Saturday, July 30, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear America and Europe,

What Israel does is in Judea and Samaria and specifically what you call Area C is not up to you. You no longer have a say.

You have lost all moral clarity. 

The anti-Semitism sometimes not overt, but often virulent brewing within the societies of Europe and now America has made it more clear that Israel must reject the EU and American ideas for a two state solution.

In the end, only Israel can decide where her borders will be. 

Since the Palestinians refuse to sit down and negotiate peace based on the "Two State Solution" after being encouraged time and again by the Americams, Europeans, Russians and the Quartet they have now forfeited their rights in Judea and Samaria. 

This is clearly not Israel's fault as the Prime Minister of Israel has called time and again almost on a weekly basis for face to face negotiations to find a comprise, solution for peace.

So as American Presidemt Lyndon Baines Johnson put it, Israel most go it alone!

The French Prime Minister Francois Holland wishes to hold an international conference to force, kick start "Peace Negotiations" between Israel and the Arab Occupying Force (Palestinians). 

Yet, this week in another feeble attempt at delegitimizing Israel, Mahmoud Abbas in place of sitting down and negotiating and accepting the invitation of the Prime Minister of Israel. He decided instead to announce he was going to sue England over the Balfour Declaration. He claims the British are responsible for all of Israel's atrocities. 

What atrocities?

Maybe Mahmoud Abbas has forgotten that Britain fought with the Trans-Jordanian (the Arab side of the war) army in 1948 to destroy Israel.

The idea alone should tell anyone interested in peace that the Palestinians are not interested at all in peace, statehood or mutual recognition.

What is clear, as always, is that the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people do not wish to take responsibility for their actions. 

Abbas can cry all he wants about the Balfour declaration, but he cannot re-write history in totality.

The truth and Abbas knows this better than anyone is that the Arabs rejected the Two State Solution and have done so since 1948. 


Why do the Palestinians reject peace, stability and statehood? 

Why does the leadership of the Arabs who are occupying Jewish land in Judea and Samaria continually reject compromise and mutual recognition?

Racism, the oldest form of racism, anti-Semitism!

Palestinian nationalism has never been about setting up a "home" for the Palestinian people. This is why there still refugee camps in Judea and Samaria that are under the control of the Palestinian Authority(it is sick that the world has allowed the Palestinian Authority to do this). 

Palestinian nationalism has always been about blaming all of the Arab worlds failures on Israel with the intent of destroying Israel.

Racism is a mind set of hatred that does not start in the latter stages of life, it must be spoon fed from birth for it to work. 

For instance the racism that allowed the horrible and vile system of slavery in the Southern States of America was ingrained into the white population from birth. White Americans in the South, both poor and rich were taught from birth that they were superior as human beings to Blacks.

The same goes with the Arab Occupying Force. Palestinian Jew hatred starts from pre-school.

The forefather of the Palestinian people, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was a Nazi SS operative who spent World War Two with Adolf Hitler raising SS battalions for the Fuhrer and devising his own final solution for the Jews of Israel. 

This is not theory, this is FACT.

Today the Germans do everything to distance themselves from their horrible past. Yes, they take responsibility for their peoples actions but they call their former leaders demons. 

Not so the Palestinians. To them Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Nazi SS operative who had the blood of millions of Jews on his hands is a hero, a man to look up to. 

Here we have the core of why there is no peace.

Attaining Peace has nothing to do with Jewish neighborhoods, buildings or the Balfour Declaration.  

Israel has proven that if true lasting peace is there for the taking i.e. Egypt and Jordan, Israel will tear down Jewish neighborhoods as they did in Amit in the Sinai Peninsula and as Ariel Sharon did when Israel uprooted Jewish towns that had been rooted for forty years in Gaza.

Peace has been unattainable because the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are just an extension of Nazi Germany. They have been taught since their 20th. Century creation to be Jew Hating anti-Semites, to kill the Jew wherever they find them.

