the Arabs of Judea and Samaria the most generous entitlement a LOSING group has ever received. 
Offered were 97 percent of the West Bank (which, remember, was once the sections of ancient Israel known as Judea and Samaria), East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian Quarters of the old City. Control over the Temple Mount was also offered to the Arabs. Of course all the Gaza Strip would be included in the future Muslim/Arab state of Palestine. 
In return the Palestinians had to relinquish their made-up notion of the Right of Return, to accept Israel as the Jewish State and agree to an end of conflict. 
As always this was too much for Yasser Arafat. Believing he could still destroy Israel, he rejected this offer at Camp David and later at Taba, Egypt. 
Instead he went on to start a guerrilla war against the Israeli public.
The solution to the Arab/Israel conflict has nothing to do with occupation -- unless you choose to erase the fact that the occupation could have been negated with Palestinian acceptance of peace and statehood in the year 2000. 
Should Israel be blamed for the horrible leadership of the Palestinian Arabs? I think not. 
After all, even Mahmoud Abbas admits the disaster the Second Intifada brought upon his people. The leader of the Palestinians has admitted responsibility for his nation’s situation!
We could call Arafat’s rejection of Barak and Clinton’s peace plan “The Second Catastrophe,” second only to the original Arab rejection of Partition. 
If the world really wants peace and a solution to this conflict, it is high time to make the Arabs take responsibility for their actions. 
It is and always has been RACIST and COLONIALIST Arab culture that is behind the Arab/Israel conflict. 
The world must stop making excuses for the Palestinians’ constant rejection of peace and a just settlement.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak
Mitt Romney's visit to Israel bears watching. 
His words must immediately be matched against those of Barack Obama and his horde of lackeys whose presence -- and future visits -- seem primarily intended to dilute the effect of the Republican candidate's expedition to Jerusalem.
While it's impossible to gauge the effect America's "Jewish vote" will have on the November election, there's no doubt that in a closely fought campaign every edge can be decisive. Obama's conspicuous inaction during his first time has given his challenger a reasonable chance to win -- provided that American Jews see the light.
So far all the president has done is bolster the confidence of Israel's enemies. Viz and to wit:
* IRAN: Obama continues to insist that sanctions will intimidate the ayotollahs; that Iran will not only bend but break over Uncle Sam's threats. Nothing of the kind has happened since Obama became president. His feints have been figured by Tehran. During the present administration Iran has emerged as the most dangerous threat to peace; not only in the Middle East but throughout the world.
* HEZBOLLAH: When Israel was forced to accept a truce in the last Lebanon war, it was expected that United Nations peacekeepers would neutralize Hezbollah and eliminate the terror group from amassing another rocket stockpile. Just the opposite has taken place with not a whimper of protest from the White House which forced Israel into an armistice it neither needed or wanted. While Obama has led America, Hezbollah has successfully turned into Iran's most practical proxy to wage war against the Jewish State.
* EGYPT: With Obama leading the way, Hosni Mubarak -- a lukewarm friend but at least a friend of Israel -- was given the hook without any clear preparation for succession. During the past year the Muslim Brotherhood's ascent has been deceptively frightening. More and more, the anti-Israel decibel count has been rising in and around Cairo. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Avenue administration blithely sends billions to Egypt as if the country is as stable and friendly to Jews as Canada.
With that egregiously unimpressive Obama-Israel scorecard, it would be difficult for Romney not to hit a grand slam after his meetings with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Knesset and other leaders in Jerusalem. 
The problem is that we have no idea what the Republican's game plan will be although his arrival could not come at a more critical and propitious time. 
If Mitt has a realistic game plan vis-a-vis the aforementioned threat-states, Bibi wants to hear it. 
So do I and so should you if you care about Israel's fate.
From the Democrats we've endured four years of fallible policies, humiliation of Netanyahu by the American president, and cheap promises from Secretary of State Clinton. 
Enough already. America needs an action figure not an appeasing president. 
