Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Are there always two sides to a story? That is what I keep hearing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But this theory smacks of just another way of giving the Palestinians an excuse for continuing their aggressive behavior towards Israel.

Although Israel is not a perfect country, how can the world tell us we need to understand the Palestinian side? How are there two sides, when the Palestinians rejected every plan of partition leading up to the Israeli War of Independence?

It is very simple: the Jews of Eretz Israel accepted a greatly decreased piece of land from what they were originally promised by the League of Nations and the British.

Many argue that the Yishuv (pre-state Jewish government) accepted partition in the hopes of attaining more land later. This contention overlooks the fact that the Yishuv put its hopes to the side in an attempt to reach an agreed settlement with her Arab neighbors.

Plain and Simple, the Yishuv accepted partition to attain self-determination for the Jewish Nation on land that was legally theirs -- no matter how much less than originally promised.

The Arab side, ever more greedy, refused partition -- no matter how much more land than the Jews they would receive.

This is not a disputable point, this cannot be argued, this is fact. There is only one side to this beginning: Arabs wanted war; Arabs thought they would win a war; Arabs STARTED the war; Arabs lost the war. This scenario took place over and over again (1947-48; 1956; 1967; 1973 ... etc., etc., etc.)

This aggressive, imperialistic thought pattern is obviously intrinsic to Arab culture and tradition.

The Arab peoples were not born in the Levant, as the Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish Nation was. So where do the Arabs come from? ARABIA.

The Arabs invaded and conquered the Near East, Northern Africa and Spain, more than seven centuries after the beginning of the Christian Era.

A conquering, colonialist culture would never let the Jews have a state in their midst, even if this land belonged to the Jews first, or whether Jews had always been living in this land (making up the majority of the population in most major cities). The conquering Greeks and Romans wouldn’t allow it; the newcomer Muslims wouldn’t allow it.

That’s a short version of the history of what we call Israel today, as well as a nutshell version of the Arab occupation of that part of the Middle East which was once the ancient kingdom of Israel.

Now let’s jump to the year 2000, Camp David, Maryland.

Then Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, and U.S. President Bill Clinton offered Yassar Arafat and the Palestinian Authority the most generous entitlement a LOSING group has ever received.

Offered were 97 percent of the West Bank (which, remember, was once the sections of ancient Israel known as Judea and Samaria), East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian Quarters of the old City. Control over the Temple Mount was also offered to the Palestinians. Of course all the Gaza Strip would be included in Palestine.

In return the Palestinians had to relinquish their made-up notion of the Right of Return, to accept Israel as the Jewish State and agree to an end of conflict.

This was too much for Yasser Arafat. Believing he could wiggle more out of the Israelis, he rejected this offer at Camp David and later at Taba, Egypt. Instead he went on to start a guerilla war against the Israeli public.

This is not an idea I have thought up, nor is it Zionist propaganda. This is documented history that cannot be debated. Unless, of course, you are the type of person who says the Holocaust did not happen.

Do the Palestinians and outsider pro-Palestinian supporters truly want a solution to the problems in the Middle-East? If they do, they should take a look into the history books and realize there really is only one side to this story.

The problem has nothing to do with occupation -- unless you choose to erase the fact that the occupation could have been negated with a Palestinian acceptance of peace and statehood in the year 2000.

Should Israel be blamed for the horrible leadership of the Palestinian Arabs? I think not. After all, even Mahmoud Abbas admits the disaster the Second Intifada brought upon his people. The leader of the Palestinians has admitted responsibility for his nation’s situation!

We could call Arafat’s rejection of Barak and Clinton’s peace plan “The Second Catastrophe,” second only to the original Arab rejection of Partition.

If the world really wants peace and Palestinian statehood, it is high time to make them take responsibility for their actions. The world must stop making excuses for the Palestinians’ constant rejection of peace and a just settlement.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Israel expecting a square deal from the New York Times when it comes to reportage -- or opinion columns -- is as likely as Saudi Arabia launching a free-oil pipeline to Tel Aviv.

Usually, I wince at least once in disgust while reading a piece in the no-longer-newspaper-of-record.

That's because The Times generally limits its coverage to one story when it does recognize Israel's "write" to exist.

But last Sunday (June 27) the daily whose motto is "All The News That's Fit To Print" gave me a few fits in print.

Not one but two features dealt with Israel; one a magazine question-answer single-pager about Tzipi Livni and the other another one of Thomas Friedman's endless prescriptions for Middle East peace.

Each in its own way betrayed The Times' anti-Israel agenda in so blatant a manner that one wonders just who the editors believe they are kidding.

Let's start with Deborah Solomon's "Questions For Livni."

Right off the bat, her initial question is a distortion of the truth. Here's exactly what she put to Livni.

"The Israeli security cabinet just voted to ease the three-year blockade of Gaza in the wake of the tragic naval attack on the Mavi Marmara by Israeli commandos. What does that mean in practical terms?"

For one thing there was nothing "tragic" about the Marmara incident other than the fact that what was meant to be a peaceful boarding operation was turned into a vicious, planned assault by armed terrorists.

The Times' interrogator conveniently forgot about that.

Nor was it -- as Solomon put it -- "a naval attack." No more than a U.S. Coast Guard border patrol cutter intercepting what would appear to be a ship illegally sailing into American waters.

The Israeli Navy did not attack; it peacefully -- after innumerable warnings -- boarded the vessel which was no more than an Arab-Turkish public relations ploy.

In one questions, The Times managed two journalistic strikes against its integrity; or whatever is left of it.

Following up with her initial distorted query, Solomon wonders if "Israel might do more to show concern for the Palestinian people and the problems they face?"

Had The Times' inquisitor done her research, she would know that Israel is sending large truckload after large truckload of supplies to Gaza which -- irony of ironies -- is pledged to destroy The Jewish State. What other civilized country would continue pouring aid to people headed by a group of terrorists?

And while she's at it, Solomon might recall that billions of dollars of aid have poured into Yassir Arafat's coffers as well as the current Palestinian leaders only to find its way not to the rank-and-file "sufferers" but rather the corrupt leadership.

As every Israeli -- and most clear-thinking Middle East analysts -- must know by now, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu long ago declared his support of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict. And this in defiance of many f his Likud party supporters.

Despite this, Solomon posits a query stating that Bib has a "longstanding aversion to a two-state solution."

Once more, homework was not a part of dull Deborah's interview preparation.

Error followed upon error. To wit: "You lost to him (Bibi) in the race for prime minister...."

Wrong. Livni actually garnered more votes than Bibi, 29 to 27.

Easily the most egregious sin came at the end when the leader of the Israeli opposition noted that "when I die" she will leave her children a strong state of Israel. Anyone who read would know that the dynamic leading lady of Israeli politics is as fit as anyone could hope to be at her (middle age).

Which inspired Solomon's absurd question: "Are you dying?" (Tzipi's perfect squelch was, "It's not part of my plan for now."

As for Friedman, who regularly appears to be Barack Obama's paid, political Middle East advocate, he once again insists that Bibi must take the peace initiative if any settlement is in to eventually come into view.

Of course, what the clueless Times' columnist is overlooking is that every initiative taken by the Israeli leader is met with a "so-what" on the Arab side.

What Friedman might have wondered out loud is who produced the last realistic peace initiative since Anwar Sadat -- nobody.

But what can we expect from the Times columnist who employs the most anti-government sources such as the agenda-paper, Haaretz, or some Bibi-hater at Hebrew University, Moshe Halberstal, who Friedman dignifies with the title"philosopher."

That's Times-ese for Obama-lover and those who have studied the American president's actions toward Israel understand that Obama is a synonym for undercutting Netanyahu -- and Israel!

To put it bluntly, Israel will never get a square deal from the contemporary Times or the standing American chief of state, one of whose leading generals exposed his leader's empty suit!

Friday, June 25, 2010



The government of Israel has granted an easing of her land blockade on the HAMAS (terrorist organization)-run Gaza Strip. This has won Bibi and Israel great praise from the Obama administration.