The Jewish Nation through history (the same history that created both the Christian and Muslim religions) through science (archeology) and through its unbroken continued presence in Israel has proven it is the indigenous people of Israel.

The Arabs on the other hand have always been a conquering, imperialistic nation, especially;lay in the Levantine. 

Arabs are not indigenous to Israel. 

Born in the sand dunes of the Arabian peninsula, far from the Levant, it was only after Mohammad appropriated Jewish history from the Jews who lived in Arabia and made it fit his oppressive, supremacist policies thus creating the political movement of Islam did the Arabs leave Arabia. 

Islam which is a fascist, conquer all political movement meshed perfectly with Nazism later in history when Haj Amin al-Husseini merged them to create Palestinian Nationalism.

The majority of Palestinian society today supports violence against Israelis.

Palestinian leadership and the society below it have called for the ethnic cleansing, genocide and then annihilation of Israel. 

This makes sense inside of a Nazi society. 

Today Israel has the ability and technology to kill every single Palestinian in Gaza and Judea and Samaria if it wanted, but it doesn't even though this society continually tries to destroy Israel through war and diplomatic terrorism.

If the roles were reversed, we all know the genocide that would happen to Israel. The Palestinians aren't even ashamed to say this loudly on TV and in front of crowds of hundreds of thousands.

When Israelis send their children to summer camps they learn sports, science and math. When Palestinians send their children to camps they learn to hate and kill Jews. 

This is why there has never been peace.

Three times the Palestinians have been offered statehood, three times they have turned it down. 

The first time was in 1948, the United Nations Partition Plan which was accepted by the Yishuv (the Jewish government in pre-State Israel ) and rejected by the Arabs. In this instance the Arabs did not just reject peace, they started a war in which their leaders promised to make the water of the Mediterranean Sea red with Jewish blood. Again, this is fact, this is but one of the vile promises from the Arab leadership.

In 2000 the Clinton proposal offering full statehood was accepted by Ehud Barak and rejected by Yassar Arafat. Again, Arafat believing his own lies felt Israeli society would buckle, so he started another war. He failed to realize that Israel, the indigenous society, would never buckle or fail.

In 2008 Ehud Olmert offered the Palestinian Authority full statehood in his Peace Plan, which was formally rejected by Mahmoud Abbas.  

How on earth anyone can even attempt to assign any type of blame towards Israel is anti-Semitism, period. 

Shame on this world, the holocaust was not enough for you!

Shame on this world for letting this Nazi society perpetuate the Shoah against Israel with impunity. 

Shame on the world for not FORCING the Arab Nation to take responsibility for the crimes it committed together with Nazi Germany. Oil money has afforded the Arabs much.

Shame on Europe for exporting Islamic Terrorism to Israel. The EU by giving aid to the Palestinian Authority long after Israel gave proof to the EU that EU Tax Euros were being used to produce school books calling for the destruction of Israel. 

Shame on the left for abandoning its ethos for Jew hatred. 

The world must be reminded that it was the Palestinians who brought suicide bombings, plane high jacking and now the lone wolf knife attack and the lone wolf hit and run attack to the international stage. 

Yes, Americans and Europeans you can thank the Palestinians for these inventions.

It was fine when it happened in Israel but now that it is happening in Europe and America it is terrorism. 

When it comes to America the Palestinians are about to have a serious rude awakening. 

The next President of the United States of America will not be so kind to the Palestinians as Barak Obama.  

Whether it be Donald Trump who sees the Palestinians as enemies.

Or Hillary Clinton who was rebuked by Abbas after getting an Israeli Prime Minister to agree to a freeze in building in Jewish Neighborhoods of Judea and Samaria for the first time in history. 

Hillary Clinton who was the First Lady and saw first hand her husbands amazing peace deal rejected by the Palestinian leadership, watching the Palestinian leadership spit in the face of the American President.

The question is Europe.

Is it possible for Europe and the European Union to finally wake up and realize the Palestinians are nothing more then an extension of the Nazi Party? 