Israel requires someone who does more than proclaim that he has Israel's back while stabbing it simultaneously. 
It's your turn at bat, Mitt. Go for it!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Saturday, July 21, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
For too long we on the Israeli side of the Arab/Israeli conflict have been telling ourselves that it is worthwhile – if not imperative -- to understand the other side.
That makes a lot of sense and ever since 1948 when the Jewish State hoped to establish peaceful relations with its Arab neighbors, it has tried over and over to understand, even empathize and sympathize.
Israel has been more than generous in its offerings – TOO GENEROUS – hoping to hammer out once and for all, a peace pact.
What we have come to understand is that no matter what we offer, what we say, and how we try to understand, Israel is on a treadmill to oblivion.
The pure fact of the matter is that Israelis have done too much understanding of the Palestinians. And one of the things that we have come to learn during this endless understanding period, is that the Arabs (euphemistically known as Palestinians) want to eliminate Israel altogether.
One of their methods can be called – to be kind – total ignorance of our historical rights! 
Ever since the Jews rejected Mohammad as THE FAKE prophet that he is; Arabism (remember Islam was started in Arabia by Arabs and is an Arabian political movement based on the Hebrew laws) has been trying to erase Jews and Jewish national, historical facts from the Middle-East map.
They have done so in the following manner: 
1. Making war on the Jews of the Arabian Peninsula.
2. Occupying Israel and Jerusalem
3. Desecrating the Temple Mount by building the Al Aksa mosque and the Dome of the Rock on top of it.
4. Modern attempts by the fabricated Palestinian nation and it's leaders to deny the Jewish Historical rights of the Nation of Israel; that are carved into almost every stone in our land, is no less a crime against history! 
Israel no longer needs to reach out to the Arabs. It is high time for the occupiers of our land to reach out to us. 
The “Land for Peace” theory may have made sense four decades ago when hope sprung that – give extra acreage – the Islamists would once and for all end their hostility to Israel.
Alas, we have learned the hard way – very hard way – that “Land for Peace” is a one-way deal. The Palestinians get the land; the Israelis get no peace. Not a bit.
Once upon a time we truly believed that if we give them a bit more land everything would be honky-dory.
Wrong. Oslo proved it wrong and, more recently, the abandonment of Gaza merely underlined the point.
Arab hatred for Israel and the Jewish nation dates back to Mohammad and has been passed on from generation to generation. This venomous feeling has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the modern state of Israel nor with settlement-building.
Israelis “understanding” the Arabs. Perhaps in an academic way it’s worthwhile. 
But on a realistic, personal level, I do not accept their culture; a culture that embraces honor killings, chauvinism, female genital mutilation, homophobia, racism and unrelenting anti-Semitism.
American Northerners rejected slavery in the mid-19th Century -- and condemned the slave-holding American south – because the Confederate tenets were morally wrong.
Likewise, I reject what’s wrong about Arab culture and that includes its anti-Semitic falsehoods and revisionist history based on zero facts; all of which is employed by Arab propagandists to delegitimize Israel.
This Jewish nation called Israel has existed in Israel on a continuous basis in one shape or form for thousands of years. The Kingdom of Israel, Jewish National sovereignty and the Jewish Nation existed here in Israel long before the Arabs stopped being IDOL WORSHIPERS and made it out of Arabia! 
Israel has existed since ancient times! It has done so, not for years, but for centuries.
We were here long before the Arabs, and this is a scientific fact, proven by archaeology. It unabashedly demonstrates that Jews lived in what is now Israel long before there ever was an Arab presence. Ergo: the Arabs must ACCEPT ISRAEL not the other way around!
It is about time that these facts resonated in the White House, not to mention all the European capitals where the diplomats endlessly harass Jerusalem.
Benjamin Netanyahu need not beg acceptance from our Arab neighbors. WE ARE HERE, WHETHER THEY LIKE OR NOT!
Just as Israel rejected Mohammad as a prophet, modern Israel rejects the ideas of Arabism and Islamization because both will only accept us when we bow down to them and become their slaves. 
Until the world understands the Israeli side -- that we have every right to exist in the land that has been ours for centuries, this conflict will never end no matter how hard we try to understand our enemies!