All of this has come about thanks to the duplicitous actions of fraudulent peace activists and the IHH (a Turkish Terror/”humanitarian” organization and their “Jihad Flotilla.)

The claims that Israeli commandoes committed atrocities on the Mavi Marmara are outright lies. But these claims, of course, are what pushed the ever-appeasing-to-the-Arab-world Obama administration to force Israel into this unwise move of easing the Gaza Blockade.

Can you think of a time in history when soldiers attempted to board a ship they knew possibly had hostile elements with paintball guns so as not to injure the passengers aboard? I can’t.

Why has the world been so quiet about the lynch these supposed Peace Activists performed on the Israeli commandoes aboard the Mavi Marmara? We now know that these fakes activists had connections to terror groups and were preparing (seen on video from the ship) to kill or capture these soldiers.

The Israeli soldiers ultimately used live fire to extricate themselves from a situation that had become deadly.

PAINTBALL GUNS! If that is not the ultimate in attempting to be humanitarian in a battle situation, then I don’t know what is!

World condemnation of Israel and her commandoes is not just scandalous, it is immoral.

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the death of the nine Islamic Terrorists a “Bloody Massacre”. This happens to be the same Prime Minister that sent warplanes to bomb Kurdish population centers in Iraq last week, killing twelve people.

Last time I checked, twelve was more than nine!

Has the world said a thing about these Turkish crimes against the Kurds? No way.
Then, a couple of days later, Erdogan slammed the EU for not adhering to supposed agreements with Turkey by deporting Kurds who are on Erdogan’s kill list!

Is the world demanding Turkey cease all military actions in the sovereign country of Iraq? No, don’t be silly. Is the world demanding that Turkey end its occupation of Kurdistan? Yeah, right.

Is anybody in the Western world taking public note of the recent anti-democratic actions by Erdogan in his own country, which include removing and/or imprisoning several more secular, anti-extremist generals, as well as stifling the secular, democratic court system? Hey, no way.

We really can’t expect the United Nations, the International Red Cross or, for that matter, any of these pseudo peace organizations to make demands of Turkey, or to take time to think of the Kurds, long oppressed by Istanbul.

No, for these organizations to actually look at the real criminals of this world, they would have to stop their avid attempts to delegitimize and destroy the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. Wiping out the Jewish State is far too important for these great seekers of peace.

To go after the countries that have committed crimes against humanity-- like the Turks, who still refuse to acknowledge the genocide they committed by systematically murdering more than one million Armenians -- organizations like the UN would have to actually leave Israel alone.

Israel offered Peace and statehood to the Palestinians, which they refused. Yet somehow she is still responsible for the occupation? Laugh riot.

Israel is an occupier, but China is not? Tibet and the Tibetans aren’t important enough for the world to care about (maybe because Tibet doesn’t sit on the greatest oil reserves in the world)? Har, har-de-har, har.

This is all one, big horrendous joke.

As always the ones getting screwed are underdogs like Israel (yes, that’s right; Israel is STILL an underdog) and the Kurds; the ones doing the screwing are the same old colonialist powers of Europe and the Arab/Muslim world (yes, that’s right; the basic principles behind the spread of Islam throughout the Mediterranean and into Europe over a thousand years ago was not simply that of conversion, but one of occupation and colonization)

As the French delegitimizers love to say, “Plus ca change; plus c’est le meme chose.”

… which is not funny … at all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The middle-east conflict is moving from a physical battlefield to a figurative battlefield where wars are fought in classrooms, university campuses, newspapers and other media outlets.

For many reasons the Palestinians and Arabs have an advantage in this new battlefield.

Saudi oil money buying off American and European universities is a hard reality facing Israel today; one that is very disturbing.

In Europe the rise of Arab/Muslim influence it is far more understandable. Europe is overrun with Arab Muslim immigrants from former colonies. In many instances these populations have refused, sometimes violently, to join the mainstream culture of their new country. What to do with or how much to assent to the customs and demands of these Arab populations has become a major preoccupation in France and other Western Europe countries. It’s almost understandable, if not forgivable, that anti-semitism should be on the rise in Europe: after all, most of the Arab populations are themselves semites; and in some convoluted fashion, these Muslims wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the Jews!

In America it is very different. There is no huge dissatisfied immigrant Muslim population. Instead there is an incredible amount of Arab oil money being fed into American universities, particularly into universities that have traditionally had a liberal bent and a somewhat pro-Israel slant. No more. Infused with monies for “International Chair of Middle Eastern Studies” and the like, American academia has become more and more vociferous in its condemnation of Israel.

The situation in American academia has worsened to the point that major universities have withdrawn investments in Israel or Israeli products, encouraging others to do the same. Jewish students, whose parents are paying more than $40,000 a year for tuition, are being intimidated and/or shunned if they attempt to protest or even to clarify the misstatements constantly being put forth about Israel.

Then, unfortunately, there are the Jews themselves. Jews have always been the greatest enemies of the Israelite, Jewish nation. Historically from biblical times we have caused ourselves the most amount of harm. Jews complained to Moses, forsaking G-D’s miracles the whole trip out of Egypt. Jews pushed Aaron to make the Golden Calf. Jews brought the Temple down by corruption. In all these cases it was but a few Jews actively working against the best interests of the nation. Anti-Semites have tried on numerous occasions to blame the whole of the Jewish nation for the problems created by a few.

Today Israel and the Jewish nation worldwide are faced by the same problem: self-hating Jews who use their credentials as a Jew to speak out in an ant-semitic fashion against the existence of Israel. Academic Noam Chomsky is one; Norman Finkelstein, Howard Zinn (now dead) and Ilan Pepe are other notorious Jewish anti-semites. All of these professors are or were anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, lying demagogues -- mouthpieces for today’s gentile Jew haters.

In Israel we are also faced with this sickness. After all Ilan Pepe teaches at Haifa University.

Sadly, for people like me the Israeli left has been replaced by groupies who seem to think the way to be peace-seeking Israelis is by blaming Israel for all the problems mostly created by our Palestinian Arab friends! They have become tools for the self-hating academics, who are in reality simply implementing the agenda of the Arab/Muslim countries surrounding Israel.

A perfect example of this is in today’s Haaretz, in which there is an Article about Alan M. Dershowitz’s response to Judge Richard Goldstone’s heinous report for the UN on last year’s war in the Gaza strip.

Dershowitz, a left-leaning liberal and former good friend of Goldstone finished his rebuttal by saying that Goldstone is a traitor to the Jewish nation for writing the report he wrote.

That is a very strong statement to make, but Dershowitz is right!

Anyone who has taken the time to do their own independent research into the IDF’s actions in Gaza (today there are plenty of places on the internet alone to research the IDFs actions) would know that Goldstone purposefully attacked Israel and discredited her in his report. He did this while totally overlooking the criminal acts carried out by Hamas, both against the Israeli people by indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel and the Palestinian people of Gaza by using them, their houses schools and hospitals as shields.

Who came to the aid of Judge Richard Goldstone?

None other than the Queen of Israeli Liberalism, former MK Shulomit Aloni.

What did she have to say about Alan M. Dershowitz? "Dershowitz's statements border on hate. Goldstone is a Zionist Jew who was simply doing his job. Dershowitz is a despicable man who opposes the left and supports the settlers, his opinion doesn't count in my eyes, and the way he speaks of Goldstone is disgraceful. The Goldstone report isn't entirely accurate, though we cannot ignore the fact that we did violate international law - the IDF used phosphorus and bombed schools and hospitals."

Here is the problem, first Professor Dershowitz is a known liberal, who clearly sits on the left and has strongly, on numerous occasions, in almost all of his books come out against Israel’s settlement policies. So, either MK Aloni has never read an article or book of Professor Dershowitz’s, or like many of her kind just depends on lies, knowing the media will print them without a second glance!