America and Europe must realize quickly, Israel will do whatever it needs to do to survive and it is not up to America or Europe to tell us how to behave or where to set our borders. 

We are a sovereign nation with full membership in the United Nations. 

You no longer have a say!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An Open Letter to MK Ayman Odeh

⚜The Duke of the North⚜

An Open Letter To Knesset Member Ayman Odeh,

After reading your intentional, malicious attack, mocking the Prime Minister of Israel in the name of all Israeli Arabs you have finally convinced me 100% that you are the fraud I thought you to be.

You came to power at the head of the The Joint List. You claimed to be the first Israeli Arab who would work to bridge the divide between Israeli Jews and our Arab Co-Patriots.

Mr. Odeh you promised a new face, one geared for fighting for the rights of Israeli Arabs (you know your constituents) instead of the endless lies and hysterics in the Knesset for the Palestinian Authority.

Boy did you fool us.

For the record Mr. Odeh, today inside of Israel proper the majority of Israelis at 80% are Jewish. Another 2% are Russian immigrants connected to the Jewishness of Israel. That leaves 18% Arabs who are either Muslim, Christian or Druze.

The Druze population today is still as fiercely supportive of Israel and Zionist as ever.

Many Christians view themselves today as Assyrians (which they are of course) and are moving away from the Cold War relic of your poisonous Arab supremacists politics to a more pro-Israel stance and are choosing to serve in the IDF or do Community Service, which is all volunteering on their part.

Sadly for Israeli Arabs all they want are leaders who finally put their communities first.

They believed in you.

You have officially destroyed that hope with this mockery of video you made. You lied to your people, you most certainly do not stand for inclusion.

Instead you and your gangsters are to busy flying around on P.A  private jets, or are worrying about having private meetings with Mahmoud Abbas in the Muqata.

And your comments about our country being racist, what a shame that is.

The only racists inside of Israel are the Israeli Arabs on the joint list. Never a day missed trying to delegitimize Israel, never an opportunity missed to steal and appropriate the Jewish Nations history.

Yes Mr. Odeh, as our Prime Minister and yourself have said Israeli Arabs have succeeded greatly in Israel!

But of course you must immediately follow that statement up with more of your arrogant lies.

According to you, this success has come all by yourselves. What nonsense, what a loaded lie filled with innuendo.

You've succeeded where Syrians have failed, where Jordanians have failed, where Iraqi's, Egyptians, Libyans, Tunisians, Yemenis, Lebanese, Saudis and of course the Palestinians have all failed.

Why, how?

Where all of these Arab, Muslim nations have failed or are failing, or rule with an Iron fist, you have lived and been an integral part of the only democratic nation in all of the Middle-East.

You have succeeded because you DO enjoy all the rights of being a citizen of the Jewish, Democratic Nation State of Israel. You enjoy the freedom of speech, religion and of employment.

This is why you are successful and you should never forget it!

In fact you enjoy freedoms that no other Arabs enjoy the world over. Not even in America or Canada.

Mr. Odeh your success is proof that your comments are noting more than foul lies emanating from your mouth.

You have succeeded because of the freedoms and the opportunities of the society your were lucky enough to be born in, Israeli society.

But here lies the problem, when you look a gift horse in the mouth bad things happen.

Most Israelis are getting sick of your lies, your racism and your attempts to create anger between Israeli Jews and Israel Arabs.

In fact I know most Israel Arabs feel Israeli and would never want to be part of a Palestinian State, the thought sends shivers down their backs.

So, Mr. Joint List you'd better start listening to your constituents before you loose your job.

Who knows, maybe next election they'll be a true Israeli Arab party. Maybe Israeli Arabs seeking to create better lives for themselves and their families inside of Israel and alongside their Jewish co-patriots will finally have someone to vote for.