Thursday, July 19, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

I came I saw, I conquered. -- Julius Caesar

Back in the early 1940s -- when the La Conga music craze swept America -- a popular composer did a take-off on Caesar and the Latin dance. 

He called his tune, "I Came I Saw, I Conga-ed!"

One could do yet another version of that melody now that Hillary Clinton was hugged by Simon Peres and then told Israel's President that, sorry, Jonathan Pollard never would be released. (By the way, she never even bothered to explain why. Too busy doing nothing? Hmmm?)

A less gallant soul than Peres then would have taken back his hug and showed Uncle Sam's Secretary of State the door with a not-so-gentle shove to her next futile Middle East destination.

Really, when push comes to shove, the best take-off on a take-off of a tune would be this title for Mrs. Clinton: "She Came, She Saw, She Did Gournished." (As in absolutely nothing.)

Her arrival had one -- and only one -- purpose and that was to upstage Mitt Romney's upcoming visit because every Obama administration move between now and November is geared only to get the Democrat re-elected.

Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israelis whose hands were grasped by Hillary merely were her temporary but useful photo-op stooges and the proof is in the Pollard.

Let's face it, Pollard could have -- should have -- been released long ago but Jonathan remains hostage to Obama because the president: a. Does not like Bibi; b. Does not like Israel's more realistic approach to wiping out Iran's nuclear facilities; c. Pollard remains a pawn for possible future USA-Israeli deals. Meanwhile, all Hillary did was infuriate Israel's leaders with her terse, insulting NO regarding Pollard.

Just how bad were Mrs. Clinton's reviews? 

Whew! Even the rabidly pro-Obama propaganda missive, Haaretz, put it this way about Hillary's whirlwind Israeli tour: "It belly-flopped." And that constitutes the understatement of the month.

Then again, just about every Israeli visit by a White House delegate -- if you will for the moment excuse the expression -- bombs!

The reason is obvious; despite the incessant rocket blitz from Gaza, the Sinai occupation by terrorists, the re-arming of Hezbollah and minute-by-minute bloodletting in Syria, Obama continues to genuflect before America-loathing Arabs. From the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt to the Hanan Ashrawis in Ramallah, they vie with each other over who hates Uncle Sam more. The more thay hate the Good Old USA, the more Obama tries to make nice with them.

And since Obama still doesn't get it, he pursues his Islam-kissing policy as if it's going to win him something other than another kick in the pants.

Before leaving, Hillary issued one of her fatuous, redundant suggestions. Yet again she's urging Bibi to make more reassuring gestures to Mahmoud Abbas, Inc. to lure the PA back to the negotiating table. Or, as my buddy, Gaines, would have said, "Surely, Hillary, you can't be serious!"

Or, has Mrs. Clinton not noticed that the latest Hamas-Gaza kindergarten "graduating" class includes strong incitement against Israel. The latest peace gesture has Arab kindergarten children dressed in uniforms, made to hold different types of guns, and condemning Israel.

One of the Gaza kids put it this way: "I want to blow myself up among the Zionists and kill them in a suicide bombing on a bus."

That Arab youth was scripting a real, life scene at a Bulgarian airport where Israelis were blown up on a bus.

Doesn't Clinton and her boss realize that peace with the Palestinians is both impossible and, in fact, small potatoes compared to the bigger issue, Iran. Israel has foiled endless Iranian plots but sooner or later an episode such as the Bulgarian airport carnage is apt to happen. 

How long does Obama think Bibi can restrain himself? The Democrats want Israel to stay calm until after the election. And if Obama wins, he'll dump his special brand of political quicksand over Bibi and bury Israel.

Bibi must not be concerned about American politics; Netanyahu must do what's right for his country.

In the meantime, it will be compelling to hear what message Romney brings on his upcoming trip to Jerusalem. 

Guaranteed it will be more supportive than Hillary's conga line to nowhere!

Monday, July 16, 2012


By Simon Fischler

I am the Arab nation.

I have stolen the laws and traditions of the people of Israel, the Jewish nation.

From their laws and from their national culture we, the Arab nation, forged the Quran and the political movement of Islam.

Islam is colonialism; Arabism is imperialism and has been since the birth of Mohammad.

We invaded the Land of Israel as well as the entire Levant. Our colonialist invasions took us as far North as Banja Luka (Bosnia) and as far South as the interior of Africa; where we created the African slave trade.