MK Aloni also makes another mistake.

Using white phosphorus is not illegal in battle as long as you do not intentionally use it against the citizens of your enemy! The International Red Cross (no friend of Israel) went out of its way to say they found no evidence at all of Israeli using WP illegally. So, Israel clearly did not do this.

Aloni also does not understand that by Hamas shooting from inside, next to and around schools they made them military targets, which means it is not a violation of international law to target them. MK Aloni would do well to read more International Law before she attacks someone with the knowledge of Professor Deshowitz or even opens her mouth.

Aloni truly represents all that is wrong with the Israeli left today. They have given up their beliefs for deviant slogans that are mostly hateful towards the people whom they pretend to represent! Thanks to “liberals” such as Aloni and the negative influence they have, someone like Bibi Netenyahu gets to be the PM of Israel!

Today it is imperative for the Jewish nation and those who support Israel to stand up to the corrupt, counterfeit lies being spread by the so-called Left, performing like hateful pu


The continuing push by the left -- mostly academic groups in the US and the UK -- to establish an effective boycott targeting both Israel’s higher learning institutions and economic well being is nothing more than racist policy. It singles out Jews while totally ignoring the dictatorial, tyrannical, fascist policies of the Arabs.

Only in a world as cynical and pathetic as ours would it be possible for supposed liberal, democratic countries and institutions to back a boycott of a country as liberal, democratic and representative as Israel.

Israel’s political make-up is far more democratic than anything you would find in America or Europe. The United States is governed by two parties, basically the same can be said for England, France and for that matter Europe as a whole.

Israel, sadly in some ways, is far more democratic than that. We have at least five influential parties in the Knesset and putting together a coalition in this democratic political landscape is almost as hard as achieving peace with the Palestinians! Each party in the Knesset is also truly representative of its people, so keeping governments in power is almost like parting the Red Sea.

Israel’s parties are not just truly representative of her political make-up but also of her racial and religious make-up. How many Indian or Pakistani parties are there in England? None! In the eighteenth Knesset we have three Israeli Arab parties and fifteen Israeli Arab members of the Knesset. This is Apartheid? I think not.

Israel also has parties dedicated to its Mizrachi (Middle-Eastern Jews) Ethiopian and Russian immigrants. This type of representative democracy is truly missing in America and Europe. In fact Europe today can boast the largest increase of hard-line rightwing, white, anti-immigrant, anti-Jewish borderline fascist parties: something very European if you take the time to remember the Holocaust, Rhodesia and South Africa!

One of the most bizarre “fads” that has arisen recently is the support of Gay activists for the boycotts of Israel.

I am all for gay rights and so is Israel.

It is far easier to be gay in Israel than it is in America. Israel boasts gay parades in Tel Aviv and even in Jerusalem. As I have written before I would love to see a gay parade in Mecca or in the Vatican! Israel’s gay community is open, strong and supported by the majority of her citizens. Gays also serve in all branches of the military, openly. A year and a half ago when Israel suffered an attack on a gay community center in Tel Aviv, the Prime Minister firmly denounced what happened, visited the families of the victims; the people of Israel came out united, strongly condemning the incident in all media outlets and in the Knesset.

It is also a well known fact that gay Palestinians do all they can to make it into Israel and receive asylum, which they are almost always granted. Why? Because if you are “outed” in the Palestinian Territories, then you are dead. Plan and simple. Being Homosexual under PA or Hamas authority is not only a receipe for death, it is death of the most barbaric form. Homosexuals are either stoned to death, beaten to death or hung in city, village or town centers for all to see, including the victims’ families.

When our American and Euro “friends” take the time to overlook all of this, choose to single Israel out and consider boycotting her while ignoring the fact that the Arab world is home to the most tyrannical, racist, chauvinistic, homophobic regimes can only be defined as racism and anti-semitism.

Those backing the Israel boycott are racist and anti-semitic because they choose to ignore Israel’s fierce defense of her democratic, open and free society -- for ALL her citizens. The boycott backers and Israel delegitimizers choose to overlook the fact that the alleged “apartheid” being practiced by Israel has nothing to do with any person who is actually a citizen of the country. Any so-called occupation and/or apartheid practices on Israel’s part have, in fact, been directed at an Arab population, fallaciously called Palestinians (since there has never been a “Palestine” except as a coloniallly occupied territory), who have had only one main intent since the birth of Israel: her destruction.

Israel, meanwhile, has offered up a Palestinian State on more than one occasion; each time rejected by the Arab Palestinians because of their desire to destroy Israel. They choose fascist regimes over a democratic one only because she is the Jewish State.

Israel’s detractors and boycotters are racists, fascists and anti-Semites thinly disguised by so-called human rights concerns. It is high time we start exposing them for what they truly are.

I propose Israel’s supporters start an advertisement campaign in America and Europe pointing out Israel’s democratic institutions, while exposing the racist, fascist policies of those who are trying their evil best `to replace the only Jewish State with the twenty-third Arab state.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



In a logical world, it would be difficult to find a rational reason to help someone who is trying to kill you.

At the very least, you would try to disarm the assailant and hope that a police car is about two yards away.

But -- as we discover with our daily perusal of world news -- there's more logic in Alice In Wonderland than our esteemed journals which purvey news of the universe.

Try Gaza as Exhibits A through Z.

Ever since the brutal Hamas takeover from the corrupt, inept PLO, it has been apparent that If Hamas' leaders had their way, every Israeli would become a corpse faster than you can say Holocaust.

Hate generated by Hamas toward Israel is manifest in every facet of Palestinian life virtually every day.

Today, for example, I read that the hit song among the youth of Hamastan is "When We Die As Martyrs."

Today, for another example, I read that yet another form of psychological torture is being imposed on the forever-hidden Gilad Shalit.

Oh, you do remember him?

He is an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped by Hamas so long ago, it boggles the mind to remember when the travesty was completed.

Now had Shalit been an American GI, stationed on the American-Canadian border and he had been kidnapped by Canadians, how long do you think the American government would have permitted calm before declaring war on the Northern neighbor?

Answer: Faster than a Pentagon minute.

The troops would have marched on Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa until the soldier was released and a formal apology was delivered by the Canadian government.

Yesiree, there's a war on between Hamas-Gaza against Israel in every way, shape and form yet you might get the impression from Israel's reactions that Gaza is nothing more than a friendly neighbor.

Why, then, should Benjamin Netanyahu's government send food, cement and other goods to an avowed enemy?

In a sane world that would be declared national masochism; or just plain stupid.

Why should the Israelis do anything "humanitarian" for Gaza Arabs until Hamas first proves itself humanitarian by unconditionally releasing Shalit?

Over and over and over again, Hamas declares its intentions of wiping out Israel -- in print, on the airwaves, even in schools.

Considering that all-consuming enmity, why should the foe do anything but be belligerent in return?

Even when Bibi makes concessions, the concessions never are enough; not enough for Fatah, not enough for Obama and never enough for Hamas.

Always, the Arabs demand more -- and concede nothing in return.

Enough for Hamas would be the complete eradication of Israel. And that being the case what is the point of allowing truckload after truckload of supplies to be sent to the enemy.

Would the British have done that for the Nazis in World War II? Would the Americans have done that for the Japanese?

Of course not.

A war is declared to be won and if Hamas is so determined to wage this war by rocketry, by kidnapping or whatever evil means, what's the point of making concessions?

Why ease the blockade?

When will the Israeli leaders learn once and for all that being nice -- making concessions -- leads to another slap in the face and the demand for more concessions.

Or, to put it simply, when will Bibi & Co. once and for all wise up to this reality?

Monday, June 21, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak


* UNRWA, which often appears to be an arm of Hamas, wants Israel to fully lift its blockade of Gaza. Which is very thoughtful of UNRWA but why doesn't the heavily-biased-against Israel United Nations body demand first that Hamas fully lift its kidnapping of Gilad Schalit and return him to Israel where he belongs?