I've heard of a young leader, Mohammed Zoubi. Maybe it is time for the
Knesset to except a new Zoubi into its ranks, this time leading a party that fights for Israeli Arabs!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


By Sig Demling.

With never-ending threats to Israel emanating from Hezbollah and Iran on one front and Hamas plus the PLO on the others, one would think that Israelis would better appreciate the danger.

To their credit, Israelis under fire have more back one than any other national or racial group and have proven it merely by the State's survival.

But there comes a time when the overwhelming hatred generated by the Arabs persuade Israeli Jews to once and for all stop their intra-bickering and unite.

That's not to say that the likes of Tzipi Livni and her Leftists cohorts should bow at Bibi's footstool. Far from it.

Yet when Israeli's of all ages are targeted in the bedrooms, on the highways at the Kotel -- everywhere, the time has come to once and for all stop the political in-fighting and together fight the Arab enemy.

Forget about the "Two State Solution" which only could work in an Alice In Wonderland universe but the in the reality of our Middle East.

From Right all the way to the Israeli Left, it must be self-evident that there aren't a dozen Palestinians of power who would want anything but the destruction of Israel.

This isn't new news but the intensity of the threats, North, West and South, has grown proportionally over the years and now is compounded by ISIS and whatever other Islamic murder group is created in the next month or year.

Apart from the Quisling Arab MKs, from which no good ever will come, Israeli politicians must come together.

Incessant attacks against the Prime Minister do exactly no good except for the enemy who prefers an Israel split in little parts so that the Arabs then could achieve their ultimate objective -- divide and conquer.

There are not normal times for Israel; no different from Great Britain in the early 1940s when it was incumbent on the English to unite behind Winston Churchill.

It was the right way and the only way.

Now it should be ditto for Netanyahu.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

The truth about Max Blumenthal.

Max Blumenthal is a fraud, an anti-Semitic, Jew-Hating propagandist.

But he is more than that.

He is the silver-spoon fed, son of Sydney Blumenthal, who happens to be chum number one of the Clinton Family.

Sydney Blumenthal was President Bill Clinton’s attack dog during the Kenneth Star days and he was Hillary Clinton’s attack dog when it came time to go after Senator Barack Obama in the run up to the 2008 election.

In fact Sydney Blumenthal was so hated by Obama's personnel that Rahm Emanuel made it clear that he was not welcome inside of the White House, whether Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State or not. 

So, back to the silver-spoon fed son of this egomaniac, Max.

Max is not just a professional liar, he is a professional anti-Semite. 

Max does this to get fame and it has succeeded for him. 

Without his anti-Israel/anti-Semitic innuendo little Blumenthal would be a nobody, a nothing, a zero.

Along the way Max has written a few books. 

All of his books have been based on the anti-Semitic premise of destroying the oldest surviving Middle-Eastern culture and nation, Israel.

And Max, like his father attacks Israel with the greatest vim and vigor and with the vilest lies to create the most amount of shock value. 

For Max Blumenthal the destruction of Jewish Self-Determination and Jewish Freedom in the indigenous land of of the Jewish people is priority number one. 

It is an obsession with Max, just as destroying the Jews of the world was an obsession for Adolf Hitler. 

But, all of Max's books have been panned, written off as garbage.

Even serious critics of Israel have said that Blumenthal's work could only be attractive to the fringe groups that fall on the anti-Semitic side of the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

Of course his detractors have been maligned and attacked by attack dog father Sydney Blumenthal. Certainly Syd could not abide to see his little brat cry about the justified criticism his dreck accumulated. 

I think it's enough of a statement that David Duke is one of Max Blumenthal’s greatest fans.

So what's my gripe?

Why am I even bothering to write about someone as pathetic as Max Blumenthal? 

Why give him the time?

Because this reprehensible person, who has had every single thing handed to him on a golden platter since he was a child had the audacity to attack and insult Elie Wiesel on the day that this great man died.

The attacks against Wiesel represent the epitome of the abomination that is Max Blumenthal, the BDS movement and its Nazi adherents like Ali Abunimah.