We desecrated the remains of Israel’s great Temple in Jerusalem by building a mosque on it.

We turned the temple (built by the Jewish King Herod) at the Cave of the Patriarchs into a Mosque.

Ever since, we the Arab nation have attempted to erase the Jewish nation and their culture.

They have lived in the land of Israel long before we the Arab nation even knew where it was.

The Jewish Nation had kingdoms, nation states and provinces in Israel -- thousands of years before my nation even left our desert.

We were a lawless, idol worshipping, illiterate band of nothings until we stole the concept of the bible from the Israelite nation.

When our leader Mohammad tried to persuade the Jews living in and around Mecca to form an alliance with him and declare him the newest of their prophets he was rejected.

With this rejection Mohammed then began what would become an ingrained form of anti-Semitism in Arabism and Islam.

We Arabs invaded North Africa, where we still occupy land that belonged for eons to the Black Africans.

It was we the Arabs who sold the Black Africans into the hands of White Europeans. Yet until today we have gotten away with this heinous crime.

During World War Two, as Hitler attempted to destroy the Jewish Nation, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, sided with the Nazis. He helped recruit for them and literally created a final solution for the Jews of Eretz Israel.

That is right: we the Arabs of Israel are World War Two war criminals; we SIDED with the Nazis. Our principles, if anyone would take the time to read them, are built on fascism.

Is it any wonder then, that the modern government of Israel is razing a structure in East Jerusalem that was once the Grand Mufti’s residence? Other governments would have done it decades ago and there would have been no questioning of the action by outside parties.

When Israel and the Jewish nation fought to regain its independence and self-determination in the land of Israel, not only did we fight them instead of making peace with them, we then committed some of the must heinous atrocities.

We even physically wiped out the whole Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem which had been there for thousands of years before we arrived on the scene.

We have never had a country called Palestine, mostly because we have always made destroying the Jewish Nation our first priority.

Our nationalism is built on the tenet of GENOCIDE. We swear we will not accept anything until we have destroyed the Jewish Nations Self-Determination.

We the Arabs talk about a Jewish lobby in America. We pay people to write books about it, hoping you will forget about the Arab lobby, led by the House of Saud. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the OIL Emirates have more money than all the Jews in the world, plus another trillion.

Today it is my people the Arabs who are trying with money to buy American universities and entertainment and media sources. We are doing a damn good job of it, too.

This is nothing new though; we have always done this.

It has been our horrible governments and horrible human rights records that have made us look bad. But that is changing: we Arabs have learned that spending even more trillions of dollars on PR in an attempt to fool you will actually work in the end.

We also have done an amazing job of hoodwinking people with the type of old school anti-Semitism that just about everyone loves, even some Jews: that is, creating the illusion that Jews control the world.

In truth it really is us, the ARABS, sitting on the OIL that makes this world go round and round (wink, wink).

Unbeknownst to our liberal and left-leaning dupes, our political movement, Islam, truly preaches globalization, colonization and the power of corporation.

ALL MUST BOW TO ARABIC ISLAM for us to be happy in the end.

This is written time and time again in the Quran. You wouldn't know that though because you will never actually read the Quran, you will just believe me when I say Islam is a peaceful religion (Remember, it is not really a religion but a political movement, wink, wink.)

I am the epitome of a charlatan. My religion and political ethos allow me to lie and cheat to win. The West’s rigid concept of “truth” has allowed me to completely enfold the liberal establishment into my nefarious scheme.

We, the Arab and Muslim Nations run the UN and the EU, along with all the dictatorships in South America. Then we cry when one or two nations like America and Canada support Israel.



But what can you do? Who has the OIL?

Oh, pardon me; I mean, who is in the right?