* The answer, of course, is that UNRWA has about the same legitimacy as Popeye The Sailor Man.

* Bibi Netanyahu has made yet another concession; this time easing the passage of goods to Gaza. This is in response to more pressure from Uncle Sam. But every time Israel caves in a bit more, the Arabs are asked to do nothing -- absolutely NOTHING -- in reciprocation.

* So when is the Israeli prime minister going to once and for all utter the classic -- and necessary -- two words: ENOUGH ALREADY! Bibi should know the Arab mind by now; the more you concede, the more they regard you as weaker than you were the week before.

* Sooner -- we hope -- than later, a detailed chronology of the Turkish massacre of Armenians must be published in a new book.

* Sarah Honig's Jerusalem Post article on the "Salami Cutters" was a work of pure genius and logic. That woman can write -- and think.

* Oh, how helpful it would be if Honig and her colleague, Caroline Glick were advising Bibi and not the "concessionaires."

* The American president warns that the Silwan Project "threatens the peace process." We're waiting for His Lordship Obama to remind the world that rockets in Lebanon and Gaza -- among other hostile sites -- are what really "threaten the peace process."

* Ed Koch is the latest Jewish public figure revealing his dismay over Obama's treatment of Israel. This, after Koch worked tirelessly for the Democratic nominee when Obama was pleading for Jewish votes and pledging his unmitigated "support" for Israel. We wonder -- only wondering, mind you -- what Mayor Bloomberg's position on Obama is vis-a-vis former Mayor Ed's.

* Words to remember: This from Jose Maria Aznar, the president of Spain from 1996 through 2004: "If Israel goes down, we all go down. Anger over Gaza is a distraction. We cannot forget that Israel is the West's best ally in a turbulent region."

* Too bad that Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton cannot read Aznar English.

* Just wondering; what has become of fairness in international politics? Or is that the stupidest question ever conceived?

* How about those tough, fair-minded English who can't wait to delete Holocaust details from schoolbooks because such a mention of real events might -- get this -- "offend" Muslims in Great Britain.

* We wonder whether a few chapters about The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem working alongside Hitler in speeding the Holocaust would be a useful sidebar in one of those English textbooks.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If anything is to be learned from the Gaza flotilla episode it is that deception sells.

"Aid" for "belaguered" Gazans was merely a cover for a hostile action. Only an ostrich would think otherwise.

The gambit was contrived by Turkey to embarass Israel and yet the world press fell for the ploy like a horse chomping on a sugar cube.

Turkey's full-fledged swing to the Islamic side should have convinced fair-minded journalists that Istanbul no longer can be trusted in the world political arena especially since the Turks still insist that the Armenian massacre never took place.

Instead of slamming the Erdogan government and supporting Israel, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman jetted to Istanbul where he then rhapsodized about the need for Uncle Sam to be nice to a conniving government bent on igniting a war with Israel.

Knowing Friedman’s history of sucking up to dictators, the fact that he felt a need to sweet-talk the Turks should not have surprised.

One of the best exposes of Friedman The Phony was delivered by the now-defunct New York Sun newspaper.

In a scathing editorial slamming the reigning king of journalistic pretension, The Sun compared Friedman to the disgraced Times of London editor Geoffrey Dawson prior to World War II.

Dawson counseled the course of appeasement with Adolf Hitler although the Nazi dictator had long since launched his genocide campaign against European Jews.

It required time and six million Jewish corpses to prove that Dawson was wrong and, according to many journalistic historians, his tenure stained the reputation of the Times for two generations.

For the past decade, Friedman has stained the reputation – whatever is left of it – of the Times of New York.

No surprise there since the New York Times pushed the Oslo accord which would have been a total disaster for Israel.

Friedman mocked the free government-in-exile of Iraq, the Iraqi National Congress. This after the American Congress voted to fund the democratic resistance in Iraq.

That Friedman should be romancing the Turks should come as no surprise to those who remember his expedition to Saudi Arabia, hardly a pinnacle of democracy.

This hypocritical exercise in hype occurred while suicide bombers were slaughtering Jews in Israel.

So what does the Times do? It dispatches Friedman to convene with the Saudis. He met with crown prince Abdullah after which he trumpeted a peace plan so tilted against Israel, it hardly merited repetition.

“What was its central plank?” commented The Sun. “That after the wave of suicide bombings, Israel should turn over to the enemy half of the Israeli capital of Jerusalem.

“Maybe if the Saudis had funded twice as many suicide bombings, the Times would have demanded Israel surrender ALL of Jerusalem.”

A decade later nothing has changed in the warped Friedman-Times mind. Sir Thomas still ranks among journalists foremost self-promoters, boasting of his contacts among Saudi dictators and Turkish warmongers.

Friedman’s insensitivity toward Israel merely is an extension of his newspaper’s institutional un-evenhanded treatment of the Middle East’s only democracy.

Geoffrey Dawson would have been proud of Friedman and his sweet-talking of Turkey.

The Dawsonian world-view in a nutshell was that Hitler should be appeased.

The Times-Friedman world-view is that any enemy of Israel should be appeased and encouraged.

Which explains why the New York Times reputation has been stained for at least a generation.

Then again, deception sells!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


A Lebanese “flotilla” may be on its way, ostensibly to “test” Israel’s blockade of Gaza. An Iranian “flotilla” (purportedly with military ships to “protect” the flotilla) may be underway to do the same.

No one has publicly stated that this is a declaration of war against Israel. In fact, the rest of the world has hardly made note of what is happening. But Israel and her citizens know what is transpiring and are preparing for war.

Which war will this be – the fifth, sixth or seventh?

We Israelis have shown time and time again that we want to make peace with the Palestinians and our neighboring countries. Apparently they just do not feel the same way.

Our Arab neighbors are jealous and I understand why. We have thrived here in Israel without oil – unheard of here in the Middle East. Only with our hard work, ingenuity and inventiveness have we been able to succeed.

We have fought off continual threats from hostile Arab countries and entities since the creation of our nation. Yet, in this mess we have managed to build a democracy as, if not more, democratic than any other in the Western World.

We have given our Arab minority equal rights, even as their brethren in neighboring countries have tried time and time again to destroy us. We have protected our Israeli Arab minority while their Knesset Members run about the world delegitimizing their own state.

This, of course, is far more than what America did for her Japanese citizens during World War Two. It is also more than what America has done to the Native Americans who still live on reservations. (Gee, isn’t that Apartheid?)

On the other hand, our Arab neighbors still live in the dark ages. They have no freedom of speech, no justice for the citizens of their countries and without oil they would have been sent back to the deserts from which they came.

Yet they obviously believe that they have achieved the diplomatic power to destroy us; that their campaign to delegitimize Israel has turned the tide of world favor to their side.

Iran, Syrian, Hezbollah, Hamas and now Turkey seek to destroy the Jewish State. Iran, following in the footsteps of the Turkish “Jihad Flotilla,” is sending two ships in an attempt to break the Gaza blockade. Hezbollah is also planning the same hostile action from Lebanon.

This is a Casus Belli for Israel and both countries know it. The world knows this too. If the international community sits by and does nothing to prevent these ships from leaving their ports, then the world will be as responsible as anyone, for the outcome of these hostilities towards Israel.

This time I believe Israel will finish what she should have finished long ago.

We need not worry about what the world has to say. The international community has proven time and time again that no matter how often we try to play by their alleged rules of international engagement, it will be twisted into some sort of inhumane savagery.

We Israelis are angry now. The world calls us murderers when our soldiers are lynched doing their best not to kill Islamic terrorists pretending to be peace activists.

This is sick and we are sick of it. We are so frustrated with the biased attacks upon our nation that maybe we will finally live up to some of the names we’re already being called. That will be very bad for the Arab world.

We are not going to be victims, nor are we victims, even though we clearly live in a sick, twisted and anti-Semitic world. We are not victims because we will fight and win again.