Elie Wiesel, survived Auschwitz, he saw most of his family die in the Nazi death camps.  

This man saw and survived the worst parts of the holocaust and then had the back bone to confront the Nazi Europeans who carried it out.

On the other side of this coin is the Nazi face of the Millennial generation. Max Blumenthal, a snarky, whiny, child-man who is  constantly crying foul when the world calls him out on his pernicious, anti-Semitic attacks on the Jewish People.

The friendship Blumenthal has built with the modern day Nazis, the Palestinian people, is a kinship that truly represents everything that is wrong with the Millennials and the possible catastrophic future the Jewish Nation faces when they come to power. 

The Palestinians are a made up Nazi enterprise, a nation based on Arab supremacy and Islamic colonialism. 

The first Palestinian, Haj Amin al-Husseini was a Nazi, created a final solution for Israel and worked with Hitler. 

The Palestinians are less a people and more a mafia, much like their Nazi forefathers.

A people who always expect to have everything handed to them and have had everything handed to them, even statehood; which they formally turned down so they could kill more Jews.

The Palestinians, a society that has rejected peace on countless occasions, spits in the face of international law and always advocates for war, so they can kill more Jews.

The Palestinians, the nation that claims such great pride in their war machine on the one hand and then cries to the world like babies when they get their asses handed to them by the indigenous and rightful inhabitants of Israel, the Jews.

Max Blumenthal truly is the poster of the Nazi endeavor, that is the Palestinian People. 

While Israel has fought hard from its inception to make itself a better nation the Palestinians have endlessly avoided taking responsibility for their murderous culture.

Max like the Palestinians is angry, because Israel is real, it is based on a culture that is thousands of years old.

They hate Israel because Israel truly is the Jesus (Jesus was a Jew who lived in Judea) of the Nations of our world. 

No other country has made more with nothing in this world than Israel. 

No other country has created more miracles, has innovated more with less and given onto other weak nations like Israel, while always being castigated, tortured and fought against by its fellow nations. 

The Palestinians.

Well the Palestinians have always lived off of others, bullied others when they didn't get their way using their Arab brethren who control the OIL Lobby or through terrorism. 

They have shot, bombed, bullied, whined and cried their way into the United Nations.

In fact it is the Palestinians that invented global terrorism and have forced the problem they started onto the world stage. 

But, the problem is with Max Blumenthal and his fathers close connection to Hillary Clinton, who may very well be the next President of the United States. 

Today Hillary claims to be a great friend of Israel. 

Then you learn that Hillary Clinton was accepting advice from Sydney Blumenthal concerning Israel. 

When you hear this how can you not wonder where her heart lies.

Add to that, the advice Sydney was giving was based off of fantastical, fraudulent articles written by his son.

After learning this you really have to wonder how Hillary Clinton can claim to be a friend to liberal Jewish Democrats who support Israel. 

If she is in bed with these two deviants then she cannot be a friend of Israel. 

Hillary Clinton, you want my vote, fine, if you truly want my vote then come clean. 

Explain your relationship with the Blumenthal’s. 

Do you share the same opinion on Israel and Elie Wiesel as Mr. Blumenthal and his son do? 

If not then you had better take a stand on this issue and condemn these repugnant people.

In a world that is fair Max Blumenthal would never have a voice. 

In a fair world the vicious lies against Israel that Max Blumenthal creates with the help of his fellow Nazis inside of the BDS movement would never find their way to print, video or the internet. Nor would they be acceptable on American college campuses. 

But as Elie Wiesel knew so well this world is no where near being fair. 

Rich, bullies like Max Blumenthal get to spread their lies, just as the Nazis got to kill six million Jews. 

One must remember that the Nazis gained their power through the same lies that Max Blumenthal spreads today. 

In a better world, a snarky little Nazi like Blumenthal would have his tongue cut out for saying the disparaging remarks about a giant like Elie Wiesel.