Saturday, July 14, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak
Jews building homes bothers people.
Those folks include Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and editorial writers onThe New York Times.
In particular it annoys the current American administration when Jews do their construction in Judea and Samaria, otherwise known to the non-Israeli world as the "West Bank."
Ironically, it does not bother the president, his secretary of state nor their Times-propaganda broad sheet that Jews are not allowed to build in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon and just about any Islamic land. Jews cannot even live in peace there.
Jews have been run out of those lands by the hundreds of thousands which explains why the democratic State of Israel exists and, furthermore, why it should not be a problem for families such as the Cohens, Goldbergs or Goldsteins to erect a dwelling in Judea and Samaria. Or any Arab, Christian or Hindu while we're at it.
As a matter of fact Jews are currently being run out of France, Sweden -- try being a safe Jew in Malmo these days -- and other Muslim-infested European countries not to mention metropli like "Londonstan" while anti-semitism runs rampant across the continent. 
That doesn't seem to concern the tall, thin man on Pennsylvania Avenue who's desperately running for re-election nor the Europeans whose demands for a two-state solution as "the key to achieving peace" sounds as enervating as the drone of bagpipes. 
But the issue of where Jews can live concerns thousands who want to put up dwellings in Judea and Samaria which today only is ten percent inhabited and only three percent by Jews. 
Why shouldn't a Jew be allowed to build on land that never was a Palestine state? As Tzipi Hotoveli writes in The Jerusalem Post, "The lands of Judea and Samaria were returned to Jewish people after a defensive war."
As the commission led by former Israel Supreme Court justice Edmund Levy recently concluded, Israel is not occupying the West Bank; Israelis have the right to build homes and live there.
This makes Judea and Samaria distinctly different from all the Arabs lands from which Jews were expelled. It's a haven for whomever wants to live in the mostly un-inhabited territories, both Jew and Arab.
These are good homes from which no arsenal of weapons are hidden. That makes them distinctly different from the bad homes in Gaza and Lebanon from where rockets are hidden and endlessly launched at Israelis. Obama and his cronies must be made aware of this distinction between bad houses that inspire war and good homes where peace-loving families yearn to live.
Needless to say, this doesn't sit well with Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton nor her State Department which piously proclaims, "We do not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity and we oppose any effort to legalize settlement outposts."
Translated: Jews cannot live on lands where Arabs don't want them to live. Mahmoud Abbas does not want them to live in the West Bank. Hamas does not want Jews to live. Period!
What makes the issue even more hypocritical from the Obama-Clinton side is that when arch-Jew-hater Yassir Arafat was alive, the issue of Jewish building in Judea and Samaria never was an issue in terms of the so-called peace parlays. This controversy is a post-Arafat Abbas concoction supported by the White House.
There are several reasons that building in the territories is necessary beyond the right of Jews to live where they please beyond the fact that there's nothing in international law that would make settlements "illegal."
Stephen Plaut, of Haifa University's Graduate School of Management makes an excellent argument in a recent issue of the Jerusalem Post.
"The settlements," says Plaut, "are not just legal but necessary."
Why are they vital? Because if Jews were removed from Judea and Samaria the West Bank would become a terrorist base.
How many different times must it be pointed out that Israel's exit from Gaza and Lebanon has given the Arabs a staging point for assaults in the past, present and -- as Hezbollah's fast-growing rocket stockpile indicates -- the future as well.
"The West Bank," adds Plaut, "would become a base for mass terrorist aggression and Israel would be prevented from taking serious action against terrorist aggression from this Palestine. There will be either a Hamastan base or significant Jewish population there."
Obama knows full well that Israel already is under siege and the ugly Syrian mess threatens to exacerbate an already lousy situation. When Clinton visits Israel next week, it's incumbent on Benjamin Netanyahu to remain firm in support of the Levy Commission findings.
Bibi must unwaveringly remind Hillary that her boss not very long ago promised Israel that he "had its back." Disputing the right of Jews to live peacefully in Judea and Samaria is not -- repeat NOT -- an example of having your best Middle East ally's back.
Granted, it would take a whole lot of political guts for Obama-Clinton to understand a simple fact of the Middle East that precludes any discussion. It was recently articulated best by tv political analyst Dennis Prager in his video, A Realist Description Of The Conflict In The Middle East.
"One side," says Prager, "wants the other side dead. Broadcast after broadcast on Palestinian tv calls for the killing of Jews. Israel would like to exist; the Palestinians do not accept a Jewish state. Otherwise there would be peace."
Compared to that pivotal point, building peaceful homes in Judea and Samaria should be irrelevant.