This time around it will be different: we will burn Damascus; we will burn Teheran; we will burn Beirut. If Turkey would like a taste of our pain, we will burn Istanbul too.

We will not lose, we will not disappear and THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL WILL LIVE.

Sunday, June 13, 2010




Whenever I think of the daily challenges confronting Benjamin Netanyahu, I'm reminded of two scenes, seventy years apart.


It's was a mid-Winter afternoon following a heavy snowfall. Jewish boys, from seven to twelve-years-old, were entering the New Hebrew School on Stockton Street in Williamsburg. Suddenly, a gang of gentile lads emerged, chasing the remaining Jewish stragglers while pelting them with white missiles.

The young Jewish students ran in panic to security behind the Hebrew school gates as snowballs rained down.

Just then, one of the older schoolboys burst from behind the Yeshiva doors. His name was Nate -- we called him "Natie" -- and he startled his pals by throwing open the gates and confronting the "goyim," who were just as startled by his "chutzpuh" as the previously-frightened kids.

To the cheers of his mates, "Natie" not only repulsed the oppressors but gave courage to those who earlier had been intimidated. We all then paraded to class while one of the Yeshiva boys delivered the deathless quote, "Don't take any crap from the 'goyim.'"


This was a bright Spring day, shortly after the Gaza flotilla story grabbed headlines. A group of Muslim, Jew-hating protestors were marching near the Israeli consulate, denouncing Bibi Netanyahu and any other Zionist who came to their minds. Peaceful, this protest was not; no more than the flotilla operation.

Suddenly, a young man, carrying an Israeli flag walked among the protestors. He said nothing, did nothing but stroll with the Star of David. The Muslims screamed invective by the thousand-decibel count at the lone Jew. Insult mounted upon insult and it appeared that -- were it not for police intervention -- the Israeli supporter soon would be assaulted, if not beaten to death.

His courage -- under the circumstances -- strained credulity. He surely was aware of the body-threatening position in which he had inserted himself but the legitimacy of his mission was written all over his stolid face. "Don't take any crap from the Arabs!"

There is a message there for Israel's leader.

Netanyahu must once and for all stop backing down. No more concessions when he knows in his gut that one concession -- as in abandoning Lebanon and then Gaza -- leads to another and another, ad nauseum.

As my good, Israeli friend, Lionel Gaffen, puts it, "Bibi has bent but he has not been broken. He has managed to steer the ship of state on a pretty steady course; given all that's going on in the world today."

My point is that now is not the time for bending, if the Prime Minister at all can help it. The reason should be obvious to any student of the Arab -- or, for that matter Turkish, Obamaish and European Union -- mentality.

For that infamous group, the password is BULLY. Why not? Over and over again, bullying works.

The Muslim-oriented American president has been threatening, insulting and generally treating Netanyahu as a third-class citizen since Obama took office. What Bibi must once and for all do is stand up to the bully while letting all of Israel -- not to mention the rest of the world -- understand that enough is enough.

And if that message doesn't sink in -- with the EU, Turks and Arabs as well -- then Bibi should utter the two words that have most resonance with Jews who care -- never again!

Obama's spineless cow-towing to the Arabs merely has encouraged both Hamas and the PLO to make ridiculous demands while Iran continually ridicules Uncle Sam with impunity.

No Middle East observer grasps this bizarre situation better than Barry Rubin. The director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center invariably zeroes in on the issue with clarity.

"Obama displays no strategic sense," Rubin points out. "He should make clear that the United States does not want an Iranian client, a revolutionary jihadists Taliban-like regime on the Mediterranean Sea.

"It should be the goal of U.S. policy to avoid this. Instead he deals with this as a 'humanitarian' issue and makes no effort to get across what should be the main point."

My point is that Netanyahu should not expect any tilt in American policy toward Israel. Likewise, Bibi should not bend the wrong way on every American, EU, Turkish and Arab demand. And since Obama doesn't get it -- or doesn't want to get it -- the Israeli leader should stand tall and make some legitimate demands of his own. To wit:

* Not a single concession to Hamas until Gilad Shalit is freed. Would Obama tolerate the kidnapping of an American GI for so long?

* Absolutely no Turkish involvement in any deal opening a corridor to Gaza. Turkey has become Israel's enemy. And, besides, would Obama tolerate the continuing rocketry of the Northern U.S. by Canada in the manner that Israel continues to be shelled from Gaza?

* There should be no apologies to anyone about the Israeli response to the flotilla gambit. It was justified. Period.

Granted, it's easy for me to advise the Prime Minister of Israel who is under tremendous pressure from all sides. But there comes a time when retreat no longer is a practical option.

Standing up to the bullies is a vexing option but -- in the longer run -- it's the only one as the episodes in Gaza and Lebanon have demonstrated.

Gilad Shalit still is hidden by the brazen Hamas gang. Nasrallah keeps making threats. Rockets continue to fall in the Negev.

As Natie in Williamsburg and the courageous Jewish lad in Los Angeles said: ENOUGH ALREADY!

That should be Bibi's motto as he moves forward.

Friday, June 11, 2010


As always leave it up to the great Gideon to go all out in his continuing campaign against Israel and her supporters.

Who do you suppose Mr. Levy is really working for: HAMAS or the Palestinian Authority? It must be HAMAS, because Levy is way too radical for the PA.

This time Gideon Levy has set his skewed, biased and dishonest sights on philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy. Gideon Levy has done what he always does, attack full force anyone who is not willing to defame, delegitimize and lie to make Israel look bad.

The only difference this time is that Gideon is attacking a fellow Liberal -- partly by the age-old method of damning with faint praise, and partly by insulting Barnard-Henri, implying he has become old, a wuss, and has lost his moral compass, or he'd have been on the flotilla!

Gideon Levy calls Bernard-Henry Levy “disinformed,” as he INCORRECTLY puts it. Why?

Because Bernard-Henry Levy chooses to see Israel in her true light, as a democratic nation that has done all it can to reach peace with its intransigent neighbors. Bernard-Henri also chooses to recognize the world in its true light: determined to blame Israel for everything, no matter what she does.

Wow, coming from a lefty liberal, this must have driven Sir Gideon, the Crown Prince of Israel Bashing, through the roof.

Although I would love to say Gideon Levy also is “misinformed,” I know that he is not.

As always, Gideon blames the situation in Gaza on Israel and bashes Bernard-Henri Levi for actually placing the blame where it should be: with HAMAS.

A nation is responsible for the people they choose as their leaders, if it is done democratically. There was a vote in Gaza and they chose leaders who refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

This right to make choices in a democracy through voting, has obviously had Gideon Levy in a hissy fit since the Netanyahu government was formed. He is forever demeaning what he has called the “fascist” Israeli majority that, according to him, wants to do away with democracy and is happily snuggling up to a bunch of right-wing nut-cases!

But back to Gideon Levy and his Bureau of Misinformation: The Palestinian population of Gaza elected a group of terrorists whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel. That alone is a declaration of war. This group then proceeded to shell all of southern Israel. These choices, I REPEAT CHOICES, made by Gaza’s leadership came AFTER Israel uprooted her Jewish communities in Gaza that had been living there for decades.

This very important fact about national choices seems to have slipped Sir Gideon’s mind, or at least one must assume that from his attack on Bernard-Henri Levy. No matter how much Gideon Levy wants to distort the truth Israel is not “occupying” Gaza, and calling a blockade an occupation is dangerous and unfortunate. He admits, in passing, that Egypt is unfortunately also blockading Gaza, but somehow lays no real blame at Cairo's feet.

Would you say the US is “occupying”” the nation of Cuba because she has imposed a blockade of sorts over Fidel Castro’s domain for a half-century? Isn’t Turkey “occupying” half of Cyprus and (what should be the country of) Kurdistan in its north? The list of “democracies” that have or are imposing blockades, sanctions and or performing occupations of a sort make Israel look like a rank amateur. Unfortunately and always, like a heavily armed rank amateur that is being held to higher standards than anybody else on the planet.

Gideon Levy couldn't care less about the fact that HAMAS refuses to recognize internationally accepted agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. Sir Gideon doesn’t care that HAMAS refuses to recognize Israel. Israel is still clearly the bad guy.

Gideon Levy refers to the use of the Shekel as the monetary bill in Gaza as a sign that Israel is still an occupier. Is he for real? This type of nonsensical propaganda is a Gideon Levy trademark. Gideon Levy would rather blame Israel for the Palestinians inept governing policies throughout the OSLO period. Is it Israel’s fault that the Palestinians were to busy buying weapons to go to war, instead of building financial institutions? I think not Sir Gideon.

He would like to blame Israel for the Palestinians' total failure of nation building during the Oslo Years. He has apparently forgotten all the money given to the Palestinians by the US and EU to build things like national infrastructure and the foundations of State. All of this money went into the pockets of the Palestinian leadership. In Gideon’s book that is Israel’s fault too.

In Gideon Levy’s world the Union would have been wrong in its fight against the Confederacy during the American Civil War. To him it makes no difference how wrong the Confederates were, the Union set up a blockade, a major no-no in the GIDEON LEVY RULES OF WAR book.

What is perhaps most astounding of all is how snide and sanctimonious Gideon Levy can sound when he's attempting to destroy icons such as a philosopher with the stature and moral integrity of Bernard-Henri Levy.

Unfortunately, Gideon Levy smells slightly of a mendacity and specious self-righteousness, similar to the Taliban when they evilly blasted the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan into tragic oblivion.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak


* If the International Red Cross is not 100 percent anti-Israeli, then how come it has done nothing about finding and securing the well-being of Gilad Shalit?

* One thing you should know about President Empty Suit Obama; he has not visited Israel; nor will he in the foreseeable future.

* Another thing you should know about Con Man Obama is that he's done more damage to Israel in one year than the last five American presidents combined.

* And a third thing about the product of venal Chicago Democratic -- alias Corrupt -- politics is that one of his most substantial contributors to his presidential campaign was an outfit called BP, as in British Petroleum.

* Therefore should we wonder about his inept, tepid and banal response to the Gulf of Mexico's horrific oil spill?

* Tzipi Livni and her supporters must know that during this time of crises, there is only one direction to move and that is in support of Benjamin Netanyahu.

* Anything less will instantly bring smiles to the distorted faces of Iran, Syria, the Hamas gang and every other Israeli-hater you can find.

* Moshe Arens unfailingly produces words of wisdom and the following should be well-digested by those concerned about the upcoming Iranian threat. To wit:

* "Many years ago, when Ze'ev Jabotinsky and his followers were assaulted by waves of hatred and anger and called fascists and murderers, he issued a call to his adherent: 'Kalt und fest!' Cool and firm! This too shall pass. This advice is appropriate today to Israelis, supporters of Israel and all those who are engaged in the war against terrorism, in the face of the almost universal condemnation leveled against Israel."

* I will say it over and over again: the most studious, insightful columns continuously come from the computer of The Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick.

* And any time you want to know what Jewish Quislings are thinking, check out Haaretz, which could pass for the English edition of a Hamas daily.

* As for the New York Times, which carries the banner "All The News That's Fit To Print," one must ask this question: How come your editors ignored the Helen Thomas Jew-hating comments while FoxNews, the Daily News and the Drudge Report covered it? Answer: Because the Times' agenda has been anti-Israel since Nasser ran Egypt.

* This insightful tidbit from Israel Opinion's Yigal Walt: "The utterance of lies by Arab leaders and politicians has become so deeply rooted, blatant, and irrational that it cannot be compared to the usual manipulation of information we see elsewhere."

* Our view of the above: The utterance of lies by Arab leaders and politicians -- so deeply rooted, blatant and irrational -- are accepted as truth throughout the European Union, American State Department, Sweden, Norway and all points East, West, South and North. Oil will do that!

* The course, Arab Lying 101, wasn't invented by Arafat by he certainly honed it to sharpness. Even the supreme con man, Bill Clinton, was conned by Yasser; the good, ole boy!

* Abraham Lincoln said, "You can't fool all of the people all the time." The Arabs have proven via the Flotilla ploy that Honest Abe struck out on his "Can't Fool" pitch.

* There are dozens of reasons why the United Nations is a sham of what its founders meant it to be and here's Exhibit A: The UN Human Rights Council has issued forty resolutions over the past four years. Of those forty, thirty-three have been condemnations of Israel.

* Obviously, the UN Human Rights Council never heard about Iran's massacre of more than seventy peaceful protesters. the UNHRC no doubt was uninformed about China killing almost 200 Uigars during ethnic riots. Then, again, why should it since its total obsession is with destroying Israel's right to exist.

* Quick Definition Of A Con Job, Arab-style: The Free Gaza Movement.

* The Free Gaza Movement is a "human rights movement" the way Tyrannosaurus Rex was a vegetarian.

* Sometimes the Czechs see things clearly and see them whole. Here's an example:

* This from the Prager Zeitung: "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince."

* And one more VERY important message from Moshe Arens. Please do not take this lightly:

* "And I say to those Israelis, frightened by the avalanche of criticism against Israel, who are running for cover and accusing the government rather than explaining the problem for Israel of Gaza's being controlled by Hamas, which is allied with Hezbollah and Iran: Don't press the panic button. Kalt und fest!"


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


News flash: Presidents of Iran and Syria, along with the Prime Minister of Turkey, are coming to the aid of the poor terrorists and their HAMAS government in Gaza. Helen Thomas will be captaining their Freedom “Jihad” boat to Gaza.

How does the world like it’s new coalition: The Coalition of the Oppressive? This coalition is made up of the All-stars of crimes against Humanity: IRAN, SYRIA and TURKEY.

This coalition is about to bring a big surprise to the world, but I'll pre-release it to you now. It’s called World War Three! Ready for it?

Gloating on his PR gem of sending Islamic fundamentalists disguised as peace activists to the shores of Israel, where they staged the con of the century, the Prime Minister of Turkey Recipe Tayyip Erdogan now wishes to come himself … with navy warships.

Along with Erdogan, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, and Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, have got it in their heads to get this war going as fast as possible. All three are even willing to stop oppressing their own people for two seconds, so they can get to Gaza as fast as possible. Hamas needs those rockets!

They’re no fools, these three wild and crazy guys. They know time is not on their side. Someday this world will wake and people will realize Israel has the right to protect her citizens, true? Then again, probably not; that’s way too much to ask for, isn’t it?

These defenders of oppression need to act now, while the skewed world sentiment is still with the killers of Neda Solton of Iran, twenty-five thousand people in the town of Hama, Syria, and one million Armenians.

Does the world fathom that if Turkish warships enter waters Israel is blockading, that will be an act of war? Just look at what that white knight JFK did with the Russians and the Cuban missile crisis. Does world sentiment apply differently to Israel because she is the Jewish State? Or, does Israel get to do the same to Gaza that JFK and America has done to Cuba?

The world must comprehend: if Iranian or Syrian warships enter the same waters currently being blockaded by Israel, there is no way war can be avoided.

Has this world truly gone back to future and is ready to generate yet another Holocaust? Or, will it wake up and realize that what these people want is as far from peace as it gets.

Does no one seem to grasp that all of these people calling for Israel’s destruction are calling for another Holocaust? Why do these anti-Israel haters seem to think that the Jews, who have lived in this area for thousands of years, whose genes literally have the imprint of Israel in them, do not deserve the right to be the masters of their own destiny? Are we inferior?

We seem to have done a pretty good job of building our state in the worst circumstances possible. Why in the world do these idiots think we are going to just give it up?

Don’t all the Ben Whites, Greta Berlins and their brethren know that Israel has never given up? Not against the Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks and Romans. In all cases these world powers tried to do what the radical left, radical right, anarchists and Arabs are trying to do to Israel today: erase us. In all cases they have failed. Doesn’t anyone read history anymore?

They must understand that if they want to remove Israel the only way of doing it is to commit another Holocaust. The alternative is blindingly simple: If any of these people really wanted peace or safety for the people of Gaza, they would demand that Hamas strip from its charter the destruction of Israel.

If Greta Berlin really wanted to help the people of Gaza and fight for peace, she would demand that Hamas abide by the agreements signed by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO during the Oslo Agreements.

Better yet, if the UN or the EU or even the United States was actually serious about peace they would have told PM Erdogan to shut his bigoted, anti-Semitic mouth and stop lambasting Israel for defending herself?

Shouldn’t they remind Erdogan it is a bit odd that Turkey, the country that mass-murdered one million Armenians, should not be lecturing Israel on massacres? Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black!”

By the way, what is the total amount of deaths needed today to define a massacre? One, is that enough?

If something is not done soon about all of this slavering and posturing against Israel, she will yet again have to show the world that she’s just not up for committing suicide. This time, however, it will truly affect the whole world in ways that these idiotic Jew-hating sycophants do not understand.


Monday, June 7, 2010


Now that hard core facts are coming about the “Jihad Flotilla,” the venomous tongues of the Anti-Israel camp are lashing out. 
It is now apparent that this “Jihad Flotilla” was not just a set up by the Turkish government against Israel, but was actually a Casus Belli, a declaration of war by the Turkish government against the state of Israel and the Jewish nation.

The Prime Minister of Turkey is doing everything to rip apart the secular, democratic institutions created by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. But, like the Arab nations of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies, Erdogan needs a bad guy to feed his populace’s hatred in a direction away from his own government. As always this Islamist government chose Israel and the Jews – so much so, that it now appears Erdogan is planning to move up the country’s election date, in order to feed off the current rage against Israel.
This type of anti-Semitism has been ripe in the Arab and Muslim world since Islam’s creation. But, for far too long we Jews have been quiet while a sick, hating and rabid world has pillaged our name and nation. The Anti-Israel camp’s hatred is so ferocious that one can only compare it to the Catholic church during the Inquisition.

Since the dawn of our people the Babylonians, Greeks (Europeans), Romans (Europeans), Nazis (Europeans) and Arabs have long tried to occupy our land, destroy our culture (today called the Jewish religion) and wipe us off the face of the earth.
Today’s anti-Semites -- Greta Berlin, Ben White, Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, Helen Thomas, etc., -- are just that: anti-Semites. Calling them anything else would be a falsehood. Along with them are the self-hating Jews: Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Gideon Levy, Shlomo Sands and Ilon Pepe. It may be Jewish, but it’s still anti-Semitism.

In each and every case these people and their followers deny the Jewish Nation its right to self-determination. They deny the Jews their right to nationhood. Nothing can be more racist than that. 

They unabashedly lie and defame Israel; while totally ignoring the crimes committed against her by oppressive, dictatorial Arab regimes.

No matter how democratic, no matter how free her press, no matter how many times Israel tries to make peace and offer the deal of deals to the Palestinian’s, these people are going to lash out at Israel in despicable, racist ways.

That is what anti-Semites do: blame the Jews at all cost!

All one needs to do is look at what happened on the Mavi Marmara.

A lynch, or should I say a televised pogrom, took place. Had those boys not been Naval Commandoes, every one of them could have been beaten to death by the Jihadist Militia men pretending to be Peace Activists.

The international communities’ shameful stance on this modern day pogrom should be a wake-up call to Jews the world over. As always, no one will protect you and they will condemn if you dare to defend yourself. As always the Muslim, Anarchist, Radical Left and Radical Right just want the Jews to role over and die.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If a war correspondent from The Daily Planet on Mars happened to have somehow materialized to cover the Gaza flotilla story, surely his (or her) first thought would be something along the lines of (translated from the Martian), "This defies credulity!"

The Martian, with no ties either to the Israeli or Arab side, would judge the facts on and off the ground. 

For starters, the objective reporter would question the "humanitarian" nature of aspects of the flotilla crusade.

"Hmm," the reporter would say, "tons and tons of supplies are shipped into Gaza by the Israelis. Yet, Hamas, which rules Gaza by force, explicitly wants to wipe Israel off the map. And yet it is the Israelis who daily ship  humanitarian goods to their enemies. I don't get it."

If that logic would confuse the visitor; how about this: the Israelis voluntarily moved every Jew out of Gaza in the hope -- expectation! -- that the Palestinians living there would once and for all live in peace with their Israeli neighbors.

Peace? Yeah, sure. The unending barrage of rockets virtually turned the city of Sderot into a ghost town. Ashdod and Ashkelon became targets. The very last item on Hamas agenda was peace.

"Well," the Martian would surmise, "the Israelis give Arabs something for nothing and in return Hamas attempts to rocket Jews to death. That doesn't make sense."

If Sir Logic had fallen into a comatose state in the Middle East, it finally perished with media coverage of the flotilla crusade. 

Mind you, I'm not talking about such chronically anti-Israel mouthpieces such as CNN or the Los Angeles Times. 

One would have expected a fair report from the New York Daily News owned by Mortimer B. Zuckerman.

After all Zuckerman once headed a group of American philanthropists who funded millions for Gaza citizens to peacefully take over the hothouses and other successful agricultural businesses left intact by the Israelis. The thanks Zuckerman and friends got for their good works was the immediate destruction of all the productive facilities given to the Arabs. Instead, rocket launchers replaced the hothouses.,

So, how did The Daily News react to what was Israeli's distinctly peaceful attempt to shepherd the flotilla to port?


For one thing, the raid was not a raid. It was an attempt to have the so-called humanitarian goods delivered to the Israeli port where they then would be delivered to Gaza. Not that Israel had to do that but it merely was ready to follow-up on the alleged Good Samaritan attempt. 

Secondly, it was not "botched" in any way, shape or form. 

The flotilla was notified up, down and sideways that, by international law, it could not proceed to Gaza which -- as Hamas will readily admit by words and deeds -- has been at war with Israel since it was able to put its rocket-launchers in place. 

If there was to be a "backlash," it should have been directed at the (sic) humanitarians who had loaded up with arms of assorted types and then turned them on Israeli commandos who had been training for all eventualities but preferred a peaceful settlement of the affair.

When fired upon by the flotilla phonies, the Israelis had no choice to fire back -- or be killed. When attacked by knife-wielding terrorists, the soldiers reacted as any sensible serviceman would; kill the bums.

That the News should suggest that Benjamin Netanyahu's government faced a "backlash" is roughly equivalent to a professor informing his class that he firmly believes that we are in the month of June.

Of course, Israel would face a backlash. When isn't it the target of unfair criticism? 

Is it breaking news that the United Nations for decades has served as a quasi-legitimate platform for anti-Israeli hate. You can start with the vicious, distorted, Goldstone Report and slip into an endless tar pit of UN lies.

Then, we have those pretending to be fair, starting with the American president.

So far down in the polls -- did you ever hear of the BP oil spill? -- that he's hardly visible, Obama needed something to distract himself from the Louisiana ooze. So, here comes the flotilla, the Israeli response and the chief executive's response to that; namely he wants a "transparent" investigation into the flotilla episode.

Nice. Very nice.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans still are awaiting a transparent -- you won't get it from BO or BP -- probe into the black sea that has enveloped the Gulf of Mexico.

Okay, let's get right back to Obama's transparency challenge, and point out that the causes and effects of the flotilla farce have been so clearly defined that one could refer to them as a blend of 20-20 hindsight-foresight.

Any one with half-a-brain when it comes to to public relations knew -- and knows full well -- that the boats-for-Gaza plan was designed NOT as a humanitarian move but rather an attempt to humiliate Israel before the world.

In plain Brooklynese, it was a stunt; no more, no less.

Quite accustomed to stunts -- how else do you think he got the presidency? -- Obama could see through the Arab ploy as well as anyone. That stupid, he's not.

The president wants transparency; nice.

Where was his outcry against Iran when twice it reduced grass roots uprisings to the political garbage dump in the most violent, Nazi-like means? 

Why didn't Obama stand up for the Iranian dissidents? He had several golden opportunities. Instead, no outcry; no transparency. We got plenty of nothing.

Talk about world hypocrisy when it comes to Israel, consider the words of Spanish journalist Pilar Rahola.

Unabashedly a member of the far left, and a politician, even Rahola is willing to stand up for Israel. 

"I have the historical responsibility to fight against Jewish hatred," she explains, "and currently against hatred for their historic homeland, Israel. To fight against anti-semitism is not the duty of the Jews, it is the duty of the non-Jews."

To those holier-than-thou nations who would condemn Netanyahu and his government over the flotilla affair, one would do well to listen-up to Rahola's pertinent questions. To wit:

* Why don't we see demonstrations against Islamic dictatorships in London, Paris, Barcelona? Or demonstrations against the Burmese dictatorship?

* Why aren't there demonstrations against the use of children as human bombs?

* Why is there never any outrage against the acts of terrorism committed against Israel?

* Why don't they defend Israel's right to exist?

The answer is as simple as it was on October 1, 1937 when Neville Chamberlain naively told the world -- after meeting with Hitler at Munich -- "Peace for our time...peace with honor."

That Chamberlain had just sold out Czechoslovakia while Hitler was planning the extermination of European Jewry did not seem to matter to the complacent world leaders.

Now we have another madman in Iran auditioning for the 21st Century Hitler role while the hypocritical world stands by willing only to scream about a legitimate challenge by the Israeli Navy to an illegal flotilla.

it matters not to the New York Times editorialists, the CNN propagandists nor Obama's advisors that Arabs have been hellbent on slaughtering Jews long before the State of Israel was born.

And when the Jewish Legion was fighting side by side with the Allies in World War II, the Arab's Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was in Berlin prodding the fuhrer to speed up his Final Solution.

Even a Martian reporter just arriving on the mad Middle East scene would affirm what Senorita Rahola knows full well, that Israel has become the target of unprecedented distortions of the truth.

"The truth about Israel is not told," she concludes. "I have a triple moral duty with Israel, because if Israel is destroyed, liberty, modernity and culture will be destroyed, too."

Her logic is impeccable!


Turkey, the country that carried out the first genocide of the twentieth century (mass murdering more than ONE MILLION ARMENIANS) and is still occupying Kurdistan is condemning Israel? Isn’t that a Joke?

Again the United Nations has given her floor over to rabid anti-Israel, one sided, racist rhetoric with her immediate meetings concerning the flotilla. You would never see such fast UN foot work concerning the daily outrages that occur in the Arab, Muslim world. The UN can’t be taken seriously and Israel should quickly toss any UN force from South Lebanon.

Turkey, now allied with Iran and Syria, is no longer a friend to Israel or the West; no matter how much Thomas Friedman loves her, as he wrote Wednesday in his New York Times column. Sadly, what people like Friedman forever refuse to acknowledge is the Muslim world’s sincere and single-minded intent to wipe Israel off the map, then move on to the Christian world.

Tom omits the fact that Turkey was once Democratic and secular. That is no longer the case. PM Erdogan loves his friends in Syria and Iran so much that he is now basing the “New Turkey” on the political blueprint of Syria and Iran. It’s called tyrannical dictatorship, using the Jews, or today, Israel, as an excuse for the need of this dictatorship. Friedman also chooses to ignore the alarming actions Erdogan has taken against some of his secular generals and the Turkish judiciary system in recent weeks, clearly indicating that he is moving closer and closer to that dreaded militant Islamic position.  

On every front Israel and Israelis must cut ties with Turkey. No more flying to Turkish resorts just because they are willing to whore themselves to us for five minutes. No more $500 everything included deals. They clearly have become our enemy; that’s it!

Instead, Israel must work together with her allies in Congress to ensure the Armenian genocide is recognized by the US. Simultaneously, Israel should work with the US and Armenia to bring the Armenian genocide to the forefront of UN debate, until recognized by that body. Finally, Israel and her allies must work to have Turkey thrown out of NATO.

On the home front a whole new policy is needed.

If the Palestinian Authority maintains the policy of duplicity, saying they want peace while doing everything to deny, delegitimize and destroy Israel, then negotiations must be dropped. It is always the Palestinians that play the drama game; now it’s our turn. Let’s show President Obama and his cadre that we don’t need the negotiations; if he wants to achieve something, he’d better start whipping the Palestinians into shape.  

If the Turks send another flotilla to Gaza, we won’t just board it; we will board it preparing for a battle not just with handguns and paint balls. Israel will then cut all electricity to the Strip.

If the Turks or any of their Arab buddies decide to take it to the UN, Israel will cut off water to the Gaza Strip.

After this, if the whole concept of us not messing around has not sunk in, Israel will cut off all humanitarian supplies and aid to the Gaza strip.

Plain and simple: Israel should finally REALLY enforce the blockade it is not truly enforcing.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Why is it that every time I pick up a copy of Haaretz -- disinfectant in hand -- I think of one word, QUISLING?

There's an easy answer, friends.

Vidkun Quisling was Adolf Hitler's puppet as head of Norway's government after the Nazi's had annexed the country at the start of World War II. 

As it happened, good, old Vidkun did his collaborative job so well that by the time he died in 1945, quisling had become part and parcel of our vocabulary.

And so even now, 65 years later, quisling is still defined as a traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy.

Well, we don't have to look beyond the borders of Gaza, Lebanon -- alias Hezbollah-land -- and Syria to find Israel's quislings.

They are sprinkled throughout the nation, from Metulla to Eilat. Sometimes it's under a thin disguise, such as a newspaper columnist or television commentator. But they are there and each day they weaken Israel.

Like Norway's Vidkun, they're laboring under the misapprehension that they're doing their country a great big favor by undermining the government at every turn.

When it comes to quisling journalism, there isn't a periodical that can match Haaretz for unrelenting verbal assault against the lone democracy in the Middle East.

Just a glance at a couple of headlines explains my point.

Under a Gideon Levy byline we have: GAZA FLOTILLA DRIVES ISRAEL INTO A SEA OF STUPIDITY. Or, another Haaretz germ-filled gem: This filed by Zvi Bar'el: RACIST BILL EXPOSES THE TRUE FACE OF ISRAEL.

If one didn't know better, just reading the daily anti-government tirades, one would have to conclude that Haarettz either is funded by Hamas, Syria or that ever-lovable Nasrallah, hiding somewhere in his Lebanese rat hole.  

Can you imagine just for a moment if the tables were turned and Levy dared write such undermining commentary as a Muslim journalist in any Arab country.

We could say, conservatively, that his life would be worth about five shekels -- in Monopoly money. 

What puzzles me is the true aim of such quisling journalism. 

Is Levy hoping to bring down the government ?

Does he wish that his country ultimately be weakened to a point where the Arab enemy achieves its lifetime goal of exterminating every Israeli?

Does he not realize that that also would result in the deaths of quisling Jews?

Make no mistake, the Jewish quislings -- during World War II they were identified as the Judenrat  -- are liberally sprinkled across Europe and North America.

Writing in The Jerusalem Post, Isi Liebler identified the overseas quislings -- except he didn't employ our term -- as "bodies primarily controlled by anti-Israel activists." Among those he correctly cited were j Street and J Call, each of which might as well be more accurately labelled Quisling Street and Quisling Call. 

"Today," writes Liebler, "these pseudo 'pro peace' bodies seek to undermine the only liberal democratic state in the region and divert attention from the reprehensible behavior and denial of human rights practiced by Israel's enemies."

I pick up Haaretz, think of Quisling and then mumble that hoary bromide: With friends like these who needs enemies?

Trouble is that it fits that newspaper to an H -- as in hideous.